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Hold the world’s largest selection of home goods in the palm of your hand! Our innovative new 3D View in Room feature lets you shop and compare like never before. Whether you’re redoing an entire room, creating a wedding registry, or simply searching for a great deal, Wayfair makes shopping for your home easy and fun. Join millions of shoppers already using our app to:

Access Revolutionary New Features
• See life-sized versions of products in any space using our 3D View in Room feature
• Track large packages in real time—right to your doorstep!

Find Your Personal Style
• Choose from over 7 million products
• Save your faves with Idea Boards
• Get inspired with professional designs in Shop the Look

Effortlessly Create Your Dream Home
• Arrange furniture and design your ideal space with our Room Planner tool
• Stay up to date on the latest sales and easily check your order status
• Purchase items FAST with our mobile-optimized checkout
• Build a wedding registry that works for you and your guests

Shopping for a business? Try Wayfair Professional!
• Dedicated service
• Commercial-grade options
• Something for every industry & budget
• Exclusive pricing
• And more

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Thank you for updating the Wayfair app! This version has more performance improvements and bug fixes than ever before!

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- Love Wayfair App!

I have been shopping from Wayfair for over 2 years. I absolutely love the the Wayfair site and the app! The app is easy to get, easy to set up, and saves everything the way you left it. It will, if you choose, give you updates on deals. It holds what is placed in your cart and doesn’t disappear if you don’t purchase after a certain amount of time like some shopping apps. It saves all your info so you can order quickly. The shipping time is fast, which I love and you can track your order from the app. If you have an item in your cart that happens to go on sale it updates the sale in your cart immediately! You don’t have to resubmit your item to get the discount, which is so annoying! I love Wayfair does the updates on its own. Their items are not cheap, even if they are inexpensive. However, if you have a problem with an item their customers service is extremely helpful and will fix it without having to beg and explain yourself multiple times over. They just get right down to business. The app also is easy to navigate for questions and has a direct number you can call. It’s not hidden or difficult to find like in some shopping apps. Most shopping apps it like trying to find a needle in a haystack to locate their email, phone number, and Q&A. In the Wayfair app it is all listed nicely and extremely easy to find. I would recommend this app to anyone!


As I have worked in customer service my entire career, I have always had extremely high expectations for any company and their employees for going above and beyond with Customer Service. Until I started shopping at Wayfair, I have never seen a company who consistently has the best customer service that goes above and beyond the call of duty on every single issue they encounter. I love to shop, but it is an absolute joy to purchase from them because you know if there’s ever an issue they will do any and everything they can to correct the problem at their expense and make it as easy for you as possible. In my opinion they are the best company with the best customer service standards that are currently in business. If I have a chance to buy something at Wayfair, I would buy it at Wayfair , even if it was more expensive, which it never is, but even hypothetically if it was, I would still buy at Wayfair because I know I would be covered and guaranteed wonderful customer service every single time. Congratulations to upper management of this company you have done an amazing job with your people. Keep up the excellent work, and you have a customer for life!!!

- Love this companyI!!!

I have been ordering from Wayfair for almost two years. The items have been great. My first purchase was bar stools purple with stainless steel bases. They are an eye catcher setting off my room perfectly. The second was a patio se. it was a shock to have to put it together but I managed it by myself within two days, never having out anything together before in my life. The next items were smaller bedspreads one that I returned easily with prompt and very satisfactory customer service interaction. Two months ago three metal beds, all easy to put together and superior in quality, the bedrooms look fantastic. Lastly draperies and sheers fast delivery. The items are of excellent quality so much so that I am ordering another set for my bedroom as well. My experience thus far has been one of ease professionalism and integrity. I love the confidence, the quality and the products my home, apartment looks beautiful. I receive many compliments. I am not sure why others are experiencing difficulty for me this company is simply a adventure into decorating heaven!!!

- Replacing a damaged item

I received my order and part of it was damaged. I contacted Wayfair immediately to report the damaged item. I was assured that I would receive a replacement. But I have still not received any confirmation in writing that the replacement parts are indeed ordered. I’ve checked my account online and sometimes I see that a replacement was ordered, but most times it just says my order was delivered. When I’ve contacted again I was assured that it was being sent the next day and that I’d get tracking information. Still no confirmation or tracking information. I check my account again and no reference to replacement parts is there. I try and find a number or chat to contact again and can find nothing. I just get sent in circles. Your application is terrible. Nothing gets updated consistently. One time I find a contact number and the next time no contact number. I’ve found chat. But can’t find it again. I’m not that stupid. But your application makes me feel this way. While the people I’ve spoken to seem nice at the time I can’t seem to make any progress. Everything about this process has been frustrating. I’m very angry and I have a child who is very upset because we can’t put his bed together because it’s broken. Terrible. Terrible. Once I get resolution you can be assured that I won’t be using Wayfair again.

- The Facebook of E-commerce

While I love most of the items I’ve purchased from Wayfair, it startles me how targeted the ads are when I mention, out loud, what I feel like I should be buying soon for my home. The combination of Instagram/Facebook and Wayfair “intelligence” is something to be mindful of and alarmed by for every consumer. I don’t recall feeling this anxious when first started using the app. Now if I mention anything, an alert pops up on my phone highlighting something I am thinking about getting. Most recently I needed kitchen chairs and it magically appeared in a badge alert and on instagram and Facebook. I went to the app, perused a few selections, and saved a few to my board. Next day, magically the price went up on a set I liked the most (consistent with chairs I’ve looked at for my living room in the past). This combination prompted me to NOT go with Wayfair, and to choose another vendor. I appreciate the customer service I’ve received in the past but I think twice now about buying from a company that listens so intensely to what people are thinking about when they don’t realize they’re being listened to. Shutting off the mic access for them and all apps that fit this mold going forward.

- Worst site especially if you have a business

I just cancelled my business account with them. Me and my husband own a construction/interior design company and let me tell you that this is by far the absolute worst company I have ever worked with. A client had picked out a bedroom set and we both soon regretted it. We received an email the day we were supposed to receive the bed that the bed was now out of stock.... so we though no way this could happen again, we then ordered a different bed that was “okay” compared to the other. I called my consultant to confirm that this bed was in-fact in stock, I was told they had abundance available. While waiting we had received the two end tables. Not only are they made of extremely cheap materials. They were both dented, missing paint, the drawers on one were bowed and the whole side on the other was not attached. Not even an hour later I receive yet another email that the bed we had ordered for the SECOND TIME was no longer in stock...... I have to keep calling my customer. They of course understood but it reflects very bad on my business. I called extremely upset and received no help on this matter what so ever. Not even help on finding a bed that could possibly match that for sure was in stock. I do not recommend this website.

- Employees Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

I just purchased 2 vanities and had a few questions before placing the order. The first women that I spoke to Roxy, was amazing and very knowledgeable. I really appreciate your vast knowledge, how much you cared about making sure that you answered all of my questions and that I was happy! I was then transferred as I had some questions about about potentially opening a business account. I cannot remember the name of this employee, but she was a breath of fresh air to speak with as well! She was very informative, thorough and wanted to help in any way that she could. I do have to say, that in my limited experience in dealing with Wayfair, they seem to have great customer service. I believe that this will suit them well over time. In an ever changing landscape of online shopping and difficult retail conditions, it was a pleasure getting this type of information, care and service. I believe that Wayfair just put themselves in a “must look at option”, every time that I have to shop online. Thanks again! Chris (Mount Laurel, NJ)

- Wayfair and Me For About 4 Years..❤️❤️❤️❤️

Review-- Updated after 2017 Black Friday....I think my shopping with Wayfair is at or near 4 years now. I have many bigger ticket items (vanities, love seats, consoles, pantry, wool rugs, etc.) & other small beauties from Wayfair. People online have commented on their wonderful customer service and helpful nature and the quality/selection in all price ranges...Yep. True. No BS... After mom had passed on, I donated literally all in the house to downsize and make the house more to my oddball, more Bohemian taste. Try doing that on very little money. But Wayfair was there with the big stuff. And the funky little stuff. And the prices are... well...so fair. Plus delivery right to your door. What more could a person ask for? Even my UPS driver shops on their site...he has seen how well items are packaged so it's helpful to him also. (And this is not fake news...blessings.) Gail in Central Florida...OMG...I forgot. I found my stainless steel double walled Bodum French Press on Wayfair...no more stinkin pods!! Hello Trader Joe's Columbian In a huge mug...heaven...

- A complete letdown and disappointment!!!

I ordered a trampoline on April 3, it said estimated delivery may 15th. I waited patiently and NEVER received any email stating the status of my order. I called a couple of times (ever time waiting for a minimum of 30 minutes) just to check on it and was never told there was any problem. It was expected to ship to me on time! On may 11, I called again since the status online still said preparing to ship, I spoke with Bernard and he informed me I would receive an email because it would be on a truck for delivery that day. On Tuesday the status still said preparing to ship so I called again and this time the customer support representative actually looked into the supplier and found out there were no trampolines in stock! Why did Bernard lie???? Why didn’t the manufacturer inform Wayfair that there were no in stock trampolines (I could wait until mid July for one....ya right!!!), and most importantly why does Wayfair not send any confirmation emails letting you know what’s going on???? I’m so disappointed and had to inform my daughter who has been waiting for over a month, that our trampoline is not coming!!! This was my first and LAST time shopping with Wayfair!!!! Thank you for being nothing but a disappointment!!!!

- Cannot cancel an order even if cancelled within an hour

This is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with when it comes to canceling orders. I ordered 4 chairs. Within one hour I know these chairs were not what I needed so I canceled the order. I put the correct order # but it only cancelled 1 chair . When I tried to cancel the rest of the chairs it won’t let me because of course the order number would be the same for the 3 chairs as it is for the one chair. I had to call customer service the following day because they’re in the East Coast and they were already closed. I called at the earliest time possible and yet they said that that the order is now in their warehouse ready to ship and although she can cancel the order it might still show up. I beg her not to do that because I’m a tiny woman and I cannot carry three chairs to return them . Still she said she couldn’t do anything but she acknowledged that I had canceled this order. Wouldn’t you know I get an email today that supposedly three chairs were delivered by FedEx to my house. I was home all day and my 4 security cameras never showed anyone delivering a box . I would never ever order from Wayfair again!!! Now I have to fight to make sure I don’t get charge by this very inefficient company

- Best customer service EVER!

I’m not sure if this is the right place to share this review, but I want to share my recent experience. I have been looking for a beautiful ceiling fan for awhile. I finally found one that I like on Wayfair. As it was being installed, we found a design flaw. I was devastated. Not only would I not be able to use this fan, but the thought of boxing it all up and sending it back made me want to cry. I called Wayfair and just knew it was gonna be a headache. Instead what I got was a very professional, polite representative that quickly understood that replacing parts or even the whole fan was not a good option since there was indeed a design flaw. He was incredible. I have never experienced such a smooth and easy return. I will DEFINITELY be shopping more with Wayfair. Amazing. I’m sorry I can’t remember the gentleman’s name, but if you can hunt it down, you should most definitely give him a gold star. I have told so many people about my pleasant experience. Well done Wayfair. Well done.

- Wayfair experience

So far wayfair has been great and a pleasure to deal with! Always friendly and courteous when I call them. The products are all too notch for the most part- I’ve only had a couple of issues and I called about it and wayfair is always happy to make sure I’m satisfied. I just have to call again because I was supposed to get a refund for a table set I ordered and I only received a partial refund and am confused about where the amount came from. The table set I purchased was around 597 and they gave me a refund for 394 so I have to call again and I don’t have the time to stay on the phone for a while and it normally takes 20-40 min for a result so that’s my only issue is getting the refund or issue completed correctly and the time it takes to do it as I’m injured from an accident and disabled and have young kids to take care of and I get overwhelmed and easily confused and wish the help provided didn’t tAke S long on the phone.

- Helpful comments, not fake.

I always like to read the reviews that real customers submit. With Wayfair there usually is a fairly good sample size to help form an honest opinion. Also, many items also have consumer questions with answers. Keep in mind that there is a segment of people who submit a poor rating for stupid reasons (“It was heavy and I’m small so it was hard to drag the box inside, one star” “It was 2 days late” “It had a tiny scratch so they replaced it for free; I love it, one star” “It had a screw missing, box dented/ had extra screws/ had trouble lining up screws until I figured it out” “Instructions are just pictures with no sentences” “Specifications stated size to 1/100 of an inch, but it was smaller than I thought, and I’m seven feet tall, so I’m sending it back unless they dare charge me shipping! One star” “Most gorgeous thing ever! I get raves from all visitors!!! One star!”) Wayfair has a button to indicate “Helpful Review”, but they should also let consumers press”MORON ALERT”....

- Great company

Normally everything comes in perfect. Once in awhile something is damaged, NEVER have I had any issue from Wayfair returning anything. Easy helpful and ready to please their customers, I can’t say enough good things about this company. Unique items, stylish and great prices. We have been in full house’s renovations for 5 years now, that’s a long time... Wayfair has given me inspiration and has successfully helped to fill in decor gaps, furniture gaps etc... Just now I ordered a stone tile so unique for our men’s bathroom. I had ordered a sample a couple of months ago, the other day two neighbors came by to see our new kitchen, I had the sample tile sitting on a table in the room they both were more into the tile than the kitchen. So when they left I went online to order the tile for our bathroom...but wait, what? The tile was out of stock, no no say it ain’t so... thankfully I noticed the tell me when it’s back in stock alert notification. I filled in the info and less than a week later, BAM! I just placed my tile order. This is one Happy Lady sitting here, we could be... rather, Our house could be in a Wayfair commercial, literally. Bathroom, kitchen, bar, bedrooms, dining, living, family, music room, outdoor lanai, offices... I’m telling you there is something in every room in our 6000 sq foot house from Wayfair. I am not a “ in store shopper”, I hate Malls, this is the best way to shop ... the Way to shop is Wayfair. Have fun, get crazy it’s the only WAY!

- Has some issues - Update

I use this app to bookmark items to purchase for my home. Have a lot of great products. However recent use of the app has shown all my boards are gone. I have tried signing in and out of the app with no difference. Gives you the option to create a new board and saves the item with a bold heart. However no actual new board is created. Not sure if it is a glitch or if they got rid of a great feature. If gone I probably would stop using the app regularly. Update: I have since use the app since the initial issue. Review of the account shows multiple boards were created for the same category and items I chose were added to each of those boards because of the initial error. It’s something I’ll probably have to clean up mainly on the website but overall appears to be a glitch with the software that looks like it’s in the process of being corrected.

- Like the app, but some updates..not so much

I'm a fan of the app. Love the boards and being able to easily search. However, I noticed today that the customer photos were not in with the main preview photos and instead I had to go find them in the reviews section. Maybe I'm missing something where it's available elsewhere else, but this was one of the better options that made me like the app so much. I could see right away, the customer loaded photos, and get a better idea of how that particular product could be used/displayed. I don't like having to read through all of the reviews. *Update* Nice to see the customer photos but please add to main photo lineup for the product. That way you don't have to go to the customer feedback and all photos can be viewed together. Also, the app is constantly shutting down on me. Same thing happens if I just go to the webpage and avoid the app, except I get an error message saying it has to be reloaded. Any ideas or fixes for that?! Thanks.

- John Robert Champion

Please Please don’t screw is order up, it’s very important. The four last orders have been upsetting. First order a was a king set bedding for my niece, it sat for two week in her back door because it was winter and she no need to go outside because of the rain and snow. The second order, I order queen sheets with high thread count, and they had small hole on them, I just threw them away. Then I order a high end queen set it took almost six weeks for me to get it to me. I finally had to call Wayfair to remind them about my order and on one didn’t know anything about the IT. Nevertheless it was very disappointing. The fourth order was just recent I order a of set two buffet lamps, and I got just one lamp, and l still really don’t what want happen? So just one more chance, I know I’m just one consumer, but you look at all my orders I have place with Wayfair in the pass well it be a very long time. Almost five years, but I have no qualms disconnect with Wayfair. I’m tried of feeling like I did something wrong when my orders are not fill properly. Sincerely John Robert Champion.

- Bad experience & wastefulness

I’ve only purchased 2 items through Wayfair and both experiences were bad in different ways. First item was a headboard and I ended up having to drive to the warehouse of the shipping company to pick it up because they only delivered during business hours Monday through Friday. Sorry I have a job and can’t accommodate your 8 hour delivery window on a Tuesday. Not entirely Wayfair’s fault but as a seller you should know who you’re doing business within your distribution chain. Second purchase was for a wine cabinet that was promised in 2 days and made it to my front door in 3. The product was banged up and virtually impossible to assemble. It wobbled when assembled which is exactly what you want with a toddler in the house. It had dings all over it as well. The worst part is, I called Wayfair customer service and told them I’d like a refund and that they would need to send someone out to disassemble the monstrosity and remove it from my house. I was promptly issued a refund and told to dispose of the $400 shelf. How incredibly wasteful of you. I will not do business with Wayfair again. Careless, poor quality, wasteful and overpriced. Technically, I give you negative 5 stars.

- 1 Happy Customer!!

I feel obligated to tell the World how Great this company Wayfair is! The products I have purchases so far are excellent! They were delivered very quickly! Prices were very good and affordable and worth every dollar! They have such a wide selection of products for every room in your house! I will never buy elsewhere unless for some reason they do not have whatever it is i would need which is most likely impossible. The last thing I have to say and in my opinion the most important... So far I called customer service twice and both times was welcomed by the friendliest, courteous, respectful, helpful, caring and happy people on earth no exaggeration when saying this!!! It was my pleasure to have spoke with them my issues were solved immediately and better outcome then expected I hung up the phone smiling and in a wonderful mood thanks to them!! Just a BIG shout out to Wayfair for everything they do!!

- I loooove Wayfair.

What I hate is the notification door bell sound, it tricks me all the time!!!! From being really comfy asleep and jump off the bed so quickly run down the stairs, interrupting my sleep🤬 to find no one. When I’m cooking, I have to walk all the way to the door to find no one, to telling my daughters to open up the dooor hurryyy!!! getting mad at them, and they look so confused and run to the door to find no one. Interrupting my husband In the AM when he just got off work so concentrated unwinding playing XBOX to hurry up “cause I heard the doorbell” and go all the way downstairs to find no one. The thing is, everyone in this house has a key to this home. So usually no one rings the bell. Only Wayfair in my notifications. Wayfairs like the kid that rings the door bell and runs. So I’m writing this cause you woke me up right now, it’s 1:43 am, in Az. Like really??? Reallllyyyy????🤬🙄 Rant over.

- Text delivery updates are wrong, also let’s protect the environment.

I recently purchased an order of 6 items and they’ve all been shipped to me separately, each with a different estimated delivery date. I appreciate that the company sends texts when an item is to be delivered and then again to confirm the delivery; however, many of my items, unfortunately, did not arrive on the projected dates, yet I still received texts that they had. It’s pretty frustrating to be notified that a package is being delivered that day, and then discover it’s still on the other side of the country. Another aspect I don’t like about this order is that it’s all shipped separately. Is it really necessary to ship two of the exact same sheet sets individually? Unless they’re coming from different locations, this isn’t a very environmentally friendly practice. My sheets and throw blankets should have shared boxes. I hope Wayfair can fix this problem.

- Huge Selection

I enjoy the ability to preview thousands of varied options. From bathroom towels to entertainment centers. Traditional to glamorous styles. Small pieces to grand pieces. Things to work on for the app- I created multiple lists. The biggest list I compiled after going through 1000s (a list of 9630) of room looks, the created list and another list I created disappeared! That was hours of work undone. Ideas that I’m not going to spend time looking for again. (Updated, 2 days later my missing lists came back. But now I have multiple similar lists and can’t seem to easily bulk move items to the correct favorites list.) Also, I created another favorite list. When creating it from the categories, I can click, view features, and add to cart, if I wish. When viewing the same items in my organized favorites list, I can see all the added items but several I could not click on for details. I went back to the original category, and the item is available and can be clicked on, and details can be seen. But not in my personal curated list. Lastly, using 3D mode didn’t work well for me. When attempting to place end table, I was unable to make the table smaller and it filled the entire room. This will make for reviewing potential items very difficult. I truly hope these are one-off bugs and will rectify themselves soon. Thanks.

- I had high expectations

I bought two things. One a dresser that when it arrived it had a whole bunch of scratches on it. I tried to contact the app costumer service and had no answer until trying after ten days via email. I wanted to speak to someone to explain that my first item was damaged and had missing pieces to install. It took three emails to finally get the missing parts. My second item I bought one day after the dresser on May 31,2020. All this time I was expected to receive the hammock stand by the end of next week and two days ago I received an email saying I was going to get my money reimbursed because the something happened and the product wasn’t available. I’m completely disappointed at this app and how they address the costumers just via email and don’t speak directly to resolve the problems. Plus I try to return the dresser that was damage but also not good quality and I never heard anything from them to guide me to resolve the issue I had. I definitely DO NOT I REPEAT I DO NOT recommend this site for anything. 100 dissatisfied with it.

- Amazing Customer Service

Today I received a package from Wayfair. UPS rang my doorbell to let me know it was on my porch. Two minutes later I went out to retrieve it and it was gone! Since I have a video doorbell, I was able to see how quick it happened. After speaking to the police, UPS and my neighbors, I called Wayfair and asked what I could do. The wonderful woman on the other end (I think her name was Joanna) immediately apologized for for what happened and without even asking if I had proof, ordered me a replacement and had it send right away. Normally I just scroll through Wayfair and add items to my boards so this is the first time I have placed an order. They went above and beyond any customer service I have ever dealt with. You have made a loyal Wayfair shopper out of me and I will be encouraging all of my fellow military spouses to shop here as well. Thank you Wayfair!!!!

- 👎👎👎

I ordered one month and two weeks ago living room set because I rent a new apartment and I wanted everything be ready for my new apartment but the I’m open my sofa I seen they sent me wrong color I bought my throw pillows my rug match with my sofa color and then I called wayfair customers service and I told them about my issue they told me ok they replace for you with that color you ordered and after that I waited 10 days again for they replace and I told my manager please change my schedule for today and when delivery’s guy arrived they put my wrong sofa out of my apartment they so noisy and dirty and messed my carpet, and after I before they put new items in my apartment I checked them they sent me again wrong color the same exactly that color I wanted replace that I can’t believe after one month and half They sent me again wrong color and they told me sorry we can replace again for you, I can’t believe, I just returned them because I can’t deal with this company anymore and I can’t trust them , I should clean my carpet after delivery guy mess that and seat on the floor 🤬🤬🤬🤬👎👎👎👎

- Great features but glitchy and cumbersome

I love the ability to put items in a room view. That part is really awesome and helpful in planning. If you are planning a whole room make over, you have to remember to save your photo, then keep layering pieces into a new photo one at a time. It’s also helpful to save items you are lookIng at to an idea board so it’s easy to find in the future. Since it’s the only website I know of that gives me the flexibility to view items in my own photos and save them, I think it’s the best - at least for free. However, the app kept crashing and freezing all day while using my iPad. It was also slow to respond to clicks and ended up taking several hours to get 8 pieces of furniture and artwork in one of my rooms. That part was really frustrating. I’m hoping the glitches get worked out soon.

- Robert Mandilakis

We are in the process of remodeling a 1985 Townhouse from top to bottom. After being married almost 42 years, my wife and I just recently discovered Wayfair! We initially were astounded by the selection. After our first order we were pleasantly surprised by the extremely high quality of the products. Combining the quality with the free shipping alone would in itself be a winning combination. I retired from being a Senior Vice President of International Marketing and Sales. One thing throughout my many years in business I instilled in my employees was that great customer service was essential to establishing a long term business relationship. Wayfair’s Customer Service and Support is among the very best I’ve ever encountered in all my years in business. You can be assured you have gained two new very happy customers! Keep up the excellent work!

- Orders

I have ordered several thousands of dollars of furniture for a new house in the last few days. I think the quality is good but don’t care for the way they advertise one price on the first page and it is double the price or more when you get to the order page. I called and questioned it and the person on the phone was in my corner on it but could not get it approved to be charged the advertised price that was on the original page. Not sure if I will order again over less than $100 on their part to remedy the situation. She could not get it approved to do the right thing and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with 3 of their employees and myself. They spent more time over arguing about this as well as my time and now they are also getting bad press for a stupid decision. Bye bye Wayfair. I will be sure to warn the folks in my new subdivision before ordering from you.

- It’s the one stop home shop

Ok, so... I’ve always been skeptical until I have it a shot. I’ve now ordered 3 things from them and have absolutely loved every thing I’ve ordered. Always comes on time. I’ve seen some reviews where people complain that shipping took way longer than expected or that you have to put together the things you order. First, if shipping is taking a long time, take into consideration the weather, maybe the truck broke down, maybe there was road work. I mean, really?! My stuff has always shown up on time. Second, of course you have to put this stuff together.... but, lucky for the people who don’t want that, there is an option to buy pre assembled in their pre assembled section. So, give them a shot because they have great things for great prices. Also, customer care is great!!

- Poor customer service

I have been attempting to use my Wayfair card for over a year but all orders I placed have been cancelled with the card placed on hold. Last December my card was hacked. Wayfair was immediately contacted. Card/account closed new card/account reissued. You would have thought this would have taken care of any problems. Nope! After 12 months, 10 emails, 8 phone calls and 11 customer service agents later (some polite, last one not so much),I still can’t use the card. I have done exactly like I was instructed, ordered an item, paid by check, etc,,, still orders placed on card are cancelled and card on hold. Obviously whoever designed their accounts software did not take this into account. This has been the worse customer service I have ever experienced! Wayfair has loss me as a customer.

- Great quality topped with the most amazing customer service!

I can’t explain how happy I have been and always am with Wayfair! Their product selection is amazing and quality at fairer pricing than most brick and mortar retailers! Not only are their products exactly what they look like in the pictures, wayfair is so on point with their customer service, that if you didn’t get what you expected at the highest quality, they will gladly facilitate the return or refund without question. I recently bought a whole couch and unfortunately the shipping people were not considered with how they delivered the couch and it came to me with a few tears and scars. The wayfair representative I spoke to was not only very empathetic about my experience, she also resolved it right away! I have since purchased not only ALL my home furnishings etc from wayfair, but also many random things that I didn’t even know they sold! To sum it up...I’m a real person who doesn’t make a ton of money but loves nice/quality things...wayfair not only offers me the opportunity and selection for the finer things, they also offer the most superior customer service, and for that, I will ALWAYS come back to your company. Thank you wayfair for your amazing service and STAFF!! Cheers! Hollis Wilson HUGE WAYFAIR FAN :)

- AMAZING customer service!!

I love this company! I love being able to make large purchases (I’ve purchased well over $1000 worth of home decor and furniture from them)...and be able to make low monthly payments...Only one time, it sucked that 2 items arrived damaged. However, I called them up nearly 3 weeks after I received the items because I hadn’t gotten around to putting up art or putting together furniture before then...and when I finally did call it was suuuuper easy peasy to get a refund and reorder one piece of art that came with a shattered frame and no hassle, they offered me a really nice discount to my slightly damaged console. I am very happy I ordered from them and will do so any time I need something they sell! They’ve got a customer for life in me and I will spread the word to my family and friends as well!

- Returns

I had a great experience with your team on a return you handled for me. The delivery was about a week later than expected. After receiving patio chairs as a gift my mom decided she’d rather have a coffee table instead. Way fair took care of the return delivery because of the delay on receiving the order. I dealt with one of your customer service reps who was very sweet and helpful. I then received a call from one of your managers the next day concerning the delay on the delivery. I couldn’t have asked for better service from your company. I liked the service so much we ordered the coffee table from wayfair and today my mom ordered the matching end table. The quality of your products is excellent. I will be a return customer to wayfair myself next time something is needed. I commend you for excellent customer service.

- Wayfair Products & Shipping

I was amazed at the product quality, packaging and speed of delivery. We just moved from California to Arkansas and needed some furniture. We looked in local furniture stores-the quality was cheap and prices high. So l looked on line and found Wayfair. Bought two (2) end tables at first and we really liked them. Then we purchased four (4) more. We purchased a total of six (6) end tables. Two were used as night tables on both side of our bed. My wife loves them. The quality and design were terrific and the wood color was just like the picture on line. I had to assemble only 2 of the tables and it was easy-just put on the legs to the top and bottom pieces. This may sound like I’m a company “man”, but I’m NOT- buy the merchandise from Wayfair- you won’t be disappointed. Good luck.

- App gives incorrect product info

I purchased the Agnese Upholstered Platform Bed, which turned out TERRIBLY. Would not advise purchasing anything from this company. The bed arrived today- I specifically bought this bed because there was no California Proposition 65 warning (meaning chemicals used in the bed have been known to cause cancer, a warning that many Wayfair products have) on the website for this bed. To be safe, I checked the Questions and Answers section for this bed and saw that someone asked if the bed had a California Proposition 65 warning. The answer Wayfair posted was confirming that No it does not. When I received the bed today, I went on the website to check if I need a screwdriver, and now plainly visible on the website is the California Proposition 65 (which was not there before), although the Q/A section STILL says it does not have this warning. I called customer service and they will not pay for the bed to be shipped back, even though the entire reason I got it was that there is incorrect information posted on the website.

- We Love Wayfair!

We have been shopping with Wayfair since 2012 and furnished all our bed linens and more for our Florida vacation home. That was the start of my love affair with Wayfair. I purchased a love seat and couldn’t have been happier with the couch, price and service. Little by little we kept adding more and the few little issues we had were resolved with a phone call. Customer service is AWESOME and I always feel comfortable making a purchase with this company. Now if you would just set up a store in MA you would beat IKEA hands down. You sell quality products with great prices and customer service second to NONE. The best news is we are closing on a new Florida home next week and I’m shopping again on your website. The deals keep on coming! Colleen Muscato LEOMINSTER, MA

- Horrible customer service experience

Fed Ex is the horrible middle man 1st off they will drop your merchandise on the streets. They have outrageous window time, Basically just wait until they get there. I expressed my concerns to Wayfair about the early drop off and how this wasn’t conducive to my move in date. Wayfair and Fed Ex emailed me stating that the furniture would arrive a day before I even moved in. I immediately called Wayfair and redirected me back to Fed Ex. Fed Ex informed me that I couldn’t change the date until they actually get the furniture from Wayfair. Once the merchandise was in their warehouse , I’ll be notified and at that time I can call and change possibly change the delivery date. I never thought that I would experience this type of customer service, where there would be so much hassle and back and forth, I really should have brought my items from BoB’s Furniture or else where. This would have definitely cut out the middle man and a guaranteed delivery date as requested by me. I would never purchase from here again.)

- Easy & too much fun!!

Husbands beware! This app is a little bit too much fun and user friendly! I love shopping online "unfortunately" so trust me when I say it's a new addiction. I've looked at Wayfair in the past and never considered the app. I really loved their items but didn't have the cash at the time (or all of it) so I never purchased. My husband doesn't shop online nearly as much as me and was reserved about purchasing furniture online. Later on, I found Wayfair again and the app. They gave me a Wayfair account with zero interest for a year. !! I'm hooked. Yes I know the couch 🤞must be paid in a year to avoid interest...that's my responsibility. So yes, I'd recommend it for great buys & huge selection. They also have several payment options. All of it can be done through the app.

- First timer......

After everybody telling what I've been missing from my life for not using Wayfair. I placed my very first order and I search the Internet for weeks for this particular chair and I could not find it anywhere online and I’m pretty good at research, then somethings said try that website everybody has been telling you about forever that you’ve never even taken a look at, so I did it and I promise in less than three minutes there it was....... Wayfair you saved my life. I just purchased this FABULOUS dining room set at a HUGE discount because it was missing a fourth chair. I fell In love with it being such a unique dining set with Rhinestone studded chairs and I was just dumbfounded that everybody was right this website has everything you could ever need and wish for. I’m Wayfair for life!!!!

- Lied to me about everything

I ordered a sectional on August the 13th. My expected delivery date when I ordered it was September 5th. About a week later my estimated delivery date jumped to September 10th. I didn’t care all that much but I called customer service to see when my couch would ship out. They told me it would ship August 28th and that I would get it on or BEFORE September 10th. When August 28th came and went and my item hadn’t shipped out I called again. They told me that they were sorry and that’d look into why it hasn’t shipped out. The lady was yelling at me on the phone mind you. She said in her opinion the item shipped out and they didn’t scan it in for tracking. Then this morning I see that the delivery date jumped to December 11th. It took for me sending an email for them to tell me what was going on. Apparently I’ve been waiting three weeks for an item that was already sold out when I bought it. Three weeks they held my money and lied to me about my delivery date. NEVER EVER BUYING FROM WAYFAIR AGAIN.

- Sofa x two

I bought my 2 sofas off of Wayfair back in June and I must say that I am beyond pleased.....first off I got a heck of a deal off off the sofas, I caught them on sale which was a beautiful thing...the only issue I had was the delivery service which Wayfair used at the time had no disregard on how they handled bringing my furniture into my home which inturn their was a rip that they had made on the handling of my furniture but when I tell you that Wayfair’s customer service was on it...they were EXCEPTIONAL and AWESOME...they made sure that I had an replacement and I had my own advisor that kept me up to date with the status of my replacement sofa and when it would be delivered... I was so impressed and pleased with Wayfair and their customer service associates....will be ordering from them again....

- Love Wayfair, just a nitpick

I love the Wayfair app, and always have good experiences ordering on it. The only petty complaint I have is that the website allows you to set specific price parameters in a search, and the app does not. If you want to search for things in a price range, app makes you select an arbitrary range, like “$100-$250”, when I might want to search for everything below $250, even if it’s below $100. Like what if there’s something really cool that costs $85? I would have to do two completely different searches, one for a $100-$250 range, and one for a $50-$100 range. I might be the only person in the world that this frustrates though, and I’m assuming that there is some kind of programming reason that it’s done that way in the app and not on the website. But the app would be PERFECT if we could set our own price parameters!

- Amazing Customer Service

I ordered some area rugs and, as soon as I received the first one, I realized the color was not going to work. I called Wayfair right away to let them know that I needed to return the rug and the others that were on their way already. Amy Gonzales, the customer service representative I spoke with, was amazing!!! She arranged for pre-paid return labels for the rugs so that they could be picked up at my home and returned to Wayfair. She also provided me with a coupon to use toward a future area rug purchase. Honestly, I am still overwhelmed at the superior customer-focused support I received! I loved shopping at Wayfair before but now I know there is absolutely no reason to worry about ordering online from them. They are there to help you. And, no, I don’t work for Wayfair!

- Shipping Issues Are Common

I read several reviews that said shipping problems occur frequently with this app. I downloaded it regardless, and bought a bookshelf. I made the purchase on December 30th, it was supposed to arrive on January 7th. It is now the 14th and it still has not come. UPS tracking says that I have no shipments to track. I called the customer service number twice on the 10th, but the problem is still not resolved. I’m doubtful that I’ll be refunded easily. I also doubt that I will be receiving my purchase at this point. I would recommend downloading an app with more dependable shipping, or going to a store in person. The convenience of having something shipped to your doorstep is diminished when it is overly complicated, or takes more than two weeks. The shelves I bought cost over $100. I’m sure that I probably could have found something just as good, for less money, and without the shipping problems somewhere else. I wish I would have believed the poor ratings I read.

- Where is the refund?

I purchased a futon about a month ago. I decided I didn’t want it and started a return process. When I was chatting with the agent, she assured me I wouldn’t need to print a return label as I don’t have a printer. The fedex guy refused to pick up the return because I didn’t have a printed label. He advised me to ask for a call ticket from fedex. When I called fedex they told me to call Wayfair. Neither fedex or Wayfair wanted to take responsibility for the pick up of the return. Meanwhile, the futon was placed in the common area of my complex. The delivery guy was too lazy to carry the futon to my door. I’m 5 feet 120 pounds....you want me to carry a futon up a flight of stairs? Yea thanks fedex. I’m upset with both parties here...fedex and Wayfair. After chatting with Wayfair assuring me I shouldn’t have a problem, calling fedex and asking for yet ANOTHER call ticket, the fed ex man came to pick up the futon. FINALLY. Weeks have passed and I still don’t see a refund in my bank account. I emailed Wayfair about 4 times now explaining the situation and all I get is a generic answer. It is coming to a point where I think customer service at Wayfair enjoys aggravating their customers. I will NEVER order from Wayfair again. I will be calling my credit card company to get a refund. I tried several times to resolve with Wayfair only to conclude their customer service representatives are poorly trained and Wayfair doesn’t care or treat customers fairly.

- Best Customer Care

I have always had wonderful experiences with Wayfair and their customer service. Recently I had an order “delivered” per the carrier that never actually arrived at my house. Lost! I knew the claims process with this carrier was going to be time consuming and would end with a slow or no response. So, I turned to Wayfair. There is the option to request a replacement due to a lost in shipping option. No hassle and quick replacement order is on the way. I went back to the carrier to cancel my claim since I am getting the replacement and it was like pulling teeth to get to a contact source to even do that! So reassuring to know that Wayfair has their customers’ backs in this way. Forever customer here! Thank you so much!!!!

- Idea Boards Emptied

The redesign of idea boards is horrible and unattractive and requires more steps to get into your entire list of boards. Now they are called "my projects," as if that makes the app better. The name change did not make the app better. It accompanied a drastic alteration for the worse. Right now, every single item I have saved to my boards over a long period of time is gone, since the last update. This app gets worse and worse with every single redesign. And support always acts as if you are the only one reporting a problem and they do not understand what you mean. Dysfunctional doesn't even begin to describe this app. The last problem I had was with respect to customer photos not closing. When hitting "done," to close the photo and go back to the product description, the app locks up and has to be completely closed down and reopened. Every single time. Know what customer service said? Just use the web site in a browser. That's superb app support, no?

- Decent Selection But Lacks Accurate Shipping Info

They have the most selection I’ve seen as far as online furniture and decor; however since they are primarily an online shopping source (i.e no in-store pick ups etc) they’re shipping information and their promise to deliver on time absolutely must be improved. I’ve made 3 purchases so far and none have arrived in the time frame I was promised. Wayfair offers the ability to search for items that have 1 or 2 day shipping available and I’ve made purchases based on that promise and ultimately, each time, they have not been able to fulfill that promise. Customer service was not quick to help compensate in any way for the inconvenience; even after my item was past its delivery date and still hadn’t even left the warehouse. I understand these things happen, but I haven’t had a great shopping experience yet. :/

- Melissa in customer service

I was recently having some trouble with the app so I called customer service. Melissa was very happy to answer my questions and help me out she suggested me deleting the app and reinstalling it which took me a little bit because my iPhone is a success so it was giving me some trouble and I’m also not very tech savvy. She was even kind enough to Google how to delete the apps on my iPhone because I was having trouble. While waiting for the app to update reinstall itself and all that jazz we had a very nice conversation about wishliss in Wayfair and technology and she was very very pleasant, kind and helpful. If I ever need to call back to Wayfair for any issues I will definitely ask for her because she was amazing!!! Thank you Melissa!!!

- Excellent customer service!

I realized after I submitted my order I had two Wayfair accounts, because when I loaded the app on my phone, I typed in my email address incorrectly. It took one phone call and I was able to delete the faulty account and item I ordered, and then order it again under the correct account. Raven was wonderful and fixed it in two seconds. I don’t understand the people who say that they have to make multiple calls and give a one star review, I have never had a problem with Wayfair and I get through on the first try without a lengthy wait and every problem I’ve encountered has been fixed instantly. Wayfair is the best! Thanks so much for including me in some of your outstanding programs, it is appreciated!

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- Great products

The App is easy to use and lots of products to choose from.

- Extremely happy with my purchase

I bought two of the lights. One for my foyer and the other for my hallway. They arrived quickly, undamaged and were easy to put up. The quality is excellent. Each light holds 3 bulbs but I only put in 2 led lights as that was bringer enough in soft white. Would definitely recommend this light!

- Follow up service is commendable

Spoke to a rep who understood the issue with shipping errors (table was damaged) Replacements parts sent asap .

- Addicted to Wayfair

Love the variety of items and affordable prices!

- Love Wayfair

Its a great app with great products and wonderful customer service. I order products here all the time because I'm a designer and not once have a had an issue!!

- Traduction

Très drôle les traductions en français des articles

- Furnishing our home away from home ( Lodge)

WAYFAIR has provided us with so many furnishings for our lodge!! Area rugs, comforters, tables to name but a few! Quality items which are easy to shop for online and promptly shipped, with ease. Also, the return process makes it easy for the customer should the item not be suitable or arrives damaged. My kind of shopping!!😄👍🏼


Recently wayfair has been linked to child trafficking due to furniture/items that cost from 5k-20k being named after children that have as of this year gone missing!!!! Please do your research before you support them. Also you will see more reviews like this under MOST RECENT TAB! I have purchased from wayfair before and will not be in the future.

- Deleting this shopping app

Don’t download or buy anything from these creeps. They are linked to child trafficking. #freethechildren

- Wayfair is very expensive place to shop.

This place usually jack the price up and put the item on sale to match their price with Amazon. I’m not shopping here anymore. For example: I’m trying to buy a play kitchen set for my daughter. Retro Kitchen set, that shows the original price of 251.99 and with sale it is listed for117.99. If you compare the same item on Amazon.ca, the original price always has been 117.99. If you check other similar products, Wayfair always show the higher original price and then reduced to match with Amazon. It’s a pathetic trick. Do not shop here.

- Bugs

Trying to buy something for last few days. There is an error note every time I use the payment page. Even after updating the app the same problem is there. Wont be using this anymore.

- Excellent Service

Wayfair has provided exceptional service from my very first purchase. They offer prompt helpful support and have always been able to provide a solution for any unsatisfactory product.

- trafficking

make sure you stop child trafficking

- Long Lake gal

Great products. Great service. Was a bit hesitant as I am a Home Sense gal but the reviews are so helpful and the staff is great if I have any questions. I have honestly had absolutely no regrets and I have purchased several area rugs, a headboard, a bed frame and several glass door knobs all within the last six months. Highly recommend.

- Karyn curtains

I am so happy with these curtains. I’ve been asked what tailor created them. I live in a small town and would never find something so special. They look fantastic and l can’t wait to receive the other 4 for the other window. Yay Wayfair you’ve done it for me again. Kramer

- Peter’s experience on Wayfair

Well,I’ve known about Wayfair for quite sometime now but I haven’t needed to use the on-line store for anything.So this is the first time I’ve used it & it’s very easy to use,it gives a lot of different selections in the particular category you are looking at.Its very easy & quite smooth & fast from picking the item to submitting your order. I’ll be honest the only real difficulty with on-line is you can’t really feel or touch anything.Also I think the wait is a bit long fir one item that I ordered.

- Satisfaction

Livraison rapide avec suivi. Très bon choix d'articles de déco. grand choix d'ameublement en tous genres en passant par les tapis et sans oublier les articles pour l'extérieur.

- Child trafficking!!!

Wayfair you are done.

- Wayfair is not ok

They sell kids. Cancel them

- Trafficking allegations?

These coincidences are very strange and wayfair MUST address this issue. They should be investigated. BOYCOTT

- They are trafficking children through this app!!!

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. They have been called out for child trafficking. Items are named as missing children and pillows and cabinets are going for $10k+ DO NOT GIVE CHILD TRAFFICKERS YOUR MONEY!!! Boycott wayfair and get them SHUT DOWN!!

- Quick and Easy!

This is my fifth or sixth purchase through Wayfair, always quick and easy to order!

- Stop Child Trafficking

This company is linked to child trafficking (selling children in storage containers) do not support this institution.

- Corrupt Company

Their pillows and cabinets are disgusting!

- Horrified

Not a person with an ounce of sense would start or continue using this app. Horrific. Absolutely horrific. I haven’t specified what I’m talking about and you understand.

- Corrupt company linked to child trafficking

Shameful company. $12,000 storage lockers and baby books??!! SO SICK!

- History

I look back at my order history. Every product is outstanding unique and still looking great. Awesome quality with everything I have ordered

- Love Wayfair

I love shopping Wayfair from the comfort of my home. I have purchased large and small itemsn without any returns. Huge selection all at the tip of your finger.

- Inconsistent pricing

It’s extremely disheartening to look at a product one hour or day and the next time I look the price has increased. I’m aware that this happens due to the amount of clicks or times an individual looks at the same product, but it is not how you should do business. Keep prices consistent.

- Wayfair app

I would like to cancel this app and Idon’t know how.

- Amazing service

I’m constantly amazed with the outstanding customer service the Wayfair team provides. If anything is not ok with my order I know the team will make it right.


Wayfair engages in pretty extreme fake discount practices, which is not only fraud, but an extremely anti-consumer practice. Throughout the site you’ll see plenty of examples of boasting massive discounts like 70% off, but take a closer look at things and they start to fall apart. A shelf unit listed at $150, claiming to be on sale from an original price of $500. “What a deal!” You might say. Except for the little problem that a cursory web search reveals the exact same product available elsewhere for even less money, and with regular prices on those listings put at a reasonable $200. Basically, assume anytime you see a “regular price” beside a discounted one, ignore it completely as that product has most likely never been sold at such a ridiculous markup. Always search around because those exact products are fairly easy to find elsewhere (sometimes under different names) and finding those will let you make a more accurate price comparison.

- You guys rock!

Seriously! With a tap of an app and a couple swipes and taps - I purchased an ottoman that is going to look AMAZE in my new house! Thank you thank you!! 🤗

- mobile shoe storage

convenient way to store our shoes. bought 3. For me, my husband and our son.

- Ticked off with Wayfair

Ordered a wicker set for my sunroom...delivery to be mid June. Got notice it wasn’t going to be until July. Then another that it would be September. This was ordered in April. I just cancelled order as I wanted this set for the summer...duh! I ordered cushions for my old set from Amazon. At least they deliver what you order. This was my first experience with Wayfair😏

- Shopping at Wayfair

I have been shopping at Wayfair for a couple of years now and cannot speak highly enough about my experience with this amazing site. This mattress topper gives the most comfortable sleep imaginable, it made my too hard mattress so comfortable I don’t want to get out of bed! I highly recommend this topper!

- This is crazy easy!!

Extremely efficient and impressive service!!

- Joss and Main

I recently placed an order with these people. The advertising said free shipping in large letters for 30 days. I did not read the fine print as I’ve ordered from Mayfair before and was very happy with your company! These charges increased my cost about 50%. I don’t think your firm should deal with this kind of company as it does not reflect Wayfair in an honest light!

- Great experience

I have recently spent a ton at Wayfair furnishing my new house and it has been a very easy process . Very happy with the service and selection.

- Deleting it right now

Can’t find what I’m looking for on this site. Example, I just searched for “interior wood shutters” the return showed 73,471 results. The first bunch of items are “exterior wood shutters” and then it presents just about anything it wants to sell but not what I searched for?? Useless App, waste of my time.

- Stop

Stop notification I don’t want to be notified

- Shipping. To Canada

Hello, my name is Larry Shannon, and live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I was wondering if you would ship a Roomba 690 to me. Please advise. Thanks, Larry Shannon.

- Superlative Variety & Service

Wayfair’s broad offering means their partner suppliers bring options from around the world to your online shop. Best-in-class communication & terrific in-app experience assures you are aware of where your purchase is & the details of the delivery service.

- Can’t stop notifications


- Excellent

Excellent quality. Excellent service.

- You can’t look at your favourite items on the app.

Very annoying.

- Publicité abusive

Après 5 demande ils continuent à m’envoyer des emails publicitaires

- Prices are ridiculous

I have done tons of price comparisons to wayfair and they’re over priced by $100 or more dollars than several other stores. Something that would cost you $80 from majority of sites Wayfair charges $270... I suggest if you use this app please for your sake do price comparisons first. Good luck with the app..

- Many choices! the best

I love Mayfair. Easy, fun and lots of styles.

- Customer Pictures doesn't close!

Whenever I click on the customer review images the done button doesn't do anything and the app is useless. I have to close the app and reopen. Please fix!

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- My favorite home goods on line shopping experience

Wayfair has detailed and accurate descriptions of products, rapid response to questions, and nearly always exceeds expectations with delivery dates ( every order thus far- and there have been a few- has been at least one day earlier than promised. They notified us so we were prepared ). They are quirky and helpful with reminders both for suggested purchases and for updating your tracking or return status. We have purchased numerous items and returned a couple- all hassle -free and professional. They are the Zappos of home goods. Easy, fun, outperforming the competition with service, delivery, and ease of communication. They are now my go-to home purchase site.

- A fraudulent company

Placed my order (office chair and desk ) and I was surprised to see they got shipped the same day; however, the desk have not shipped out 3 weeks (estimated delivery date was within one week) later while the chair was arrived on time. Turns out that the shipped message is only for label created. I called and they told me I cannot cancel the order as it has already been shipped. But FedEx website says that only label is created. My credit card has been charged the same day I ordered but I cannot cancel the desk that did not ship for 3 weeks with an estimated delivery dates two weeks ago. I understand that the COVID 19 will get shipping delayed. My only request is that they have an option to cancel so that I can order something else. No, the company will hold your money without shipping your item and you cannot cancel. It is a fraudulent company and buyer be aware that you will be charged, but no items will be shipped for months or forever. Wayfair is never fair.


I've made over 6 large purchases from wayfair and every one has been an issue, mainly delivery. my $900 Farmhouse sink took 2 weeks longer than they said and none of my other purchases came on time either, my clawfoot tub has been pushed back because they "upgraded" my delivery (whatever that means) but promised to be here Dec 19th, then absolutely,positively Dec 20th, well...My husband took off work to make sure he'd be here between 9-11am (like they said) made several phone calls, they said "it was coming" he tracked the truck allday and was a 1/2 hour from our home, only to get a call from wayfair saying they're rescheduling us a week away, WHAT???!!! We are building our dream log home and this tub has been holding up production for A WEEK!!! I need this tub for hvac to put in his final duct and plumbing to do their final piping so we can continue and these jokers want to delay us another week??? NEVER AGAIN WAYFAIR!! You may have just what we need but YOU CAN'T GET IT TO US!!!! UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!

- My Favorite Anytime Store

Thanks to Wayfair, I can multitask at midnight! While polishing my tootsies I buy birthday presents, find shelves to organize the garage then switch back to selecting my new family room style. Once I decide on my sofa set and chair, there are so many other categories of items left to help me complete the room that I’m almost overwhelmed. So I have the option of turning to the interior design team at Wayfair for help. The company has a great return policy which leaves me feeling secure even knowing I’m selecting major items online. I now go to Wayfair first whenever I’m considering buying almost anything from small appliances to air mattresses to seasonal displays or candles. They have it all at great prices right at my perfectly manicured finger tips.

- Great Price

I have been looking for an adjustable bed for a while now. I couldn’t see spending a couple of thousand dollars on it though. Wayfair is offering this frame for an unbelievable price. It will only do the basic functions of an adjustable bed. It doesn’t have the massage feature & it does not have a battery back up & the remote is wired. No usb outlets or under the bed lighting. But you can raise the head & foot of the bed to get in a comfortable position. You can also get in the zero gravity position. It does everything I need it to do for over half the price of the other one I was looking at. Big plus is Wayfair was offering 0% interest for 12 months. I am looking forward to getting it & trying it out.

- Scam! So disappointed!

So I’ve ordered multiple large items off of Wayfair before and have had great experiences. Have referred many friends and family members, and have gone back over the years. Loved all my purchases, and so when I bought a large new house, it seemed like the logical place to start looking to furnish it. Except I noticed as I was shopping a sneaky little thing started happening over and over... it went like this: oh, cool. I love the related/suggested piece, and it shows the item at $xxx, until I click on it, and then the price of the item has gone up mysteriously by some significant amount ($50, $100 or more). At first I thought it was a glitch, but as I spent a few hours trying to decorate multiple rooms, I realized that it was happening way too often on way too many very nice pieces that were exactly what I wanted. Maybe some nifty programming, but exactly the kind of shady crap that will cost them my business. App deleted.

- Now I Know!

For over a year now I’ve seen commercial after commercial or received an advertisement on my Pandora app about Wayfair!! So, within recent months I’ve purchased various products from Wayfair and have never been more pleased! The online browsing, viewing and purchasing of products are made easy and user friendly; makes you want to come shop for more!! Not to mention they provide excellent and knowledgeable customer service if the product(s) ordered are delivered damaged. And lastly, they even follow up with a phone call to you personally and offer a personal shopper to help assist you browse, shop and buy!! Thanks Wayfair for an easier and more convenient way to shop!

- Wayfair Great Customer Service, Great App

EDIT: Once again the Wayfair customer service proves to be some of the best! Soon after my initial post (see below) they hopped right on the issue and now the app works wonderfully! I love using the idea boards, they're such a great way to collect items in one spot and the app makes it so easy to filter while you're searching. I love Wayfair, have bought many products and was very happy with the quality, the customer service, and the great shipping. This app is basically unusable. I'll have it open for about a minute and it quits. Click on something and BAM! You're knocked off the app. I will continue to shop at Wayfair but until this app works I'll see you on the web!

- I wanted to give no stars 0

First time I used wayfair I was somewhat satisfied because of how easy it was to shop although I didn’t like that everything comes in boxes and I had to find someone to assemble them for me but my experience was kinda ok, so I referred a friend that just got relocated by work and thinking that was a good option for a male to furnish his new small and cozy apartment, oh boy was I disappointed?! I felt bad and embarrassed that I gave him advice to use wayfair I even helped him pick the items he wanted we specifically picked the pieces nothing for them to send him whatever they wanted. Every single piece of furniture that was delivered looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like what we ordered we started doing photo comparison of what we ordered vs what we received, we made collages and sent to friends who laughed as us. Highly disappointed ☹️ and I’m deleting my account never again want to use them. The guy spent a good amount of money but not happy with his stuff.

- Nice furniture

I’ve bought 2 pieces already, & now just placed order for coffee table. My first 2 items didn’t need assembly which was great! The coffee table does, but the description by all reviews say it’s easy & they supply the appropriate wrench for assembly. So far I’ve been extremely pleased with my purchases & I have no doubt I’ll be happy with the coffee table WARNING—-when unpacking, there’s an inner box ( in the 2 I bought, I know) & tons of STYROFOAM which is the bane of my existence! I HATE getting rid of it so u may want to unpack outside & bring the pieces inside? Just a suggestion, since I’m still cleaning the clinging little pebbles off my floor! Otherwise, packaging this way has made that I’ve not had any broken pieces

- Purchasing

After placing an item in my basket when I went to purchase the item, it stated it was out of stock. I find this to be extremely poor service. As a customer I shouldn’t have to place an item in my basket and purchase immediately in fear of the item being sold out before I can finish shopping the website. When I called customer service regarding this, the only response was sorry a lot of people are shopping and just because you put it in your basket doesn’t mean the item is held for you to purchase. No where on your website does it say if you want to guarantee your item, you must purchase immediately. While speaking with customer service I mentioned the website states the item will be back in stock in February and would I still be able to get the item at the price offered today due to this issue and her response was no. I would like a response regarding this matter. Thank you.

- Probably the best return policy ever!

I ordered a gorgeous outdoor seating sectional but it was too small for my family. I went on the app & requested a return. They not only apologized for MY mistake in under estimating the size, they actually PAID for the return through expensive Fedex! And here’s the kicker.....my money was credited back right after Fedex logged in the return!!! I love this site so I ordered more stuff immediately! Thank you Wayfair!! I don’t know who owns this company but I bet your are a awesome company to work for! PS... your customer service guy was efficient & corrected my error & immediately emailed me the correct amount of prepaid Fedex labels. Good doing business with you guys & I look forward to continuing our relationship!!!!

- Fed Ex Delivery

Wayfair let us know that our order will be delivered on Wednesday. Later we were informed by tracking our order that we would receive it on Saturday. Nothing came on Saturday and we were getting no update from either Wayfair (no longer showed it as a current order) or Fedex, whose site showed it passed within 10 miles of my home on its way to Sacramento, California. I called on Sunday (today) to find out where it was and was initially told it “might” be delivered on Tuesday. When I pressed the person from the call center, she said that now the ETA is on Thursday! What? So now I try to go on Wayfair’s site to leave them an email about my order and can’t leave an email because I have no current orders!!! Poor communication, unusable site unless you want me to shop and spend, and total frustration with Fedex—a company that made its reputation on getting things to their destination on time! Very disappointed in both companies.

- Not only the prices are lower but, FREE SHIPPING!!

So many times I have decided to buy something that I DO need. However, by the tine that I go to check out and I see the grand total of my purchase once taxes and shipping have been added and I have been forced to cancel my order. It isn’t always an issue of not having the cash to buy it but, I have goals as to what to do with my cash and i like to achieve them so i have placed myself in a budget and if I cannot afford the purchase and stay within my budget, I let it go unless it was an emergency. Thanks to you I have been able to buy the things that I need in an effort to live a comfortable life at home AND stay within my budget. Thank You: Antonio Conti

- Love Wayfair but.....

I love everything Wayfair, your prices, your customer service, your concern about detail, the quality of your items and your delivery is excellent, but my issue is with the Wayfair site itself. I don't know if it's because of the amount of traffic that's on your site, but I have problems with it freezing up on me, crashing while I'm trying to compare items or trying to process an order, or when I try clicking on the side specs for info, it gives me blank screens many times. Then I have to close out, reboot and hope I can find my items again. I lost a rug I wanted because of that. I was so frustrated, I closed out the ap and when I tried again in the morning my item was sold. Gives me anxiety wondering if I'll will get through the order process. Besides that, I LOVE Wayfair!

- Can’t seem to resolve issues

I’m giving one star for now because they can’t seem to resolve their own issues. I’ve been trying over a week now to place an order, however my Wayfair credit card won’t go through despite having a zero balance and plenty of available credit. I have Made several calls to Wayfair and also Commenity bank who issues the card and have been told that nothing is wrong with my credit card, it just simply won’t go through. No kidding!! So after all the calls and getting forwarded from one person to another, I’m still waiting to place the order, which by the way, several items have went up in price since I first placed them in my cart. I think the products are good and the prices are fair, but they need to get their customer support straightened out because so far the only thing they’ve been able to do is tell me what I already knew before calling.

- The Best

I have been shopping at Wayfair for about 3 years. I rarely provide product reviews, but their customer service deserves praise. I had a problem with a free-standing faucet purchased with my tub for a remodel. Long story short, it took almost a year for the contractor, then plumber, to figure out there might be something wrong with the faucet. I thought, here we go, another $600 or $700 for the part plus installation. Customer service at Wayfair immediately sent a replacement faucet. It works perfectly and I am thrilled. Wayfair will be my “go to” vendor from now on, in lieu of Home Depot, Lowe’s, Macy’s and other furniture stores. Customer service in the furniture department at Macy’s is so horrible that after 30 years as a “premier” cardholder, I cancelled my card and will never return. In a world where customer service has taken a back seat to pushing product, Wayfair has product educated, English speaking (sorry PC people), responsive service staff. Bravo to you, Wayfair management... you have a loyal supporter in me. I am an actual client/business owner in Southern California and no one compensated me for this review...they earned it!

- Great product, unreliable timelines

I love everything I’ve bought but the timelines Wayfair gives are never accurate. Every product I’ve ever bought or been interested in gets delayed in some manner, either back ordered for months at a time or the shipping dates are 1-2 weeks after what they estimate at checkout. At one point I tracked an out of stock item for months - every day I checked the back in stock date was later. When I finally called after 3 months customer service said it would be in stock the next day and then I called back because it wasn’t- the new person couldn’t even tell whether the product was going to be discontinued and recommended I look for another dresser. Also, on the iPad the app closes itself without warning. This is unique to the Wayfair app.

- Problem solvers

Currently using Wayfair to piece together a new apartment since they are so easy(purchased our bedroom set, going to purchase patio furniture, just received dining set). Unfortunately we were charged 7 times for the dining set (I’m assuming due to a technical malfunction with the app), luckily the bank thought it was fraud and stopped the charges. However still received two, one damaged, and the other the pieces didn’t match, just altogether a mess. Called them and they worked it all out, they are even picking it up, refunding the money, and explained everything thoroughly. Customer service was so amazing and I’m so sorry I didn’t get her name. I can’t wait to purchase more!

- Want to love this app

I want to love this app, but yikes...it sure doesn’t want customers purchasing through it. I can’t even tell you how many times it has closed down out of the blue... despite updates, hard closing the app and starting it again, even restarting my phone. I don’t know what else to try. I should note that the other companies’ apps of the parent company here (AllModern and Joss & Main) also unexpectedly close down nearly every time I use them. Love that my idea boards and cart carry through all of their brands but when none of the apps work...AHHHH!!!!! So frustrating when I am trying to browse and buy your stuff Wayfair! I received a quick response from Wayfair for this review and I emailed their support team as they suggested I do. Maybe they will have other ideas for me to try.

- App is very good with a couple issues

The good outweighs the bad and I would give five stars except for a couple annoying issues: 1. Saved items sometimes disappear even though they are still available for sale. This is frustrating when you’ve spent hours sitting through thousands of items to narrow down the possibilities and it’s not always easy to find the item again. 2. It would be nice if the cart in the app had the ‘Save for Later’ option the website has. This feature is useful if you know what you want to buy, but don’t want to order quite yet but need to order something else in the meantime. I’m using this feature a lot in preparation for a cross country move.

- Received backorder email a day before delivery.

I ordered a sofa and it was scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I just received an email that it's on backordered and is now expected to be delivered a month from now. I asked a coworker to switch shifts with me so I can be home during for a delivery that won't happen now and I'm left without a sofa for a month because I gave mine away today to make room for the new one I was getting delivered. This is my first order and is probably going to be my last. I was really looking forward to being able to order things from here. Why can't the app just say backordered from the beginning or right after the order is placed? So I'm going to be heading to a local furniture store now because I can't be without a place to sit for an entire month. They'll probably end up sending me another email a day before delivery to tell me it's on backorder again for another month.

- Beware, it’s that good!

This is my first review after many great times with wayfair. The app (and site)- easy to use, be inspired, enjoy browsing and turn ‘house’ into ‘home’. My note for caution is impulse. I’ve fallen for many items and with trepidation, wayfair presents a similar piece that may top what I’d scrolled thru. Recently, their photo search has been able to source items I’ve seen literally anywhere (a lux faucet, dining chairs, even grip liner) with better quality/options and net price. Find what you love and zoom in on details. When I put in my part, combined with their incredible customer service, I am yet to have (knock on wood) any wayfair experience without their wayfair happy dance!

- Great Company!

I have read some of the reviews and exec though I usually don’t respond the them...just don’t take the time, I was kind of feeling quilts that I don’t write many reviews. But I have ordered from Wayfair for about ten years and I have never that a problem with my orders or if something isn’t what I actually wanted, I have never had a problem with returning my orders...and them paying for my shipping return. This is a great company, they have great prices and have a wonderful service department. I can’t say enough about their customer service or the standard of the inventory. So if you have never ordered from them, please try. And their prices are very reasonable!😊

- Love Wayfair, Hate the app.

Let first off say I love wayfair. My husband gets jealous of my relationship with wayfair. But I must say the app is really frustrating. Half, or let’s say, most of my orders never show up under my orders when I go to check on their status. I always have to log into my account on my computer to see my orders. My “love lists” also never load or even exist when on the app. Again, only if I log into my account on my computer or through the web on my phone. If I’m searching on the app and want to save something under a folder I already “should” have , I have to create a new folder save it and then when I log into the computer I have multiple “kitchen” folders if that’s why I save it under. Just some bugs that need to be addressed and I would love it. The app is so convenient if it worked correctly.

- Love the app! Makes it easier to search for DEALS!

The app makes it even easier to search specific items, enabling you to find what you are looking for (along with hundreds of similar items and sales/values) and the various options available. Just like anywhere else, some items are high end(read:top dollar!) but most items very reasonably priced. FREE SHIPPING is the added bonus, TY WAYFAIR! I have had all superior experiences with ever item I have purchase from Wayfair- I would rate the actual company 10 stars if I could!! Super fast shipping, quality products and some fantastic deals!!! The app itself makes shopping easier resulting in MORE $$$ SPENT BY THE CONSUMER (me!! Lol)

- Love Wayfair

I appreciate Wayfair as my go to place for all essentials needed, specific to each room. I love being able to view any item I pick out and visualizing what it is going to look like prior to ordering. What a neat feature. So far all the items I have ordered from Wayfair shipped quickly without any damage. Everything I’ve purchased has met my expectations. If an exception happens, I have the assurance the item I purchase can be returned. The Wayfair app makes it easier to find what I am looking for and to compare different brands. And of course read reviews and see what customers are saying about a product I’m interested in. Checkout is a breeze.

- Not really in stock!

Wayfair is ok. I've had some issues with shipping. Not horrible. But just thought it would have been better with all the hype. Also my biggest issue and the reason for my 2 star rating is. I ordered 2 night stands that said there were 6 left in stock and 2days after placing that order, I get notified they are on back order till January. 3 months away. So I've placed an order now on 2 different night stands that says there's 9 left in stock. I'm sure in 2 days I'll get notified AGAIN they will be on back order. All I want is some nightstands for my guest bedroom before I have company. But if they keep notifying days after I place an order that their stock ran out and are on back order, I'm not going to have any for my guests that are coming in 10 days!

- Hard to navigate, great search.

I plan on ordering a lot of merchandise form wayfair. I love the products they offer. However, navigating the app is a pain. If you make lists, they refuse to load all the items you’ve saved. It will load say 10 out of 50 items and as you scroll through the list the same 10 will show. Over and over again... it’s ridiculous, especially in my case since I’m trying to create a budget with the items I want. Im sure wayfair has the resources to fix issues like this yet it’s been going on for a while and no app updates have been issued. It’ll probably just be easier to search the website but even there I have issues. I just want a better app. I haven’t purchased anything yet even if I wanted to because the items saved won’t appear in my lists to add to my cart?!

- Variety of Choices and Prices

I never thought I would buy things online like I’ve bought from Wayfair. I friend of mine has a daughter-in-law who is an interior designer, and she recommended Wayfair. I am getting ready to redo two bathrooms (on a budget) and have ordered lights, vanity lights and and tub and sink fixtures. Although I’ve not had anything installed, I’ve inspected everything and have been pleased so far. I also plan to order three vanities once we get ready to install them. I found so many more choices on Wayfair than anywhere local, and they have a variety of prices to match every budget. Unless they disappoint me in the future, I’m sold!

- I’m thankful

I’m thankful for Wayfair because they deliver when promised and I have never had any problems whatsoever. Everything I’ve ordered has been exactly what I ordered. Other companies they have been chancey to say the least. Hopefully since I’ve ordered yet again, the good services will continue. Keep up the great work Wayfair. You got just want I need. Nancy B Still ordering merchandise from Wayfair and everything is good. No complaints, no hassle. I guess I’m finally getting lucky. I’ve found a company where if I need something and order it, I will receive exactly what I needed and wanted. Thanks again Wayfair. You got just what I need!! Nancy B.

- Ad/Marketing Push Notifications

In-app notification settings do not work. You’ll get bombarded with advertising and marketing push notifications regarding flash sales, etc. regardless of whether you try to disable them. The only answer is to disable all notifications for the app, which means you won’t get notifications related to your orders, either. Too many apps abusing push notifications this way, which is a violation of Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines, section 4.5.4, which reads in part, “Push Notifications must not be required for the app to function, and should not be used for advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes.” update: I received a developer response: “We appreciate your feedback and review” ... that’s great and all now stop abusing App Store Guidelines with the push notification crap

- Never ordering again

We have spent so much money on Wayfair for our new home. Each experience has been horrible. First experience we paid for assembly but the people that delivered said they were in a hurry and left the sofas in their boxes and took off. The last delivery we received a voicemail saying the drivers knocked and rung the doorbell and waited 15 mins. We have a doorbell camera and looking back at the footage, the driver gave the door a tap which didn’t even alert our dogs. He looked at the camera/door bell and walked away. 1 min and 1/2 later the driver left. I was so angry, I took the day off and waited for them all day. I called customer service and was told the next delivery date wouldn’t be until the following weekend. Customer service was no help either. I don’t know what their actual job is if they can’t help. I’m still seething just writing about this stupid app!

- Extremely Professional

I ordered a bed a couple months ago and I received it fairly quickly when I opened the bed I was fairly pleased however when I put the bed together I accidentally broke a piece not because it was low quality or anything but simply because I was being careless . I called to get the part replaced and they were extremely understanding and sent me a new piece free of charge and free of shipping charge. I received the product within days of ordering a replacement and I just wanted to brag about the great customer service. It was my first time ordering and I definitely would do it all over again.

- Just stop. Don’t even beginning

I was looking for a couch on many site and I ran across this one. I thought the price was fair so I brought a couch in April 23, it took until May 21 for the to deliver it. After many emails and 2 phone calls they said it was going to arrive around 12pm to 4pm, they came at 11am and said I have 10 minutes to respond or we will have to schedule another time.. if you were going to come early Maybe open your time fame more. When they got here the driver told me the color might look different (it didn’t) but that’s odd to say. Than told me they misplaced my ottoman and it will Arrive in a week an a half. Alright. Check the arrival time and it keeps changing further and further, just like what was happening to my couch. I’m done with this place. Pros: the couch was easy to put together so don’t pay extra. Cons: everything I just said and more.

- Cheap quality

I ordered a dinning table from here and the wood (not really wood but more like compressed wood) table top came chipped on one side. I called them and they sent me another table top. The second table top came cracked (I’ve been using a table cloth). By then I was just so disappointed that I didn’t care. I’m purchasing my next table from another merchant. All their furniture is made of poor material. I bought a book shelf, a tv fireplace stand and the last was the dinning table. All are made of the same quality (compressed wood). There’s a reason it’s cheaper and delivery is free because the delivery carriers don’t care so by the time it reaches you, it’s been chipped, thrashed and you’re left to make sense of what’s delivered to put it all together. Save your money even if it takes longer and you spend a little more going elsewhere. It’ll be worth it and your furniture will last longer.

- Contact emails keep freezing up

EDIT: I was able to get past this problem and have had nothing but wonderful customer service to rectify our order. We receive almost instantaneous responses and attention. We returned an item and had our refund with a day. I highly recommend your company. I have tried to contact you through the app about an order we received and have had it freeze up before I can get them email finished twice. It is creating more frustration in addition to the other problem. Please check it out. Otherwise, I enjoy the using the app to shop. Thank you.

- App update notes need specifics.

The app is great for the most part but there are some persistent issues that I’m shocked aren’t being resolved since you push out an update almost weekly. Sometimes twice in a week. However, when you issue an update, you just say you regularly update the app with improvements. But what exactly are you improving? These generic and vague update notes aren’t helpful for those of us hoping certain bugs get ironed out. Please let us know what’s been changed, fixed, improved, etc... because without specifics, we can only assume nothing is being improved and your “updates” are only released to give us the illusion of progress.

- Blatantly Dishonest Sales Tactic

My girlfriend and I purchased a couch from Wayfair approximately 3 weeks prior to moving into a new apartment. When delivery date was discussed with the sales rep, she assured us that a hold could be placed on the order to ensure that the couch was delivered on our move in date. However, upon receiving notification of our choice of delivery date only days prior to moving in, we were informed that our couch would not be available for delivery until at least 4 days after moving in. When we called to have the delivery date updated to a date closer to move in, AS WAS PROMISED by the sales rep, we were informed that it is not possible to pick a specific move in date and had no explanation as to why a sales rep would make that promise. Given the sales rep blatantly lied to us to make a sale I will never use Wayfair again and do not recommend Wayfair to anyone.

- First time user

I love all the items that they have on their website. But the only bad thing is is when you’re trying to place an order it took me 2 1/2 hours to get it done because it wouldn’t subtract certain things. And it doubled up on a lot of my stuff so I had to take time to fix my order over and over. I almost stopped and decided not to buy it but I love what I was getting. Then it took forever to fix it each time take something on or off your order. This is my first time ever ordering it will be interesting to see just what type of merchandise that arrives. I am excited to see it.

- Difficult at times

I used Wayfair before my wedding for purchasing home items from time to time. When I started using the App for my registry, for the most part easy to navigate, but the issue came when trying to add gifts to the registry. The option was sometimes missing and only gave you the option to add to cart. That is not why I gave such low stars, however. The issue with Wayfair Registry is that items sell out fast and are out of stock and discontinued constantly. It made it difficult for guests to buy things we wanted and I was constantly getting emails about how items were discontinued or out of stock. Some items even said they would be back in stock shortly but never came back in stock over the span of six months. If I had to do it again, I would not use Wayfair.

- Excellent service

Never having purchased furniture online before, I took a chance on Wayfair. I was so impressed with their service that I have used them to furnish our new coastal California vacation home. Wayfair is excellent about sending notifications and updates regarding the status of each order. Every piece I have received has been delivered in time and in good shape. For one of the beds I ordered, one bolt was missing. I contacted them and immediately received a response about when a replacement piece would be sent. When I realized I had ordered nightstands that were too large for the space they were to be placed, Wayfair made the return process seamless. I chose to receive a credit for future Wayfair products and purchased more suitable nightstands. If you are not inclined to assemble furniture yourself, they offer assembly for an additional fee. One caveat: Look carefully at how your item is packaged in case you need to return something. That way you will know how to re-package the item safely for its return.

- Love the Idea of Wayfair

Did our first Shopping tonight and really like the selection. Very excited to see if the piece chosen lives up to expectation. However, I will say that I was disappointed in the performance of the app. I used it on my phone and iPad and both had trouble loading pages, froze quite a few times and didn’t respond to the touch screen terribly well. I ended up having to to back to the regular website to look through website and also to make final purchases - which worked better. Also, when trying to pay on the app - it was rather clunky. High hopes for products - but frustrating experience when shopping thru the app.

- Didn’t receive my item!!!!

I ordered a $60 storage box and have yet to receive it. The website claims that my item has been delivered but no one has seen anything. I asked for a replacement which was placed but now has been cancelled for who knows why. There’s no contact number, just an email that does nothing. I want my money back so that I can buy from a website that actually gives me my item. I’ve also called UPS about my item to make a claim, but they said that they did not receive any information from Wayfair regarding this item. They claimed that they did not receive and deliver this item!!! I was told by Wayfair that my item was being taken cared of by UPS. Is this a scam or what?! I want my money back.

- Wayfair Customer Service is Great!

I’ve purchased too many things to even count and every time there was a minor issue or confusion I just called and have had 100% satisfaction as every thing was taken care of and made right. I think this company is so good . Not only what they sell but how they handle deliveries and any issues that may arise ! I just furnished an entire apartment for my son though Wayfair and it’s gorgeous and never had to leave my home. Communication is superb . All items were even better than we anticipated . Not one exchange ! Love this company ! Thank you for making life a little easier !!! Karen

- Shipping bait-and-switch

I found this app the other day and was super excited to order some much-needed bedroom furniture. It said my bed would literally be shipping the same day which I couldn’t believe! We are sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I ordered the bed three days ago, and after I place the order it says it won’t be here until June 18?!? I wish I’d known that because I may have gone with one that would ship sooner. I need a bed (and the storage drawers) sooo badly, the price was great, but I’m really disappointed it went from same-day shipping to taking 10 days in the amount of time it took me to finalize my order.

- First Time Shopper

Today was my first time purchasing from Wayfair. I purchased some bedding for my daughters new house. There were a ton of selections to choose from which was great! Although, one of the comforter sets I purchased showed a couple of different throw pillows that didn’t come with the set. I tried for an hour or more to find them. I found one throw pillow I think but not the other. I do wish it would give the option or recommendation of the items that show in the picture once you add the item to your cart. Spending an hour or two looking for a specific throw pillow was frustrating. But I am excited to get my order to see the the items!

- No cust service for Business account on weekends

I like Wayfair and opened a business account to furnish an office. I love the items and selection BUT recently while checking g out on a Saturday to buy 2 chairs my Wayfair card didn’t come up as a payment option. I hit the “contact us” button but learned that business customers can’t access service on weekends - huh???? Why not? As a busy entrepreneur I’m lucky to catch a moment to shop and am astonished at the only time I can get someone to speak to is during the old fashioned hours of 9-5 mon-fri. So the business account is not very accommodating for business customers.

- App now lists dimensions!

I love Wayfair and have been pleased with everything I have purchased. I like being able to save favorites in the app, but I find it frustrating that the app doesn’t include the dimensions of the item. In order to find out the size of something, I have to find the item on their website. The app lists the specifications, but lacks have the weights and dimensions included on their website. I would rate the app a five star if they would fix this. Update: Since posting this review, the app now lists the weights and dimensions under the Product Details. Thank you are adding this!

- ?

I have now bought 2 canopy bed frames from way fair & several nettings to go with the canopy! The beds are Great value! I had someone assemble them for me. Seemed like they read the directions w/o incident. The beds are pretty & sturdy. One is a king- i have a serta beauty rest black series- its a HEAVY foam mattress- the frame holds it well (super mattress!) i had this netting topper. WAS called casa blanca & now Harrelson. I was not pleased the price went up and its been out of stock & i’ve been waiting. But i like Wayfair & they have Great customer Service so far. Almost bought a couch but- idk the return policy on that & i like to sit on a sofa & feel the texture of the couch fabric, the cushions etc. their lamps are priced way too high! But the beds & frames are best value as i do shop price-(why not right?)

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Wayfair...what am I going to do with a whole ass drinking fountain and water bottle filling station? “Shop all things home” Where would I put this

Wayfair – Shop All Things Home 5.63 Screenshots & Images

Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home iphone images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home ipad images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home ipad images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home ipad images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home ipad images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home ipad images
Wayfair – Shop All Things Home ipad images
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The applications Wayfair – Shop All Things Home was published in the category Shopping on 2014-03-30 and was developed by Wayfair LLC [Developer ID: 525522335]. This application file size is 221.11 MB. Wayfair – Shop All Things Home - Shopping posted on 2020-09-14 current version is 5.63 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wayfair.WayfairApp

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