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8fit helps you become healthier and happier by putting fitness and nutrition experts in your pocket. Get customized workout and meal plans to help you reach your wellness goals.

*Rated 5 Stars by thousands of users *

The 8fit app is now available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.

How to get started with 8fit:
1. Determine your wellness goal (lose weight, get fitter, gain muscle mass)
2. Measure your fitness level and record your dietary preferences
3. Receive your custom workouts and meal plans instantly
4. Follow the daily recommendations to achieve your goal

Skip the gym and realize your true potential. 8fit workouts take 15-20 minutes and can be done at home without special equipment. In addition to custom workout plans, 8fit provides delicious, wholesome nutrition plans based on your dietary needs and preferences. Here are other ways 8fit helps you reach your goal:

• Nutrition tips and guides
• Weekly meal planner filled with healthy recipes
• Fat-burning exercises
• Muscle-building HIIT workouts
• Interactive videos
• Research-backed programs

Most fitness apps provide a plan or tracker for your goals, but don't help you get there. At 8fit, we help you succeed by:
• Explaining proper exercise form and progression
• Providing ingredient alternatives in every recipe
• Enabling extensive meal plan customization
• Providing a grocery shopping list for meals

We walk hand-in-hand with you through the complex world of fitness and nutrition.

• Quantified goal setting
• Endurance-building
• Scientifically-backed workouts
• High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
• Dynamic strength training
• Bodyweight exercises

• Healthy meal planner
• Foods for fat loss
• Perfect carb control
• Losing water weight
• Select meal exclusions: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, etc.
• Diet filters: paleo, vegan, vegetarian and more!

Apple Health compatible: report your weight and calories burned during workouts and athletics (optional).

Apple Watch compatible: sync your interactive workouts with your Watch (optional).

Download 8fit and try our free workouts. Our Pro edition includes customized meal plans and complete workout programs, targeted to your fitness level.

8fit Pro is available with a free trial, and can also be purchased for 3 months or yearly. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the period, for the same price. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time up until 24-hours before the end of the subscription period in your Account Settings. When you cancel the auto-renewal, access to the Pro features will not expire immediately, you will have access until the end of the current payment period.

You talk, we listen! Consistent updates ensure a 5-star experience and results you will be happy with.

Support: [email protected]
Privacy: https://8fit.com/privacy/
ToS: https://8fit.com/terms-of-service/

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner App Description & Overview

The applications 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-05-06 and was developed by Urbanite Inc.. The file size is 144.84 MB. The current version is 4.4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Update time! We’ve given interactive workouts a little makeover and done heaps of important stuff behind the scenes to make 8fit more stable, more reliable, and more fun.

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8fit Workouts & Meal Planner Reviews


Did not ask me before charging  PazRodriguez  1 star

Very annoying...while just checking what this app was about, I got a receipt charging me for the download. Do not want it and certainly expect a refund.


Unauthorized charge  mack135  1 star

I did not get a two week free trial And the offer had expired is what I was told when I went to try to enter my credit card information but since I already had then they still charge my credit card to $60 for a year. I will never recommend this app to anyone.

A kool name

SCAM  A kool name  1 star

Clicked on 14 day free trial and got charged $65?? Total scam and app is awful

What's up user that 1

Hacked!! 20 Million user  What's up user that 1  2 star

This app got hacked and 20 Million user got there data stolen!!


It use to be great, now it’s dumbed down  Testu2  2 star

I’ve been using this for about a year, 3 times a week. The routines were getting progressively more challenging, which I liked. But then with one of the updates they dumbed it all down & want us to pay $50. This includes a nutrition plan, which I don’t need. I would pay half that for better workouts without the meal planning, but now I’m looking for another on the go workout app. 15 minutes really can be effective.


Suggestion  Liz19511  4 star

I’m loving the app. It’s really nice to do quick workouts before work and to have a meal plan with ingredients listed. I think that the app could be really great if it allowed you to log short term goals on the calendar. Like in two months I want to be at x weight or at a higher body program. The program can just have a special notification for the goal day. So you can update the weight and see how much you’ve improved. It’s easier for most people to keep working out if they have both short term and long term goals that they’re working toward. I think it’d be nice to see it in the app.


Disappointed  kkpesdt  1 star

I used the trial period and decided this was not for me. I withdrew my credit card via Apple subscription. After a couple weeks I updated my credit card information and they charged my account immediately. I went onto Apple subscriptions, taped on 8 Fit and there is not a link to tap cancel subscriptions. Then, I went into the 8 Fit App to look to learn how to get my money back. There is no direct route to customer service, but rather I need to go through Apple support. This is ridiculous it’s so difficult to cancel and receive a refund. This is very disappointing and proving for me to not trust these apps with my credit card. It shouldn’t be this difficult!


Too good!  roliqueen123  5 star

This app really is refreshing, it is the first fitness app I was able to get that didn’t need me to pay to actually receive what I want. I already see improvements and can’t wait for more. THANK YOU!😊

lil mc trees

Great  lil mc trees  5 star

Works well. No complaints


Terrible App!  RMJ0518  1 star

Beware - Absolutely do not use this app! I tried the free trial program and cancelled the subscription, but have been charged twice because thy default you to an automatic renewal program making it nearly impossible to actually cancel your membership. This is the worst!!!!


“In app purchases” is misleading.  namenamenane  1 star

You have to pay a subscription to access anything.


Crappy provider  silkynickname  1 star

Some time ago I took on a free trial. Didn’t use it much and then got whacked for the full amount for a year. No warning. No nothing. No cooling off. When I realized it had been charged I immediately got in touch to cancel it. No. No deal. Just keep quoting me the rules. So you rip someone off who barely accessed the site at all for a free trial. And then charge them a full year knowing full well they won’t access it. No way to do business. Unethical. More interested in money than customer experience.


Great App  Becn81  4 star

Love the app! The recipes are fast and simple and the meal prep options are very convenient. An option to do a bulk change of meals on particular days would be good, so select the meal once and pick which days to have it on, rather than having to change every day :)


Fake  Kayla_joy08  3 star

You can clearly see in one of the slides that the lady is sucking her stomach in 🤦🏼‍♀️


Lose weight  Isadanzoe  4 star

Wonderful exercises to keep me sweating!


Amazing  jackshowoff  5 star

Amazing app,helps so much, one suggestion is if we could add certain exercises to make our own workouts, so for like if you just want to do all arms or core but no legs, I know we can just go through all the ones already put together and right it on paper but it would be nice to be a feature on this app to do and estimate the calories burnt, and if you do, pls make it for free , so we don’t need premium or like Make it a one time pay like pay something and that’s it no monthly subscription, thanks for the amazing app

MOVIE dog7365


A beautiful app which Causes weight gain, due to glitches. Dont trust the meal plan - DO YOUR OWN MATH! I didn’t do the Math because in the recipes section where all the meals and snacks are listed it says “Every recipe is adjusted to meet your own personal nutritional needs and wellness goals, SO SELECT WHATEVER LOOKS GOOD” Hi Guys, it seems a glitch in the App is CAUSING ME TO GAIN WEIGHT!!! My calories are set to 1648 per day for “fat loss” all this time my “snack” has been chosen from your range of approved snacks with Calories set between 400-500 calories (more or less the same as the meals). I thought that was a lot, trusted the app, didnt do the Maths. And today when I went to make My usual afternoon snack of Almond Mocha smoothie which normally has a banana andhalf, with 510 calories I noticed that when I selected the snack that once it arrived on todays meals page that for some reason the quantity of ingredients was suddenly cut by more than half - today it reduced down to 194. I can now see that all the snacks in my recipes section have high calories between 481-517 calories, but just today, the app switched to lower calorie once I select them for “snack” - this was not happening before. And therefore for the last two weeks I have been eating OVER 1900 CALORIES PER DAY! Instead of 1648 calories per day! 248 CALORIES MORE PER DAY, and you can see MY WEIGHT HAD “INCREASED” on the Apps graph, since buying this app!!!! In spite of my increased gym workout of 5 days per week over previous two!!! In spite of giving up wine, sugar, and anything remotely processed. In spite of weighing every ingredient.... This is really bad guys!!! NOT HAPPY!! Please fix your glitches..this is the third run of glitches...

Nic S 1982

Rip off App  Nic S 1982  1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP, I signed up for the free trial, it didn’t suit my health needs, I went to unsubscribe on the expiry date but they charged me AUD$90 and are very difficult to deal with when seeking a refund.


No trial- wish I read the bad reviews first...  aidakrm  1 star

Very deceptive sign up process- once you click on a plan, money is taken out same day. When you want to unsubscribe- make sure you do it in ITunes Store under subscriptions and the 8Fit app itself.


J  bljeg  5 star

This is amazing, I feel good even on my first ever workout for nine minutes I feel as though this will work, I’m praying!


Don’t sign up. They will charge your card even if you cancel within the proper timeframe.  jametjj  1 star

They will charge your card even if you cancel within the proper timeframe.


Gracias  blondiejoy'  5 star

Buen trabajo hacia mucho que no hacía ejercicio y esto me a gustado mucho, gracias


Free Trial  mhfitness123  1 star

Beware of the free trial! I didn’t know it would automatically charge you so yesterday I get an email saying I had been charged for the entire year without asking me! I’ve been trying to contact this app and Apple but I’ve received responses from neither. I only downloaded this app for the meal plans but ended up never using them. So now I’m stuck with a $60 app I’ll never use! Extremely dissatisfied.


Very...AMAZING!  Shellazoo  5 star

i recommend this app because i’m really over weight for my age... when i work out every day(it gives options) i feel like i ran on the treadmill!!( in a good way)!! all i’m saying is that try this!! you won’t regret it!


Hacked  GftthErnestoooooor  1 star

I just downloaded it last night. And now got an email from them saying they have been hacked and my data has been compromised.


HACKED  !2&,$/!:&&-!.!  1 star

I had the app but be careful I just got the email from them saying everyone is havke meaning they have the email password and information im never using this again

Reba SD

Great App!  Reba SD  4 star

Love using the app and advancing through the different levels! I really wish they would work on developing an app that corresponds with Apple Watch!


Money lover  mohrajelmash  1 star

Give me trial and charger me for later without my approval, trails period is not over yet


Bug  wokeupearly4nothing  1 star

The app is not showing the videos


Love  Rachincali  5 star

I love my 8 ft routine and the addition of the stretching in the last few weeks. No videos this morning. 😕

aran cregan

8fit  aran cregan  5 star

Very good and keeping me very healthy


Very good  doruuuuuuuuuuu  5 star

For the moment is good


Deso39  deso39  5 star

Very good app really straight forward 👌

Is A Fraud

The app doesn’t work  Is A Fraud  1 star

I pay a few days and doesn’t work 😤


Good workout  siochanaaa  5 star

great workout to start and i am so sure that i will get my new body 😍


Amazing  workouy  5 star

This app is super helpful

Hath hungjjm,muni kmmm

Perfect  Hath hungjjm,muni kmmm  5 star

Really hope it works out for me and I can reach my goal and if your new honestly don’t skip a scheduled work out or eat garbage at the end it will be worth it.


Idk what to say...  Julia&books  1 star

The app won't even let me make an account I pressed get started and it buffered for awhile and just showed a blank white screen


Sharon  shazway  5 star

Just day 1 but love how easy it is to follow looking forward to using it again tomorrow 👍


So far so good  Howser40  5 star

First week and I like the meals and accountability. Steps are a big plus on the bad days. What gets measured gets actioned. Dropped membership of the gym for 480 for this app of 60. Saving of 420.

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