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Union is an elegant image blending tool that lets you easily create superimposed, silhouetted, and double-exposed photos.

*** From the creators of Fragment, Tangent and Matter, previous App Store Editors' Choice and App of the Week ***

Here's how it works.

1. Load a background image, solid color, or transparent layer
2. Load a foreground image, solid color, or shape
3. Efficiently erase areas of the foreground image using Union’s palette of intuitive, user-friendly tools
4. Adjust the position and size of the foreground image to reach desired composition
5. Make color adjustments on the background and foreground so they blend seamlessly
6. Save your work in full resolution and share your work with friends

Also included in Union is Pixite Source, a free resource for professional quality images, textures, and overlays that you can use in your edits. Union invites professionals and hobbyists alike to explore image blending and photo editing.

Union - Combine & Edit Photos App Description & Overview

The applications Union - Combine & Edit Photos was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-04-17 and was developed by Pixite LLC. The file size is 49.77 MB. The current version is 1.5.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Updates for 1.5.6:
Fix for missing buttons in projects view on narrow device screens e.g. iPhone SE/5S/5

Updates for 1.5.5:
You can now flatten your background, foreground and mask layers to your foreground layer. Enjoy!
- Fix for sorting photos in each album.
- Fix for sometimes crashing on project loads
As always, Union has Apple Pencil support.

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Union - Combine & Edit Photos Reviews


Cool but not updated!  jhkilroy  3 star

Not even iphone x screen !


Best Layer Design App  heliomovil  5 star

I’ve been using designer applications for 30 years, I’m thrilled that this is my studio in my pocket, like a small Swiss Army knife for design on the go. Union is a powerful creative tool, I work with it almost daily and is part of my array of professional softwares.

All Frey Doe

Union  All Frey Doe  5 star

Best app ever!!!... I have a lot of fun with it


AmaIng  travelllllll  5 star

Best photo app for combining pics removing backgrounds etc out there hands down

Disband update

Potential  Disband update  4 star

I’ve got a lot to learn, but it’s wicked fun.


Works so well it’s amazing  xrae00  5 star

This is so logical and easy to use. Highly recommend!


Creativity Center. (Could use some new filters)  GwedolynMorechairs  5 star

This app is amazing. I have been using it for over 6 years and I love it. It’s perfect for adding my watermarks to all my photos for my business. Simple and easy. Loveee


Been using this gem for years  Befbef  5 star

I found this app a few years back when it was featured on my Starbucks app as their "app of the week", and to be honest it's one of my all time favorites. This is great for moms, because my wild son hardly sits still for a photo, and with this I can take his face from the one photo he's actually smiling in, and put it on the photo that is best of everyone else.

Mustafa fahad

Great application  Mustafa fahad  5 star

It’s very nice and great app, it’s really useful and smart


Easy and versatile  codgus  5 star

I am very please with the ease of use and precision of the editing features is impressive! Update: 12/9/2018 Still ongoing this app rocks! I use it maybe 8 to 10 times a month. It's perfect for special edits, custom memes, and so much more. A word of warning, this is a serious app. Make it work for you, but LEARN the app, before leaving a review. This is a professional app most likely without meaning to be. That being said, don't be scared, it is an easy to use app, for simple things as well. It, works, for you, and it's as easy as it is complex (good /vs./ complex) is up to you. In one sentence, it's what you need for variety, skill, and style with your images.


Great app  such1slife  5 star

Love how easy it is to join pics, just wish there was a resize option, overall made my limited knowledge of art a whole lot easier. Cheers

Mooney Mooney Looney

Fabulous app  Mooney Mooney Looney  5 star

I absolutely love this app. It gives you a lot of photographic license to change the looks of friends & family by swapping heads & bodies. I end up laughing a lot while I'm doing it as well very glad I found it. jan

Matt in Haymarket

Simple but brilliant  Matt in Haymarket  5 star

I use this app almost daily. It’s not only given me the ability to deep etch on the move, it’s actually taught me more about deep etching through constant practice. It’s made me more skilled. Faster. I couldn’t live without this app. Well, I could. But life would be unspeakably dull.


Amazing!  Igomyown  5 star

This app is simply amazing. It allows me to create scenes beyond imagination. Keep up the great work!


Easy to use  Zebnich  5 star

Really fun and easy to use, great results, love it

Rubaba iTunes

Update please!!  Rubaba iTunes  1 star

Favour app of mine! But needs an update urgently. In a month we'll have iOS 11. And this app still isn't updated for iOS 10!!! 5 stars after update


Ms  Curryite  5 star

Works well for adding a signature to images


The only photo blending app to use  Ozworld  5 star

The only one


Easy and effective  kathjp  5 star

This app has a slick interface and it doesn't try to do too much, which makes it easy to use. I have liked all of this developer's apps that I have tried. There are so many similar apps out there but these ones are a cut above the rest.


Am I missing something?  Appropriation  3 star

As everyone writing a review here is super keen to point out, I agree with the one person I suspect is responsible for writing them all - Yes, this is easy to use, but it's pity it's got such limited functionality, tho considering the relatively high cost of this app it might be more accurate to say it's a bit of a ripoff


Stopped working  berrs  1 star

Stopped working after latest iPhone os 11 update. Please fix plz


Excellent app for creating your own “photoshopped” pics  tdv1958  5 star

Really enjoy using Union. I would only suggest that an option be added so that you can change the hue or color of the pics you are joining.

دلشاد سعدى الكوردى

I Am Kurdish Program Very Very GOOD Be llah  دلشاد سعدى الكوردى  5 star

I Am Kurdish Program Very Very GOOD Be Khway


Best I’ve used  Stratos274  5 star

Simply awesome!


Love it  SuperGamer1964  5 star

My go-to photo manipulation app when I’m not home on a computer with photoshop. One thing I would love to see added is a zoom tool when editing the foreground. Sometimes you want your foreground element really small and zooming would be perfect for being precise with that.


Keeps Loosing Projects!!  Djman10  2 star

Promising app but lost one saved project and then failed to save a second. Also, if you want to combine more than 2 images, you must flatten the the first 2, then add another, flatten that, and keep going. This means you can’t change the parts that are already flatten. Furthermore, some of the export options (to Apps and to Instagram) stopped working after the first successful try, and the app also froze. Shame, cause I love the interface, which is easy on the eyes, intuitive and easy, and powerful. Tested on iPad 2017 with iOS 11.1.2

Photo Drew

Daddy  Photo Drew  5 star

5 Stars all the way! Easy to use, excellent app for joining two photos!


Hey  JedLi  5 star

It's nice

Dan Arce

Best ever  Dan Arce  5 star

I got the layer from photoshop and tons of creative options.


App crashes. Can’t open  Bukchekers  1 star

For the last week, I haven’t been able to open the app without it crashing. Support suggests to uninstall then reinstall app, but it continues to crash. Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Perhaps the app needs updating. Current iPhone version is 11.0.3. Their page says the app works for version 8 or later.


Complicated  Brutalai  2 star

I'm sure it's great,but I just have no clue how to use it!!! I've tried & tried for hours but still haven't got a clue & nothing out their to help ya!


Simply amazing  chacha2218  5 star

Fantastic. Just what I've been looking for to edit my photos


AMAZING  Yoshielaw  5 star

Truly amazing. Defiantly worth buying so funny!!!


Took a chance. Regret nothing.  Fryshky  5 star

I picked this app up 5 minutes ago, played about with it and have created brilliant pictures. The creative possibilities are unthinkable, I haven't watched on tutorial and I feel that I can create anything! I'd happily pay €5 for this if I knew it was this good before I paid €1.79. We need more apps like this. Thank you, Craig.

Norah Ward

Like a mini photoshop!  Norah Ward  5 star

Love it!!!

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