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Is a new generation app that will extend your player's capabilities and will drastically improve the sound quality! Specifically designed for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, Equalizer app will allow you to get the most out of your player's features and get maximum enjoyment from your music!

Customize the sound quality for music tracks
from your:
- iPhone / iPad / iPod touch music library,
- SoundCloud account
- Spotify account

23 manually generated professional sound effects!
- Bass BOOSTER (!)
- Vocal BOOSTER (!)
- Treble BOOSTER (!)
- Treble REDUCER
- Small Speakers
- Spoken World
- Acoustic
- Classical
- Dance
- Deep
- Electronic
- Hip-Hop
- Jazz
- Latin
- Loudness
- Lounge
- Piano
- Pop
- R&B
- Rock

Use your music library, SoundCloud or Spotify account to
search and listen to the most popular music

Try automatically generated Playlists:
- Last Played
- Last Sync
- Most Played
- Most Rated

Download NOW and GET MORE from your player's features!

Important NOTE: Equalizer App doesn’t let you to play Apple Music content for the reason that developers don’t have any access to the Apple Music! We would love to implement this feature in Equalizer App as soon as Apple makes a developer’s API with access to music content!

- Please use the feedback form in the "Settings" menu to send all your questions and suggestions. Thank you very much for your support!

Equalizer + Pro Music Player App Description & Overview

The applications Equalizer + Pro Music Player was published in the category Music on 2014-02-12 and was developed by Attribute. The file size is 56.25 MB. The current version is 2.7 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Manual Equalizer bug fixes

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Equalizer + Pro Music Player Reviews


Crashes and Freezes  JakeFireWired  1 star

Sound is distorted and app crashes constantly. Waste of money and time.


Doesn’t play Apple Music downloads  AppProReviews  2 star

Plays music bought through iTunes but from Apple Music which is very disappointing otherwise the app is exceptional for sound

Arturo chivo

Good  Arturo chivo  5 star



DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!  B101.9  1 star

I’m not really a complainer but I just wasted $5 on this app it’s showing me that my music is t downloaded but it is and won’t let me play it


Two huge bugs  sandman1318  2 star

When the app works properly, the sound quality is phenomenal. But often times when I listen to the same album or playlist, (at the same volume without changing any settings,) the sound is horribly distorted. Then a day later it will work fine. But now there’s a new bug...when I tap the stop/pause button, the music begins playing again as soon as I turn off the phone. Neither the native music app or any other audio apps on my phone have this problem. Whenever this happens, the only way to totally kill the music is to reboot the phone. I have the iPhone XS with IOS 12 installed.


Pretty good!!!  ErwinBunny  4 star

Really does make the volume output on my earbuds louder, & I love the manual presets feature that enables you to customize the sound settings (treble, bass, etc.). Integrates well w/ Spotify - I just wish the Equalizer app would allow you to add songs to your existing Spotify playlists (rather than just create new ones).


Really?  kejejjdndjwjw  5 star

No sound at all disappointing. I could of used those $5 dollars on anything else but this crap DONT BUY PEOPLE BIGGEST MISTAKE


This app is terrible  Lea2060  1 star

I want my money back this does not work


Awful. I would not purchase.  mnelson777  1 star

Not recommended. The volume is not louder, it’s simply distorted.


Sound has no difference  ronniroo54  1 star

Please be advised that I have made the most absolute worst app purchase in buying the EQLZR PRO app today. In fact I have to question the validity of this advertising. I have listened to this sound system every way possible and there is no sound difference between the sound on my IPhone 7S and the app that I purchased. I just waste $5 and the aggravation not to mention the frustrations in making this purchase. In addition to it not working when I try to send suggestions and or feedback then your email service does not work. And I can not file my review which will not be a very nice review. Sincerely Ron Roosa


Apple Music support!  Smittynz8383  2 star

Please support Apple Music !!! I like the thought of the app but all my music is through Apple Music. It’s and apple device this should be a given!


App review  Magiiiiiccccc  3 star

This app is fantastic, but that's only on the surface. I have had this app for almost a year, and the thought behind the app is fascinating, but that idea is not delivered correctly. Whenever I try to play a song from SoundCloud within the app, it never begins, and the same can be said for Spotify. It's as if the developers gave up on this app midway of finishing it. Also, the interface can do with an update itself. Don’t get me wrong it works, but after a while when you are greeted with the same thing, again and again, it gets boring and leads to inhibition of return. I seriously do however want to see this app working as it supposed too because if it does, its will take place space of two additional apps on my phone that I can do without.

Chillaxing all the way

Like it.  Chillaxing all the way  4 star

Doesn’t pick up Apple Music but that fine. Works awesome with Spotify.


Doesn't work  Hoppowate  1 star

Bought it for the Spotify feature but doesn't work. Sent email to developer no reply. Wasted $.


Good  hsv_fan  5 star

First free one that actually does as it says

Vieux Fractusien

Continually requests rating  Vieux Fractusien  3 star

I may have given it a higher rating but got sick of the persistent requests for ratings - I just did this to get rid of them


Good app  fpv320  5 star

Massive sound quality difference

KS BassBoss

Equalizer+Pro review  KS BassBoss  4 star

This is an apt app. for lovers of many styles, genres and those with eclectic tastes. Intuitive, my dog could work it. Attractive, my girl wants it. Sounds great, lyrics great, I'm enjoying music I haven't heard for a long while. I'd give it 5 stars If I didn't have to use my finger to operate it. If I find flaws I'll get back to you, don't hold your breath. Thanks, KS Perth WA.


Awesome!!  Saier007  5 star

Its cool to have an app as such!! BEAUtiful!!!


Needs some small tweaks  YouSnooze  3 star

This is a great little music player but needs a few more features and bugs ironed out. The player does not remember your position when you close it - a pain when you play really long unbroken tracks (i.e. hours!). It also needs buttons to 'skip forward/back' a user-configurable length of time (e.g. 10s/30s/5mins etc) for simplicity. This is much easier than the 'hold to scroll' inaccurate current system. Lastly and the most important thing - IT NEEDS CHROMECAST SUPPORT!!! Five stars if these features were included otherwise it's a three.....


Great app  mr.human  5 star

I don’t even use the Spotify app for playback/streaming anymore.


Highly recommended!!!!!!  EmDiJe´  5 star

Great app!


Works as advertised  Sean__johnson  5 star

You have to download the music, can’t just stream off Apple Music but that goes for all the equalizer players... this is by far the best


Won’t work with Amazon  BKacy  1 star

Please include in your info that your app only works with Apple’s music app. I use Amazon’s because it plays its own music and Apple’s. Once I found out Apple’s app would only play music I purchased from them (the second song I bought) I bought all the rest from Amazon. Just bought this equalizer, and it’s worthless to me.

Kill not

Good but annoying  Kill not  2 star

The app is good and actually boosts the sound. But i give 2 stars cause it constantly bugs me to rate the app


It's Great  Jesferson  5 star



Great  Dbarger9658  5 star

Great app now that i have the pro version


Awsome  Mohamad_ui  4 star

Best app ever


Terrific  Bigdmoney1996  5 star

Music app on point


Awesome bass.  Kasperpain  5 star

One of the best bass player in app market.


Ripoff. Useless offline player with basic sound quality.  EndaerIRL  1 star

Its a ripoff. Don't buy it.


Nice app  Aztersheyt  4 star



Great  RafaelCavalcante  5 star

Great app! It's worth it to download it, very useful.

Capt. Spaulding II

Great app  Capt. Spaulding II  4 star

Great to have all the lyrics on hand and to be able to change the sound settings for different types of music.

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