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The outline is one of the most powerful weapons for a writer. Now you can easily outline your stories wherever you are thanks to Story Planner, the best story-mapping and organizational stories tool ever.

With Story Planner YOU WILL:
- create as many writing projects as you wish
- create characters and locations for your stories
- create the scenes for your story step by step
- arrange your scenes by dragging and dropping them into place
- link characters and locations to the scenes
- export your writing projects to text files (.rtf and .txt), PDF, Final Draft and Scrivener
- duplicate your projects
- sync all your projects via iCloud
- create backups of your projects and import and export them via e-mail or iTunes File Sharing.
- and the most awesome feature… GET YOUR STORY STATS!!!

Thanks to the STORY STATS, you WILL:
- see your whole story at a glance
- choose the right outline for your stories
- choose the best structure for your scenes
- get cohesion and balance in your novels, screenplays or tales

What are you waiting for?
Let Story Planner helps you write better stories!

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Story Planner for Writers App Description & Overview

The applications Story Planner for Writers was published in the category Productivity on 2014-04-20 and was developed by SCVisuais. The file size is 63.78 MB. The current version is 4.15 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

What is new in this update? At first glance it may seem that nothing has changed, but we have been working hard the last months to improve the sync of the app. Now your projects will be synchronized more quickly on all your devices and they will take up less space in iCloud Drive. Let nothing stops your creativity!

Note: Keep in mind that you must update all your devices to the latest version of Story Planner so they can sync between them.

Happy outlining!

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Story Planner for Writers Reviews


Great App, possible android support?  Bondrewd623  5 star

Will there be android support in the future?


-  Prisc8lla  2 star

I once had a better version of this app for free but for some reason it was taken off the App Store. I wish this app would at least let you put the relationships for each character. It doesn’t let you do as much as you would expect from the price.


The app keeps crashing  bridgec123  5 star

I can’t even open the app on my iPhone or on my laptop and it’s already sent a report that detailed what happened. However, they have not taken any steps to fix it. Until it starts working again, this app is a waste of money. Update: They were able to help me fix it and get it running again. Thank you!

Zoe 401

Needs more customization but overall pretty good  Zoe 401  4 star

This app works for me fairly well most of the time, however there are a few suggestions I have that I think could make it better. I don’t usually plan my stories, I just start writing and see where it takes me. Most of the time when I plan a story, it makes me feel constricted or restrained. What if I want to change a little detail in the story later? I might have to rewrite the entire plan. And I would rather just write the story than mess with that. But sometimes planning does help. Maybe I don’t have time to read at the moment, but I need to remember some specific details. This app helps me to get it down. But, there are a few things in this app that do once again make me feel something that I think I’m going to call writer’s claustrophobia. I think that we should be able to set custom options for the character and scene types. I had no idea what most of the words meant at first, and so I had to look at your definitions. But then I started to feel restrained again. There are characters and scenes in my story that don’t seem to fit into any definition, or fit into a bit of both. What am I supposed to do? I can’t just mark one that they fit in, and I can’t just ignore the type field. That’s my big problem, now for a small one. I think that there should also be someway to say what chapter this scene takes place in, or if it takes place during multiple chapters. Before this out, I didn’t even know that acts were a thing. And honestly, it’s not that helpful to me. Sometimes, I create multiple acts and use them as chapters. But then I feel like somebody’s going to come up to me and say that I’m using the app wrong. I know that I could just say that in the notes field, but then I would have to tap into a scene every time I wanted to know. This might sound like a lazy thing to say, but I still think it would be more convenient to see what chapter a scene is in at a glance. Also, I’ll admit this wouldn’t be as much of a big deal for me if the App Store editors note or the story didn’t say something about this app being able to tell you what chapter a scene is going to be in. Thanks for reading this whole review through. Please don’t get the impression that I don’t like the app, I really do. In fact, I use it a lot. But it’s because I use it a lot that I’m giving you this feedback. I hope that it helps.


Excellent tool for writers  paulkeigwinvitale  5 star

As soon as i got this app i was able to organize my story ideas easily. I use this on my iphone at work to jot down notes and ideas in the appropriate boxes as well as on my ipad at night...that way i can always get a line or two down per day. They all sync with the same app on my big mac where i usually have it open during long writing sessions. I bought it for my big mac and paid another $5. to get it synced on my other 2 devices. Well worth the money. Get it, you’ll be glad you did. Writers need to write everyday. This will help!


Can I share and edit over the could?  JFinnemanArt  5 star

I LOVE THIS APP. I’m working with a partner who would like to edit what we have from her iPad. Can I share over the cloud and can she edit from her side as well, or is it not possible to open a sent file within the app?


Super efficient!  Algrid🧩  5 star

This app is amazing. It is very helpful for me to organize my stories in an easy way. It allows me to organize my places, characters and plots. I only wish that we can add multiple plots to a scene. Other than that, I recommend this app to all writers!


This app is pretty good! But some thoughts for improvement...  KiwiKamikaze  4 star

So, I have found the app to be very useful. I like a lot of the features it has, particularly with creating plots with different colors and the statistics. I also love the drag and drop feature for rearranging scenes. In general, this app has a lot of good ideas. However, I think there are a few features that would really make this app a five for me. -When I am adding a scene card, I notice that unless I click the down arrow at the bottom left corner of the interface, I can’t scroll. I’ve found that exceedingly frustrating. -It would be really nice if the “Acts” were collapsable. I have a lot of scenes per act, since I’m using this for story outlining. So, it’d making the interface easier to use if this was a feature. -Along the same lines as the above, I think it’d be nice if I could choose different layouts for the scene cards. For instance, if there was a compact view where you only see the scene titles. Or a view where you could see the scene cards as cards in along a timeline. I’ve just found myself scrolling and scrolling to find what I’m looking for. When you have a lot of scene cards, it gets cumbersome to rearrange them when you are scrolling and scrolling just to find them. I hope your team will consider some improvements!


Jury’s still out...  SpOoNMaN LIVE  2 star

I started using the app and found it helpful. Unfortunately I’ve run into a very buggy problem. When selecting characters to add into a scene, selecting one will also select another not in the scene. When I deselect the character not in the scene, it deselects the character I wanted to add to the scene.


Great tool  Project1717  5 star

Great for keeping track of ideas and for adding to current projects when you don’t have time to whip out your laptop. Sync feature really helpful!

Lord Lightning

But it will not import text  Lord Lightning  4 star

Excellent app for all its limitations in the real world of story telling. Until it imports text it will never be properly or fully functional for real writing.


Please fix  ReviewBurger  4 star

Hi, I’m loving it a lot s far. Can we please fix the pictures being squashed please? For pictures pod characters; it captures a stranding rectangle of the picture and squashes it into a square.

Ian Derek Bee

When is the Mac version out?  Ian Derek Bee  5 star

Your website says this is now for Mac, yet it isn't... when will it be ready? I have changed this to five stars. It is actually surprisingly good! Not much documentation, but if you actually have a story, and load it in, and learn to observe and fiddle a little bit, it all becomes quite clear. Seamless across my IOS devices, now I want it on my Macs (hurry up guys!). I'm also hoping we get a print function on the desktop version, with tailored fields, then you can pin up your road map. Oh... did I mention I am agog for the Mac version...?


Surprisingly a very useful writing tool.  Hakuto579  4 star

Though I am not usually a long term planner of my works, I have found that this is really good for on the go. Simple platform but with enough to make you think more about hat your writing. Very happy! 😄


My Saver!  hudsonrowley  5 star

This App has helped me so much in planning my story! I will DEFINITELY use it in the future! It’s a 5/5 rating for me! What are you waiting for? Stop looking at the reviews and get this yourself!


Problematic, needs work on layout.  DarkScribe  3 star

I use my phone and iPad in landscape mode when writing but this seems to have little thought applied to anything but portrait orientation. My biggest problem is that my network monitor informs me that both my iPhone & iPad are "phoning home" & sending data when I open the app on our network. Why? Synching via iCloud or similar I can understand and accept, but having private data passing through an unknown and undeclared "secret" third party is not something I am prepared to accept. I will not be trusting or using the app until this is explained. So, please explain? Happy to rate five stars and edit the review once the security concerns are addressed.

Sharni Cain

Great tool  Sharni Cain  5 star

I stumbled across this app. Love it. It is so easy when I'm on the go and have a story idea. Helps me break it down and send through to scrivener.

All about apps

Ok, but...  All about apps  2 star

I like the format, but the functionality leaves a lot to be desired. When tapping on a section, bringing the notepad up, it shifts the section to where you can't write in it. It takes several goes to get there. Frustrating. But again, I do like the format.


A Godsend  heygoodbye  5 star

Outlining is the bane of my existence. This app (and sister mac app) help me put on the page what's happening in my brain - and I don't have to do it all linearly.


Great Tool, Room For Polish  robertdmoores  4 star

I've been looking for something like Story Planner for years, and it does most everything I could ask for. Experienced writers understand that outlining is not a perfectly linear task. You don't sit down and create all the characters in one go, all the locations in another, all the history in another, and then plan from Chapter One to Chapter Done in chronological order. Instead, you often have pieces of ideas - a cool character, but where does he fit in; an exciting location, but how long before the protagonist reaches it - that arise when they feel like it. Story Planner allows you to quickly switch tasks as one idea leads to the next. Add new characters in the characters tab. Go back to the scenes tab and add your new character to all the scenes he should appear in. Update the description of a major location when you suddenly realize that it should be full of venomous snakes by switching to the locations tab. Everything ties together nicely and can be printed into a serviceable, if not specifically beautiful, outline on paper. It allows you to capture your ideas your way, with granular control. If you include a date and time for each scene, the statistics tab will even keep track of how much time has elapsed in your story. Overall, there's a little room for polish. The date and time spinner, for instance, is not very fantasy or medieval friendly, as you find yourself repeatedly spinning the year spinner back to the 1500's twice per scene. It would be nice to be able to set where the spinner starts, rather than always defaulting to the current year. It also only allows for separation into "Acts" and "Scenes", when I would submit that most novels consist of "Acts", then "Chapters", then "Scenes" within chapters. These and a few other quibbles I could mention are very minor inconveniences. Overall, Story Planner is the most brilliant fiction outliner I've seen so far, amenable to everything from brainstorming to final outline. It's become my go to tool for building new ideas, and there's nothing else that even comes close to doing the same things.


A worthwhile product for any storyteller.  GsidesFinest  4 star

The only review I feel can appropriately describe my opinion on Story Planner would be to say that, as a screenwriter by trade, I’ve now had two screenplays optioned that were outlined completely using this app.


10/10  ScarletNight13  5 star

Must use!

Charlotte Dequina

Waste of $3.99  Charlotte Dequina  2 star

I want a a refund on "Story Planner" because you can't use another tab besides "Project"


It works  noodlebot27  5 star

Simple, easy to use and intuitive enough for someone like me who simply wishes to organize his thoughts. Thank you dev, love this app.


Great for Starting Ideas  savagebeast10  5 star

Writing screenplays it is nice to have simple way to layout elements. Use it on my phone and iPad then bring the ideas and elements together on my desktop Mac. Very useful. Recommended.


Excellent, with room for improvement  RaeRae912  4 star

Love all it has, just wish I could Customize fields!


A great little story planner.  123AppleSucks  5 star

Handy. Reliable. Works as advertised. Could it use a few more tabs for terms, or a name generator? Could. But honestly, this does all I need. I'm currently outlining my new play and a sci-fi thriller using this fine app. Well done.


Absolutely Love It!  Super.darkflower.101  5 star

I love this app, it's wonderful for when I'm on the bus or on a long car ride. The fact that I'm able to assign pictures to my characters is very useful. I usually write on my laptop so this is perfect because I don't have to switch between tabs constantly. This is the best novel planning app I've ever used.

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