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Focus Keeper helps you keep your productivity high avoiding burnout using the timer. Work with time. Not against it!

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Here is what this app offers:
• Simple, beautiful and intuitive interface.
• Customize focus sessions, goals, colors and sounds.
• Track your productivity with insightful charts.
• Universal(iPhone/iPad) app with iCloud support.

Basic Focus Steps - It’s all about focusing your work efforts in timed 25-minute chunks, with a 5-minute break in between each burst of activity.
1) Choose a task to be done.
2) Set the timer for 25 minutes.
3) Focus on the task until the timer rings
4) Take a short break (just do something relaxing for 5 minutes)
5) Once you’ve completed 4 focus sessions, take a longer break. (20~30 minutes)

• Adjust the timer with your fingers just like you do with real egg-timer.
• Next session starts automatically when the current session ends.
• Track your progress with two different charts (14 days and 30 days)
• Set your daily goal (number of Focus Sessions per day)
• Set how many Focus Sessions you want to finish before taking a long break(number of Focus per round)
• Customize the length of Focus Session, short break, and long break.
• Choose your ticking from 10 different ticking sounds and your own music library.
• Choose your alarm from 14 different ring sounds.
• Set any sounds separately for the short break, long break, and Focus session.
• Set any colors separately for the​ short break, long break, and Focus session.
• Receive alarm notifications even when the app is running in the background.
• Today Widget for Focus Sessions
• Icon Badge shows how much time you left to finish the current session in the home screen Focus Keeper icon when the timer is ticking.
• Focus Reminder: If you're struggling to make a habit of using Focus Keeper, this could come in hand. You can set when you want to be notified to use Focus Keeper through weekdays and weekends.
• Option for resetting the Focus Count at midnight automatically. Now you can set your own reset time.
• Set different volume sounds for each ticking and alarm sound.

Focus Keeper Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Focus Keeper Pro was published in the category Productivity on 2014-04-08 and was developed by PIXO Incorporation. The file size is 32.73 MB. The current version is 1.9.8 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug Fixes and Minor Changes
• Screen Optimization for New Devices
• Improved Stability
• Bug Fix for Wrong Display Screen Size

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Focus Keeper Pro Reviews


Won’t let me share with family  Hugapup  2 star

This app works great. However I’m only giving two stars because of the family sharing problem. I’ve now bought this app twice! The first was my fault because I didn’t read where “in app” purchases couldn’t be shared. I had upgraded to pro in the app, but couldn’t share with my son who was the intended user. So I went back to the App Store to purchase the Pro version. It STILL won’t let me share the app with my son even though the description clearly states that up to 6 family members can share it. My daughter was able to download the pro version without paying more, but not my son! I don’t want to buy it a third time just to get the thing on my son’s iPad!


Love this app  nu1212  5 star

Simple to use app but very powerful


Can’t set music as ticking sound :(  Shraga!bz  1 star

I had this app (the free version) on my older device, it worked perfectly! Switched to a new phone and used the auto backup process to set it and now it is all messed up. First the app version I had didn’t even open (the only app that failed the auto move process), so I had to delete and reinstall it. Then, the new version I installed didn’t support any of the cool features I loved so much, they are all blocked now under the “get pro version” wall. Very poor experience to have it all open and then get a crippled version when upgrading my phone... Ok, so I bought the pro version and guess what, the main feature that made me do it won’t even work!! Trying to set a song from my music library as the ticking sound keep failing, and actually does nothing (won’t even open my songs list to pick from). For me it was the main feature (it is an awesome feature) that distinguished this app from the rest of the similar apps out there. Not only that I could set a song as ticking sound but I could also have it keep playing in the background when other sounds (videos, lectures etc) were playing simultaneously. And now it is all gone.... Rather than that the app is fine but doesn’t offer any key advantage compared to many free timer apps. Please fix it. The app support link leads to a tumblr page 😩 so I had to write this review as a support ticket in addition to a message I’ve sent on tumblr (didn’t get any response to it).


Simplistic tool  Trekrider08  5 star

Simple and easy tool to keep focus and reminders to break. No issues with the app. Would be nice for the app to integrate with the Apple Watch.

tarah wheeler

Beautiful, but choosing your own music doesn’t work anymore  tarah wheeler  4 star

Excellent work and I love this app. Inexplicably, the music selection doesn’t work on iPad or iPhone any more, whether in the free or paid versions. When that’s restored, I’ll add a star back in.


I love this app because it helps tremendously!  听净空法师讲经  5 star

Particularly, it’s updated regularly which reflects the sincerity of a developer.


Abandoned  cdstamper  4 star

No iPhone X support 🤔


Keeps me focused!  Monkeypants87  5 star

I rarely write reviews, but I couldn't help myself to write a review for this app that has actually work for me. I'm currently taking medical terminology, so yes, staying focused and memorizing terms is a must to pass the class. I couldn't believe my luck when I found this little gem, and to my surprise, it is actually working to keep me focus with my studies outside of a classroom. Thank you so much!


Make the change!  JPD06  5 star

This app has really helped me in setting up a system in which I know I get to take a break after working for a certain period of time. The detail that you can choose what sound you want to hear on your breaks is awesome this app is great you just have to be dedicated to using it!


Great idea, one flaw  JackHouston  3 star

I have been waiting for months to see if they would add a "Break Volume" and it still hasn't happened. As it stands, the only volume controls are for "alarm" and "ticking", but I do not want the same volume level for "ticking" and "break" periods. I need to have "ticking quiet and in the background. Break should be a little louder. Let me adjust this, please. It almost makes me want to design a similar app with more control, because this seems like an easy fix.


Customizable  Rhyno_vds  5 star

This is a great pomodoro app that can be customized!


Exvellent  djm63  5 star



Almost perfect  [email protected]!x  5 star

I can't fault how well this app implements Pomodoro. Beautiful interface and highly customisable. All that's missing is an watch extension to tell me how long I have left on short and long breaks.


The best Pomodoro Technique timer for iOS  MontyGrail  5 star

This app gets the essentials of the Pomodoro Technique just right: a series of work/rest timers intended to help you focus on tasks that need to be done, with the pacing forced so you don't end up stuck in yak shaving territory. On top of the excellent timers you get bells and whistles, quite literally. You can choose to have sounds playing during work/rest periods: I like the ticking clock as a persistent reminder of the task at hand, much like a metronome helps musicians keep time. This app works best when you understand what the Pomodoro Technique is trying to achieve. It is a simple, colourful and playful app that helps me focus because I want to keep using it.


Still my favourite Pomodoro timer  MontyGrail  5 star

Pomodoro Keeper provides the essential functionality for a Pomodoro timer without any distracting frills and fancies. Configure the sounds, then set the time using the extremely simple wind-up (swipe) gesture, and start the timer. The timer noise keeps playing even when playing music or listening to podcasts. For me the point of a Pomodoro timer is to keep me focussed, and the steady ticking is part of the ongoing reminder to focus on just the task at hand. If you haven't already, make sure you pick up a copy of The Pomodoro Technique to accompany this timer! If you want bells and whistles like iCloud sync or project numbers, check out "Pomodoro Pro"


Superb app with some missing needed features  Samjohnno  4 star

Hats off to the developers for a fantastic app. Tried a whole bunch of others that just didn't quite pull it off like this app has. If these features were to be added, it would be the perfect app (5 stars): 1. Assign a task or purpose to the pomodoro so when you glance at the remaining time in the pomodoro you are reminded on what you should be focusing on (Possibly review or track this in the charts section?). 2. Assign project or life area of focus to pomodoro ( i.e. "Personal", "work", "health", and "social" etc.) so in the charts section you can get a breakdown on the areas of your life you are putting more effort into compared to the others (presented in pie chart?). 2. Sync across ipad and iPhone so you can continue where you left off on your other device. 3. Apple watch support. Looking forward to your future developments Dev(s), you're helping my productivity immensely. Thankyou!


Best Pomodor App avaliable  Johnbx3456281  5 star

Ive tried many other apps and this is hands down the best one. It allows me to keep track of my 14 and 30 day averages which helps to keep me motivated. Really love it!


Works well, looks great  Fhhigvj  5 star

The pomodoro technique is a great was to get through large writing projects, and I've found this app to be the best pomodoro I've tried. It has enough features to keep me on track and motivated without being obtrusive or a distraction in itself. It's intuitive to use and looks super cute. Has really helped me keep on track in this years NaNoWriMo.


Awesomely awesome  Czk9527  5 star

Every element of this app is expertly designed.

Clever Ruse

Earned a place on my iPads dock  Clever Ruse  5 star

I use this app on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone to remind me to get up and walk around/rest my eyes. I know that's not its intended purpose, but it does it incredibly well regardless. Gorgeous and useful app.


Useful App!  Pinkmeap  5 star

This app helps you stay on track when you're studying and has a lot of adjustable options, such as time length and break lengths.

Barking Goose

Works as advertised  Barking Goose  5 star

Does what it says on the box; helps keep me on track.

My MacBook

Clean unobtrusive interface  My MacBook  5 star

I've tried many different Pomodoro apps. This one is my current favorite. It's easy to use, easy on the eyes, and gets the job done.

Tom mn

Great tool  Tom mn  5 star

Nice little app

Earst Obrain

Great app  Earst Obrain  5 star

What I always wanted and needed: 2~3 Akeem timers ruining in an alternating loop to help my work and rest. But the best part is its highly customizable sound settings. The volume and tone of each type is adjustable so that it beeps loud and ticks quite, or helps rest in waves and work in cafe. Whatever you want.


Perfectly functional with Simplicity and flexibility  Asinus520  5 star

So far this is the best dollars I spent on efficiency apps, very pretty and helpful, nice job!


Easy to use  Truestorystudios  5 star

Love this - keeps me on track with work and not bouncing from idea to idea! Highly recommend for anyone who feels like they are easily distracted from work.

All good All the time

Perfect  All good All the time  5 star

Perfect. Does exactly what it says. I appreciate being able to use my own songs. Thanks for helping me be efficient!


Best simple Pomodoro app  Hankbott  5 star

Not overloaded with features; very nice interface and icon

Disappointed science teacher 2

Good pomodoro app  Disappointed science teacher 2  4 star

This app works exactly as you would expect it to. It automatically runs pomodoros and breaks of appropriate length. The timer sound could be louder, because sometimes I don't hear it. Otherwise it's a great app.


Great app, easy to use  Reacastle  5 star

Very simple, useful app.

Propayne chigo

Easy to use  Propayne chigo  5 star

The app is easy to use and helps manage work time. The interface is not cumbersome and the use of background ticking or other similar sound helps increase focus

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