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barback (n) — a bartender's assistant; they are there to simplify a bartender's job; bussing tables and dishwashing are common duties. In some establishments, barbacks may also be responsible for the safety of the bartender.

Browse from a great selection of over one hundred cocktails, featuring recipes new and old. Search by ingredients or by name; save your favorites and keep track of your bar to see what recipes you can make (or what you should stock up on.)

New recipes added weekly -- and, like any good bartender, we're hard at work to make your next drink the best one. (Not that anything will beat a Manhattan.)

For connoisseurs and novices alike, filled to the brim with modern and classic cocktails — Barback.

Happy bartending, friends.

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The applications Barback - The Best Drink and Cocktail Recipes was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-03-09 and was developed by Justin Duke. The file size is 22.89 MB. The current version is 4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We're back, with a totally redesigned and rebuilt app from the ground up! (Sorry about the construction noise.)

Barback 4.0 comes with new recipes, a friendlier interface, and the ability to build out your own bar (giving you access to a list of recipes you can make, plus recommendations for new ingredients to buy!)

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Decent but not worth the price  i_am_not_me  2 star

When adding ingredients to "your bar" there is no search so you have to scroll through and look for what you have. Also the list of ingredients is nowhere near comprehensive, there is only one listing for some spirits that have hundreds of varieties which can be completely different. Also the interface is clunky


Very helpful, nice design  Clowman  5 star

What a great idea for an app. The clear design and upfront recipes, with a bit of background for each drink and drink suggestions too, makes this app easy to reference. Thanks, and looking forward to learning some new cocktails.


Best app Ever  DebMDuke  5 star

Truly. You will enjoy the experience as much as your cocktail.


Perfect for aspiring home cocktail bartenders  Ehhous  5 star

Love this app - many excellent recipes. It's basically like having one of those bulky cocktail books, except it's all on your phone. Very helpful when I'm throwing house parties. I highly recommend!


Super Awesome  Jgzachary22626272  5 star

Easy to use, well-organized, very helpful for entertaining or expanding drink options.


Awesome! On nom nom nom...  Stw9454  5 star

UPDATE: update is great. I really enjoy the bar features, and the clean UI is an improvement on an already outstanding design! This app is perfect for all my hosting needs! I can look up almost any drink I can think of and have the recipe right away. The new graphics are fun too! My only wish is that there were even more recipes to discover!

Fight jjhgfg

One of my favorite apps  Fight jjhgfg  5 star

This app is incredible! There are so many incredible recipes and such clear directions! Additionally, I love that I can play roulette based on what liquors I have at home. Definitely a must if you love cocktails and host people.

Mr. Professor Dr. Poopypants

Great app, but  Mr. Professor Dr. Poopypants  4 star

Should categorize the drinks in other ways besides a-z, by alcohol type, or common name for example.


barback  Buttttthead  5 star

Its great if you're new to bartending and need to reference recipes quick, and the visuals help for understanding the ratios on the go.


Crash  Ratu802  3 star

Every time I open it on my iPad it crashes immediately, it works on iPhone. Please fix 🙏🏽

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