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What is gummy drop! match 3 puzzles app? Gummy Drop! is the exciting Match 3 puzzle game where you restore monuments and rebuild cities around the world, one gummy at a time!

Pack your bags and get ready to fill up your passport in this global matching game. Be the traveler and the tour guide, completing puzzles to rebuild and restore thousands of monuments from over 100 real cities across the globe. Rebuild famous landmarks in iconic cities like New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, New Orleans and Barcelona. Hang with the locals and see the sights, from the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty and more!

In Gummy Drop! you get to match and build in the city of your choice whenever you want. Visit Rome for the weekend, jet off to Tokyo for some sushi, or have coffee in Paris! With Gummy Drop! you can swap and match to travel the world from the comfort of your own couch.

• Swap and match to restore cities with a variety of colorful gummy puzzle pieces
• Match and build to explore and restore over 100 cities! Spin the globe, choose your destination and you’re on your way!
• Visit exclusive themed event cities, like Sweetheart Island, the Harvest Festival, or the Garden Gala. Just don’t forget to bring back some souvenirs!
• Challenge yourself in over 10,000 exciting levels across 100+ real world cities!
• Complete levels and rebuild landmarks to collect stamps and fill your passport with colorful photos
• Compete in Tournaments and rise up the ranks to show off your skills and collect awesome rewards
• Solve side levels and special quests to help the locals in each city you visit!
• Enjoy a scenic, vibrant, and colorful puzzle game experience!

Journey to new and exciting, limited time only special destinations for every season. We’ve travelled to the Garden Gala for Mother’s Day, the North Pole for the Holidays, and even Transylvania for Halloween. Who knows where you’ll go next?

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags because its “wheels up” and there’s no time for delays! It’s time to get out there, start matching, and restore the world one gummy at a time!

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Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles Version 4.47.005 May 2022

Don’t miss out on the fun! Update now to RSVP to a whole wide world of special events, and keep your eye out for a NEW city and Puzzle Event! Need a hand? Contact us at:

Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles Version 4.45.028 February 2022

Spring has sprung, and our budding calendar of events is almost in full bloom! Update now to get ready to join us for a special Women's Day celebration, St. Paddy's Day fun, International Food Fest, Cherry Blossom Festival and more! Need a hand? Contact us at:

Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles Version 4.42.027 December 2021

Calling all smarty pants! We've saved you a seat in the front row, because we're heading to Switzerland’s center of education, Zürich! While you've got your thinking caps on, get ready for a fur-ociously good time in a brand new Puzzle Event. Need a hand? Contact us at:

Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles Comments & Reviews 2022

- Best matching game out there. Latest edition worst as described below.

This game offers matching fun that does not get you stuck at one spot all or nothing with its 3 difficulties per level. Plus the special abilities can get you through levels you have difficulty with. You learn geography and history along the way. The new version has a daily prize that is very aggravating. You get better prizes for playing every day but it arbitrarily resets you. Though I have not missed playing a level for years the farthest I have got is Day 119. About a week ago I was ready to get my prize for day 120 which is the 30 day landmark. To my dismay it restarted me instead. It has arbitrarily removed green gems before which take a lot to build, but otherwise this is a fun game that you can play in short time frames. The biggest improvement the game needs is an ability to change a resourcemart from one to another. Early on in the game mistakes are made because you don't know the strategy for the green gems and that after the first few cities you only get two of them instead of three. This is important for new players to know ahead of time.

- Used to be the Best Match 3 Game ever

October 2017- UPDATE- the endless random graphics changes and updates are getting stale. This newest rendition of the girl is actually making me play less. Instead of bells and whistles that do nothing but confuse the players who have barely adjusted to the previous update, why not add something that actually makes the game more interesting? For instance - the side path prizes- make them a choice. Many times I don’t need a million bricks, or whatever, but a power up would be very nice. , UPDATE : it's very possible to earn enough coins with the free version of the game if you're willing to be patient and play all three levels of each number as well as the side paths. That way, you can earn 100 coins per number. (10, 30, 60). I rarely buy extra moves, I just play til I win or use the spinner.... I now have 28,000+ coins I earned just by waiting it out. Just one request: PLEASE give an option to turn off the hint function. I love match 3 games but they usually have no "carrot" to attain other than stars. This game is complex enough (but by no means a brain strain) with 3 levels of accomplishment at each individual level, buildings to construct with the winnings, coins to earn to buy lives, treasure chests to unlock, and it's tough enough that I use up my 3 lives pretty fast. If you're lucky you might win extra moves or lives on a spin board...super cute game. Big Fish hit it out of the park with this one. It's fun and I'm hooked.

- More of a chore than fun

I USED to really like this game, but lately the challenges have been getting next to impossible to complete and you only have 3 lives (4 if you watch some advertisement video). A good game would let you spend more than 4-5 minutes on it before you run out of lives! I love the world travel and the match 3. This game has more of an adult feel to it than all those kiddie games out there. But right now you have monster candy factory which I can’t get past level 5 and the day of the dead which I can’t get past level 1!! The 3rd time I tried it, the pop-up came up and said “hard level-try a boost”. HELLO … you don’t make the very first level hard! That is asinine!! And your “hard” levels are marked in red as they should be! I was on Los Angeles city and finally made it through a red step and the very next step had that pop-up that said “hard level-try a boost”! NO - I just went through a hard level which was clearly marked with a red badge!! Also, I don’t know why you bother putting up those word ones where you have to solve the step to get one letter of a word. A majority of them are impossible to do unless you use all your resources or money to buy more lives or boosters to get through them. And sometimes even those boosters aren’t enough to work on some puzzles!! I am getting really fed up!!

- It used to be the best but.....

I’ve been playing this game for years. I can’t even believe that is a real statement. I love the challenge of each puzzle except for those that are literally impossible to successfully win without the aid of boosts. I have appreciated Gummy Drop specifically because most of the puzzle challenges can be won with patience and perseverance. Most of the other games in this genre force you to buy boosts to continue the game. Gummy Drop allows you to earn so much more in the way of coins and boosts than any of the other games. Gummy Drop is a fair game. Mostly. Recently I have played a bunch of puzzles that are increasingly difficult and seem to be impossible to beat unless you use boosts. I don’t like that. I want to know that I can ultimately beat the game on my own merit and not use boosts to win. Lately it seems as if Big Fish is intentionally making the puzzles impossible to beat forcing the players to buy boosts in order to move forward in the game. Perhaps the CEO sent them a memo directing them to force the players to spend more money. Thanks capitalism. 😩 And enough with the sand! It’s so annoying.

- Favorite Match Thee Game of All Time

I love the "three times through" each site with increasing difficulty, the fact that match 5 lightning bolts don"t accidentally get set off (as in Candy Crush), and the mini challenges that are thrown in for holidays, including frequent "mountain climbing" events that lead to infinite lives for 1,2 or 4 hours. Truly a fun game! Thanks, Big Fish, for hours of stress relief! Hmmm ... I add this after reading other reviews: though I agree with a few of the frustrations mentioned, I feel it is right to stand up for Big Fish in one particular way. Reviewers keep mentioning their "greed," forcing serious players to use real world money to fully complete every city. First, completion of every city is an option. Second, can you imagine the hours, days, weeks worth of work the Gummy Drop creators of put in? And this is their livelihood! They need some people to make real world purchases to keep making the game. We become too accustomed to the Internet giving us music and shows and games without needing to pay for them. Producers deserve something for their talents and efforts. Sometimes we selfishly forget that!

- New update needs improvement

I’ve been playing since this game became available-I LOVE it. It’s so addictive. They definitely need to add cities a lot faster-waiting over a month for an update isn’t ideal. Unfortunately, the last update isn’t what I was expecting. So many times, I’ve won a level on the last move, yet it says “so close”-We shouldn’t have to use coins to finish the level when it’s already finished -this was not an issue until the last update. Another issue is that unless special boosts have been purchased before starting the level, they can no longer be purchased while playing a level-again this was not the case before the update. When opening a completed city, it no longer goes back to where u last left off & zooms in huge, which is annoying when trying to transfer resources. Having 2 new cities at once was great! It should be that way every time!

- Free play limited

I do enjoy this game, but am not willing to spend real dollars. Therefore I am stuck on certain levels that require you to purchase boosts or more moves in order to complete them. Almost quit recently as I was stuck on same level for weeks. Then an upgrade was performed, and the level I was stuck on had a completely different puzzle (a much easier one), allowing me to proceed a little. Very frustrating way to play. Here is a suggestion that may keep me playing. How about a lightning bolt "bank"? Any bolts that are left at the completion of a level can be placed in that bank, instead of being used to raise the score. A lightning bolt used from the bank could be placed at random spot, not one directed by the gamer. I still play, but still stuck on higher level in one city at the same spot for months now. Not willing to spend money or coins so I guess that city will remain incomplete. Was not going to update my review, many disparaging comments from other gamers re: those of us finding certain levels very difficult. No reaction or answer from Big Fish re: my 'bank' suggestion from earlier review. I guess it is all about the money!

- Reconnecting with friends in unusual ways!

This game is fun and easy to pick up where ever you leave off. Getting and giving help to/from your childhood friends is a really big plus. My life is extremely busy so playing time is a treat to myself. With the variety of the different levels it’s not monotonous. I know to diversify when building resource ports. I wish the game allowed a player to transfer from any port to any port in order to drill for gems. The other option would be to allow all earnings of gems and coins to travel with the player or be available to the player at all times. I enjoy going to Tokyo to play the slot machine, but I don’t like doing multiple trips to each city to collect resources and then shipping to a different city in order to build a site. I don’t like waiting four hours shipping time and then another trip to collect in order to spend in another city. Overall it is a great game. I have had my coins disappear without me spending them, I wrote a note to the customer service people, yet nothing was done about it. It’s still a really fun game.

- Disappointed

I want to tell you how dissatisfied I am with this game. I have been playing this game for a few years now and one of my goals has been to finish a city before moving to the next. The games I am faced with have made this impossible. Don't get me wrong I love a challenge, but these games are no longer a challenge they are just plain impossible. You have these games so hard you have to use multiple purchase and buy a lot of other things to be able to potentially win. Then you throw in games where you have to beat multiple things and also get so much of one particular shape/color that the game never provides. You can’t even buy these things so you know that people have no chance in hell if ever winning these levels. Even when completing a different short term challenge you are gypping people. I came in third on the most recent challenge and all I received is 15 free minutes. That is a joke. You have no opportunity to win coins in these smaller games but sometimes have to use coins to be able complete them with any chance of winning. I under stand this is a business you but please consider the faithful people who play your games and treat them fairly. Very disappointed!!!!!!!

- Fun game but...

This is a fun and addicting game and is (was) my guilty pleasure but it is much less enjoyable when EVERY level must be completed in order to build a monument (Shanghai) and each level is so difficult. It would be nice if the cities had a difficulty level and you could travel to lower rated cities to play on days when not feeling up to a challenge or coins need to be stockpiled to complete the difficult cities. Also, the DAILY Reward is a misnomer as you have to actually WIN a level to receive the DAILY reward, not just play. Learned that the hard way...only had time to run through one set of lives in a difficult level on day 27 but was not offered the reward. The next day I logged in and...back to day 1 I went. I also agree with other players that it would be nice to have boosts and coins as reward on occasion, there were occasional coins when it first started (the first week) but that was quickly changed. I was hoping Day 30 would have coins but haven’t made it there yet! Overall a fun game, I just may have reached my fun limit.

- Fun but need more incentives!

I love the game and keep coming back, but it gets frustrating having to play the same levels over and over again to be able to move forward. I get through 10 spaces and then have to go back for a long time to repeat the levels I did. To get the highest scores on. I also think they need to have a way that you can get more boosts without having to pay for it. Also, there should be an information center that explains what each boost is again. They explain it when they introduce a boost, but honestly the picture of the boost does in no way give a clue as to what it is. I generally have to google it each time, which is annoying. There should just be an info button to access what each boost is and other details. The reinforcement I get is not enough, when I have to keep repeating the same levels to move forward. I am on the Berlin level, and not enjoying it as much as I did in the beginning. Also I really don’t like the times levels that must, would like to have much fewer!

- Updates that FAIL..

While playing, if you see "monumental" or other words & your on a timed round or one with bombs you're going to lose!! The words cover your board & for a longer time period than necessary. I think the new treasure chest doesn't give enough "other" gifts, mostly just the bricks, gems, etc. Otherwise i love the game but I don't think you need to keep changing the layout or graphics 2/5/19 update... after numerous missing gifts, the other day, after my reward chest was 380+ I logged on & a glitch on the app made my chest restart to day 1!!!! I wrote & found out that others had the same issue & “the developers are aware”. I was given 5 lightening bolts & 1,000 coins which, to me, was an insult!!! I wrote again & was given 1,000 more coins. I got on the game, played 1 energy but was so disgusted that I’ve not gone back. Apparently they cannot restore the chest. Over A YEAR OF DAILY LOYAL GAMEPLAY & they think 2,000 coins & 5 bolts are acceptable for a lost reward chest?!?! 🤬 I LOVED THIS GAME BUT NOW IM DISGUSTED & WILL LIKELY DELETE IT!! Shame that the developers don’t care about their DAILY LOYAL PLAYERS WHO SPEND HARD EARNED MONEY ON THEIR GAME!!!! Guess we are loyal to them but they’re NOT loyal to us!!!

- Fun game, BUT . . .

UPDATE: Just played my last BIG FISH game of any type. I really enjoyed this game, got hooked and played with several FB friends. We got to a level you could ONLY complete by buying power ups. I bought a few, but no more. I am the last of my friends to say enough! This is the same experience I had with Midnight Castle. Played it faithfully for a couple of yrs until it became nearly impossible to advance without spending money. I didn’t! Quit that game, too. Good bye! As noted by others: you can't play the game very long because there are only 3 lives. You have to BUY the other 2 lives ( which I won't do.) you can't save coins because you earn so few and the cost of using features costs disproportionately much more. I've considered deleting the game because it is just so frustrating to make any real progress in the game. I reviewed the developers of all the games I play and by far Big Fish Games is the greediest. You just can't advance very far without spending a boat load of money. I used to play this game daily. Now I open it a few times a week and shut it down when the three lives are gone. I won't download any more Big Fish games until they they change their money grabbing policy.

- Great Game, but UI updates have degraded it

There are so many positives to this game that it seems unfair to rate it low, but I am doing just that because the User Interface (UI) "enhancements" have made the experience worse instead of better. When attempting to enter a game, you have to touch the banner several times before it lets you in. That alone is extremely frustrating, but there's more. Resource buying page is bad beyond belief. The goals necessary on the left-hand side have become somewhat disjointed and you no longer can see how much of what type of non-goal related resources you are accumulating. Everything used to be quite intuitive at a glance. This is no longer the case. I so wish the so-called usability and/or design experts would leave well enough alone rather than attempting to enhance things that don't need fixing. I've seen this happen, unfortunately, to several apps so this one is not alone. Message to designers - follow general usability standards and governing principles. Stop over-designing just to do so. Message to app coder management - turn your designers into usability experts. Don't redesign unless it provides benefit.

- Good game.

I’ve been playing this game longer than all the others. Aside a few times that I’d be stuck on a level for weeks then seems maybe they’d finally lower the standard or something. I don’t pay for boosts and others quit when got to levels when had to in order to beat it. The new update that gives you treasure everyday is convenient unless you miss a day however you only when needed prizes like shovels and such like once a month. I’m very picky about using boosts. I’ll be out soon and if that is there way of making people spend real cash then I’ll be done with this game also. I like the game takes some skill but can also be just a relaxing distractions. However I hate timed levels. They require total concentration during the whole time. So have to pause the tv or if on lunch break too stressful and won’t play. I personally could do without them and do agree with another rating. The World greatest messages etc if you get good points makes it so you can’t see the board and you lose time.

- Baglerabbitts

Fair game but everytime it updates you have to reload each city you completed and after awhile that gets to be more time than playing. This maybe their way of preventing you from shipping supplies from past cities. You need to or spend money to get materials you need to build your city. Several starts in cities you will never get started other than buying what you need or spend t weeks shipping material from completed cities. When you get them reloaded they update the game and then you need around 30 min to reload your cities. So if you want to play with minimalist spending planing to be reloading old towns more than playing. And the last thing you will loose coins and materials across the board in some updates. You cannot recover them either. If you don’t mind this crap the game is fair. You ask why do I play still I have a friend who is handicapped and loves this game I play as this allows me to spend time with them when I cannot be their. If they had a different game then I would be so gone. So I put up with all the crap and play to make someone’s day with competition that makes their day a great day.

- At least it’s honest

I play a lot of these match 3 games and catch them cheating big time like when you get a star or let’s say the highest ranking power-up and match it to a stripe, or double stripe, or even a bomb, they don’t turn every same color on the board over, as it should, to give you the hits you’re looking for- so, I have to say that I appreciate your game’s integrity! I like the positive feedback your game gives it makes me laugh. I like that it takes a geological approach around the world and gives little tidbits about the landmarks. What could change is if you could give us some power-ups for our daily prize or let us win power-ups plus bricks, etc. for hitting all those levels. Having only 3 lives and having to buy the “privilege” of 5, seems greedy. This is a bit selfish and I believe you are the only platform to do this. I refuse! There are too many other games out there that will gladly give 5 lives with all the other benefits. If I lose my 3 right away, I just move on and play something else. You need to stop that right away. This game has potential to be even better! Try something new! Ps. When given free play, we should be able to log out and come back to it. Sometimes, we hit our stride at the end of the day right when we need to hit the bed. So if we win free play we should be able to go ahead and claim it. Log out and when we log on, we should have our one or two hours to play it out. More folks would be happy!

- Favorite game but ...

I had right around 8000 coins and then I notice I’m at 3000ish. Did NOT spend that much. Between 6000 and 8000 for weeks. How can that happen? Issue two - if I have two of the same type of resources in a given city and tap to collect, I have to wait until one is credited before tapping to collect the other. Can’t tell you how many jewels I’ve lost because I tapped too quickly. Grrrr! From past updates, I do not like the changes to Sydney resources. Some take more than 24 hours to reach the max. Do not like the daily treasures. Give me back the shovels! On the plus side, this is my favorite game. Think I’ve been playing for at least two years. Much prefer it to Candy Crush, my previous longevity front runner. I like that I don’t have to complete everything to move on to the next city. I won’t say that I haven’t spent any real coin, but not much and I’ve moved along just fine. Also enjoy the limited run destinations. Overall a great game, but not a perfect one.

- Love this game!

Not another mindless game. This game makes you think. Use logic to get through the levels. Achieving landmark goals makes this game rewarding. Very addicting though. You've been warned! Above is my original review. Today I need to let you know how disastrous the latest version is. I haven’t been able to play this game in over 2 months. I try to open the game and it goes to the blue screen and then back to my home page on my iPhone. Tried to play on my iPad and it does the same thing. What I do know is that many other players have this problem too and some with newer phones have no problems. Disappointed that the developers can’t seem to fix their own product. I have downloaded at least two upgrades and I get a teaser that takes me all the way to the last city I was playing and then goes back to the Home Screen again. There needs to be a solution, please!!!!

- Love the app...but the tv-like adverts, REALLY?!

I love Gummy Drop; it's one of my favorite time killers. I love the multiple iterations of the same level with each iteration a little harder but gaining more points. I also really enjoy reading the factoids for the landmarks that you pass during the game. BUT, just recently in the last few months, I've had to endure a terrible new trend: the real life tv commercials as ads?!?! I'm one of those people that won't pay money in game for boosts or extras but I will plop down some money to remove ads. I've been able to tolerate the ads for other games in the App Store, but now I'm seeing commercials for shows on the Disney channels, cars, awards shows, etc. I play games on my devices to GET AWAY from real life, which absolutely includes tv advertising. Can you please just go back to the it was or allow me to pay $1-2 dollars to remove the altogether?! Can you also add an option to disable hints (flashing possible moves) in the game?! Sometimes I like to get stuck or frustrated for a bit instead of the game telling me the next move to make. Seriously. Other than these 'big' issues I would give the game 5 stars, but now I'm downgrading my rating and may even delete the game due to these annoyances.

- Great game but to expensive!

Ok, I enjoy playing the game but am confused by how incredibly hard you make things for an average player like me - like timed games that can't be won unless you spend real money, which I won't; no instructions on some games which make it impossible to advance unless you spend real money, which I won't; and the cost of buying anything to help me advance is outlandish. How about working on this kind of stuff?? Do something for the players!! Thanks! I have never written a review before but felt I needed to share my thoughts. I love to play this game but am frustrated that the only way to get anywhere is by buying a win. I am ready to delete the game because it was a "free" game and it will cost me to get any further without buying coins or other help. Just be up front when promoting the game. There have been other issues over the time I have been playing but they have been covered in other reviews. Without buying coins to buy boosts, I am stuck replaying games that can't be won and therefore can't advance. Back to solitaire.

- Poor communication

I played gummie drop for quite sometime. Yesterday there was an issue with the game where I’d go into the app and it would immediately close. I updated my phone, restarted the app, turned my phone off and back without any success of the game app working. I had no choice but to delete it losing all progress and data. Only after I contacted them did they say ‘oh hey yeah we’re reaching out to customers who have reported the issue and are working on it now. Please do not uninstall the app.’ An after thought is what I feel the customer turned out to be. Had over 4,000 coins. Did levels like decorating a Christmas house, adding it to my collection. Lost things I had purchased with coins earned. Can I have my coins back? What about my progress lost? I was way up on the levels completed. I’m so disappointed I don’t ever want to play again. I’m moving on to another more reliable game with reliable customer service. They took one happy thing I looked forward to doing and ruined it. Disgusted at the time wasted and progress lost.

- Just Okay

Game is okay as a distraction but I can’t abide games that have coded cheating. Way too often moves I make are “misinterpreted” in a way that damages my chances to clear a level. For example you go to make a move that would create a lightning bolt and WHOOPS it misunderstands your gesture and makes so other move instead. Never happens in your favor or any time when there’s no impact so kind of hard to believe it’s just bad luck. Also many times when you make a move that should create a bomb or some other special and it just flat out doesn’t happen. Really seems like they decide in advance if you’re going to clear the board or not since often times you just don’t get any available moves that help you clear the level. Seems a bit manufactured to me. Edited to add that having all these special event levels that offer chances to win power ups that can’t be beaten unless you use power ups is stupid and annoying and make me lower my start rating even further.

- Still yet more Lovin' the Gummies

What?! Even more amazing graphics, plus helpful items like showing us when the level has bombs or is timed as well as letting us know how tre time is running down! Awesome and addictive! Another rave for the latest update! The graphics just get more beautiful and the levels more intriguing! Especially love the new daily treasure chests rather than hunting. Still my go-to game! Ok, every update brings more gorgeous graphics and way more fun. I still hate the reappearance of those paper faces that come back when you don't get through all 3 of them, but it's a great challenge! I love Gummy Drop-architecture, travel and the best visuals in a matching game ever! Interesting different challenges in the master levels-sometimes it's better not to get 4 in a row but just get matches that automatically set up more. You have to figure it out and play smarter up the level. I love the new items like the passport and the easier navigation among the places so you can send resources much faster. Initially, I didn't buy any coins, then I burned thru a lot of cash-so I've limited myself to a small monthly allotment and if I run out, I switch to Angry Birds. Enjoy this great game!

- It has become impossible

I played this game for years. I don’t normally purchase coins. Gummy Drop has changed the rules so many times to the player’s disadvantage. The best example of a negative change is in the city of Sydney where I used to earn 6 resources every 4 or so hours. They changed it so that now only 3 are generating resources for me and I paid to have 6 resources generated! I swap the resources in Sydney for coins. The latest change they made requires you to purchase coins to be able to buy the resources you need to build the structure. The requirements to build the structure are unreasonable in that it is asking for more gems than one can possibly in that level. For example, I am currently playing Vancouver. I completed level 100 and need to build a structure. It requires double the gems a player could possibly earn thru that level. I have to play previous cities with bricks, hats and pink gems already saved so that I can drill for gems 20 times. The game has become ridiculous and not much fun anymore.

- Keeps getting better!

I loved this game, played it every day. I updated and lost all my progress. Please help Update: Customer support for this game is out of this world!! I had played for a couple years and lost all progress and they had me back up and running within a day!! Amazing thank you guys!! I love that you guys update the game often, I love the Everest challenges, and extra side paths etc. the one thing I have to say has been a huge bummer is the new treasure chest feature. They are lackluster and boring “treasures” definitely would like to see more boosts and coins, please!! I used to receive at least some shovels and the occasional lightning bolt from free treasure chests, but now it’s endless bricks hats and pink gems. BORING. Please address! Other than that you guys are awesome and this game is beyond addicting:) please keep the updates coming! And great job !

- Designed for fun and developer profit

I enjoy playing this game a lot. I think there are some unfair aspects to the player that should be changed. The travel vouchers are worthless and the game uses them as bonus rewards! I get very upset when I buy points and my free spin gives me these! Also the free spin every half hour gives these out in increments of 5 as a prize. Not a prize. The games that cannot be won without using things you have to buy should be eliminated. The setting of what is needed to move on to the next ten games is sometimes very costly to achieve. For instance one level required 27 jewels to unlock the next games and it took a lot of purchased points to accumulate that number. There was no other way to get to that number without spending weeks to accumulate enough points to be able to move ahead. It is a great game but has some very frustrating aspects.

- Game has gotten too buggy to play

First I should say I’ve played this game a lot. I’ve finished every city to date, and there are a lot! However, recently the game has gotten so buggy that it has become unplayable. I have found and reported 3 locations in the 2 most recent cities that were completely impossible to beat due to dumb counting errors. The game would require you to clear 32 items, but only ever put 30 of them on the screen. They clearly never play-tested these levels even once. Now, following advice from their support staff, I logged out of and back into my Facebook account within the game, and the login connection is broken. Half the game thinks I’m logged in (although it shows a generic person icon instead of my profile pic, as it used to), and half the game doesn’t think I’m logged in at all. So it won’t let me see friends or send and receive gifts from friends, which are important parts of the game. In fact, it suggests I log in so I can do those things, but doing that changes nothing, and the settings area of the game thinks I already am logged in. I’ve logged out and back in a dozen times. I’ve followed instructions from their support staff that involved many steps and included uninstalling the Facebook app from my phone, and absolutely none of it has helped in the least. This used to be a good game, but apparently the original team has moved on, and things are really falling apart.

- Not the same game anymore

I have been playing Gummy Drop for years, giving it good reviews along the way. I have spent ‘real money’ (firstly for the two extra lives) but also some here & there for different reasons. I LOVED this game, and have even mentioned it in other games review comments. I noted Gummy Drop was great for being winnable and giving out bonuses, gifts, etc. This game is not the same, and I can’t imagine why they let anyone change it. I felt proud when Gummy Drop was ranked a top game and was enjoyed world wide. I’ve had trouble with technical glitches and customer support was WONDERFUL hence the 2 stars. I hope that too has not changed. This is not a game that is easy for everyone anymore with only hard levels here and there, which is fun but challenging. Now it’s not even remotely easy and much much more frustrating. When a game is not fun, relaxing and enjoyable then time to stop and find another game, which I have done

- Gummy Drop

This game is so fun. My only complaint would be once a level is complete do not change it. You have changed several levels in many cities that I will go back to to replay either for supplies or for the line crushers and when I go to the levels I know I can get any of the above you have went and changed the board completely. Example would be Tokyo level 100 was a timed level and you only had a score to bet and you change it to 18 moves and several boxes now you have to remove, and then Paraguay level 116 was also a board I would go back to and you changed that board completely. Other than that the game is challenging and lots of fun hours, day, months and years of play. I am in Maldives right now.

- Hmmmm....can be fun, challenging, and frustrating 😉

Update: I have enjoyed the newest updates and events. However- today it will not open. It attempts to but crashes. I have tried many different options with no success. many times today. I checked the Facebook page and see this is a common problem today that is affecting many many players, not just me or a few others. Hopefully, the problem can be found soon and fixed. Thank you for working on the solution. Older review: It can be fun. It can be annoying. Sometimes, it can be quite maddening-especially when you are down to one letter of a Gold coin event and you have played so many times you lose track, spend large amounts of earned coins, use multiple power ups in each attempt, and the game still won't let you win. Have had this happen many times.

- Best Game Ever! Seriously!! No joke!!

This is the best game ever! I have tried so many games and been disappointed in one way or another. This however is not at all the case with Gummy Drop! I have been playing this game for over a year and it is full of never ending goodies. I have spent, in my opinion, a minimal amount of money and that was by choice. With or without forking over the dough there is always a way to advance and continue on. I like going back and tying up all the loose ends though and getting that final check on the city as completely done. I literally have 0 complaints with this game. Oh and I'm a girl btw.... lol!! And 46 yrs old as well! This game is for anyone! Great when your waiting or stuck on hold!! You should try it. It will never bore you!! Have fun!!

- All game developers should use Gummy Drop as a model

I have been playing these games for years and even though I’ve been frustrated at times, I still believe this is the best match 3 game ever. First of all, I don’t believe everyone should be able to play for free unless you’re willing to watch countless ads to support the cost of developing the game. I want to pay for a game because I love playing it, not because the game is impossible to win if I don’t buy extras. The number of tools you can buy (either with real money or the game money you earn playing) is extraordinary compared to other games. Shuffle, shovel, bombs, lightening blasts, color blasts, etc., etc., etc. Most games have two. Gummy has more than I can list. Well done, Big Fish!

- Frustrating

This game is just no fun anymore. I used to play it constantly but now maybe sign on each night. I hate the new treasure chest thing -- I was up to 60 and somehow missed the cutoff and went back to 1. The constant having to repeat levels is annoying. Also I don't even "get" how to do the marathon so have never tried it as it won't let me for some reason. Hate it now. I USED to like this game but now am about done with it for these reasons -- There are several things that keep this from being a GREAT game. 1. Only 3 lives at a time. 2. Having to repeat levels 3 times, it gets so boring and maddening. 3. Slow progression -- it takes FOREVER to get through a city and it is not FUN 4. Constant pressure to spend your few coins for more lives and chances to pass a level 5. I hate the timed ones, I cannot do them and find them so frustrating. 6. I have tried to recommend this game to others but they get sick of these things and refuse to play further 7. Hard to get rewards So, in all, though I sort of still play, I am sick of all the little frustrations built in to this to keep me from enjoying it. Really, stop the stupid requirement to repeat the levels and make play faster. I want to get through the city and get on to more areas. The graphics are good, the information about the place is interesting, but you just get bogged down with the repetition til it is not worth it.

- Gummy drop

I have been hopelessly addicted to this game since I started to play it. I have gotten through Australia and am now in Tokyo. I do not understand what happens to all of the resources I collected in Australia. I also do not understand why everything go so hard that I am about to drop this whole game from my game list. I know the games always get harder, but it is ridiculous to make them so hard that you no longer want to play. Am sure no one will answer this, but had to tell you how I feel. Only request I would like to make is that you turn off the words that pop up and block the screen especially during timed play. Love the game, and it is my go to every day. I do get confused by some of the changes.

- The Game Has Changed Dramatically

Gummy Drop used to be fun and challenging. Over the last 2+ years it has changed an incredible amount. EVERY update finds some way to make it harder to play. Even the early cities are incredibly difficult to go back and finish now. Lately it has become virtually impossible to get thru almost any level. Almost all of the changes make it imperative to spend money, the more the better. While I get that Gummy wants to make money and have spent some in the past, it’s becoming all too obvious that making money is the main focus, rather than having fun. Starting to feel like it’s the only point, to get people to spend money. Not spending any more here. Maybe if Gummy had 2 for serious gamers (I’m not) and one for regular people, it would make more sense. The game I started playing looks kinda, sorta like the current game upon first glance, but the resemblance quickly ends. If you are a serious gamer, you will probably like Gummy Drop. If you are an average person who enjoys playing games from time to time and think you will see progress, I wouldn’t unless you can afford to spend $25-$50 or so a week playing this game. Once u make it through Sidney and Tokyo, you will see what I mean. Very disappointing. I used to really enjoy playing Gummy Drop. Not so much these days... LAM

- My favorite game

I really love playing this game.. I've had it for a few years.. I don't know why people are saying it's expensive or whatever.. I don't buy anything in this game with real money and I have advanced through about 10 cities so far.. if you use up your lives fast (just wait and do something else... they come back!) or you can't get through a timed round - maybe you're just not a good player and need to keep practicing or use a different strategy to win the round... I remember maybe two years ago I got stuck (not enough coins to buy a power up and a really hard round I couldn't seem to pass) but I kept playing and eventually got it... didn't have to buy anything either...

- My opinion of Gummy Drop

I really like this game!! So many ways to play and strategize the moves. If I were going to change it, I'd have a few more ways to make money to buy the boosters. And I wouldn't put a 3 chance limit on the game. It's annoying to get real close, run out of coins, and then only have 3 chances before you get locked out. Really!!?? What difference does it make how long a person plays? I hope they will consider the changes. I got a friend hooked on this game, and he agrees about the limitations. And by the way. The new girl is quite annoying! Is she someone’s grand daughter that wanted to be made famous on the game board? I still like the game, and strategy, but still don’t like being locked out after only three losses. Why do you need to do that? Doesn’t make sense to me.

- Changes

Giving a daily reward was a great idea and I like that change. I'm getting tired of all the layout changes of the function modes. The play is the same which is good but you change the layout of how many moves there are and what you're gaining or what goals you're after. I don't like the change to the sell your items for coins either. The menus confusing and you end up buying stuff instead of selling stuff to get coins. And really... the Everest special level looks like she's grinding. What the heck was that?! I actually could do without her in general. I've turned my sound off so I don't have to hear her every time I go in and out of the level or her kudos she says for combos etc.

- Special Holiday Cities

Love this game!!!! It is the only game that I play. Why is it that in the special Holiday games when you are able to ask for resources, They go to the city that you are currently in, Not the special game where you asked for them? If they will not go to Santa’s Workshop you shouldn’t be able to ask for resources. Also please put it back to when you open a city and then click on the ”green I” to see your progress in the game it use to show you your resource marts and you could click on hem and it would take you to that mart. NOW they are not there until you move around the city and cross over the mart. It really slows progress of sending resources to other cities. I can’t remember where each mart is in all cities. Please correct this.

- So fun!!!

I used to play this game on my moms phone until I got my own phone for I am only ten. Once I got a phone I downloaded this game and it was...everything you would want in a match 3 or more game! There is just one thing that I don’t like... its the timed levels...! Just kidding! I love the timed levels and I think it gives you an extra challenge. If you haven’t already downloaded it then do it now and have fun...! If I ever get stuck on levels I usually use power ups but I try not to use them to much as money doesn’t grow of trees and neither do power ups! Don’t use too much power ups but if you feel super stuck it is always good to have on i.c.e (in case of emergency). Have FUN!

- September 2019 update is awful

After this update games of the past (not new levels added) were changed to be more difficult to win. I have spent coins to max out the resource port in these cities because I know I could easily replenish my stock. Now I go to those levels and lose all my hearts one right after another. I don’t think it is fair to sell something (in this case resources ports) and then change the characteristics of the city. This may be what I need to beak my game addiction. I sent the developers a message and got the following reply which is summarized as a lot of people are ticked off but we don’t care we will do whatever we want. “Thanks for taking the time to contact Customer Support. We're reaching out to Gummy Drop! players who have written recently regarding certain levels suddenly changing. The makers of Gummy Drop! often make changes to levels throughout the game, and with this latest update, have just made a few more changes than normal. We apologize for any confusion. The goal with changes like this is to ensure levels are well balanced in regards to difficulty and reward, relative to others. Thank you again for writing in, and we hope this information is helpful. If level updates are not the reason you've written in to Customer Support, please reply directly back for more personalized assistance.”

- Gummi Drop

I really enjoy this game, but I don't like the fact that you have to start all over if your phone rings and you go off the page. I also think that if you go over your highest score while doing the daily event, you should receive more coins. This game is much better than Candy Crush. I like that you learn something in each city. But what I don’t enjoy is the game telling you there aren’t any matches. I’m some boards it’s almost every two turns, and that’s really aggravating. I know some people can “fly” through the challenges, but I have to leave the game when it becomes frustrating and play Disney’s TsumTsum’s. I used to want to complete each level but I’m just going through the countries now. I just don’t care anymore.

- Keep what we buy

I really love this game I’m somewhat addicted it’s relaxing and I think gives me strategic health. However I find myself making these micro purchases and like when I buy the lightning bolts they come in threes, and so when I choose to use them and win the game I lose the rest. You need to make it so we can keep our resources especially the ones that we buy. Also when I have lives left we should be able to keep a certain amount of lives, Even after the game ends. It just doesn’t seem fair. I spend way too much money on this game to not be able to keep my resources. Also it would be nice if we got more incentives along the way.

- Graphics

What’s going on with Gummy Drop? The graphics are terrible. If I hadn’t been playing for so long, I wouldn't know what to do. Please fix it so it’s easier to play!!! I can’t believe you raised the coin amount for 3 shovels!!! You people are so incredibly greedy. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll play this game!!! I really enjoy this game, however I can’t understand why you require so many green gems in some cities when you don’t have many ways to accumulate them. Certainly I could get them when buying cards on the trail, but those are expensive and you only two or three gems for a very high price. Could you put in more ways to get green gems without spending so many coins? I for one would appreciate it!

- Treasure chests

Great game. I really enjoy it. However this last update is very annoying. I don’t mind the treasure chest layout. However, all I get are building materials. What I really need are more tools or even an occasional extra life. Please add more than just the building materials to the chest. Timed levels: when ever I use my lightning bolts or multiple line crushers it eats up a lot of my time. Is there any way to use these valuable tools without using so much time? And also, the “great job” or “wonderful job” logos block my board so I can’t see my board. This makes it hard to plan my next move while the clock is ticking. The side games are great. But most of the time, especially when your half way into the board I don’t need the building materials. Maybe more tools once in a while would be better? Also, I would like to see a full board when it’s finished. I can only imagine how pretty it is in just pieces. Plus it makes it harder to collect my materials and find my ports. Honestly, I do love this game. I play it every single day ... Sonja

- Fairly typical match 3 game

I’ve played a few months now, and just deleted the game, as it has become more frustrating than fun lately. It’s fairly standard stuff. Paywalls to grind through, daily log in bonuses that aren’t very good, levels which can be really easy or insanely hard depending on the whims of the random number generator, and ultimately an endless slog. Some of the level design is fairly clever, but the fun often turns to frustration when the random number generator doesn’t go your way. But don’t worry, victory is only a premium power up away! To its credit, you’ll probably never run out of cities to “explore” or levels to complete, unless you’re into spending hundreds of real dollars on power ups. Worth a try, but don’t expect a completely unique experience.

- Gummy drops

This game Is a Blast.. when it is working correctly, I have contacted Support a few times already, about the helping hands glitching , it kicks you off as you're winning or making your last move… I have won several helping hands and I've got credit for none of them! There is also a serious problem with connecting with Facebook, I was in the middle of a game and it froze and then when I rebooted it I no longer had a Facebook connection or any resources or lives that were given to me, and people asking for lies and resources were gone as well, another issue with the game, is that I have not received any of the scratch off tickets, I believe that's what they were called… As of Saturday your support contacted me and told me that they were trying to fix these issues… I'm still waiting for these fixes

- Don't like the new girl!

The latest update is fine but I'm not crazy about the new girl. Not sure why, but I don't like her attitude or smile or actions! 😏 Biggest problem, though, is that the game seems now not to be based on any type of random behavior but instead manipulated so as to make players spend money for more coins, lives, etc. Typically, a new series of goals appear to be made impossible to solve unless you keep trying long enough so that the company can extract $$ from you, then, if it goes on long enough so that you're likely to just quit it's suddenly made very easy to win so you'll keep playing. Perhaps all games have something like this programmed into them but, if so, it's not as obvious or extreme. Not much fun anymore. Company now seems too greedy.

- Game ‘resets’

I have played this game EVERY DAY since Jan 1 but somehow it decides I haven’t played and has ‘reset’ the daily award either go to Day 1 or pay to continue at the current day!!!! This is getting very discouraging! To me this is even worse than not being given any colors of drops to play with to have a chance to win games! At one time I counted over 50 games with nothing to play with except use the free spin or buy 5 turns. I refuse to buy coins for a game. Getting to be too many timed levels! The MOST frustrating part is to win through the side levels, i.e. 12.1, 12.2,etc then win the last one only to have to BUY whatever it offers-after winning it! I absolutely love the learning aspect of this game but am very close to finding another game. Thank you.

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- Cedarwood

How I play I have passports up to Edinburgh then l have city’s up to Hanoi open that means I can send boats on a head and I can play in another city if I find it hard going l have 115,56 coins I have 3 friends that I can ask for resources if I need help and for lives and send them some back when they ask for help so you see you don’t need to spend real money You can buy resources with your coins no real money involved Tap the cart then the coins and see what you can buy Also gummy city directory can some time help you if someone as asked for help with a game in a city I would just like the treasure chest to have some booster in them like the old days if I really get stuck on a game I tell myself others have must have got through so I will in the end hope this give hope to people who are new to the game I would like to add I don’t understand people who complain they have to spend real money when I read other reviews I only spend the coins I earn through the game I am now up to Quito but only got passports to Dublin as it is getting harder but that’s ok still got lots of cities to play in I don’t buy cards as I can send boats a head by using my airplanes to open a new city for 48 hours love the game $201,958 coins I have to play with

- Second review

Always loved gummy drop but now can’t play on the iPad only on phone. Not fair as had to start from the beginning city of Sydney after playing for five years and reached Toronto. There was no warning just stopped opening on tablet. Should be able to transfer your game to the phone and continue from where you were rather than back to start at least should have told us this would happened. A lot of players would have spent cash for permanent extra lives and even more unfair for them

- Not worth the effort

Having been plying the game for a number of years, I’ve certainly seen the highs and the lows of it...but today was the lowest of them all. Having had a streak of 457 days, the app suddenly stopped working, and with no way of logging back in to it, I resorted to deleting and reinstalling the app. Upon opening the game back up, everything had reset. I had lost everything. Logged back into my account, but still no data. Whilst it’s a nice game to play from time to time, it’s certainly not worth the effort of checking in everyday to maintain your streak because this is the second time this has happened now. On top of this, the game utilises sneak tactics to get player to spend their hard earned coins and items by placing the try again button at the same height, size and look of the start button, thereby trying to confuse players of spending coin to continue, rather than ending the level and starting again. I don’t think I’ve seen a game try so hard to get people to spend money on their game. With a host of glitches that occur in game play on a daily basis, to minimal rewards for winning tournaments, the game really doesn’t give a whole lot back to time and money spent on it. It’s time people stopped paying to play this game until the game becomes much more stable and reliable. Even then, you just wait and wonder when the next crash will occur in the future.

- Old Gamers

Please work out a way to hide (or remove) players that haven't played for a while. Often players who haven't played for 2 YEARS keep coming up for me to send resources or gifts too. Very annoying. Some players that are coming up nearly every day have only played 2 that's TWO levels. I would like to send gifts to my friends that still play. Please consider this request. When going to a completed city, it goes to level 120 and it is enlarged in size. It no longer goes to the spot where you last left it. This is very annoying as you have to resize the screen and then move to the place where you want to be (Usually the resource centres). Please change back so that players return to the place and the size that city was set on when they were last there.

- Developers do not listen

I’ve played this game for about six years now, and admittedly in the past have enjoyed it. Not anymore. The levels are getting way too hard, some take 15 or more sometimes 50 attempts just to pass, and there’s no fun in that. You write to support and they do not care. The daily rewards are forever shrinking, the cost to buy boosters have increased to add to frustrations. The daily spin bonus which had its reward cut ten fold is now 100% rigged to only payout in 1,000 bricks or gems. You never win a gift of free time or the other better prizes on the wheel. I play this daily and have not win anything other than the 1,000 pitiful gems each day for over a year. I played this game to keep the mind sharp, but am now deleting the app as it’s more frustrating than entertaining. It starts out fun but becomes tedious, I wouldn’t bother.

- Best game

I’ve been playing this game pretty much daily for over 9 years. I love it. It kept me sane through a long stay in hospital when I was physically unable to do anything more. It’s seen me through relationships and breakups, it’s my break when I need a few minutes of down time after a long day at work. I’ll play a level or 2 to get to sleep at night. Well worth any investment and I’m happy to pay for packs or boosts occasionally as a thank you to the developers for such a clever and consistently entertaining game.

- Brilliant Game

I’ve enjoyed playing for a long time now. It’s good fun, it’s educational too, you learn a lot of fun facts about cities and countries of the world. The game runs smoothly, no annoying ads or nagging screens. I think this game rates number one for fair play. Also I’d like to thank the team for all the extra time they’ve been dishing out since covid19 hit the world. They didn’t have to do this but they did. Brightened up my evenings having a long session. Thanks heaps everybody 😀😀

- Great game but just try to recover lost levels!

This game is great to play-just enough stimulation to keep you interested without a level of complexity which would stress. You learn a bit about each city and it’s attractions along the way. Recently changed mobile phone device though and all levels (about 75 of them!) were totally lost. After contacting the support team they (to date) were unable to give clear directions on how to navigate their own site to access back-up, eg through Facebook or GummyDrop account. Very frustrating. Still like the game but this seriously needs to be addressed and fixed. It’s a simple game design issue.

- Not so much fun.

Have been playing this game for a number of years and recently lost my main account and have not be able to retrieve it no matter what I tried. I have now restarted from scratch and found that even the earlier levels are becoming more difficult, the cost of building resources and boosts have increased significantly and overall rewards are minimal. I used to enjoy this game and didn’t mind spending a few $$$ to get ahead but find that now it becomes a grind and too costly just to complete a city. So if anyone is thinking of playing this game you will need a lot of perseverance and patience if you can’t afford to pay to play.

- Lots of fun, but. ...

While I'm very much enjoying the variety of puzzles, there are a few too many of the 'hazards' that make it too hard too soon. Also, the inability to play without having the latest version causes me to play less, as when I have a couple of minutes, they are all used up in downloading. Will not be recommending. Update: have had to 'update to latest version' yet again. I hate the fact that I can't just keep a fine version going, and I hate having to download the cities again, and if I'm away from wifi when the requirement for an update happens, I can't play at all.

- Fun but frustrating

With each new city brings a level of frustration.. most times it's the game that decides if you are to move on or not.. there is really no skill involved. I am at shanghai and have not had a 'win' in two weeks - I refuse to buy coins.. and not sure if that is the reason I am not progressing.. HINT.. keep it challenging but thing long term.... otherwise there are so many other games out there.. just my POV..

- Change the treasure chest rewards!!!

I’ve been playing for a while now. Enjoy playing it as a wind down at night. But am a bit annoyed at the daily treasure chest. You used to get better rewards when you didn’t have the consecutive day option. All you mostly get now are resources which I don’t need. I’m up to 84 days and get rubbish rewards. You would at least think at least everyday after reaching 80 days you get good rewards. Lift your game gummy drop!!!

- Getting to hard

I have been playing this game for a long time also recommend to a lot of friends but the enjoyment is certainly abating as some of the tasks are nearly impossible unless you spend squillions of dollars I’m stuck in Seattle and the amount of coloured gummy’s you need to get in lots of the legs is impossible disappointed😢

- Changes to game

Have loved this game for years. The 3 lives you are given is not enough, watching an ad used to increase it to 4, and I had steadily mastered most level 2, occasionally level 3. Now you can no longer watch an ad to receive another game, and the levels are so difficult that even using multiple boosts, can’t even get level 1. It’s no fun if you make the game so difficult that you can’t win after trying for weeks to get past a level. Think how this game has been changed, it will be destined for the delete button. You will be sorely missed.

- Love this game, but no access to Facebook anymore

I started this game many years ago and have been playing regularly, only missing out when on holidays or hospital. I have since lost my Facebook account and now I won’t be able to get back after your glitch. I don’t think I will restart again, I’m saddened but being in Lisbon and just thinking of restarting, is not a fun thought 😢

- Gummy Drop Issue

I enjoy playing but at one stage I had nine stations in Sydney generating for me but that was eliminated to five but although the generation continues I cannot purchase green jewels from these million+ jewels, why is this so also when we return from our twice yearly overseas trip my days playing reverts to a big fat 0???? Please amend both these issues.

- Thank you

This game is quite challenging but you aren’t left stuck on a level for ages like a lot of other games. There are other challenges in between. During this current pandemic they have been so generous in giving infinite lives. Thoroughly enjoy and recommend this game. Have no bad things to say about it.

- Gumdrops

I love this game again, with all the different types of settings and game play, because it was challenging but relatively easy to win. There are a few hang ups but I still come back frequently, the added tasks do seem to stop progress without much reward. There is more to choose from with the different countries. The new look is better as are the daily rewards.

- Gummy drops

Love it but am curious as to how many consecutive days actually exist as they reset on updates. Mine reset after nearly 270 days, and again on subsequent updates. Also doesn’t recognize playing time when playing special events like the treasure dive etc. over all I throughly enjoy the game. Thanks.

- Purchases

From time to time I make in app purchases for this game. However now and then I will make say a $7.99 purchase and get charged for that and another purchase of $1.49. Why does this happen. What is worse is when I try and get my money back I am advised that my reason is not good enough and my request is denied. What better reason is there than I did not purchase this. Not happy but I enjoy the game. Please fix this.

- Older iPad issues

I’ve been playing for years, on a iPad mini 3, but since yesterday the game has stopped loading. I hope this is just a bug, and would like to know if my device will still be supported. I love this game quite a lot, and would love to continue playing it.

- Ok but ready to give it up

Some levels are just so difficult to achieve at times. Very disappointing that there is no way to get decent amt of coins through any games or challenges & I’m sure not buying them. You would think after so many days playing the daily rewards would offer a decent amt of coins instead of the same amt is boring resources. I’m looking around for another game to interest me but until then I’ll keep playing a little longer

- Can be frustrating

This game is about 80% of the time great, but sometimes there are levels that are just way too difficult - possibly made that way in order that money is spent to buy items to help clear the level. I am in St Petersburg and have been working on L92 and 94 since the beginning of January. L92 completed tonight - I am just about ready the throw my iPad out the window, and I wonder if come Easter I will have cracked L94.

- Not happy

I’ve been playing this game for some time and really enjoyed it, my young son was learning about different parts of the world along with me. So, why all of a sudden will it not open on the iPad? It’s really frustrating, as it occurred without warning and it appears I am not alone. Are you going to allow us iPad users to play again? I’m fuming about lost $$$ on coins etc, for a game we can no longer use. Not happy.

- Gummy Drop!

I have been playing gummy Drop for a while and have noticed most cities are in Europe and Asia so I was wondering if you could do another Australian city please. I am Australian and would like a City such as Perth as there are places like Elizabeth quay, rio Tinto building and several others. But other than that I am enjoying my time on gummy Drop.

- Enjoyable and fun Game

My over 80 year old mother and a few of my sisters thoroughly enjoy this game, there are so many different challenges something for everyone. And occasionally something new to keep it exciting. I’m at St Louis and still enjoying the game. So please keep up the challenges Gummy Drop Team you are amazing, thank you.

- My favourite

I play a lot of these kinds of games but this is my favourite. If you get really frustrated with a level you can always find something else to work on for a bit. It’s also a game you can definitely get lots of enjoyment from without in app purchases.

- Money making tactics

This was one of my favourite games but I have been disappointed by Big Fish Games tactics to make you buy from their store if you wish to continue playing. Even if you are progressing through the game, if you aren’t buying lives/ coins you will be going backwards with your coins. They have it structured that if you wish to continue through the various levels, you have to spend your coins if you wish to progress and subsequently your accumulated coins is always being eroded

- Small annoyance in a great game.

Great game, except if you are playing for the fun and don't want to spend $$ on getting levels cleared it can be annoying to play the same level over and over and over and over and over - get my drift. Just make it easy after 10 attempts!!!!!! Very frustrating going through New Orleans Please change it

- Latest version will not reload

After years playing yesterday and today the game will not load properly. Just closes down. So frustrating and I will lose my levels and bonus. So annoyed. It won’t open on my iPad or phone. What’s going on.

- It’s love!

The first game I think of when I wake up, and the last one at night. Ample opportunities to get coins and help items with regular marathons, treasure dives and mountain climbs. Entertaining game that keeps me busy for ages and I’ve even spent money on this game for the permanent raise in lives and coin deals, and me spending money is almost unheard of.

- New update comment

I love playing gummy drop , I’ve noticed with the new update that the lines that show you how far to completion of a city you are have disappeared. Please bring them back, or something similar so you can see easily which cities are nearly finished.

- Shut downs

Great game, have played it every day for 5 years, but since the last update I find that the game keeps shutting down half way through opening up, and I haven’t been able to play it for several days. Very disappointing

- Love the game

Have been playing for a while now. Love that we get new opportunities to work for bonuses. Love the marathons - great way to get bonuses. Do wish that they wouldn't put the daily challenge in a city that I've already completed all the levels, but not completed the city.

- Excellent

Great fun, plenty of variety but I would like to be able to erase my levels and start again. Tried to complete a city, spent a lot doing it and nothing seemed to happen once I did. It was very vague but I thought there would be a chest or something at the end

- Review

Game on iPhone: It can be fun, but sometimes you have done everything and your score us still not enough! Also sometimes you get an extra bonus but it disappears? When the only way to get points is that you have to 'buy' 'assistance' or the assistance clears sideways nou up & down or visa versa, that is also frustrating !!!! Getting a nickname is **** frustrating too!!

- Irene1956

Thankyou for a enjoyable game. Since you changed the chests we don’t get any prizes till the 90+ chest, can we please get a prize now and again from the chest before the last one, just like we used to when we brought it ? Is this possible at all.? Thankyou Irene Kullack

- Not so fun

Used to love playing this every day until now I am in Los Angeles and it’s virtually impossible to get through without spending money. I can’t even get past level 1 in Seoul. The game is no longer enjoyable. Very frustrating and am losing interest.

- Not happy

Not happy got about 6 levels from the end of it all and it's kicking me off not happy at all and I'm not going to start it again , did try to down load the game again and it will let you do level 2/1 but does not take it away, now in Amman and not happy on level 112/1 and have to brake 17 glass can not do it because there is not enough glass to brake I can only get 16

- Great game

I play the game daily and for over a year. The changes to the treasure chest is disappointing as it doesn't take me to the 30 days! - the most it has taken me it to 14 days and then resets. I prefer the old version where you got random rewards including lighting and money. I find this very frustrating!

- Changes

I’ve spent way to much time playing this game lol. I wish when you win a challenge and get four hours free lives you could turn the clock on and off. Who has four hours straight. If you buy or win five extra moves and it only takes one move to win the round I wish you could bank the other moves.

- Top game

Enjoying playing. Would like to earn more coins when achieving goals at each and every level. The costs of purchasing boosters and extra coins are far too high / expensive, making completing all levels and cities impossible. Do not have money to burn.....

- Addicted

Twice now I have been put back to America one with the daily prizes. I never go a day without playing. This is very annoying. This time I was up to 59 days. Last time it was over 100. Why does this happen? Thanks.

- Old gamers

I agree with this player. One of my friends died two years ago! They need to be removed. And a suggestion. When you get more thanis needed, say double or more there should be rewards for going way passed what is needed- 🤔

- Fed up

I do like the game but I am finding that it eats my internet very quickly, I have never played a game that eats my internet like this one does. I might end up deleting this game because of this reason which is a shame, I would have given you five stars if I wasn’t having this problem. Had to end up deleting the game, going through my internet allowance to quickly. Sorry to see this game go.

- Time to give it up?

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and have seen many changes in that time. Greatly preferred the old way with the treasure chests at random times and different chests throughout the day. At least then I would get the occasional blaster etc instead of all resources which aren’t needed when I am in Santa Fe. It would be good if the resources were sold at the same time everyday and not random, I never remember to get them and an about 1 week behind. The old Sydney was better. Little incentive any more and the updates have maxed out my internet downloads twice last month alone, and freezes quite a bit.

- Excellent, very easy

Unlike Candy Crush this game is very easy. The most I have had to repeat a level is 5 times, never been stuck and am currently at London. I like the shifting resources ability. A very clever take on this type of game.

- Getting annoying

This has been one of my favourite "wind down" games, but lately it has taken so long loading then crashing out of the blue that I've had very little actual playing time & have ended up being wound up rather than relaxed 😫

- Love it

I hav been playing this game for about 8 years & I play it everyday. I hate when I travel as it stuffs up my time zones & don't get my daily prize. Love the new destinations & no matter how much you try, you are always up for a challenge .

- New version help needed urgently

Just updated to latest version very disappointed! Whenever I watch an ad and click x at the end I am sent to a blank black screen. There is no way to get back to the game. This has happened twice and now am locked out . HELP.

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- Gummy drop

I am unable to open the game. When I press the icon. I shows Big Fish then goes back to Icon. Please fix. I contacted you by email several days ago and still have not had a response.

- Love it!

My favourite game. So much more fun than my previous favourite candy crush. Still loving it 8 months later. You rock Gummy Drop! Except this last update. No more watch a video to earn an extra more pulsing numbers to tell you which games you have not completed. So changed my rating.

- Gummy

The game is fun. I like the improvements.

- Review

Great fun!

- World Tour

The bonus wheel was just changed, do not like, bring the old one back.

- Can't play after update

I play the game everyday, but I can't play anymore

- Not a good version. Bring back the old one.

This new version is awful. Coin values for each level have been reduced so it takes far longer to build enough of a cache to purchase what you need to win the levels. Levels are way too hard to win without buying from the company. Not nearly as fun as the previous version and an evident cash grab. I am deleting it.

- Please reduce the number of times you have the Tournament!

I like the game, but I am getting royally sick of having the tournament so often. It takes a lot of time and effort not to be demoted and it seems like you throw it up every 2nd or 3rd event. ENOUGH!

- Amis

Je fais comment pour inviter des amis ça ne fonctionne pas merci


I would have rated this game a 5 until the latest update. The spinner only gives you a choice of moves now? So lame! No more additional life, resources or tickets? Bring this back. Game is no fun anymore.

- Mise à jour

Impossible de faire la mise à jour

- Gummy drop

Ce jeu est très intéressant, mais avec des petites lacunes, comme les billets d’avion, le jeu du constructeur qui n’est pas toujours là, et les nouveautés quand nous tournons la roue, vous devriez mettre plus de minutes, ou de biscuits, éclair etc, les gemmes roses, bleues et briques on peut en récupérer à d’autres endroits. Merci de votre attention. Jojo Je n’aime pas la nouvelle roue, et la demande d’amis ne fonctionne pas.

- Need non-holiday option

Religiously offensive to non-mainstream religions.

- Building Rush sucks

The Building Rush feature rips me off every time. I play it, get up 4 or 5 levels, log off and go back and it’s reset to level 1. There’s no point in playing if the game just randomly resets the Building Rush level.

- Tired of Repetition

Playing this for quite a while but after awhile when you actually complete a level and have to keep playing it over and over it becomes really boring.

- Best game

Addictive and educational, first game I play everyday


I. Love. It. I play it 3 times a day. by Peppy, age 7

- Broken since last update

I have played this game for years, as has my husband, so we could see each other and share gifts etc. Now I can not see him, share lives, ask for lives, or give gifts. I cant see any friends so it is like I play alone. Part of the fun was the camaraderie of friends and now that is gone. Makes the game boring and we feel alone enough in the pandemic, don’t need to be isolated from our friends on here too! And yet he can see me?? So frustrating! This has been for a month and a half, why it isn’t fixed by now I have no idea! About to give up on this game. Oh great! And now (more time later) game extras like double shell count, we can’t access as it says no internet even thought there is! Did you guys just walk away from this game altogether? No more updates or glitch fixes from you??Went from a 5 star rating to a negative rating. 👎

- My gummy

Since the last two days the game is not loading.It’s frustrating.please fix it.It is a great game and I have been playing for years

- Always frozen . Have to delete and reinstall

Waste time

- Ottawa Canada please 😢😢😢

Since Canada Day is coming soon in 15 days, we'd like to have our city Ottawa Ontario (the TRUE Capital city of Canada) be the newest update! I have some ideas for Ottawa monuments and a 3DS video game!

- Game won’t work

A few days ago the game notified me of an update. I didn’t update it and now it won’t open at all. I have contacted Support and have received some suggestions but they either don’t work or can’t be used (I can’t link the game to Facebook, for example, because I can’t open the game). I have gone to the App Store and tried to update the game but that doesn’t work either.

- Problem glitch

Since April 17th I have been unable to access my passport or click on the monuments I built. After clicking on the passport icon, the screen is grey and becomes frozen. I can only get back into the game by closing the app. I have corresponded with you and have been given some advice, none of which worked. I have not heard anything since.

- Excellent jeu

J’adore ce jeu

- Problem

As soon as I claim 5 free lives .... they disappear...why? Am sending other players gifts and they are not receiving them, this SUCKS. What’s up with that? March 6 th cannot access game, what the heck is going on? I have a 800 + days of playing the game and now I cannot play. This is not the first time this has happened, I am NOT happy

- Liked it better before!

Here another special event that you can’t earn coins or passport tickets on till the end. Lazy lazy. 4 and 6 stamp events are better.

- Gummy Drop

Why won’t my game open anymore? I play on 2 iPads.I am in Monaco on one and I have had to start over twice on the new iPad.I am on the last step in Sydney and now the game has disappeared again. What is the problem.

- Problème

Depuis le 8 mars, je ne peut accéder à Gummy Drop. J’espère que je ne perdrai pas mes journées cumulatives du jeu. Quand pourrais-je y accéder?

- App won’t open

My app won’t open for the last couple days and there is no update. Generally, love this game. Looking forward to playing again.

- Cannot update

Cannot update

- Game not loading

Sucks that game won’t open ..... too bad you aren’t customer focused if you were you would fix it!

- Gummy Drop

Incapable de jouer au jeu gummy drop

- What the Heck...

The last week or so when I was waiting for the 20 min wheel spin, & when I think it is near time, I go back to the game & it started me back at the beginning of the level I was playing!!! Sometimes I could spin a few times, waiting patiently, to hopefully get 5 free moves once in a while, I could do this for at least a few hours, & finally get some free moves. NOT FAIR! Not happy cuz it is not consistent! Stupid game keeps kicking me out while I am waiting for a wheel spin!!! I am getting really ticked at this!!!

- App not opening

App does not open. Sent emails but no fix yet. Please resolve.

- On the verge

The more you give me timed levels, the more you try my very generous patience, and I’m about to just chuck this game. If you do have to try my patience, make it on something else, and I’ve been playing for over 2 years, maybe 3. So if you must have timed levels, make them feasible or else I’m out, sorry for you and for me.

- Good game


- So discouraged with Siem Reap.

I have enjoyed Gummy Drop for a long time, but level 100 on Siem Leap may be the breaking point for me. Too bad. It’s close to impossible.

- Gummy Drop

As of yesterday I can’t get into the game. I played the last tournament, and when I went back into find my final standing, I couldn’t get in. I’ve tried many times, and nothing. Please get me back into the game where I was. This is the third time I’ve had problems with this game. Once I had to start at the beginning. No more!!! January 7/21 Yesterday I received a gift from you for infinite lives. It said it would expire in 81 days. Today it no longer shows up. What’s going on? Feb. 16 I won 30 free minutes in the tournament today. I didn’t use it right away, and when I went back, it was gone. What’s going on?

- Update

Been playing for years....but can't install the latest update! Please advise?

- Can't download

I can't download

- Re : Gummy drop

I love the game it has been four days now that I cannot play it due to update. It won't update . Therefore I'm losing my points and rewards. Any suggestions

- Blocage du jeu

Bonjour En quelques semaines, c’est la 3e fois que je ne peux pas établir un contact avec mon jeu. J’ai bien mis à jour le jeu. Mon mari qui utilise sa propre tablette mais avec le réseau internet de la maison n’a pas de problème. !!!!???? Depuis plus de 3 ans que je joue sur ma tablette, c’est maintenant que j’ai des problèmes. Merci de m’aider Françoise Lemieux

- Not fun any more

I’ve been playing for a couple years now. This was always my go to game. A recent update eliminated good rewards and increased the difficulty level. You can seldom get past even the easiest levels without using all your turns. Also, there are lots of bugs that never seem to get fixed. It’s just frustrating - no longer enjoyable.

- Antisocial

The latest update no longer shows any OS my Facebook friends, what happened?

- WTH?

I don’t know what’s going on with Gummy Drop lately. I have been a dedicated player for about 3 years and play every day, but recently (in the last few months), I keep being told that my playing streak is over and GD requests coin payment to keep my streak. Also, one day recently, I couldn’t even access the app. This was addressed by GD and they awarded a free hour of play time because of it, but also broke my streak and I had to pay up or lose my streak. Not impressed! Smarten up Gummy Drop, or you may lose a faithful player!

- Loved for years but...

I loved this game and played almost every day for over a year but when something went wrong with my ability to access the game I couldn’t find any way to fix it. I ultimately had to delete the game. I will keep trying to retrieve it

- App won’t open

I love Gummy Drop and look forward to advancing to new cities. Since the last update, Gummy Drop won’t open. I hope you fix this soon s I get back to the challenges.

- Update

So they had a bug the game would not open took a day to update... so we couldn’t get our resources and do our daily streak... all fine but when they do fix it they make us pay to get our steak back! What a joke!!! Thanks Big Fish... smells like a grab to me!! No sorry we messed up!

- Disappointing

The game has crashed now for two days! This problem is not being fixed as yet. Today is January 6, 2021. It is really too bad that repairs could not be done to this game. I will lose all of the success in over a year and a half of play.

- Great until it bumps you out!

I’ve been playing this game and have built up a very long continuous streak. Until yesterday when the game would not load and kept bumping me out. Lost all my progress and had to reinstall the app. I’m thinking there is a “cap” to when you get locked out, especially when you never spend money on the app.

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Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles 4.47.0 Screenshots & Images

Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images
Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images
Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images
Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images
Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images
Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images
Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images
Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles iphone images

Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles (Version 4.47.0) Install & Download

The applications Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles was published in the category Games on 2014-09-08 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 198.3 MB. Gummy Drop! Match 3 Puzzles - Games app posted on 2022-05-05 current version is 4.47.0 and works well on IOS 9.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.worldsagaaapluniversalF2P