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LogTen Pro is the most advanced pilot logbook for iOS, used by over 100,000 pilots world wide to track flight time, currency, endorsements, duty, rest, BFRs and more.

“Super easy to use and quick setup. Huge time saver, whether for certification, insurance, tax or job apps. LogTen Pro will easily save you 15 to 20 hours of agony every year. And if you have any questions, they offer great, unlimited support.”

- Free while in training, or just try it out: no subscription required until you have more than 250 hours of total flight time
- Lightning fast data entry with the all new ‘Fly Now’ feature
- Keep all your devices in sync via iCloud
- Industry first Dynamic Time Loupe™ - see all dynamic currencies and limits at any moment in time including rest and flight duty periods for FAR 117
- Import airline schedules with RosterBuster
- Easy and professional PDF printing of over 100 different reports right on your device
- One tap access to key analytics pilots need like Multi-Engine, Turbine, PIC, SIC, and Total Instrument time
- Automatic GPS detection of nearest landing facilities

LogTen Pro is the leading international pilot logbook platform for all your Apple devices. It is the tool of choice for pilots in nearly 200 countries, and every major airline. From glider pilots to Gulfstream pilots, and from Apache pilots to airline pilots, whether you've got 10 hours or 10,000, LogTen Pro is designed to be completely customizable for your type of flying, country, region, or company so you can track exactly what you need.

LogTen Pro on iOS gives you unmatched capabilities on the go, whether you're using iPad, iPhone, iPod or all of the above. Add, review and update Flights, Aircraft, Aircraft Types, Places, Trips, People and Certificates. Generate incredible reports from basic summaries to complete logbooks, then email PDFs or print right from your device!

LogTen Pro is available for all your Apple devices and is easily kept in sync through the cloud..

**Radar Tab Puts You in Control**
- The new Dynamic Time Loupe™ allows you to quickly scroll backwards and forwards in time. Quickly identify issues with rest, duty or flight duty period limits before they happen, including complex rest and duty regulations such as FAR117 in the USA.

And for GA pilots, confirm you'll be current for that flight you're planning three weeks from now with a swipe.

With LogTen Pro's powerful Smart Groups to filter your time however you want, you can track anything about your flying, from how much tailwheel time you have to when the last time Joe Smith was the relief pilot on your Dubai trip. 

Subscription Information:

As part of our goal to help more pilots succeed, we offer the LogTen Pro service completely free until you have logged more than 250 hours of total time! This means most pilots don't need a subscription until they're well on their way to a commercial pilot's license.

An annual, or monthly subscription to the LogTen Pro Service provides access to Coradine's professional system for managing all your flights, duties, and certificates, the ability to add unlimited new entries, and effortlessly sync your logbook between all your devices.

You always get updates, and you always get full access to your data, where you can view, edit, generate reports, export, and print.

Price may vary by location (see pricing under Top in App Purchases, or right in the App in the Store section of Settings). Your subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account and will automatically renew 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renew is disabled beforehand. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be disabled by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

Privacy Policy: https://coradine.com/privacy-policy
Terms of Service: https://coradine.com/terms-of-service

LogTen Pro App Description & Overview

The applications LogTen Pro was published in the category Utilities on 2014-10-16 and was developed by Coradine Aviation Systems. The file size is 92.88 MB. The current version is 7.5.3 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

With the LogTen Pro service you receive all updates, so to reduce confusion, we are returning to calling the app simply "LogTen Pro". You can find specific version numbers in the about box.

This release also includes a few important bug fixes!

Thanks for the great feedback which helps us to continue making LogTen Pro better with every release.

If you're enjoying LogTen Pro, please take a moment to leave a review in the App Store, we really appreciate it!

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LogTen Pro Reviews


Gift from husband  717marlyn  5 star

I love my log ten pro makes record keeping simple


Awesome product  SQH527  5 star

I use this everyday at work and it keeps track of everything, which makes my life easier. We don’t need a lot of tools for this job, so when I see a product that works to make my life easier, I’m willing to pay for it.


Was 5  Classix120  2 star

The subscription is overprice! Would like to see a better map exporter


I Love LogTenPro!!!  AviatrixMcJones  5 star

Beautifully designed and a cinch to use. Worth every penny for helping me with cockpit management and generating 8710's alone. Definitely going to recommend LogTenPro to my flight school and colleagues. Thank you Coradine!


Extremely disappointed  Heathm98  1 star

As many others have stated on here, I have been a longtime user of the original LogTen Pro app. I was a huge supporter, early adopter, and one of their biggest salesmen. There’s no telling how many pilots I’ve shown the app to and convinced them it was worth the price, rationalizing that even though it was MUCH higher than other apps, it was a one-time purchase. Now, they’ve failed to meet that promise and my data is held hostage. Corradine, please don’t respond that this is Apple’s fault. It takes mere seconds to convert apps from 32-bit to 64-bit so they continue to work. Failing to do this breaks the promise you made to me and ensures that there’s no way I would consider spending even a reasonable $4-5/month with you, much less the exorbitant $129/year! No thanks. I’ll extract my data and move on to someone that keeps their business promises...


Cool!  Peiman.H  5 star

Its a must app.


Needs an Apple Watch app  Jfg0916  5 star

This app would go to the next level with “fly Now” Apple Watch functionality.


Easy to use  Fighterace1000  5 star

Easy to use, great way to get all the information I need at a glance.


Great Job!  GreenToEagle  4 star

You guys are doing great. Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming. Can you please add helicopter class to the rotorcraft category of aircraft? Thank you.

Flyboy X

Ripoff  Flyboy X  1 star

$100 spent on this software and now you've just stopped supporting it?! This subscription model is robbery. Way too expensive - I'll find someone else.

Crab mits

Untrustworthy.  Crab mits  1 star

Paid good money for the previous version of this app but after updating the iOS the app cannot be opened and data cannot be accessed without paying for the expensive subscription again (even if you had it backed up) and the 1 week free trial is worthless because it takes longer than that for them to get back to you with your data in a format for the new version. I am required by legislation to keep a log book but if Coradine can hold you to ransom like this I surely cannot trust them.


Excellent Support  mattatk#$  5 star

Had made an error with entries, asked a query as to how to fix & wonderful LogTen staff took my logbook & repaired the errors personally! Over 220 entries fixed. Thank you so much!!

John Broy

John Broy  John Broy  1 star

Great product but far to expensive. I won't continue to use it. It's a real shame, because I love the app, it's just not good value for money.

Dale Ivison

Good App but way overpriced  Dale Ivison  1 star

LogTen has been my logbook now for several years. It was and still is a great product but the price structure has become ridiculous and still largely increases each year. There are other options that are almost as good for less than half the price. A real shame Coradine.

Abu Dhabi guest

Do NOT pay for this app!  Abu Dhabi guest  1 star

I'm a pilot flown the B737 B777 & B787 I paid for the "lifetime" subscription, was given a new iPad for work went to update my apps and with a little name change and I have to repay for the entire program! This company is a disgrace!!


Ripoff, Greedy Company!  LukeFist  1 star

Ive paid so many times over the years for their software on both ios and mac, supposed one off purchases. Yeah right! Yearly subscription shafting...for what?? Seriously, if your a new or low time pilot, do a spreadsheet and save yourself THOUSANDS over the course of your career. Its not worth the money. Coradine, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Sam dawgg

Good, but expensive in comparison  Sam dawgg  1 star

I really like the look of the logbook and how it can be utilized. But for me as a back up for my paper logbook it is quite expensive compared to a lot of other products that serve the same purpose but with out all the polish. The new increase in price for a yearly subscription is ridiculous and is taking advantage of the people who are relying on this product. Will not sync correctly after last few updates


RIP OFF - DON'T DO IT!  Bushranger76  1 star

This used to be a good app but a few years ago they began charging wildly for system updates for no valid reason. Now the subscription is here, and it is just far too expensive for what it does. Even though it is a major hassle to change my logbooks over to another app, it is worth it in the long-run to avoid the hefty fees that they are charging for the rest of my flying career! Take the time and research the many other equally as good, logbook apps that are far far more cost effective than this one.


Don't buy  MollyBBear  1 star

Having same issue as other uses. Had Logten pro for 6 years. No issues until recent iOS upgrade. Not able to enter any data on iPad. Decided to reinstall. Only option now in X version. Desk top doesn't sync. Why pay for something that's no longer supported. Not able to use ipad version. Still waiting for response from Coradine after a week. 6 years of airline data entry!


Overpriced.. Don't provide service to previous version  Skuma  1 star

Have been using this product for about about 2.5yrs but at each upgrade of the Apple OS it stops working. Support just states old version doesn't work, wont support it and if you want your logbook buy next version. Subscription service a rip off after paying over $100 for the apps. Going to another provider that has once-only lifetime charge. They even convert your logbook for free! Sorry, cant recommend unless you have spare $$ each and every year. Was a good product 😔


Coradine Aviation coradine 3 star

@moist_jeff Hi, sorry to hear about the crashing! Do you have your up to date logbook on your Mac or any other devi…


MacUpdate MacUpdate 3 star

LogTen Pro Centurion 7.5.2 - Professional logbook solution for pilots (was LogTen Pro X).


Customer service rocks  Londonini2861  5 star

Kenny helped me to upgrade and transfer all my time. Step by step. My old iPad was giving me trouble.. And I enjoy the new set up.. Easy and convenient!


Great customer support and ideal for electronic logbook  AndrewSkelton  5 star

I have been using LogTen Pro X since I started flying a couple of years ago. I find it easy to use and sync with all my devices. Great way to keep track of where you are and annual logbook sumaries are so much easier than having to do it manually. I have only ever had one issue and the customer service was friendly, efficient and sorted out my problems in no time. On a Sunday!


Impressive!  Garrett490  5 star

This blows away logbook pro. That program is hitched to a Windows 95 platform. Logten is a full featured iOS logbook that's built for the modern day pilot. Great job Coradine.


Much improved!  dissaper  4 star

Synching (across 3 devices) seems much more robust, and importing from FLICA is excellent. Wish Duty time imports were workable, seems an afterthought. Customer Service is very good indeed. The Gold Standard for Pro Pilot logbooks...


Greedy company  Droyalty87  1 star

I agree with all that pilotguy25 said in his review. LTP used to have a great product now they don't support their previous versions forcing users to buy into their subscriptions. LTP needs to abort the path they're on and go with what worked and stop being so greedy.


Please Reply  610412  5 star

Now that replies to reviews have been added to the App Store, please comment on your thoughts of an ever increasing price trend. I understand yearly subscriptions to such a sophisticated application. As a matter of fact, I highly agree with it. There is no doubt this app is indeed the very best in the world. However, there is an alarming trend in price increase for the subscription. At first if you purchased a several year subscription (I believe it was 3years) the price came out to about $20 a year. Then the price increased to $70 a year, and now finally $130 a year. It's only a matter of a couple years before ForeFlight offers an identical logbook product to your industry leading app for a fraction of the cost. Without factual numbers in front of me, I can only speculate the threat of ForeFlight causing a sharp decrease in profitability to your company within the next five years, stunting potential growth. If I may make a suggestion, offer a lifetime subscription for $500 or $40 a year subscription. I see a real potential for your company to grow exponentially with some adjustments, but it's unlikely with current trends in my opinion. Do you have any plans on bringing multi year plans back? UPDATE: Thank you for your response.


Rating is Bait and Switch...  Pilotguy25  1 star

Every time there is an update for this app, the previous ratings get wiped away. Over all the updates, I would guess the average rating was 2 stars, not the 4 it has now. Be careful people. They are being very sketchy because they know they went wrong. They had a great app with very happy customers. Now they want you to spend over $50 a year on a logbook. A year!!! You can buy a paper one for about $20 and have it last many years even if it's your job. Sure it doesn't have the bells and whistles. Why do I need a fancy graph to show my flight time? Cool I suppose but completely useless. They say it's less than the price of a coffee a month. That makes it sound really nice and cheap. Think about how much you'll spend if you have this logbook for 10 years. 20 years. 40 years. That's an incredible waste of money for a company that DOESN'T EVEN HAVE PHONE SUPPORT!! I paid $180 for LTP6 on all 3 of my devices. Maybe 3 months later guess what comes out? Subscription based LTPX, and LTP6 will no longer be supported. None of my devices talk to each other anymore. Great customer service Coradine. Thank you for stealing my money. Edit: I tried to print out my logbook from LogTen Pro 6 yesterday. It sends it to logten.com then back to you. Formatting is all messed up. No way to add pages to a previous logbook. Grid lines go off the page. Looks extremely unprofessional just like this company.


Not release ready  Fly_guy  2 star

With their Cadet release, reports don't generate properly, their export feature to iCal does not work, and the graphs show inaccurate data. In airplane mode, night mode turns on during the day because the phone doesn't know where it is, so it thinks its night time. We live in a time where developers just want to get a release out, even if the software isn't proven, or ready. We pay the price, literally, for flawed software.


Great Tool  Ajcrj7  4 star

I've been using this App for two years and it has been great! Recently I had an issue not with the App but with my subscription and I was very pleasantly surprised with their customer care. They were very helpful and incredibly patient in working with me until the issue was rectified to my satisfaction. Whether you're starting or a professional Airline pilot, this is definitely a tool that you should have in your "tool bag". I will, absolutely recommended to anyone!!!


Simply the best!  Denaflower  5 star

Love the new night mode! Works great, all my devices stay in perfect sync via iCloud and I've always got instant access to the data I need. Never fly without out.

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