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The applications - your video social network was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-04-02 and was developed by Inc.. The file size is 165.78 MB. The current version is 5.7.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Crash😭😭  CHLOSTER<3=❤️  4 star

SO has been working perfectly until a week ago. Whenever I go to record a the whole app crashes:(( and it's super weird. Please fix this:(( love ya😘😭


Bug!  EzyLn  3 star

My musically wont load. Is it a bug? Please fix this.


Feature us  CamrynJ8106  4 star

Stop featuring crowned people and feature people who want to get noticed.


It's good but...  Cute_Awesome_Flower_275  4 star

I like the app but there should be a little better music and everything is now Snapchat


bug issue  marissa_valdez17  1 star

my app is not letting me make musical.lys & just takes me out of apps w out me doing it .


ANNOYING AF!  Best.Username.Ever  1 star

Every time I open it it turns my screen black and closes it out and freezes my phone. Every time I try to film a musically when it's actually working it does the exact same thing. DEFINITELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!


This app is ok  zoeb1116  3 star

A couple times I tried to go into musicly and my screen would go black and it would go back to my home screen

Unicorn dancer🔪🦄

Worst app  Unicorn dancer🔪🦄  1 star

Logs me out


The eat app  CakeFace2921  5 star

I give eating here


Bug fix plz  242170  1 star

Can you please do a bug fix it keeps glitching out of the app


The camera...  Dadogemasta  3 star

I love musically! But the ONE thing I can't do now is record! When I see my other friends do it , it makes me tempted to do it too. But now that I can't do it, I feel left out. I want to have a chance again, please. ~DaDogeMasta


Having problems  Savannahgoodrich  5 star

I've been trying to go an update musicallys and other apps it won't let me it keeps saying u need a bill number but ever time I do it declines the bill so what do I do plz see this and fix this immediately


Follow @stevencarapia  Steven✨  4 star

Musically is a great app! I've had musically for 2 years, I've gotten 1 Feature!! It's amazing! I recommend this app for anyone who loves music😁 follow me @stevencarapia #CrownSteven 👑


Not enough (good) music  Chunkymonkeybucot  3 star

There are barely any kpop songs and i think this app would have a lot more downloads if there were. Please add more kpop it will make this app 73% better.

caylee_dance muser name

OMG  caylee_dance muser name  5 star

Ok so my account got hacked I I want it back!!! I worked soo hard my ending total right now is 1515 followers and over 20k hearts plz fix or I'm done with this is shouldn't be allowed because my password wasn't given to anyone

omg 🤦‍♀️

Omg  omg 🤦‍♀️  3 star

I love the app but when I reset my password it said succeed so I put everything in and it say incorrect I got very mad I kept trying and trying I am done I have had enough


Viewing thingy  abskacdlavfuck  1 star

Everyone has this thing where you can see how many people have viewed your musically and i dont have it how do i get it.


They need to think about everyone  Pop2321  3 star

I don't think that it is at all fair how the musers with less likes are treating I think musically doesn't just need to features the ppl that are crowned and get likes. They need to think about everyone not just the popular musers on


I love it, but...  _metal_mania_  3 star

I love the app itself. Great music, great comedies, love it. My only problem is that some guy sent my best friend an inappropriate picture on a and it made her very nervous and uncomfortable. It made me furious. She and I are fairly young, and DO NOT wish to see what he sent. We reported him immediately.

Gwynevere $

*SOLUTION* Please  Gwynevere $  3 star

I like this app, but should explore who the crown. They should also have a delete account button, but contact the number, email, or Facebook account first. - your video social network Comments - your video social network Photo & Video Download