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Let’s join the LARGEST SPADES COMMUNITY in the world to play with millions of online players!

Spades Plus offers you a great experience against many Spades players from all around the world! You can play in many different game modes such as Classic, Solo, Mirror and Whiz.

Now playing Spades is much better with Tournaments, Knock-Out and many other different modes!

Spades is one of the traditional trick-taking card games like Bid Whist, Hearts, Euchre & Canasta, but this game is played in pairs in which spades is always the trump.


Get 20,000 Free Coins as a “Welcome Bonus”, and get even more coins by collecting your “Daily Bonus” every day!

Play Spades however you want!

CLASSIC: Make your bid with your partner and challenge other teams
VIP: Play the classic Partnership Spades in custom Tables
SOLO: There is no partnership. Each player gets his/her own points
MIRROR: You bid the number of your Spades Cards in your hand
WHIZ: You can bid “NIL” or the number of your Spades Cards in your hand

Win the 16 player-Tournament or Knock-Out Challenge to get amazing prizes!

Meet new people and add them as friends to be their best partner or challenge them in games!
Use Public or Private Chat to stay in touch with other players.

You can create tables in different modes. Choose your “Game Rule” type, set the “Bet Amount” and the “Final Point” or decide if there will be “Nil”, “Blind Nil” or “Chat” options. If you don’t want to be found, create your own “Private Table” where games are “Invite Only”.

Join the seasonal competitions to get new deck designs. Show your new decks to other users while playing against them!

Additional information:

*Make sure you have a good internet connection to get the best experience.
*The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.
*Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at

©2017 Zynga Inc.

Spades Plus - Card Game App Description & Overview

The applications Spades Plus - Card Game was published in the category Games on 2014-05-19 and was developed by Zynga Inc.. The file size is 162.52 MB. The current version is 3.28.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Performance issues are fixed

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Spades Plus - Card Game Reviews

Jus getting started

Very addictive and a lot of cheating going on!!!  Jus getting started  4 star

A very addictive game, several ways to play, variety is always nice. I now have friends from all over the world that I play with on the regular basis. Could about play all day everyday. Im rating this 4 stars cause it keeps changing and the app wants you to spend money... it's not as fun as it used to be.


Very one sided  MikeB3344  1 star

I play this game for fun but the way the cards are unevenly dealt really makes it hard not to erase this game. Luckily it’s free money or I would have dropped this game a long time ago. It’s fun if you’re just learning how to play the game but don’t expect much. I’ve played knockout games at least 100 times and the game is to 100. I kid you not when I say at least 74 of those 100 games I had a 1 bid. Very frustrating!!!!


Blacking out  JayElx3  3 star

It would be a really great game if my screen didn’t go black in the middle of playing.


Great Game!  Evy0716  5 star

Especially when you’re bored or need to waste time.

Ayse Arkan

Game is rigged _ avoid this game  Ayse Arkan  1 star

odds are rigged, you lose most of the time with good hand.

Barney MacFly

I love this game  Barney MacFly  5 star

I love this game


Not fair  mirlande305  1 star

I’m really trying to put no stars all y’all want to do is make people buy coins to play give all this money to make u keep loosing to get addicted to buy more. And Dnt even give opportunities to make some back


Spade  Johnjohn215  5 star

Great game!!

nic jay

when spades cut  nic jay  4 star

i would love the developer to make the spades plus symbol smaller and delay the switch by a few seconds so we can see what spade was played.


Scam  Mannuel  1 star

The computer algorithm they use is such a scam,I lost 3.5 million coins in less then 3 hours that’s over 25 loses in a row. On top of that they changed me the wrong amount for 50,000 coins, instead of charging me. I pressed on the $.99 tab and it charged me for a$35.00, I’ve messaged them over five times about this problem and still have had no reply. Such a scam , they have all my info as well. Stay away from this site I beg you. I’m out, there customer service does not work with you guys!!!!!!!!


Disconnects  yogi_2015  1 star

Why would any one buy credits when the site continuously shuts down or kicks you off. Winning may be imminent but then you get kick out and you lose your credits. A good game ruined by administrators that don’t know what they’re doing.


Ads  CompletelyDisappointed...  1 star

The new update added advertisements to play all the time. They randomly pop up and are so annoying. I'm done with this game.


Love It !!!  Retz70  5 star

Very Addictive !!! Love it !!!


great  Pauls5150  5 star



Awesome  Gyfscg346  5 star

Great game


Mostly good  Michaelaaf  5 star

There's a few cheats but not too bad


Log in issues  SESTURTLE  2 star

I can’t log in with my gmail account like my other friend who has the app. What’s going on?!

Tee CALVIN 19933

Game  Tee CALVIN 19933  5 star



Ad blares sound when muted  yarrface  1 star

Amazing game and I mostly play when I’m laying down about to sleep. Recently after a match, the game forces me to watch an ad, which would be fine. Except now, even if I have my phone muted and on silent, the ads sound is blowing out my speakers at full volume. Thanks for waking up my wife. Fix it so I can go back to giving your game 5 stars.

jonny bruh

Real people real spades real Wins!  jonny bruh  5 star

Pretty good solid game of spades


Lovin it  WolfAri  5 star

I absolutely love this game. I can join different leagues and everything and everyone is real people u can talk and laugh with. I absolutely love this game.


Please Update ASAP!!!! iPhone X Viewing Prob.  Drewski.allen  1 star

It needs another update because I can’t see my cards when I bid on iPhone X because the bid section covers the middle section of cards!!!!

Casey the boy

Very Fun  Casey the boy  5 star

I play this game entirely too much...but that’s nothing compared to the levels of other players. I use the team games to build up coins, just to lose them all in the knockout section. The game is very fun at times, and can be very frustrating...but that’s how card games are! It’s also very easy to “fat finger” the wrong card or the wrong bid...but I do have very big thumbs. Download it, learn the game, and win big!


Log in  jdrs80  1 star

Every since i switched to IPhone, i can’t login to my email account but can do so on Android. Only options are Guest or Facebook. I don’t want to use my Facebook account.


One deal games  djmaine  1 star

It’s not very fun to have a game go only one hand with nil bidding. I disagree vehemently with losing an additional 50% of coins for leaving a game. Sometimes players are abusive, incompetent and simply awful. You should have the opportunity to leave when those things occur.


Money hungry app  00name  1 star

They deal great hands sometimes, but u can tell who spends money on the app because you’ll get crappy hands when you don’t spend any money on the app


Good  Nobcatohh9tails  5 star

Very good

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