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Sell on Etsy [Business] App Description & Overview

Sell on Etsy, our app just for sellers, lets you easily manage your business on the go. Respond to customers, see your shop stats, and manage your orders.

Sell on Etsy makes it easy to:

--Save time with Snippets: Waiting in line at the post office? The Snippets feature lets you quickly respond to customers by saving your most frequent responses.

--Get the whole picture: Keep tabs on your views, visits, orders, favorites and sales history.

--Stay notified: “Cha-ching!” find out when someone purchases an item, sends you a new Convo or favorites your shop or items. (Customize your notifications in Settings).

--Manage your orders: Access open and completed orders, renew items from sold orders, mark as shipped, add private notes and send shipping notifications so buyers know when items are on the way.

--Access your listings: Create, edit, renew, and publish listings directly from the app. Use your camera to upload photos and make a listing on-the-spot. Access shop sections and item variations for quick editing. Activate and deactivate items with a tap. Who knew your phone could do all that.

You must have an Etsy shop to use this app. Get started at

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Sell on Etsy Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We made some bug fixes and performance improvements to make selling with our app even better.

Sell on Etsy Comments & Reviews

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- eBay now Etsy seller

As an eBay seller with close to 600 positive sells and none negative I was looking for a way to expand my sells and Etsy has provided me with a comparable platform in which I can use to grow my business. I truly appreciate the ease and user friendly design of the Etsy app and find it equal to if not better than eBays. I truly have no complaints but one. The one issue I would like to see changed is this. Etsy wants you to pay in order for google to find your items in its generic search results. Meaning if someone searches for an item on google, that item won’t show up in the search results for Etsy unless you pay. Pay a small fee and your items can be seen by googles search engine. I find that caveat contrary to good business practice and refuse to pay that fee for advertising. It goes against what I feel is right and other than that I have no issues with Etsy.

- Go back to the old payment system!

I Used to love selling on Etsy, I opened my shop a little over a year ago and while i don’t get a lot of orders I feel like my shop is successful, I get great reviews and haven’t gotten anything other then five stars. But then they changed how payments work just before Christmas. pay off the fees once a month and buy postage out of pocket which wasn’t a big deal, I would pay under $4 in fees a month and $2.75 for postage. I preferred it that was so I could get my entire payment from my very inexpensive product. The new system withholds the money from my orders and then subtracts the fees and postage from that money until I can get it into my bank account (it will only deposit money on business days). I tried to see if i could pay for postage at the time of purchase like i used to, but they have no option for that anymore, instead the fees sit in your payment waiting to either be paid off at the end of the month or for you to get another order so it can take a large amount of that money. I’m not making any money off of my product because they keep subtracting the fees from the purchase. I have a four dollar fee sitting in the payment that I can’t pay until the end of the month. I love being an Etsy seller but unless they go back to the old method or give us the option to pay for postage and fees before the billing cycle ends then I’ll have to close down my shop.

- Slow with annoying glitches and changes

I used to love using the app, but recent changes are annoying and time consuming. First of all, the app runs SO slow. When I enter my shop and try to search for listings, it takes 20+ seconds for my listings to load, another 20+ seconds for my keyboard to even show up, then another 20+ seconds for the search to occur. Ridiculous. Secondly, words get broken up within a conversation when it is sent. It will be typed perfectly prior to sending, but once it is sent to the customer, it chops up the words incorrectly and creates spaces where there shouldn’t be. Not only does it make it hard to read, it also looks unprofessional on my part. The other update that is very annoying is that when a customer contacts me with a link to a particular listing to ask a question about it, it used to open that listing within the app so that I could see which one the customer was referring to. With the latest update, it opens the listing in a web browser instead, which meansq I then have to sign into Etsy on the web. An unnecessary step that wastes my time. Lastly, other changes within Etsy have SIGNIFICANTLY decreased my total views of my items and therefore 59 PERCENT!!! What an absurd drop in views & sales in my shop. After 4.5 very successful years of selling on Etsy, I’m seriously considering changing selling platforms. Pretty unhappy with the current app.

- Too Buggy to be Helpful

At first this app was convenient because I take product photos with my phone, so creating listings in the app without having to deal with the cloud or whatever for photos was great. But this app has too many bugs with adding photos now to be worth it. Multiple times this week I have tried to add new listings to try to build momentum (baby Etsy seller, baby handmade seller period) and actually make some sales with Cyber Week promos, a social media follower coupon, all that jazz. But when I try to upload photos of my items, the app freezes and I have to completely close it and start it over. Again. And again. And again. And maybe I’ll get one or two listings done if I’m lucky before the problem starts again. So now I’m going to have to go to the desktop to create all my listings. I’m so aggravated that I’m seriously rethinking using Etsy as a platform period. The listing process is cumbersome and time consuming already without these issues. I’ve been promising new listings on social media for the sale and now I’m having to delay things because I can’t get things listed from the app and have to navigate photo transfers. Not good for my morale as a new seller and not good for my tiny infant shop. And yes, if you’ve made it this far reading through my rant, I do have the latest version of the app and my phone’s software.

- Aggravating glitch since last update!

This app has definitely improved since first being released. I use it mostly for replying to convos because I find it difficult to setup listings from my phone. Since the last update, there is a glitch that is taking the remaining letters of the last word typed, and putting just those letters onto the next line down, rather than moving the entire word down onto the next line when it’s too long to fit on the line above. (This is an example of what I am talking ab out happening. Do you see how difficult an d incredibly annoying it is when you’re tryi ng to read the text? Also, if my customer is reading my messages from the app, it mak es me look like a grammar-less idiot. I don ’t like this because I am a grammar Nazi!) You don’t see the nonsensical wording until the message is actually sent. I HATE THIS! It looks sloppy and makes it difficult to read. It happens on messages that I have sent and also received, and it only happens with the Sell on Etsy app. So, when I’m reading the same exact messages from my browser or on my Etsy-Shop Creative app, the messages look normal. Please fix the glitch!!!! Thank you!

- App is limited

The Etsy Seller app is great for if you plan on viewing your orders and stats. Or if you need to do small edits to your titles, tags, and description. If you want to actually use the features found on the website, your best bet is it access your shop through Safari or a computer. This app has potential, but it lacks many features needed to use it effectively. A couple of things that drive me crazy- You cannot Print your orders in the normal format. Instead, it is enlarged and prints like a webpage would. Second, you cannot view order details on the order page. You have to click each one individually until you find the one you need. Those are only the tiny details that are flawed. The biggest issues- you cannot print shipping labels from the app. The marketing options are limited, as well as the settings. For most settings, it will tell you to get on a computer. You also cannot unselect an attribute or recipient once it is selected. You can only change it to a new option. I keep the app simply for viewing basic information on new orders and to update tags.

- Your listing process stinks

I am growing increasingly frustrated with the time wasting process of attempting to list items for sale on Etsy. There is no guidance as you are listing an item if you make a mistake until you get through the process to actually trying to save the listing into your shop and you get a message that you that you are missing info and can either save the listing for later or delete it? Why would I go through the cumbersome process of listing an item only to delete it because you want more information in order to make it an active listing? On top of that, I am getting crazy requirements to list “production partners” - whatever that is - when all I am adding is a vintage item for sale. I was forced to save my latest listing “for later” because I couldn’t get around this production partner field and now, as I went back into my shop, my saved for later item is GONE. What a colossal waste of time it is to list and maintain an Etsy shop - not to mention the fact that Etsy holds my money from a sale for at least a week. It’s my money so once an item is paid for, give it to me!! Very unhappy! 😡

- Will shut down accounts without notice!

I’ve been a seller and customer on etsy for a few months. Everything was great up until I hit 60 sales this past month. I had to re-submit my ID for verification purposes as protocol calls for when shops hit a certain number of sales. I sent in my ID and immediately got an email saying my account was suspended which means no one can buy anything and today I found out that people can’t even view my shop to tell me what earrings they want to purchase through venmo, paypal, etc. It has been a week of hearing nothing back after talking to 3 representatives in a chat room and them telling me someone will email “shortly”. I submitted a complain to the BBB because I read up on how this has happened to thousands of other shops without notice for absolutely no reason. I have never had an issue before and only get 5 stars so I’m not sure. It would be different if a representative would have reached out and let me know of the issue but of course they make it hard to get in contact with someone. Etsy has been an easy platform with a lot of traffic but I now have to look for a different sellers platform because I doubt i’m getting a reply.

- App is ok but...

I don’t have many issues with this app but I noticed the shipping labels are very vague to update. It didn’t allow me to change flat shipping price to calculated and the shipping label I saved from the computer Etsy website is not showing up on this app. Idk if it is a glitch. It worked fine before but the shipping labels stopped showing up recently. I tried re-downloading. It didn’t work. Also I don’t really like the stats section anymore. I wish it would give me where the total views were coming from instead of the visits. I don’t really care where the double visits from the same people are coming from. I feel like the total views and their location are more important than visits. It only shows the location of the visits which is only the people who came multiple times. This also makes it confusing because what if it’s only one person visiting the whole time? I’m exaggerating a bit but it’s a little confusing in that sense. It’s as if it’s showing the popularity yet it’s the same person over and over.

- Powerful app if you use it correctly

I use this app all day ever day and have found it to be a “must have” on all devices. I primarily use it to get quick access to shop data - essentially all the data you can see on a browser around site traffic, orders, marketing campaigns, etc...very helpful if you want a quick snapshot of open orders, number of conversations, traffic for the day, etc. I’ve also used it to modify listing titles, tags, descriptions, prices, promoted bids, etc. That said, if you’re going to be building out new listings or modifying shipping profiles I would recommend sticking with your PC - I don’t think this app is built to help you truly design/build your your shop and listings, but it’s a great supplement to your browser tools. The app also has nice notifications for new orders, shop favorites, conversations, etc. Great widget for immediate access to data, which i’m addicted to. Two items on my wishlist for the app... 1) I would like to have different notification sounds for conversations vs. shop favorites and listing favorites - right now I they all default to one notification sound. 2) once or twice a week my widget will stop working and tell me to “sign in” despite me being signed into the app, or signing out/back in. Only solution I have found is to delete the app and re-download from app store - a bit of a pain. Not sure why this is happening? Thanks Etsy!

- Lag and slow

It's nice to have this app so that you can upload directly from your phone. The problem is it doesn't works as it should be. First it is so slow like a slot. Scrolling down lag. And I can't even find my saved listing. It's quite annoying when you scroll down to check all listings because is lags so bad that I wanted to just smashed my phone. Not being a dik here but really it is that annoying. So I have to open computer and upload. Please make this app faster. I have super fast internet not a slot internet so.. This app would be really helpful for us seller. Snap a pics upload with your phone. All the updates never fix this problem. It's been happening since day one. Never better. Bug fix? What bug? Yes I am very upset at this right now as I write. ***************************************** Second review : the update didn't do anything. Slightly faster but now it kept crashing.I was trying to upload my listing and it kept crashing like 3 times. Need more improvement.I was able to upload 7 listing then I gave up. Its quite annoying. Still 2 star.

- Used to work

This app used to work just fine, but sometime in early 2017 it started to fail on me regularly. Selling from Listings is nearly impossible. Listings don’t load quickly at all, searching thru listings is next to impossible, and listings are not totally up to date with my website if I changed any info or have a current sale or promotion running. AND they eliminated the feature to apply a discount at checkout. So if I have a listing 25% off for the month, but that isn’t reflected in the app and I can’t apply the discount at checkout, I have to do a Quick Sale, which totally negates the whole reason I use this app to keep my shop inventory up to date. I may have to revert back to just making sales via quick sale or PayPal and updating my shop inventory when I’m at the computer after an event. Reinstalling the app and re-logging in has not resolved my Problem and it’s been almost a year of an app that is next to useless. It literally took me 7 minutes last July to perform a Sell from Listings at an art festival and all I could do was continually apologize to the client. Total fail. No fixes from developers.

- So slow it’s useless

When this app first came out a few years ago I was very excited and happy about it and very satisfied with how it worked. But it has become so incredibly slow. I have tried to use it for in person sales lately and without WiFi (which is often not available at many in-person markets, it’s so slow that it’s useless. I could do a single sale from my listings. I had to do everything as a quick sale, so now all of my inventory is off because I had to sell quick sale blank items instead of selling from listings. Now I have to go through everything and update all my quantities, and worse, I have to deactivate items that should actually be sold out. I can’t manually change the status which makes keeping on top of my inventory very difficult. If it doesn’t get fixed I will go back to processing payments through Square. I could access everything else without WiFi but Sell on Etsy couldn’t manage a basic search or sort. Seriously disappointed.

- Sell on Etsy app

It’s actually pretty amazing- frustrating if WiFi signal isn’t strong enough for photos/albums to upload for me to use in creating a new listing, etc. For example - But honestly it’s incredibly user-friendly for someone that is used to doing pretty much everything via smart phone as it is and also for keeping an eye on favorited items/new sales/any customer messages sent to us about custom orders or questions on specific items, etc. On the go and Without having to check emails or login to Etsy manually in order to see updates and if any sales have come through, etc. So DEF Great for being on the go 👌I didn’t give full stars due to occasional technical problems and difficulty with receiving customer support at times/ but other than that - it’s awesome

- Needs improvements!

I use this app on a daily basis to run my business. There are many issues though. First, it’s very slow. It can take up to a minute to load a listing. Second, some of the features just don’t work! For example, if I want to link photos to my listing through the app it does nothing..... I have to go to the website to do this. Also I have a suggested “attribute “ on my dashboard for a listing that no longer exists! And I can’t for the life of me get it to go away! Third, some days I can even upload photos. I like to use the app to load photos because it’s more convenient.... but it would be nice to have the app do the same tasks as the site. The app developers definitely need to update the app and work out these issues. Since Etsy has decided to add additional fees on to shipping, listings, and selling, they should be able to fix the issues in the app to support us as sellers!

- This App is Terrible

I’m a new Seller (on Etsy) & trying to list them items thru the App has been the Worst Experience! I never write reviews but I’m tech savvy & it’s taking me hours to try to get my stuff listed thru the App. And for some reason the App doesn’t save your listings in the Draft section. So as you’re scrolling thru the menu options, if (when) you accidentally swipe the screen all your progress is erased & Not Saved in Draft‼️🤬 Want to just Save as you go along so that doesn’t happen?? There’s No Option for that‼️And if Esty says there’s any of their so called “Errors” in your listening it Won’t Save‼️ There tools make it hard to find & edit options, when I put in Shipping Box dimensions it keeps giving error messages- Apparently the Apps Shipping tool doesn’t like non Post Office Standard size boxes 📦 In Summery, I hate this App… Listing items & having to add detailed photos, descriptions, measurements & Shipping info is already time consuming enough with constantly loosing your progress too 🚫

- Great App For Selling!

I love how the app only charges you 20 cents to post a listing/products!!! One thing I DO NOT like though, is that the mobile app doesn’t have everything like the website does, so if you want to buy a label you have to go on the website to purchase one. You also can’t cancel a order on the mobile app, you have to go to the website. But even with those problems I truly do enjoy using this platform for my business! I love how they pay for your ads and they basically promote your business! I love have they have options to do discount codes to give to your customers! Just over all amazing! I just took 1 star off because of the app and website differences. But I totally recommend this app to sell your products on!

- Get with the times!

I can manage my entire business from my iPad, until it comes to sales from my Etsy shop. I have to run to my computer to type out messages or print labels; or switch to a browser. Care to explain why I can print from every other app, but yours? Also, if I start a message to a customer, but I have to navigate away to look something up, or if the device locks, I lose my message! I’ve tried using the browser version on my iPad, which is also irritating. The new process of creating labels has more steps than it did previously: Programming 101! Least number of actions/steps/screens as possible to achieve your goal! Basic UX!! Someone also failed to test all of the screens/functions on the Safari and (new) Edge browsers, because I’m finding parts that don’t work. I’m not going to tell you what parts in hope that it will prompt someone to test all of them. Don’t even get me started on your free shipping one-size-fits-all BS.....

- Payment account page glitch

Wow there are a lot of fake reviews now here on the app page! You can really tell who are genuine sellers and who aren’t because real sellers are having major issues with this app! My previous review still stands as the payment account page still doesn’t work I have to go to the site to withdraw which defeats the apps “convenient” use. Last update screwed up the payment account page. I’ve been waiting for a deposit to my bank account I had scheduled earlier in the week and checked today...still not there. So I went to this app, went to the payment account page and sure enough my money never got deposited. So I tried to do the “schedule for the next day” and all I’m getting is error messages saying “your payment account page can’t be loaded right now please refresh”. Refreshing doesn’t work. So now what, on top of all the fees and screwing us every other way you are just going to keep our money? If it wasn’t for the holiday shopping season coming up I’d close now. 11 years of watching Etsy turn from a safe, fun and supportive environment to a greedy one has turned me off. Shame, this was once a great place for sellers and now, it’s only how we can make more money for Etsy and who cares if we, the sellers (you know the ones who BUILT this site) need money to survive. I want my money.

- Personalization?

This is my first time using etsy and so far I'm having a positive experience. For me, doing all the listing is easy, however, after opening my shop, it no longer gives me the personalization option except for the "variations" which is a pain. Why would you give me the option to personalize my listings when first opening my shop but don't give it to me when I'm adding a new listing? Even going into the listings of the products I was able to personalize, it never even shows that option but when I go into the preview, it shows that I added the personalization. Am I forced to just use the variation tool to allow my customers to personalize the supply or is the personalization tool hidden in something else?

- Absolutely horrible

We started using Etsy in February and tried the app out, only in the past few months have I really started selling there. It was so so to start with but, like many others have reported, it's horribly slow. The one thing I want to use it for is to add pics to listings seeing as how my phone is my camera. But, it took 3 full minutes to load the window to add a photo then after I finally added it the thing crashed. I guess it's because I'm the only person on the planet that uses their phone as a camera. Guys, even eBay can do that and that's saying something. Functionally it does maybe 40% of what the desktop site does and I'm being generous. Every time I go to do something I realize it's not there. And, rather than adding features they take them away with updates! The most recent update made all of this worse. If the mobile rendering of the site worked any better I'd use that but guess what? Even that doesn't work very well. Etsy: pick a mobile strategy, either make the mobile web rendering ONE HUNDRED PERCENT like the desktop experience (and working) or make the app work, they're both broken horribly. I have decided to start evaluating alternatives to Etsy including building my own store, because of all of your problems. Get it together Etsy, we pay you ACTUAL money for your service.

- Etsy’s changes kill small businesses

Etsy did away with allowing sellers to receive PayPal directly, now they let you accept PayPal but they sit on your money which used to be available to sellers right away. Small businesses need to have access to cash right away to reinvest in the products they make. Etsy needs to adopt the policies of PayPal and make the money we earn available right away! Corporate greed is getting in the way of who originally made Etsy a success... us mom and pop homemade shops...but that’s another issue...they promote that we are what Etsy is about but they allow commercial items made in China etc...that is if the “designer” claims they are an artisan. Wrong move...unless Etsy just owns that they are all about themselves and allow any items...that would be at least honest on their part. Just own this fact Etsy so we know who we are dealing with because this pretense only looses you shops.

- Useful app

I don’t make listings from this app, but have made adjustments to existing listings pretty quickly. I do like seeing traffic to my shop and looking at stats. I can also respond quickly and easily to messages when needed. It’s also very fast for tracking your shipments! I’m not sure where to report a bug so will ask for the social media feature to please be revised. I’m on an iPhone X and some of the things I need to tap on go so far up the screen they’re useless-they are behind my battery icon and I can’t tap on them. I’ve used this feature recently on this same phone so not sure what changed; but I really enjoyed that new feature so would like to see it fixed. Otherwise it’s a great app!

- So happy to be a part of this community!

Wow, where do I begin? I was miserable at my night shift job when the idea came to me to try to sell on Etsy. It was just an idea, and I didn’t expect much from it. It took some time, but now I work full time selling on Etsy! I live my dream now. This makes it so easy to start a business online selling your crafts. They offer advertising, and I know they’re always working to expand and grow Etsy sellers. They give you lots of info on how to make a perfect listing to grab attention, and they help in any way you need. Becoming a seller has never been easier and I’m so so thankful that Etsy has made this a possibility for me. Thank you. -Free Unicorn Tears

- So far so good

I’m a new seller, and this app is new to me also. I haven’t had any of the issues I’ve read about on other reviews. From what I can tell, it has most of the functionality of the mobile page, which is good. My issue is that I can have a logo designed from my phone, and order business cards and promo materials. All these apps enable me to use my phone. I barely need to get my laptop out. So why can’t I change the images on my Etsy page from this app? EVERY other app that has a profile picture or banner allows for these changes in the app. The more you can put on the mobile app, the better. If I can make changes over lunch, or from my workshop, then it frees up much of my time to create!

- Almost Perfect

I’m rating this 4 stars because the app is almost perfect, but just needs a little nudge. I love all the features of the app, but I really wish I could create shipping labels, and sales/coupons from the app instead of having to go to Etsy on my browser. I’m not sure if this applies to the Sell on Etsy App or if it is just for Etsy in general, but I also pay for a website through their site platform, Pattern. I really wish customers who purchased through my site were able to leave reviews that would show up on my website (only Etsy customers can leave reviews). Otherwise, the site is great and easy to maintain.


I have been reporting this bug for years and NOBODY HAS FIXED IT. One time, Somebody responded and told me to try logging out of the app and logging back in. That did not work. I deleted the app and Reinstalled it. That did not work. If I get any notification either in the Etsy app or and any other app any message i am composing gets deleted. I have to type my message in another app and copy it over to the Etsy app. If I navigate to another page to copy the URL for one of my listings for a customer, my message gets deleted. Basically the page reloads. You cannot compose messages in the app. I’m irritated because I have just had my messages deleted over and over again in the span of 15 minutes and over the years there are multiple issues that I have had and although my fees go up, there has been no customer service to address any of my issues.


When making a new listing, it is so easy to completely lose all of what you wrote by swiping down. The app can’t seem to differentiate swiping down and scrolling down (ie if my description for a new listing is long, I swipe down to scroll up to the top of the description, but the app thinks I’m exiting out of creating a new listing so it cancels the listing). Maybe creating an instant auto-saving feature when a product is created? Or bringing “create a listing” to a new page when it is clicked? I can imagine and have just experienced the frustration users have felt because of this, especially after writing a long product description and to have it all deleted. Thank you. I understand coding and debugging is hard work so you‘re very appreciated for all the work you’ve done thus far!

- Still love Etsy

I’ve been selling on Etsy for a while and it’s really straightforward. I’ve recently been getting commission work via another app, and I use my Etsy store to handle the money and shipping from those other orders. My customers like it because I can use the listing to provide a full invoice and lots of pictures, plus being able to track shipping. My business wouldn’t be this successful without Etsy. Update, June 2021. Etsy has been a lifesaver. With the economy being shut down due to Coronavirus, being able to make sales and order supplies from Etsy has kept me working. I’m a very happy/grateful Etsy customer and vendor.

- Superb

I have had an Etsy shop for several years and totally love this amazing platform! I have been a professional artist most of my life and sell in fine arts shows all over the Southwest. Etsy gives my customers an opportunity to purchase my work long after I have left their town, and is a fantastic way to keep up with my customer base. I love the seamless simplicity with which my customers can buy my work, and the ease of transaction to shipping label your company provides for shops. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be an international artist, but now I have work in 14 different countries!! Wow, that is powerful! Love My Etsy shop

- Great for small businesses

I’ve been using zesty since 2013 and I must say their apps have improved tremendously. You can literally post, sell, and collect funds all from this one app. You can even create a webpage (extra $15 month) and manage it directly from this app. They constantly are updating and adding new features. Their brand has become so big over the past few years that the traffic it now brings only further help benefit your sales because they promote your items for FREE. There are a few minor costs but overall it’s great. I have yet to find another sell site that performs as good as Etsy. 💪🏽

- Stops working so well once you’re successful

Etsy works great for small beginners who sell online but once you start doing $50,000 or more in sales a year the problems begin. Prepare for high sales and advertising fees! The fees keep rising! Also, Etsy almost rarely sides with the seller when the buyer is clearly wrong or simply trying to scam you to get free products. Etsy will suspend your shop for pretty much anything and not allow you to even try and fix whatever problem they may have with you. Their customer service is terrible, especially when dealing with anything financial! With Etsy, more money means more problems! My advice is that when you start making $30,000+/yr in sales (or 2000+ transactions) prepare to create your own website with Shopify or Big Cartel. Then start guiding your Etsy customers to your other platforms instead.

- Solid foundation but desktop is still a must.

The foundation is very solid. I like what we currently have, it is just not enough. The BIGGEST issue is shipping. I can’t set shipping from the app unless it is a fixed price which is fine if shipping is free or consistent. Mine isn’t. So if I can’t fully post a listing from the app then what’s the point? I would give it 4 stars if it was not for that. Im a strict mobile user. Only use desktops to print shipping labels. It took me a long time to learn there was an about me section of the shop because I assumed (incorrectly) that everything to do with editing profile could be done from the app. I would also like to be able to opt into community wide promotions and start coupons from the app. I have no issue loading pictures like a previous review said.

- Freezes

***update: they repaired the app so it will login, but the app still freezes when going to stats. This has been an issue for as long as I can remember, but it takes hours to get through to tell Etsy of the problems so maybe others have more patience than me and will let them know how painfully terrible their app is for sellers as they tell us all we must give free shipping or we will be dumped to the end of all searches. Blackmailing is a horrible way to do business! Initial review: This app is so frozen I can’t even login. The moment I start typing my login info it freezes. It’s from an update, but this isn’t a new issue. It used to freeze all the time, then it was ok, and now I can’t even use it. Deleted it and reinstalled. No change. Banging my head on the wall! Someone fix this, please!!!! I’ll change my review if you do.

- Hard organizing orders

One feature that’s available on the desktop that the app doesn’t have is the in progress or status drop down type options to help organize orders. Don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem but as a mother of two I’m bouncing from my phone to desktop all day to complete orders and it’s been really time consuming scrolling through orders on my phone and having to click on each because the customers names aren’t even displayed on the main orders page. Other than that the stats analysis and other features are nice. Oh also, the marketing portion has been glitching

- Shady practice

Was a big supporter of selling handmade articles and other things. Until I had labeled a product I produced as having a product I searched for and bought to make my products with submit a intellectual infringement investigation on two of my listings. After lengthy emails and being treated as if I was trying to steal their products name. I suggested messaging me to correct the product reference they continued with unprofessional behavior. I explained that I would no longer buy their products and will purchase there competitions. They went and submitted intellectual infringement on all of my listings after I changed the name use. Thank you Velcro and Etsy for allowing me to see you are not about a small business venture yet are a money scheme out to drain and bleed a broken Veteran of a chance to make a small honest living.

- Update is crashing the program

The last couple of days, I have been trying to open the finances menu and it is taking forever to upload and when it finally does it crashes. I was completely satisfied with the financ menu before, but now that it is "updated" I can't use it without crashing the program. If you must change something PLEASE RESTORE THE SELL IN PERSON feature! It worked great before you disabled it in an effort to force everyone to connect to SQUARE. Why not make SQUARE an option instead of forcing sellers to go to it for "in person" sales? Most of my in person customers prefer cash.

- Love it!

The app has been so helpful in growing my business! I used to always have to do things on the computer, which made it harder to keep up with things while I’m on the go. While it is still easier to list things (especially when listing numerous similar items back to back) on the computer, it is very convenient to be able to use my phone to snap some shots and immediately post things. Could the app use some improvement? Sure of course it could! And it has been improving so give it time and it’ll only get better

- Holding funds

I updated my bank/card info that my funds are being transferred to and then Etsy started holding my funds. I googled it to see that this was normal when you change your info and will stop after 30 days, okay that’s fine. Nope, here we are MONTHS later and all the money I rely on is sitting in my Etsy account and I have NO money in my bank account. therefor, I am unable to buy my supplies I need to make my products= late shipping/arrival. This is absolutely ridiculous. I rely on my money from Etsy to literally keep my business going and they just keep holding it. Mad/frustrated to say the least.

- beacon notifications don’t work

Overall I’m satisfied with this app’s functions. I’ve used it for years and keep up with updates as the come. My problem with it is that I have all the possible notifications turned on. The one I rely on the most and need to work is the beacon notification (the red number at the corner of the app icon). The beacon on this app never shows up and it’s crucial so I’m aware of orders I have not yet processed. Therefore I have the regular Etsy app for shopping because it’s beacons actually work. But the redundancy of both apps is unnecessary and I really wish the beacons on this sell on Etsy app work. This has been an issue for quite some time. App developers please fix!

- A kindergartner designed this

The only reason I have the app is so that I get a notification if someone buys one of my products. I am so overwhelmingly shocked by the (very little) amount of brain power that went into this. Words overlap each other, are completely cut off and there are even grammatical errors. For a site that’s designed for people to sell home made goods (a trend that’s very popular right now) you’d think that their app for the seller would be up to date, chic and functional. But it’s the complete opposite. If you need someone to re-design it. I’m here for ya. Seriously. I’ve never done it before but, clearly, never has the person that made this version, either. And can we talk about the process for posting a listing through the app... never mind, don’t even get me started. Just FIX IT. PLEASE.

- Overall pretty good, but there’s one problem.

Ever since teams were “improved,” I can’t access them from the app and it takes me to mobile web, which is okay, but annoying. The problem is that it shows me not being signed in when I go to Teams on the app, but when I click on the profile icon, it takes me out of the app and I can’t go back. Other than that, this app is easy to use and lets me manage my shop on-the-go. There are glitches occasionally, but nothing too bad, and they never last very long. I really like how simple it is to view & manage your orders, listings, and convos.

- Glitch

When I’m trying to deposit earlier then the date that appears and I clicked request next day. At first it was changing it to a month ahead and I’d have to go to an actual computer and click it again and it would work. But now you click the request now next to that it says “will be scheduled for the next business day” but at the top in read it says “sorry we are unable to load your payment account” and the date doesn’t change. So I go back to a computer and click it and it’s fine. It’s annoying cause I’m not always by my computer.

- 2 steps forward, 1 step back

Something new is added and something gets fixed, but a new problem arises. It has been back and forth like this for years. Right now, the ability to crop and edit photos is malfunctioning. Update: I was frustrated because whenever I would rearrange the order of photos, a couple of photos would often disappear permanently, but that issue has possibly been solved. Update: Etsy IT team resolved the following problem, so I amend my star rating. Previously I had written: Hundreds of my listings are missing on the app. I hope this gets resolved quickly, because if I must write and photograph everything from scratch, it will take me an estimated two months. Overall, I would be devastated if I did not have this app because most features do function. For those complaining of slow speed, this problem plagued me, too, but resolved when I upgraded to a newer phone. I wouldn’t want to use this app on an iPhone 5.

- Can’t Sign In

I can’t even sign in on the app wasted a bunch of time making a store just for the stupid app to say that “I have to be a seller to login” which may I say makes zero sense because I created an account just to sell here. So how do I not have a seller account when I’ve just made one for the store? Totally fine, I just won’t use this app. Spent three hours making a store for it to not even work? Waste of time if you ask me. Building a store shouldn’t take that long and I should’ve just moved onto the next app to build my store somewhere else, but the internet said this was and I quote “ The best and easiest way to sell your handmade goods online”. Anyways I’m moving onto the next app. Thanks for taking three hours of my life.

- Great app, I can do all my listings and sales on my phone

I’ve been really happy with this app. I’m able to create listings and add pictures that I’ve taken on my phone. I get a notification every time I have a sale, and the app help function helps me figure out anything that isn’t immediately obvious to me. So I feel like there’s nothing I haven’t been able to do that I have wanted to do. It’s easy to communicate with customers, and when I buy labels from the app, all the tracking information is right there with their purchase information. I like it!

- 20 seconds to load my news feed

Over time, this app has progressively gotten slower specifically for items under the Dashboard section. Even though convos and listings load fairly quickly, the simple stats overview always takes 5+ seconds. It used to be much faster, but I can live with it. My biggest complaint is that when I try to see my news and activity feed for a specific overview of recent purchases and feedback, I have to wait 15-20 seconds for it load every single time. This has been happening through the past several updates even though other parts of the app work fine. I really wish you would work on it, as I currently dread using the app as it is now.

- Beyond necessity!

New to Etsy? We’ve all been there... It takes a moment to learn all the ins and outs... but don’t get discouraged! Sell on Etsy is here to save the day! Providing you with necessary tips and tools needed to grow your business, this amazing app is a sure fire way help guide your business to the success it so deserves! So why the 4 stars you ask? It’s due to Etsy’s one con... their most recent payment change... not only is it confusing, but downright irritating... although, I’m still uncertain as to how much the sell on Etsy app has to do with any of those terms. Still yet, I consider them one in the same.

- Love the new app

I live the new app on Etsy. It makes it so much easier for me to manage orders while I am out and about. It also makes it easy for me to always be in communication with my customers. The only thing I would like to add to it is when customers want me to change their order, their shipping or add something it’s hard to do that without canceling the order. Customers don’t want to get credited before placing another order so it hurts sales. Other than that tweak everything about it is really helping me stay organized. I love it!

- Great except for one drawback

I love being able to use my app for my shop. I can do almost everything there as I can on my desktop. The only main thing that is a serious issue is that my shipping profiles won't sync and I can't do calculated shipping on new listings on the app. I can't save as a draft because I can't do the shipping profile. Other than that, I love to hear a cha-ching even when I'm out and about and not near my computer! ***Update- It’s a year later and my shipping profiles still aren’t syncing between the desktop and mobile/sell on etsy app. Very frustrating when I do most of my convos and things on my phone and my mobile device.

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- Amazing!

We are a small business who sells dog bandanas and we love Etsy! It is so amazing and helpful for us to sell our products online and it is a n easy system for our buyers to use! We recently just purchased Etsy Premium and so far it has driven up our sales significantly! Maybe Etsy premium could offer more advantages such as more customisable changes to your account and maybe a larger discount on the section where you can build your own website. Overall Etsy is a very helpful place to start your small business and sell hand made crafts! Come check us out on Etsy at PawfectPups&Co🥰

- Great app

Overall Etsy has been a fantastic platform and very easy to use. I would only have two suggestions, the first would be to allow the seller to reply to good reviews. The second would be on the app, instead of separating the messages from the purchase order, allow messages to be seen in the order like on the computer (it would be really helpful). Other than that Etsy has been great.

- Makes work a breeze

The Etsy seller app is excellent when I’m on the go. I can contact buyers to discuss custom jobs. Send them pictures of supplies I am buying for them. When I get to the post office, I have all the info I need on my phone to send my customer packages. I can update listings, upload photos & check my stock. I seriously couldn’t work as efficiently without it. And it all syncs with my laptop & iPad.

- Ok BUT

works fine except for a few things- one, it is far too difficult to make a new listing, it’s not very intuitive. The WORST thing though, is the way it doesn’t save what you’re working on if you have to leave the screen (perhaps to check a detail you need to respond to when you’re replying to a message) or accidentally touch the background screen while you’re working on a listing. Everything you’ve done just DISAPPEARS and you have to start again from a blank slate. Photos gone, description, tags, everything. It’s RIDICULOUS. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

- Great for makers and artists.

I’m a visual artist, so Etsy may seem a bit left field for a venue to sell work. My first sale was over $1000. And while it hasn’t been a huge amount of sales over the years, since I’ve joined, it is well worth considering as a platform for artists, with its very easy to use app, which is all about the visuals of the product/art. I call it my business in my pocket.

- Great, very helpful

Great app, helps me keep track of any activity on my shop, just wish that I could access the regular Etsy store from the same app, not 2 different ones. I also found that the desktop site has more functions than the app, which I find a tad annoying at times, but overall, great for managing my shop.

- Etsy Selling

Easy to use, great layout. Fees are very complex and hard to understand, I had to watch a few videos and read a few blogs to work everything out. My suggestion would be to make selling a little more user friendly and easy to understand. Also it would be fantastic if the shop home pages could be personalised more. As a shopper though- I loveeee Etsy! My favourite online go-to shop.

- Almost all the functions!

I'm a new seller on Etsy and found the app to be very helpful. It's a bit clunky to upload items but I prefer to do that on my computer, it's great for messaging customers and also for seeing when a sale has been made. I highly recommend this app for sellers!

- Brilliant!

Absolutely Love this app. I use Etsy for both personal purchases and to run my own shop. This app helps keep me well connected to my shop and especially keeping in contact with my customers when I’m out and about, giving me a good response rate. Have had no issues with it thus far

- Best selling place ever!

Before I was using my own website to sell my items, but the sales was not like what I expected, so I closed the shop. Then I try to sell in etsy and the traffic to my store was boom! Amazing, I got a lot of customers. For handmade stuff, this is the place for me to do business. Thank you Etsy.

- Very handy

I use Etsy’s app for most of my shop work. I find it easier to sit with my iPad rather than at my computer. With the computer version it has more features so I occasionally need to use it. Being able to chat straight away with customers queries on my phone is great.

- Fantastic!

The app coherently organises my orders, makes tracking packages easy, listing and editing products etc. My only suggestion would be the ability to file away messages or archive so I don’t have to sift through my entire history of messages all the time!

- Keeps me up to date

I use the app mostly for keeping track of my stats, though I also do shop maintenance and listings as well. I use it on my iPad. Works well, have had no problems. And I can take my shop with me wherever I go.

- Good info, easy to use

Quite an easy app to use. Really good to see the sales & coupons added to marketing section, save having to log in through desktop. Gives heaps of stat data and easy to change length of time. Handy to have orders/shipping addresses while out & about. Thumbs up!

- When are you going to fix this app?

This app is still not working properly, it used to be good. But now, the font is too big to read all the numbers on iPhone screen, they don’t fit. It freezes on stats and you have to quit. I keep being told you’re working on it but nothing is changing, it’s been months.

- A bliss!

Nothing like being able to manage your shop from your phone wherever you are! Makes running your business SO much easier and it saves you a lot of time.

- Very handy

I’ve never experienced any problems. Helps me reach and sell products to a wide and varied international market with ease and efficiency. Fantastic for my small business start up for which there’s a limited local marketplace.

- Li’l El on Etsy

I’m loving Etsy. Within 24hrs or uploading my first listings I was making sales! Etsy guides me and has made doing online sales so easy and rewarding. I like the ability to converse with my customers too. I hope things continue to go so well!

- Easy to use and super convenient

Everything you need to manage your shop and stats are at your fingertips. I can add products, promotions and shipping info in minutes. Couldn’t be easier

- Etsy store

Hi! We love using Etsy as a platform to sell our products. It’s so easy to use and manage. It’s also a great channel for acquiring clientele that you want as its all small business trying to sell there products.

- Easy to navigate.

I found it easy to list on Etsy and if there were things I didn’t understand it was easy to find a tutorial or a help question.

- Ideal to keep up to date

Ideal app to keep an eye on your shop, has enough features for quick stats and orders. I still use the website for everything else

- Convenient app

The app is very convenient and generally without flaws, however there is one click function that simply will not load the item. You have to go back to Listings and start again.

- So easy and convenient to use!

Love this app so much. Saves me from opening up my laptop. It does pretty much everything the website does. Super easy to navigate and is reliable!

- Love it

I love this app!! I couldn't be without it now. It makes running my shop from my smart phone SO easy and keeps me right up to date with everything going on in my store.

- Easy to Use for Beginners selling Art

Honestly so grateful to have such an easy to use yet effective app to showcase my art and make plenty of sales through my Instagram! Totally recommend for anyone starting out !

- Great app!

I manage my orders and check my stats, list items easily. Next is to allow us to load videos for listings directly from our phones. Thanks!

- Sell on Etsy.

It is built to be easy to use and accessible to any one that wants to start selling online, plus it offers help on how to build your business. Thank you!

- Several glitches

I have been using this app on my iPad for a number of years. It has a number of glitches. It freezes when you send through a dispatch notification, and doesn’t update your completed orders. It needs to be fixed

- Great way to start your online craft business

The Etsy Sell app makes it super easy for me to manage my craft business on the go. Heaps of functionality and simple interface. Love it!

- Great app just needs a little button

Great app but need an easy way to locate the purchasers email address. I can’t find it anywhere and have to log on through the web to find customers email. Apart from that it’s pretty good

- Love it

Love being able to conduct my business on the run. Super easy to use interface and rarely have to hop on my computer to manage my shop! Couldn’t be happier.

- Fabulous

Amazing app! I can sell all my products with a decent income, though sometimes a bit too much Etsy tax and fees taken. Otherwise really great, will definitely tell others!

- Great!

This app is a great way to keep track of orders. I find it much easier to use compared to the website. It is very self explanatory and you can easily teach yourself how to use it!

- It’s great

It takes great trouble in making sure that everything I put online shows up. it solves my problems with orders, returns etc. wouldn’t do it without Etsy. Noela

- So easy for first time sellers to use!

I just started my Etsy store and this app makes everything so easy, with all the features I need in one convenient place

- I ❤️ Etsy

This app is perfect for sellers. I run my business through it successfully and I couldn't be happier. I love being able to access my listings, orders, and conversations anywhere.

- Flawless Experience

Smooth sailing thus far (after a year of use.) Updates have been practical and largely improve the experience.

- So easy to use!!

Love the app, so easy to use. I love that I don’t have to have access to my computer to manage my business and any enquiries I receive from customers.

- Nearly perfect

Love the app, but wish there was an Apple Watch app so I could see buyer’s feedback on the go, and be able to see a picture of the item I sold when I get a push notification.

- Easy and intuitive

I really like this app for the user friendly interface; it’s logical to use and makes managing my listings really straight forward.

- Great app, easy to use both as seller or buyer.

Been using Etsy as buyer for quite a few years, and in the last four years as a seller. Very easy to use, and great support for sellers.

- Easy

Such an easy app to use. A few minor glitches when using the marketing function but besides that it’s great!

- Easy to use

The app is so easy to use . Especially when checking orders when you are out and about .

- Restarts every time you navigate away from the screen.

I had just written out a detailed message to a customer, and before sending, I shifted to a different screen to check one measurement. Came back to add it, to find that the “loaded” again and the entire thing was gone with no way to retrieve.

- Sell on Etsy app

Easy to use and intuitive. Makes it easy to track orders and keep track of messages etc.

- Brilliant

Etsy is a brilliant app for selling as a small business to grow larger and more popular. Once you get the hang of it it is great for selling and awesome when you sell for first item.

- Sell on Etsy

Great Easy to use and I can manage Etsy wherever and whenever I need. Thought has gone into setting up Sell on Etsy. Thank you

- Easy to use, intuitive interface

Have used a number of different online selling applications over the last 20 years and Etsy remains one of my favourites.

- Selling made easy

I love that I can list, edit and sell. Manage my campaigns, view statistics, message customers..... and the ca-Ching notification when I make a sale.

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- Love it!!

Makes managing sales from the lake super easy!!

- My orders disappeared

I updated the app & my order history are gone. Not only that, my new orders are gone now. It still showing I have open orders but it’s empty when I clicked into it. Please have it fixed.

- Love it for my small business

Been using this app for 4+ years and love it for managing my small craft business

- Where did my visits go??

The first time I opened this app it was really good. 3 months later the app started glitching and it said I had 0 views for my shop when yesterday it said more than 0. I used the “all time” button but it still says 0 views. This makes me feel discouraged because it says I have 0 views. Please tell me how I can fix it or could you please fix it. Thank you. :(

- App Update March 27, 2019

This update has changed my listing photos. Some preview photos have been cropped and cut off some of the picture - but revert to fine when you open them. Other listings have all 10 photos cropped. Some listings have BOTH - some pics changed and some not. It’s not even a uniform change!!! WTH?

- Love It!

Love Sell on Etsy so much! It makes it so much easier! If you are planning on selling on Etsy I definitely recommend it! My tack shop is RosewoodTackShop so go check it out!

- Etsy app

Great app to search and for businesses

- Nice app!

Nice app!

- WilbertsWonders

I am new to Etsy. As a seller, I found the Etsy app easy to figure out when setting up my shop. I often edit my listing after I publish. This is perfect for going back and adding more information when I have more time. Photos download quickly and look good. I enjoy browsing other shops for unique gifts. I give this app 5 stars.

- I love Etsy

Etsy is amazing, this app is always running great and easy to use

- Etsy is Awesome

Great place to showcase your creations!

- Great app!

It lets me sell items and make money at home. And it’s amazing bc if you need some extra money this app is like a part time job!

- New seller

Honestly I am so happy with this app I'm able to easily track orders and list items at ease thank you etsy

- use it all the time , pretty simple to navigate

love the stats

- Awesome app

Really appreciate the simplicity and many features of the app

- Heidi McRae

Love this app! Makes selling on Etsy super easy.

- Great App - perfect for sellers on Etsy!

This app is great!

- No Stress

Selling on Etsy is a no stress situation. It is one thing that I never worry about. Good job!

- Sell on Etsy

Sell on Etsy is a great app for sellers! Easy to use. Thanks!

- It’s good but expensive

Fees are too high. Besides that it’s good.

- Sohamhandicrafts

It’s great to be part of Etsy

- Latest version does not look like what’s shown

I have the latest version of this app however, the layout has not changed and does not look like the photos in the app description. I also can’t seem to find how to make a shop update and although my notifications are all turned on, they don’t always come up. I hope this gets sorted out soon!

- Poor help and communication

I was having technical difficulties with my store (my active listings are not searchable). I spoke with two different Etsy employees in the help chat and neither could solve the problem. In the end, I was passed on to a specialized technical team and waited two weeks for a response. When I finally got one, they assured me there was no problem without any proof and haven’t replied to any emails I’ve sent since. Now I’m stuck without any solution and I’m being ignored. I put so much work into starting my store, so I’m feeling really discouraged.

- Deesnewoldgema

Wonderful way to sell your vintage items!

- Seller

I would like to give 10 stars to Etsy I think 5 is not enough. I enjoyed my small business and handmade craft that I made. I truly appreciate how people admire my unique creativity and Etsy is a unique app that made our creativity happens. Thank you Etsy I am not just enjoying my craft I also make money out of them.

- Love it for my small business

Everything I need to run my small business without sitting at a computer

- Good Tool

Effective tool for running a small business especially when starting out. Can just suggest there is more availability of an actual customer service person. It’s quite a lot when setting up shop and can get confusing.

- User friendly

As a new seller on Etsy, I find the program easy to navigate and understand. Enjoying it very much! Joanne

- Love this app

I absolutely love this app it’s so easy to use

- Amazing

It’s easy to use

- Love it!

Makes selling my items so easy, the notifications are prompt and the whole app is really easy use.

- Easy to sell, great features

Love selling on Etsy. They make the store easy to set up and drive business your way through their ad campaigns. I’m super happy with all of it.


I have been using the Instagram sharing feature in my iPhone 7 Plus for while. Now that I’ve got a iPhone XS I am not able to share nothing on instagram anymore and I am not the only one who is having the same trouble. It’s a old problem and I have tried deleting both apps, resetting my phone... nothing works. I don’t know if Etsy doesn’t want us to be able to share our products by ourselves once they have now the Etsy ads available 😳. Anyone out there with the same problem ??

- Weak

Why do listing previews fail to display? Why don’t listing thumbnails display the same way on mobile and desktop?

- Great

Easy to use, start making money quick off your handmade items!

- Please fix the messaging feature issues.

Years ago , i wrote a one star review because this app was only iPhone. It is now ipad or iphone: Yay. But there is a frustrating feature: if you’re using the ‘messaging’ feature: whatever you have typed is erased when a new message comes in from whomever you’re messaging. If you’re in the midst of typing a message, and use split view, any of the iPad multi-tasking features, or you leave the app and come back: the message you had typed, but had not sent, is lost. Very irritating. If you’re in the middle of editing a listing? typing up a description? adding photos? if you haven’t saved? Also lost. VERY VERY irritating.

- Zero support, not very accessible

Firstly, I set my font sizes LARGE on my phone because my eyesight is rather poor. The app is clearly not designed for this as some things end up being cut off or just objects flickering and z-fighting and having collision type bugs because they can’t align properly anymore with the new size. Poor design. Secondly, Etsy basically makes it virtually impossible to contact support and seems to be on a mission to actively make this as complicated as possible in the hopes that I’ll give up after having used them before in the past and again now. Why support your creative artists and sellers when you can decide they are no longer valid and don’t exist YEARS after having an account and after making multiple sales? Will definitely switch. No support? No customer service? Poor accessibility? Not really what I signed up for.

- Sell on Etsy app

A great app. Very easy to use.

- User friendly

I really Like how user friendly this app is. The alerts are great.

- Excellent!!!!

So far is going smooth and very convenience for sellers and buyers!! And We love the notification sounds !

- The best!

Helped me build my empire and quit my full-time.job.

- Selling on Etsy

So easy!! Makes everything simple and streamlined and provides so much important data to the seller

- descmorg

Great app to help me manage my Etsy Shop!

- Easy to use

Update your listings and correspond easily with customers.

- Amazing

Couldn’t be happier with the App. Easy to manage my Etsy store

- Making selling a breeze

Love this app. All the functionality to run an Etsy shop while on the go

- Love it

I have an Etsy store and manages everything from my phone, it is very easy and convenient. Highly recommend it.

- Great

Easy and convenient to navigate. ❤️

- Pebsco

Easy to work

- Garbage app

This app basically forces you to make an Etsy account. Hardly ever lets me sign in with my google account to make changes. Getting really tired of this.

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- Review of app

Well I have 2 shops on Etsy with the app I can only access one shop. One app for my shop and I have the second app too, that ones for shopping only. There are some issues with the conversation area I answer a message but sometimes I can’t look up the item their talking about the one listed right above the question that they ask about. I can’t get to some of the stuff that I can get to with my laptop. I manage most of my shop from my cell phone. I wish everything available on a laptop or desk top computer was available in the app. Overall it’s ok.

- Unusable

I made a sellers account after not being able to use my purse old etsy account and tried to log in for it to first tell me the email that I was pretty sure I used was correct, then it told me the password was incorrect. So I pressed the forgot password button, received an email that let me change my password, only to be told the password was incorrect. The one that I just was told I changed it to and I could immediately use. Then after several tries, never changing the email though, it tells me this email isn’t even a sellers account AFTER sending me a the stuff to reset my sellers account password. I typed everything right, retyped it several times, got confirmation emails from you them, but I still can’t use the app at all

- Videos? Request package pickup?

Really hoping that this app will be soon updated to make it possible to add listing videos via the app. Also cannot crop or zoom in on main listing photo? I have to go back and forth from phone to laptop to make a decent looking listing. No way to preview a draft listing either. Also, when customers view listings on smartphones the videos on listings are not viewable. Really a bummer. Thankful that Etsy added the video option but if they can’t be seen on smartphones... kinda pointless. Also would love for the shipping features to be updated. Cannot “Request a pickup” for packages via Etsy Sellers app. Please make our lives easier and update these simple details?

- Please Fix The Listing Feature

It is extremely easy to accidentally delete entire listings with the slip of a finger!!!!!!!!!!! When in the process of creating a listing in the app, if you accidentally slide your finger downwards on the screen, the entire listing tab will be pushed down and erase all of your progress. I have spent countless hours creating and then recreating multiple listings on my shop because of this feature. I put so much time and effort into creating my listings and it is extremely frustrating that a slip of my finger will delete the entire thing. My suggestion is that the app is changed so that when someone accidentally closes out of the listing tab while creating a listing, it automatically saves that listing as a draft!!!!!!

- No badge notifications?

I like that this app has made running my business more convenient. I do almost all of my Etsy sales from my phone. My issue is that I don’t get badges when I get an order in. I am able to finely tune my notification settings, and my notifications are turned on in both my phone settings and in the app. However, I only get banners (that I tend to overlook) when I get an order as well as an email (which I don’t check often enough). I would feel more comfortable if I could have a badge show on the app for when I get an order.

- Why Etsy Why

As a 5 year seller I like the convenience of the app for my iPhone for listings. But one too many times losing 20 minutes of posting a listing because I scrolled too far down only to have all that work disappear. Remembering to save as a draft after every step is obnoxious. Secondly why can’t sellers print shipping from the app? The app also lags syncing with the online experience. I also can’t see my pattern shop so I tend to ignore it -there’s not enough hours in my day. And please support your vintage sellers better, some of us are one person businesses without models or money for pro photography. Give us a break, too.

- Good for sending messages, not so great for anything else

The Etsy seller app is great for notifying me of sales and allowing me to quickly message my customers. One of the main things I’d like to use the app for, however is to see my stats on sales, visits etc. The stats graphs are extremely limited compared to the website. I cannot see my current months stats, only last month and older. It also does not show overall sales amounts. So I find myself using the website frequently instead of the app, for stats and other features. Like I said, it’s generally good for messaging customers tho, so I still use the app for that.

- A good start

While not the most user-friendly interface, this is a pretty solid app for Etsy sellers. Unfortunately, one cannot do everything on the app that one can do on a desktop. For example, one can refund a customer’s payment when canceling an order, but one cannot cancel an order from the app. Furthermore, it is annoying as can be to get a sound notification every time someone favorites an item or the shop. It would be beneficial to be able to silence certain notifications. But on balance, this app does help me run my shop better.

- Selling on Etsy is a blessing

This is the best decision I ever made selling online and Etsy providing a selling platform for new business owner Is a blessing I thank you Etsy it’s an amazing platform I want to get my own website but I will always keep my Etsy shop. The fees do not bother me at all bc I feel I would have never made the money or attained the customers I have without Etsy. There’s no guess work everything is just select, select what you need to complete orders. I can go on all day about the pros for selling on Etsy. Thank you Etsy.

- Good but...

Overall I really like this app. It’s easy to use and pretty self explanatory. I’ve gotten use to the changes that have been made over the years. I have been having an issue with the app freezing on me when I scroll down my stats. It seems to have gotten worse, and I haven’t received any help or explanation as to why this is happening. It’s really annoying when you’re unable to see your stat information on the app. Hopefully this is an issue that can be address at some point. I went to the forums, but with no success.

- Constantly raising fee

I’ve been on Etsy for years. I’ve typically had between 300 and 500 items in my shop at a time. But with the constant rise in fee’s, I’m not breaking even. I’m loosing money. I started spending more on advertising with them (I was already spending about $100 a month) and I was still loosing money. So I cut a lot of my advertising, and now I get no traffic. Coupled with the constant rise in shipping costs, I’m loosing money on every item I sell. I’m not even covering the money I spent on materials. It used to be about the small independent little artisan. But now the o lay way to make money on Etsy is to spends crap loads on advertising. I can’t afford to do that and pay for food and rent at the same time.

- Used to be great, now the notifications don’t work

The app used to be fantastic, it could’ve been a little more intuitive, but overall it was great and it serves its purpose. After one of the updates I stopped receiving notifications for orders. All settings in the app and on my phone are set so that I will receive notifications, I’ve even tried turning them off and then on again, and completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I still don’t get notifications. This is very problematic as I rely on these to know when I receive an order and need to ship something out. I’ve nearly missed multiple orders because the notifications are not going off.

- Sell on etsy app glitch

Love the Sell on Etsy App, but I’m have a continuing issue with posting ads. Every other ad I post stops in the middle of the posting, freezes, then boots me off Etsy and goes to the phone home page. I phone 6 S Plus. Then I have to start over and it’s fine for 1 Ad, then the next ad will do the same, over and over, I’ve rebooted my phone and am thinking this is an App glitch? Any help or tips would be appreciated, otherwise love this App! Keep improving this and Etsy as it grows, thank you.

- Minus 2 Stars for the waiting period for reviews

Customers have to wait 1 week + after receiving product before they can leave a review in which most customers have forgotten to leave a review by that time and Etsy has no auto message going out to customer to remind them to make a review. Very lame application for that. Looking for another selling platform because of this as i go out of my way to make the customer happy and only receive reviews from 10% of customers and some of those have to ask me how to leave a review and i have to tell them they have to wait until next week :-(. Arghhhhhh!!!!!

- Sell in person!!!! Cash

Before Etsy had option “sell from listing/ quick sale/ sell in person”. That was great! Because sometimes people from our city could find us on Etsy and we could just meet them and could sale stuff. They paid cash. Now there is no options for cash. So every time when I sell something in person (cash), I delete my listings when it’s sold. But it’s sad, because I have lots of pictures of listening on Pinterest and other social media. When i just delete a listing it’s bad for social media. Before, when I marked it as sold the listings still were visible. Now it despairs, because I can’t mark it as sold, I just delete it. It’s sooooo sad

- I love this app

I really do, but....could you PLEASE fix the issue with not being able to deselect an attribute, occasion, recipient, holiday? Right now, using the app, you can only change the option, not deselect it. The only way is to go to a PC and well, that kind of defeats the purpose of having an app. Can we please have a special notification sound for Etsy conversations? You know...something cool like the cha-Ching sound of an Etsy sale. :o) The widget keeps freezing up and demanding sign in even though I’m already signed in. Have to reboot my phone to fix it. Thanks!

- Amazing

I'm a new seller and started using this app. It lets you see which of your items are getting the most views, search words that buyers use to find your shop (helps you with listing tags; being found), there is a chat that allows you to answer any questions or discuss custom orders, and it makes a cha-ching sound when you make a sale. (The only bad thing since the update, it's telling me I have 1 unread notification, but nothing is there. It is starting to drive me nuts.) <- fixed!

- Bugs with latest update...

I have two Etsy stores, and I like that I can switch easily from one account to the other. However, since the last update, I keep getting signed out of the other account, and have to keep signing in whenever I need to switch to the other account. I also have to keep signing in when I want to run a sale. It’s very irritating. Also, it would be nice to be able to print shipping labels through the app. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the app. I would give 5 stars if I wasn’t continually being signed out, and if I could ship through the app.

- Needs a little work

I love the aspect of the Etsy world. I love being able to shop from other small businesses across the world. And I am glad to have a platform to sell my goodies on!! But recently I keep getting a notification bubble on my app saying 3 notifications. But when I go into the app nothing is new. Please fix the glitch. Right now I’m giving 4 stars but will change it once the glitch is fixed. Before the glitch all was well and I enjoyed all of the updates Etsy continues to make so that shopping and selling are a breeze!!

- Calculated shipping

I really love almost everything about this app, however lately I’ve run into problems with shipping. It’s much more cost effective to do calculated shipping, but that isn’t an option with the app. There also isn’t an option to print the shipping labels from your phone. I do all of my business from my phone, so this is quite annoying to have to find a computer to jump on to, or have to switch to my web browser version every time I want to list a new item in my shop with calculated shipping.

- App can be buggy

Overall a well put together app, sometimes frequent updates introduce very frustrating bugs but are fixed in an update or two. Using a brand new iPhone 11 Pro and this app still freezes up and crashes somewhat normally when editing listings or adding listing photos. Also photos add in a random or inverse order and not in the order of your choosing like eBay which is something that could be fixed. When listing categories can be slow to load, could use a text based search to list similar categories, similar to eBay listings.


i've been using this app for a while now and usually everything works great! however, the past few months i've faced an issue with the "create custom listing" option within a new customer conversation it allows me to tap "create custom listing". i add a photo or two, change the listing title, add a description, price, category fixed shipping cost. everything is filled out but the "save" button is grey and i can't actually complete the listing. when i exit the page, it discards the whole thing. i went on a computer to create the custom listing through the message. i completed every part except for uploading an image, because the picture was on my phone. i saved it as a draft. then i went back to my phone and opened the conversation. i clicked EDIT DRAFT so i could post a photo and publish it. then it crashes as soon as i click edit draft! seven times!! PLEASE FIX it's so annoying to have to manually transfer the photo from my phone to computer and do everything there


BEWARE SELLER!!!! Etsy states in their handbook that they can shut down your shop anytime and for any reason they see fit. And… the worst part is they don't have to warn you or give you a reason. Check other marketplaces or your own page. You will build a “business” and it will be taken away from you in a blink of an eye. I used to love selling on Etsy. They have a 2 strikes and you are OUT system. We had a customer complaining about an order, that she didn’t bother to read the item description, case was open and that was enough for our last strike. Other complaint was non related to first case which was a “tag” we used in one of our products which we didn’t know it was copyrighted.

- Works great for what I need

The app is super user friendly and allows me to do *most* of what I need, without having to sign in on a desktop. There are a few things I wish it offered, like showing when an item has been delivered to a customer on the completed orders screen, instead of having to click each one individually to check the tracking status. And I wish there was a way to get canceled orders off my list of open orders. Otherwise, it is a really useful tool and it makes selling on Etsy easy!

- Transparent+ User Friendly + Low Shipping Cost Privelages

So wonderfully easy to use and Etsy takes care of so many logistics! I love that I also get discounted shipping prices through Etsy. I also looove that Etsy has a sign up sheet on their website to get automated updates if there’s ever a glitch with the site to let sellers know what’s going on and that Etsy is aware of the problem and is working on it, so transparent, really makes me feel safe and secure running my business with them.

- Cool but frustrating

I decided to open an Etsy shop for my artwork. I thought that if you be a good opportunity and start. Until I got to the first listing to even open my shop and it ask for so many questions I felt like I spent more time having to gather it than anything else in the shop. My other problem is the fact that I took all the photos I needed of my paintings and the app won’t pull up my photos to add. It’s always blank like there’s a problem with the app. And I was charged a fee for my first month, ok whatever. But I’ve read comments on the update and now I’m worried

- Shop owner

I am a small shop owner and this new update completely screws us! It is NOT worth it to open a shop on Etsy and you will never see your money to be able to make the items as fast as you can! The only way you’ll see the money is if you’re a very successful shop with dozens of orders a day! Small shops starting out like myself are completely screwed and don’t have the funds to cover to make the items because Etsy is no longer giving us our money right away and taking their outrageous fees out once a day now instead of due once a month! Completely wrong! This is why so many of your fave shops have or are shutting down! Rightfully so! Etsy Corporate is a joke and greedy!

- Stats have never fully worked for me

The “revenue” total on the stats page has never displayed correctly for me, ever since the new starts format was adopted last year. I really would like to look at my Etsy app and see at a glance what my revenue for the week or the month is. But every time I have tried to look, it says “$0.00”which is completely inaccurate. The cute little bar graph will show me how much I made each day. But I want to see how much I made for the week. Otherwise, this app works great.

- The Best Business App!!

I've had the Sell on Etsy app for two years now and have been running a successful shop for just as long. Everything from analytics, to a "sell now" card reading component for instant transactions is awesome. I'm sure more than half of the bad reviews for this app are due to their phone not being up to date, poor connection to internet or user error because this app keeps improving. Sell on Etsy has helped me be a better business owner.

- A Lot of Numbers, But Not A Lot of Info

I’m still waiting for them to bring back the Favorites counts. I’m not sure why Etsy thinks Views and Visits are more important/informative stats than Favorites, but they only show you that information as of some time last year. Someone can view a listing, decide they don’t like it, and leave. But if they actually favorite and interact with it I have a better idea of the actual response to an item beyond just people looking at it. The new stats section has a lot of numbers data, but not a lot of info on what people actually like in my shop, or how many people favorited my shop one month vs another.

- Needs To Move Ahead, Not Go Backward

As a software developer for 50+ years, Etsy Shop Owners who depend on being able to use the functionality of the Etsy App to manage their shop would do much better deleting this App. Constant checking and evaluating their newest releases should be their utmost priority and not a priority of releasing an update every 2 weeks. There is a difference of not having software features versus having software features that don’t perform correctly. I would suggest taking a look of what doesn’t work versus what new features should be added. Without a strong foundation, the software collapses, no matter how many great features are added later. 1 Star is too much.

- Etsy is the best!

I have been a seller on Etsy long enough to say they are great and completely professional I appreciate them for helping to make my life and business thrive. I have been on Etsy since the opening of my first shop in 2005. I have only grown as a professional, enjoying the many compliments and wonderful clients who have come to know my work over the years. I am proud to be here. It’s the best creative selling venue for me. Thank you it’s been an amazing time.

- Time for an app overhaul

I’ve been selling on Etsy for a few years now. Until recently i used my Apple laptop exclusively to upload listings. I got the latest iPhone and decided to put the awesome camera to use. The app is slow, and inefficiently designed. I prefer selling on Etsy but I’ve found myself selling more on depop because the app is more concise - it takes about as long as posting a picture to Instagram. So far today I tried to add a listing to Etsy and it wouldn’t open my photo albums or accept the pictures I took in app citing an error. My app and phone is fully updated :/ looking forward to a better version.

- Love this app!

I've been a successful seller for 6 years on Etsy and using this app for the last 4 years and it’s just gotten better as they continue to listen to what the sellers want and add more features. There have been some changes and versions I haven’t been thrilled with, but overall this app has made managing my shop and replying to customers so much more easy and I can do almost everything I need to right from my phone with this app.

- First platform

Etsy is a great platform for selling handmade items especially for beginners. Everything is mapped out in plain terms. No tricks or gimmicks. The only issue I have is the wait time for receiving funds. They have it so you have to wait a day or two even after it’s sent out to your bank account. It’s Anjoying because sometimes I could use extra cash for more supplies but besides that I would recommend it for selling & shopping.

- Problems with Small Changes

This app is getting frustrating because I have all my listings set up then I go to change one little thing, like quantity from 3 to 2, and when I go to save it, I get an error message saying I have to complete the section of who made it. Though it’s already done, I’ve gone back in and clicked it all again, but it won’t accept it. Same if I try to add a picture or change a word or two in my listing title. It never does this on my laptop, but I’m not always near my laptop. If I can’t even make small changes, from my phone, on the go, then why even have the app in the first place?

- Worst app I’ve ever used

As a rather tech-savvy young person, this is absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used. It is full of glitches. When you go to the “Listings” page, often times all your items are not present in the app, despite them being present on the website. So if you were to say, needing to edit a listing after speaking with a customer, it can’t be done until you sit down at a computer if it’s one of those listings that is inexplicably absent from the app. Also, when searching on the “Listings” page, it is usually incredibly slow to type. The letters in a word take a while to show up, so you have to wait after each letter to continue. These things have been a problem for at LEAST 2 years and have not been fixed. The “listing” page is the most important thing for a seller to have access to on the go, making it so frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. Despite the app being updated every two weeks or so, there are many problems that hinder sellers from using it.

- All around Great app

Wonderful app! You can’t edit listings much on here but that’s totally fine and understandable accepting it’d be hard to edit from my phone anyway. As far as receiving notifications it’s instant 99% of the time, occasionally I won’t receive a notification right away. It’s wonderful to be able to correspond with all my customers while on the go. So nice to be able to do that from my phone from whenever I am :)

- Listings do not show...

I love the app for some things. It helps keep me notified of shop activity throughout the day in real time. This is invaluable to me as Etsy is not my full time job. However, some listings do not show in the app. No idea why. I am unable to edit or check those items from the app. They are visible from my shop, but I have to log in on a browser to see them. Others have said that items with various options do not show, but I do not find this to be the case always. If this were rectified I could give a better review!

- Terrible app and totally non functional.

If I could rate this a negative 5, I would. I have over 700 listings and the app will not load them. It just freezes. I can't search or filter sections, or use use the "sell in person" feature to sell an existing listing. Literally, the only thing it's useful for is to answer Convos when I'm on the go or to be alerted of a sale. As far as stats go, forget that. It's not updating and is showing 0 sales with 0 revenue for today when I've had more like 5 sales and hundreds of $ of revenue. I don't really care about the stats on the app, but a basic function like accessing a listing or selling in person should definitely work. Not happy Etsy!!

- Beware of what you do

I’ve been selling on Etsy for a pretty long time. The platform is very nice, easy to sell and post items on. I’ve worked very hard on my shop to build returning customer relationships and to stay a high rating. My account got closed out of no where without any explanation. I contacted Etsy right away and they did not get back to me until a week later. Turns out it’s because I had a second account that hasn’t been worked on. I understand I’m also at fault for not reading the rules and regulations. My life really depends on this shop. With the whole Corona virus this was my only source of income. Trying to start fresh now is nearly impossible.

- What happened?

Not sure what is going on but I went from large views and sells a day to 0! This all happened after Etsy changed their advertising and how items are listed. Not to mention, I can no longer share from the app to my Instagram page. The option is gone! I have went from being profitable to nothing! Wow! What happened? I also don’t like how the fees and postage payments changed. Who made these changes? I am considering closing my shop soon. Especially because no one responded to my emails or this message. A very frustrated seller!!!!!

- Works great for what I need!

The app works great for what I need which is notifications on new orders and messages, etc. It also is great for me to keep up with my messages with my customers when I'm not near a computer. However the listing part on my phone, I've had issues with the shipping option. That's the only thing I wish I could get a handle on better. Making a listing or custom listing works way better on a computer.

- Been using this app since 2015

This app is great. The only feature you can’t use is changing the “Ship by” date, and print shipping labels. Those you have to do on a desktop. But I’ve been using this app for over 5+ years and I’ve never had a problem with it. The occasional freeze is not something I worry about either because it happens sometimes. I’d rate this app a 9/10 for small businesses. HIGHLY recommend

- Not bad, but have had some mishaps

The app is fairly user friendly but there are two things that have cost me more than a few minutes on my first day of use. First, when creating a listing, if you pull down too far on the New Item or Attributes pages, the pop-up closes and you lose all your progress. I’ve done this three times already fairly far into a new listing. It would work better in a totally new window that you can’t accidentally scroll too far down on or the scroll shouldn’t close the window automatically. Second, if you accidentally select a Holiday or Occasion, there’s not a way to unselect it. You have to start the listing over. Maybe touching the selected Holiday or Occasion again could clear the selection? Or a check box but only 1 or none can be selected? Really hope you all read this because I’ve submitted like three app reviews ever 😅

- Just when I thought it couldn't get worse

I love being able to use this app, and generally do not have a problem, but today has been horrible. None of my new listings, which were already announced on social media, are visible for purchase. My customers are messaging me and I’m being forced to use PayPal because I can’t sell them the listings they are interested in from my shop. This should NOT be an issue. It’s things like this that will force me to use my own personal website in the future as this is not good for my business.

- Things could be better

I have seen it improve over the last few months, however, there are still some things that could improve. I would love to be able to create sales and coupons from my app. I also find that I don’t always get notifications for messages. Another glitch is that one minute, it shows I have let’s say 65 views for the day. The next time I log in, it changes to 4. This is a big let down because I watch these numbers to see my high points. Other than that it works pretty well.

- Worst app... ever!

Yes, I think we have a winner for least intuitive, most over thought app in the history of apps. That might be an understatement of how little Etsy understands who their sellers are, and how miserably this has been executed. I for one, don’t have a masters in statistical analysis, and like most users just want an unencumbered selling experience. I don’t need someone to hold my hand. Ugh! How I dread using this app with its useless statistical analysis of everything except for what you need to see at a glance. No flow whatsoever. Click on an order and try to print shipping labels. Sound easy? Well they managed to f this one up in a big way. You have to go back to dashboard to purchase labels, only to have label come up in a non printable format. Re-print using screen shot? Not possible. Can’t view label by itself, or in a different format. Now I have to consult help for how to void the label. Nice!! This is but one reason why I avoid selling on here. Unless Etsy has the only audience for your product, I suggest you avoid them like the plague.

- Please add notification numbers to the icon!

Please add the little red notification number in the upper right corner of the app icon! Sometimes I get a notification for an order while I’m using my phone or while it’s unlocked but I’m not looking at it, then I either forget that I saw it or I have no idea I have a new order! I have missed a couple deadlines bc of this. As someone who doesn’t get many orders, this is not an app I use religiously or very often, only when I need to, which is why I would greatly appreciate the reminder that I have unfinished order!

- Virtually useless

DO NOT TRUST WHAT APP TELLS YOU. Can't access payments or pay bill. Really? App shows 10 listings as inactive, but they aren't. A scam to get me to renew items that are already active? So much is wrong with this app that it looks like it came in last place in the app wars. Pathetic. The only good side is that I can see all of my shops at once, but if the stats are inaccurate, and I can't access features I need, like paying my bill, I now have to check the buyers app, the sellers app, and etsy via Chrome. And the things we can configure don't work. I keep deleting the app hoping it will be better, but it's just. Awful. Edit: Now the app keeps signing me out of my six shops. I’m not seeing orders, not getting convos, nothing. Signing in to six shops 30 times a day is very frustrating. When I do sign in, it’s showing I have 0 listings. I have over 1000 items listed, No response from Etsy.

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gerald collings

Check out my shop on Etsy. I don’t normally sell my drawings online, but I figured I’d try something new, considering how things are currently. Please, check it out and let me know what you think:

Matt Landau

@newsthyme @Stonekettle @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Etsy. Jim periodically announces when pens, seam rippers, and other hand-crafted items will go on sale. You have to camp out on his Etsy store before the sale starts because pens generally sell out within a few minutes. It took me many tries to get one.

Dannika "StayingTheEffHome" Dark 🌊

I've had luck buying plants on amazon but they don't have a big variety. There's a plant I wanted that my local nursery doesn't sell (would have done curbside) and then I discovered they sell plants on Etsy. I've bought many things on etsy but never knew ppl sold plants. yay!

Sell on Etsy 3.51 Screenshots & Images

Sell on Etsy iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sell on Etsy iphone images
Sell on Etsy iphone images
Sell on Etsy iphone images
Sell on Etsy iphone images
Sell on Etsy iphone images

Sell on Etsy (Version 3.51) Install & Download

The applications Sell on Etsy was published in the category Business on 2014-04-24 and was developed by Etsy, Inc. [Developer ID: 447644532]. This application file size is 47.95 MB. Sell on Etsy - Business app posted on 2020-09-14 current version is 3.51 and works well on IOS 13.5 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.etsy.sellonetsy

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