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Cinamatic is the best way to create beautiful short films. Record multiple short clips that transform into amazing short motion pictures.

• Shoot 3 to 60 second films
• Choose from an amazing set of video filters
• Instantly post videos to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo
• Shoot in square or 16:9 (both landscape and portrait - perfect for Instagram or Snapchat stories)
• Lots of advanced capture options, including full manual control, time-lapse, and slow motion
• Get even more filters from the shop

Also includes these advanced tools:
- Add a Soundtrack
- Advanced Image Controls
- Clip Merging
- Segment Rearranging

Questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected]

Cinamatic App Description & Overview

The applications Cinamatic was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-05-08 and was developed by Hipstamatic, LLC. The file size is 46.01 MB. The current version is 1.6.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Update for compatibility with iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max
• New capture toggle to switch between Wide (1x) and Telephoto (2x) lens (on supported iPhones)
• Other bug fixes and improvements

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Cinamatic Reviews


Imported videos are weirdly cropped  troywise  1 star

While I appreciate adapting the app for the Max screen, for a long while now nearly any video I import is cropped in half vertically, making the app useless. Unfortunate since this app gives me very unique effects. Please correct as I’ve bought every film pack available.


Used to be great  WMonotone  1 star

Used this app since it’s launch bought all filters and this app just doesn’t work, iPhone XS won’t import clips any long when taking video they come out with distorted green lines sad because this was a diamond in the rough


Can’t download Richy  kittycaster  5 star

I use this app a lot. Trying to buy the new Richy filter and it won’t respond!


Slow motion?  Dexgreson  2 star

Good app, but I downloaded this for the slow motion feature. Where is it?


Was working good  Firebirds7000  1 star

I paid for the full version and at first it worked great. Now it will not upload clips. And when I add music it plays too fast and it sounds terrible. Will give five stars when these issues are fixed. Update: Still won't import from camera roll. Still waiting for a fix😞 Update: can import from camera roll now but every time I choose a song from my library it keeps telling me “Cinamatic can’t play/upload selected song.” I paid for this app and I should be able to use my music on my videos if I want. Zero stars until fixed.

Joe’s Dilemma

Was amazing and STILL amazing!  Joe’s Dilemma  5 star

If you’re an active Instagram Story-teller, you definitely need this app. I hope the developer(s) will continue to support this app!


Doesn’t work  music_lover90  1 star

It doesn’t work on the iPhone XS! Worked on my iPhone 7 Plus. What happened?!


I want to love it.  CalebHawkins  2 star

I love the way I can make things look but I don’t always have someone to shoot my content for me so having a hands free option is a critical error for this one. Also only being able to shoot up to 60 seconds is a real bummer.


Umm..  Tattdmom  3 star

It’d be nice if it’d work. I can take a vid and it’s saved, but processing is another thing. It pops up with an error. Can’t even post to Facebook, says I don’t have permission to post my own vid. Umm, what gives? Please fix this.

Snuffy the dog

No updates  Snuffy the dog  4 star

Could use some more filters, maybe a few more subtle ones


Can’t export to YouTube  Dexter_da_dog  1 star

I keep getting error 403 - disallowed useragent. No way to get support within app. Come on Hipstamatic - I’m paying for these in app purchases I can’t use! Please fix!

Elvisidal Tendencies

Preview while recording gone?  Elvisidal Tendencies  1 star

Nice app I use it a lot but what happened to the live recording preview? It used to show me the elapsed time in seconds and the shutter had a progress disc.


💝👍🏻💝💝👍🏻💝💝👍🏻💝👍🏻💝👍🏻👍🏻💝  PhotobomberBP  5 star

I love this it helps me combine my yet clips so easily and make my channel better thanks cinematic :)


Enjoying this  YaanToward  5 star

Cinematic is loads of fun to use. Snippets of domestic mundanity reborn as art (or the semblance of it). Never seem to tire of using it. Each new version has been an improvement.

Mild West

Can't access my music library?  Mild West  5 star

Anyone know why, when I'm trying to add a soundtrack, it is telling me there are no songs in any of my playlists? Frustrating to say the least.


I loved it but  Pinkoid  1 star

Update - doesn't process anymore on iPhone 6s. Totally useless now

Naero Zinnian

Frustrating  Naero Zinnian  1 star

I give this app ONE star because I paid money to buy the pro version, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I click on the "Process" button after recording a video, the app crashes and cannot save it so I LOST A LOT OF my important moments. Tried to restart the phone but nothing changes. Iphone 6+ with latest ios. This app is suck.


Poor form  scgriff  2 star

I had pro version earlier- today it asked me to purchase pro functions again as i could no longer import videos. I said yes to purchase thinking it will just restore purchase (couldn't see where else to do it) but looks like it charged me !!! Poor form guys- will be hunting a refund

Ben Hourigan

Hipstamatic, the sequel  Ben Hourigan  5 star

Nice follow up to Hipstamatic. I'm not much of a video guy, but I've been having fun shooting videos of my baby daughter learning to do new things. The press and hold mechanic (seen in Instagram and Vine) is an intuitive way to string together short vignettes. Some interesting filters, too.


Crash under IOS9  Kalikratis  3 star

Unusable under iOS 9 but confident it will be fixed… soon!


What's in my creative pocket? Cinematic!!  ShowMeEyes11  5 star

as a video artist, this application allows me to do awesome things that I can't always do with the still picture. The application is very easy to use and there are $.99 extra effects that you can utilize for your video production. it doesn't take long before you are making some truly cool artistic videos and sharing them with the rest of the world. I really love that I can pick my own music to my videos and I am really impressed with the overall results of the video quality. the application keeps it fun and simple and i use it when i'm not working on still image artwork. The application is completely stable and the support team is phenomenal. I love what Hipstamatic offers on the camera side and I certainly love with Cinematic offers on the video side. I would love to see more video editing options and more options for photo implementation into video in the future. All in all, I love this app. and feel it allows me to deliver my art expression as I envision it.


Great app when not crushing  Lerasnowflake  5 star

Haven't been able to use it in last feed days,it just shuts down. Please help. How do I reach support?

Jerk Ruby

Does what other free apps do  Jerk Ruby  2 star

A very basic app. Needs to have more free filters to make worthwhile. As it is, you buy it and then they want you to buy more items to be fully functional. Needs to have way more bells and whistles to be an interesting app. Too few controls for the movies. Maybe good for children who have trouble posting to YouTube.


Still my favorite video app  maxvscamera  5 star

Between the interface and filters Cinamatic has been my favorite app for years now. I'm a huge fan of a filmic look and they have these dialed in perfectly for me. Super nice people making the app too.


Works!  kgbizy  5 star

Crashing fixed on iOS fav video app is back and working like a charm...more filters would be nice...other than that the app is perfect...thanks for the fast fix...just more filters...more...more...more!


Crashing but support was awesome  grumpyhippy  5 star

I contacted support and they are in the process of fixing the bug. This app is great just be patient guys and a fix is coming soon =) Other than the crashing it's a great app, with great filters! Pretty basic but fun for the common vlogger! I recommend it! *** Update! They have fixed the bugs, go to your App Store and find the update, it working perfectly now =)


Should be Great  HBMike2000  2 star

With the brains and style from the company that makes hipstamatic I thought how cool would this be. It's not. It should be the hipstamatic of video. But instead it is a video app that still has a lot of potential if it wasn't ignored so much by its creators and of course would work at the moment. It's been a week since I've had iOS 10 and Cinamatic wont work on it. It opens up then it crashes the first time you hit anything. It's been months since the last new video pack a take on the 80s Video tape called Ridley. There are very few controls over the video style. You basically have a slider for the intensity of the filter and then you have control over contrast, saturation and brightness. That's it. There are a handful of paks and new releases are sporadic, if they are going to release anymore at all Anyway, they have an amazing model to follow in the hipstamatic camera but they don't. Not sure they are going to do anything with it.


Cinematic Effects are the best!  Snelsonian  5 star

I use a host of video editing apps and these are by far the best effects. I especially love the transitions on cuts. I use other apps for basic and fine tune editing and I'm fine with that. Would happily pay 3 times as much for new filter types of comparable quality to what are currently available. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix crash in iOS 10 ASAP!! I'm in the middle of shooting a campaign and my content needs you!!


Crashing  TessNebula  2 star

The app is crashing when you push settings and the edit features.


App crashes  rellabob  1 star

I liked this app when it didn't crash. After updating to IOS 10 it won't let me review my videos. It crashes.


App broken  Jaume  1 star

The app is broken as I cannot process videos shot before the latest update using iOS 9.1 on a 5s


Iphone 4  Blp128956  1 star

Can't record anything, no response on buttons 0/10


Garbage  PolyDROID  1 star

Bought this because I thought it might be the video equivalent of Hipstamatic (same developers), but it's not. It's total garbage. An ill conceived, badly executed excuse for a video App. Shoots square (not even 4:3). You have to hold the record button the whole time. Taking your finger off record is treated as an edit, allowing you to continue shooting when you press and hold record again. Try getting an awkward angle whilst continuously holding record. What are the chances of you missing a great moment? It then processes your video, which takes an age and looks pretty naff. If you want a lo-Fi video app, buy the vastly superior 8mm. This is far from ready to be released. Back to the drawing board.

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