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What is myvegas blackjack – casino app? Play the Blackjack Las Vegas style classic casino app myVEGAS Blackjack -- the #1 Blackjack 21 game on App Store for free!
*** FREE CHIP GIVEAWAYS collect free chip wins throughout the day
*** BONUS WINS just for playing
*** Double or Nothing BONUS GAMES
*** Win COLLECTIBLE CARDS (CCG) by unlocking new casinos
*** CLASSIC Black jack 21 tables inspired by favorite Vegas spots MGM Grand, Excalibur, Mirage, New York New York, Aria, Circus Circus, Luxor and more
*** Multiple ONLINE CARD GAMES - vegas casino vibes like Freebet Blackjack, single-deck Black jack, Las Vegas Progressive Multi-deck free Blackjack
*** Practice your 21 skills with the dealer, collect chips and ENJOY WINNING
*** Stunning 3d GRAPHICS for the lucky vegas experience
*** SLOTS blackjack is the new favorite game
Enjoy myVEGAS Slots, my KONAMI Slots, and
POP! Slots **Play the full Las Vegas experience.
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- myVEGAS Blackjack is intended for individuals18 years and older.
- myVEGAS Blackjack does not offer real moneygambling.
- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of myVEGAS Blackjack, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains.
- Virtual chips used in myVEGAS Blackjack have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.
- Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.
- In-app purchases available.
- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of myVEGAS Blackjack, is a member of the International Social
Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at

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MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino Version 1.27.217 March 2022

With this latest release, you can now save your gameplay using Sign In with Apple instead of only Facebook. Confused by the daily reward system? Complete a bonus goal before collecting your daily reward to earn incredible bonuses. Bonuses increase with every new tier you complete (up to 5). We have also updated our app to meet the new privacy standards set out with iOS 14.5. Lastly, we have addressed several issues reported by players..

MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino Version 1.27.108 December 2021

With this latest release, you can now save your gameplay using Sign In with Apple instead of only Facebook. Confused by the daily reward system? Complete a bonus goal before collecting your daily reward to earn incredible bonuses. Bonuses increase with every new tier you complete (up to 5). We have also updated our app to meet the new privacy standards set out with iOS 14.5. Lastly, we have addressed several issues reported by players..

MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino Version 1.27.029 October 2021

With this latest release, you can now save your gameplay using Sign In with Apple instead of only Facebook. Confused by the daily reward system? Complete a bonus goal before collecting your daily reward to earn incredible bonuses. Bonuses increase with every new tier you complete (up to 5). We have also updated our app to meet the new privacy standards set out with iOS 14.5. Lastly, we have addressed several issues reported by players..

MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino Comments & Reviews 2022

- Truth!!!

Ok, 1st of all some of these reviews are ridiculous. The only pop-up adds that they have are for purchasing chips (never during a hand), you can click on the free chips button & you’ll have to watch a 15-30sec add (these are the only adds). myVegasBJ links through FB to there other games myVegasSlots, myKonami, & PopSlots. The only time i lose 5-10hands in a row are while the 2x loyalty is running & im pretty sure my connection wasn’t the best. I play for the loyalty (gold) coins, since that is what’s link through FB, playing chips don’t link they’re only for each site. They don’t do very many updates on this game so i collect and move to the next game. You can purchase rewards here, but personal preference, I would purchase on myVegasSlots. The guy who said he purchased power tools must have this site mixed with another. Never seen power tools, sunglasses, stuff like that. Its 90% stuff that has to do with Casinos (Free/MatchPlay, %off restaurants/rooms, even comp rooms, spa’s, shows, etc.) 100% truth, no lies, decent game, not a waste of time if you play the other games as well.

- Not accurate and some ads are scams.

I’ve been playing this app since October. One of the ads, SaleCB where I wanted to buy a of Dewalt and Milwaukee power tools. Couldn’t find a way to cancel the order and had to dispute it with my credit card company. Got my money back. Then received two small packages in the mail with same tracking numbers for the power tools. The packages contained a pair of counterfeit Rayban sunglasses and the other had a cheesy chrome plated ring I didn’t order either. The card game goes through times where you can’t win for losing, then it reverses where you win more than you should. Blackjack should come up about every 21 times and is more frequent and a hand with 16 busts more often than not. Also, it loses its network connection a lot and has to restart itself in the middle of playing. Very aggravating because you have to wait for it to reset. I only play for the points because they have pretty good comps at the hotels. Don’t use it if you want more accurate probabilities and play. Thank you. Update: they’ve made it worse. During play they interrupt you and hit you with an ad so you have to wait until it’s finished before you can start playing again. This more for marketing than for actually playing the game. Not worth it for the time spent. I’m going back to my other app Real Black Jack, which it’s a whole lot better for learning and playing. It’s accurate and awesome with a few ads that don’t interrupt your game. Thank you

- So Far So Good

Been playing about a month and I enjoy the game however I noticed a pattern in Blackjack on most of the tables, it’s shady Because I seen the exact same results depending on my betting and how many tables played at the same time. Worst of all I hit a string of dealer n myself totaling 7 or 8 blackjacks in a row and I was on single deck which made no since. I am heading to Vegas in 2 days so that is why I downloaded this app n Slots so we will see if I can cash in gold which sits right around 45k but I have spent a lot of time on this game so I hope it has not been a huge waste of time. Updates Need to fix the algorithm that allows the decks to be shuffled Randomly each and every time or at least cycle through 10 to 20 times if possible before jumping back to a shuffle you absolutely know is exactly like a previous game you played and I do know you can hit streaks but the dealer hits the same steaks but at a more frequent pace. I can go into detail after playing another week but if I see the same results on specific scenarios I’ll be sure to change review accordingly so give it a try but do not spend any real hard earned cash on this app.

- NOT a waste of time

As someone who visits Vegas often, playing this game and the others partnered with it for a couple of minutes a day while waiting on something or trying to kill time is not only fun... but it's totally worth it because the points add up to awesome vouchers to use when I visit Las Vegas. It's easy to pickup and use these vouchers when vacationing, it doesn't impose on anything you have planned most vouchers are good for 90days, and customer service is very accommodating and friendly, my buddy goofed up on his scheduling for the free hotel stays, we didn't find out until at the check in desk, he was able to call M-Life (the people in charge of vouchers, etc.) they handled it right there at the minute no problems. So playing playing video blackjack or slots on your phone actually does have a pay off other than being able to ignore your surroundings.

- Would totally recommend if you plan on traveling

So, this app is great if you plan to go to Vegas or any other big casino, all you do is use your chips & play games & then win free stuff, you can win discounted rooms, free rooms, food & drink credit, attraction discounts, etc. This came in so handy when my bf & I had planned a trip to Vegas, we got 2 restaurant coupons & got our room at a discounted rate! It’s awesome, the only ads you watch are those that you CHOOSE to watch for more free chips. You can buy chips if you want but it’s not required.

- Not my favorite but still play

This is not my favorite Vegas game but I still play for the rewards. Idk why I still play for the rewards because half of the ones I want and have loyalty points for are sold out. Some times I think they don’t even have it they just post it and write sold out. It says you could win a Vegas trip and win things within the app but no one showed who won the trip or whatever. I never really bought coins because when I did in the past I lost it all in a few seconds due to the odds of beating the dealer is slim to none. Shaq basketball is rigged. It says it’s slaps the dealers hand at 20 and I’ve had multiple times it never slapped it when it had 20. Not to mention I still don’t know how to play the basketball when you get 21. They never make it in the goal. The more places you unlock the harder it is to win. You can have 21 on all hands and the dealer will have 21. I have had 12 multiple times and always busted. While the dealer has 4 and can pull 5 different cards and still not bust. Maybe you can fix this. They had a showing in Vegas for the game I never knew about. I wish they would make this more easier for people who don’t live in Vegas. I live in Louisiana and I still get no rewards that I want to buy due to its always sold out. Smh!

- Fun but diminishing rewards are frustrating

I enjoy blackjack and this game allows me to earn free rewards in Vegas so it makes it even better. My issue is over the past month every time I level up my daily free coins are diminishing. I was receiving 10,000 every 4 hours then it went down to 7,000 then 6,000 and now it is down to 2,000 every 4 hours. It is hard to play the game without pushing a bunch of money into it if this keeps happening. Every once in a while I will receive a larger amount but that is inconsistent. It is frustrating that leveling up is costing me my bonus. I don’t want to put a bunch of money in to the game because then it makes the rewards worthless and then I won’t play or travel there. I just use this game to mitigate costs on a couple things when we are there and now that will become difficult to do.

- Collectibles are dumb daily bonuses

This game used to rule. What happened to spinning a wheel for daily bonuses to earn chips and gold coins. Now you get a useless collectible card. If you’re lucky you can get a 2x bonus which builds gold coins quickly and lasts for 15 minutes. But even that has a catch...level up 5 times and your 2x bonus cashes out into coins. What is even the point of that? I won’t deny that the odds are in the favor of the casino. But that’s always the case. There are bad beats in this game but that’s real too. There are times when I have won big and got crushed. If you are getting beat down, close the app and play later. When you’re hot...keep going. It’s all about feel. Bring back the bonus wheel. Collectible cards are pointless. I’ve collected them all.

- Dealer odds are incredible in this game.

I was a dealer for many years and never did I have the odds these dealers do. But keeping in mind this is just a game... it can be a decent time killer.... if all you need to kill is about five minutes. Because that is how long it takes this game to take all of your “coins”. I refuse to spend real money on this one. I will however, spend real money on some of the other games they have out, like Pop. It’s fun and sometimes you actually hit a big win.... sometimes mind you. It is a game. A casino game. If anyone is playing a casino game expecting to win.... a.) go be a dealer. You will Learn very quickly that only the dealer ever really wins and b.) Take a class on business. You will learn why there is a casino on every street corner where it’s legal. They make money. Not because they pay but because people like us think that they do. :) good luck and have fun peeps!

- They need to fix this game

I’ve been playing for a long time now and it was a good game. Living on Long Island I started going to ResortsWorldNYC because of the $100 reward at their steakhouse. It’s not enough that their machines are so rigged for you to lose, now 5e reward available is $75 but you have to spend a minimum of $150 to use it. On top of that this game has gotten so bad, never mind that game play gets interrupted for ads that no one is interested in, but to lose about $350 million in chips over a very short time is ridiculous. The dealer gets blackjack or doesn’t bust an overwhelming amount of times. My hand will bust most of the time when you play by the book. If I get 20 on all three hands at max bet, almost guaranteed that dealer will pull a 21. I’m going to stop playing for a while then check back to see if they can address this issue. If not, I will play anywhere else.

- Good game, needs work

Overall a good game, easy and quick to play. A few inconveniences however that make this game a sore, hopefully some constructive feedback. First the dealer gets blackjack entirely way too often. About every 1 out of 3 ace up cards. Second, the network connection keeps dropping in the middle of hands, and i know I’m not the only one to experience this. Third, the ads are broken, I can’t skip using the skip button, and when the ad is completed, there is no close button, and the skip button still doesn’t work at this point. The first issue is tolerable, the second issue is annoying, and the third makes the game very annoying to play, as I continually have to force close the app and reopen to continue playing.

- Painful

I’m not sure how this app received a 4.7 out of 5 review by anyone. It is glitchy, inconsistent, and now offers advertisements in the middle of play. What I love is when I watch an add only to have the app crash and I don’t get my chip credits for watching it. It’s like going to a time share pitch and not getting my show tickets. It used to be that you could watch an add to gain 5,000v or chips, but on my iPad I fairly get that opportunity and after 5 or 10 minutes in room adds are forced on you. Most of the time I leave this app feeling frustrated and taken advantage of. I know it’s a Vegas app, and they are generating income off of it in order to “pay” you with the discounts. But let me watch the adds and make my tiny 5,000v. Also, build a realistic blackjack algorithm. Loosing all the time does not make me want to come back.

- Bonus update needed

I don’t understand that card that pops up in the bonus boxes instead of coins. When revealing the boxes it shows coins or 2x but never a card but when choosing a box you NEVER get coins, you get a card that I have no idea what it even is. Please fix to start giving coins. Also, been playing forever and am update on the amount of coins for watching the bonus videos would be great. Even if only by 100 to make it 2500 instead of 2400. This is still my least favorite of the 4 My Vegas games but I’ll keep playing as long as I have chips. Payouts when playing have decreased dramatically. I had built up to over 5 million coins and I’m down to about 600,000 because payouts have decreased so drastically. Hoping for update soon.

- Worse odds than the casino? This game is rigged

Ashamed to admit I spent money on chips because I heard spending a bit can get you better comps in Vegas. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I can tell you that the game is absolutely rigged. What are the chances of the dealer getting a 4 card 21 when all 3 of my hands are 20? What are the chances of me *always* getting an ace or a 2 when I double down on 11? You will see the same patterns repeated over and over. I don’t expect to win all the time, but it’s not even fun to play when you’re playing against a computer that is so obviously cheating. I’ve learned my lesson and won’t spend another dollar. Looking for a blackjack app that has similar odds to real-life games. This is not it.

- Easily MyVEGAS’ Best Mobile Offering.

MyVEGAS Blackjack is a stark contrast to their three slot-related mobile games in that you can earn gold at a reasonable pace. Moreover, the odds seem to be about as fair as one would hope (if not slightly better even / in the player’s favor). All in all, it’s pretty fun! Plus the real-world rewards provide a solid additional incentive to keep you coming back (without the *need* to exchange real money for in-game currency — this is something that I especially appreciate).

- Rigged, poor programming

So I’ve used this app for about 6 months and it’s clear portion of the App are not random. When you launch the game each day, they give you the choice to select from 3 presents. Initially, I would regularly win a money prize. Now that I have near $10M in chips, I bet it’s been over 100 times without winning a money prize a single time. 90% of the time, I get a free card and rarely I get the bonus XP prize but I never win the cash prize. Also they send you an email that says here are 20K free chips. Most of the time now when I click on this, I don’t get the bonus. It’s hard for me to determine if the actual game play is rigged or not, but if the other parts of the game are any indication, I wouldn’t bet that they’re not rigging the game play as well.

- This game is completely rigged SMH

The computer that regulates the decks is a complete farce!!! Every single time the dealer will turn a face card and or 10. So when you are dealt three hands you will receive lower numbered cards, this making you draw another card!!! Exhibit A dealer turns its usual face card one will assume there is an 8-9-10 - facecard or Ace in the hole. The dealer never has less than an 18 never!! Only time dealer loses is when it busts!?? Back to my three hands I’m delivered a a 10 and a two = 12 I shot you not if I draw I receive a face card or over at 22 I have also learned not to draw if I have 13 showing as a 10 or face card is pulled again giving 23 happens 95% of the time. Rigged yes. Dealer will even find a way when you pull 3 hands of 20 to push with a 20 of its own or loss with a 21 and will pull up to 6-7 cards to do it. Rigged yes!! I can never ever pull that many cards if I pull 3 I’m over 95% of the time!!! Game has gotten disgusting done with it and it’s inability to play at a level to hold an interest!!! Like they say “ even when they say it’s not about the always is” DON’T BUY THOER CHIPS!!!!!

- Very close to real BJ in LV

After playing this game for several hundred (thousands maybe) hands it is the best simulator I have found for being in a casino. I play single deck, standard rules. If I lose three hands in a row, I quit the game and reload the app which simulates moving to another table/casino. I have a specific betting strategy that I use as if I were at a real BJ table. If you are new to the game, this will be a great beginning without any risk.

- The Game Literally Cheats!

So when you win a hand, the game offers you a double or nothing “Shell Game”. If you don’t know, its the game that has three shuffling cups hiding the ball. Out of curiosity, I decided to screen record the game to watch in slow motion and just as I expected, the game was rigged although I picked the correct cup multiple times. Also, while playing blackjack I noticed the game needs some time to load while hitting or doubling my hand which makes me think the game is trying to calculate a loss or win and a lot of the times the game plays out ridiculously, either the dealer always has 20 or they don’t bust often while I am always dealt 12s-15s lol

- The most fun of the 3

Between slots, bingo, and blackjack I prefer this game the most. It has its runs of good and bad luck but at least the play is consistent and the old strategies work to keep things alive until the next level or daily bonus. Whenever I bottom out my credits in the other two games I come back to Blackjack to practice and hone my playing skills. I hope this doesn’t change.

- I’m very skeptical. This game is most definitely worth the time. No money needed

I have hated these games until I found these 4 Real Vegas Rewards games. Konami slots, Vegas Slots, pops lots and of course Vegas Blackjack. They all are legitimate and your rewards transfer in those 4 games. My vacation is now paid for, I have a 7 day comp Room and free food for the entire week now plus bottomless drinks. My wife is working on our show tickets and other items. Trust me Play These 4 games.

- Beware!! May become Addicting! Love PlayStudios!

I love everything about this app but my favorite has to be that it’s made by PlayStudios! You can link your POPSlots, MyKONAMI AND MyVEGAS all together and rack up VIP Points quick and easy! It’s really refreshing to have a game app that’s not completely mind numbing! The feature that allows you to choose the speed is phenomenal! I highly suggest playing; of course Along with all the apps by PlayStudios! You get real rewards that WORK!!

- Blackjack Already Isn’t Fair...

But the programming of the game will soon be unveiled to yourself after seeing how often the dealer get 20-21. Once you start betting even 25-50k per hand it’ll be a BJ once every 5 hands for the dealer and RARELY even being anything other than at the least 19 for them as well while the player consistently get 14-15 almost every time. Programmed to have less odds than real BJ which is understandable YET this is programmed to a MUCH further extent to be less fair than real BJ to the point it is unacceptable. Other than that when bidding extremely low it is fun as it is much more manageable and realistic.

- Upset

I have played MyVegas and other games of the company for many, many, many years. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in the games. I had hundreds of thousands of points to redeem for real in-life rewards in Vegas. Earlier this year, my Facebook was hacked and deleted permanently and I had to start a new one. EVERY single other slot company has reinstated my old account and linked it to my new Facebook ID and UDID. MyVegas (PlayStudios) refuses to work with me in regaining my paid, with paid for rewards, account. I’m disappointed, and if it can’t be fixed there’s zero reason to ever play these games. Especially if you pay money to gain real prizes.

- They stack the deck..

They let you build up 100k then they systematically take it from. I know the odds of the house getting 21 every 6 hands and they always beat your 19 with a 20 even if they get it from 2s and 4s. I am playing 3 hands at a time and I get 21 every 19th to 30th hand bs they are getting 21 much more often only playing 1 hand. The gifts you get are weak at best and I guarantee you will have to spend money to get any of the other perks. They will make sure you lose if you don’t. I also tracked the first 5 hands from the dealer the first time I play each day and they are always 20,21,20,19,20. They rarely bust.. maybe 1 out of 20 hands. Don’t waste your time.

- Amazing

Did a 1 star review last week complaining about the app not allowing me to log in with apple ID when all the other apps allow me to do so, and although i have used the app for over a year i finally wrote that review and only 1 week later it was updated. Thank you for listening, 5 stars well deserved.

- My Vegas Blackjack

When you play low limits it is a reasonable game of blackjack. When you get up to $1 million per hand the game changes dramatically. The dealer will get a blackjack followed by drawing to 21 two or three times in a row and then you push and then another push and then another dealer BJ. They have over 60 more BJ then I do. I went from $49,000,000 to zero playing 1 million per hand. Very conservative. I would get 10 to 12 losses in a row. I haven't tried the rewards yet, every time I'm in Vegas the buffet I want is sold out or not available.

- Odds aren’t real

Don’t buy chips to play this game. You will end up paying more in chips than if you paid for a trip to Vegas. The rewards in this game are a let down and the odds are even worse than real life odds. The play free part of the game isn’t free. They give you barely enough chips to play and you still lose because of the horrible odds and then you’re prompted to buy chips. It’s actually funny. Don’t be a dummy and buy chips. The other three games are ok at winning rewards but the odds on those seem to be decreasing so I will quit those too when it becomes pointless and vacation somewhere worth it with my own money.

- Nothing special

The only update this game has had in the four years since Shaq showed up is a new pop-up advertisement. BJ tables make you feel you’re playing vs an extra advantage computer. The same 2 slots forever. And you collect what? 5,000 chips every 2 hours. Takes me two months to save up enough for any kind of chance at winning. You don’t earn loyalty points quickly. You get what? More chips for every 5 levels. It’s trash. Everything about this neglected MyVegas game is trash. Doesn’t even have a daily bonus counter like MyVegas and Konami. There’s nothing fun about this game at all. I collect out of habit

- You can earn REAL comps

Ok first let’s start with the good news. Yes you earn real comps to MGM properties, discounts on rooms, free food credits, free play. The bad news is, the game is set up for you to lose. Bust hands turn into 20’s or 21’s, dealer will have blackjack over 30% or more of time when you unlock higher level rooms. This is to try and make you buy chips, DO NOT BUY CHIPS!!!! Just watch ads if you are low. Be aware though the ads will try and get you to download some apps, just exit out and take the chips. Also playing very aggressive and sometimes stupid will earn more points and chips. This app is frustrating but the comps are real, I used them for a three night stay at Park MGM and got the room for half price and a free dinner.

- Not a fair or accurate game

I play this game for fun, but I’d never pay money for chips because it’s not a fair game. The algorithm appears to changes as you play, sometimes in the player’s favor, sometimes to favor the dealer. There can be long runs of cards that are to say the least, “statistically improbable.” I guess it’s fine to play if you want to kill time, but I would not recommend investing any real money into this game. Also, don’t think this is a good game to practice your Blackjack skills, it’s not a good approximation for real life Blackjack.

- Reason for Existence

Never forget the reason this app exists in the first place, it is here to get you to buy chips with your real money. Vegas exists to get you to buy chips with your real money. But at least there you have an odds chance. Not so much with this app. I have bought many thousands of dollars of real chips in Vegas, I have won many thousands back, I have lost many thousands as well. BUT AT LEAST I HAD A CHANCE! You have no chance at all of winning with this app. It is NOT blackjack. It is a chip selling machine and that is all. Luckily, it has not cost me a penny to learn this. Do not let it cost you....

- Wow!

So I’m 22 and this app is everything for fun Vegas trips, I first used my rewards this last summer when taking a trip with my boyfriend and I was really weary about if it’d work or not, they 100% work and it gets connected to your MLife account. 10/10 would recommend! I got a discounted room and a free buffet, now I’ve worked up to a complimentary room at almost every hotel, this app is amazing.

- Nancy Duffy

Every time this program offers incentives, no matter what icon I pick I am only offered a playing blackjack card or so many minutes to receive 2x points. I no longer receive the option via this or when I receive an email text to procure additional chips. Clues as to why? Thx

- Just play slots instead

I really love myVEGAS and I think it’s a great concept to give real rewards. But this app really confuses me. Blackjack is one of my faves but wow the dealer on this game just has it made. It’s rare to win big or consecutively, I used to get irritated but now it’s just laughable. So computer generatedly unfair but hey, it’s just a game right? Second, myVEGAS has a ton of slot games so why is this a blackjack app with slots included? This app is kinda like the ugly sister of the family compared to all the other myVEGAS games. I think it used to be a lot more fun but not my cup of tea anymore.

- Fun but glitchy

Overall a good game. Dealer has a tendency to get 21 an unrealistic amount but you do win enough to make up for it. Only thing that really irritates me is that when it asks if you want to insure a hand and you hit skip it makes you stand with your hand. I was forced to stand with a 7 and again with a 12. Really? Also the triple or nothing ball in a cup is a waste. Don’t bother trying it.

- Vegas Pre-Game

Awesome way of receiving reward for little effort if you can fight the urge of spending money and rack up the free gifts over time you be able to reach your goal of earning the free reward from discounted prices at hotels to earning free meals or even cocktails drinks what are you waiting for jump on this app to give your self that extra spark on your Vegas trip you won’t be disappointed

- Easily Playstudio’s Worst App

The game is beyond rigged. BEYOND RIGGED. You almost can’t win any collectible cards as the dealers hand is always 1 more then the hand that has the collectible card. The EXP gain is suuuper slow, especially if you’re a low level with very little chips. Like every Playstudio app, they almost force you to buy chips with consistent pop ups to buy chips. Now, blackjack doesn’t have as much as the other ones, but you almost have to buy chips if you want to get fast LP and exp. This app is barely used and I see why it only has 8,000 reviews. Rigged

- Get loyalty points fast

Watch ads and build up your playing coins. Play one hand, Make big bets like 50,000. This will get you loyalty points fast which you can use on rewards like free rooms. You don’t pay tax on free rooms but you may have to pay the resort fees which are very little. Well worth playing for! Just be smart and play smart like I mentioned above.

- Awesome!

When I first downloaded these games I was skeptical on if redeeming the rewards would be real. But I played the games and racked in the loyalty points. I just got back from Vegas and got some amazing deals redeemed! It was awesome!! Can I add 5 more stars? Lol My only negative is that it’s been kind of glitchy the past two weeks or so, but I was still able to play and get points.

- No pay to win

The game is awesome. All different variations and takes on blackjack that keeps it fresh and fun to play. What really gave it that fifth star for me is that you didn't HAVE to pay to keep playing. Even if you run out of coins, you can watch videos and various other things to get enough to keep going. Thanks guys!

- Dishonest

I have multiple devices. They have different credits. The casino gives different rewards for different devices. The one I have 50,000 credits when pressed reward would show 200,000 points for 2 complementary nights but the one I have 1,500,000 points reward, it only shows to qualify for for a drink of 10,000 points or dinner for 40,000 points. When you don't have enough points, it shows you higher points to qualify for complementary rooms but it does not show complementary rooms when you actually qualify. Don't waste your time to qualify for complementary room.

- Used to be better

Why does the game keep crashing after this new update? Also I agree with another reviewer, I wish that like the other partner games that the hourly bonus was bigger. I generally only get 2k for every 2 hours. Also I used to be able to get the gold loyalty coins as my daily or hourly bonuses, but now it's not possible to get coins unless if you keep playing. AND yes, like another reviewer said, the dealer tends to get a ton of BJs against my good hands and that's BS!

- Why not use real odds?

The algorithm used in this game is ridiculous. When playing at a high level like 500,000 per hand, the odds change dramatically. My last 30 hands played saw the dealer hit 2 blackjacks (not bad by itself), draw to 21 7 times, 20 11 times and bust just twice. Dealer gets a face card 90% of the time. Like others have said it doesn’t matter how you play- when it’s time to win you’ll win. When it’s time to lose you’ll lose. I would buy chips if the odds were real.

- Free hotel rooms

You can earn gold coins in many different ways. Those gold coins act like real money to buy a hotel room, free buffets, drinks, cruises, etc. it’s not a fast process, but with time, you can earn many possible prizes. Might as well since it’s a free game where you can win “real” prizes. It’s stupid not to download these games for free stuff.

- FUN to play, easy to win

Realistic game that is fun to play. You earn coins that can be redeemed for prizes in Vegas. The one thing I’ve learned is don’t be afraid to bet high. Seems like when I play with the minimum bets I tend to lose but if I bet high I tend to win in the long term, plus the rewards add up quicker! I don’t like to gamble in real life at a casino but here it’s fun.

- Ok

Ive been using this app for quite a while. Blackjack is fairly boring, slots are ok, but limited. My biggest complaint is how slowly one can progress through levels, and the daily bonus points award - or chance for a reward. Their terrible. Wait a day to guess for a card, or double x win points. It takes a wee just to collect points for playing. The only reason I play is because it contributes to my vegas point collecting. 😕

- Horrible customer service

I went to cash out a reward finally after years of saving points. When I did so the email had someone else’s name as the person cashing out. It’s a person I never heard of. They claimed a reward was cashed out in 2015 at Palace Station. I never visited Vegas in 2015 let alone cash out a reward. After multiple attempts all they tell me is to read the terms for the game. I know the terms but it’s a mistake on their end. Now I have over 1,000,000 of reward points that are completely useless.

- Luckiest Dealer of All Time!

Kept track of my hands and out of 25 hands I won 2. I don’t know who created the algorithm to this game but losing 90% of the time isn’t how you create a long time player. My dealer was pulling 20’s and 21’s consecutively. I’m all for him winning but c’mon now there’s a limit to how much good luck one person can have. I play around 100 real hands a month and I don’t think I’ve ever been swept under the rug like that. Could of had a long term player but I’ll be deleting the game the same day I downloaded it.

- Fixed value before choosing

Until I played this game I did not believe a designer of an app could remove all choice from a gambler. Once a day this game purports to allow a player a choice of three to get a points windfall, but actually is able to assign a non-winning non-optimal outcome ahead of time to whichever of the three is picked. I've played this game for many months but have not chosen the correct choice despite choosing the same one for weeks. Hardly conclusive but I just don't trust this game. If there is no trust, there is no hope.

TransferWise 💸

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- Better than the average blackjack

Really love the Myvegas blackjack app - the bonus features make it so much more exciting than other blackjack apps and love that I am earning real time rewards for my LV Holiday next year!

- Horrible! 0 Chance!

Basically the dealer gets 21 almost every hand. Unless you bet very very low, then you have a chance. If the dealer doesn’t get 21, he will get higher than your hand every time or you bust! Apple support - please please remove this deceptive app!

- Terrible!

Be careful when u open the gift box if u link the app with fb and u happen to pick 2xp for 15mins and decide to play be prepared to lose all your chips, deleted!

- Great rewards

Games are good, and rewards for playing free games is a good draw card.

- Support is TERRIBLE!

I am unable to connect to FB and have tried the suggestion provided by support on the FB page. I emailed support for help and they replied with a generic email providing the exact same suggestion without actually reading my email. I replied to the email saying that their suggestion didn't work for me and to please actually read my email which also stated that I lost credits which also needed to be rectified. Again, they replied with the same generic response. I emailed them yet again and have yet to hear back from them. Not only does the game not function properly, but you will never receive support for any issue you encounter. I have tried to contact them via both email and through FB but to no avail. Thanks for caring!

- Good value for time and money

It's a free game that you can win real rewards with. I've been playing for about a month and haven't spent any of my own money but have won enough points for some great prizes! My only complaint is that it could have some better "special" games within the blackjack games.

- Love it

Easy to do and makes you coming back for more

- Lost my Status level and credits with update :(

I used to Enjoy playing Blackjack with this App. However since the last update I've been unable to connect to Facebook and I have lost all my credits and status level. Been trying for days to link to Facebook but no luck :( removed and reinstalled app but still the same.

- Love it

I love this game ... It's a great time waster and I have had no problems .... Can't wait to get to Vegas to cash some gold coins in

- Fun game

Very entertaining game to play, graphics are some of the best I've seen on an iOS blackjack game.

- Best blackjack app yet !

Good graphics. Quick reload with funds and shak Jack level is awesome

- Carol

Great games and user friendly ie doesn't cost a lot

- LikeItLots

Great way to pass an hour in the waiting room

- Great

Saving up points for when I go to vegas

- Fantastic app

Great and easy to play. Easy to get rewards.

- Great game

Enjoying this little game. Graphics are good and the winnings are fair.

- Fun app

Having a great time playing

- Great app

Having fun good little game

- Dont

New update makes game unplayable by not giving you any chips. You could download the worst rated game on the store and it be better than this new version. Avoid.

- Not connecting with facebook

I'm disappointed this app since the last apple update can't connect with facebook and lost all my points

- To small of bonus

Not a bad game just u only get to play for 3 minutes a day

- Really bs!

The amount of 21's and 20's the dealer gets is like 80%. Bonus play cash is low and blackjack is super rare. Other blackjack game that's free is a lot better and makes u win which is enjoyable!

- Blackjack

Great gamed good to have it linked with other Vegas game

- Good fun

Love the real rewards concept

- Fun

Easy breezy fun to play


DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Ever since update no free chips hourly or daily - everything costs money and it is definitely not worth it!!! They ruined a great app!!

- Blackjack

It's ok I'm enjoying my self

- Addictive

Such an awesome game with great rewards

- Top game

Really nice game

- This app gave me an erection! I am so erect!!!

- this rules

this is the best blackjack app out

- Sweet

Cool game earns reward for your stay at vegas

- Great game.

Great game. Fun to play.

- Nice game

Very good!

- Woot woot

Great game, great rewards.

- Blackjack

Good app

- love it best blackjack app

love it best blackjack app

- Cool

Top notch

- Cool

Game ever

- Doug

Love it.

- Good


- Good

I like

- 100% bust

Worst black jack game. Guarantee to bust out every hand-especially 13,14,15. Dealer gets black jack every 2nd hand.lost 200k in 30mis at 1k bets

Payoneer 💰

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We went on a trip to Vegas! This app was amazing for the perks we got when there! It is also a very fun app! Great idea!

- Great game!

Lots of fun to play! You get rewarded with gold. Which you can use towards buffets, shows, etc. 👍🏼

- Fun!

I like playing Blackjack and this is a way to do that and get some points. I wish the rewards each day were bigger though!

- Rewards are real

I started on my first trip to Vegas. I’ve gone 3 times now and I redeemed buffet at circus circus 🎪 I enjoy it there, also a ticket to Chris Angel the magic show. They work the rewards. Redeem (accept and print) outside of Vegas though to use when you get to Vegas as it’s not allowed for Vegas residents.

- Fun

Enjoying the games

- Fun

Very very fun

- The worst of MyVEGAS games

The adds and pop ups are so constant that it’s only fun to play once a year. Fewer jackpots now. When it first came out it was OK but now it’s painful

- New Daily Bonus System Sucks

The new daily bonus system is horrible making it way too much work to get free coins just to play. Uninstalling app after being a faithful daily player for 4 years.

- This App WAS Great

I loved this app, until they recently changed the way you get bonus chips. It makes the game way less fun, and harder to play. So frustrated because this was my favourite app, and I don’t even play it now.

- Max level

I reached 500 over 2 years ago When are new levels coming

- Fun to play

Lots of challenges if you want, or just play. Blackjack takes the perfect amount of time when you’re playing on your phone in the bathroom

- Used to be great

It used to be great getting gold coins, now they cap me out. I only play less than 10 hands, and they lock me, so I have to wait 24 hours to be able to receive coins, just to play the 10 hands... and so on..

- Liers and Cheats!

They offer special promotions and never follow up with what they offer! And when you ask to see your history to show them they are wrong they tell you “this conversation is over!” Over for them! I’m willing to get a lawyer and make this a big thing! Please let me know if you have had the same problem

- Too Many Ads

myVEGAS recently added ads to their Blackjack app making it much less appealing. To make matters worse, many of the ads have no close button, they only direct you to the App Store. To get back to the game you need to close the app and restart it!

- Ad Freezes Play

You get to play for a few hands and then you get ads. Every so often the ad freezes and you have to go out and reset the game and then go back in to continue play

- Limits

If you are obsessed with BJ and play a lot the bonus for play no longer functions. Otherwise a great experience. Please adjust the game for dedicated players.

- Fun but Freezes a lot!

Game freezes a lot.

- Not fun enough for that...

Constantly interrupted by ads that boot me out of the app so annoying.

- Why ruin this?!?

Again; this app was a fun way to build up comps for a trip to Las Vegas our just waste a few hours playing. It is now full of max volume ads that appear at random and crash the app. What a waste as this was quite fun!

- Good but....

Need to up the maximum bet.....a lot.

- Advertising right in the middle of the game sucks.

When we are playing blackjack ads pop up right in the middle of the game. This is relatively new. Hopefully it stops.

- Awesome game

Love the rewards!!

- 👍🏻


- Shaq Jack

Watch out while playing shaq jack. Started wining and 8 hand in a row when dealer busted went to a shaq jack push lost out on all those coins.

- Easy to play and pay

Easy and fun game, keep playing to get those rewards. I am not on Facebook so I will write a review when I go to cash out for a reward and if it is a hassle or not.

- Awesome

Best app ever

- Love the game

Love the game but my daily bonus is not being applied to my total. It looks like it is applying the 20000 points but it actually does not increment the figure. This has been happening for months not. I am sure I am down millions of points due to this

- Fun...but lost all progress

I’ve been enjoying this app, but recently it started to crash. Started loading it, it stops loading, then my phone goes back to the home screen. I deleted it, reloaded it, opened it, connected to my FB, and it’s as if I had never played it. Took me back to square zero.

- Top shelf

So good when you are on ambien

- Black Jack


- Second app

Love this one tooooo!!!

- MyVEGAS Blackjack

Such a fun series of games ! I love Vegas and I love the rewards. I just got back from Vegas and will be Saving my comp and rewards to come back :). 5 stars!!

- Fixed!!!!!

Don’t spend real money on this game.

- Why no coins on daily bonus

It’s a fun game to play and have had this app for a long time. For quite some time I NEVER get coins when collecting the daily gift. Why would this happen?

- Love Blackjack

Great and fast rewards. Looking forward of redeeming it.

- Not happy

The game caps your rewards points winnings after level 500

- Freezes

Whenever I try to play circus circus my phone freezes. It’s when The collectible elephant on a ball card pops up. It’s annoying and I can’t enjoy the game or play. Fix this.

- The worst of their games

There is nothing random about the dealing. If you play all three hands against the dealer, and play by the norms of when you are supposed to hit and hold depending on the dealer’s cards, you will lose all 3 hands 7 out of 8 times. You are much better off with the other myvegas games. If you are someone who finds cheating infuriating this is not the game for you.

- Super fun

Great game and great rewards....LOVE IT!!!

- Keeps crashing

Game crashes every 2 minutes/. Litterally

- App sucks

I get kicked out of the app and have to restart every 3 bets. So annoying. This bug needs to be fixed or I’m done with this app!,

- Excellent

Fun game, easy to earn rewards

- Awesome!

I’m loving this game! Also the rewards you can get are major bonus!

- Obtain rewards before going to Vegas

I enjoy this game and played for months before going to Las Vegas for the first time. Didn’t know I had to redeem before heading on vacation. All the 2 for 1 buffets rewards were gone. When I got back home they appeared.

- Points are useless

Earned 1,000,000 points over a year. There were lots of rewards. Came to vegas and virtually none of the offers were available. Very dissatisfied.

- Amazing


- Fantastic


- Tons of fun!

Great game, lots of fun and we like how the rewards are usable in Vegas. Please add better rewards to redeem our points for.

- Great!

So much fun

- Great fun

Great fun

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MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino 1.27.2 Screenshots & Images

MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino iphone images
MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino iphone images
MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino iphone images
MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino iphone images
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MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino (Version 1.27.2) Install & Download

The applications MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino was published in the category Games on 2014-09-28 and was developed by PlayStudios [Developer ID: 624795774]. This application file size is 319.36 MB. MyVEGAS Blackjack – Casino - Games app posted on 2022-03-17 current version is 1.27.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstudios.myvegas.blackjack