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Millions of people are learning languages with Babbel — the language app built by language experts. Why Babbel? Our short and effective language courses get you speaking with confidence.


• Efficacy backed by researchers at Yale University:
100% of study participants improved their oral proficiency in 3 months*

• After 10 hours with Babbel, Michigan State University researchers found:
96% of learners saw better test scores on grammar and vocabulary
73% of study participants became better speakers**


Our language experts build every language course tailored to your native language. This way you learn Spanish and 13 more languages quickly and effectively.




Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, and English


Why are Americans learning languages with the Babbel language app?

Easy to fit language lessons into your day

For travel, work, and more

Well-rounded language practice

Sophisticated speech-recognition technology

Review feature that’s optimized to help you retain knowledge

Useful tips & tricks as you learn

Learn Spanish and 13 other languages with in-depth content, including more than 60,000 language lessons

Download lessons and learn anywhere


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You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period.

You'll get access to all courses for the following durations:

1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:


Ideas, comments, or feedback? Email us at

*Based on a study conducted with Babbel users learning Spanish. Van Deusen-Scholl, N., Lubrano, M.J. (both Yale University) & Sporn, Z. (Babbel), 2019. "Measuring Babbel’s Efficacy in Developing Oral Proficiency."

**Based on a study conducted with Babbel users learning Spanish. Loewen, S., Isbell (both Michigan State University) & Sporn. Z (Babbel), 2018. “Learning Spanish with Babbel: Oral Proficiency Outcome in App-Based Foreign Language Learning”.

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Babbel – Learn Languages Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Babbel’s experts are hard at work to build an even better language learning experience. We’re adding to our library of over 60,000 language lessons and making the app experience even more seamless. Our goal? To help you speak a new language with confidence. Questions?

Babbel – Learn Languages Comments & Reviews

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- Good lessons but not enough

You pay the same price for every language you learn but for some languages, there is no intermediate level lessons available

- Choose another app

This app is not as user friendly and is much more expensive than other apps. Voice recognition does not work well. Do not recommend.

- Add Asian Languages

The app is wonderful for learning languages, however it would be much better if you would add Asian languages, like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc. There aren’t many easy ways to learn Asian languages and for you to add those would be amazing. Other than that great app!

- Très déçu

Je n’aime pas du tout la méthode , c’est fouillis , les prononciations en anglais sont souvent trop rapide et inaudible.

- Das kann nicht sein dass....

Ich hatte das Abonnement gekündigt, und jetzt wird wieder Geld abgezogen? Das geht nicht Babbel

- Structure des phrases!

Le choix qu’utilise Babbel pour la construction des phrases est parfois inutilement compliqué pour rien ! Par exemple : « Ma sœur vient ce samedi » traduit par « Este sabado viene mi hermana » ! Pourquoi ne pas avoir choisi : « Mi hermana vendra este sabado » ! C’est plus facile pour un francophone ! Non ! Merci !

- More useful than Duolingo

Does a better job of lesson planning and progression than duolingo for Italian. Babbel uses a variety of different phrases and words. Recommend for beginners

- Bi this game

It helped me learn so many languages to develop my brain. Thank you so much 🤩

- Tragic

I learned yes no welcome and please then I keep getting pushed to pay for another lesson

- More asian languages

Can u add more asian languages

- It’s okay

I got this app hoping I could learn Spanish quick. And yes it taught me 3 THINGS before I had to pay. So no I don’t like it you get one starter lesson. In conclusion: your better off with Duolingo or drop

- Henlo

This isn’t free but good I have already deleted the app but if you want something free try duolingo it’s awesomeness

- Suggestions d'améliorations

Application sympathique pour apprendre une langue mais quelques aspects pourraient être améliorés : - reconnaissance vocale : si je mâche mes mots de façon incompréhensible mais respecte la bonne intonation, l'application me le valide quand même comme une bonne prononciation - cohérence d'une leçon à l'autre et plus grande souplesse dans la validité des réponses. exemple parmi d'autres : une leçon va m'apprendre à ajouter "years old" pour donner l'âge de quelqu'un. Pourtant, la leçon suivante va considérer faux l'ajout de "years old" après le chiffre et ne pas valider ma réponse tant que je ne l'ai pas effacé. Même chose lorsqu'il s'agit de traduire des verbes, l'utilisation de synonymes est impossible et c'est dommage. L'application nous apprend à penser que c'est la mauvaise traduction alors que la réponse est bonne malgré tout.

- No review on lessons

On desktop, after a lesson you can go back and redo anything you got wrong. This feature is absent on the mobile app, which is a real shame! Makes me want to abstain from doing a lesson until I can get to my computer, and thus the app is pretty much only useful for review in my opinion. Obviously lessons are the core of learning, so two stars. The app is overall very usable and aesthetic, so if this post-lesson review feature was added I would happily give 5 stars!

- It’s stupid

I just wanna learn Spanish but if I have to pay to learn I guess I just wont😕🙁☹️😔😣😖😫😩😭😡

- bug

Can’t restore subscription

- Hi

Omg It’s very good for learn every langue i give 5 stars

- Be careful!!

I downloaded the app and thought I’d purchase a month with a free trial so if I didn’t like I I could cancel the membership. After I payed, nothing happened. I even restarted the app and everything but the app still told me to pay again. I thought it was a glitch so I put my fingerprint again. It immediately took 22 dollars without the free trial!! 😡😡

- Money grab

They give you one lesson and then ask for money to continue. Ha! And here I thought I was gonna learn Spanish. I hate capitalism.

- Noooooooo!! 😞😔

They only give 14 languages and not even some of the main ones like Chinese so disappointed with it! 😣😭😭😭😭😭😭 i thought it was more than that bad app! And they always put there good reviews in the front! So people will just think Wow this must be a really good app but it’s not! Plus the reviews were two years ago! And you shouldn’t have to pay for it learning a new language should be free!

- Best thing ever

I love this ap so much

- Bad

So I got this so I can speak Spanish butWhen when I got into the app it said to buy it but then I didn’t and then it was fine and I got one lesson for free but it was so bad because they’re going to put one lesson for free they should at least 2 for free like that’s not good and I would not recommend getting this app I know this sounds weird I’m only I am only 8 years old but Ido not like this app one little bit it’s horrible

- Babel

Votre app est vraiment bien, j’apprends et je retiens avec succès les phrases. Dans la dernière version, je ne comprends pas pourquoi vous avez réduit la taille des lettres pour écrire les mots de vocabulaire, c’est trop petit pour être convivial comme dans la version précédent. Sinon, c’est parfait.

- Petit problème

J’aime beaucoup la façon dont se déroulent les cours. Je me bute cependant toujours à une demande de payer la session alors que je suis inscrite et que j’ai payer les cours pour une durée de six mois. Pouvez-vousarranger ce problème? Au téléphone ,vous m’avez donné un code que mon appareil n’accepte pas. Merci de m’aider Damau

- Problème avec le micro

Le micro ce désactive rapidement et je n’ai pas le temps de répéter les mots ce qui est très énervant.

- Spanish Babbel review

This is a fun, functional and fantastic language learning system

- Learning

It’s very hard to get started. Not very user friendly to set up, but once in and learning very easy to follow.

- Very nice...

Is perfect...👍

- Be wary

When the trial runs out you will be charged if you want the program or not and I don’t

- Not easy to learn at all

I’m up to lesson 6 of basic Spanish and I feel like I’m being pushed was to hard. Way too many new words introduced in the same lesson. The people pronouncing do so WAY to fast for someone with no Spanish knowledge to catch. FAST FAST FAST these lessons need to slow down. If you do half a lesson and leave it you have to start all over again the next time. I find it incredibly frustrating and difficult. For the record I already speak English and Dutch. If you have trouble learning languages I can not recommend this program. Save your money and just use the free programs.


This app is so good now I can speak almost every language aurovoir

- Fun way to learn


- Review

I have done a few lessons, the content appears scattered and without a clear direction. The voice recognition isn't great and the iPad and PC version appear to be quite different. There aren't enough instructions on some the exercises leaving me to guess at what I'm supposed to do which causes mistakes. I'll continue on for a few more days and see how things go.

- So, the service and learning is great, but the app needs some work

Review from iPad Pro (iPad OS 13.4) point of view UPDATE APR 30: They seem to have addressed a software issue I had in the app with keyboards and typing and it now works fine. Bumped up the star rating. Old review: I love maximizing my productivity so I do enjoy using split screen. The current version of the Babbel app does not work with split screen so I’m unable to reference my notes efficiently. Also hitting the microphone and holding does not seem to work with the Apple Trackpad 2 (everything else OS and other apps work however) except for that microphone. During text entry, I prefer to type on the keyboard to write out the answers as it is faster and I remember it better. If I do it on the web browser, it is completely possible, however in the app I am forced to tap out the letters and select them in a slow manner. So for now, I’ve uninstalled the app and am continuing to using the browser version of Babbel. Great service though, but the experience can be improved.

- Reviews

Reviews are so bad I decided to try another app.

- Spanish

Hola yo soy Jake. This thing actually is awesome.

- Qualité à très bas prix!

Vous êtes les meilleurs professeurs de langues qui soit.

- Impossible to cancel!

Terribly complicated to cancel

- This app is perfect for people who are interested in different languages!

I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s fun and teaches you useful sentences. If you are interested in different languages, GET THIS APP NOW!!!!!!!!

- Décevant

Il n’y avait pas la langue que je souhaitait apprendre (le Coréen) donc cela m’a personnellement déplu et j’ai enlevé l’application de si tôt, il ni a pas beaucoup de choix il y a 13 langues sur combien?, entre 3000 et 7000 donc j’ai été vraiment déçu...

- Super application!

Meilleur cours en ligne que j’ai essayé!

- Great app

It would be really nice if your app could teach Japanese but other than that Great app

- Have to pay 🙄

I was thinking Babel was different but it was the same at the other apps because I have to pay if I want to like do anything right it’s not just like oh if you want you can pay no you have to pay if you want to use Babbel so it’s not a good app now I know how to speak English cause another app not because Babbel

- I don’t want to pay

I want to learn Portuguese because it is my dad’s first language I can definitely see that I will be able to learn Portuguese from this app but I am only 12, I want to learn Portuguese with out paying

- Need to pay to get anywhere

Can only do one lesson per topic. Def no good as free app

- Having problem with glitches

I have the latest update, but since then I’ve been getting a lot of glitches. Delayed or cut off microphone being the most irritating, but also delays in reacting to my responses. I’ve just completed Newcomer and wanted to get started on Beginner, but its been so frustrating. I’ve enjoyed the app so far. Any suggestions?

- Vraiment bien fait...


- Money

So I want to learn French for school so I went on the app after I did my test It wanted me to pay how do I know this app Is good for me

- Put Japanese

I want to learn Japanese

- Good app. iPad app is buggy

Good application but the update app is very buggy

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- Great for learning

This app has inspired so many things in my life and it just... it is so amazing

- Still a great app

I just believe this moves a little fast but this is only my second day on here

- Might be good, I wouldn’t know

I have heard so many good things about this app and how it helps you learn a new language quickly, so I decided to give it a try, but ran into a problem from the beginning, it doesn’t have the language I want to learn. I wanted to learn Korean with this app but it doesn’t offer it, so I decided to try Japanese because that’s also a language I would like to try, but they don’t have that either. I’m sure I would love this app if I had a reason to use it, but since it doesn’t have Korean, I don’t have a reason. Please add more Asian languages, please and thank you.

- Best language learning app ever!!!

All of the other apps I’ve had never stuck so I didn’t really learn anything, the there’s babble. I just started doing it and now I know way more French that I ever hav, thank you so muc babble

- Trouble seeing

The font could be bigger

- Babble

Is there away to level up without paying?

- I love this app so far... but more lessons for free...?

I had finished one Spanish lesson, and I had completed with 14/15 questions correct. I loved the experience. But, only one lesson for free??? Really? I’m not angry, but I’d like to have around 3-6 lessons for free, if you don’t mind. If this gets changed, I’ll re-download.

- Amazing and super fun!

This an amazing way to learn a new language. I love it, it’s super fun and very well done.

- Spanish

Excellent program, not an easy task; however, skill sets offered are great. As with anything worth while it requires effort and patience!

- Just started

I am really not sure . It really disappointed there no review after each chapter

- not free

i thought they were free lesson s and i got so excited to learn a new language but i can’t, only the first lesson is free

- Opinión

No estoy muy convencida con la forma de enseñarlo. Me gusta más Duolingo y de hecho lo voy a probar para ver la diferencia

- Not helpful if you have speech issues

I love the app and the way the lessons are setup, but unfortunately I also have a bit of a speech problem (I rarely use Siri or dictation because of it). I often get dinged for improper pronunciation but without being able to know which word is not sounding correct in a phrase I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle to making any real progress. Not sure this is something that can be fixed, but it would be nice to get more feedback as to why it sounds like I’m not saying the words correctly. I’m understanding everything and giving the correct responses, it just doesn’t sound like it. Trying not to get frustrated and give up. :(

- Very Disappointed

After using the Babbel app for three months, I’m having considerable difficulty learning Italian.The initial success I had with Babbel has turned into a floundering mess. The real issue with this learning method is that it doesn’t come back to the initial phrases that we were so interested to learn in the first place. It moves into more intermediate topics of conversations that are not related to real world conversations. When this happens, in combination with verb conjugation, Babbel falls on its face. I’m discontinuing it’s use today.

- Not as easy as they make you think

I have a really hard time understanding the female voice. They don’t allow you to speak the words and help you pronounce them correctly. For someone who knows very little Spanish, it feels rushed and makes you frustrated when you try and go back to listen again. Too bad I bought the full year, try just the monthly subscription first. Disappointed.

- No Japanese

They don’t have one to learn Japanese was very disappointed..

- Beginner

Ok.. I’m just getting started with little to no formal training and so far so good. Bien! As time goes on I will write another review to keep you posted.

- Excellent

I’ve always loved learning other languages (Graduated Spanish V in HS, picked up Japanese until Kanji got overwhelming) and my brother showed me this app and I decided it was time to learn German since his girlfriend of 3 years lives in Hamburg and is always visiting (she’s insanely fluent in English you wouldn’t guess she is a native German if she didn’t have an accent) But i think it’s neat to be able to speak with her in her Native language and also to be able to speak to her family which feels like part of my family at this point. Backstory aside/TLDR is this app is honestly pretty great at teaching you what you should start with, building from there, making sure you understand why the language does something a certain way etc. and the review features and scheduling and everything just is the cherry on top honestly. Definitely recommend and no i’m not being paid to say any of this lol

- Big waist of money and time

If you want to learn conversational Spanish beyond meeting people and ordering in restaurants this is not the app for you. I just waisted fifty dollars.

- Loving so far

I love the lessons! It’s teaching you not only the words, but how to write them and speak them all at once repetitively

- Would love to learn

I downloaded because I’ve heard so many good things about this app. Unfortunately, the language I want to learn (Romanian) is not available.

- Beginner

Fun, easy to use and, great tutorials. I received this as a gift and love it! I believe it’s really going to help me in my college Spanish class Im taking!

- It's pretty good

100% transparency here: I purchased a year of Babbel and am also using the free version of Duolingo to learn French. I am LOVING Duolingo and feel I've learned more and more quickly with that app. I find myself opening that app before this one every morning when I practice. That being said, there isn't much that's "wrong" with this app (other than a glitch with the app accepting ANY pronunciation of "Sept" in the early lessons.), it's just....kind of boring. Obviously since I paid for it, I'm going to continue to use it, but it's just a little bland in terms of making people WANT to come back to use it. Otherwise, it's great! Really appreciate the buy 6 months, get 6 months deal, I likely never would have tried it out if it weren't for that.

- Fun but not free

I liked my first lesson but am not willing to pay for an app to learn a new language just for fun. The one lesson I did for free was fun!

- Does not meet expectations

Doesn’t allow you to replay the sentences or words it just automatically makes you continue without retrying

- Ok, but...

Babble is good but it costs money. Some people like me want to go one trips and want to learn languages but they do not want to spend money. It should at least cost less money even if it still costs money. I like how you can learn different languages and there are interactive lessons for you. It is a disappointment that it costs money. 😢😢😢

- little Selection

there where hardly any languages. i use doulingo for hungarian and was hoping to learn more with app but i only has like ten languages. of you could update it to have more than those languages it would be a better app

- Frustrating Learning Experience

I’m learning Mexican Spanish and got this app for the speech feature where you can speak into the microphone to practice enunciation skills. It has a ton of potential but is very poorly implemented. I’m a slow learner and for me the lessons move way too fast, with barely any time to practice using new skills in conversation. Sometimes the speech feature works, and sometimes you need to shout or over-enunciate your words in a ridiculous manner before it understands what you’re saying, and it’s not the microphone because audio clips on other apps are recorded perfectly clear. The Spanish lessons jump into the details of sentence structure, using example sentences in Spanish, before you know what the words in the sentences mean, so you can’t really understand the examples. Essentials like basic verb forms and male vs. female word forms are breezed over and then it has you learning complicated words like “snorkeling” or names of Mexican cities that you probably won’t use much in actual conversation, all the while distracting you with pop-ups containing facts about Mexican history and culture. It’s geared towards learning for travelers, which makes sense as it focuses on simply memorizing words that travelers are more likely to use, and I’m not faulting the app for that. It has helped me, I wouldn’t say learn, but familiarize myself with Spanish, as I already know some basics and supplement with actual conversation or watching movies in Spanish. It’s not a stand-alone learning experience like I expected. For the money, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m writing this in May of 2020. If it is updated in the future with more conversational practice, less distractions and more time spent on understanding basic conversational words, it will be an excellent tool.

- Babbel

I like this app a lot but the speaker doesn’t work most of the time when I’m trying to doing the speak practice or conversation.. it’s very annoying

- Not enough to choose from

I just downloaded it and I already hate the fact that there isn’t enough languages to choose from. Especially the one want to learn

- Confused

After you learn a little tired, very good, how are you, and better. They stop translating in English and leaves you stuck

- have to pay for everything

you only get 1 lesson and then you have t pay for everything else which is a complete waste of time

- Not intuitive

Just started using it. When the app is asking for two responses, I can type in the first one but it doesn’t advance to the second word. It doesn’t matter if the word is correct or not. It just stops. There’s no help button so all I can do is close the lesson and start over. And guess what, the app starts the whole lesson over again. There’s a lot of good reviews so maybe I missed something. I don’t see a way to even contact support from the app.

- for extreme beginners

no tests of extant fluency, skip this if you already know the basics of a given language and are looking to sharpen or enrich your skills

- Question

How am i going to learn in the car while im driving and cant type on the phone?

- Dont make an app free if you gotta pay pls

Ok i have been learning french for a few months now and i saw this ad on tv so i decided to look it up on my phone well it had me take this test to see how much french i knew and then i completed the first lesson and i couldnt complete anymore because you have to PAY (my favorite thing 😡) well please fix this im not old enough to pay for things and my parents wont lemme sorry for the long review but i have to say what i have to say want a good app with alot of different languages get duolingo you do have to pay but that is only for unlimited lives Thx for understanding

- Cannot learn the language I want

Would love to rate this app but it doesn’t even have Korean, Chinese, etc. It states it has tons of languages but not these. Will be uninstalling until they have a major update.

- Mic isn’t picking everything up

Mic won’t work

- The voice recognition is awful!!!!!!!!!

I just got the free version. Pretty glad I did. Because I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for the full version. First off, it kind of starts off in the middle of everything. I had four years of Spanish so I knew most of what was going on. But someone with no experience speaking Spanish would be absolutely lost. But I worked around that and some of it is ok, like typing answers and matching, but the killer for me is the whole reason I bought the app which is to learn how to speak fluently. Well if you thought Siri was bad at understanding what you are saying what til you start trying to get the Babbel Siri to understand you. The voice recognition is absolutely awful!!! Like I said, had 4 years of Spanish, I can pronounce basic words like Me llamo, and mucho gusto. But not according to Babbel. Other times I botched the word and knew I did but ding! Great job it said. So after screaming Spanish phrases into my phone like a mad man😂😂 for 5 minutes, I gave up. Not worth the investment. Just buy some CD’s like pimsler and practice on you own. You’ll get just about as far.

- Voice recognition is garbage

The most frustrating part is when they ask you to speak and you get dinged and told it was incorrect. I feel like I said it perfectly and cannot understand why it is wrong. But of course I’m learning, so I am very likely wrong in some way that I’m not understanding. The thing is, there is no way to know! It has me speak a long sentence or two. Then the only feedback is that it was wrong. What was wrong? I would think that if you have the technology to compare my voiceprint to the acceptable variations, that you must know which word I pronounced wrong. If I’m saying 10 words and you tell me I’m wrong, how do I know which is wrong? I don’t understand why I’m not given this information. Can’t you use the built in voice recognition to have the phone show me the words it thinks I’m saying, like when I’m using voice memo? It seems like the technology to fix this is all right there, but isn’t being implemented for some reason. After 6 or 7 tries, I just click the microphone button to turn it off, thereby missing out on the speaking the language part of learning the language.

- More free

I Heard about this app on a television commercial. I downloaded it to improve my Spanish only to find out what I could only do 2 lessons without paying. I feel you should make more things free.

- Latest Version AWFUL, I’m Leaving this APP

The update to this app completely ruined it for me, it’s literally unusable. I’m learning Russian and during challenges the Russian keyboard would automatically come up but now you have to click help and hint tabs to get it to come up which pretty much reveals the answer as well. Not trying to sabotage Babbel, I truly loved it but it’s too agitating to enjoy now. I’ll be looking to subscribe to something else.


It charges you money every MONTH to keep on using it!! I couldn't even get on because of the pay! Don’t get if you don’t like paying!

- Good app

Ion lesson two when I said it write it said it was not sounding like the real sound

- I was really liking it, but then...

I tried the first lesson of a language and was loving how Babbel does the lessons. I was so convinced this was the right app after searching for one to learn languages, until it wouldn’t let me go to the next lesson because I needed a subscription. I really like Babbel, but I’m disappointed that I can’t continue.

- Speech Recognition Doesn’t Work

No matter at what number I set the microphone sensitivity, the app always says I am wrong, even when I tested it with my husband who speaks fluent French. If it were not for this major flaw, I would rate this app five stars because the lessons themselves are well done.

- I Love Babbel

I love babbel because it helps me believe that I can learn any Language.

- One issue

I can only do one lesson or I need to pay money. I would prefer if you change it so I can learn more Italian. Thanks a bunch

- Not bad

I like babbel but at first it was hard trying to figure out how to get the full access I paid for, once babbel and I got this settled I love the app. I like how it only introduces you to a few words at a time and gives you time to review. This makes it easier to remember things. I can’t wait to learn more French!

- Rip off

This app is a rip off you get one lesson for free than have to pay for the rest.

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- New update has rendered app quite useless

Used to love Babbel but the latest update is a mess of user interface design and very difficult to work with and understand where you are with the course. Worst the ability to download the lessons (which was a fantastic feature) has disappeared. Guess I won’t be doing any spanish lessons on the flight today. The help says it can be done but no instructions where the option is and that’s assuming the instructions match the updated app.

- Great app but needs some small tweaks

I love the conversational approach to learning a language and think you’ve done this really well. There are a few awkward things from a UX perspective. The first and most annoying is the way the users voice is recorded - it’s too sensitive on the pauses and the interaction of speaking straight after listening without first taking an action to record wasn’t intuitive and was a friction point when learning how to use the app. I find the letter scramble questions are helpful for remembering spelling but would honestly prefer to use a normal QWERTY keyboard. Finally, there’s no recognition of typos, which is not a big deal, but slightly annoying as a user - I miss the moment of recognition/delight and get the question wrong because I accidentally typed hablas has halbas. 5 stars if you fix these little things ;)

- Fantastic

Excellently structured language lessons. Super interesting. The voices are very pleasant. Highly effective teaching system where you get to listen to German voices, speak, and write.

- Fun, but buggy at times

I enjoy using Babbel, but the listen and repeat feature is buggy in the latest version. On both my iPad and iPhone, the first question freezes. Tapping mute, then unmute unlocks it, but the next two or three attempts are guaranteed to fail. I hope this feature can be fixed. I also like the the new listen feature in the review section.

- Hopeless

Spend your money on books they teach much more than this app

- Audio repetition gets tedious

The repetitions of what’s written is helpful, but it would be better if it was an option not automatic. While I’m going over things I already know it’s tedious waiting for it to repeat basic sentences

- Babble

I got a lot of things wrong when I started but when I kept going I was amazing now I Know the full language

- More Languages Please!!!

I really want to learn Japanese, but this app won’t teach me!! I understand you can’t include every language, but Japanese is one of those key languages to learn! You have Norwegian and Italian so why not Japanese? Please include this one other language for me!!!! Thanks...!

- Feedback for speech recognition vital, yet absent

The app is good but needs more work to be great, the speech recognition seems particularly buggy, so you can get stuck on one phrase (that might say rely on a proper noun) but get NO feedback in the lesson on what’s not being recognised, sometimes it’s marking things incorrect before you finish speaking, even in review mode you can see what (presumably iOS inbuilt) speech to text isn’t getting but no feedback on how to improve

- Babbel

After about two months I’m confident I could pass by in France on vacation.

- Too expensive

Amazing but sooo expensive

- Best method of learning so far

The best method (other than speaking with a native) that I have used so far. Intuitive and with staggered progression and review. Excellent app.

- Enjoying Babbel

I decided to learn a language as a brain challenge to deter dementia even though I have never had much success with language. I am enjoying the challenge, but don’t think I’m retaining very much yet.

- Review

I can speak & be understood relatively well. The app is pretty stable & is easily used. Areas to be improved - the default keyboard needs to be the language you’re learning to speak, the native speaker needs to speak slowly & say ALL the words, not just rattle off what they would say to another native speaker, who understands the abbreviations of speech

- Amazing!

I haven’t been using babbel for very long, but so far it’s been great. No disruptive ads, good learning techniques and it’s pretty fun. Shame that you have to pay for more courses, though.

- Mr Tony Hall Epping Victoria Australia

I found the Babbel app course #9 French to be excellent.

- Needs more languages!

I got this to learn Japanese for school but it doesn’t even have it! What I waste of my time I was really looking forward to use this app since it has great reviews. Please add some more languages like Japanese thank you 🙏🏾

- Download/ progress disappears

Downloads get deleted randomly. When I download the lessons again, my progress gets deleted and can’t track my progress. If I login and log out to sort the problem my progress reappears and my downloads disappear again. So it looks like I have to choose between the two, either download lessons to use the app offline or use the app only online if I want to see my progress. Incredibly annoying and time wasting.

- Absolutely love Babbel!

I love the way the lessons are set out and the word bank allows you to easily revise the words you have previously learnt. Totally recommend this app!

- Fun

It is a bit hard but you learn really fast

- Dansk

I am using Babbel to help me learn Danish. I really like how everything is laid out, the length and content of the lessons (fairly practical) and the flash card reviews. This app “teaches” you more than other apps I have tried, which are more like practice tools rather than actual lessons. My only complaint is the voice recognition is really hit and miss. Sometimes my pronunciation is spot on, other times the app just will not recognise the [same] word I am trying to say and I have to press the little skip arrow after many, many attempts. It’s really frustrating and yes, I have tried messing with the microphone levels in Settings. Other apps I have are nowhere near this flakey.

- Like no other

It has never been so easy to learn a language this convenient way, you have it all the writing, pronunciation and grammar, even with explanations and sometimes, images

- Need to expand

I downloaded this trying to learn Korean but was disappointed to find that there’s no Korean or barely any Asian languages. Would like it if there were more languages to choose from.

- .


- So convenient to learn new languages on the go!!

Fantastic app!!

- Assumes you're American

If I didn't already know Polish pronunciation, this would be quite difficult. It just assumes everyone has an American accent. That'd be fine if it didn't then try to get you to answer questions about which American sound a particular Polish sound was most similar to. The "say this word" section was so consistently bad that I've just turned it off. Even my Polish friends got frustrated at how bad it is.

- Addictive

I love the interactive features, I find the lessons just the right length for my concentration levels Some of the vocabulary is a bit dated in its approach Not easy to use across all my platforms, doesn’t seem to update to my level on my I pad. I prefer my laptop for my lessons now due to this issue. Could be limiting when I’m in the move Overall it is great, I’ve needed to go away and use other learning tools along with Babbel but it has guided my learning subjects Quite addictive as you move through the lessons I would recommend this App for a beginner but you’ll need other learning aids as some concepts are only touched on briefly and may require more time and practice

- Babbel👍🏻

Amazing 😉 Works brilliantly!

- Referencing

I often want to refer to a rule treated previously but find it difficult to access the lesson with the info I require.

- Good, but we need more languages added

Babbel is a good app, I can assure that. But I feel as though, you should put more consideration into the languages you have. Alot of people are wanting to learn languages such as Japanese and Korean. I would Love to have the Languages Japanese and Thai added to Babbel. And I love watching anime, due to that, Ive picked up a few words from It. After a while I wanted to learn Japanese instead of just "Picking up words" and then at some point, I'd perhaps be able to watch anime without subtitles and I was hoping that maybe Babbel would have that. Unfortunately they didn't 😢. And I would Love it if you added The Thai language to this because I also enjoy watching Thai drama's (My favourite is Souts) I would love to learn Thai to be able to watch things with my favourite Thai actor, Without needing the subtitles. Please Just consider this review.

- No Japanese

Downloaded this app to learn Japanese but alas no Japanese

- Erro inesperado

O que está acontecendo que ta dando erro inesperado? Toda vez eu tento entrar e da nisso.. Eu pago pelo app

- The amended version is OK

It’s a great app but a few glitches which spoil it. Whenever I start a session, rather than recommence where I stopped, it always goes to the end of the set of lessons I was studying. Also the marking seems wrong, often I only get one wrong and the result is something like 52 out of 76 rather than 52 out of 53. In general the content is interesting and does test my knowledge, I like the fact that i can record my own voice and then listen to the playback, great for improving my accent and pronunciation. One of the speakers says his V’s like B’s so it’s a bit hard to understand, otherwise good.

- Jack

I am absolutely in love with Babbel thank you so much

- Not enough Asian languages

I need to learn Korean but the only Asian language is Indonesia I have heard good things about the app but the limited choices are a let down.

- Check your bank account!

Cancelled my babble subscription about two years ago and babbel just took another yearly subscription from my account.

- Making Germany less difficult

Babbel has helped me order correctly in restaurants and gave me the confidence to try it all in real life!

- Get more languages

I have been trying to learn Greek but hardly any apps work so maybe I thought this app would have Greek and everyone has been saying it is very good but it dose not have Greek 😑

- Nope

I started on this app, as a student mind you, and I am asked to pay for anything past beginner learning part 1? Annoying

- Loved it at first but .....

I loved it at first but then you have to pay for the other levels so I am not going to use it again although it is a great app

- Awesome

This app has helped me so much learning Portuguese I highly recommend it !!!!

- Needs Japanese

I need to learn Japanese, couldn’t find that option in the app! 😐

- Terrible app that has charged me but I can’t use it!

It doesn’t work and it’s charged me already!

- 5 stars!

In the past, I've had a bad experience learning languages and I struggle to concentrate for long periods of time. Babble is a really easy way to learn a language (I learn Spanish) and it really helped me. I've literally been obsessed with learning a language but I could never just sit down and learn I need to use something like Babble. Totally recommend!

- Awesome App but fix the keyboard

Absolutely love how you have multiple different ways to learn the language and the review. I also like the little grammar tips. However half the time I get the wrong answer because of the sensitivity of the keyboard. Could you not just use the keyboard apple provides?

- Great app! Super helpful

I love babble and it is very helpful. I’m currently learning german, babble makes a hard task fun, interesting and the right amount of simplicity. German is a hard language but I’m finding babble a great alternative for me to learn it since I’m pretty busy and don’t really have time to take lessons/classes, babble offers a variety of different languages and courses for you to explore and play around with.They also have different levels and lessons on your language each reviewing and building up from the last. Not to mention it makes sure you are easing into the app/ language your learning and builds up the skills based on your level. When you first login they ask you to choose wether your a beginner or advanced in the language which I find helpful. overall I would recommend babble to friends and family I really enjoy it. sometimes it’s to hard to put down good job, great app Well done.

- Ok but Doesn’t have Estonian

I enjoyed your app but need more of a challenge. Please add Estonian

- Need Japanese

I think you guys are missing out on a huge opportunity, everyone wants Japanese on this app, with the country booming with tourism and getting increasingly popular I think your a little mad to not add Japanese to one of your languages, I have not met a single person who has gone to japan who doesn’t go back frequently, it’s an amazing place to visit and with the commonwealth games coming up next year it will only increase more! I think I read it’s not even in the works for you guys at the moment which is insane, not only is it becoming an increasingly popular place for tourism but also people wanting to live and work over there, Japanese is also one of the easiest languages you can learn, honestly total madness!

- Easy

Great stuff makes learning easy !

- A slow start.

I was a bit overwhelmed when I first started but then I started going over phrases in my head and after a week or so it started to come together

- ☺️💋

Lovely app, how I wish it can be free.

- Good job

This is amazing babbel.....thanks for helping me out

- Babbel is nice

The only thing I don't like about babbel is failing when I miss a punctuation (which I might not have on my keyboard) or failing when I don't capitalize some letters, apart from that I love the app. I also love the name, smart thinking whoever came up with that. Thumps up, keep the good work going and make it better.

- Babbel

It’s really educative, I love it

- Very little in the free package.

There should be so much more in the free package to give more incentives to buy.

- Excellent

I’m enjoying the app

- Great

Love it so far. Very enlightening

- Cancel subscription

Please how do I cancel my subscription?

- Give me my money back

I just subscribed to French lessons and it still isn’t giving me access. Please return my money. Thanks. Else I’ll report you to Apple and sue this app. Thanks.

Are there any apps to learn isiXhosa from on your own time? Something along the line of Babbel. Bear in mind. I suck at languages. 😂

@CarbonCraftLtd: Use your downtime wisely. How about learning a new language 📖 ❓ - #languagelearning #language…

@eck_n: Nederlands leren via een app door met elkaar te praten. Kijk op website voor de app: @BiebOostland htt…

Babbel - Learn Languages (24 Month Access)

Babbel: Learn Languages - 6 Months Subscription on iOS, Android, Mac, PC - mobile app & online…

Free Download Babbel – Learn Languages – Spanish, French & More 20.51.0 APK

Use your downtime wisely. How about learning a new language 📖 ❓ - #languagelearning…

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Babbel – Learn Languages 20.49.0 Screenshots & Images

Babbel – Learn Languages iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages iphone images
Babbel – Learn Languages ipad images
Babbel – Learn Languages ipad images
Babbel – Learn Languages ipad images
Babbel – Learn Languages ipad images
Babbel – Learn Languages ipad images
Babbel – Learn Languages Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Babbel – Learn Languages Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Babbel – Learn Languages (Version 20.49.0) Install & Download

The applications Babbel – Learn Languages was published in the category Education on 2014-06-11 and was developed by Lesson Nine GmbH [Developer ID: 357018535]. This application file size is 115.93 MB. Babbel – Learn Languages - Education posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 20.49.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Babbel – Learn Languages Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

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