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Winner of the 2014 Innov8 For health competition, Wholesome is the only experience that collects healthy recipes from the web, allows you to track them, and gives personal recommendations to optimize your nutrition. Wholesome scores recipes out of 10 points on their healthfulness. Points are added for nutrition density and deducted for things like too much sugar or sodium. Scores provide the feedback that allow you to compare recipes and make conscious decisions about what you eat. Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy at http://www.wholesomeapp.com/privacy

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The applications Wholesome - Healthy eating was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-03-15 and was developed by Wholesome, Inc. The file size is 54.90 MB. The current version is 5.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes.

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Don't Waste Your Money  mhNYC  1 star

This company has the worst customer service on the planet. I need to reset my password, and I've sent 4 messages through the app to retrieve the password reset information on two separate days. I've tried contacting them through the website. Both through their online form and by directly contacting them through their email address on the site (which is a gmail address, BTW). All in all, I've sent 8 messages over the space of 2 and a half days, just trying to get a password reset, and I've heard nothing. They obviously haven't even set a "robo-response" that states, "We have your message and will get to you shortly." Honestly, the entire password reset should be a simple robe-email response where you can reset your password, but these people can't even figure that one out? Save your money and look elsewhere.


Great potential but many issues  buddycake  3 star

I am tracking my nutrients to know my intake, specifically iron, folate, calcium and vitamin d. This app is the best of all that I've tried. That means it will track your macro and micro nutrients. That said, there are many issues that should not be present in an app that costs $. Some simple time-saving fixes: 1. allow copying of previous day items with edited amounts (not default values- this is a super annoying one). 2. Be able to edit foods from usda food chart to make them our own. For example, usda gives no values for omega-3 for oily fish!? 3. Make different versions of recipes (not just over-write them when changing) also there should be a rubric for weight of recipes, this would allow a much more accurate entry of portion size 4. What's up with web-recipe entry? Not functional yet? 5. Why no caffeine tracking? 6. Give us some idea of when these fixes will be implemented, not just "we added it to the list" response. Looking forward to this little app fulfilling its potential!

if only it worked.

Love in spite of bugs  if only it worked.  4 star

Ever since using a professional nutrition program in college I've been trying to find an app or program like this. It is a great tool at keeping track of overall nutrition which is what I was looking for. I was able to find several nutrition gaps in my diet, recognize that I did have the symptoms of deficiency too, and start tweaking the foods I'm eating and taking specific supplements to fill those gaps I simply couldn't fill. It has been a very positive addition to my lifestyle and I've had several of the symptoms, like fatigue and low mood, disappear too. I took off one star for two reasons. It can sometimes be glitchy. I've had it freeze and crash several times while trying to add foods. Usually it starts back up no problem though. And the other reason is they are sometimes lacking in terms of what foods are available to add. They have most American fresh foods and a few snack foods like Cheez its and crackers, but they are lacking in some things that seem they should have considering some of the obscure foods they DO have in there like jackfruit and various little known berries. They don't have some types of fish, like barramundi, and some of the more obscure types of produce available like dragonfruit, but even baby spinach and different varieties of apples or oranges are missing. Overall though, it's a great tool and I can usually find a close enough food to use in place.


Good start, has potential but needs some work  Gwupa  3 star

This app is probably the best one out there right now for people wanting to log more than just macros and to keep track of nutrition more in depth but it hits a wall with the lack of searchable foods. I'm hoping they'll keep working on adding more. Otherwise it's useless for tracking nutrition when you can't log a majority of your food. Also there are some glitches when trying to connect to the web to add recipes. I wish there was a scanner too. Good start and I hope you keep working on it! I really want to like this app!

ambi 2

Love!  ambi 2  5 star

This app is amazing! It not only gives you all of the nutritional information for what you eat, but also gives suggestions on what will fill your nutritional gaps. I bought because I needed to increase magnesium in my diet, and it has helped tremendously. Very user friendly! Highly recommend!


I am in love with this app!  Hskodis  5 star

I have been tracking my plant based vegan diet for the last few days and love it. It's also amazing because you can add individual recipes and see the whole nutritional picture. My only part I'm not crazy about in the app is that I wish it would give a saturated fat breakdown and differentiate processed sugar from whole foods. But it's still wonderful.


Love the look of the App and quick/ helpful customer service!  sl199308  5 star

I really like the Wholesome app and would recommend it to anyone looking to track their calorie/nutrition goals for three reasons: 1) I really like being able to click on a picture of a food and then seeing the nutrition facts and the benefits of each food (customized to your needs via what you entered)- it helps me stay motivated to eat healthier because I can see what good things fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds are doing to help keep my body healthy! 2) The pictures of the foods are also aesthetically pleasing and I like seeing what foods I ate and the quantities of them rather than just words like other diet apps. Plus, you can add and upload pictures of other foods not in the database and add your own recipes in the same fashion which I like as well. 3)I got a quick and helpful response when I needed to find my password again (after losing it and some other issues) and I was able to get back to using the app with all my features in a short time after sending a help-email! (Thank you Jessica from the Wholesome team :))

Sabrina Alvarez

Awesome  Sabrina Alvarez  5 star

This app helped my track my calories, get my nutrition in order, and learn what nutrients do what for my body. It's quite simply a 5/5


App won't let me restore my purchase - DO NOT BUY  Doug_D  1 star

Liked the app but one day it quit working. Reloaded the app now it wants me to pay again. Won't restore. No response from the developer. Left multiple messages from their website. No support.


Good for vegetarians!  yesjessica  4 star

I like this app a lot. I am vegan and have an iron deficiency, so my purpose with this app is to make sure I get enough protein and iron each day. I'm not big into calorie counting, but I also don't want to go too far over my calories and I want to make sure my carb/fat/protein ratio is where I want it. This app makes that very easy! I only have two suggestions/negative comments: -the app would be better if I could select "vegan" instead of "vegetarian." When I look at foods recommended to fulfill my needs, eggs and milk are often there. Great for vegetarians, not good for vegans. -even though I've set all of the foods for added to "public," I can only find them under my foods and not by searching all foods. This doesn't matter much, except for when I'm trying to add foods to a past day--when I'm viewing my foods, the only option is to "eat" it, aka add it to today's diary. I need my foods to either show up within all foods, or have an option to add them to past days.


Ed Tower nscs_99 3 star

... via The Paleo Diet Lifestyle #Healthy #meals #Recipes #first #Food #Cookbooks #eating #Over ...


Karen-Kay Harrison K4Kats 3 star

Quick, Healthy, Wholesome | Middle Eastern Chicken & Rice Salad with Tahini Dill Dressing Recipe - Clean Eating…


Beyond the Basics BTBNutrition 3 star

Dieting can cause depression and lead to binge eating. Create a sustainable, wholesome lifestyle. No fad diets...just healthy choices. #eat

Grace full

One of best apps ever!  Grace full  5 star

This superior app is so helpful re what to eat. It is visually beautiful & super simple to use. After having tried every diet & food tracker, I find myself saying out loud re this terrific app, "where have you been all this time?" Eliminates hunt & peck, Googling re what foods have what nutrients. This simply shows you in a great way what your choices are. Try it, you'll love it!


Nutrition Focused  Begirl68  4 star

I love this app so much more than others like MyFitnessPal which focus on calories rather than nutrition. Because everything I eat shows up as a picture, it actually inspires me to eat whole, healthy foods. I don't want my beautiful picture for the day ruined by crap! I love seeing my nutrition bars complete. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, but I've learned far more now. I've removed one star b/c I'd like the app to become more flexible, like being able to adjust servings after something's been logged. Also, I hope the whole foods library of pictures grows larger. Although adding your own stuff is easy, & I've built a large selection of regular foods I eat, it is difficult to obtain all of the detailed nutritional information that the included foods have. Still, Bravo! LOVE


Perfect app!  Gaminator16172  5 star

I needed some way to keep track of my vitamin consumption and this app was exactly what I was looking for. This is the perfect way to eat your vitamins and stay healthy.

Mama Oehmig

I Love Wholesome  Mama Oehmig  5 star

I eat a plant based diet and this app is a good way to make sure that I am meeting all of my nutritional requirements.

Map is buggy

Beautiful but maddeningly slow  Map is buggy  3 star

This is a brilliant, beautiful app that is pleasing to use and has many excellent features. But if you aren't connected over high-speed wifi it is impossibly slow, to the point of being nearly useless. A huge improvement would be for the app to store some data, such as today's food diary, so it doesn't need to reload each time users navigate from one area to the next. If that issue could be fixed I would give it five stars!



In the way of phytonutrients, depth of info, tips, recipes, and (my favorite) getting suggestions on where you're nutritional gaps are... it's incredible!!! However, I removed 1 Star because the app needs work in the daily-tracking department. DEV TEAM: please look at MyFitnessPal... The way it breaks down Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner is great. Also, it allows you to add yesterday's meal for convenience, and then quickly modify any items that have changed.


An actually healthy nutrition app  ash_chahine  5 star

I love how this app focuses on nutrition and vitamins and not on calories. Eating a balanced diet and getting all your micros is soooo much more important than cutting calories, and this app is an invaluable resource if you don't want to spend all day googling vitamin percentages and all that. The app has it's bugs (like randomly crashing out) but it's worth being able to just click a button and see what vitamins I still need and what foods I can eat to get them. Really love this app and recommend it to all my friends.


Worst!  Nino1349  1 star

This app is the worst. Wish I'd read reviews before I purchased.


Phenomenal find  Thornjosie  5 star

I absolutely love this app. I'm learning about how food HEALS and this app is a true treasure of information. I love scrolling through the nutrients and seeing foods that provide them as well as info about deficiencies and toxicities, AND other nutrients that deplete or complement one that I'm reading about. Super comprehensive. Can't believe it's free. The recipes and trackers are just a side perk. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this App. My new fav!

Dr. Zale

Update after 1+ yr of use  Dr. Zale  1 star

I'm not going to be using this app anymore. Not when there are so many apps that do basically the same thing for free, or at least a one time payment. $5 is not worth it to simply keep track of calories and nutrients. Additionally health it syncing no longer works properly. All vitamins sync as 0 even though in the app they appear correctly. ****Original review*** I rarely write reviews because so few apps meet my expectations. For those who are truly health conscious tracking calories or fat is secondary to measuring our daily intake of many essential vitamins and minerals. This app empowers me to view a break down of everything I eat with scientific precision. It's also free and works great with Apple health.

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