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Google My Business [Business] App Description & Overview

Every day, millions of people search on Google for businesses like yours. Make your Business Profile on Google stand out for free and turn those searches into your customers with the Google My Business app.

More than just a local listing:
- Make edits to your Business Profile on your phone and see those changes online on Google in real time.
- Easily add special hours, your website, and phone number to keep your Business Profile up-to-date.

Easily connect with customers on the go:
- Respond to reviews, message your customers, and see your followers in the Customer Tab.

Share with customers what makes your business unique:
- Upload photos and add filters to attract customers who search and find your Business Profile.
- Post offers for your product or services, upcoming events, and deals.

Get insights on your business:
- See insights on how customers find and engage with your Business Profile online on Google Search and Maps.
- Receive real-time notifications and updates to keep track of your customers on Google.

More features on Google My Business:
- Create a free, mobile-friendly website that works hard for you in the app.

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Google My Business Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In our latest version, we have improved the performance of the app on iOS 15.

Google My Business Comments & Reviews

- Great opportunity for your business to grow!

When I started with google my business several years ago I really didn’t know what to expect. I started out playing around with it posting a few pics here and there and wondered if I would ever start figuring it out. With time, I started to learn the importance of how you can be found through google and what google my business could do for me and my businesses. It has truly opened doors for me and has showcased my three businesses in ways social media could not since a lot of my customer base googles out of state not knowing what to expect not knowing our area and then some locals google in and around our area looking for specific business ventures. I have really appreciated the thoughtful reviews I have received for my businesses from my customers and it has helped showcase some of what I am most proud of and that is helping people enjoy and learning to appreciate who they are by enjoying life to the fullest, the way we should all live :) I hope this helps someone want to understand and try google my business for their business. It has helped me and is continuing to help me. I know it will for you too with the right time invested and work out into it. One thing you should know just like anything in life you only get out of something what you put in. Make it count the first time! Post good quality content and help people understand what you and your business/businesses are all about!

- Nothing To Complain About Here

I have seen some mixed reviews here, and I can honestly say, as a small business owner, who uses this app daily, I can’t find anything to complain about at all so far. The app does everything exactly as I anticipated it would, and because it is a product of Google, I expected it to be simple enough to set up and use my business account, and update my business information when I need to, and every time I open it up on my IPhone to make any changes, it does exactly what I expect it to do. So for those of you who are experiencing difficulties, perhaps it is operator error, connection problems, or the device you are using. I realize that nothing is perfect in life, and I don’t expect perfection from anyone because nobody is perfect, but I do know that this app has worked perfectly on my devices when I needed it to. Thank you to the “My Business” app team for providing a great FREE way to promote my business all over the internet. Yes, it’s FREE!

- The App is great, but....

The app is great, but getting verified on Google My Business for my branch office in Tampa, FL was a huge waste of time, causing my branch to lose exposure and revenues. After not receiving the post card in the mail that Google sends to verify your location, I requested a second card. After weeks, we never received. I was then told my next option was to supply interior and exterior photos of the office. So I did exactly that, supplying approximately 10 photos, yet was denied again. I was then told I had to do a video conference with Google. After installing Google Hangouts, I provided the time frame my business was open for the video conference. I specifically provided the time frame, including the time zone, yet the Google rep called when we were closed. This happened (3) times before they finally called during the provided 8 hr. time frame we were open. This process took several months which we lost possible revenues from lost exposure. Very disappointed in the amount of time and the hoops we had to jump through to get our real office verified, yet I have similar competitors who have fake listings, pretending to have real offices by using private mailboxes to disguise and mislead the general public into thinking they are real offices. For this, you get one star. I hope nobody else has to go through this experience because it was a huge slap in the face and waste of time!

- I agree google has wrong focus

Google spends too much time trying to make people happy, instead of publishing facts. My business is a 140 yr farm. We don’t have to advertise, but we have to be on the internet just because some business use it to verify you now. But it seems Google Business can’t follow their own terms. A seasonal business has to post signage. We aren’t seasonal (in fact we don’t get any days off). Yet they required us to post a store front photo. I told them it’s a farm. I sent them a photo of the office bldg. they didn’t like it. The issue wasn’t my store front. It’s that google miscalculated our road, and we are 600 ft from the current MAPS inaccurate road. EARTH has it correctly. I printed this out (to correct for everyone’s benefit) and now my business has been SUSPENDED. I’m not whining. I’m providing feedback that google business only works for in the box retail store fronts. Not any business, even though I’m a rural area, we NEED business exposure. Doesn’t matter I’m accredited by BBB, the state SOS, area chamber of commerce..who know me and that we are a physical business. So I will buy a sign, put it on my building JUST FOR GOOGLE. The bldg is 600 feet from entrance. Extremely common on farms. No one will see the sign. Except a google (not even street view can). Apparently they are “right” even though it cheaply shows no street view!

- Disappointed

Out of all of the apps by google, this is by far the worst. I motivate my clients, customers to leave reviews which is supporting the google reviews/ google business app. Right? Why not support me as a business owner? I have tried to correct two very simple mistakes related to my business and I finally gave up when I couldn’t get anyone on the phone and I received nonsense for email replies! Two very simple things-1-correcting my business LOCATION on the map so that my customers are not turned around on another side of the shopping center. 2- MY BUSINESS IS A “duplicate listing” and I don’t know if I have lost reviews because of this. If I only operate on word of mouth and my reviews are all on google, I would love to fix this issue. But it took so long that I stopped wasting my precious time!! I’m so dissatisfied and disappointed. Also, to send me a post card or an email with offers from google to list my business is never going to happen! If you can’t fix this, why would I want to support a marketing portion of your business? It is sad that it’s all about the marketing but I rather have you fix the free listings before you ask me for money. Oh and or have the marketing team have access to help business owners before trying to collect money from them.

- Great app with few fixtures needed

It’s great all in all, but the following is necessary: 1. The app from the home page always gives me the notification icon, but there isn’t anything inside the app that I need to check 2. Owners need to have some control over photos. For example, if we would like to delete our own photos which we’ve uploaded 3. Google tends to choose our cover photo based on most photo views even though Google asks us to choose a cover photo. The photo that has overridden what I chose totally gives a different impression of what our restaurant really is like (it was a private event) and I don’t like that. It isn’t what leads should see so Google is actually hurting us rather than helping in this regard. 4. I’d love for reviewers to be notified of when we reply to a review, and for them to have the ability to reply again. Some feedback needs further discussion. Currently, I have to ask reviewers to write us back by email to continue the discussion - which is time consuming. I understand that Google Reviews were not meant to play the same role Yelp reviews do, but in this generation it needs to play that role too.


I too am a small business owner, and as a new small business owner, I do welcome each and every person opinion of my business that have actually frequent my business. I think it does a disservice to small business when google has everyday people called Local Guides, that are suppose to be ethical and have a honest moral obligation to post a review on a business they walk into. That is not the case. They are google guides that will actually single a business out that really may have honest reviews from actually clients, and post a one star, although they have never called the business or walked in the door or even have a service there. The sad part is they could care less about the damage that they do to a small business because of the false review. It’s bad enough that you compete with other competitors, but to out and out lie is horrible and Google should be ashamed of themselves! They should hold each and every Local Guide to an honest standard. They should never allow someone to place a negative review or negative star rating on a business they’ve never even been too. With that said I really hope this helps someone, and I really hope businesses start to try their best to hold Google accountable.

- The app is necessary! No butts about it!

Yes the app itself is awesome if you’re a small or even large business owner with an online presence through Google My Business. You are able to do everything you can from the desktop while being on the go, you can upload pictures or change biz info and make posts which are very useful along with getting notifications if a customer leaves a review etc it’s all right there at your fingertips. If you’re looking to get verified and have problems with that it has nothing to do with this app itself as I have seen others give a negative rating because of this when it play absolutely no role in the process whatsoever. Some things I would like to see in the future are the ability to message customers with some type of instant messaging straight from our GMB listings and this app as most customers would rather contact through text or messaging. That would be sick!

- Google does not try to help

Google was showing me in Kansas-I live and work in Oregon-never even been to Kansas. I’m a photographer, I don’t want my personal address posted because I don’t have people come to my home, I meet them at a location, this being said I have had my account suspended because I was trying to change the address back to Oregon! When I type in “photographers near me” I should be on the list and all Google reps could say was that it was an optimization issue and it was because I basically wasn’t “popular enough” to get on the list. Wrong. I WAS there before, and when I look for “photographers near Lawrence Kansas”, My business shows up! I finally decided to put my home address to clear up this whole issue, even though it makes me uncomfortable to do that, and my account got suspended AGAIN and they have not fixed it after almost a month. It is extremely frustrating to have to go through all this to be able to promote my business. There has got to be an easier way. And Google should be trying to be more helpful to all the small business owners like me and many others instead of giving us the runaround.

- BEWARE BUSINESS OWNERS-Google won’t remove inappropriate “customer” photos!

I have contacted Google numerous times trying to get “customer” photos removed from my business page! I have reported the pictures and flagged them nearly 50 times over the last year! These pictures do not reflect my business and are extremely embarrassing to be listed on my business page. I run a Bailbonds company and pictures of someone’s trashy disgusting living room, a bedroom that is red and sexual in theme and someone’s toolbox in their garage DO NOT relate to my business at all! It just blows my mind that google has yet to remove these images after I have made numerous attempts online and over the phone to have them removed over the past year! As a verified business owner of my google listing I should have 1000% ability to delete ANY picture within seconds from my business listing but that is not an option! The only option is to “flag” these pictures and wait for someone at google to remove them! Google has failed my business! Google should be ashamed that they treat business owners like this! GOOGLE- Remove these pictures and I will consider giving a better rating and removing this review!

- Let us delete reviews.

The app is pretty good. I can post without logging in. I can check stats though they aren’t up to the minute. But, I vehemently object to not being able to delete reviews (even suspiciously good ones). Some people are just mean with no valid reason except a desire to tank my small business which can’t compete well with my “perfect” competitors as it is. Nobody is perfect - especially in my profession but I should be able to block and delete what I know isn’t a valid review - i.e., one star and no comment just because I refused to work for free for someone being nasty to me and because I can’t work for free. I had to do a reply people may never read then solicit reviews from clients I know are satisfied but whose reviews may be discounted because of the timing making them look fake. I once had a client down rate me on Facebook after he couldn’t or wouldn’t pay me but I was able to delete it and block him. Business is hard enough with mean people and others looking for freebies at my expense.

- 5 years and the Google army business app is a must for any business

We have been in business for 5 years and the insights provided by google has taught me a lot. This app is a must for any small business or start up. You can quickly make updates to the information your potential or existing customers need to make informed decisions. The ability to post “on the go” is a life saver. We all know how easy it is for a malicious person to wreak havoc on your small business but you can respond and set the record straight. I do agree, there should be some form or review process that the owner can appeal to. All in all, you get the good with the bad but the app itself is a must have. Don’t hesitate when opening your business claim your business immediately and make sure the you control what is being displayed about your business.

- Google verification process is ridiculously inefficient

My business has been open and operating for over ten years. All I Did was move my business from one state to another. I have been trying to establish and reverify my business for over a month now and all google keeps doing is passing me around to different business specialists essentially promising me that the issue will be resolved. And it still hasn’t been, and this is an issue because I’m missing out on potential business opportunities. I’m always been contacted by somebody different and nobody seems to ever have a thorough understanding of my problem, although they all assured me that they have a well documented case of my file. I’m going into week five of trying to do this business verification and it is proving to be a real thorn in my side. I will keep using Google as it is essential to business but I think they have really got to reprioritize their efforts. Oh, and the app really isn’t that useful at all. You’re much better off using a laptop. The app is just to put up media and pictures and a quick reviews and things like that. But the app is actually pretty useless

- Business app ???

This has been an extremely frustrating “business” endeavor. Google maps lets some yahoo post a city incorrectly and over a two month period does nothing to correct it. ( in spite of many correspondence and phone calls that go no where). This affects my business because searches for my area are showing up 45 miles away...without my business showing up. SERIOUS ISSuE. So I am forced to pin my business at the cost of google my business fees to try to counter the incorrect pinning of a non existent city in the wrong google map. This google my business app needs help on multiple levels but especially the lack of support - photos do not show up to put on the site - random folks who claim to be customers can Post their bad photos that are not representative of my biz- and there isn’t much intuitive on the apps w strange layers and redundancies that make little sense. I think it’s some google conspiracy to pump up their finsnces as if these greedy folks need more. Disappointed because I get no call backs or emails for months now in spite of multiple hours /days spent on this grrrrrrr

- Not fair to small businesses !

My business is useless if your not putting at least a couple hundred budget to Ad words which even if your doing that doesn’t help when bigger (not better) business can easily afford a lot more and can find ways to manipulate SEO. Which I guess is the America way so whatever. I have a small business and work from home do displaying my address wasn’t in my best interest well you won’t ever show on front page of google if you don’t show an address. Reluctantly I made an edit to show my address, which in turn crippled my page and made me have to verify my address again. Being a small business means google has to send a post card to my house, even though they send me google flyers to my address and I have never changed it on file. I was told not being verified wouldn’t effect Me showing up but it’s not true so all the money I spent on google ads is down the drain and my page is even showing up at all. On top of that I may go up to 14 days with a crippled account? This is soooo stupid and redundant, calling into google support is of no help you get useless “generic” call center reps and it just a cluster F.

- App is great except...

It’s great to be able to have control over the management of opening hours... posting images... and other business info. But the problem is there are people who write fake reviews. Whether with intent to harm your business or simply to earn free points on google & get the title of “local guide / expert”. We’ve had problems with a couple of the latter. We’ve tried numerous times to report them as having “conflicts of interest”, but Google is non responsive. It’s just unfair. We work very hard to satisfy our real customers and build a reputation. We do not need a non customer to berate our service and be empowered and rewarded by Google. Just look at their other reviews and you’ll know they’re just collecting points! For example, if they’ve reviewed 14 KFC branches & 10 McDonalds in 1 city, then they go and review the Ritz Hotel, you know there’s something very wrong. Also, if they’re reviewing a restaurant or bakery and have no food or invoice or interior photos, then chances are the reviews are fake.

- Frustrated Small Biz Owner

While the app is mostly intuitive and easy to use. It’s highly misleading. They encourage you to post photos often and that is exactly what I do as I am in the beauty business. Specifically cosmetic tattoo, my business heavily relies on before and after pics. It’s literally what establishes that first level of trust between me and a prospective client. I have uploaded over 40 images yet only my first 7 show. I have even tried to delete them as they are no longer a great impression of the level of work I have grown to yet they still populate. Even the thumbnail that shows when I send a review link isn’t at all what I would want. I should have full control over the image of my business. I’ve called and after jumping through a thousand insane hoops to prove I was indeed the business owner I was emailed a canned statement saying this is a known issue with no ETA for resolution! Like not even a ballpark! How cN a company the size of Google be ok with that as a response?! This literally impacts my business revenue!

- Love It

I have been using Google My Business for two years now. I will say that its been more then 65 percent of my businesses discovery!!! People find us perfectly on google. I wont go into detail as to what I love about it. Ill just say I love everything about it except the fact I can not block and email or a user from be able to see my business online. I have a customer who is refusing to pay and has a million excuses and when they find out there will be legal action taken I am afraid they will bash us with ridiculously bad reviews. So now I am hesitant about taking legal action. Meaning that because I can not ban them from my google business listing it is costing me the amount of money I am owed by that customer. I can not afford bad reviews being that Its a new business with only 24 perfect reviews. Anyways enough rant! Google my business is essential period!

- Great App, However.......

Love the app, but in the technological era we live in, and as a small business owner, there should be a way for Google to filter out and delete negative reviews from people who have never stepped foot in our business, or interacted with anyone in the business. It’s sad that I read reviews about other local businesses and the review flat out states, “I’ve never been to this place, but as a local guide Google keeps asking me to leave a review”. That’s not what a rating system is for, nor does it help a business improve. If a customer says they had a 1 Star experience, but leaves no explanation why, and the business responds to the review apologizing and asking them to elaborate with what, when, where, why they gave a 1 star review so we can fix the issue, and they don’t respond, that review should be flagged and bagged.


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- Google great when it’s great.

As a business owner I am thrilled to have the ease of an app when accessing my entity on Googles search engine. The issue with the app is not only is it as frustrating as using there service, it’s even more frustrating. The app is mostly bug free and more bug free then it’s desktop counterpart, but it is incredibly hard to navigate and not clear as into what needs to be done or what is happening. I feel a lot of my issues extend from how difficult in general it is to functionally get your business viewable by Google with out paying to win, but the app adds another level to the frustration. It took me awhile to find out I was able to edit my website from there and that I had to upload it again in order for the changes to go live. After that issue the app works well. No crashes or bugs. I use it quite frequently. I personally just found it hard to navigate and use.

- So far so good

I’m fairly new to google, and have relocated my business. So my landlord in my business development suggested I try this so new clients in the neighborhood could find me. I have taken the time to post images, and even added specials here and there. And am very happy to say that some of my newer clients have found me through google! It is a must try application, as you want for people to find YOU when googling products and services that you sell. In fact, someone said in the reviews, you get out of this app what you put into it. And that is very true! So if you keep your page fresh with updates... people WILL contact you for whatever products or services that you provide. 😊

- Missing reviews for my business

An ongoing saga. I have had plenty of clients tell me they have left reviews for my business in the last year, they have even sent me the screen shots (which appear in their accounts - which I have passed on to the Google representative). After reporting to google, and being advised by their representative that they are fully aware of a ‘technical problem’, this situation has never been resolved. After many emails back and forth, ultimately the email address I was given to contact them was removed from service. I now have no contact email to continue discussion of my issue, the issue has never been resolved and I haven’t had a review appear live on my account since January 2019. Small businesses unfortunately rely heavily on this kind of social media, and mine is suffering now because of a pathetic lack of consumer support and incompetence when it comes to technical prowess... how is it a tech company can admit to having technical problems in their own system and not be able to fix it?? Pathetic Google!

- Deleting Google My Business

This is great if you like non-customers leaving you 1-star reviews and rude messages. I’ve never dealt with such nasty people in my life and the Google support team allows it to happen. I had numerous people write me messages with hate speech and nasty words that can’t be repeated on here. I have sent Google several requests to delete the fictitious reviews but they refused, citing that their usage policy has not been violated. Luckily most of my customers are locals and know me personally but the fake reviews don’t help with potential out of town customers. I go out of my way to answer every call, message, and email even if I know I can’t help someone. My 5 star rating has gone to a 3.6 because of fake reviews and google won’t help or verify anything. It’s become a message board for nasty people so I am deleting my account today. I would not recommend this app until Google puts more controls in place rather than leaving the business owner to the whim of random and nasty people who they’ve never met.

- Google Sub-Contractor

This was verified by a representative at Google My Business. If we do not post on our google business listing they have contracted companies to call you and verify that the business is active or still in business. I have received 17 calls in 4 days from these contractors who are not trying to get my business tax id number, ssn or my credit card number. They are simply calling because I have not made a post on my google business listing in over a week. And the numbers come from spoofed numbers that make you think your getting a call from a customer. I run a plumbing service company so if I do not answer the phone I may be loosing a possible customer. I called Google My business and they verified that indeed they have contracted this out but would not let me speak to a supervisor to raise awareness about this issue. This is bad business practice on Googles part.

- Great tool but a headache for service businesses

I operate a business where services take place at customer homes so I did not want my home address listed for customers to show up any time. I have it marked as a service area business but removed my address. The next day I was notified that my account had been suspended due to suspicious activity. They suggest that you fix the issue and then request reinstatement. The issue is that you can’t make changes due to access being restricted. On top of that, the site says it can take up to three weeks for reinstatement. Fortunately, I still work another job but I can see how this could be detrimental to business owners and possibly halt any new business. What’s also frustrating is that I pay for the domain name and my website through google has also been removed. I don’t fully understand why they cant just require review for an address change but I may just be missing something.

- The App is great tool, but Reviews continue to be a challenge!

The App has been a great tool in keeping abreast of the traffic and mostly the reviews! I continue to be frustrated that to leave a google review, one must have a gmail account! Many folks do not have gmail, so the people that want to leave a review, who will go through the trouble of opening a gmail account are usually those very invested in being angry, typically over our company having to stand by our policies and say ‘no”, usually to a request for financial accommodation. Every biz must stick to their policies, in order to survive! It never seems to fail that it is when we must say ‘no’ that a negative google review follows, not mentioning of course that an accommodation to our financial fees had to be declined! I just think if the reviews are meant to be an honest depiction of a business, you must give open access for all to leave a review! Like Facebook or the other on line review boards!

- Zero flexibility in website

You put your heart and soul into your Google My Business account. Posts, pictures, review, menus.... Then as you want to add things, you can’t. You can’t even add a Google Ad Tag into Google my business website even though you can easily add a google Tag to a generic website. Why is that? Same company, where is the synergy? Description should be more specific in the rigid structure of google my business website so business owner can weigh the the benefits and the cost of google my business website vs a generic website for the long run. Help is non existent due to the rigid structure of the platform. You will not have full control over it. I would have gone with a generic website if I knew this before. At least I will be able to make any changes I please instead of relying on non existing support from Google.

- Better than Yelp.. by way far!

As a business owner, I like everyone I know who also owns a business, absolutely loathes Yelp. I find reviews on google to be more accurate coming from a more mature crowd. The busybody millennials don't seem to flourish here with their idiotic, critical, snowflake comments as much. There's no reward or party for them. No status for being a self proclaimed food critic. The app is easy to use and they don't hide your positive reviews like the fore-mentioned does. Google also stacks reviews in order, who cares about how a business was performing a decade ago. Relevant reviews, easy to use app. Now if only google would get out of the deep left and tend to their own business.

- Hard to get inappropriate reviews and photos removed

Despite using the system provided by Google, they have refused to remove a one star review with no comment posted by a former employee on the day she was no longer employed. The “form” letter response refers to “reviews”. No matter how many times I respond that it’s ONE REVIEW posted by former employe-a one star with no comment-my request goes nowhere. The same goes for photos posted that do not show our place of business or our work. Using the system provided by Google gets zero results. Google has so many good features, so it’s hard to understand the lack of sensitivity in these two areas. We get lots of calls from Google, but it’s always about increased financial participation. When these issues are adequately addressed we will think about it.

- Helpful but not sure how relevant for small vs giants

Some of the info is interesting and beneficial but like other small businesses mentioned, there is no way to compete when I’m a licensed, insured, trained professional but a giant app throws billions in marketing and ads to buy the first line on Google and lie with blanket statements about being “the best in [your city]”. Mind you they haven’t met these people who stormed the business days ago. I also agree about control over pictures and reviews. Or at the very least prioritize getting disputed reviews off immediately until handled! I gave up on customer service awhile ago. I also assume since my site is verified that these yahoos calling from who knows where, are spam and they are all blocked. I have learned a lot though.

- Won’t stop here

Received bad reviews by people not even at my establishment because their friend was upset. They should have to prove that they checked in and were at a place before they leave such nonsense. Keyboard warriors should be stopped. It’s not fair to a business when nothing has been brought to our attention and they are allowed to post whatever they want to making the place look bad or the vindictive behavior of fired staffed Google Can put good hearted people in severe depression. It is not fair that a business can let other people judge a business and us not have the right to remove all reviews as Facebook does. I have many great reviews but I don’t want any on my page. I reached out to google in emails. One reviewer is me you. And they say this is a legal account. So this person could have two accounts going and leave two bad reviews. I feel this needs to stop and bullies should not have these rights.

- Decent service, google could do way better tho

Overall a decent service - it’s nice to be able to manage how my business is listed on google sites, but I do find it frustrating that the dashboard is cluttered with profile customization links that are impossible to update, and the simplest task such as updating the cover photo seems to be super delayed or impossible to update. I am a little disappointed in how poorly most of the app functions work, and how google seems to endlessly send me post cards in the mail to re-verify my business. I have literally been working on this google profile for over a month, and we still don’t show up in search or on google maps consistently. Definitely could use some tweaks to make it more functional and user friendly.

- Don't bother trying to update your description

We own a small rustic hot spring resort with different hours for different parts of the business. Our gas station is 24 hour pay at the pump, the cafe has limited hours depending on the season, the motel and pool is open 24 hours to registered guests. I just spent some time writing a description (it allows 750 words) only to have it spit back at me that my business type (lodging) doesn't allow edits to the description. Ok...why show me the edit field then? It also has a blog post type area that my business is not allowed to use, but no explanation of why I can't. There is no place to update my business category. A few relatively simple UI updates could change the perception that Google doesn't care about small businesses.


I’ve been using Google My Business for about two years now and it has worked perfectly. Our digital Marketing person purchases Google Ads for us as well. This morning I logged in to our account to read a review someone left us earlier, and it said, “You have no Google reviews” when we in fact have worked VERY VERY HARD to please our customers and slowly building up Google reviews to catch up with our competition. This morning we also heard from a regular customer looking to return that WE ARE NO LONGER POSTED ON GOOGLE SEARCH, but our competitors are still on there. What happened? Did someone tamper with our account? I’ve placed calls to our Digital Marketing Manager, Owner and no one has submitted any changes, as they are not involved really. WE WANT OUR GOOGLE LISTING BACK UP PLEASE!!! Did someone report us as being closed or something? Our business depended on this and we DO pay for AdWords!

- Very Helpful App

The Google My Business app has been very helpful in getting my business visible to the general public. Posting is easy, ads are easy to set up, and the insights are great. You get real time results on how your business is being received by the market and how your services are being sought after. I recommend this app for any start up or small business entrepreneur who is tired of spending the time and money on a third party google service provider promising to get you ranked high on google. Take the time to do it organically, the results are more consistent, less expensive, and your business will stick around longer because you value each customer more when you’ve taken the time to reach them yourself.

- If I could give 0 stars I would

Created a My Business account with Google after being suckered into advertising with the Ad feature my account was suddenly and without notice suspended. This means googling my business name will get no results. The worlds larges search engine kicked me off with no warning and with me making no change to my account only, I believe, because I stopped paying to advertising on google. I called customer support and was told they cannot help and I have to appeal the decision (as if this is some type of criminal case). Of course customer service is unable to connect me to anyone who actually, what I guess the term would be adjudicates, the appeal. Searching the web (using a non-google search engine) I come to find out an appeal can take up to a month. I am a solo practitioner trying to make my small business work and, in my opinion, Google is trying to starve me of business.

- GMB is great for reviews and insights

Excellent and convenient and quick for responding to reviews and checking on insights. The only thing I wish you can do is choose which photo gets chosen for the google knowledge graph which is the front page business listing with directions, site, photos etc. Controlling that would make Google even less similar to yelp, which I can probably speak for a lot of people is a good idea for Google anyway. Everybody hates the fact that you can’t choose which photos show up front on Yelp, yet everyone loves google no matter what. Let’s make people love google even more and make that photo selection option available to everyone! Or at least agency owners that care about their clients image!

- Jeff Weeks Owner Calacinos Pizzeria and Sports Bar Beckley

I love the app and the ability it gives me to respond to reviews. Google my business needs to have a better way to remove fake and false bad reviews. In my sports bar we often have to cut a person off that may be getting intoxicated or causing a problem. This almost always results in a bad review even though we are doing the right thing and what is required by law. I would also like a better way of posting hours especially closing. We last call often based on how busy we are and it would be nice to reflect that instead of being required to put a closing time.

- Google needs a better review dispute mechanism

I love the app and being able to interact with customers about their experience at our small business. But, occasionally, we get reviews from problem customers who completely fabricate a negative review. Generally, these people come into our business looking for free stuff, threaten negative reviews, and berate our (female) staff when no freebies are forthcoming. They inevitably storm out and post something negative/false, which drops our “star rating”. ...Reviews can be flagged for hate speech, conflict of interest, etc., but not for being defamatory/extortionist... We’ve considered taking legal action for defamation against people like this, but it seems absurd that the only real recourse for a fabricated Google review (which significantly harms our small business) is incurring legal fees and threatening reviewers with a lawsuit for libel. Google, please incorporate a dispute mechanism that small business owners can feel confident using. Right now we either have to completely cave to people who wield reviews like a club or suffer the rating consequences of standing our ground and not allowing ourselves to be extorted.

- Worst experience I have ever had!

I have been trying to get my business on Google Search and Maps for 6 months now. I have been suspended for unknown reasons. No one will call me all I get is a generic email that tells me to review guidelines. I have asked for a call to walk me through what is wrong at least 10 times. I was told in one email that they manually approved my account and I just needed to verify it. As soon as I tried that it told me I was suspended. I have replied to the email several times since then with no response. All I want is a little help so I can promote my small business. I was paying Google Ads for ad word advertising but have since stopped since they couldn’t help me to get in touch with someone to assist with this problem. Horrible customer service!!! This is holding the growth of my business back in a time where we need all the business we can get.

- Not “My Business”

I’ve gotten fake reviews, as have many other reviewers, and have not been able to talk Google CS into removing them. If this was really My Business website, I’d be able to eliminate the fake reviews by simply telling Google CS they are fake, and expecting them to believe me! Google also does not allow “My Business” webpage to be deleted, so they force this bad info to be published to my potential customers. As it is, Google is contributing to libeling my business, and I’d be glad to join any class action suit against them. As a last resort, to avoid customers finding these reviews, I had to edit all other fields on “My Business” web site to disassociate it from my actual business. This is not the preferred answer to the problem, but at least I can rely on Yelp to provide a similar service, and Yelp is much more reasonable about handling reviews.

- Manager

My business page has been down for a week for a so called quality violation. Then I have gotten reinstated and still nothing, I am a tire shop and I added locksmith as an option and it got suspended. I have called daily to get s fix and nothing. I keep bring told to wait another 24-48 hours each to for help. The employees are very rude and not helpful and they have hung up on me and also raised their voice and threatened me. Ram and Ashkay. I ask to speak to their manager and I’m told there is no one to speak to other than them. Terrible service and company. Still no help after 1 week and being told they have a technical issue. No end in sight, worse experience ever. Too bad there is not another company to rival google as I would switch and so would everyone else. They don’t care about anyone period and you are helpless in this process.

- Growing your business

If you want to grow your business and attract more customers, provide as much information to your profile as you can which will highlight the services that you offer. Add plenty of photos of your work and request reviews from your customers. Reviews will strengthen your company and it will let new customers know ‘how you are doing’ and the experience they had with your company recently. YOU always want it to be a pleasant experience and always deliver over and above what the customer is expecting. In the long run, it will benefit your company over and over which is always a good thing.

- Very helpful for new small business owners

This app has been a huge help. Gives clear instructions on how to set everything up has multiple options depending on what type of business you have and what type of audience your looking for. Although I been having a lot of issues with g suite trying to make sure mine and the customers information is secure. Still trying to get everything merged or transferred to google. Somehow my business email got deleted and my phone has been glitching since I started the transfer. I believe during that transition my phone got hacked. But other than that I love this app. It’s keep you updated but I do not like random pictures being posted

- Freezes too often

I’ve been a fan of Google’s business products and services for more than 10+ years. The GMB app is definitely a useful tool for businesses and we use it daily to see the customer reviews. However, the task of replying to reviews becomes very frustrating because the app freezes every time I’m replying to a review. Often I’ve had to rewrite or dictate a reply several times because I don’t get a chance to finish before the app freezes on me. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app again and again , always keep it up to date and still this is the one problem that persists. Hope it gets addressed soon because otherwise it’s pointless and quicker to just use a laptop instead of the mobile app.

- Basic Platform But Good Idea

I haven't been using this app for that long but it is a basic layout which is easy to use. I wish it came with the actual home page that includes all the pages you follow. In regards to google "customer reviews" I really wish google would erase all FAKE Reviews. I wish they would have a verification process because competitors have become very vicious against there community and want to get ahead by hiring fake accounts to leave bad reviews. It's not fair and not right for google to allow this behavior. Google has removed a couple bad reviews for us but we need a stricter platform PLEASE & Thank You. God Bless!

- Can’t ‘Submit’ any changes on iPhone 8/X

GMB keeps telling me I need to ‘review and update’ my business listing for better visibility, and after I make some adjustments and several changes in the Business info listing section, I CAN’T submit the changes because the ‘Submit’ button is either grayed out or doesn’t seem to do anything so in the end I can’t submit the changes. The app needs an update to make the ‘submit’ button functional. Also under the main ‘Profile’ tab or the ‘Brand your business profile’ under ‘Home’ section, it doesn’t show my current cover photo or logo phone, only the ‘add’ buttons, even after I upload the cover/logo photos multiple times. Furthermore, I’ve uploaded multiple new photos, but even days/weeks/months later, many of the pictures are only visible in the GMB app, but not in Google searches or GMaps. It is also helpful to let me upload the location /‘storefront’ picture by myself, because the image off the Google maps van and the picture shown on Google My Business or GMaps is at a bad angle and confuses potential customers. Update: Don’t re-install the app in an attempt to fix the issues above, it didn’t help and even made things worse because it deleted all my previous customer messages.

- Can’t get business listing menu removed

Our business listing includes a menu posted by single platform. As of a year ago we stopped operating a full service restaurant here at our winery. Google does not provide a utility to remove the menu which shows up in our mobile listing. We have asked google to remove the menu link every month for the past year. Nothing we have been able to find in support forums or googles links to help have resolved the problem. It was suggested THIS app would enable us to control our mobile listing but it is useless. We can see the menu but we cannot remove it. In the meantime every week we have customers who drive 30-40 miles for a menu that doesn’t exist. They are angry, and we are helpless to resolve their inconvenience. So far it has been apparent that Google could cares less if we ever get this resolved.

- Beware

I have had a business listed on Google for a year and the information is wrong. I have corrected it myself 50 times and it still reverts back to the old information. I have called and spoken to a representative from Google to correct it over 10 times. They see the problem but cannot fix. I get the same answer every time after a 30 minute + conversation. Their engineers have to call me back and I have yet to get a call back. It is beyond frustrating as I know many new customers are going to google my business and turn away because it’s not what they’re looking for as the information is wrong. I have even asked to be taken off google, and the only way that can happen is if I list my business as closed. Take note when you’re looking at businesses, it might be incorrect business.

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- Great app. Could be better if ..

I have been using this app for quite a while and it is very handy to update business information on the go. One thing I have been noticing that could be improved though. The Edit special hours should be done in Chronological order with the last one shown first. In this way, it would be easier to add new special hours if needed (particularly with the current CoVid situation where ww need to keep updating our business opening hours due to lockdown restriction). Thank you.

- Very anti business ap

This ap is terrible. It freezes, you can’t reply to reviews, the help feature is absolutely useless they never reply and when they do it’s like they didn’t read or comprehend anything you wrote. When you receive a targeted attack from the same user there is no option to identify or flag the reviews they read one and say it’s okay not reviewing the whole story. Example we currently have 6 reviews from the same user with the same attack it defamed our business and the owner and violates google review guidelines but someone at google says this is okay. There is no way as a business to talk to someone or have a reasonable discussion about attacks. The choices for flagging an inappropriate review have nothing to do with real reasons you would flag a review. You can’t even put any feedback or do a multiple flag to show when several reviews are from same person. I can’t even reply to reviews that feature continually freezes. I’ve sent so many requests for help with this bit no reply. They don’t care about your business just the hype of getting people to attack your business and allow defaming content on your page with no way that this ap assists the business. This ap for small business isn’t helpful as Google wont listen to small business. I wish there was a way to delete your business from this program - I believe this ap should have an offline feature so you can take your business off line if you want to.

- They removed/deactivated my business - no notice and labels it “duplicate”

I worked hard to keep my business going , got distracted by the COVID, what did google do? They went to my business - the best ranking and deactivate it without any notice. No it is not a duplicate - why have a duplicate? I worked hard started a second branch - my first page attracted a lot of customers - they took it down, the ladies I worked with stopped getting contacted before we noticed google had taken down our business . It is very heartless. I have cried my eyes out! This is not the best time to treat people like this. We have families to feed . A warning should have been issued so we can explain the second expansion. I see other business with various branches like ours- how come it’s just mine? What do we do now? Start again? Loss all those rankings? Views? Posts? Am so sadden by this . I am heart broken

- My Business is My Business

Overall the app is great but recently the ability for customers to message my business was automatically turned off because I hadn’t responded to a customer in 24 hrs. We all accept that good customer service is important but it should not be the app who decides the criteria. It was far ruder to have the app inconvenience my customers removing this feature and in addition my VITAL history of conversations was removed even after I had to manually turn back on messaging. I was not able to respond due to internet connectivity issues but the point is I should decide the level of customer service I offer not an app‼️

- Total disregard for Laws

My complaint: No true Google complaints department for problems. Most of the company’s support and customer service functions are largely automated through forms and automatic responses. In this instance, Salman is their only reviewer. Although Google purports covid19 restrictions on staffing at their end to clarify their late or non-wanting to respond, Google fail to really recognize a small business who have only worked on referrals since 1996. Google does not recognize any relevant parties in this matter in the same and current situation. Suggested solution: Remove the review in (many) questions. Google have had this information for over 3 weeks and we have elderly tenants that could be hounded by family of the reviewer (as per previous now taken down reviews by google) i.e.We have four elderly new tenants moving in this coming Friday and we are afraid for them to have any problems as we hardly know Amber except for her rental application on this property I used to live nearby and know how bad things get in the neighborhood Google must remove this review to safeguard everyone from Amber’s Family and her friends

- Brilliant user friendly interface.

I have very little time available and previously my business’s Google listing was too difficult and time consuming to do anything much with. With this new app I am able to make changes and updates so frequently and easily. The change has helped my business attract more customers. I’m extremely satisfied with the results I’m getting because of this app. Thank you Google.

- Very easy to use app

User friendly and very helpful app. It provides already set-up ways to make offers and display your business online. I started using it more recently and discovered some really useful features that can potentially help my business attract clients and generate more traffic to my website eg offers, chat feature, discounts, the ability to go back to my website for bookings, etc.

- Context

Sometimes the notifications don't say what business the review/rating relates to. I have 5 businesses on my account, I'd rather know which it is before opening. Also, needs to allow page-specific settings - one business gets ten reviews a day so I only review it weekly and don't want notifications; another gets one review every few months so I want to know about it immediately. Finally allow Questions to be TURNED OFF, like so many business owners are demanding - it gets used inappropriately for time-sensitive questions (eg. is this in stock?) and this app doesn’t even allow you to answer them!

- Best support for a small business

What I love about GMB is it’s ease of use, friendly reminders to post and performance reports. As a small business I can’t do everything and GMB is like an “employee” working behind the scenes to make my art gallery present high up on internet searches and my customers rely on seeing my name come up as realiable and trusted business. If you have a bricks and mortar business you definitely need Google my business (GMB), best Anne

- Awesome app

I have only just started my business and using the app has made my life a lot easier by alway being able to check up on all my customers reviews , comments and easy to change any details I need to make my business work. I even have the app on my wife ls phone to she can answer all messages for me if I’m busy. Love this app and couldn’t see myself using any other one thank you

- Feedback, what feedback.

This is a useful app and pretty easy to use. However.....every time I try to update my business profile, especially with our capacity numbers reduced due to Covid, the update is rejected with a generic message stating it is not compliant with Google standards or whatever, with no explanation as to what is actually wrong with the wording. Emails asking for more info are ignored. I think they are just rejecting every new post during Covid times using the excuse that they are currently understaffed!

- Essential Business Tool for any Business

I have found Google my business an excellent tool to promote my business, manage my google gpage, manage google maps info and most importantly connect with customers for reviews, communication, and bookings. Customers love and respond to content. Google does a great job of providing analytics around the performance of my listing. Google my business has boosted my business. I love it!

- Great app. Real business value

Google My Business is such a great service for helping promote my business and for connecting with customers! And this app is the perfect way to manage that online profile. Very easy to use, I never need to go to a computer to manage my business’s page, I can do it all from my phone on the go at a time that suits me :) Very happy! Thanks Google!

- Easy free way to advertise for beginning

Love the easy instructions and was to update and get on the www in a simple and basic way. Have a bricks & mortar store as well as a Facebook page and this easy app compliments them well. Will be looking at a paid site in future so this gives us www beginners some understanding of how the system works. Thanks! Recommended to reach extra people too...not everyone has Facebook!

- Affective way to be seen

Love the changes on the Google platform. And this simply allows businesses like mine to market myself based on my customer satisfaction. The app is great, simple and easy to use especially in the go. Yes there could be a few things that needs attending to like categories and call to action buttons but I'm not here to complain. I really love using my GLP. Thanks Google

- Simple and effective.

Easy to use, also gets me results. I can post pictures and run campaigns from my phone. When I ask my new customers how they found me, google search and reviews are my most regular response. I find the regular prompts and reminders help me to keep my marketing current as well.

- Latest UpDate - Doesn't work on my iPad :(

Since updating I Can No Longer use My Business app, on my iPad :( I've got the latest software. Try to open app, it says UpDate Required, click OK, goes to App Store. Click Option to OPEN app & then white screen & nothing happens. Very Sad. The app has been brilliant to bringing my Small Business, New Business.

- Can not update our new address

Until now Google has been wonderful for our business. Now that we have changed location however, I have tried everyday in every way I can for weeks to update our address which can severely impact our business if not made current. I have sent multiple requests for help, Google has not answered me one single time. I’ve been totally ignored in our urgent requests for assistance with a malfunction in their system for at least a month now. I’m hoping this negative review will see us receive contact.

- Your business in the palm of your hand

This app allows you to manage your business in google on the go. The best thing is being able to load photos and see you insights quickly and easily through the app. Love this app! Has made my business much more attractive on google

- Best app for business owner

Easy access and reply to customers. My life’s much easier to manage things online with this app. Never regret to have it handy with my mobile or tablet. I could update the business details and also get in touch with customers anywhere and anytime. Love it!!! Thanks Googles

- Love this app.

Awesome!! Love this app. So I easy to set up and use. I’m not tech savvy so if I can do it anyone can. My verification didn’t show up within the 6 days so I sent a message to google. They responded within a few days and helped me out. I was up and running. Now my shop is gaining momentum. Thanks Google and the Google team

- Good... review reporting for wrong businesses needs work

Great app... but a few issues Bug fix for notifications still not fixed... notification won’t go away. Reviews for wrong business... no way to remove. I’ve reported but nothing has happened... I have provided the business details reviews should be on. We are next door to restaurant... and keep getting their reviews which affects our business.

- So close but..

This app could be so much better than it is, all the right ideas are there but it just misses the bar on almost all of its features. The photo uploading feature is especially annoying and buggy... really not sure why you can’t just upload photos straight from camera roll. Instead you have to be prompted to add more photos to the app only when you open the app! Overall - Terrible execution, great potential

- Questions section seems to be missing

The app has improved a lot but it seems that Google has forgotten to include the ability to reply to questions that people submit via the “Ask a question” feature within the panel about your business that appears in Google search.

- Great app

I run my small business with this app and it does make my life so easier! Was such a pain having to switch between devices just to get on and edit something small on my page. Now it’s all in one place and it couldn’t be simpler! Highly recommend.

- Reviews need to be able to be turned off

As a health clinic owner the reviews section on google is hugely problematic. Registered health practitioners in Australia are banned by the national body from displaying online reviews or testimonials. This is because in medicine results can never be the same across multiple situations. The fact that therapist-hopping clients can leave reviews about clinicians simply because their idea of an imaginary quick fix doesn’t exist is ridiculous. Business owners should be able to decide whether reviews are enabled or not.

- Great for small business and non tech person

I have found this quite easy to use and simple design for my non tech non market i background. Lots of different ways to promote your business and it’s free, I think it’s important to appreciate the amazing quality given its free. Awesome.

- Rip off sleaze merchants

I was signed up for advertising I did not ask for and when I called to get it cancelled , they wouldn’t four for me saying it had to do it myself. I was emailed some instructions that don’t work and am losing over $90 a month and am now going to change bank accounts to get out of it. I can’t see any other way. Support is dreadful. They don’t help at all and their accents are so thick I can’t understand what sntone is saying. Don’t do it. Squeezing lemon juice in your eye on a smarter move than using this app.

- Easy to use

We find the app really intuitive and easy to use. It’s great to update things for google listings whilst on the fly or when you don’t have much time. Worth using and getting familiar with the features so you can update whenever and wherever you go!

- Great

Generally easy to use and works a treat. Makes managing your businesses’ google presence much easier when on the go. Minor annoyance with the notification icon staying on (little red dot on the app icon) which makes it look like something needs attention.

- No notifications

I like the app. It’s a great platform for managing my businesses on google. My only issue is that it doesn’t show that little notification number on the app face when I receive any form of notification. I’ve been receiving messages from potential customers that I don’t see for sometimes weeks because I simply don’t know they’re there. Not ideal

- Google My Business

Fantastic app, easy to navigate and upload business details, products and news. Saves a lot of time. Most beneficial is the customer insights, how many customers view your business and products.

- Great app to manage Google My Business listing

Super easy app to manage your Google My Business listing. Allows you to update on the go. Easy interface to manage and edit pictures and titles. It’s a breeze to work with it, straight from your iphone!!

- Easy to use

I love my business app, it’s easy to use and great for people who don’t have time or knowledge to build a website. Being with Google also get you more views quicker and you can connect your site to google maps!

- Magical disappearing text

So I spend an hour on my “About Us” making sure everything is there & in the right places with no mistakes etc. then I scroll to the top of page snd the text Disappeared?? I try remember what I wrote & re-write it. Push save & the last 6 lines or so have disappeared??? Very disappointing!! 🤬

- Great app!!

Love the app. It does keep telling me to keep uploading my logo though. Even though the one I’ve uploaded is already live. Other than that everything is great. Easy to upload photos and keep track of everything

- Great app. Easy to manage within finger tips

In the starting I downloaded and taught it would be hard to edit and manage the things by logging in everytime and for editing, but with this app it is very easy and can be managable with no hustle. Great app

- A must for any business

I'm new to all this Social media and networking. I'm old school, even b4 we had Mobile phones. Imagine that. Google Business is a must for any business! I've learnt the hard way that one needs to move with the times or get left behind. Fourtunalty it's free. Thank you Google.

- Great and easy to operate

It’s amazing aap specially these days when everyone’s is on internet. It brings you and your customer relationship too close and you can manage your business hours or message just on your finger tips.

- Quick and Easy

Great app, it’s quick and easy to update and post your business activity. Good tracking and monitoring. The interface needs work and is a bit generic and clunky but does what it needs to

- The more information the better 👀

Easy to use with little to no experience with online marketing, look forward to future versions

- Great business resource

Using GBM has been a great help behind the scenes for managing online presence for my business. Being able to do business posts is also a very helpful tool. Statistics running in the background is like having an employee doing the work. Any business needs to use GMB.

- Well done

Looks good so far! Really convenient to be able to manage my listing using my phone as I’m often on the move with no access to my desktop computer.

- Must have for any business

Fantastic app and a must for any business owner big or small. Can be very involved to really understand how it works but lots of online forums to help . Keep updating and adding content.

- Pretty good

The list of available categories to describe a business is terribly limited. If a category isn’t in Google’s list, it should be an option to add it to the list on review by Google so that businesses can be better described by owners and better understood by potential customers/clients.

- Great for small businesses

Google MyBusiness has helped my small Automotive mechanic company on the Gold Coast rank consistently at the top for over 10 years Fantastic to upload photos and promotions on the go, and very efficiently respond to customer reviews Regards ColTech

- Fantastic app

A great application to to manage your google business accounts. Analytics are great too give you a very accurate way to track the traffic and how customers are searching for you.

- Google do not care or do there job

I’ve been locked out of my business page I made my self by a ex employee, have sent them screenshots of reports over the years with the business email and still get told they have the right owner and it’s not me , it’s fraud and defamation, Sushma from google doesn’t have any idea on what there doing and won’t help let alone do there job , lost all trust in these guys don’t do it

- Please fix bugs

Unfortunately every time I got to wright a response to a review the app crashes so I have to do it through my web browser instead. My app is up to date and still it crashes. And won’t even let me copy my response I have taken the time to write to then post in my browser. For this reason I’m not using the app to respond to reviews anymore. It would be great if you could fix this issue.

- Quality

My interactions with google my business has been excellent. It’s easy to use platform really makes it easy to navigate though the app. Highly recommend

Payoneer 💰

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- Very Useful!

Very up to dated! Love this app👍

- Freezing

Freezes on startup after last update on iPhone X. Tried re-installing still freezes. Please fix.

- Reviews get deleted

Well google u gotta take a look at it. My business reviews get deleted every other day. Fake one star reviews stay forever and genuine five star reviews get deleted every other day. Any solution guys?

- Losing my reviews constantly

I’m so disappointed with Google. As a small business, reviews mean a lot to us when we are looking to expand and grow. Google has rewarded my efforts by removing great reviews left by my thankful and amazing clients over and over again. Thanks for nothing Google.

- The app is really great

The app is great

- Look at this

Add a new update that you can get workers coz I am hiring now

- Good app

User friendly interface.

- Business is destroyed by GMB

GMB listing was the primary source of getting local customers. We’ve been in painting business for 18 years and last 5 years on gmb. They suspended our listing 6 times in this 2020/2021 period and reinstated it 6 times. What else do we have to do to show that we’re a real legitimate business. After the last reinstatement our listing doesn’t even show up in any search results, no matter what key words you use and we were always the very first one in the search results before. Google just killed our business. They created a monopoly and use it as they wish. They can make your business grow and they can destroy it in a second and you cannot do anything about it. Very sad

- No help

The app is great! The help/assistance/service from google is bad.

- Unfair business practice.

Google has no review filtering options, not verifying reviews and allowing fake reviews to be posted. Awful platform for business marketing. Collecting money from Google Ads and damaging same businesses’ reputation by ignoring obvious fraudulent content posted on google platform. If there was an alternative for marketing business I’d suggest to switch. Google My Business is a sham and has to be accountable for its actions! It’s policies have to be adjusted and ALL reviews verified, like in HomeStars or BBB!

- Cannot reply to reviews

When typing a review, it keeps freezing after 30 seconds, and you have to close the whole app and start over again. Makes it impossible to write a reply to a review


I used to love this app. But about 2 months ago, my banner and profile photo/logo were randomly removed. Whenever I try to re-upload them, it says “image 1 of 1 uploaded successfully” yet the images still don’t show on my profile. Not sure what happened here, but apparently I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. Please fix ASAP!

- Pivotal

Google my Business is a huge and pivotal driver for my clients to find me! It is actually my #1 marketing tool. :)

- Great apps for my business!

I love the Google My Business and Google Maps apps and all the services they both provide. Couldn’t ask for more. Peter Brady Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises

- Excellente application!!!

Je recommande a tout le monde !!!

- Always helpful

Always helpful

- Unprofessional and inefficient

It always works too late. I have lost many of my customers ...

- Serving satisfied customers

Served our happy customers

- Customer Service is Horrific

I don’t like to bring a business down with bad reviews, but there customers service is horrible

- Easy to navigate

This app makes it easy for my business to respond to reviews, and to update my business page

- Super amazing

Thank you

- Profile photo and logo never gets posted

Tried many times to post the profile photo and logo. It never gets posted. Frustrating especially when you are trying to get a competitive advantage in the online world.

- Needs bug fixes

App hasn’t been working properly for a few weeks and there has been no updates or fixes.


Reviews can be very rewarding or very damaging to a business. The majority of people are honest with good intent. However, oftentimes the reviews are are complainers or ill intending people that have no good reason to harm a small business that is doing a good job. Maybe they are just in a bad mood that day... but their review causes stress and discomfort. The business owner should have more inclusion with the review process before the unhappy customer posts a negative review. It must be justified. It is only one persons opinion but it can do terrible damage to someone’s livelihood and reputation. Small business owners work long hours, are subject to a great deal of “red tape” and carry a lot of responsibility and risk compared to the average consumer. This is often misunderstood, overlooked and unappreciated. I want to shout out to those people that are running businesses and working hard in service to their communities!!! Google... give them a break for god’s sake...

- Thank you Google

A wonderful app that is easy to use and helpful at gauging website activity.

- Great app

Great app

- Get Known and Seen

This free app from Google LLC. is your shortcut through the SEO maze to get your Business to be known and seen across the web search engines.

- Very helpful

Helps to manage where to adjust or refocus for your customer base.

- -

Very Helpful and Handy

- Great app

Very useful. Love having this in my pocket

- Great

Makes managing your google account on you mobile device a breeze

- Extraordinary


- Best APP

Highly recommend for businesses of any size

- Great App

App is really helpful. Store timings, events , special hours, posts are pretty good options. Always a chance of improvement coz they are the..GOOGLE

- Good- but not great!

This app is GREAT if you actually have a shop front and want to get people into your door. Not so great during the pandemic if you have moved mostly on-line. Especially annoying as a small business based in Canada is that you can’t post your product listings on your Google My Business profile from your Google Merchant account unless you claim a physical store! You have to manually create and post every.darn.product The edits for things like formatting and your call-to-action button available to you are also locked down based on the business type you select so CHOOSE CAREFULLY! As an artist I did not want a @Call for a quote button (for irrelevant photo shoots including pregnancy) on my Google Search listing. Also for some reason particular edits like logo and cover pictures are buggy. Finally, if you are setting up a My Business Account... don’t expect full access right away. As a Canadian business Google MAILS you a security code that takes a while to arrive. Until then you don’t have full access but they let you advertise without a complete profile. Because of this I missed out on Holiday Promotions using the business profile.

- A perfect application for business uses

This app is very easy to use and very convenient to use. But Sometimes it takes too much time to load anything. Although an awesome workplace. 🤩

- Great app

Great app Easy to use

- Freezes ALL THE TIME

I have had this app for a couple of years now. I use it to let customers know our business hours. Every time I use this app to change my hours, this app freezes. I can’t even go to change the next few days because it hasn’t even saved what I tried to do before. After 2 years of this, you would think Google would have fixed this by now. Even changing my hours is frustrating on my computer and not just this app.

- Easy to use - tons of glitches

Hello - I love this app It makes it easy for Business owners to manage their marketing. However there are some glitches that I would suggest changed to help us. Examples: Uploading images, choosing the photos Aren’t working etc

- Surprisingly poor support

Good app but zero live business support, I have numerous issues with my business account on Google and I have reached out to them multiple times without any correspondence from them whatsoever which is surprising. I don’t like giving them this rating but I am trying to draw attention to this issue

- Bad people are taking advantage

People with bad intentions are taking advantage by giving you down rating and even if we flag it as inappropriate, it never go away and there is nobody you can talk or email.

- I can’t cancel!!

I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t find a way to cancel. It’s Never helped my business, and I’ve never been able to reach a person to talk to about the service. I’ve been wanting it gone for at least a year

- Removing ads

Removing ada without a specific reason is very concerning. Please let us know the exact reason behind removing any particular ad. Thank you.

- Great tool to build your clientel

Easy to use, great for getting business

- Won't work

It keeps telling me I need to update for it to work but there aren't any updates available for my iPhone 5S. The phone works and there is no reason for me to buy a new one.

- Super application

Bien contente d’avoir ces ressource à disponibilité et le tout gratuitement(la seul chose de payant est pour avoir un site personnalisé, sinon vous en avez un gratuit) donc aucune obligation. Pour une bonne visibilité à longt terme sur le web je recommande!

- Great app

Cant live without it

- It takes some time for update

Slow notification when customers review it

- No longer able to see or respond to messaging

This app used to be integral to our business. But we can no longer see or respond to messaging

- Please update the app!

The app constantly freezes and it’s very inconvenient as I end up losing all my information i had typed or pulled up.

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My daughter is pursuing her executive MBA from NSB noida. She is doing a project on " A circular business model for NTPC into solar manufacturing". Please fill out the below survey form in lieu of academic interest.

S Bharat- Chartered Engr

Please help My daughter is pursuing her executive MBA from NSB noida. She is doing a project on " A circular business model for NTPC into solar manufacturing". Please fill out the below survey form in lieu of academic interest.

CharleyTheDisrupter *Facebook Disrupter since 2018

@cmikulin @SohailFaiz18 It’s a possibility... It would clear the Google clicks that come before FB ones... my thought tho, if they convert, they’d be excluded Ultimately, it feels hard to test at enough scale to prove as a business rule... Sniff Test: really clever, but hard to validate

Oluwakemi Ann-Melody Areola

Time to move to the next phase of the programme by putting your business on Google My Business. Please note that it's important that you to attended the four courses and stayed 50 minutes on each to be eligible for an e-certificate. Use your Phone number or Email for access.

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Happy New Years, while i am preparing for a crazy 2021 real estate season I am working on building up my Google reviews. In this business good reviews help my business. Pls leave me a review if we have done in business in the pass? Link is below,

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Shankar Shaw

@googlemaps I don't think you love to see my business on Google Maps. My listing is suspended, I tried a lot to re-initiate it but all my efforts is in vain. I have emailed all the required documents too.


@ChaoFanXC @starblind1988 @Quicktake @business Ik, Google is my friend

Bridge Alliance

The 3 Best Tools For Scheduling Google My Business Posts or #GMB Posts #LocalSEO You can't schedule posts directly in GMB, so to do that, you'll need one of these tools!

alessandro perini

Come funziona Google My Business #smm

Mukul Gaur Official #सनातनी

@GoogleMyBiz Hi Team Google My Business, I have applied many times for Verification but postcard didn't reached. Now,what should i do for my business listing in Google.

syd 🌹

My friends and I own a small business and we are officially taking Valentine’s Day orders 🥰 it cost $0.00 to retweet and share a small business. Get your loved one a beautiful yet affordable gift. Link is attached below 💗

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Do you know what people are saying about your business online? 1. Yes, I check my Google listing and Yelp every day 2. Occasionally I see a new review for our business online and it's ok with me3. I don't pay attention to what people think abou

𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑬𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒕𝒂𝒊𝒏𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝑪𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒄

Today I did, what @Google suggested and sent a challenge to help with donations for my business, well I guess once again you have to be a "SOMEBODY" for anyone to respond especially celebrities. So here's to 2021 continuing the crap from the previous year. Well done, cheers! 😩😖

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Digital Business Transformation Market is Booming Worldwide | IBM, Microsoft, Google - The Daily Chronicle

Google My Business 3.39.0 Screenshots & Images

Google My Business iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google My Business iphone images
Google My Business iphone images
Google My Business iphone images
Google My Business iphone images
Google My Business iphone images

Google My Business (Version 3.39.0) Install & Download

The applications Google My Business was published in the category Business on 2014-06-29 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 160.44 MB. Google My Business - Business app posted on 2021-10-12 current version is 3.39.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: