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The applications - video social app was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-04-02 and was developed by Inc.. The file size is 145.92 MB. The current version is 6.2.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Videos are now uploaded in the background so you don't need to wait when you post a video
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Change the musicly sign  kennan+anjel  1 star

my mom will not let me have musically.i keep telling her its a safe app. but she keeps saying no every time I ask her . So can change the app picture for me so my mom will download it and then change it right back .

Cassidy Katie Ams Anna 💘

Amazing  Cassidy Katie Ams Anna 💘  5 star

I have an IPod Touch, not a phone, and when I got on road trips I take the iPad, but it’s too big and bulky for doing smooth music.lys. Also, make it so u can see who liked your music.lys so u can see if ur hater liked them or make it so u can change your username of your profile in less than 30 days. NOTIFICATIONS ARE TOO WILD!!! People have been deleting your app for how many notifications u get. U want to know who liked your comment or your but just say: U Have (14) Notifications. Unlock more effects. It’s boring. Make a fast then slow or slow than fast or a super duper slow... Other than that your app is amazing It’s addicting SHOUTOUT TO @basketball_ave_10

Amy stringer

Fix it now  Amy stringer  5 star

I hate how you can’t upload your own slowmo videos to your own sound anymore I’m going to die for real I want to


Slideshows and vids from camera roll.  Liv483949  4 star

Why can’t we do slideshows with photos anymore? I try to do a song and it’s not giving me the choice “From Library” it just takes me right to the recording screen. So no more slideshows for me I guess. Say that you wanted to do a slow mo. Like the really slow kind were you take it from camera roll. Well that’s impossible now because I can’t pick an audio and put a vid in it. Please fix this.


Stop updating it.  Crybaby_G17  1 star

WAS a good app but the more they update it the worse it gets. They keep taking things away so not much you can do on it lately.


Eghh💕  pandaloverrrrrrrrr  4 star

I love this app but the only problem is when I want to choose a song and choose if I want a photo slide show or shoot now, it doesn’t come up. It just takes me straight to filming it! Ughhhhh


I love love this app 💙💙💙💙💙  conl893  5 star

I ❤️ this app because it entertain me for hours and hours and I really think 🤔 you should get the app!!!!!!!


meh  Btrflyksses  3 star

it’s super fun to make them but we can no longer upload slo no videos which was very fun:( and it is very glitchy lately. i open it and it stays stuck on the loading screen while i am not able to click anything. i close the app when this happens and re-enter but it doesn’t help:(((


Great app  Rhia7  3 star

I love using the app but I try to like a video but it won’t like. The like will disappear. Everything else is fine.


DELETE UPDATE!  Ksis1012  3 star

I used to live but with the new update I can’t do the slowmo trick and it’s ruining everything! Please go back to the old one if I might delete :(


Love it...but  ❤️❤️💗💗💞💞💖💖⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️  4 star

I absolutely love the app, but with the recent update I have found to not like it. Having to not wait when uploading is great but you can't upload from you camera roll using someone's "original" sound. I liked it when you got to choose "shoot now" or "upload from gallery" please and the feature back


App Crashes  sssyyydddd11122333  3 star

After the recent update, my app isn’t opening up and keeps crashing. Please resolve.


Recording  @itsalrightbratayley  3 star

I updated the app but when I did you guys took away the part where you could insert a video from your camera roll to use the music. Please fix this! I really want that back😭 if fixed I’ll rate 5 stars

chicken fillets

Fix this now!!!!!!!  chicken fillets  4 star

This bug is really annoying😩my musically feed keeps on refreshing and it is not showing all of the new musical.lys that were uploaded. It’s also not showing the musical.lys in the order that they were uploaded in🙁 (I have a iPad mini 2 btw)

Ariana grande61

I hate the thumbnails  Ariana grande61  2 star

Love the app but the newest update I hate my theme is black and white and my thumbnail are not black and white so u destroyed my theme and I hate it


It needs work  Jznsjsks  3 star

Ok this app is the best and I really like it but I don't like the fact that some ppl can't do slow mo any more pls fix urself and for the slow mo bit I mean go into camera roll💕


Amazing  HuntersOrDavies  5 star

I saw my friends having this app and I just fell in love with it when I did install it. But then after I had it for a whole YEAR I deleted it but I couldn’t help myself I had to reload it and now here I am writing this review. ILOVE THIS APP

From @sarapopovska__ on ig

sad  From @sarapopovska__ on ig  2 star

When you updated it when ever I go onto an audio and press post video it automatically goes to the camera it doesn’t have the option of from library so now I can’t do slo no videos


OK UPDATE BUT PLS FIX!!  xXMïttyMøøXx  4 star

Hey guys. The new update is great where you can watch others posts while yours is loading up the top, and i like how you can edit your thumbnail, but since that update, I cant use slow mo videos anymore. You can only shoot. I always use audios and now i cant do slow motion. Please fix this. A lot of people are saying thats its a frustation. It is so please fix this. Thankyou.

TashzMagic issue  TashzMagic  4 star

I love and i am willing to make more videos but with the update you have done it make it hard when I'm doing a video and because when my finger is on the screen it makes it zoom in, please make a button that u can use to zoom in and out


Christian eBuddy christianebuddy 3 star – video social app – Inc. #apple #apps #photo-video


Christian eBuddy christianebuddy 3 star – video social app – Inc. #apple #apps #photo-video


data about data trendsmetadata 3 star

Charting Free US #iOS #Apps - video social app Rank 72. 🔺+13 Released 3.6Y ago


Something is wrong  pokemon4lyfe  5 star

Whenever I try to tag a friend like with the @, it crashes. Please tell me what to do!!!!


No pictures!!! 😫  Rose-Mom  1 star

It’s not letting me use pictures! I’m an anime muser so I can’t show my face! It won’t let me use pictures for Rps.

Try Google Translate maybe?

If You Pay for Apple Music....  Try Google Translate maybe?  3 star

Hi, I just like to suggest maybe allowing people who pay for Apple Music to be able to use those songs that they have saved onto their iPhone that do show up on the app. If the songs that you downloaded appear on the app why can’t we use them? I find it so confusing that we have to actually buy the music if we’re already paying for the free streaming on Apple Music and honestly I believe that those should coincide.


OMG  Rgk1119  2 star

Musicly was my fav app until they stopped letting u do videos for your camera roll it was so fun to put slow motion video into the songs but know you can come on musicly

Halo Gaming

Updates  Halo Gaming  3 star

I’ve had for 1 year now. And I have been loving it!!!! Now this year everything in the app has changed, and I don’t like it. I want the old back.

IT IS AMAZING x10000000000

UGHHHH  IT IS AMAZING x10000000000  1 star the update is not making this app any better and the worst part is that when you go on a sound, you can't export from library., DEAR GOD PLEASE FIX THAT!!!!!


Hate this update  Hillsdaa  1 star

As a person who has musically this update was horrible. Most people i know who does this upload to audios from their cameras. Taking that away makes this app not as fun. We don’t have much to do. Keeping up with trends should allow us to upload videos from our camera to an audio.

HayHay Kid

Great but...  HayHay Kid  5 star

Great app but internet problem I wish this app didn't have to have internet to post and watch and make musicallys also you can't use ur data now on the new update


Amazing 😉  jordi_6802  5 star

Love this app so much!!! jordi_ohio


New Update (6.2)  iReallyDontCareAboutYourLife  3 star

I’m not very happy with the new update. I’m a huge slomo muser. It’s my favorite kind. Yanno, the ones you film beforehand and lip sync to with a song, and then upload with a song? If you really liked a sound someone used, there used to be an icon that said “upload from library”. Now, you can’t upload a musically from your library using a sound you found on a muser’s account. You can only search songs, which means you can’t be as creative. If this changes, I will be extremely happy, but, for now, I’m giving this three stars. Come on, :( - video social app Comments - video social app Photo & Video Download