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What is chime – mobile banking app? Chime is the banking app that has your back. Keep your money safe with security features, overdraft up to $200 fee-free*, and get paid up to 2 days early with direct deposit^, with no monthly fees‡.

Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A.; Members FDIC

Stay in control of your money with two-factor authentication, TouchID, or FaceID. Enable instant transaction alerts and daily balance updates, and block your card in a single tap.

We get it– when your balance is running low, the last thing you need is a $32 overdraft fee. Eligible members on Chime can overdraft up to $200* on debit card purchases with no fees.

Your account shouldn’t cost you money. Chime has no monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance fees, or foreign transaction fees. Plus, access 60k+ fee-free ATMs at locations like Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS, and more.

Get your paycheck up to two days early^ with direct deposit, earlier than you would with some traditional banks.

Whether it’s for gas or groceries, use Credit Builder¹ to help increase your credit score by an average of 30 points² with regular on-time payments.

No interest, no annual fees, no credit check to apply.

Save money without even thinking about it. Automatic Savings features help you save money any time you spend or get paid.

Send money to friends, family, or roommates as fast as a text – with no transfer fees.


Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC. The Chime Visa® Debit Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Chime Visa® Credit Builder Card is issued by Stride Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Debit card and Credit card may be used everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.

*Chime SpotMe is an optional, no fee service that requires $500 in qualifying direct deposits to the Chime Spending Account each month. All qualifying members will be allowed to overdraw their account up to $20 on debit card purchases initially, but may be later eligible for a higher limit of up to $200 or more based on member's Chime Account history, direct deposit frequency and amount, spending activity and other risk-based factors. Your limit will be displayed to you within the Chime mobile app. You will receive notice of any changes to your limit. Your limit may change at any time, at Chime's discretion. SpotMe won't cover non-debit card purchases, including ATM withdrawals, ACH transfers, Pay Friends transfers, or Chime Checkbook transactions.See terms and conditions.

‡Out-of-network ATM withdrawal fees apply except at Moneypass ATMs in a 7-Eleven location or any Allpoint or Visa Plus Alliance ATM. ATM withdrawals will be fee-free at all Moneypass ATMs until at least August 7, 2021. Other fees such as third-party and cash deposit fees may apply.

^Early access to direct deposit funds depends on the timing of the submission of the payment file from the payer. We generally make these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date.

¹To be eligible to apply for Credit Builder, you need to have received a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more to your Spending Account within 365 days of your Credit Builder application. See for detail on qualifying direct deposit.

²Based on a representative study conducted by TransUnion®, members who started using Chime Credit Builder in September 2019 observed a median credit score (VantageScore 3.0) increase of 30 points by January 2020. On-time payment history can have a positive impact on your credit score. Late payment may negatively impact your credit score.

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Chime – Mobile Banking Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Chime – Mobile Banking Version 5.121.002 May 2022

You know what would be hard? Deciding what to get Elon Musk for his birthday. He can just buy whatever he wants, like an entire social network, for example. But what about the things money can’t buy? Talent. Falling in love. Updating your Chime app with the latest performance updates and bug fixes—because that doesn’t cost a thing. Unlike a time machine set to March 28th, 1995 to see Jordan drop 55 points against the Knicks. Which is what I’d want for my birthday as the world’s richest man..

Chime – Mobile Banking Version 5.112.102 March 2022

Ever hear the term “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Us either. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to keep making the app better and keep you lovin’ Chime! This week’s update includes a few new performance enhancements and a bug fix or two, if you’re counting. Have a great week and be easy on yourself—you’re doing awesome..

Chime – Mobile Banking Version 5.104.013 December 2021

Are you paying attention to the product shortages due to “supply chain issues”? I wasn’t either, until they started messing around with my Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Car parts? Fine. But take away that sweet lab-made cheese dust and I’m going to start acting out of pocket. You know what’s great about the Chime app though? No supply chain issues over here. Our updates don’t need a boat to get to you. Just performance updates and bug fixes from a dev snacking on a bag of delicious Hot Cheetos. Oh snap..

Chime – Mobile Banking Comments & Reviews 2022


I have banked with suntrust and Wells Fargo through my early financial years I started banking and I was 15 I believe under a joined account with my mom after being a irresponsible kid and over drawing my account countless time paying fee after fee I was tired of regular banks and that’s where chime came in they are absolutely amazing cute little features like telling me my balance in the morning with emojis 😹actually allowing for overdraft with a feature called spot me it allow you to overdraft up to$75 with no fees for when your like one day away from payday and you need some gas to get to work or just a extra cup of coffee to get your morning going chime literally has your back I would definitely recommend the app to any young people who want to start banking that may not have a lot of experience budgeting, saving , or spending money in a bank account they send you a card that is compatible with Apple Pay which makes it so convenient and user friendly their customer service line is always responsive and very nice if I had to change one thing with chime it would be to add a feature to be able to search for through your transactions and maybe add Zelle to the app or a feature that would allow me money directly from my bank account to other people who don’t have a chime account without having to use cashapp or PayPal other than that they are doing totally awesome

- Pretty good, takes too long to transfer money though

I really do like this app. I am one that hates banks and how they allow accounts to go over then charge people overdraft fees. It’s literally taking money from people who have none and that should be a crime. Chime doesn’t do that and they actually do prioritize their customers. I think this is a revolutionary app for banking. I hope it picks up traction and changes how banking is done completely. The direct deposit is fantastic. You do get your money early thanks to Chime and it definitely helps. They also have the “round up & save” feature for people who struggle to save money. My only problem with it is that it takes far too long to transfer money. Like a week to transfer. And they have a very small daily limit for transferring (like $200). It can become frustrating when I’m trying to budget my money by separating bill money from spendable money. They keep saying it’s just the banking system, and I know they must have to make some sacrifices in order to be able to provide such great services without all the fees banks drop on us. I just wish there were options to pay a fee for an instant transfer to your bank like Venmo or Ca$h App. I’m sure with increased popularity eventually somewhere along the line of updates will be an option for instant transfers. It just doesn’t exist now.

- I LOVE this Bank!!

I have been with Chime for quite some time now and let me tell ya, when I say they are amazing... THEY ARE AMAZING!! I was with a Credit Union for a little while and they told me I was set up with an account that I couldn’t over draft in... yet every payday I was magically some odd amount in the negative. It NEVER failed! Then, I decided to give Chime a chance and see what happened. NOT ONLY do they not charge fees but they have this really cool setting that makes it SUPER easy to save called “Round Up” and basically what that does is every time you add money to your account it saves a percentage of that amount. Which is BEYOND helpful. It does the same when you spend money as well, except, it rounds up to the next dollar amount I believe. Their customer support via Phone/Email is FANTASTIC! The workers are so sweet and helpful and anytime I’ve had to call they fixed what ever I needed! I’ve only had to call them twice and neither were to complain but to figure out something or get an answer to a question I didn’t know. I’m not gonna lie, at first I thought it was a scam, or just another ad on FB... but I am honestly SO happy that I switched. If it wasn’t for them my taxes would’ve already been fully spent and most of it in fees 😂 I HIGHLY recommend dumping your physical bank and joining Chime. It’s worth it... I PROMISE!!

- CHIME > other banks

Have you ever been charged an overdraft fee ? Just because you went over a dollar and you didn’t realize and now your bank is like, “ohh you don’t have a dollar now we’re gonna charge you 35$(or more).” Like who ever thought of that bright idea lol. Here’s where our buddy’s at chime come in hand, chime let’s you set up a “spot me” option for any of us that tend to go over with out looking or if we’re out here struggling needing some extra dollars before our next pay day. The spot me feature starts with 20$ and it can go up to 100$ based on the your personal account I’ve had mine before at 100$ slowly but surely got back on track financially and is now down to 20$ chime was there for me and has done for me what no other bank has done before. They also just started their credit card account which means you can fix your credit with them, also you can open up a savings account directly through the app. I can continue spoiling chime for you, but that wouldn’t be fun for you so I’ll let you download it and explore it for yourself. Click that download button and get started today ohh did I mention they pay you 2 days early ? Come join the chime family you won’t regret it.

- I used to love Chime

I’ve been with Chime for years now. It was the second bank I’ve ever used. It was awesome in the beginning, I enjoyed the perks like no atm fees and the well designed app. But lately it has gone downhill fast. Starting when they disabled spot me without any notice and at this time I’ve lost my job due to COVID-19. So lately to make ends meet I’ve been making my money through Doordash and instacart and if you do either you know it can be very little amounts you make during certain times of the week. So I had my money transferred into my Chime account, witch was in the negative as it has been a lot lately for me. Well the amount I made witch was only $43 wasn’t even enough to cover my negative balance, witch wasn’t an issue because I had spot me. Well since I never got a notification that they had disabled spot me that $43 I had for the next day or two was gone and I went without the things I needed. I contacted Chime and explained my situation for them to only tell me that there was nothing they could do. After about 30 minutes of arguing, I finally gave up because I was getting no where. So I felt useless to my family and they were perfect okay with that. Now we’re here today, where I need to get the things I need and I cannot access my money yet once again. I’m just going to cut my loss and go back to the bank I first started with. It’s just a shame that they treat they’re loyal customers like this.

- Great bank but I’d like to see some improvements in the future.

*This bank has been really good so far. No fees like it says and I got my card very quickly. Just two issues I have with it so far. One is that they go through Green Dot for cash deposits. Green Dot charges 4.95 and requires a minimum of 20 to deposit. I hope that they eventually make a kiosk or something that eliminates these fees. Also it doesn’t update your account balance right away. For those of us with bad memory it makes it a little more difficult to budget. I recommend using a notepad app to keep track of your funds until the app updates your account info. It seems to update approximately 3 hours after the transaction. It would be nice to have it be immediate. If they fix these two issues I’d say it would be a five star service. Another small gripe is that you can only get the no fee overdraft with direct deposit. Though if you budget correctly it’s not an issue. Just a small quality of life thing. Otherwise I’d say this bank does everything better than most other banks. *My previous rating was three stars but I realized that one of the issues wasn’t the banks fault but rather the third party company Green Dot’s. I don’t like having to pay such large fees just to deposit cash but it’s Green Dot policy.

- Happy customer!

Very happy customer! Even though there is no stand-alone bank, I have had an excellent experience with Chime. 1) I like getting paid early 2) No overdraft fees, love the Spotme feature 3) Ease of use 4) I love that I view my card in the app, it sounds lazy, but I’m tired of pulling out my card every time I want to buy something online (lol). 5) I love that my mom and I both got $50 when she referred me to sign up for an account. What an awesome referral program for everyone. 6) You can turn your debit card transactions on/off with the click of an app. (I forget to turn it back on sometimes! I’ve embarrassed myself at a store a time or two.) Also, there are many ATM locations near me that are free of charge. I like that I can “round-up” to save if I’d like, or set 10% of my direct deposit aside. Chime has been compatible with PayPal and Apple Pay to send money to people. With that being said, I use cash at most restaurants / gas stations / stores, I don’t like my card number being out there. I had debit card fraud with my old bank account. I have not had that incident happen with chime and I hope that it never does. Not revenant to the app or bank- but cashiers at the store always say the card is a cute color lol.

- Customer Service

The app is great. It’s banking with Chime that sometimes really annoys me. They have really great features with the overdraft protection and it being completely free no fees. But i honestly dread calling chime to get any issues resolved. The people in SF who answers the phone are always pleasant and knowledgeable! When i get someone overseas i always find myself repeating myself. I have had to escalate and speak with managers but people are refusing to connect me with their supervisor. I always end up having to hang up and call back to just get some help. The claims department haven’t really been helpful at all. I keep getting charged for stuff and no one is able to provide me with an explanation and i am trying to block certain transactions that i never authorized and no one is ever willing to understand what i am trying to say or help. The customer service is HORRIBLE! I don’t get why i have to repeat myself being transferred from person to person then they ask me how i can help first then ask me to verify myself. I wish they just verify people first then all focus can be on helping me. By the time I’m done verifying they always make me repeat myself and then I’m irate. Please work on customer service and verify people FIRST and make sure people overseas work on requests and how to respond to people. They come off extremely rude ! I want to file a complaint for how i have been treated.

- Best decision I was forced to make!!

Unfortunately due to a career loss, having to start over and struggling financially for 3 years I had no other choice but to file bankruptcy. I was told by my legal counsel that the bank account I had would potentially freeze my limited funds because one of my credit cards was linked to my checking. They encouraged me to seek a new checking account so I could maintain what money I had. Because my credit was now poor, I was denied by two other banks a checking account. Most big banks now run your credit along with Check Systems to deem you a desirable customer. I researched my options and found Chime on a tech blog. I’m so very glad I found it! It is no frills checking and savings with a super simple app. It’s a traditional debit card in every sense. It’s Visa so you can use it virtually anywhere! Get cash back with groceries. Tons of ATM’s through money pass with NO fees! I know it may not be for everyone, but if you are sick of big banks and all their fees and tactics, I encourage you to give Chime a try. I’m very grateful to have an option like Chime. It saved me a lot of grief at a time when I’m already feeling insurmountable pressure.

- Liars

They do not follow their terms & conditions, they do absolutely whatever they want and get away with it because you’re just one customer and they’re a big bank. Spotme terms & conditions clearly state that you need *MONTHLY* direct deposits of over $500 in order to qualify. I check my statements monthly, and my deposits are always well over $500. My most recent check on Jan 12 was less than $500- i was expecting that since it was from Christmas/New Years and my job is always slow around then. Well because of that, my spotme was turned off and now the app is harassing me to “set up direct deposit”. It would’ve been nice if they waited until the end of the month, when my monthly deposit would’ve been well over $500 again. Don’t ever bother reaching out to support, both people I talked to sent me the exact same email, word for word, that had nothing to do with what I asked. When I replied saying that’s not what I asked, I received the same email AGAIN. They’re very unprofessional, if you have a lower check than usual they’ll assume you’re not depositing your entire check and turn off spotme, and if you don’t tip them (never heard of having to tip a bank??) they won’t care about what you have to say or any problems you experience with them. When I asked if I had tipped for using spotme, would this happen and their response was “probably not”. So now I’m signing up for a new bank and my balance will sit at -$45.

- Amazing, almost.

Chime is the bank of the future and it’s done an amazing job. I love banking with Chime. It’s incredibly simple through its reliable app. The platform is simple, well laid out, pleasant to view, and gives you just the right info at your finger tips. Each time I spend from my account Chime alerts me with the transaction amount and remaining balance. Not to mention NO FEES! When I think of how much procrastination has cost me in fees?? That payment that cleared when I wasn’t expecting it ... then auto withdrawals stack one on top of another?? $$$ I’m sick. Chimes new credit builder is like a gift program for you. Here! Here is a great way to build your credit without even trying! Chime will even “spot you” some cash over time to help cover your expenses. You earn your spot amount over time and it comes out of your next deposit. Easy. Wonderful! Downsides include no checks. ( I hate checks and thought I’d never need any, but have found sometimes you just do.) The “Chime Bot” in the app is not helpful. It’s infuriating not being able to get answers. It’s kind of like You last Alexa over and over and she has no answer to anything. Overall though Chime is very satisfying and I am so happy to have it.

- Great so far!

I was nervous about there being no branches and only online but it turned out very smooth. I have both savings options activated and I love it! It takes a bit for the round up though maybe between an hour of the posted transaction to at least 1 business day. But that’s not too annoying. I DID ask for the emailed direct deposit form and it has the old routing number. It was an easy fix and my 2 most recent deposits have come through perfectly fine. I’m a huge lover of Apple Pay so I’m glad it works with that. The mobile check deposit feature works great as well. I received an email the next business day saying my check was received and it’ll be available the next business day. (Good thing I did all of this on a Monday.) You don’t really feel lost or anything using the app it’s very simple. I have only had the service for a couple weeks but so far I am a top fan. I took a star away because the routing number issue delayed my first deposit by one day. Also if you use the chat line for service a different rep replies each time. That also makes me worry a bit of a huge issue occurs that you’d usually go into a branch for. But again so far, it works gloriously!


Do NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CHIME!!!! Go to local bank that have real walk-ins and actual have real people you can speak with face to face. I requested information on a transaction that was made and they decided to rather give me more information about the transaction they deactivated my card. I never gave them the agreement to close my card. I found out the hard way while i was shopping and trying to purchase my itmes and my card was declining. I called customer service multiple times to tell them that it was an error from their side. I requested a temporary card and THEY DO NOT GIVE YOU TEMPORARY CARD AT ALLL!!! You are stuck waiting two weeks for a new card to come! You can not even take out your money and they lie to you by telling you can transfer your money to another bank for “easy access” but once i link another bank and try to move my money, my money disappeared!!!! They lost my money and its not in my chime account and its not in my other bank account. Talking to customer service is the worst, they will just transfer you to another department and ask you the same three questions because they themselves dont know what they are doing. Worst bank ever! They dont help you when you need help! They dont value you as a customer! I SUGGEST you open an account with a local bank that gives you Temporary cards while your card is being shipped out.

- Very Happy I switched to Chime

I’m loving my Chime account. Having all the functions easily accessed on my phone has allowed me to manage my money more efficiently and monitor expenditures in real time. The absence of high fees is wonderful. I love both the ease of transferring money between accounts as well as the Spot Me feature for months when the budget is very tight. Although ATMs that recognize the Chime card are not very common, I haven’t found that to be a drawback; I rarely carry cash at all anymore and haven’t missed it. I don’t miss having a checking account, since on the rare occasions when I need to pay a bill by check, I can do it through the Chime app for free. The only drawback I’ve encountered is that some businesses, particularly those that only exist online, do not recognize the Chime routing number. I’ve been able to find workarounds for all but one of them. I don’t know the reason they won’t accept payments from Chime, but hopefully Chime is working with those entities to remove whatever barriers exist. I highly recommend Chime. It’s more convenient and has saved me money over the months I’ve been using it.

- Chime, the modern answer to an age old system.

Starting off, I opened a Chime account because I started traveling with work. I was dealing with a brick and mortar bank that really wasn’t able to do the things I needed being away from home. Apprehensive at first I set my direct deposit up and turn on both the roundup savings feature and the 10% saving feature. It has made saving mindless and reflects in your balance instantly. My FAVORITE feature about chime though is its statements. It, well pretty accurately categorizes your expenses and you can see what amount of money goes to what each month. This is huge. It really does bring some spending habits to the front and center. One thing that is heavily advertised is the ability to get your check credited two days early. I can attest to that, it happens every week for me. I signed up to see if it works and have now got accustomed to it, and it has come in handy with having to drive sometimes across the country at a moments notice. Overall, I have had a very good experience switching to Chime and look forward to banking with them for many years moving on!

- So disappointed in chime

I have been a chime bank for over two years I put a lot of money into this bank recently ,I had my card disabled because I couldn’t find it. And chime bank lead budget Rent-A-Car take out every single time in my bank account and $3200 on top of my unemployment and now I’m -$75 I called them to try to get some of my money back because it was an unauthorized transaction not only was the card disabled they had blocked this company in the past so they let them take my whole entire bank account I have a five-year-old and I don’t even have a dollar I told him that I wouldn’t be able to even feed my son they did not care and they told me I would have to wait till the 18th I don’t know what I’m gonna do I’m freaking out and I don’t even know how to feed my son so thank you so much chime bank as soon as I get my money back i’m going to be closing this bank account it’s really disappointing because I really like them but not answer the situation you don’t they should’ve never allowed I don’t care what company it is to take more than you even have in your bank account they -258 on my bank account but if I would’ve took my card in place order I would’ve got denied so someone made a state mistake no one will help me and they don’t care if me and my son starve! Thank you chime bank during a pandemic when. I’m laid off

- Innovative and valuable

I’ve had an account with Chime since they began. And I have yet to have a complaint. The app is kept updated and runs very smoothly. I like the auto savings feature. I do wish there was an interest gathering savings and more banking features like loans etc but it’ll come I’m sure. Many companies have followed Chime to online banking (which I believe will take over banking and do away with brick and mortar banking eventually)but none of the others are quite as well established. I’ve referred many people to chime and they’ve done away with their banks and rely solely on chime too. I haven’t seen rewards and bonuses lately like once would surprise me. But there are offers and a few discounts available. And I dislike how I have to enter my pin every time I move away from the chime screen. Even to go back n forth to copy/enter routing number account number on another app and go back to chime, even when I didn’t close it out. But it’s fine also. Their customer service is outstanding. And security has never been an issue. I have nothing negative to say about Chime.

- Services have improved

It used to be such a hassle to use a home, getting a new card — they wouldn’t expedite a new card, and since it’s an online bank, you were screwed until it came. And customer service, multiple times, when asked what recourse I had would say, “it’s probably a good idea to keep a back up bank account.” But now, they’ve gotten a lot better about the process of getting a new card reissued. They now accept mobile check deposits, at least up to a certain amount. And the Spot Me feature they’ve just come out with is really cool, since Chime doesn’t usually work with the other apps that will front you money when you need it. Also, there’s no withdrawal limit on ATMs which is really cool. It looks like they’re finally starting to get their act together. The only thing I’m still annoyed by is that my card is issued in my nickname, so if I get a check written out to my legal name, they won’t cash it. Other than that, they’ve fixed most of the issues I used to have with them. I appreciate it!

- False advertising

I’ve been a user of Chime for over a year now and I wish I could be pleased with this company. The $100 limit for SpotMe is impossible to attain no matter how frequently your paychecks come or the amount they come in. I’ve been a faithful repaying customer in SpotMe over the last year and my limit only reached $45, then fell to $20 when I lost my job due to Covid. I referred over five friends who signed up for chime through my link. The link my chime app gave me was faulty and didn’t give me proper credit for the incentive, so I forwarded Chime plenty of screenshots and emails proof so that they would see I was the reason for those new users and get the incentive. Chime did not apologize for the faulty link, did not accommodate any type of manual incentive, and the agents who responded closed all of my issues and told me they couldn’t do anything. If you have any type of issues with SpotMe or the friends incentive, chime agents can do nothing for you. They give you long wordy excuses about how there’s many factors involved and how nothing can be done and close their issue. What’s the point of having representatives if there is nothing they can do, even to keep a loyal customer. This company is a scam, go to a trusted bank if you want to see them follow through with advertised benefits because this isn’t for you.

- I don’t even know they have 4.8

You are the worst! All of you should do yourself a favor and dip out ASAP. I am dealing with a fraud and it is taking more then 60 days for them to complete. Every time I try to get a hold of them they keep telling me 45days on the 47th day and 45days after. Always 45 days. They refuse to return my funds and never have a live representative to talk too. Their Resolution department does not have a phone number and refuses to talk to anyone. Their HORRIBLE. I just went out and got a new bank account. This bank can ruin someone’s life with all the loop holes you have to go through if 1 thing goes wrong. You have no protection on your card and info. Good luck if your trying to speak to someone who speaks proper English. Your dealing with someone else’s money you should know how to talk so they understand. I was also lied too and told by A representative that I would have my money back into my account on November 30. I saw that it was never there so I called back and was told again, 45 days. I will never use them again. I had the case reopen and been waiting with PROOF and all. I refuse to put any money into that account until it’s solved. But I just went out and got another bank account that is much better. Do yourself a favor don’t deal with the hassle and get something that will protect you.

- No Chime card after date given

If I don’t receive my Chime card by Monday. Chime loosing a new customer and customer service is down how. Very suspicious things with Chime that puts red flags now. I’m stepping out on faith by joining. Now I’m regretting the whole account I opened and also did the direct deposit which makes thing even worse for Chime. I give the lowest star until my card arrives and I am able to get my money. The customer service is rude I talked to a supervisor name Sylvia she says they can’t expedite mail why not. Every prepaid debit card company has that option. Yes I reported them to the better business bureau FDIC and other accredited agencies. When it comes to my money I can careless. They playing like they can’t track it or see what’s going on I’ll just give a boost and a push so Chris, Chime CEO please expect a lawsuit from me due to this matter. I don’t care about who doesn’t like this review neither. So Chris, CEO get me money now to avoid it or just deal with it. I’ve made police reports about this matter. The AHC or ACH options seems to me as not an option but they will send the link. Chris, CEO you will be hearing from my lawyer. CEO Chris I’m taking this matter to the press today at noon. It’s ten days later no card and Chime can’t expedite another card well I’m going to explain everything to the news press today at noon.

- Convenient, gets the job done.

It is true that people write a bad review before a good one. Overall I enjoy chime, I get paid early and with it being a holiday week I got paid EXTRA early which was a pleasant surprise. They did have a recent shut down that did decline our cards when we tried to use them for 2 days which was inconvenient and kind of embarrassing but the issue was fixed and they continued to show remorse. My only suggestion is I wish it showed the ending balance as purchases are made on the statement. I don’t like not being able to look back on purchases of deposits and not see what it brought my balance to at that time. I work at financial institutions and sometimes that’s what we require for proof of payment, so the fact that my bank doesn’t provided that is something that definitely sticks out for me; and in general it would help me keep track of my spending a lot better to know what I keep my balances at throughout the weeks. They seem good at looking at reviews, not sure if this is a concern for anyone else to make it a change but it would be nice if that be involved in a near future update.


This was the first time I opened an account at a bank I could not physically attend. This was a brand new account. Decided to have our refund deposited into it. BIG MISTAKE. They started asking for proof of refund which we sent. They pushed the funds through. We had access to the funds in the account for over 2 weeks after the fact....Then, I try to log in to check the balance and pay a bill...account suspended. The only explanation I was given is that something (that something could never be fully explained) was falling outside of their banking terms? They asked for a bunch of other info (License, SS cards, Utility Bill) to unsuspend the account. I’m like REALLY?? Can someone tell me what is happening? Nothing. Me thinking it’s just some kind of misunderstanding I sent in the necessary documents and still no answer. I’m now feeling like my money is being stolen and we’re being defrauded! They have over $2k frozen that we can’t get an answer as to why! I’m so upset I could cry. I have no idea what happened, I’m getting no explanation and I’m in the process of seeking an attorney! This bank takes people’s money and suspends accounts for no reason and provides no explanation. Do not trust them with your money!! 8 years I’ve done the same transaction with my regular bank and I’ve never had this issue. NEVER.


I opened a Chime account after seeing it was so highly rated. Big mistake. I had $450 deposited into my account. The terms say that you can do one transaction before you get your debit card. Not true. I emailed the company to ask why I was not getting my one transaction. They kept sending me the same response that had nothing to do with my question. I tried transferring the money to my PayPal account. I’ve verified the account with PayPal. Chime still would not send my money to me. Or to my PayPal. I bet I sent them over 10 messages. And then all of the sudden I get an email saying that my account has been closed. With no mention of the $450 that I deposited. If you were looking for a quick alternative to PayPal, this is not the answer. You never get to talk to live person in customer service. What a joke. I wish I knew how to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I wish that I could post screenshots of the conversations I have had with their “customer service”. What a joke. They’ll take your money (instantly), freeze your account (30 days except they’ll tell you you can have one transaction which isn’t true), then they can close your account for any reason they deem okay. To top it off, you’ll have to wait 30 days to get your money back. (In the form of a check.)

- Don’t bank here- zero stars if I could

Chime has some of the worst customer experience, and that’s compared to notoriously bad companies like Bank of America. I closed my account to quickly after I requested all my funds be transferred out, and so my bank kicked them back to Chime, who had already closed my account. I got an email saying I needed to provide a written statement from my bank, into why the transaction was sent back and a list of other identification items in order to re-open my account. I’ve called three days in a row now to try and avoid having to do that. The first person didn’t know I could re-open and account and said I had to wait 30 days for a check for the amount that was kicked back. I asked for this in writing in an email that never came. The next two times I had the same conversation, each time being told a check would come and an email confirmation would be sent, still no email. This bank is a fraud and uses the ridiculous “perk” of getting paid not two days early, but usually 1 day before payday (it’s up to two days early, so no guarantee that happens, mine was only one). That does nothing and I would rather get paid on a normal cycle then have my bank make it impossible to get a straight answer and give me my money back.

- Beware!

It sooo easy to get caught up in the whole getting paid two days early thing but other than that.. Chime is pretty much a joke. They’re WAY too relaxed when it comes to your money and take pride in dragging their feet with everything they do. I called Nov 8,2018 for a dispute and a month later after their Customer Service rep said that he had taken care of everything, I had yet to get my money back. After spending days trying to get a human on their customer support line I was told to use the app for my issue. Why have a customer service number if you don’t want people to call? I also lost my card Dec 10 and have yet to even see my new card. My account has been locked for almost a month now. When I call, I get the same generic answer “Your card should arrive in 7-10 business days.” Again... it’s been almost a month. At this point, I’ve already transferred all of my money to my new bank account elsewhere and I’m not thinking twice about closing out this card. Be careful if you’re tech savvy as well, The whole communications and control of your account through the app seems promising at first but given this company seems to be more for show than doing their actual job you may benefit the traditional banking like Chase or TD Bank. Hope this helps!

- Worst EVER

You are the worst! All of you should do yourself a favor and dip out ASAP. I am dealing with a fraud and it is taking more then 60 days for them to complete. Every time I try to get a hold of them they keep telling me 45days on the 47th day and 45days after. Always 45 days. They refuse to return my funds and never have a live representative to talk too. Their Resolution department does not have a phone number and refuses to talk to anyone. Their HORRIBLE. I just went out and got a new bank account. This bank can ruin someone’s life with all the loop holes you have to go through if 1 thing goes wrong. You have no protection on your card and info. Good luck if your trying to speak to someone who speaks proper English. Your dealing with someone else’s money you should know how to talk so they understand. I was also lied too and told by A representative that I would have my money back into my account on November 30. I saw that it was never there so I called back and was told again, 45 days. I will never use them again. I had the case reopen and been waiting with PROOF and all. I refuse to put any money into that account until it’s solved. But I just went out and got another bank account that is much better. Do yourself a favor don’t deal with the hassle and get something that will protect you.

- It’s ok!

If your looking for a mobile bank this is what I recommend. I have tried other ones and so far this is the one I have stuck with. I get paid two days early, wich I love. The app is great and easy to work. I did have an issue with withdrawing money from an ATM machine at US BANK, which is where I go withdraw cash from. I withdrew $400 it gave them to me with that transaction I chose “Print Receipt” so I found out the limit to withdraw is $500. I then started to withdraw $100 more I chose “Not to Print a Receipt” bad idea because then the machine sounded like it was pulling the money and it was ready to dispense. When I get an error message on the screen saying “There was an error dispensing my money to please call my financial institution.” Which I did I called them they asked me for the receipt number which I didn’t have because I chose not to print a receipt. If I had a receipt they could of helped me faster. What happened next was they filed a dispute. I had to print out some forms, fill them out and fax them to them. Then it took 15 business days for them to review and finally credit me back those $100. The good thing is I did get my money back it just took some time.

- Warm and Fuzzy Feelings for a bank!

Their slogan is “banking as it should be” and it really is. I made an account here in a whim and didn’t activate my debit card or put money in the account for a while after I had it. I totally regret that now! I’ve been using my account for around a month now and Chime is just so amazingly helpful. The app makes me feel so much more in the know and Chime as a bank does make me feel financially cared for. Sending alerts that easy/quick to read, even including little emojis, something you wouldn’t think would make much difference right? It does. Little details like this (for me anyways) made it so it’s not as scary or daunting to get alerts where with other big banks I would turn them off. Another sweet little thing is if you go to a restaurant or salon, somewhere where a tip is required, as soon as the merchant swipes your card you get your update but Chime includes what the 15% tip would be. So simple, such a huge difference. Gah they give me all the warm and fuzzies. Making banking and finances so approachable. Love this.

- Highly recommend to ANYONE

I absolutely love Chime! Opening an account was one of the best things I’ve done. My two favorite things about chime: 1. The round up feature that automatically rounds your transaction to the nearest dollar and puts the remainder in your savings account. You don’t even realize it’s happening until you have a good amount of money in your savings account that you didn’t physically put in there. 2. GETTING PAID EARLY!!!! Yes, it’s true! You do get paid early! Depending on your employer you may get paid one day early or even two!! Chime has made it very simple to get a direct deposit form/find you account & routing numbers. You also get $50 for referring someone who receives a direct deposit total of $200 in 60 days... which is pretty easy. Your referral gets $50 too! There’s ATMs literally EVERYWHERE that you can grab cash out without any fees. You can also get cash back at most stores as well. I highly recommend getting a Chime account. I have no complaints whatsoever, only positive things to say! Oh and it’s FREE!!!

- Stay away if you value your money!

I attempted to withdraw funds from my account. My hard earned money. The ATM did not authorize my withdraw, even though I had 4 times the amount that I was trying to withdraw available in my account. Only seconds after the ATM denied my withdraw, I get a notification from Chime that I withdrew that money. Chime told me to wait until the merchant (owner of the atm) settles the transaction, meaning I have to wait until the transaction is no longer pending, and my money would be available in my account again. 2 days later the transaction was no longer pending, but of course my balance was not restored. So my money is lost in cyber space. I had to file a dispute, it could take up to 45 days for me to get my money!!!! And the customer service rep had the nerve to tell me that I’d only get my money IF they found an error was made!!! Um... I attempted to withdraw money from an ATM, I didn’t get any money, and you subtracted it from my balance... OBVIOUSLY there is an error! My money has basically been stolen by 1 of 2 banks and I believe the problem to be with Chime because SO many chime customers are having the same problem! Something is definitely not right with Chime! Stay away!!!! Unless you don’t value your hard earned money. I repeat STAY AWAY FROM CHIME!!!

- Terrible

I’ve had a few different bank accounts & I thought this account would be simple because it’s online, but no it’s the worst I’ve had the account for about 2 weeks and I’ve only had reliable access for a few days because almost every day there’s a service issue. Next they still have yet to send my debit card so I can’t access my money and they have not given me any feasible way to access it within the next 24 hours the only option I have is to wait for another week for my card to arrive which is ridiculously long especially because if I wanted to order a card replacement it would only take 3-5 business days with is backwards how is a replacement card able to arrive before my first original card. I would definitely not recommend this company at all, the way they control their company it seems like a scam, hopefully my card will arrive soon so I can get all my money and close the account immediately Update: My Card was supposed to arrive today and it did not which I expected now I have to wait another week to have access to my money because I needed to order a replacement card this is the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life, and the company does not car please save yourself the trouble

- Do not open an account with these people

Do not do “banking” with Chime! Mind you this was an account I opened to use sort of as a savings/emergency account. I called to ask about a simple account transfer that I don’t even remember making and the lady told me it would take 2-3 days to show up in my Chime account after it was already taken out of my original bank account. I don’t even remember transferring from one account to the other in the past 2-3 days! They’re also telling me there’s nothing they can do to stop it and my other bank is unable to stop it either. Now I have $100 floating around somewhere out there but it’s definitely not in either one of my accounts. I will definitely be trashing my Chime card and cancelled this scam of an account after I get my $100 back. Please do yourself a favor and do your finances with actual financial institutions. Don’t let the whole “get paid 2 days early” sucker you in. You never talk to actual people when it comes to “customer service” and we you do they don’t know where your money is or what is going on with your account. It was a mistake even opening an account with these people. I’ve never had this much trouble with any financial institution until I started doing business with these people.


I absolutely love Chime! I’ve had a few B&M banks in the past and they’ve never been for me, with a fee for everything and a charge for little things, it’s was a nightmare for me. I went without a bank for a couple years and then I found Chime! They have been by far the best banking experience I’ve had and not having a B&M bank is absolutely no problem in fact I like it better, everything I do on my account is in my hand and there’s no fees for the little things, in fact there no fees at all! Unless I use an out-of-network ATM, which isn’t a huge deal because I’m not being charge for everything else. Basically, I get my paycheck 2 days early, I can transfer my cash to wherever without a charge and SpotMe is AMAZING! Oh and also.... Chime Credit Builder! I can build credit using this card almost like a secured credit card and there was none of the hoops to jump through and again NO FEES, just transfer from my existing account and use the card like a credit card.... it’s that simple! Thank you, Chime!!

- Simply the Best

Chime is the best bank out there right now. Absolutely no hassle or stress. When issues have come up, like fraudulent charges, they got back to me immediately...and replenished my account BEFORE they investigated so that I wasn’t left penniless. Check deposits and cash deposits are super easy. Customer service is almost immediate. I’ve lost my card and damaged another; they sent me replacements in less than a week. They have lots of rewards and sweepstakes and fun stuff happening all the time. And they fronted so many people’s stimulus checks! How nice! I’m a HUGE FAN and honestly will never go back to traditional banking. Ever. Oh! And if you ever overdraft they will cover it, plus $25!! Then you can tip them or not. No fee! Other banks charge $35-45 each time you overdraft, and for each pending charge. So you can end up hundreds of dollars in the negative before you get paid again. Not with Chime. They got you. AND I HAVE A CREDIT CARD AND SAVINGS ACCOUNT CONNECTED AND MANAGED SEAMLESSLY WITH MY CHECKING ACCOUNT. I want to hug Chime. LOVE CHIME. Chime for the win! Chime for life!

- Honestly this is the best app and bank

I’ve always used online banking, but never had an actual online checking account. I recently decided that I needed a second account for the gig work I started doing since Covid. I did a little research and decided to go with Chime. I put my baby down for a nap prepared for a long and annoying process that comes with any financial stuff. I literally downloaded the app, they asked maybe 3-4 questions, and not even 3 minutes later I had my checking account number and routing, and a temporary (picture of) my debit card that they said will arrive in a week. Then I see an option to open a savings account (which I’ve never even had) and 2 seconds later, boom, I have a savings account too. I don’t ever write reviews; I have about a hundred other things I could put my time too. But honestly I really felt like Chime deserved the time it takes for me to write this. This was hands down the best, most efficient, easiest, pleasant “banking” experience I’ve ever had.

- The worst experience!! BE CAREFUL!!

I can’t believe that I was left hanging not only once, but TWICE by Chime’s lousy customer service misrepresenting the company. What’s worse is that no matter what they tell you, no body is held accountable and they say they’re “sorry”?!— well, sorry won’t put food in my mouth for a laughable $500 check that my new job gave me as an advance. It’s only funny because although you were able to verify that I had already received a direct deposit from the exact same company that a (pre-printed) business check from my job, that indicated was an “Advance”, you still decide to hold it for 2 weeks?!?! It defeated the purpose of depositing the check! I was getting paid sooner than when you were releasing it!! I have NEVER heard of an institution or entity ever holding someone’s $500 check for 2 weeks?! The rep lied just to get me off the phone. He promised that they would release the remainder of the check the following Monday. I was misled and after calling back, I was basically told to go screw myself by a manager that didn’t have the decency to at the very least speak up when having an adult conversation with someone. BE AWARE of this joke of a company. If you’re someone that wants to be taken seriously. Try another, better bank.

- Definitely getting there

Update: changed my review to four stars. Would have been three but they’ve expanded support for other banks since my last review. Disappointed that you can’t do a 10% automatic savings on direct deposits lower than $500, I don’t have my entire check deposited to Chime, so that will never be an option for me. More importantly though, I’m extremely disappointed you can’t mobile deposit checks from other bank accounts that you own as a way of transferring money. No other bank account I’ve owned has had that restriction. To send money from my other checking account would be 1-5 business days to verify the account and then probably another few days for the money to transfer. I hope they change this. I love getting my paycheck early and the round up feature, but it's not compatible with a lot of banks and apps. I can't link it with my local credit union. Stash, venmo, PayPal all say it's not supported so it's kind of hard to use it as your main checking account. Hopefully they expand their support with other institutions soon.


Worst experience with a bank thank God I kept my old bank just to try this one out. No customer service at all it’s like everyone is a robot that copies and pastes their responses no help when you need it. There was an unauthorized charge to my account and I still don’t have my money they make you jump through hoops no help from them you have to contact the merchant for a refund and if they don’t refund you Chime will open a claim and take 90 days to give you YOUR money!! Then they say your account was closed in accordance with their terms blah blah they do this just not to refund you YOUR MONEY that they authorized someone to take out!! It’s FRAUD BEWARE The new card takes forever to arrive you have to pay to deposit YOUR OWN MONEY because they have no other option. You can link a bank but hope you don’t need the money you transfer right away NOPE it will take 3-5 business days to transfer from Chime to your bank. It’s terrible the ONLY good thing I have to say was getting my check a day in a half early Wednesday night by midnight to be exact. You don’t ever speak to someone it’s all done through chat and they respond at THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY !! Or sign up at your OWN RISK & you’ll be back here writing a review of your own

- Great so far

I have been seeing ads for this on Facebook and Instagram for a while and never really cared since I had a Chase college account and for most of my banking life I had Chase wherever I went and one down the block where I lived. I moved and now while it’s not a far walk it’s the only one near me and now is charging me fees. I figured I would try out chime since I remembered seeing these ads. I read the reviews and stuff about chime and most would good but some were pretty bad like not getting referred bonus and some other stuff. Never had any issues and I got my bonus like literally the same time as my direct deposit of over $200 ( first over $200 you’ll get it after two business days in the fine print ). I get my check about a day early which is nice as well. Also has an optional savings account where you can round up charges and it’s put in there. I also have a lot more banks I can take cash out near me and around where I work now as well which is nice ( mostly 7-11’s)

- So pleased

I’m in my 50s and I’ve had about 9 different bank accounts, with several different banks. My daughter recommended that I sign up for Chime. I was reluctant to do so, because I have a checking and savings account with a Credit Union, and didn’t think I needed another account. The reality is I didn’t NEED another account, but I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with a bank, than I am with Chime! I absolutely LOVE Chime! I would recommend this bank to anyone! Young or older, you aren’t going to find a better banking service than Chime. The customer service is impeccable, the App is flawless, and the utter ease of using the app and debit card are priceless! They even help you build your savings by rounding up your purchase total, depositing it to your savings from spending account, making it easier and painless to save! You want for nothing more being a customer of Chime. I’ve thanked my millennial daughter several times for her referral, and have zero regrets signing up, only a lot of gratitude!

- My Absolute Favorite

Initially downloaded the app looking through “similar” apps after getting Venmo and Zelle so I could send friends money. Wasn’t really looking for online banking, just wanted something I could put money on every once in a while. I decided to have my paycheck direct deposited. (Honestly because I wanted the black metal card I saw in my email). I shared it to my friends but didn’t get the card. However I ended up falling in love with the simplicity Chime has for its customers. Love that I can pay bills with a check for free without having to purchase a check book, I love Chime messages me everyday to let me know my balances, most of all i LOOVE getting paid 2 DAYS EARLY 😍😁 the modern way I bank because of Chime has me feeling some type of way 😉. Since my first direct deposit I have actually canceled my accounts at my other banks and now only use Chime. I love it being totally online but having the option to get cash if I really need it, without having to go into a dreaded bank and stand in a seemingly never ending line just to feel judged because the person at the counter can see I only have 23cents in my account. NOT ANYMORE!! I get paid before EVERYONE, I can add cash to my account at retail stores, it automatically puts money in my saving for all deposits and every time I use my car. I seriously tell everyone about it when I have the chance. Specially when we talk about payday because I can brag about I get my check two days early.

- Love hate relationship

I originally went with Chime to get paid 2 days earlier. It’s their main selling point that three quarters of their client base was sold on. After having chime for almost 2 years I have to say I’m happy for the most part. Any time I want to make a cash deposit it costs me $5. Despite Chime saying they accept $1000 per day, the vendors that actually take the cash usually only accept $500 a day. I was given a large sum of cash from family and I had to spend a week depositing it and about $100 in fees for depositing it. Say I have $5000 in my account and I find a car I want to buy... it’s impossible since there’s a daily limit of $1000 at ATM’s, not to mention most ATM’s only let you take out $200 max per visit. Have fun paying your rent via money order. You’ll stand at the ATM for 10 minutes. The upside is that there’s no overdraft. Basically, if there’s not enough cash in the account it won’t even let the debit go through. I love getting paid two days earlier, but I always regret not having a physical location I can bank with. My suggestion is to just put up with the extra 2 days to get your paycheck.

- Misleading information

I decided to try chime out for direct deposit a couple of days ago. I had a paycheck direct deposited the next day, and realized I could not get it out because I have no card. I read on their app that transfers to other chime members are free and instant. I was also told the same thing by an employee on the phone. I tried to do the transfer on the app and It wouldn’t allow me bei had not activated my card. Fine. A customer service member told me I can still do the transfer, my friend and I each have to send an email with our photo ID and other pertinent information. We both sent the emails and waited an hour before I called again to see what was going on. They told me the people in that department seem to have gotten the emails but he said he would put a rush on the case. It has now been 6 hours and I haven’t heard a peep from chime. If you need money ASAP do NOT rely on this app to get it to you. I’ve been told that netspend is much quicker and has an excellent overdraft protection program. If the money comes tomorrow I may update this review. If it doesn’t I’m pulling all my money out as soon as I get a card and closing the account. Do not advertise things that aren’t true instant is not a 24 hour wait.

- EX Bank of America CONVERT! 😍😍

🌈HAPPY ENDING FIRST🌈: Chime is AMAZING. They really have no fees, I can use BOA ATMs, I adore they’re frequent text alerts with purchases and your balance. You can’t overdraw (other than their complimentary “Spot Me” program). 😰THE NIGHTMARE😰: After over 20 years with Bank of America, after thousands of dollars in check fees “monthly maintenance” fees, over draft frees, deception, frustration... I saw s Chime commercial and thought “What do I have to lose?” I had just come from a BOA location begging them to help me reverse 7 - $35 overdraft fees that were not my fault. I had been laid off my last paycheck was mailed not direct deposited; I deposited the check as soon as I realized just a few days after the fact. Something I’d never done, an honest mistake. I was sobbing. I was scared. On top of being without an income, I was $250 in the hole. I was I was a loyal customer for 23 years. She told me no. I was done. 💚CHIME IS THE FUTURE OF BANKING💚 I’ve told all of my friends and family; this is the way to go. Thanks Chime, Jennifer Fenton

- Best way to bank

With the Chime banking system everything you do with your money is simplified. Keeping track of your balance is easier than it has ever been. Maintaining a budget is more of a reality now with the instant feed back of your transactions. Sending money to pay bills or friends is quick and just a touch away. Having no paper trail is very important to me because I am a believer in doing what I can to help save the environment. Costumer service is always available to assist you with any problem that occurs 24 hours a day which is convenient to everyone in today’s world. Add money to your account can be done in a variety way. One or of which will suit your needs to the T. I’m positive you, no matter what your style or preference is, will benefit today, tomorrow, or in the future from opening an account with Chime. Have a wonderful day. Please be safe out there in the world, and thanks for checking out my review. You’ll love this way of banking as much as I do.

- #NoRegrets

This is the best bank I have ever had! Ok, so first off there’s no hidden fees, there’s nothing like maintenance fee, overdraft fee, or anything like that. The bank let’s you get your paycheck TWO days early! If you do overdraft, they have this feature called SpotMe, where they can spot you a certain amount of money before your card gets declined. There’s a saving account here too and it can take part of your paycheck for you towards your savings automatically! The bad thing is, if you wanna deposit money here it’s hard, you have to pay 4.99 to deposit money and you have to go to places like CVS. Also, I think it’s like 4.99$ every 100$, but I don’t deal with cash that much, so it doesn’t affect me. It has mobile deposit too and you can link your other bank to this bank too. Check wise they will mail a check out for you (I wish they would give us a checkbook tbh). Overall, I’m really in love with this bank! I’m never going back to my old one (Ew BoA)!


Terrible customer service. Their app/website is useless. I requested a new debit card on June 3rd through their app (which is how you’re supposed to do it) and on June 16th after reaching out to customer service again, I was informed that the new card request never went through. So now nearly 3 weeks later, I am still unable to access my funds because my old card is “compromised” and the new one hasn’t arrived yet. My only option is to transfer the money to another bank account (which still isn’t instant). This app/bank isn’t really worth the trouble. 1/9/18 Update: After having my card replaced THREE TIMES because of attempted fraudulent charges and not even using the account, today I got yet another notification that someone was attempting to use my card to spend $45 at Pizza Hut. I’m not sure how anyone could have gotten my card information because the card never left my house after it was delivered and activated. Do not use this service. Their customer service is awful and does nothing to solve your problems. If you’re looking for an online bank, I recommend trying one of the many others that are out there. Getting paid two days earlier is NOT worth the stress.

- Single Best App By Far. Easy, Does Everything.

We’ve had Chime over 2 years. Tried and compared other apps, all failed us quickly. Chime simply works. It’s so easy even for us pre-seniors. We canceled our brick n mortar bank. We pay all bills online, direct deposit, Pay friends, Alerts are amazing. No monthly fees or surprises. They make a few pennies from the merchant when you “swipe” your card. When we need a little cash we just take it out at Walmart, Kroger, wherever it’s easy without a fee. They do have a growing/large free ATM network. They even credited us once as a courtesy, without us asking, when I used an out of network ATM! Depositing a check is a breeze, take a photo, done. Writing an occasional check, a breeze, do it once and you’ve got it, they create it, all done. I’ll go so far as to say this app is “Brilliant” A few late players trying to compete but they all have lots of catching up to do. Get Chime! Best thing we discovered for banking period!

- Review

it’s simple to use and helpful but customer service needs improvement you guys should add a direct call option so when a problem occurs customers could handle it easier i found it hard to find the customer service number and I know new customers will also and I would also like an option to donate to charities through chime and other tax write off programs should be added in a simple way that also teaches customers ways they could save money while helping the community I would like to see chime partner with the blm movement and use this as a chance to help Implement Financial techniques in a simple way while also teaching the benefits of financial understanding and also have a direct link to directly donate to blm movement and become the bank of black America and urban America and I also want to see a money lock savings program where if The customer put money in that particular account The customer would not be able to remove that money until a set day

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@MunachiOgueke damnnn, this man just open mouth and disgraced himself and the whole country, Bank of America, Wells fargos, Chime, Chase and some other American banks are about to implement cryptocurrency purchase from their respective mobile banking apps, and this Eba is saying shit here.

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Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images
Chime – Mobile Banking iphone images

Chime – Mobile Banking (Version 5.121.0) Install & Download

The applications Chime – Mobile Banking was published in the category Finance on 2014-03-16 and was developed by Chime Financial, Inc. [Developer ID: 836215272]. This application file size is 177.44 MB. Chime – Mobile Banking - Finance app posted on 2022-05-02 current version is 5.121.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.1debit.ChimeProdApp