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Winner of the 2014 Innov8 For health competition, Wholesome is the only experience that collects healthy recipes from the web, allows you to track them, and gives personal recommendations to optimize your nutrition. Wholesome scores recipes out of 10 points on their healthfulness. Points are added for nutrition density and deducted for things like too much sugar or sodium. Scores provide the feedback that allow you to compare recipes and make conscious decisions about what you eat. Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy at http://www.wholesomeapp.com/privacy

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The applications Wholesome - Healthy eating was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-03-15 and was developed by Wholesome, Inc. The file size is 54.90 MB. The current version is 5.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes.

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Not What It Advertises  holmes_rex  1 star

Never synced with Apple HealthKit. Keep having to go into account settings and reconnect, but still never shows nutrients in HealthKit. Disappointed. Not worth the $4 yet


Amazing app, but would like to see local storage of data  NOStradomuz  3 star

Really great app for tracking vitamins and mineral intake. I bought pro. The only problem for me is that it's all online. Would like to see a local data storage option.


Vegan  Kutebykari  4 star

I wish there was a vegan option so the dairy and egg suggestions would not be on my list.


Downloaded, super interested, bought pro, never worked.  Flavie421  1 star

Disappointed. I got this to try out and when I saw all it claimed to do, I bought the pro version. Upon reopening the app, logging in, and clicking a pro feature, it prompted me to purchase again....very frustrating. I’ve emailed the developer and requested help or a refund and have heard nothing. Account was charged, that I know for a fact.


Wouldn't let me Add Anything Unless I pay for the upgrade  aiha  1 star

I tried to add food to the diary and it would keep telling me to pay for the upgrade. There was no option to say no. And now, I can't delete my account. Each time I press "delete account" and click "yes" it does nothing. I still see my account information and e-mail. This is a horrible app. Myfitness pal, cronometer, and loseit don't have the same issues. Use one of those apps instead.

Passionate about Nutrition

Optimistic but disappointed  Passionate about Nutrition  1 star

I have not come across an app so thorough and useful for tracking overall nutritional intake as this one. That said, to be useful it has to allow flexible, user-friendly units of data input for foods and it is sorely lacking there; I.e, 1/4 cup vs 1 T of pesto. The next problem comes with entering recipes. The above issue immediately manifests itself, but it also must all be done manually, one item at a time where other apps have website integration that make it a snap. (It says it can do this but has a bug and does not work). Also, editing a previous ingredient cannot be done. It must be deleted and added back in again. Finally, it fails to offer a standard user-friendly function... scanning of labels. I can't use this app and I paid for it. Love love love the nutrition component and how it looks for gaps and makes recommendations for nutrients no other app considers. Please fix this app! I want it to work!


Love this!  IzPer  5 star

I use this with the dietary changes I have made for medical reasons. It helps me choose the most nutritious foods to eat and gives info on specific nutrients in each food and where to get the nutrients I am missing. Has opened my eyes to poor food choices versus good food choices. A really big help!!


Overcharged... Bait & Switch? Shell Game?  Jdtimes2  1 star

I heard about the Wholesome app and looked it up in the App Store. Out of habit, I immediately looked at the in-app purchases. The app description shows three options for in app purchases. 1. Wholesome Pro $3.99 2. Wholesome Pro $2.99 3. Wholesome Pro $14.99 There is nothing in the description to distinguish the differences between each price level. So, I downloaded the free app to look it over. I clicked on a few features and liked what I saw. One of the features I attempted to select ("Eat" - which logs in a food diary that you have eaten the selected food) indicated that I would need to upgrade to the Pro version for $3.99. Again, there was nothing to indicate WHY the price was $3.99. (Why wasn't it $2.99?) There was no designation as to the level of service I would get for $3.99, nor was there anything indicating whether the payment was one-time or recurring. So, I searched the app description (again) as well as the developer website. There was no indicator on either site as to what I would be getting for my $3.99. Then I thought... this is less than the price of the sandwich I ate for lunch today... I'll buy it anyway. If it's recurring, I'll cancel it. So, I re-selected the "Eat" feature and opted to purchase Wholesome Pro for $3.99. The window to enter my fingerprint to confirm my $3.99 purchase popped up and I confirmed it. I then received an instant text message from my bank indicating that a withdrawal of $14.99 was made from my bank account. WOW! WOW! They took almost 4 times more money than they indicated they would. Don't forget this means they took almost 4 times more money than I confirmed they could! If not for my instant bank update, I might not have caught it. Be forewarned!


Amazing  GardenDelight  5 star

Although it's not perfect it is probably the best four dollars I've ever spent on an app. Very powerful tool to make sure you're getting enough micro nutrients


Great App! But has some issues  YoginiRa  3 star

I am so grateful for this app! I mean seriously this is necessary for everyone no matter if your optimally healthy or working on it. Stop counting calories and track your nutrition is what I tell everyone. I have never counted calories and never will and this app just proves to be an indicator of why as it lists deficiencies from simple tracking. Here are the issues I have with the app: 1. Always crashing and freezing- it's annoying and halts me from recommending it as I know the average person is not going to have the patience to use it especially if you get them to stop counting calories. 2. Lack of foods in database and common healthy foods brands especially for vegans and vegetarians. There should be some option to input products from websites or something that will allow it to be easier to input nutritional info. Nevertheless I use the app and paid for full version as it extremely necessary and there is nothing else's like it from my searches. Please fix bugs and add more foods or tool so I can recommend to everyone. If you are into holistic health, trying to heal yourself from common ailments leaky gut, candida, acne, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, PCOS, endometriosis, roscea, ezcema, or anything else and you are serious GET THE APP and stop buying more supplements. Use this to figure out what exactly you need and stop wasting more money guessing or listening to what worked for others. Much love ❤️


Fantastic App!!!  musiceons  5 star

I've looked into several apps within the realm of diet, nutrition, and caloric tracking, and this is by far the best one. The premium version is cheap and only a one-time payment, as opposed to any other apps' premium services being monthly payments. The biggest part of this app that I love is that it allows for the input of micronutrients beyond just the primary nutrients/nutrition facts. This app is perfection!


Enlightening  LydiasStorm  4 star

My goal is to determine if I am meeting all my nutritional goals(especially protein) while "leaning vegan". This app is definitely helping. It's also quite pretty and colorful which I appreciate. It's certainly easier to track whole foods than processed foods because the data base isn't huge. It has a few annoying quirks. You often can't scroll down without "bumping into" the key board which refuses to disappear. You also can't read the full description of many of the FDA listings which is frustrating. I would recommend this app if you are looking for extra detailed information about your diet.


Best App Ever!  lmilkes  5 star

This app is so incredible and helpful. Now I can finally know exactly which nutrients and the amounts I'm getting in food and where I need to supplement or eat other foods. I'm blown away!


I've been looking for this app for YEARS  Crystalina19K  5 star

I've been trying to find an app that didn't stop at just calculating protein, fat, and sugar in my diet! Now I can finally prove to everyone that my vegan diet lacks nothing!


Great app but need to add more food variety in the default system  AmyAnh18  3 star

This is a great app to track my nutrition intake everyday. It gives me info about my BMI and suggestions for my diet. There are, however, a lot of types of food which i eat every day that i can't find, such as spirulina, tahini,... I need info on those, too!

Not Missing My BB

Helpful  Not Missing My BB  3 star

App is very helpful! I enjoy knowing what nutrients I am missing in my diet so I can eat accordingly. I like being able to build my own food and recipe list. The one flaw in this app so far is that I cannot use the food list I have built in my recipes which change change the accuracy of the nutritional content of the recipes.


Love this nutrition tracker  franny.glass  5 star

This is a great app for monitoring my nutrition. Very easy to use and customizable. Highly recommend!


Almost perfect...  zOe:)  4 star

It's great that it has the option to check off the 'vegetarian' box, so suggested foods are more personalized, but I'd love to see a vegan option, too!

-music lover)

:)  -music lover)  5 star

very good


Great App for nutrition tracking  Mobrie1098675  5 star

I was looking for a nutrition tracker, not a weight loss app (like so many others are geared), and I've found it! It's really easy to use and gives a good overview of possible deficiencies in your diet. One thing I'd like to see in a future update is the ability to track over time, and graph summaries of deficiencies or excesses.

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