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This Essential Oils Reference Guide for doTERRA® Oils is the new ultimate reference guide in the essential oil space. It has all of the best information vetted from top sources, real oil users, doctors, physicians, and medical professionals!

- We offer convenient smart search that not only lets you search by name but by anything you might be trying to find

- There are hundreds of health, wellness, and medical conditions listed in this essential oil reference guide app specific to each oil, with detailed instructions how to apply and use every oil!

- We have all the latest single and blended doTerra oils available with up-to-date information that is constantly being updated and added upon by our professional team!

- NEW Recipe section with unique recipes for using your oils! Beauty recipes, DIY diffusion blends and more to come!

- Complete catalog of single oils

- Complete catalog of blended oils

- Uses for every single Oil Product!

- Essential Oils Guide also contains application instructions, including information about auricular internal body points, digestive tract, autonomic nervous system, and the nose and olfactory system

This App is the go-to reference guide for personal, professional, and medical essential oil use. If you love essential oils than you’ll love this app!

If you’re enjoying our app we would love to hear from you in the review section!

If you have any questions or suggestions or feel like the app is missing some valuable information we would love to hear from you through email! Email us at [email protected]

Please note: This app contains general information but is not meant to be medical advice and should not be treated as such. Please consult with your doctor before starting any medical treatments.

Please note: This app is an unofficial guide designed for informational purposes only. doTERRA® is a registered trademark of doTERRA Holdings, LLC. Cloforce LLC is not affiliated with doTERRA Holdings, LLC.

Essential Oils for doTERRA App Description & Overview

The applications Essential Oils for doTERRA was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-03-09 and was developed by Cloforce LLC. The file size is 41.94 MB. The current version is 1.5.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- bug fixes and performance improvements

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Essential Oils for doTERRA Reviews


Ok but....  UTAHgeronimo  2 star

I absolutely love keeping track of which oils I have BUT!! And this is a big one to me, it doesn’t list things like “antiviral, anti inflammatory,” etc. That is really, really important, you knuckleheads! I don’t care if it lifts my spirits, I want to know what it will do to my body! I have severe allergies to things like NSAIDs and I need to know which oils will work in their place. Get to it right now and make this a really useful app and not just some New Age, feel good, phroo-phroo philosophy.


I do not recommend.  wendyann1  1 star

I was looking for an app with doterra oil recipes so that I knew how many drops of each oil I would use with the carrier oil to make blends. This app does not do that. Everything on this $6.99 app, you can get free on the doterra site. There is no way to cancel this app to get your money back once you purchase.


Organization  oils08  5 star

I like that I can keep track of my oils on an app on my phone


Not all oils listed  Ansel39  3 star

Inventory, recipes & ailments need some work


Useful  Zjuliann  5 star

Easy to use guide! Easy on the go tool

So Cal preacher's wife

Useful but disappointed  So Cal preacher's wife  2 star

The app is attractive and easy to navigate. However it is limited. It would be nice to be able to add my own recipes. It’s useful but not as thorough as I’d hoped for the price.


Cajungirl  mimi3019  5 star

The oils I have used has been very good. Still trying to figure out what some of the other oils are used for.


Excellent app  Mishachyvak  5 star

This app is easy to use. The only thing that is missing is the price for the oils. There is the PV but we need the wholesale and retail prices.


Nora-  Noriminiux  5 star

The wood box is a great way to organize my oils but most importantly the application is amazing, I would suggest adding more illnesses that people might look for, in the meantime you have the most common essential oills and you can cover any of the illnesses you might want to reir treat. Since most of your oils have a round label on top it would be nice to add some extra ones and you could mail them woth an order. Actually for you to keep your doterra intact you should have a full page mailed to each customer.


Waste of money  Char813  1 star

Doterra needs to improve this app. If I were them I would be embarrassed my name was on this.

Nat (Aus)

Not bad  Nat (Aus)  3 star

Would like to be able to add more oils and yes purchase oils from this app


Happy  Orchid35  5 star

Happy with the app. Thou the usage guide isn’t as easy as using the book. Need to know the exact name of the ailment or scroll to find it


Great app  Kizz31  4 star

Handy app especially for someone new to the oily goodness. Can’t find some of the oil blends that I have and would be good to be able to add blends I have created


Very Good App  neneyoung  4 star

I would love to be able to add more essential oil that are not listed in the single oil menu. I also would like to be able to create my own recipes. Then it would be 5. Maybe it would be helpful to be able to buy essential oils from the app as well.


👍  Wild100  4 star

Great app, is there any chance Litsea could be added to the list of oils


Rubbish  klozb  1 star

I was after an app with diffuser recipes and this indicated that it had them, but there is nothing. I’ve wasted my money and would like a refund, don’t waste yours.


Missing Oils  Bjharrington  1 star

Rubbish! Half the oils I got in my Family Essentials pack aren’t even in the app. Complete waste of money. Don’t download.


Lack of Information  Talamascus  1 star

For the money was not worth it and if we ate an advocate I think we should get all the apps for free


Unique App, But Needs More...  CarolineMia3  3 star

Clean and user friendly interface, but would be great to add your own oil blends + add oils that aren’t on the single oil list (in my case Orange and Elemi). A bit overpriced, but I’m sure the near-future improvements will make up for it :))

Mallia cyn

Excellent  Mallia cyn  4 star

This app is so great. Now it makes it so much easier to use my oils instead of just leaving them sit in the draw

Mindy Stevens

Excellent  Mindy Stevens  5 star

Lots of information


Great resource!  HeatherDCoom  5 star

I have been using this app a lot!! I have found a lot of helpful information as I continue to learn about essential oils and as my customers have questions.


BS  Lizabeth_raven  1 star

$6.99 for this app and I cant even add my own oils in the “my oils” section. $6.99 is highway robbery for this app. Needs some serious updates.


Very disappointed  EJoyL  1 star

I was hoping this app would be a guide to all the many uses of essential oils. I feel like I have wasted my money. There are very few you can reference. I had the Modern Essentials book app for free and it had so much more to offer.


Waste of money  225twins  1 star

Super disappointed with this app. Basically it just keeps track of the oils you have. No blends or recipes. Waste of money!!!!


Wrong app  epvunk  3 star

I had pulled up the modern essentials health and fitness however I forgot my password and after I changed it, it took me back to the App Store and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t the same one. I already have the physical essential oil guide book. I tried to contact the seller but you can’t because it redirect you somewhere else.


Not worth the $$  Sprecks  1 star

Sorry I spent $7 on this app. There are only 8 recipes in that section, and no way to add your own. There’s a NOTE section but I can’t see how to create a note?!? The only thing good about this app is the inventory list. Not worth the $$ Colleen D.


App  11AZchick  1 star

This apps desperately needs an up date.. I just bought this app and I need my money back. Don’t wast your money !!!! Not a new oil added.. in at least a year. And their recipe l’s are limited... VERY SAD, dōTERRA

ReVIEW Photography

Love the Idea, Needs an Update!!!  ReVIEW Photography  3 star

Please add all the 2017-2018 oils here! This is the only App I use to keep track of what I have and what I need to order. It’s really unfortunate it is now missing so many new oils. It’s hard to promote the app to my friends when the latest oils are not available here.


Not updated as promised  TiggerJTM  1 star

DoTERRA introduced new oils in September 2017. Despite stating that the app has been updated to include these new oils, it does not. I had sent a message to them around November 2017 inquiring about when the app would be updated. I was told that it would be done soon. As of February 2018 the app is still outdated. Had I known that this app’s information was not going to be kept current, I would not have purchased this app. Save your money and just go to DoTERRA’s site directly

Essential Oils for doTERRA Comments

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