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The Mood Meter builds emotional intelligence. Use the Mood Meter to:
· Check-in regularly with your feelings: use reminders to check-in throughout the day
· Expand your emotional vocabulary: discover the nuances in your feelings
· Learn what causes you to feel the way you: notice patterns in your feelings over time:
· Learn effective strategies to help you regulate your feelings: enhance the way you manage your life each day

Over time, you’ll develop emotional intelligence skills that can help you in all areas of life.

The Mood Meter App Description & Overview

The applications The Mood Meter was published in the category Education on 2014-03-21 and was developed by Emotionally Intelligent Schools, LLC. The file size is 7.37 MB. The current version is 1.5.7 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Fixes a crash

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Data mining  b######################  1 star

I hate this app, cannot use it unless you agree to allow the author complete access to all your data, don’t worry we don’t share your data....right, stole a dollar, less than 1 star

nick cookie

Automatic lock option  nick cookie  3 star

I’d like an automatic lock option for when I exit the app in case I forget to log out. The information is too personal and I wouldn’t wanna anyone reading it.


Good app for sure  DaGr8Noodle901  5 star

If you’re looking for something to gather up data and how you’ve been feeling throughout the day or week then this is the app for the job. Gives you many options to explain how exactly you’re feeling, don’t debate weather it’ll be worth the money. One dollar is worth paying to get this app if you want to gather your feelings throughout the day.


What’s wrong with the pie chart  FanTasticZhang  3 star

Every time I see the not-in-the-center pie chart, my mood moves to “annoyed”.

Max funny girl

Helpful  Max funny girl  4 star

I do like this app. I’m not happy that while you can show your reports of moods you cannot track your solutions or options to shift your mood. Those are important to track as well. Also more moods would be nice- there are many but not enough.


Near Perfect App  Ebee_63  4 star

Mood Meter, despite the fact that I have only had it for 4 days, has been so helpful. It has helped me recognize my emotions and help cope when I’m depressed. I love the fact that it gives you solutions and quotes to how you are feeling, and gives you the option to shift emotions. Under the “blue” category, which means someone is feeling anywhere from down to despair. I wish they would add a “suicidal” option, that when clicked gives you a warning message and links one of the many suicide hotlines that you can call or text. I feel like this would separate the app from an emotional aid, to an app that saves lives. All in all this app is near perfect and I recommend to everyone❤️


Horrible  Ghost0076  1 star

Can I have a refund?


Reminders don't work!  Kffdjcjdcckjcck  1 star

I thought this app would be very helpful because it enables you to track your moods. Unfortunately the reminder function does not work so you'll have to remember to record your moods yourself - like we all have nothing else to remember. I emailed the technical support folks but they never responded! This was a waste. I'm deleting the app!!!


Data on moods = awesome  dayne.scott  5 star

I love this app! Wondering if in a future update you might be able to add a feature that allows users to submit other emotions for consideration for the grid. For example, today I felt “accomplished” but couldn’t find an equivalent word to use in place of that one. Thanks!


Very useful  Malsum  5 star

Very helpful app to guide you through especially when you experience painful situations, and moving away from the pain into learnings. It's pretty awesome. Would be better if I can visualize what happens overtime, so that I can see how I evolve through certain situations.


Frustrating  Paulainperth  2 star

Latest upgrade lost all my data 😔 and now crashes about 10 times before it opens. Thinking I would have been better not upgrading. Hopefully the crashing will be fixed soon


Don't buy this app, it is working any more  Aussiemani  1 star

I want my money back, this app is not functional. No response after mailing error and printscreen.


Love it but there are bugs  AweSam79  3 star

Love this app when it works, but frustrating to use as it is constantly crashing. Waiting for an update because it's difficult to use an app multiple times a day when it won't even open most of the time. Please fix before I get tired of waiting as this has been going on for a long time now


Great support  Lilly8-)  3 star

Have been using mood meter for over a year now, just the other day it crashed and now I can't open it at all, emailed through to support and no reply...great app if it worked!

SA house hunter

Helpful tool for bringing mood to consciousness  SA house hunter  3 star

I found the Moodmeter to be a helpful tool for bringing my mood into consciousness, and carrying that awareness into the rest of my day and interactions. Possible improvements: option for (at least somewhat) random prompting to enter users mood, rather than setting the times up myself - it'd be good to see how they vary with time of day/situation. It'd be great to have options for different users (eg my kids) and to be able to view on a time line etc... Overall useful and fun place to start understanding my moods


Excellent for what it does  dagaz  4 star

However, needs some bugs fixed, e.g. if you click on a quote you get stuck on the quote, no way out of it that I could find. But the actual premise of the app is great - I feel like I'm becoming more aware of my emotions already.


Great app, just needs some fine tuning  MissRk  4 star

A great idea and a great app! Just a few recommendations: Reminders don't stay set after you leave the reminders page. When adding your own strategies, they cannot be edited or deleted if a mistake is made.


RULER enthusiast  KCresp  4 star

Beautiful way to practise the Mood Meter Anchor from the RULER Approach.

Paul Flanagan

RULER Trainer  Paul Flanagan  5 star

An ingenious tool for Recognising, Understanding, Labelling, Expressing and Regulating yours and others emotions!


Very well done  VA.ES  5 star

A great way to be mindful of your psychological state and becoming fluent in emotional intelligence


Surprised that I can't use it without providing my email address  Taylorjude  3 star

I would not have purchased the app had I known that in advance. Looks good otherwise. But my first feeling was of annoyance as a result of the above


Great App  Ceeclipz  5 star

I don't write reviews but this is well worth it. The app allows you time to recognize your feelings, understand them, worth through or promote while assessing trends. Dr. Brackett is a genius and this app is wonderful! Highly highly recommend!


Great app with minor flaws  sneakerpeeps21  4 star

When I came across this app, I immediately bought it. I'm a very visualize and analytical person, so being able to attach moments to moods is perfect for me. Some flaws I have noticed after two days: 1) You can not go back to add a mood moment. Sometimes you get wrapped into things and don't remember to record your mood. There is no way to create a past mood. You can set reminders, but life happens spontaneously. Good and bad mood moments can occur sporadically. 2) There isn't a calendar or chart showing what days are better than others. The app only offers percentages. 3) More quotes/picture options would be nice. So far, a great start. I can't wait to show others this app.


Best app  Helper63  5 star

Love the app. Very easy to use and beautiful. I can track my emotions and see how my overall status is.

Kathryn from Cali

Parent and EI trainer  Kathryn from Cali  5 star

I am training families how to use the mood meter. The love it. Helps parents bond with their kids!

EI Academic

Love it!  EI Academic  5 star

This is great! It helps you reflect and organize your emotions. A winner!!


Super amazing app!  erikvillegas  5 star

Whoever developed this app did an amazing job! All the colors and animations are stunning. I feel so much better emotionally after downloaded this app. A++++ would buy again.

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