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***NOTE: Compatible with iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+, iPad mini 1+, and iPod touch 5 - WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES***

The sequel to one of the most successful strategy games on mobile is here! Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 challenges players  to build a glorious empire that will stand the test of time. This is the first game in the Civilization catalog to be developed and available exclusively for mobile devices. Civilization Revolution 2 offers mobile strategy fans a brand new 3D presentation and more tactical depth than ever before! Find out if you have what it takes to rule the world!

Key Features:
- New Units –  strengthen your military might with brand new combat units including Aircraft Carriers, Jet Fighters and Special Forces.

- New Technology – race to science supremacy with new technology such as: Lasers, Modern Medicine and Information Technology

- New Buildings & Wonders – grow and expand your civilization like never before with new buildings and wonders including Nuclear Power Plant, The Red Cross and Silicon Valley

- Enhanced 3D Graphics – updated 3D graphics taking full advantage of iOS devices graphical capability

- Scenario Challenges  - reenact historic events and battles in the Scenario Mode

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Civilization Revolution 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Civilization Revolution 2 was published in the category Games on 2014-07-02 and was developed by 2K. The file size is 1.02 GB. The current version is 1.5.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Updated for iOS11 and 64 bit devices.
Performance optimizations.

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Civilization Revolution 2 Reviews


Not worth your time  Portalstar  1 star

I have played every civ going back to the beginning. This one is definitely the worst. It feels poorly thought out, and the gamification e.g. "congrats, you made a move! Wow! You made another move!" is set so high it overtakes the game itself.


No refund on accidental purchases  advancedminecrafter1  1 star

I had accidentally clicked the download button on this game for a 0.99 game. I want my 9.99 back.


The first one was better.  Stewart92y  2 star

They really ruined this.


Needs multiplayer  lMatteyl  1 star

Without multiplayer this is a pretty pointless app.


Games Too short  Crisarmo  3 star

I like playing a game that is longer, like the PS3 game

The Sovreign

It’s a Civ game on a phone  The Sovreign  3 star

It’s a decent game not very good but it kills time when you’re away from home. This can’t be compared to other Civ games because it’s just doesn’t have the power to have that kind of depth. It is old school build a huge unit stack and unleash on the opposition. My issues is the game is thought to control and often frustrating. It. Seems kind of buggy as far as controls go. I often have to track down a unit in order to heal it because there is no skip action button you either have to make all the moves you can or defend. If your unit is defending it just gets skipped so if you have any wounded unit you have to track them so you can heal them. If you don’t they just sit there and don’t heal. The positive is it’s a fast paced game which it should be for a phone game. And it has very powerful wonders in the end game. So it’s a fun way to kill a few hours.


Not bad  C0lbi3_13  4 star

It’s hard to keep track of everything on iOS but it’s the same basic concept and level of fun as the rest. Not bad but not addictive


Serious deficiencies  drouu  2 star

Ultimately, I’m disappointed to say that this game is not worth buying. As a HUGE fan of Sid Meier’s Civilization series for decades, it’s sad that this one doesn’t live up to the franchise’s reputation for excellence. This game is terribly neglected by its developers, only receiving 2 or 3 bare bones updates in 8 years. I have innumerable complaints, the most important being these: 1) The horribly inadequate AI makes you the LONE target for every other country; they never communicate, trade or do battle with each other. The only interaction they EVER have is when one country’s cultural influence (a passive skill rather than an active one) “persuades” a city from another country to switch sides. 2) Small enemy countries with very limited resources are somehow bizarrely able to generate plenty of materials and cash with which to manufacture competitive armies while building great wonders and fortifying their cities at the same time. Meanwhile, the user’s empire can be twice that size but is nonetheless scraping for minimum supplies just to mount a defense against multiple enemies/fronts, let alone build anything beneficial for their cities. This is true no matter what gameplay method or strategy the user employs - I’ve played through 100 or more varied scenarios and found this imbalance to be infuriatingly persistent. 3) Multiple situational programming hiccups can ruin an entire campaign. EXAMPLE: Building the Lighthouse of Alexandria great wonder allows your galleys to sail into open water for better exploration ability. Yet this great wonder becomes obsolete when an opponent learns the Navigation skill, meaning your country suddenly “unlearns” how to sail into open waters, so you then have to learn the Navigation skill just like everyone else. Losing a previous ability is completely illogical!! Suggestion (although the developers clearly don’t read these reviews and/or can’t be bothered to make updates): the Navigation skill should not make the LoA totally obsolete; instead Nav could increase the movement points of sea vessels along with offering the open seas ability. There are many illogical situational annoyances like this and they reeeeally take the fun out of the game. 4) Screen view functionality. Lots of obstructed views when trying to navigate the screen. Lingering icon pop-ups and title bars, especially those hovering over cities, make navigating and engaging the playing field really annoying. Also, some text fields with important information (e.g. city population growth) are impossibly tiny and unreadable. Lastly, the pop up bar for the just-completed city tasks/building disappears too quickly to allow the user to know/remember what has just been accomplished. There are many more small complaints, too many to go into. It could be a fantastic game, potentially my all-time favorite, if deficiencies like these didn’t create so much aggravation.


Hey  judeusss99  3 star

I absolutely disappointed when i figured that Cyrus king of persia is unavailable, i am a big fan of the pc version but the phone version really have to get so mich better than this, thanks


Don't buy.  LittleIrishSarah  1 star

I LOVE this game so much but I took it off of my iPad and am requesting a refund after just one day because it CRASHES ALLL THE TIME. I can't save. I can't look at the tech planner. I can't move horsemen. It constantly crashes then I have to redo a bunch of little things since I can't save. I can't believe this cost money. Don't risk it. The quality is horrible.


80% Great  CivVFanatic66  4 star

High standard of game maintained, with a sleek design and good use ability. Design: 4 stars, Pop-ups get in the way too much for quick play and there is some lack of gameplay information for the user. Otherwise very good Gameplay: 1 Star, very little in the way of learning how to play and informative database. Needs big improvement and more extensive tutorial. Graphics: 5 stars, great if not over the top animation and general terrain graphics. Would sacrifice this for more intuitive gameplay Difficulty: 3 stars, very easy for moderate players of civ. Overall great game but needs are much great knowledge base or manual


A good game  regg1o  4 star

I prefer to pay up front than to have in game purchases but the interface could do with some improvements, overall this is one of the best strategy games on iPhone


Perfect for the iPhone  Torferson  5 star

I found no difficulties manoeuvring armies and equipment. GUI is intuitive and well designed with the limitations of a phone in mind. Gameplay is similar to Civ III with surprisingly good graphics... Perhaps you could design Axis & Allies for the iPhone too?

windy road

Disappointing  windy road  2 star

Disappointing and expensive for what it is. 1st game, played on easiest - won by domination 2nd game, played on second easiest - won by domination 3rd game, played on hardest - won by domination Third game wasn’t an easy win, but it wasn’t hard either. It would have been nice to have been challenged. On top of that, the interface is a bit annoying. When I go to the next unit, I expect not to come back to the current unit until I’ve gone through all the rest. Instead I keep coming back to the same units, making it difficult to know when I’ve been through all the units that have moves to use. It would all be handy to tell a unit to do nothing for just this turn. Instead you either need to fortify it and remember to wake it up next turn, or you have to keep skipping over it using the next unit button. Another annoyance, when you get the Special Forces unit, you can’t build infantry anymore, but infantry have a much higher defence.

Nrky Gaming

Very, Very, Very Worth It.  Nrky Gaming  5 star

For the $15 dollars I spent, it was worth it. I am still a newbie and haven't tested everything out yet, but I know my way around. The game has great tactics, gameplay and online interaction, but I have some constructive feedback. 1. We should be allowed to denounce other leaders 2. Open borders with other civs (allowing units to move through without declaring war). 3. Trade 4. JFK (No offensive, but he looks like he had so much plastic surgery, that it all collapsed on his face). 5. Planes should be allowed to stay on a tile like tanks and units. 6. With the borders, you can build a wall along the border (just an idea :) ) I hope you can take my advice and maybe turn it into what you want. Otherwise the game is excellent.


Civ Rev 2  Impostor101  5 star

Awesome I love it


Please  W.o.g  3 star

Please upgrade this game so it has more details like the pc versions. Woukd be hqppy to pay.


4/5  craigbecchio  4 star

Great game but I hate how the game ends without you defeating your enemies.


Very disappointing  TerryO.  1 star

Previous version was fantastic. This version has destroyed the game. Excellent model of how to make a game non-intuitive. Please please please restore the previous version


Good fun  Odacova77  5 star

A good fun, classic Civ game. A real time waster if you’re not careful though 😀


😁  fermrod  5 star

I LOVE the console version and this handheld one is just as fun!!


Not Horrible...  Ellderek  4 star

I LOVE Civilization Revolution on my XBox- I play it and dominate all day! Two things I do not like about his format... 1. The city is tiny and you cannot see hardly anything in the tiny little square. 2. There was no option to place my city where I wanted it to go... other than that, there are a few more options with this version rather than the Xbox. Overall- it passes the time. Not wonderful by any means. The foliage is tiny and the people are huge... it just looks a little funny.


Update  RevBobBlack  4 star

I’m glad this was updated for iOS 11 because I always enjoyed playing Civilization games! So much fun to play and a good time-consumer if you need one!


Somehow much worse than the original  EddieSpaghetti53  1 star

Honestly feel cheated by the developers for this game. The interface is much worse and buggy than the first. Somehow the AI is less sophisticated than the first game. I've played almost ten rounds on diety and still have yet to mention one AI Civ to another without them "not having the pleasure of meeting them." And for some reason ever single AI empire will declare war on you about 2000 years in even if there are others clearly in the lead. The game is also incredibly buggy. Many times a square that is clearly one resource type will show as a completely different on (i.e. Forest for production showing as trade). This is honestly an embarrassment to the developers after how well done the first game was. Developers if you're reading this please give me my money back. Can't believe I wasted ten dollars on it. DO NOT BUY


Warning  N8photo  5 star

Addictive . Your day/night will fly by


Great Game  Matt86753090415  5 star

Fun version of the classic game. While limited by the mobile device platform, it's still good for hours of entertainment!


Buy this game  Almosthaslam  5 star

Thank God for the new iOS 11 update. The game is amazing and well worth the price now.


My favorite game  Hfyhdsdfyjjc  4 star

I play this game all the time. Do wish there were more add-ons though.


Could be improved but awesome  MattyIceRecords  4 star

Little slow sometimes but awesome

Appy Go Lucky guy

Would be good on an iPad  Appy Go Lucky guy  3 star

This is a tablet game. Trying to play on a smaller phone screen is more frustrating than fun.

Bagel shaper

Not working  Bagel shaper  1 star

This app won’t start properly and freezes on the opening credits


Not compatible  Nailer9876  3 star

Game needs to be updated to new iOS ?

Loneliness wanderer

Great  Loneliness wanderer  5 star

Really fun to play and really gets the mind turning. Recommend it to anyone who likes strategy games


Great game  Fof4  5 star

Hours of fun. As others have said thoughAI is a bit dumb.


Ok  Cognogy  3 star

improvement over the first version but not really worth buying if you have the first. AI is still pretty dumb. I think the 20+ year old original Civ is better but this is a good game relative to other App Store games


Excellent game  Bigspottedcat  5 star

I own all the Civ games for iPad. This one has by far the best graphics and the games lasts a bit longer than those for previous versions. If you love Civ - you have to buy this version because so much love has gone into building it. I noticed the price is down to €10 which I think is good value. The 3 D graphic interface makes it more difficult to perceive the matrix of squares. It takes a little getting used to, but after a few hours it's no bother at all. I do think that " CIV Rev for iPad " is more playable and that this version is let down by the 3D graphic landscape. But the vastly improved AI and modern warfare make this version a massive improvement.


Great Sequel !😀😂😜  Fsed  5 star

Nice improvements And pretty good graphics honestly.I give it 5 stars.😝


Great game  TorKnor  5 star

Must say this must be the best game I ever played for IPad graphics are great


wow!  RJGrunner  5 star

I can't believe the depth of this game. This really sets the standard for other apps. A must buy. I love it and I am addicted!


CRASHES  SweggyScrublord  4 star



Anywhere  CapedPlayto  5 star

Now I can satisfy my Civ cravings away from my desktop...


Crashes  Kb2013  1 star

This game constantly crashes. Unplayable.

Mike the mech

It is not a wast of time  Mike the mech  4 star

If you are used to the PC version of this series the mobile version is a little too cartoonish


Addictive  Poranic69  4 star

Am so addicted to the game, been playing for months and still love it

Johan du Plessis

Super lame AI  Johan du Plessis  2 star

I have always been an avid fan of Civilization. From the single floppy disk version to Civ Revolution. Maybe I have played it too many times but the AI on the latest iPad version is really insufficient. On Deity level there must be some challenge at least. All the computer opponents keep declaring war but none seems to know how to attack. Not worth the money for sure. The second star is just because I am a fan.

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