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Ranked #1 on the App Store in more than 100 countries!!!
Awesome video editor with great effects
Funimate is the easiest to use and most fun video editor for creating awesome music video edits. With its patent-pending technology, you can create awesome videos with never before seen real-time effects. You can easily share the fun on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Flipagram and amaze your friends.

Touch Magic: Make coolest videos by drawing effects on the screen. Lots of effects to choose from: fireball, hearts, glitters and tons more

Text Magic: Add lyrics of the music to your video with many text effects like neon lights, colors and many more. Perfect results guaranteed.

Effect Mix: Tons of Real time music video fx, to add professional touch to your videos.

Sound Magic: Tons of sound effects for your videos: sparkle, applause, magic wand.



Funimate Pro offers the following auto-renewing subscription:
Weekly: $2.99 with 7 days free trial

These prices are for users in United States. Prices may vary depending on the country of residence and may be converted to the local currency.

Payment for your Funimate Pro subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. If you purchase your subscription during the free trial period, any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited.

Funimate privacy policy and terms:

Funimate - Be Music Video Star App Description & Overview

The applications Funimate - Be Music Video Star was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-04-18 and was developed by Avcr, Inc.. The file size is 152.59 MB. The current version is 9.0.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Yo Funimaters! Don’t to worry about the undesired details on the edge of your video while recording. You don’t have to stop recording and start from scratch. Instead you can now crop your videos and select the parts that you want to stand out with this update.

Continue sending your suggestions and feedback to [email protected] and be sure to hit us up on Instagram @funimate

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The touch magic  duckelicious  5 star

I have. Had funimate since I was 11 years old and today I woke up to find out that most of the touch magic is gong and I have pro but a lot of the touch magic is gone it’s really weird but other than that I love the app I’m on it all the time

Cool but a lot of money 💵  3 star

I love Funimate but I don’t like that you have to buy the pro version please make it for free


Pros and cons  nickname12345456  2 star

Pros: It is a really fun app and i love the live streams. Also it is easy to use. Funimate is so cool and really fun. It is really addicting so if you don't want to be on your device all the time I don't reccomend it. 😉😄 Cons: They took most of the effects and made them for the pro which you have to pay for. And even though I havent said anything bad ever on someone's comment, they made it so I can't send a comment. Also some people are really mean on there and it won't let me report them. Also there is some nudity even though there are little kids on there. 😔☹️

doggy cuttie🐶🐶and lamas🦙🦙

Hi  doggy cuttie🐶🐶and lamas🦙🦙  5 star

Where did the 3D magic go????

to fulminate

To Fulminate  to fulminate  5 star

So tnx from this cute and good app make proud


Amazing but 2 problems  hedgehog1234567  5 star

Love this app! I have pro but I do agree that non pros should have more effects. I also don’t like that I can only add 3 hashtags. Over all it’s a good app and I think you should get it.


Glitched way too much  Hghbxxcvcxcbbnmm  1 star

You could be in the middle of editing a video and it glitched then freezes and shuts down


Ehh  KenKenbabenben  5 star

Best app ever you get so addicting


I LOVE FUNIMATE!! ❤️❤️💜💜💕  Ashlynnsmom  5 star

It’s soooo much fun


Srsly  Fredrico101  1 star

So I put 4 ones on a comment box and it said “yo! No spamming the comments” I put 2 more ones and it said you have been muted for 6 HOURS!, Funimate nobody has that much time. You better fix that or I will report this app


I know  rosallla  5 star

I know I haven’t played it yet because my mum doesn’t want me to have these things so prove how safe and fun it is so my mum will let me


Its good but...  L1GHT.TH3.DARK.S1D3  4 star

I think it is a really fun app and i enjoy it very much. But the only thing i dislike about it is the fact that you have to post everyday to get some pro effects, skip a day and youll have to redo everything to get the effects back. I think this is only with the effects not text or magic trails or anything like that. I recommend adfing a slow mo option. Before you press record for the timer, you press a button that says 'slow motion' and get a small tab to chose when you would like it to go slow mo so that when you record it will soon change motion when and where you wanted to change it. It will create perfect slow mos and im sure more people will enjoy it. Welp its great otherwise.

@Heidi911 real name Heidi

Funimate  @Heidi911 real name Heidi  5 star

Hi I love the app Funimate but the only thing is I have made about 1k vids have done some amazing vids but have never got a like from Funimate or a lot or future so I am asking u to give more people some I no u have to urn a lit or future but I am asking u to at like one on my vids hope u can get back to me but besides that I LOVE Funimate so that u bye the way if u don’t no who I am I am @Heidi911 ok thxbye bye hope I get a like or lot or future thx from @Heidi911


It’s kind of good  movie_star222  3 star

Right now I’m trying to use 3D magic, I have had this app before but I got rid of it for some reason, but then I got back in order to create something with my friend, BUT it would not let me use 3D magic, it said I was not allowed until further notice, but I really want to use 3D magic to create a cloning effect, the only way right now is with the collab, that doesn’t do what I want it to do, please fix this I reallly want to use this app


Amazing app but just one thing...  I AM ANGRY AND ANNOYED  3 star

Cool and amazing effects!😱Nice stuff on there keeps lagging whenever I try to put the effects on. Since I don’t use it that often anymore, could u maybe please try fix the lags? Thankyou ❤️


Kicking me out  sallyelizasharpe  1 star

For some reason when I try and do the sticker thing on funimate on my phone once I neally finish it it kicks me out so so very annoying and weird so can you please tell me why you do that 😒


Funimate 💙  ._.Mariella._.  5 star

Funimate is a amazing app but sometimes it’s not that much fun when you can’t get a feature or lit for me it took like 6 months to get a feature I got a feature then it was deleted but other then that this app is my most favourite app in the world!!!! ❤️💙💎🔥


Pretty good app  milly.-.  3 star

It’s a pretty good app but I wish some of the pro transitions were not pro


Pet Cheetah, Pet Cheetah  sims4lover<3  5 star

It’s a dank app 👌🏼 buuuuutt it keeps glitching out for me and whenever I try to add music it quits the app. pls somehow fix this issue!! Tanks ||-//


Pros  CHLOE CENA!!!❤️  1 star

I don’t get why every app you need to pay for something it’s not fair. In Funimate now nearly every single effect is pro. I don’t have enough money to pay once a week or month. Funimate you need to change that. That’s what’s going to make your ratings go down.


Kinda Copied  Kntryprncss  1 star

I think you guys kinda actually copied TikTok thanks! Now I will not use funimate!!


This app is sooooooo stupid  savage21_\lovey  1 star

This app is so stupid you should get tik tok is OS way better than this 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎


No  somebody109578  1 star

Nothing like the ad and you can’t do anything without getting pro.😤😡😠😬


Funimate  Nisafarie  4 star

Won’t let me shoot videos


>:(  BlueCow78087  2 star

First of all... every time I press an option it logs me out!!!!! I can’t even make effects or anything without it logging out! Next, everything I look at is for PRO like why?!? Why does it say rated 1# in over 100 countries?!? IT SAYS 54!!! YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!


It keeps exiting the app!!!  GabrielMae  2 star

every time I open the app and I’m about to finish a really good and important funimate it exes me out and I keep trying to do that again and I NEED that funimate and like all of the filters are pro so I’m complaining

Read plz  5 star

Okay so just put more transitions and filters that you can put on the video your making and that’s it


I like it but...  ikkllkkmhhk,skdjjixmixkxdsmx  5 star

I really love this app and making and edit videos but,when u want to edit a lot of effects cost pro and some people can’t afford, and when I see on lives people comment asking if they can go live on the account and that’s people really wanting to go live and live costs pro and I would like if pro was like 1$ for 3 weeks it would be more affordable

meow party12345678900

Best game EVER  meow party12345678900  5 star

I HIGHLY recommend this game for anyone who is just really BORED 😑 but it is the best!

Frenchy Fries

Best. App. EVER!  Frenchy Fries  5 star

Funimate is such a cool app! I enjoy meeting new people on here and making AWESOME videos! Funimate has led me to be who I am today and idk who I would be if I didn’t exist. I definitely recommend getting Funimate, you won’t regret it!


Good apps  seannaxxxxxxxh  5 star

Good app


Xoxooooooooo  xoooooooooooxxxxxx  5 star



Good  aien63  5 star

Great app


Best app ever  ttooaasstt  5 star

Funimate is a GREAT app download it right now


Good  catlord007meowmeow  5 star

Awesomely good


Great but 2 things  JOJO FAN129  5 star

I love this app best app ever but.1 There is only live for funstars it would be great to have live for normal people to .2 features and Lits it is not fair to give someone who copied u a feature but the real person no feature when it is there work and there idea


Good  banshsh  5 star

Really good


App  Mollyxox9  5 star



Fab  sarahyup69  5 star

I just do this to get a filter


I love this  jemma❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  5 star

It’s the best app ever ❤️

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