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FarmVille 2: Country Escape [Games] App Description & Overview

**App Store Best of 2014**
Escape to the world of farming, friends and fun! Go on farm adventures to collect rare goods and craft new recipes. Raise animals and grow your farm with friends. Join a farm Co-Op to trade and share or play on your own in Anonymous Mode. You can play FarmVille anytime, anywhere… even when not connected to the internet. Best of all, the world’s most popular farming game is free to play!
** ”FarmVille is back and this time, it’s portable!” – TIME **
** “”Officially not just for Facebook anymore”” – Los Angeles Times **
** “” They may have built the best FarmVille game of the series”” – Kotaku **
- CRAFT a variety of baked gourmet goods like classic country apple pies
- HARVEST farm fresh crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables
- CUSTOMIZE your own farm for charming country living
- COLLECT hidden and rare items as you discover a new coastal farm
- NURTURE and raise a wide variety of adorable animals like your very own farm dog
- EXPLORE a new FarmVille story filled with special farm adventures
- BUILD a lush family farm by the coast so all your friends can visit
- GARDEN by the beautiful blue ocean as you decorate your farm with flowers and fresh produce
- TRADE and chat with friends or play anonymously with people from all over the world
- ESCAPE to the coast then connect to your Facebook farm to send free water
- EARN daily rewards with the Mystery Chest and take a spin at the Prize Wheel”
Additional information:
• The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.
• Farmville offers subscriptions for in game currency. The subscription is billed monthly and automatically renews unless cancelled 24 hours before the end of current period. You can manage your subscription by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase.
• Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at
• For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Customer Service, Editor Notes:

ALL NEW EVENT: Join Botanist Bonita and Intern Iyan to discover new ways of farming and celebrate the Women in Botany! Complete all 5 stages to win keys, stamps, barn locks and a temporary farm hand WIN the Henrick the Helper or take the challenge and win the Lab Assistant Leafy TFH which gives special drops at pond and mine

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Comments & Reviews

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- My go-to game

I have played this game for probably 4 yrs now. I LOVE this game and I love the events they hold that gives us the opportunity to earn FREE special permanent farmhands. I have invested in this game here and there but it’s not as ridiculous as everyone else seems to comment on. Yes, you do have to put in work in this game for it to get less difficult, but it has PLENTY of advances where you can upgrade your crops and workshops to finish faster, without paying for keys. I’m an impatient person but this game does not frustrate me as other farming games. If you don’t want to wait, you obviously have the option to buy keys and finish things instantly. I promise you it gets so much better the higher your level is!! You put in work, and you’ll see the advantages.. that’s all it is. Also, you can get free keys and other prizes that can help you out by watching their ads (10 ads/day). This game has just the right amount of challenges to keep you interested and leave you feeling accomplished when completing tasks without feeling like the tasks are impossible. Thank you for this amazing game and the continuous effort in the events and updates for this game! :)

- Already rated

Ok so update 2020 I started playing again love the new stuff but my plots have been reversed twice and the amount of keys to remove the things I have already removed originally and yesterday I’m not doing it again I spent 180 keys yesterday bc I can’t put things back where they go and now i calculated over 200 keys bc 3 plots are blocked and zynga is not available really??? I undersatnd but have all your workers work from home bc this is not ok. Still one star Updated 2017 zynga needs to stop with the contests every month and come up with something more permanent like new recipes new machines and new animals more land and more things to do. It is very old to do things over and over other games are better and I have finished everything and you can’t even upgrade barn anymore to hold more items so I am permanently stuck I wish this app would stop asking me to rate it I've been playing for five years and rated a long time ago...... I would like to see less contest and better prizes these "temporary" farmhands are worthless to continuous players not really worth the effort.... make it so I can make my barn bigger at 940 I can only have 5 of each thing make it so I can have at least 10 so I can stock up for contests same with silo why stop at 940 why not make it even 1000 at least uve updated amount of money we can have now do it with barn and silo.... also that house next to pier make it so that I can do it for other crops I haven't had yet like wheat and pears

- Sabotage

There are several elements, especially in special or new events, that are throughly disgusting. I am/was working on island exploration. On at least 2 occasions i won the prize— hours of unlimited fastseeds - the reward came so late in the night i could not use them....even old folks have bedtimes. Yesterday i almost had the order board completed and the captain took a 3 hour unannounced exploration which locked my board. (i still had more than a day to work on the board). 3 hours later the captain returned and the visit on the island was on the remaining time from the orginal quest but all my filled orders were erased with very little time to complete a completely new order board. Add to that the compexity of limited storage for sea and water elements. And the limited availability of minerals to feed the plants, i will no longer attempt to do island explorations, This part of the game goes with other events (like the competitions where’s the top players win special events farm hands). Which i gave up on because you could not win against players that purchase extra keys and such. The game had me hooked because of the continual addition of new elements. The sabotage embedded in these elements leaves me only the old farm parts that are now minotonous for me.

- The Sauciest Game I’ve ever experienced

Heck COD, Halo and Fallout- FarmVille 2- Country Escape is the title of the decade! A free mobile app (mobile is my favorite MLG platform) with quality storylines, seamless gameplay and fan service that puts Cortana to shame (that saucy farmer (Papi!))! I can play this game for hours on end (I have) in bed, my shower, my 2004 Toyota Saturn, while on a date with Steve Harwell (lead vocalist of award-winning alt rock band Smash Mouth) in the bathtub again, in the stripclub, sitting on the porta pott, in college, at the divorce office — you name it, I’ve played it! Not only is the gameplay seamless, but the ‘no music’ option is perfect for listening to tunes while harvesting the crops and making sweet love to the windmill I’ve had since day one (also papi af). Even better is that there is a separate sound option, so I can listen to a chorus of goat wailing accompanying Sound Of Silence on my free Pandora free trial! Something that ties the whole game together is how I’ve never, not ONCE felt pressured to make in-app purchases or watch 467 ads to buy that saucy prized cow! (I think I love FarmVille more than my ex wife)

- Keys keys keys!

I don't mind spending a couple dollars on app here and there, but it is ridiculous what you have to do in order to make any progress in this game. They want keys keys keys for everything that will help you progress. Yes you can get the items by foraging & such,but it takes such a long time to find one item. Whats more? Purchased one of your helping hands for 100 keys… Did I mention that the helping hand is temporary did, you didn't. And the themed competitions they have, of course if you pour money into it your going to win everything. People who don't invest have to wait days...DAYS to collect enough items to fill an order and move on. The most frustrating part of all has become and expansions. Players get excited when the level up and can FINALLY expand, and NOPE! There's A SALE! the land is locked for 5 MORE days unless you can purchase for the generous sale price of, you guessed it, 200 KEYS. NOTHING has made me want to quit this game more than having items like animals available but no land to put them on. Or having challenges for the Merey Weather mine that I can't access without KEYS. Please make this game more accessible to the everyday person. Keep the customer happy and they'll keep playing. Keep them disappointed and the WHOLE WORLD will know. PS, things that have taken HOURS TO MAKE have disappeared, that's frustrating in itself. DO THE RIGHT THING ZYNGA.

- Ridiculously Difficult

Overall, I love the game in general. But as many, many people have already complained, the events are near impossible to complete. They always require ingredients that are hard to get, such as quartz and tin and a lot of them. The drop rates for the special ingredients are complete b.s. You have to visit an area 3-4-5-6 times before you get what you need and then when you can actually craft the item, there’s only a slim chance that you’ll get the item for the event. At the very least, I think when you craft the special item, it should be guaranteed that you get the item for the event. I finally, after a week, completed phase 5 of the Elven Christmas. I crafted probably 40 kiwi cakes or whatever is was, just to get the 8 required items to move on. That’s unfair and ridiculous. You craft the item, you should get what you need. Now I have 3 days to complete phase 6 and it’s absolutely impossible, since it requires even more special items. The events are a complete waste of time. My other complaint is the “slow rollouts”. I’ve been looking at the water plots for a week now and it just says Coming Soon. Don’t add it to the game unless we can use it!!! I keep hoping this game will get better but it just keeps getting worse. How about the “developers” actually listen to the players and fix the game????

- Prettty fun!

I love this game. I only have a couple of problems...I don’t like the idea that there’s so many options to use keys to buy things or finish projects and the game very rarely gives out keys. Possibly one or two here and there as prizes. I did buy a few keys in the beginning but have decided now not to. For instance, 400 keys to buy a dog or cat that can find rare items for you. I have less than 100. Totally outrageous! You could really go crazy and break your bank. The other problem is for instance the county fair. I can be in 3rd place and by the time I get off work I’m at 6th. I guess that’s the price I pay for working 10 hours a day. Apparently there are people that don’t work and play all day or can play while they are at work. Here’s a tip. If you have a pig or sheep in your pen your feeding sometimes there’s an option to have a partner for free or you can buy the animal. I have found that most of the time you have a partner they never feed the animal so I’m doing all the work. Then when it’s time to weigh your animal and get your prizes the other person benefits too. I rarely decide to have a partner because they don’t help. But I don’t see myself deleting this game any time soon though!

- Love, love, love it but...

I love this game and honestly spend WAY too much time playing, but many of my co-op members and I wish that the developer would build in the option to OPT OUT of the special events. They are fun if you want to play, but if you find you don’t want to play the special event or you accidentally tap and join - too bad so sad - you’re stuck receiving the event items as gifts until the end of the event. I do like that they tell you on screen how long the events run. The current event is running 18 days (and I’ve noticed that I don’t see as many of my co-op members playing the game currently). That’s a long time to avoid tapping on the event and a long time to receive event items you don’t want or need. Speaking of the event items... near the end of special events, the market - which refreshes every five minutes and is a great place to buy items you need and sell your goods - becomes flooded with them and oftentimes that’s all you can find there whether you’re playing along with the event or not. That can be frustrating. I wish Zynga would consider reducing the number of event items that are distributed during the last few days of an event to prevent this situation.

- Didn’t think it would get worse....

Saw several things wrong with this game and I have continued to play because my co op has some pretty nice people.... but.... From the start I noticed that this is a VERY money hungry game, then I started noticing how buggy the game is. Constant problems with item drops during events, tasks during boat races, and co op chat logs, as just a few. These things never seem to improve. Also, many people seem to agree on simple ways the game can improve and developers respond to the reviews and suggestions, yet nothing is implemented. Expansions are WAY too lengthy in their progression. Storage is a HUGE issue and is now even worse! Once the water plots finally came out, which I didn’t even want because of all the complaints I had already heard. Well now, they are putting mariner orders to include items that you must use timber on, that is ridiculous! Fix your bugs, fix storage, remove the cap on ribbons and gold or remove receiving those things as a reward if you are capped! Don’t even get me started on cheaters! Just an example, they allowed someone to cheat that I had physical proof of, for over 3 months, it took an absurd amount of support tickets to finally get the person removed. I just.... get left feeling like developers are not caring about the game or the people that play.... it’s very sad and discouraging.

- All of the farms have drowned in vegetable oil

This game is fine, but all of the sudden anywhere you send farmhands you get one bottle of vegetable oil. And there’s one recipe that I can find where you can use vegetable oil, that only uses like one at a time. But to make that recipe you also need baking powder that you can only get by sending farmhands to a particular popcorn place that I don’t need to really send them and don’t want to waste farmhands on. So you get vegetable oil absolutely everywhere you go, that you can do nothing with unless you have baking powder which you only get at one place you don’t really want to waste time and resources going. And now I have like 70 bottles of vegetable oil taking up my barn space, probably going rancid. Can they do that here? The kicker is that you can only sell one bottle at a time in one of your market slots, but when you go to buy things you also see absolutely nothing but vegetable oil because everyone’s in the same boat. And no one buys your oil so your market slot is just sitting there used up by rancid oil that no one wants. So. Much. Useless. Oil. Unless I’m about to level up and get access to a McDonalds or something I don’t get what anyone’s supposed to do with this much oil. But yeah other than that the game’s pretty fun.

- Used to by fun what happened!

I play this every chance I get. I love this game, but lately it been having a lot of issues. For instance I get on I send my workers out to search for rare items, or put items on to make, or go to market and buy items I need. Then then I go back there is nothing there the stuff I bought is gone but coins and or keys were not replaced or put back. Worker will find items but when I go to use them they aren’t anywhere to be found. It’s really disappointing and the keys I buy aren’t cheap. I’ve spent a lot on the game that I shoulder have. I don’t have these problems with any of my other games, only this one. I too have problems with this game I get in first place but when I leave and come back I’m in 6th or 8th place. Another thing I have notice, In play almost everyday but I’ve notice , it takes to long to level up. I have been on level 66 or 67 for several months now and I play almost everyday and every night when working, any chance I get. I love the game but if the problems don’t chance , I’m probably gonna jus delete it and go back to playing my other games. Keys and other items aren’t cheap. I can’t seem to play or move up or anything without a lot of issues.


This has to be the worst game in the world. No way the other reviews are real. Not enough land space, not enough storage space, not enough explanation for you to know what to do most of the time, tasks asking for items you don’t even have access to yet, items too hard or impossible to acquire. All 4 helpers for 8 hours at the pond for only 1 mint. 4 hours for peach tree to give 2 peaches. Everything is set up to cause you to spend real money The game started out very slow and boring. I thought it would improve as levels progressed but it hasn’t. Don’t buy the dog or cat house. They are huge and take up too much room since you’re not given enough land space. Same with decorations. Don’t buy, not enough room. The pets can only be bought with keys which take money. The dogs are 400 keys each. Don’t bother. It takes too long or is too difficult to get needed items. The game is set up for you to spend real money on needed items or to spend money to speed up wait times. Don’t spend your money folks. If the game was more interesting and kept you busy it might would be worth spending real money. But it’s not worth it for a boring slow game. I really wish I could find a fun farming game that wasn’t so money hungry. I played Hayday for years but the creators killed it with bad changes and updates.

- Fun game overall

I have been playing this game off and on for awhile. I do enjoy playing it but there are a couple things I wish would change. When I want to expand, I have to wait almost a week or use a lot of keys to do it. It would be if there was a way to let players have the option to use keys or use the amount of coins and the level needed and not have to wait so long to expand. The other thing is during the events, there are special items needed in order to move on to the next level. No problem. The problem is, it feels like it takes so long to find the items. You have to keep making whatever is needed, whether it be some kind of soup or dessert or whatever it may be, to find the item and a lot if things that are needed to be made take a long time to finish cooking/baking. I like the idea of the events, but I find myself getting bored because it takes so long to get past a level. I don't want to have to keep using my speed seed, golden gloves or keys. It already takes awhile to collect these. Overall I do enjoy the game, but it would be great though if these could change a little bit.

- Starts off fun...

My main complaint is the drop rate of the special items, like the duck feather. I get that once every 4 hours from the mill, but I need 3 to craft a pillow and the order board wants 9 pillows...that’s 27 visits to the mill. As I leveled up the orders became very difficult. I had to craft multiple things all to make one thing, which really isn’t bad but the rewards don’t equal the effort. If I come in first for the crafting fair thing I get a few helping hands, a bunch of coins and some about some keys or a nice collection of difficult to collect items. Quartz for example, which I need constantly to craft like 1/4 of the items. I don’t mind having to craft some difficult items, but I would rather they interspersed amongst some basic things as well. The new order board, Marie’s order board, I don’t like at all. It might take me 24 hours to gather everything and craft, all for just one order, and the reward is a few boards and some xp... Copper is something I have a lot of because only a few items need it for crafting...double the tin; that would be nice and throw in some simple to craft items for the order boards. Shorten the time required at the mill. Also what the point of the stupid lightbulbs? I have like 10 of them!

- FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 is an excellent game for many reasons. It is easy to play. Not terribly hard to advance in the levels. Lots of new updates. And the animation is very cute and realistic. I truly enjoy playing this game and have had it for over two years now. It is one of my favorites and I prefer it to Hayday. It is simply easier to gain storage materials in this game than hayday. Which is nice for then you do not have to decide what you have to sell. I love all the new items being added. There is constantly a new update being added to the game so that you can earn farmhands, nails , keys, and many other items as well that will advance your game. It is truly a wonderful game and I have derived much enjoyment from it. Plus, best news, is that FarmVille 2 can be played without WiFi. Now how many other fun games out there offer that? I hope you will all enjoy this game as much as I do. Thank you to all the designers who have put in so much time and effort.

- Just started

I just started playing FarmVille 2 and as of now I think I’m going to enjoy playing it lol. So far it is fun. Graphics are colorful and vivid and real good. My only issue will be if it costs “real life” money of which I cannot afford because I am on a limited monthly disability income. I would like to be able to earn various game credits (coins, etc) rather than spend “real life “ money. Otherwise I think this will be a very good game to play. ADDITION— I would like to change my review to 3 stars. I am stuck on the beginning of level 8, with Grandma’s Corner area for to forge for items. I put the “cousin” there and forge items, then the game freezes up and I’m unable to continue the game. I would really like to play this game, as I like it a lot. When I search for help from the game support system, I cannot find anything! PLEASE HELP ME!! Also when I leave game and return, it starts level 8 again and the same issues occur. And if I close the game and restart it, it starts from beginning and when I get to level 8 again, the same issues arise. I really, really like this game a lot and would like to be able to continue playing it.

- Co-op bullies

I really used to love playing this game, I would play everyday when I had a spare moment for years. After my last tablet stopped supporting the game I went out and purchased another one mostly so I could play this game and the co ops have really gotten out of control. I was in one co op for a long time until recently when I stopped playing for a short period of time where I got booted from the group for inactivity, that is completely understandable I was gone for over a month. What I’m here commenting about is now getting in to any co op is nearly impossible, even co ops that are advertised as public when you join if you don’t have a Facebook account, picture or even an actual user name ppl are kicking and bullying users out of the group. A big part of FarmVille is doing events and working together with a co op to achieve different goals and help everyone but this is making it hard to play the game. So I’ve honestly stopped playing and I’ll jump back on every once in awhile just to see what’s going on and then after playing for few moments gets pointless when ur not in a co op. So I’m sure like the other comment I’ve read that has touched on this subject has gone unnoticed mine will as well so I’ll probably just delete the game all together.

- Beyond Frustrating

I played this game for a ridiculous amount of years. I started when it was a pc Facebook game & I downloaded this version literally as you launched it, on my brand new iPhone 3. I was thrilled to have my favorite game in my pocket! Not so thrilled anymore. I was part of a fantastic coop, but after 6-7 years they all left & I was the only one left playing. I searched for a new one & everyone out there seems to play this game for a living. Do you pay people to play? I have never seen anything like it, you don’t play for 12 hours & they kick you out of the coop. I have a life, too. I don’t want to play every single day, that’s unhealthy. Your coops are full of cloners & hardcore 24 hour players & the game is pointless without the social aspect, now. You have reduced the whole breeding & tree cloning to repetitive area visits to churn out pointless items that contribute nothing to the events that you host back to back without rest. It’s all keys & buying now, & nothing like it was before. Look, I get it. The game is free. But you’re not doing anything innovative anymore other than creating a money grinder. People will get bored like I did & leave. When you make some big changes, I’ll come back but for now, it’s pointless & boring

- No progress, no interest...

I use to love playing this game, but partly because there was a decent gratification for leveling up and receiving items in the beginning. I understand that part of higher levels means an increase in skill set but this game is not that kind of game that requires “skill sets”. I feel it’s rigged so the the level of “chance” for items you need is decreased with each higher level you are. I don’t play it much anymore because it’s nearly impossible for me to achieve the events unless I spend money. Also it’s taking me entirely too long even try to gain what I need to move on in the game. I lose interest in even trying. Especially when it comes to Nicks requests or the Mariners. The Mariners quantity requirements for rare items is ridiculous and Nicks rewards for achieving his requirements are practically hot garbage. You nearly never make what you need from him to get the things for the water crops. Because of that there are items requested for events I can’t even participate with bc I cannot unlock the water crops, all on account that no matter how many knickknacks for nick ive given, I’m not getting the items I need to unlock it. Sorry FarmVille but you lost my vote.

- Disappointed faithful player

I have enjoyed playing this game for about a year and a half and have never had major issues. If I had an issue, I knew I could email support through the support website and would receive assistance within a couple of days. However, this last weekend, all of a sudden my farm hit a snag when the game was trying to introduce a new challenge. It kept freezing. When I closed and relaunched, it would try to start the new event again and get stuck at the same point every time. It would not allow me to get back to my farm or bypass the new event. I tried everything i could think of, and tried to email support, but the button that allows us to email them is no longer available on the website. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and have been unsuccessful in getting my farm back to where it was when the issue occurred. I still can’t contact support and I don’t understand why. So now everything I worked for is wrecked. This will mess up my boat race and my dog butler, etc. I will probably have to just quit playing now. was fun while it lasted.

- Loads of fun! Although it seems pay-to-win...

This game is fun and relaxing. On top of that my 5 year old nephew and I enjoy playing it together. After the half year or so that I’ve been using it... the game seems tedious at times and pushes me towards the fact that its pay to win. You’re constantly filling up the capacity for your farm, in return hinders your ability to get anything done. I’m always doing the objectives and I’m only level 14. You can get the base animals on the cheap and they produce at a slow rate. The better animals are a ridiculous amount of keys. When we do have enough keys were just expanding the farm. I put 5 or 10 bucks into the game for keys but I won’t put more than that. The drop for rare items are annoying. I only got 2 or 3 nails in 6 months playing this game! You need to get nails to expand the farm! That’s why the hard earned keys are wasted. Also the more you progress the more keys you need to progress. This game is loads of fun but the fact that it’s pay to win is absurd. Shame... I’ll have to drop my rating to 1 star when we get to the point where we have to put more money in to progress.

- Too many events one after the other.

I love this. It’s fun to play but I get burnt out with the constant events. You have a very small window of time where you can just focus on your farm and the orders on the various boards. I enjoy the events but the drop rates on the special items is pretty much non-existent. I never finish events because of this. The event also becomes annoying and a burden and I usually Just stop trying in the event and move onto something else like the county fair or an animal or filling orders to wood so I can upgrade my plots and other items. Sometimes event are on top of each other. With this upcoming event I’ll have this ocean event on top of the jungle school event. The time it takes to craft some of the non-special event items that the event asks for can take a very long time. Like if I get asked to make a corn husk doll or tomato juice. Each of those items take 3 hours to craft. I’m usually given 1-2 hours to GET those items or I’m forced to use keys or hope to the gods that someone MIGHT be selling them in the market which is extremely rare. Maybe lowering the craft times on non-special event items would be helpful. Not a lot of us have the money to spend on keys.

- Addictive, But...

Farmville 2: Country Escape is a fun game to play and a good substitute for the FaceBook version when you can’t get at a computer. It is a fun and addicting game to play, in which you have holiday events to complete, recipes to craft, crops to grow, and animals to feed for milk, eggs, etc. However, what I do not like, which lost Farmville 2 stars, was the fact that they are begging you for money. When you unlock the Level 10 expansion, it is locked for 3 days. The only way you can unlock it is by using an immense amount of keys to expand. Keys cost money, and for players like me who don’t want to buy anything, this is considered nagging. It is very annoying and I encourage Farmville to let us expand as soon as we complete the requirements and have the coins. I was on Level 14 by the time I was able to obtain Level 10 land. Once my Level 13 land unlocked, it too had a wait. I still have not expanded to that land. Farmville, you don’t earn money by begging. You ask once in a while, and you see your profits go up. I recommend this game to everyone who has at least ten dollars to spare on an app.

- Quality game to pass time!

Enjoyable enough and the constant update of events keep it from getting stale! A previous review mentioned the game rarely giving out keys, but I think it gives them out very generously, considering they are the “premium currency”. I think it’s actually even easier to get than any other mobile game I’ve played. It is jam packed with a ton of content and things to do, but sometimes can get a little crowded when running two events at the same time. Storage space takes a long time to increase. The only other suggestions I would give is creating an option to store all items on your farm in your inventory at once in order to redesign your farm from scratch. It’s daunting trying to juggle space while reorganizing items on your farm. Also, when reviewing what is to be crafted, it would be nice to see a count of each selected item in our inventory. Like, if I go to craft butter, it would be nice to see how many butters I already have in my barn. Small, quality of life details, but other than that, great development!

- Very Disappointed

I am very disappointed on your game after I spent a lot of money here. I wrote you a letter telling you my complain but you (developer) ignored me. I would have rated this game a 5-star if it wasn’t for the annoying glitches that happened not once, not twice, but many times. Have I known this before and have I read some of the complaints on your comments before I invested a lot lot of money here, I wouldn’t played this game at all. After I stored some of the items to prepare myself for the next event, it disappeared just like that. Then after my co-op friends filled up the order, when I clicked it also vanished and disappeared. You know how frustrating and annoying this is, you have no idea! So instead of investing anymore money here I start looking somewhere. I find TOWNSHIP a better game to play and that’s where I’m going to invest my money more. So far I still have FarmVille 2 just because I invested a lot of money here but I am playing your game less and less. And after I build my town in Township, I am deleting FarmVille 2. EDIT: I am putting this game away. Not playing anymore. And since there is a LOT of glitch on FarmVille 2, I am playing TOWNSHIP and spending my money there instead.

- Keep events coming, but not so fast.

The past few events have been challenging. However, one on top of another does not allow players enough time to breathe. Here is plenty to do on the farm and having events on top of those are kind of keeps us in a tailspin. This is supposed to be fun and relaxing. However when it seems more like work that takes the fun and the relaxation out of it. Thank you for continuing to keep the game up. I have just read most of the published reviews for the most part, I agree with them there seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the game. I have played a number of years myself and have made friends through the co-op. That is part of what keeps me coming back. It would be nice to have a new crop. I don't know what that would be right now. And the events are still coming way too close together. Anyhow, I agree with what most people are saying keys are too hard to earn and stuff into expensive and in the store. It also would be helpful to have a separate storage area for the upgrade materials as it is now they take up space in the barn when you need space for numerous event items. It would also be nice if the mariner could take small portions of an item like Eddie does. And that would help some with the barn space. Thank you for listening to us all wine overall the game is good and keeps my interest and does pass the time in.

- Used to be 5 Stars

This has always been my favorite game. I have played it for years. I was at a high level and for some reason my game stopped working today. It was completely frozen. I restarted my game, hard reset my iPad signed in and out of Facebook and did everything to try to fix it. After all attempts failed, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. After playing through the tutorial and reaching level 4, I signed into Facebook to restore my progress like I always have. But this time it didn’t work. I can still see my coop in the chat. There are still high level items in the market but it’s keeping my farm at level 4. There should be some way to enter our player ID when things like this happen. The reason I am dropping my 5 star review to a 1 star review is for the complete lack of help from Zynga. I have visited the blogs, forums, Facebook pages and the internet. Their “not so helpful” tips did not work. I tried all of their “suggestions”. They should also have a way for players with legitimate problems to be able reach someone in the technical dept. I am beyond frustrated and am about to delete the game after years of hard work and money spent. So disappointed.

- Is it really all about the money?

I used to love playing this game until this last event. I am about ready to delete it completely. I don't have the money to spend on keys, bi for the harvest event I bought keys & even the extra hand. On the last day I played from 3:00 am until it was clear I would not be in the top 5. I used up all my saved ingredients and was not able to pay for the needed keys to finish the tasks. The only way to be in the top 5 is to spend, spend , spend, and I am unable to do that so you will not get another cent from me. Your game is rigged so that you cannot win unless you have money to buy keys. It's a shame because now you have taken all the joy out of playing the game for me. I was part of the top 5 until the last 45 minutes of the game. What's more important buying keys or eating? I feel so cheated because I have given you so much hard earned money only to be rewarded with little trinkets. I have 139 stamps that are useless to me, what's the use of stamps if you can't use them. A hula dog that will disappear in a few weeks & a spare hand that I will not use because I will not participate in another event that requires me spend anymore.

- Bought keys, never got them

Are used to play this game and it was so fun so I decided after a couple years of being away to do it again. I’ve noticed a lot is changed and not for the better. For one I’ve bought keys and we’re never given them. That is really bothering me because I don’t have a lot of money to be spending in these games. Also I don’t remember having to wait to purchase land unless I want to use keys? It used to be when you got to a certain level you could purchase the land, But now I can’t purchase the land of them at that level if I haven’t purchased the available land that is an available for a couple days unless I want to spend 30 some keys! Not to mention when I purchased the keys I don’t get them! There are a lot of other little kinks in the game that I’ve come across since I have started it again that are very frustrating as well, but they seem to eventually clear themselves up, but the whole by in the keys and never getting them but having to use so many just to purchase land to advance in the game has really bummed me out and I’m not sure how much longer I’m gonna play.

- Really good!

I love this game but I have one issue, when I started the game and got a bit into it I had enough money and the level to buy some land. But then there was this so called “sale” on the land which forces the player to spend keys instead of coins on land. If the land was really expensive then I wouldn’t have a problem with this but the land close to your farm is really cheap! The piece of land that had the sale on it was only 500 coins! What really makes this a problem is how long the sale lasts for! I had to wait TWO DAYS to get that land! I was supposed to buy it at level 7 but by the time I could I was level 11! These sales on land need to either be removed or at least have the option to use coins instead. And this wasn’t with just one piece of land either, when I bought the original land that had a sale on it, the next piece of land then had another sale! This is the only reason I couldn’t give this game 5 stars. I also didn’t use my keys on the land and didn’t by any keys either.

- Make it so I can get my achievements at any point in the game.

I’d say this game is very fun and addictive, I like the fact that it’s a game one could always come back to. Though I have one problem with the game. I have achievements I can’t get now because I don’t get the chance to. Example the sell 20 tomatoes on the board I can no longer sell them because the board doesn’t ask for them anymore because I’m such a high level. I would like to get the chance to get all my achievements in the game at any point in the game. Other then that I love the game and love that I can win farm hands through events that stay on my farm forever. Iv recently come across a problem and can’t seem to find a way around it, I got a new Phone and new number so it made me start over I was trying to hurry through to get it so I can get my Facebook on the game so I had my original game but since iv done the tutorial before I was going faster then the game now I’m stuck the character wants me to water plants I already did now I can’t do anything. I just wanna play the game again 😭

- New update

I think the new update is beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the music is peaceful. I love the various things you can do and the multiple missions that you can have. However, with the new update, the game keeps freezing and crashing now. I can’t even open it and get passed the loading screen without it shutting itself down. I feel like some of the game play is programmed “maliciously.” Some items are extremely difficult to find and obtain (like nails). The rewards bar for the farms sale board seems rigged. The nail shifts positions when you pick the box where it is usually located. Leveling up takes far too long and there are so many items and crop that just aren’t worth the experience obtained. The tasks get larger but the storage for crops and items is not not accommodating to how many tasks need to be taken care of. I wish you could join multiple co-ops and I wish animals and farm things didn’t cost so many keys! It makes it almost impossible to buy things without spending tons of money.

- Updates are like a box of never know what you are going to get

I have played this game for many years now and do enjoy it and the events. However....every time I update the game, I don’t know if it will continue to be enjoyable. With the the latest update, I began having issues where in the middle of the game, it freezes. The freeze times started out to last a few hours at a time but have lengthened to the point of my never being able to play. Now the game for me is nothing but a pretty picture of a farm for me to look at. When I say freeze, I mean that I cannot harvest crops or move my characters when their time has finished at their work stations. The game is still animated but when I touch the characters or crops on my iPad, nothing happens. I have tried reloading the game. I have reset my iPad with no results. Since none of my other apps have issues, I am convinced that the problem is within the app itself. As fun as the events are, I wish zynga would spend as much time on fixing bugs as they do on creating the events. What good is a game that cannot be played?

- Great game! But, big problems!

I’ve been playing for years. Yes, there are glitches in all games. But, recently FarmVille has had more than usual. My major complaint is not being able to request help from Zynga. After following all their directions, there is still no option (on my game anyway) to request support. Says there’s a red button, but not on my game. My current problem...buying water plot crops but not getting them. Of course Zynga takes my coin, but I never get the crop! I really enjoy farming. I love my co op. The challenges can be fun. However, there many areas that can be improved. Also, Zynga, if you read these reviews, please improve the chat! Needs room to write more. ALSO, there should be a place where the co op can post messages for members to read that can stay up. Our co op has a Facebook page and we want new members to visit it. It's too difficult to always type it out in chat every time new members join. Please add a window where the co op leaders can leave messages for members! Like the post-it note that Tropic Escape has.

- How do you actually get support anymore???

Just want to figure how to get help from the game? Used to you can hit contact us in the game setting not anymore so how does anyone get help anymore? 2ndly the game is getting outrageously stupid asking for so much to finish a event used I was able to finish all the events for years now the event is asking for a outrageous amount of goods to even get a basket then it’s no guarantee you will get the item. Oh my gosh this last event phase 5 is crazy I mean stupid crazy you need 2 blackberry pies and that take 4 blackberries to make 1 pie but you only get 1 blackberry at the Glade . How does that any sense ? How is anyone completing the event? We as a coop of 12 came together and only got 1 coop member finish. We gather all our blackberries. And only 1 person was able to finish. So I have gotten this far and I am unable to finish which is crazy. The game is supposed to be relaxing and this is totally frustrating the heck out of all of us. I know we aren’t the only ones having this problem! I swear your making so we all have to cheat to finish the event for a temporary helping animal!!!! So please take a look at these 2 things . Merry Christmas Bah humbug

- Farmville Support doesn’t care.

Recently I bought many keys for my boost on Farmville and the boost disappeared TWICE back to back before the 24 hours were up. I sent a message to Farmville support and they did not answer, once I wrote a bad review they sent me a message right away. I don’t know if they fixed it but they at least they gave me 1 boost back. Even though my boost disappeared TWICE they just gave me back 1 boost. I did not mind because at least they did something. But it just happened again this Tuesday. I already sent Farmville support many messages about it and have not received one answer. I am very disappointed. I have been playing for many years now and I have spent a lot of money on the app. I at least expect a message back. Honesty I am really thinking about deleting the app. I am not going to continue spending money on keys for my boost if they are going to take it away before the 24 hours.

- Mollt

Hi, been playing this game four years and love it. I do wonder why a game of this caliber has no one capable of creating more than 299 levels? I and many others have been stuck at this level for years. Also, my coop members get new things I do not. I would love the water plots boat feature that gives speed seed, I would love the feature where you can update your animals with lumber.....I have 22,000 lumber, nothing to do with it. I would love it if you would STOP restarting my game in the middle as several times now I have lost use of my power pins without realizing it. It seems a game this good could manage to treat its players equally, fairly, especially since I have been playing so long and have spent good money here. The events are so repetitive, seems someone could figure out a new event theme....I do play Hay Day too, your game is better but I think I should keep it as a backup anyway. Thanks for your time.

- More space

I Love this game,I have been playing almost since day 1, I love the co-op I'm in, the players are courteous, very helpful during events and sometimes just fun to talk to....I've met people from around the globe,we talk,we laugh and sometimes we even argue, but we all have one common goal, to help each other achieve the best farm we can, the only downside to the game are the glitches, and the storage space, there's a barn but during events it never seems large enough, especially since the upgrade materials are stored there as well...where is the storage shed for upgrade materials zynga? And the same goes for the silo where the fruits and vegetables are stored, never enough space, but to make space in a hurry you have to use keys and those are expensive and you need way to many ...fix the glitches and give me a storage shed for upgrade materials and I'll rate you a five, its only a 4 till you do

- Great game! Few upgrades necessary!

The game is a blast to play. They give good rewards for the most part. Lots of different events and stations to work from. Good game to keep you busy. One problem we seem to have, however, is that you can purchase multiple water plots.. but the amount of minerals you get doesn’t increase. So when I’m trying to fill orders, there’s nothing I can do. Had I known that the additional plots would be useless, I would have never bought them. They sit there with the wooden sign in the middle because I can’t access enough minerals. So when trying to fill the order board for Pike.. most times I can’t beat the timer because I can’t get minerals. I don’t mind a challenge. Just seems that maybe something could give with this.. make the game play a little more enjoyable. Would love to see an increase on minerals added soon to the game. Also think it would be excellent if after you finish an event.. that you stop seeing event items for sale. I hit the store regularly either keeping and eye for something I need, or just seeing what’s for sale. And literally all that’s there is event items that are useless to me.

- Love the game, dislike event drop rates

I think I have been playing this game since it came out. I originally was playing FarmVille 2 on fb. The game is addicting. I wish you had more friendship fertilizers than 5. In the original farmville I remember I could visit 5 people to fertilize their farms each day. I agree with others that drop rates on event items could be more frequent. A lot of people including myself complain about seeing that over abundance of 1 particular event item in everyone’s market window(usually from 1st phase of event) why not make that 1 item in each event a Marie order board item to alleviate some of the over abundance of that item. Like everyone else most the players in my co op do not have water plots & I now have 2. I cannot get help in making items I need to make to fill those orders and feel that most of them take way too long to cook. I am currently in this best co op I have been in, everyone helps everyone make the items each of us need.

- Fun game but no variety

I do enjoy this game as a way to mindlessly kill time. I like fulfilling the orders and gaining achievements. I’ve never spent a penny on this game because there are many ways to gain keys and things by completing orders and challenges. My biggest complaint is the lack of variety and way too difficult orders. I expected more of a challenge for sure as I’ve leveled up - but at this point none of my orders change. There are items I’ve never even been asked to make - but other items I’m constantly asked to make 10 of. It can take me all day to complete one order. This happens on all of my order platforms - Marie’s orders, Sophie’s pairing, Nicks Knick knacks, and Flying Eddy. I enjoy this game but I’m so bored with making the same things. I did reach out to support and was told it was just the algorithm of the game. Which is weird because my husband also plays with me, is two levels ahead of me, and he has significantly easier orders and a huge variety. So I’m not sure how the algorithm works or if I’m just stuck.

- Fun game...few complaints.

One more revision to this review. This game is frustrating and flaky. I can't load markets, can't ask for or complete Marie's orders, have to restart constantly, chats missing. This is supposed to be fun - not irritating! I'm going to revise my original review (below). The game won't load, tells me I'm not connected. I close the game and reopen it. Power off my device and power it on. Disconnect from wifi and reconnect (and by the way, I can still access email and the Internet just fine). Delete Facebook account and reconnect it (and I wasn't even playing through Facebook). I've been playing the game about a month and enjoying it. Now I am so frustrated that I will never touch a Zynga game again! Original review: My only complaints are that these: There is little help on where to find/make things, how to join co-ops, etc. Quite a number of times I have watched videos where I was to earn a free spin or keys, but the prize never popped up. I felt a little ripped off. And when you go to buy goods it is the same boring repetition of sextant, lobster, sailor's hat, blah, blah. Never anything you could possibly use.

- Working people has no chance to win the permanent ones!

I am thinking very seriously about quitting this game! I have been with my husband in and out of the hospital and rehab since January. Then I had to put him in the nursing home in April. I have not been able to get a permanent animal or person since then. I usually can only play in the evenings. I don’t see how anyone that works can win any of the permanent ones. I just spent about fifty keys trying to win. I was in second place about 2:30 this morning and then I tried getting on today about 1:30 and I was in sixth place. Tried paying 10 keys to try and catch up and of course it would ask for things that either I didn’t have or for things that would take hours to make. I hope that all the people that has jobs and can’t get on the game but in the evenings got theirs. But if theirs does like mine you don’ t stand a chance. Used to enjoy this game but now I am not enjoying it very much.

- Love it but expect some short-lived random bugs

Every time there’s a new version put out, something doesn’t work on my iPhone. My phone is up to date. The game is up to date. I restart the app, my phone. Nada. I have to completely uninstall and reinstall the app sometimes, which is fine, just a first world problem. The bugs usually aren’t bad. For instance, there are often special events which are awesome. The frequent bug is that the event space is a hot pink color. Does not effect game play at all. It just throws off the visual aspect. This last time though, the bug was that two major (constant) features of FarmVille Country Escape (boat race and county fair) didn’t work for me nor a lot of other people in my co-op. FarmVille has since fixed the bug, AND AS THEY USUALLY DO, they gave us special “I am sorry” gifts! I have not paid money to play this game, although it is very tempting! I am pretty far into the game. If you try it, and a bug occurs, just hang in there! The bugs are usually fixed within 7-10 days; actually, it’s usually faster. I haven’t had a bug last 2 weeks. Hint: Save shovels to expand your BARN, not the silo. The silo can’t hold event items nor products made. Also, save keys to buy extra “ovens” (the place you make things). And save keys to buy specialty animals, like the “cozy cow” that gives more milk!

- Great game, couple issues

This game is great and has quickly become a favorite go to. I have experienced a few issues. When Grandmas Glade became available at level 6 I was stuck in it after I had already collected what was foraged. I spent some money on a bundle pack and was hoping if I removed and downloaded the game again I would keep my progress since I was connected to Facebook. Since I was stuck and couldn’t collect or make any crops I had no other option. When I signed back in I had lost everything and started over. Once again I bought a bundle pack. I made it to level 11 and had quite a bit of cash left from what I purchased, but suddenly the game glitched and reset me back to level 6 of my original game. Again I lost all my progress and the purchases I made had gone away! I have an i6s phone. Can this be fixed and I be compensated for my purchases that I am not able to use? Thank you! Keep up the great work!

- Great game, wish it was more like original FV

This game is really fun and entertaining! It has pretty graphics and is overall just a great game to play whenever you’re bored. I like the fact that in comparison to the original you don’t HAVE to be connected to a Facebook account. However, the one thing I really miss from the original games is the variety of animals available. I also miss their original design. They were so cute and unique! I wish we could also see as many of the holiday themed animals. They were adorable!! I wish there were as many crop options as the original, it felt like endless possibilities. Now, not so much. I love the game and I understand they had to update it to appease the new players, but think about the OG players🥺if we can’t see this stuff in this game, we should at least get an updated version of the original with all the same stuff, just less laggy. Great job Zynga! Nothing but love, but please consider❤️

- Support

This game seems to have many glitches. There is absolutely no for me to contact support. If there is away, I would like to know. If you go to support and scroll down where contact support use to be, it is no longer there. I like the co-op I’m in and have a good time chatting. Other people have had issues, with no way to report them. 2/4/20 Well, adding to this review. I get an email from Apple’s App Store, that I received a developer’s response to this review. When I go to contact developer it takes me to the same screen that I have, when I go to support in the game. So there is no help or support for me. People in my co-op are having the same issue. I guess Zynga is not going to fix the problem for trying to reach them with an issue. There are so many problems with this game it is getting to be a waste of time. I’m glad I have not not spent any money in this game. Just today our co-op reached the goal for Marie’s order board. Nobody got the timber for our work. I don’t know what the problem is with Zynga.

- Love the game, not the problems

Zynga has created a great game here and getting into an active coop can help you win the challenges that you’d have to buy keys to win otherwise. But—I don’t think the developers test the updates before sending them out to the users. Almost every update is filled with errors that cause users to lose items or be unable to access chats. The boat race is notoriously flawed with people showing active when they are not participating. You’re given the ability to opt out of the race but Zynga will stick you back in. This is very frustrating! Another issue is with the events: if the event is on but the marketplace is full of one event item (currently plexiglass) that means the players are getting too much of that one item. Going to the marketplace and all you see is that one thing....come on, developers! Mix up the event items more! And then there’s the Marketplace where a new one pops up every 5 minutes but half the items are already sold when it opens. This is not helpful at all. Revisit Marketplace, please. There has to be a way to only show players with at least one item for sale. Use more testing before sending out flawed updates to your users. Set up testing groups of users, send the updates to them and offer keys for in-depth reviews. Or ask for volunteers. This process of “new event coming out, we know it won’t work, people will complain, we’ll fix what they complain about” has to stop.

- My thoughts

I enjoy playing the game but I do wish that you guys would add more gold accessibility, buying multiple buildings etc, not everyone can affford buying keys just to enjoy the game. I also with you guys would add more decor items to the game! I love decorating my farm so much and there’s just not enough stuff to fill my farm up like the good ole days on facebook. You should also implement a world chat so people can recruit others to their Co-ops. Mine is called The G-Squad if anyone sees this and wants to join. :). Also the timing on some crafting is a little ridiculous but if you added some other things that we could do besides events, like more interaction with other players, maybe implement more show animals that you can buy with stamps or ribbons. Love the game though i’ve played both this and the island escape, I know it can’t be exactly like I will want it but I hope someone sees this and maybe wants to change the game up for the better.

- Fun but frustrating!

I absolutely love this game! I’m a daily player and have been since I first started playing. However, I recently reached level 38 which unlocks the water plots and during the tutorial the game freezes. I have tried playing on other devices the same thing happens. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and it still freezes. I’ve updated the game and it still freezes. I can’t even contact in game support Because everything is frozen so I can’t click anything on the screen. I have posted on the official forums and many others are having the same issue. One lady hasn’t played in nearly 4 months because of this issue. I haven’t been able to play for 5 days and I’m livid so I can only imagine how frustrated she is. Anyway, I love this game and I recommend it but don’t get attached because customer support is clearly not a priority and glitches do not get fixed often and can prevent regular playing.

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- Love this game

I have been playing this game for years and still have a love for it, I did have a brake due to time, family and such but happy to come back. I don’t seem to be able to get the races even though I’m in a co op, they just say coming soon. The keys are hard to get but if you take your time and save them, only use them when you really need to, you can get a good collection. But would be nicer if they turned up more as rewards. I would like more options for communicating with other players not just co op. I would like better rewards for doing the special quests, I just don’t see the point of spending so much time on something that you don’t get to keep. But I really love the game and can’t wait till I get back up to owning all the land haha.

- New Water plots

Great game of choice and have dropped all others to devote my time to our team. But there are signs of the new water plot section causing a lot of angst amongst players. There is never enough minerals to satisfy the demand for fertilising plots, and the mineral machine (only one) doesn’t fill quick enough to make the market demand. Also, the demand for water plot items in other areas beyond Takadita’a board, like Eagle Eye Eddy, Maria’s orders and Mariner, makes the game frustratingly unrealistic and is putting players off. No one has spare wp items to share amongst our selves and they’re rare to see on global sales. Please fo something so that we don’t have players losing it. A start would be to be able to get more mineral machines or fill ups, like the options we have for water well. And more space in storage like we have in the barn and silo. These alone would ease the problem. Thank you

- Sad to go but I must

Been playing this game for longer than I care to remember. Yes its great and frustrating and rewarding. All in one hit... that is until event fever hits you. In the early days I was, on occasion, able to win an event in my grouping. It was hard but fun. Lots to complain about in co-op chat, lol. Then progressively it became more frustrating. It seems that if you don’t do “in game purchases” you have little or no chance of winning an event. This sentiment has been expressed by fellow co-op members. A lot of the original members have gone bc of this. It’s hard to stop playing but I’m going to try. I’ve made it to lvl 299 and it seems that’s the limit. Try it by all means but be prepared to buy if you want to win events. I’ve seen anther review on here who accuses ppl of cheating, of points being unrealistically earned quickly by fellow competitors. I don’t know if this is true but, it wouldn’t surprise me.

- Lots of bugs

I have been playing the game for a few years now on and off. Took a break and have now come back again to find my app with lots of bugs. the content will not download on my new phone which is what I was hoping would fix some of the bugs because the current device I’m playing this game on is old. My game randomly quits at the worst times especially when I’m in a co-op, and then I have to reload the game and wait for it to connect which can take up to two minutes at a time. When I first download the app on a new device, it would be nice to have the option of connecting to your Game Centre or Facebook right away if you have an existing account, instead of having to play until level 7 just to re download my previous data, which doesn’t seem to download. I love the game but if it doesn’t stop all these glitches and bugs soon, lots of people will leave.

- Good game but....

It’s so frigging annoying... it can take up a minute for it to connect to the network and heaven forbid I click on an item I was cooking for a boat race task... it won’t even acknowledge that I had clicked on it ...which means I have to make them again... just now I did a bonus task 6/7 hrs ago... just logged in ready to do next bonus task and it is saying I have only just completed last bonus I have to wait ANOTHER 6 hrs wth!!!! Don’t get me started on event items that don’t drop when u have been sending helpers all over the place... 2 events at once! When the old event still has numerous days left, and then you get no drops so you can complete the first one. Please storage is not that big... Nick never drops the required item to upgrade the water shed..severely disadvantaging other parts of the game...

- A really great game

I like the game and I like the way you can now have a choice of when you want to open the lighthouse but I would like to have an option of when I want to open the world class wharf and pikes landing and maybe some extra expansions and workshops and some extra ways to get keys in the game and back to the lighthouse if you finish doing the fishing around the lighthouse then it should automatically reset itself in order for you to continue fishing there so you can finish any orders that need the stuff that comes from fishing there.

- This game is full of cheats

...which is fine if you like cheating. The game is good for killing time when you play offline and by yourself, but the frustration kicks in with the special events. These events are clogged up with the cheats; the latest one was a race to score points and the top 5 get the prize at the end. People magically score at a very suspicious rate. For example, when it takes an hour to get 5000 points other go up hundreds of thousands in seconds. The game offers “boosts” to buy... the top one being 100% and yet people are constantly on 200% boosts. I wanted to complain but need to set up a Zynga account even though I’m logged in through Facebook. I’ve played for about a decade now and got annoyed with the events about 3years a go because of cheats. I just finished the latest one... winning despite the presence of cheats.... clearly Zynga cannot or will not address this. That said.... play by yourself and it is a good time killer for those long flights etc

- Waterplots are a cynical money-grabbing scam

I once very much enjoyed this game however have just rage-quit (deleted) the app. I, along with all long-standing players, was really looking forward to water plots as a new feature. Once they opened I quickly realised what an awful impact the had on the game. By opening plots I put myself at a huge disadvantage in events and made a lot of Mariner, Marie, and Eddie orders unfillable. Some items use timber and take ridiculous times to craft. Water crops are fed minerals (rather than water) and the minerals regenerate very slowly to encourage players to spend keys (and therefore real $$) to harvest quickly. I asked Zynga to relock my water plots to return my game playing experience to what it was prior to water plots. They refused saying it is a default feature of the game (no, it’s not as not all players have unlocked them). I’m done with FarmVille and Zynga games. They only care about taking money from players and it shows with the cynical money-grabbing addition to the game.

- Farmville 11

Yes, I like, once I worked out a few tricks to get ahead. Keys are hard to come by unless you purchase, but almost any game has that sort of thing. The side actions are daunting, until you work out which ones you want to do and ignore all the others. Too much stuff from side-actions overloading the market, too. However, an issue or two..... certain products can be made but do not appear in your barn, a bit annoying when you want to sell them. The most annoying thing is all the co-ops with the same symbol and no way to tell them apart, unless you try and buy a co-op special and are told you are not in this particular one. Get different symbols!

- Need extra mineral patches

The game is still quite decent even after all these years, with the additional content keeping the game relevant. The newest update has made the game a bit laggy and prone to crashing, but overall the game is fairly stable. One of my biggest gripes now is with the aquatic plots, it’s great that we can get more than 1 of each, but we need to be either able to upgrade our mineral patches to produce faster or increase capacity, or be able to buy additional ones. A single 4 slot mineral patch is in no way adequate to provide for up to 16 aquatic crop patches at 15 minutes per mineral recharge, especially with the adventures unlocking with water plot 3.

- Very unhappy

I really hate the recent changes to the game. Please let us clone again. I’m sure some people are still doing it or cheating in some way from what I see on global. In my co op we only used it for events mainly and to do some quartz. If there is no cloning event items should drop every time from farmhands. What is being expected with events is just too much. The event with the bell tower was so much work for a thing that only lasts a little while, it should be permanent and you get refills regularly. I don’t think you should run 2 events at once, especially when they both need tin and quartz and we can’t clone, just ridiculous. There are 2 people in my co op with mental health issues, you have ruined the co op fun by taking cloning away and I’m very worried about these people.

- Could you please let us sell Barn Padlock?

I love this game and have been looking after it everyday. If you commit your time and work hard, you really dont have to have any in app putchases. However I just think, Barn Padlock (I have 18 at the moment) taking storage space is just not fair.. when it is hard to get nails and shovel. Could you let us sell it? Or at least make them not taking spaces in our storage? If I am getting them as a prize and they end up taking all my space, I cant actually store up my harvest. Thanks!

- Great game

FarmVille 2 takes me back to when I was young, playing on my mother’s Facebook account on the PC. It was always so much fun and I still get that same enjoyment from it, possibly even more nowadays. However, it would be great if some things were slightly altered, for example: -Being able to get rid of structures such as workshops or the pet kennels; if they aren’t being used, they just take up space. -Reducing the time spent at different locations, e.g. Pappy’s Pond or the Merryweather Mine. It would also be REALLY awesome if FrontierVille was brought back- that would be an amazing addition.

- Unable to turn on notifications

I have been playing this game for months and absolutely loved it and unfortunately still have no option to turn on notifications. It’s completely put me off the game entirely. I contacted apple as I thought it was my iPhone with the problem. Turns out it’s an app problem. Exhausted all troubleshooting avenues and still no notifications. Notifications worked fine on my old device and on my iPad but the app doesn’t even show in my list in notifications on my new iPhone. Zynga was hard to contact and took days to reply. Couldn’t find any information at all on google about this issue. Game is full of bugs and constantly freezes, farmhands go missing ahhhh the list goes on. PLEASE fix these issues :(

- Great fun

Love this game, passes the time and very addictive! I would however make a few suggestions for possible updates in the near future: 1. Keys are super expensive or super hard to get and without it can take you a very long time to develop and progress through the stages of building your farm. I would suggest making it some what easier to gain keys or less expensive, or offer another method of payment such as coins. 2. I would like to suggest the option of being able to visit other players farm stores to buy items when you visit their farms. Not just being able to shop only on global or your coop you belong to. 3. Finally I suggest that the building materials you collect should not take up space in your storage shed, they should have a place of there own. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope these are valid suggestion, this is truly a fun game with the potential to growing into an even more awesome time :)

- Really great game

I love this game, I love the special quests but I do think you should get a permanent reward. I love how there is so much to do now, but I the DAM BARN needs to be made easier to expand once you get to higher levels I haven’t been able to expand my barn for I don’t know how long, if I want to expand my barn I can’t collect ANYTHING else and then by the time I’ve managed to get everything I need to expand the DAM EVENTS are over grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! But otherwise a great game.

- Could be a lot better

I do like the game and it is addictive but I hate the fact the store never has any items I need not even the most basic and common items that I would rather buy then craft sometimes. And when there is an item I might want they are all sold out. Come on FarmVille it can not be possible I am in the store when it refresh and almost everything is sold out. Getting a bit tired of it and bored with the game due to this. Hope you listen to the thousands of fans saying the same thing and fix it or make more items available in the store or have a “FarmVille” owned store that has items just for the individual player like SimCity does.

- So many issues

I love this game, but there are SO many issues that I don’t know how to keep playing. The app crashes every 2 minutes, so I’ve tried to play the game on a different device.. I cannot get my established version onto another device - even though I have finally managed to connect it to Facebook (that took AGES). I have logged into Facebook on another device and have downloaded the game on my laptop and asked to connect to Facebook - but it will NOT pick up my established game... You REALLY need to fix all these issues. It shouldn’t be this difficult to play a game

- Great game but Customer Support Lacking

It is a great game until you run into a problem and you message Customer Support. It used to be great. Not anymore. Slow to respond. In one instance Customer Support explained a tip that I had already mentioned I had done in my original message. Then never responded after that. Another one asks me for more info & screenshots cause they would “look into my problem”.. which I did supply. Then no response from that Customer Support. It doesn’t instil confidence in new features of the game which I will avoid like the plague now. I would give ⭐️ purely on Customer Support.

- Disappointing and very unhappy

What is the meaning of this water plots with having one mineral only to fill up for so many water plots. How disappointing and why can’t be there options where a player can purchase more than one mineral. It’s ridiculous having one mineral for so many water plots and you can only fill up to 4 mineral OMG!!! Frustrating it is if you have more than 10 water plots. I was really excited unlocking all my water plots not knowing this is all get. Not everyone is willing to pay money for keys some people just love to play to kill time or for fun. Am starting to lose interest but this is the only game I always love playing.

- Tired of the cheaters

I have played this game for many years and most of the time it’s great. But I’m tired of the cheaters that get on here. I play the fair all the time. I am just playing a game now and I have used keys all the way along and the person who is coming first plays no coins or keys. How can they go from in the 1 hundreds to the 3 hundreds in a day. I have just played with the 40 keys for 3 hours and nearly passed them now they have come on and in 10 minutes gone up 20,000. Tired of it. Not the first time either. Happens a lot in all the special games. Why can’t anything be done. Over it

- 3 stars

To begin with, the game moves quite fast, gets you hooked, and then it gets to a point where you struggle to get anywhere. One issue I’m having at current, is that Nick in the camper van, packs up and runs off for 3hrs when I didn’t press skip.. I literally go to start making the order and and he packs up, which means I can’t make that order or any future orders (unless I already have his order on hand by chance), this now means I can’t get the items required to open the water plot.. The game can get a bit full on with too many things going at once, for example: the music concert & the penguins, plus if you are trying to complete Nick’s orders (camper van) and the aeroplane orders as well.. Other than that, I enjoy the game overall, but starting to get bored with it. Sometimes items are so far between that you reach a stand still and it gets frustrating.

- Game Issues

What is going on with your game? Each time you bring out another Event or even an update, your game has so many issues. Freezing, not loading, items missing. Boat Race points not counting, the list goes on! The Boat Race is over, but can’t even bring up the results or winnings. The same with your Country Fair, doesn’t load either. How can anyone participate fairly in the competition if there are constantly issues? Lots of other members are having the same issues. I have a new iPad I am playing with, updated, so no point in saying it could be the players device. Maybe Zynga needs to update their game platform as it is overloaded.

- Water plots expansion stuck.

I have been played this game about 5yrs now. Love it and it makes me feel relax after a busy day. But today I feel really stressed as my FarmVille 2 game ask me to open water plots field and now I am stucking in the tutorial loop no matter how many times I re-installed or restart app. Ever time I try to open them they take me to Nick and he runs around his cart and disappears. And then the game freezes up. I’m in the middle of country event. This is really annoying as I cannot send a report from the game all options are lock. Pls help.

- Love it!!!

I love this game and I did an earlier review, but I would like to change that today. My suggestion is that once you have done a specific amount of things on a making machine (e.g. stovetop, dairy, etc.) the time reduces so more experienced players have more experience making things and then can make them quicker. It is just a suggestion but please take this into account as I would like to see this happen!!! Thanks

- Disappointed

I loved playing this game until it completely froze on me for 2 days during the birthday event. I closed the program, restarted my device and even updated my software but it was still frozen. I ended up deleting and re-downloading the whole game and starting from scratch. 3 days of game play in and I get a notification that I new game content has been downloaded and my old game pops up!! I was kinda annoyed because I liked my new farm but also pleased to have all my progress back. However I missed out on completing the birthday tasks. 10 minutes of gameplay on the restored old game and its once again frozen. It's not worth it.

- Still like the game just not this glitch

I can’t move past the part where you go into grandmas glade with cousin Johnny because It keeps freezing on me it just stays in the one part I can’t move the screen or nothing i try to restart it and it takes me straight back to start again then does exactly the same thing again I was enjoying the game until this happened

- Additive

Love playing but then get frustrated with the impossible tasks the higher level you go. How can I possibly make 10 of one item when it may take several hours to make each one! I have millions in coins but can’t see how to spend it! Not enough options unless you have keys, so I play endlessly for a week then have a break coz it gets annoying difficult.

- Rare items

Why do you have to make it so hard to find rare items !! I have purchased 2 farm hands, which are suppose to help, costing 300 keys !! I’m lucky to find items every second time, this is very frustrating and makes the game unenjoyable ,why can’t you make it so we can purchase rare items ,or have something like the mermaid in tropic escape ,to find items for you !

- Events

Hey it’s a real pain during events, that the ingredients are not given for up to 4 to 5 tries at the main event area. It is so hard to get the cardamons when this happens. It’s the same today just got points no cardamons, also the wheel it is rigged not random to give the coin rather than the sometime necessary item. I’m not in a co-op as there r not enough of us so seed becomes an issue, also I hit co-op so one of my spaces has an item I can’t get rid of. This game takes hours and hours. Wasting lots of time, I have playing stopped b4.

- FarmVille Addict

I absolutely love this game and am totally addicted and would highly recommend it to anyone. My one complaint is in “the country fair” I think the demotion of the bottom 3 players out of 10 is unfair. I play the game A LOT and it is still very hard to stay in the top 7 on a weekly basis. You work extremely hard to make it to the top 3 to get promoted and then the next week it’s gone. Not happy.

- Please fix

When challenges are set. I complete the goals but they then remain on the list. Therefore stating you haven’t completed the task. And you can’t move on on from the task for example. Bake 2 apple pies. I baked 2 apple pies. I got a tick on the list. Sell 2 apple pies- I sold 2 apple pies-it didn’t register. That was the 3rd job on the list And no tick. I couldn’t complete the challenge . Because it meant waiting and baking another 2- which I’d already completed. In order to have 2 to sell again. It’s not a one off. This is the 4thtime it’s done this on different challenge lists.

- Egg hunt event

I,ve been playing FarmVille 2 for almost 4 years and can say this was a great event , didn’t leave me feeling frustrated and cranky . Got it done with the help of coop friends ! I’m 73 yrs old and this game along with FarmVille tropical escape keep me amused most of the day ! Keep it simple and you will get more players ! Some event leave me feeling frustrated and close to giving up ! Like the one with the bulldog ! Never again

- Annoyed

I have been playing this game for years and loved it. Now you have introduced the stupid water storage, it is impossible to meet quests. Why can’t we chose what we store there. I have spent thousands of dollars on this game, upgrading the farm, and now I can’t make items because of the water storage limit. Pathetic and I won’t be back unless you make changes

- I want my game back

After the latest update, somehow the game can't be loaded anymore, it just stuck at 2%, I've deleted the game & reinstall it , and I have to wait for a while until the new content is downloaded from the cloud to get my old one back, this happened whenever I want to play the game and this doesn't make me to feel like playing the game anymore!! Is this a bug in the game? Can you take a look at this? If it keeps going like this, I'll give up and won't play this game anymore ... ——————-———————- At the moment, the prize projector does not work, the countdown for the advertising game “world war rising “ get stopped at the second 25, please take a look at this and update it as we cannot continue with the prize projector, thanks! ————————————- Today, the game crashes when it’s opened at 22%, please fix.

- Fairness

The only two problems with this game which is Farmville 2 Country life is that it does keep track properly of what is scored for the totals. Yesterday I completed lemon rind , 17 of them and once again it was ignored. That seven since I started playing for the rubber. Who keep check on this and corrects it? It pure cheating and when will it be fixed? The other problem someone the game doesn’t load properly. And sends that sun spinning and spinning. Regards Marlene Turpin

- Unfair

Love the game but so tired of competing against those who clone to get what they want, if you don’t clone you have to wait for hours before you get the things you need where as clones just have to clone and in minutes they have what they need. Zinger sort it out, have cloners compete with each other. I was playing in the event for the white cat but people who were miles behind suddenly caught up and went passed. I’m going over to Hay Day.

- Poor game reviews and play

Taking away the events for you 7 days from winning day plus other events and replace our place the game without telling you always crash all the time. Also won’t let you play in recent events! Loved this game antill they became money based Loved this game so much but don’t care about players Won’t be changed antill they changed

- Just...

Don’t do it! Don’t start this game if you like having a life, a job, a home, study, children, WHATEVER! Cos basically it’s kind addictive. However I’ve been playing for a couple of months and in that time it hasn’t become a run of the mill boring, constantly asking friends for supplies kinda game and that alone gives it 5 stars. That is all... continue along.

- Awsome game

This is a really great game I have met a lot of amazing people being in a really incredible co op Aussie actives I have made some good friends that are all willing to help u out when u need it sure there are some glitches but there usually fixed quickly I would recommend this game to anyone as it’s fun keeps you mind occupied and you meet and make so many online friends

- Love it

I’ve been playing FarmVille for 10 years now , and I started playing the app game a few years back when I didn’t have access to my laptop . It’s so easy to lose a few hours in the FarmVille land . The rewards are alright but would be nice if it was easier to access the new upgrades and land/aquatics farming

- Frustrating and a bore!!!

The events, are difficult. Like give up difficult! So much time and energy required that it’s not really that fun anymore. It should be a challenge, but a fun one. Starting to get boring collecting and crafting, because it’s so hard to get enough items to do so. Also the global marketplace is pathetic. Half the stuff is already gone when it refreshes!! Should be much more variety. Megalo Monkey should be an option to help with the mariner! Also to hard!!!

- Good but there are issues

I’ve been playing for a while and things have been going okay until the power pins were introduced in my game. The game tells you to “tap on the farmhouse” but nothing happens when I do so. I’ve tried refreshing multiple times but nothing seems to work and the game forces me to click on the power pin button making it repeat the dialogue that I cannot click to continue. Please fix this soon.

- Endless Game Issues

I have been playing this game since it came out. When it first started there didn’t seem to be any issues and there were also less events. Now Zygna introduce a new event as soon as one ends and maybe they are not spending the time to correct all the problems such as; game freezing, boat race locking players out, inability to attract new coop members, county fair not working and many, many more. There are few games around with a chat area within the game so that is plus but please Zygna correct all the problems before introducing more events and challenges.

- Keep getting messages about my game

So annoying l keep getting messages saying l have to choose between iCloud or suggested game. Hasn’t been like this before l updated my iPad and am always online so that isn’t an issue. Nothing has been done to stop it from continually happening. I have no internet connection issues whatsoever and plenty of space on my iPad so that’s not the problem either. Did everything you suggested but the PROBLEM IS STILL THERE, also have a new game which isn’t showing up on the app either called ANIMAL PARK!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS GAME??????😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Overall good game... however.

I’ve had this game on and off for years. It’s a good time waster. There is one hiccup on my game where I will have no room in my barn but have plenty of room in my silo but it still won’t let me collect (silo) items like produce. It states that my barn is full when it should just go into the silo. Zynger, can you take off limits of how much you can buy from the game store. I have two toned pathways and fences because I hit the limits of how many I can buy of each type. I don’t enter the events unless it’s a permanent helping hand/animal. Not worth the effort for a 30 day helping hand. Also would be nice to fully rotate all the items on the farm but they have a set direction and that’s it.

- FarmVille country escape

Hi love this game and in a great co-op as I play this game in 2 app due to battery running flat it would be great if we too had the option to save to cloud when finishing on that app and the option when going to another app have the option to retrieve from cloud picking up your game from where you left off thanks

- It’s a money-grab

Like at the mo because it’s new for me, but it takes too long to build up unless you’re prepared to pay along the way. Unlike the top farming game for iOS, you need Facebook and money to get anywhere in this fast. Don’t appreciate feeling like I’m missing out unless I pay to move on. It’s very in your face asking for that stuff. The top farming game is way more generous and if you put in the time you can still have the same experience, minus some decorations, that the payers have. Meh

- Annoying

I like a lot of people have been playing for years, but of late all these things that we’re supposed to collect or grow cause me to be thrown off so often it driving me crazy. I love doing little side games but at the moment there’s four and by the time I get on I do something and bang thrown off and all I’ve done is undone. Been happening now for a few weeks Love playing but if it keeps up I’m moving on,

- Usually love this game

Please bring in a confirmation system when buying extra slots for the market to sell your items...... I have been saving keys like mad for a particular item and I just lost 10 because it froze and when it unfroze it had purchased a rentable slot at the stall!!! I didn’t want want it and I won’t use it but now I have it and can’t find a way to get my old save back with my higher key amount 😡😭

Payoneer 💰

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The time of the peach tree is just to long, it’s not fair if the goat takes two minutes and the peach tree takes almost three hours. Make the times shorter!!

- Crashing after getting grandmas glade

Please fix this bug. I have re opened the app multiple times and re installed it. Still happening at the grandmas glade part.

- Grandmas glade

No matter what I have done, restarted, uninstalled, re installed,I am stuck in grandmas glade. It freezes.

- Great game, but....

Love the game but there should be an option that if you don’t want to play the events then you shouldn’t have to see the event items flooding the market.

- Best game ever

Love this game, but it won’t let me connect to Facebook

- Really needs a link in settings to a manual

At level 36, and I enjoy. I go through settings to contact Zenga when I have an issue. Usually, they fix it quickly. So far though, they have not been able to fix the bug that is keeping persons from joining my Co op.

- little glitch

I like the game! There’s just some minor glitches. The concept of being able to adjust your camera view is really cool, but the angle always gets stuck in an awkward position. Other than that I’m enjoying it :)

- FarmVille

It is a good game e


Don’t buy anything on this app they charge you for way more then you try to buy

- Was awesome till it froze

This game has been fun but at level 8 Johnny is Introduced to help in grandmas glen. Every time it wants you to speed up the process it freezes after you collect the berries, chives and gems. I tried letting the time run on it’s own and it still freezes at the screen with him saying this could take some time. If I close the game and go back, it just starts that little section over and freezes in the same spot. Maybe a bug the developers can fix. Until then I can’t play it anymore because it won’t work

- Issues

Your game has a lot of issues people having to reboot all the time because chat isn’t working. Boat race stuff not updating. You should increase fertilizer for water as people increase there crops 4 is not enough when you have 8 or more crops. Same with shovels as barn increases you should give another tool shed. Don’t have so many extra game stuff 1 a month would be better too much stuff going on to keep track of.

- Door opening

Upset with zynga several times and they don’t answer. Having problems with door opening as no one ever comes in

- Freezing and poor service

Multiple problems with app freezing, poor support and will not refund me that $10 pack that they lost in resetting my account. Not recommended. -Russ

- Grandma’s Glade

I don’t normally write reviews but it seems that this company doesn’t read the reviews of their customers. I’ve played this for 20 minutes or so then got stuck on the common glitch at grandmas glade. This issue seems like a recurring issues to many people and this developer has not fix it yet. Disappointing...

- Freezing up

I am tired of my game freezing up and losing keys and seeds that I have bought.

- Great Game

I have been playing this as my #1 game for months. Extremely addictive! Just a few thoughts--items that we make often never come up so they have to be thrown away, such as the sundaes. The events are fun, but the items to make them are too difficult to get. However ... Thank You and God bless!!

- Barn capacity

It’s very frustrating not to be able to expand my barn capacity as the max has been reached l am constantly throwing away nails and locks as l have no use for them and you can’t sell them😠the boat race will not slow me to select another product to harvest or make the previous shoes completed but I can’t choose another one very frustrating

- Awful

Can’t get past grandmas glade - game needs to be fixed

- Stuck at Grandmas Glade

Regardless of what I try I am stuck at Grandmas glade, the game freezes and when it restarts it does the same thing each time


I don’t know why but there’s a special pack and it says was 29.99$ and then the deal price was 34.99 don’t get it, just trying to steal peoples money?🤨

- Was fun, now it seems pointless

Game is super fun but after the last update, now all the rewards are useless. It used to take such a long time to earn keys, now it seems impossible to earn any.

- Updates won’t finish

I have been waiting for weeks now. The last two updates will not finish. The install will not complete. Please remedy this issue. I have been playing this game for years and am about done being frustrated. I don’t necessarily want to uninstall but feel this may be the only option

- Help

Problème après la mise à jour il ouvre plus

- Love game

I love the game purchased cows with keys and says on farm but won’t let me put on farm the cozy cow ect? Please fix thankyou

- Animal Zoo

Why does it take so longTo get some separate storage with areas. First of all it took forever to get water storage. You limit our barn storage. Now you have a zoo and no storage for that and there’s like 100 or more items for the zoo I just finished throwing away 32 rakes because I had no place to storage. it’s taking up too much storage in my barn. Please get storage for this area it’s not fair I work so hard to do a good job for this game as I am a leader. I’m sure that my other people in my co-op feel the same! Oh my gosh why am I here again. The penguin thing is screwed up. It says that I have to correct my time on my device well that’s correct it automatically. My time is correct for my area. And I figure that’s probably the problem with your a game perhaps you should set your time.

- Frozen

Game was fun until the content update completely froze the game. Tried deleting app and reinstalled it but still didn’t work. Disappointed.

- Fv 2

Very relaxing and addictive but like everyone i love free gifts pls be generous 😘

- New update

The new update opens but won’t open the game just the new area for selling gigs it’s driving me crazy ,,,, fix the bugs

- FarmVille

Does matter what you suggest here..

- Great

Fun game

- Crashed

I spent time and money on this game.while I love the game it kept crashing and now for 4 days it is totally frozen. I deleted it an downloaded it again but of course have lost everything. So disappointed...

- I really like this game but I’m having major issues

I can’t get back my previous game from my Facebook account for some reason. I looked up how to fix on the frequent questions and it says the prompt to connect to Facebook will show at level 4 the prompt never shows tho. I’ve already had to restart and I tried again with someone else’s advice to delete restart phone and reinstall but it made me restart again. I really want my old progress back but at this point I’ll take the level 12, please respond with help

- Help ):

I was told to update the game and went to update it, and it won’t let me at all! and I can’t even play the game :( ive tried resetting, shutting down my tablet, turning wifi on and off its just not working .

- Just hanging

Downloaded the Game and didnt used the Key in the beginning and now its Not moving forward ! So i had to delete the game! Too bad.......cant play.....

- So frustrated

I was loving this game until I reached level 54. Now the game constantly keeps shutting off. I am tired of doing the same tasks over and over, only to loose everything, and have to restart yet again. Extremely frustrating. If this bug is not fixed soon, I’ll have to find another game.

- Beaucoup de bug

On nous propose des missions, mais sans avoir le niveau requis et bien souvent pas eu le temps d’y arriver avant la fin de l’événement

- Niveau

Je suis au niveau 64 et tout à coup pu rien fonctionne j’ai effacer le jeu pour le réinstaller et fonctionne pas plus aidez moi

- I can’t get the game to load.

I can’t get the game to load . So I can’t even play . I am very sad have been playing this for 4-5 years .

- The workers

I really like this game but something went wrong. when I send my workers to grandmother's clearing or to grandpa's pond, it works, it takes what is necessary to send them but when it's finished, I get no reward, because my workers are no longer actually send. It's a shame it would have to be sorted out.

- Crashing all the time.

Taking too long to load

- Cheaters!

Haven’t played the game in a few weeks and received an email to collect 100 keys, so I clicked the link and got the keys, but then it asked me if I wanted to download new content which I did and then the keys were gone. I paid attention to my key count before updating, so thanks for taking them away again. Also, there is way too much going on in the game. Sometimes several quests to do at once, plus the zoo now...Just let us play the game, it’s getting too much!

- Rotate structures

Epic game but you should be able to rotate structures

- Satisfied customer 😁

I LOVE FarmVille it’s literally my favourite game, I think some of the the things take to long to make but other than that I love levelling up and making things. I’m only on like level 24 but I want to unlock EVERYTHING, so I will be playing for a while. ❤️❤️❤️

- La foire agricole

J’étais premier ce matin et soudain je passe deuxième par un joueur qui a une ferme nulle.est-ce qu’il a de la triche dans votre jeu.

- Rename to Crashville

This game has gone down hill fast. The last few updates have introduced more and more crashing. Half the time it will not fully load app

- Game restarted

Good game. But won’t not sign in probably and now has restarted me from beginning

- 10/10 do not recommend

Constant glitching

- The game keep crashing

I love this game but since yesterday it doesnt open, and i cant connect to my facebook account

- The Psychic Cows Find It Relaxing

I am sad that this game lost so many users over the past few years. I play it regularly to calm my anxiety. My new Coop, The Psychic Cows, will take some time to launch because it’s hard to find other active players. However, the game events are fun. Perhaps, in a way, the game is too easy. The Psychic Cows farm generates millions. However, it’s also a great way to escape our harsh reality. My favourite feature is raising little farm animals by feeding them with other players. It’s very reminiscent of the Tamagochi era. FarmVille is an iconic game!

- Game crashed

Game opens but as soon as try to do anything it crashes. Can't do anything!

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i'm using hacks in farmville 2 country escape

Androgado Apk Mod

Farmville 2 Country Escape Mod Apk Infinito no Androgado #androgado #android #game

FarmVille 2: Country Escape 17.3.6691 Screenshots & Images

FarmVille 2: Country Escape iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape iphone images
FarmVille 2: Country Escape iphone images
FarmVille 2: Country Escape iphone images
FarmVille 2: Country Escape iphone images
FarmVille 2: Country Escape iphone images

FarmVille 2: Country Escape (Version 17.3.6691) Install & Download

The applications FarmVille 2: Country Escape was published in the category Games on 2014-04-17 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 382.02 MB. FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Games app posted on 2021-03-24 current version is 17.3.6691 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zynga.FarmVille2CountryEscape

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