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Ginger ‘… allows users to send better texts and higher quality writing’ - **Techcrunch**
Start writing better and faster with Ginger’s revolutionary writing app!

Ginger's writing app offers you a better way to write in English. Get everything you need to quickly compose high-quality text that amplifies your message, everywhere you write.
Tap into Ginger's powerful editing tools to quickly review your text for any grammar, spelling and punctuation issues with the world’s leading proofreader.

Ginger’s spell checker is like nothing you have seen before! Unlike other spell checkers, Ginger’s spell check will not interfere with your writing. Simply finish typing what you want to write, see our suggestions and choose whether you want to accept them or not. No muss, no fuss.

Try writing ‘He wants his teddy BARE’ in Ginger – see what happens! Ginger is the only writing and editor app that knows how to correct your grammar quickly and efficiently. After you have perfected your grammar with our proofreader – improve your vocabulary with our thesaurus and find new ways to express yourself.

• Advanced sentence rephrasing – Discover alternative ways to write your text.
• Personal Dictionary – Add slang, names, locations and other words for a personalized Ginger writing experience.
• US/UK dialect - Choose to express yourself with either US or UK English
• Quick share – Quickly share your text to your favorite apps.
• Translator -- Translate between more than 50 different languages.
• Contextual Synonyms and Definitions.
• Phrase of the Day – Get fun tips to spice up your English, share them with your friends!
• Text Reader – Human voice text to speech.
• Favorites – Use Ginger Cloud to sync across devices and save templates to reuse later.
• Share your text – Easily export your text to any writing or social app.
• Optimized for Tablet workflow – Special 2 pane view

Install Ginger Page writing app today and start expressing yourself better TODAY!

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The applications Page: English Grammar Checker was published in the category Productivity on 2014-03-16 and was developed by Ginger Software. The file size is 25.90 MB. The current version is 5.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

This major update contains great improvements in the following features:
• Spelling and Grammar checker
• Sentence Rephrase
• Translator

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Copy & Paste Bug  Pissitated  2 star

I’ve used Ginger in the past. Purchased the app but I’m unable to copy a word or a section. Any attempt to paste work done in Ginger in another app, brings the entire document. I’ve also had corrections bring double words. Many documents I’m unable to scroll to the bottom. Any keyboard covers the work. This happens in portrait or landscape. I had to close the app down completely and reopen it again. The time I was looking to save in editing is lost in work-arounds. I’m working on an iPad Pro 2nd Gen. This could be a bug with either the iPad or iOS 12.


The Only Text To Speech I Use  RandyB201  4 star

Ginger is the first text to speech app that I actually use. The deal breaker for all the others? They ignore punctiation and sound like a single never ending run on sentence. This makes Ginger understandable. She mispronounces some words. The way she pronounces "detention" is strange. Sometime she pronounces words like "read" wrong for the context. These errors are rare and do not make the app unusable. I find it very annoying that when I hit my power button and put my phone in my pocket, Ginger stops speaking. I believe this prroblem comes from Apple's iOS rather than the app. I have Syri set to a male voice, because a female seems so misogynistic. Ginger offer's no choice, but she is the only text to speech app I understand, so I keep her.

Don't waste my money

For beginners  Don't waste my money  1 star

This app is fine if you are in grade school, or English is your second language. It is not made for educated adults that are a little rusty with their grammar. So if you are English speaking, and are looking for an app that will check your grammar, this app is not it!


Though this helped with correction of apostrophes and commas  Hansonkids  1 star

This tools doesn’t offer help with the above. I was sure it mentioned this in the App Store. Disappointed with this purchase and lack of what it offers. You can have your iPhone do the corrections this does for free!


Absolutely a great tool and my new best app!  Omurcinar  5 star

I’ve just downloaded and used Ginger first time to polish a report I wrote. It makes magic and it works smoothly. Every section of the app works, as it promised. Even this feedback I wrote, I checked and processed through Ginger. As well, it’s a great app, it is smooth with iPad pro’s split screen function. I used it side by side with Pages and again, no problem, nothing, nada! As an ESL professional, I think Ginger became my permanent writing tool. Nevertheless, I will continue to monitor and update my review. I’m curious about those one-star reviews and why they had a problem with Ginger. For now, 5-star for the app, kudos for the developers and yes, solid recommendation for all curious prospective users. Yes, it’s worth the five bucks I spent. Go ahead and try it yourself.


Useless App  nymanhattangal  1 star

Hey developer! I can’t use this app only inside either home or work WiFi only?? I can’t us it when I’m outside with my data? It keeps saying that “No Internet Connection” Worst than my iPhone auto correct!

Dustin C.M.

Awful, absolutely horrid  Dustin C.M.  2 star

This app has the worse user experience hands down. Hardly productive and barely helpful.

sam tamimi

I don’t recommend it  sam tamimi  1 star

Wasting time


Don't buy Ginger  Dj,Getty  1 star

This app is not what you think If you use a keyboard app Use Grammarly app works great


Question  D.larae  4 star

Can this be added to iPhones keyboard?


Easy to use  Roopak007  5 star

Love the app


Great app  Cri-win  4 star


Krazy mikki

Mikki  Krazy mikki  4 star

Great app 👍🏻


Great but  Glen.s8  3 star

Why call it Ginger? I have it on my front page as it's an amazing app but I never remember what it is so I never use it, call it Ginger spell check or something not just Ginger or else I'll never use it and end up deleting it. It's the best app but not the name sorry.


Great App  BenSmellydog  5 star

Is truely worthy of a 5 star + Rating

Kittycat fung

Very helpful  Kittycat fung  5 star

Goot to buy


Terrible grammar app  Jkmgp4567  1 star

Picks up obvious spelling mistakes but no grammar mistakes- auto correct is more efficient


Absolutely love it!  Livelifesunshine  4 star

I use this app to edit my writing and it's so helpful, picking up on the details I missed and showing me other ways to write out my sentences. Granted you can't put too much text into the app as it will lag dramatically, however you can do your work in chunks so there is no problem! Get this app, work it 100%


❤️❤️  MentionTrench  5 star

Love this app! So handy on the go!


It needs more work  cgoldangeleyes  3 star

I have got a learning disability especially with spelling, grammar and writing. It doesn't quite pick up the grammar and spelling errors. It doesn't even relate to the words very much.


Not A Keyboard  Poot-Sin  1 star

Seen this app on a googled page about keyboards. This isn't a keyboard so don't get this if you want something that doesn't make you go out of your way to use it.


Ok  IamMcNair  4 star

Decent, but wished grammarly was on iPhone


Terrible!!!  Icecreamjulie  1 star

Huge waste of $3.99. Ginger for iPhone is a waste of time and money. I wanted it to work like Grammarly does on my Mac, too bad they don't have an iPhone app.


Good  Mily725  4 star

There's always room for improvement.


I don't think it is better than my iPhone's spell check  ClearlyHazed  1 star

I don't think it is better than my iPhone's spell check. It's also more difficult to edit text in the app than it is in my text message. I was hoping it was going to be more like Grammerly, but it is not as good.


Good App  milesnatl  4 star

I really like this app, I have found it easy to use.


5 stars  Backstreetsback  5 star

Happy to have this app.


great  johnnyb34443  5 star


Seeing Clearly Media

Very Good  Seeing Clearly Media  5 star

Very Good there is definitely room for improvement however it is very good

Harish Dubaguntla

Awesome app.  Harish Dubaguntla  4 star

I really like this app. I have been searching for this kind of from long time.

Abdul Qudus

Great app  Abdul Qudus  5 star

Really like this app a lot very very helpful


Excellent  HipposInc  5 star

Great app. Really help for the person who's need to improve their grammar.


Brilliant  Andrerw*1964  5 star

I love this app. I have not stopped using it for quick grammar check for my course study. Brilliant.


Brilliant  Lulu1973  5 star

Love it and brilliant


Great for writing!  Abbykk1  5 star

I love this app, it's the best app for writing stories! Gives synonyms, phrases and lets you save favourites!! Etc..,.


Easy  Psxjk  5 star

Clean,easy ,very helpful app.

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