GingerGrammar [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Ginger’s renowned AI-based Grammar and Spell Checker helps you write better and faster. It corrects spelling and syntax, based on the context of the sentence with unmatched accuracy. It fixes typing errors, compensates for lack of attention, or confusion. Useful in case of dyslexia or simply poor writing skills. Just type your text and the app will catch the vast majority of your mistakes and suggest you correction that you can validate in one click. You can then send the correct text by mail, SMS or save it.

Ginger “… allows users to send better texts and higher quality writing” - **Techcrunch**
Start writing better and faster with Ginger’s revolutionary writing app!

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
The Ginger grammar checker uses the most advanced technology combined with traditional natural language processing and grammar rules to improve your writing. The technology has been financed by over 20m$ investment and 10 year of R&D

Smart Spell Checker
Unlike other spell checkers, Ginger’s tool will correct all your mistakes in one click, while letting you ignore some of the corrections. No muss, no fuss.

Particularly efficient for real words used in an improper way : Try writing “his not the knew secretary” or ‘He wants his teddy bare’ in Ginger – see what happens!

Get inspiration from our synonym feature and test variants of your text.

Sentence Rephrasing
When possible, discover alternative ways to write your text.

Other features
• US/UK dialect - Choose a dialect, either US or UK English and get the relevant grammar and spelling corrections.
• Personal Dictionary – Add your own slang, proper names, or technical terms to your personal dictionary
• Text Reader – Human voice text to speech.
• Translator - Translate your text in 30 languages.

Most features require an internet connection.
One-time payment, no hidden fees or ads. Optional subscription to the web version.

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GingerGrammar Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes

GingerGrammar Comments & Reviews

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- 超好用!


- Rubbish app

Utter rubbish and pain to use. Would not recommend if I could get a refund I would request but I am unable to contact support. Don’t waste your money. If I could give zero rateing I would

- Perfect

Love it

- Ginger, has been a life saver for me!

I’m dyslexic and have a slight hearing problem. My brain runs a head of data entry; so I leave out words when writing. I love Ginger, it works great, so useful, I use Ginger daily. Very well done, thanks Jim Moran

- For spelling is perfect

This app is used to correct spelling more than grammar.

- Disappointed

English is not my native language, and I was looking forward to using this app. Unfortunately, I didn't find it helpful and deleted it the next day. I am using Grammarly now, and am very happy.

- Great app

Very helpful

- Top grammar check

I encourage Ginger to keep up with the nice work.

- Scott

Excellent, easy to use and helpful. I blog and am writing a book, unfortunately my grammar is not so great.However, this app has made editing much easy.

- No good can't copy paste proof

Waste of money. I am very disappointed that Apple doesn't test drives applications that are paid to ensure they work adequately. Saying it works as you type - circumventing the whole copy paste and then proof is no different to selling a motor vehicle that has no motor. Very disappointing. ☹️

- Easy to use

Love the app

- Great app


- Mikki

Great app 👍🏻

- Great but

Why call it Ginger? I have it on my front page as it's an amazing app but I never remember what it is so I never use it, call it Ginger spell check or something not just Ginger or else I'll never use it and end up deleting it. It's the best app but not the name sorry.

- Great App

Is truely worthy of a 5 star + Rating

- Very helpful

Goot to buy

- Terrible grammar app

Picks up obvious spelling mistakes but no grammar mistakes- auto correct is more efficient

- Absolutely love it!

I use this app to edit my writing and it's so helpful, picking up on the details I missed and showing me other ways to write out my sentences. Granted you can't put too much text into the app as it will lag dramatically, however you can do your work in chunks so there is no problem! Get this app, work it 100%

- ❤️❤️

Love this app! So handy on the go!

- It needs more work

I have got a learning disability especially with spelling, grammar and writing. It doesn't quite pick up the grammar and spelling errors. It doesn't even relate to the words very much.

- App

This app is wonderful.

- Simple &Useful

Simple &Useful for other language speaker just like me😆;

- Great App

This app still needs some improvement, but it is still worth getting.

- About

I like it this app

- Rubbish....

The app is pathetic. Give me my money back. My 2 year old has a better understanding of grammar.

- Excellent

It's very helpful.

- Ok, but needs work

It is an okay app, but needs a lot of work with relation to commas. I put them in everywhere to see what would happen and it didn't pick up on any of these. I also did the reverse and added in a 5 line sentence and took out all commas and full stops and it didn't recognise this either. Amazing idea but needs some work

- Mr

This is a great apps for grammar and spelling!

- Review

Amazing app. Very useful specially if you go to uni.

- Amesi333

Very good app! You will find it useful ;)

- Good job!!

Loving it

- Great app

This app is so good,useful,all in one,excellent.

- Mr

Really good app

- Mr

Really good app

- Great idea


- One of my favourite apps

Ginger is a fantastic app if you need to look up a word / synonym words for uni, work or for your own knowledge.

- Good

This app is very good for stories. I have been using it for a year now. Thanks so much!

- It does not work.

The "Review" and "Rephrase" tools is not working. The keyboard stuck with "Reviewing" progress bar but nothing happens.

- Pleased

good one.Worth downloading ..

- Just so easy to use

Great thing to use and easy as too.

- Hi

Nice software I like to see more

- Best app ever

It has really helped me and my writing recommend this app to everyone :)xx

- Ginger

Wow! This program is really working very well for my kids! It is picking up all their poor spelling mistakes! I love how it changes the words & spelling of the words as it can understand what the complete sentence is!

- Awesome

Very helpful with my grammar!

- Cool

Nice app...

- Great App!!!

It's really awesome app for English learners. Wish you all the best.

- 1st text editor app

It is the first app editor for ios. Hope working nice ^_^

- Awesome app!

Very useful app for my English writing. I like that it's all in one app for Translate, Spellcheck and dictionary

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- Awesome App!

Very helpful!💗

- 3 ★’s

3 ★’s to get rid of the pop-up asking to review the app that I just purchased... Go figure 🤨

- Awesome! Actually works with my bluetooth Apple keyboard on iPad!

I have tried other spell checker, grammer apps but fail when it comes to using my bluetooth Apple Keyboard which I use a LOT on my iPad. So the best thing is it Actually works with my bluetooth Apple keyboard on iPad! But all the functions are awesome, so helpful in so many applications. Thank You so much!

- Just beginning

Will properly rate after I’ve used it. Doing review to get rid of pop up.

- College student

Helps on college papers.

- Top notch grammar checker for iPad.

Of course, Grammarly has a keyboard for iOS — but (as far as I know) not an actual program. It’s nice to have a well-known grammar checker to fill that void.

- Love it

I only just got it but it is really helpful. Only thing I would change is for a keyboard option so it can be used in word and other programs

- Versatile

Everything you need to write and be able to anything correctly taking it to the next level in an easy platform.

- Love

Works well

- Superb

My writing has improved 10 fold because of Ginger. Learn it, then try it. You won’t be disappointed!

- Great help

Great help on little writings.

- Seriously bad

It would not even replace the “c” with “see” in the demo. It got much worse when I inserted a paragraph in to see what it would do. This app is absolutely pathetic with the replacements it suggests

- Ideal 💯

Ideal for papers and corrections

- Ginger Grammer

Love it!

- I really like this a whole lot more than a keyboard

This is helpful. I like everything about it!

- The Best!

This app is so helpful. Not only does it correct my spelling, but the best part is that it will read the content aloud to me.

- Are you happy

Only doing this because they keep making it pop on the screen every time I type.

- Kept asking to leave feedback

I couldn’t turn this ”feature” off in the settings.

- Haughney1

Love it

- Fifififi@


- Fantastic

This app is amazing! It gives me peace of mind knowing anything I type will be correct every time!

- Excellent app 👍

This is a great application.

- One of my best App ever!

Best app for mobile and desktop. Outstanding.

- This app is must have

I use this app for school

- Awesome

This is amazing for any student having trouble with writing

- meep


- App

I am not sure I like this app for this price..

- Me and you

Great app

- Skeptical at first but...

Okay so I bought this on a whim doubting it would work that well. But I’m only like 25 minutes into writing an application essay with this app and its taken my writing from pretty good to mature and formal. 1000000000% the purchase. Also I’m very impressed that there is no “$0.99/month” subscription needed. Please keep it that way.

- New download

Give me a chance to spend time with the app. gffranklin

- love it

love it

- Life saver

I just love this app for creating important properly spelled messages.

- Very pleased

This app is helpful in so many ways.

- Buggy

Extremely buggy and doesn’t work well at all.

- Useful and helpful app!

It’s an excellent tool to help any people with grammar problems.

- Love it

It making my writing better

- Great App

Very useful

- Good app

I like it

- Amazing App!

Most certainly worth the money, I love it!

- This the one!!!

It’s a great tool to have in order to write the story of your life!!!

- Homeplat3


- When in doubt

If you’re thinking about it, more than likely, something needs fixing and this app will save the day.

- I like it

I like it because it’s a good translator, but not the article spinner as I was promised.

- Newbie

Just started using it so far so good

- Nice and fast!

Nothing like being corrected on the fly

- Great


- Excellent app

Excellent app and service

- Ya it’s good

It’s good it works well. It would be cool if it could integrate with iOS

- Review Ginger

Excellent tool

- Awesome

Love this app

- Needs work

You can not cut and paste into the page! Once you write the note and check if you have it right.

- Bad.

Ginger: Doesthusbrveb wiring b orbit number. Academic type in testing out at three money Apple keyboard: Does things even work or is it just a fad type of thing that I'm testing out at the moment. You choose which you would like to work with. Also I don't know the developer and to give this keyboard full access it would be possible for it to send out my passwords etc. Nope. Back to Apple keyboard for me. D...e...l...e...t...e...

- sick


- Keyboard keeps disappearing - needs to fix bugs

I was excited about the possibility of this app, as I don't like the new ios8 keyboard that blocks text, but I was disappointed by this app as there is a glitch that makes the keyboard disappear, while one is typing. It is very annoying and generally makes the app unusable.

- It's pretty amazing but needs to be an OS wide keyboard and get the bugs fixed.

I have specific writing workflows that I don't want to break so having this keyboard in other apps would be amazing. It is currently quite buggy but I will keep working with it. Huge potential. * Rating explained: -1 bugs -1 not available in other apps

- Not Good

I tested this program. I didn't like it because it failed to find many simple errors. It works well to check spelling, but you can't rely on it for correcting grammar mistakes. Don't assume it's accurate; otherwise, you'll believe your writing is correct when it is not. Use it as a tool to get its opinion.

- Great

I like this application

- Arigatoh

I like it

- The best!

The best

- Great application


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GingerGrammar 5.6.0 Screenshots & Images

GingerGrammar iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

GingerGrammar iphone images
GingerGrammar iphone images
GingerGrammar iphone images
GingerGrammar iphone images
GingerGrammar ipad images
GingerGrammar ipad images
GingerGrammar ipad images
GingerGrammar ipad images
GingerGrammar ipad images
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GingerGrammar Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

GingerGrammar (Version 5.6.0) Install & Download

The applications GingerGrammar was published in the category Productivity on 2014-03-16 and was developed by Ginger Software [Developer ID: 822797946]. This application file size is 25.73 MB. GingerGrammar - Productivity posted on 2020-01-19 current version is 5.6.0 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions.

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