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Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, and many more languages with Babbel. Developed by a team of language learning experts, Babbel has helped millions of people speak a new language with confidence.

Here’s what makes Babbel more effective than any other language learning app:

1. Confidence — Our goal is to get you speaking from your very first lesson. And our elegantly designed courses give you the confidence to get there. We teach you how to engage in practical, everyday conversations, making it easier for you to have authentic experiences in your new language.

2. Comprehension — Our lessons immerse you in relevant culture and real-life conversations. We want you to really take in the language, not just memorize useless phrases. And we provide helpful hints in English (or your native language) to make your new language more relatable.

3. Retention — We know you’re busy. That’s why our lessons are short but sweet: about 10-15 minutes, and designed to send your new language straight to long-term memory. We regularly refresh your memory with our dynamic review sessions, which target areas where you need improvement most. Finally, we make sure you really grasp what you’re learning by bringing it back later in a new context.

• 14 languages to choose from
• 10-15 minute, bite-sized lessons that fit conveniently into your schedule
• Lessons covering a wide range of useful topics, from travel to business (and more!)
• Speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point
• Courses at a variety of skill levels, making Babbel ideal for both beginners and more advanced learners
• Our robust Review Manager helps you retain new vocabulary
• Learning progress that’s synchronized across all your devices, so you can easily pick up right where you left off

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, English, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian

After just one month, you will be able to speak confidently about practical topics, such as:
• Transportation
• Shopping
• Directions
• Making friends and socializing
• Dining
And much more!

“Babbel is one of the stalwarts of the online language-learning sphere.” -The Next Web

“Babbel’s lessons, unlike Duolingo’s, first focus on building basic conversational skills.” -The Economist

“Babbel exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses in 13 languages.” -PC Magazine

*Named 2016’s “most innovative company in education” by Fast Company*
*The World’s Highest Grossing Language Learning App*

You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period.

You'll get access to all courses for the following durations:

1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

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Babbel – Learn Languages App Description & Overview

The applications Babbel – Learn Languages was published in the category Education on 2014-06-11 and was developed by Lesson Nine GmbH. The file size is 174.62 MB. The current version is 20.17.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We’ve been busy squashing bugs and improving app performance to give you the best Babbel app to date.

Questions? [email protected]

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Babbel – Learn Languages Reviews


Pimsular  ndjsjdhakzkxn  1 star

Pimsuler is better


You should not have to pay  jssisjw  1 star

So apparently you have to pay to learn a language and that’s kind of stupid because you should be able to learn a language for free if you want to learn that language.


Struggles with programming  madmax695  3 star

After a few sample lessons, I was impressed. After my partner paid for the 6 month Spanish subscription and dove into further lessons, I was less impressed. I love the vast array of topics covered but don’t like the open-response questions where multiple answers are appropriate but only one is accepted (ex. Using “Somos” or “nos llamamos” for “_________ Adrian y Sofia,” and only “somos” is accepted.) It makes it difficult to know if one is understanding the intended concepts or if we are just learning to beat the “game” so that we may continue to progress in order. Developers should revisit these sections and either a. Make the intended response more clear based on given context or B. Make multiple appropriate responses acceptable.


Изучение  666+33  1 star

Полный отстой для изучения русского языка! Я носитель языка и не могу найти свой язык come on?!


Babbel  1000BOOKSPLUS  3 star

When I can get on I love it. Have been able to get through the first lesson and can’t seem to get to the next ?!?!?!

The Profeasor

Not so great for practical Spanish  The Profeasor  3 star

It is a good idea but the execution is pretty bad. It focuses too much on grammar to an extent it makes you feel like you’re in school. Especially the format where it first makes you listen, then do a match and then write the same sentences, is an overkill and after a point it just gets irritating. If I’d just want to learn Spanish so I can converse it is not a good app. I like the interaction, the feel and the way it lets you choose the course but there is a lot of room to improve.


Great Idea, needs work and revision.  Erohs1  2 star

As someone who used to speak German years ago, I tried this out in advanced mode to see if it would work. For most of the “fill in the blanks” answers that were supposed to give the user shuffled letters, it gave instead the words spelled out correctly. Did not help me one bit. Needs an update!

Rev doc rob

I’ve tried them all  Rev doc rob  5 star

I have a Ph.D in Instructional Technology. I’ve used Fluenz, Rosetta, and others to study Italian, French, and now Portuguese. In my personal and professional opinion, Babbel is by far the best.


Enjoy the learning but system is unstable  wifeofkws  3 star

Not always smooth sailing.


Better than learning in school  lukeferg96  5 star

I took a couple years of Spanish in high school and it was a complete waste of time I never learned anything at all. I started using Babbel and after getting through most of the beginner lessons I’ve learned much more than I did in school. I’ve had some trouble with the voice recognition where it will tell me I’m saying it wrong even on easy words sometimes it could just be my phone though. If you do want to learn Spanish I would suggest making sure you do it everyday. I went out of the country for a few weeks and didn’t have service to get on Babbel and when I got back i had a hard time remembering what I learned.

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