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Rapchat is the best music creation app in the GAME! Record raps on the spot w/ vocal effects like our auto vocal tune, share them anywhere, collab with friends on the same song, build a following & get discovered!

Use the Rap Name Generator to create an unforgettable rap name for yourself. Once you’ve got a name, hop into the studio and lay down some bars. Choose from thousands of beats from major producers and add vocal filters to sound like a pro. Spit off the top of the dome or use the notepad to write down lyrics & make sure you come correct. With multiple tracks you can add a chorus, harmonies, adlibs, or invite a friend to collab on a song! Once your rap is complete, you can share it with friends on the app or via text, Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud and more.

Keep your eye out for exclusive contests judged by top A&Rs around the world w/ some of your favorite artists & producers! Be sure to submit your raps to the Rapchat A&R account and you might see your track blow up!

Whether you’re a serious upcoming rapper or just looking to have fun, Rapchat brings the studio to your pocket and gives you the platform to create, share and be heard!

What are you waiting for? Step into the studio and get your bars up.

You could be the next Kanye, Eminem, Cardi, Drake or Nicki...who knows?

- mobile recording studio w/ Vocal FX & multiple tracks
- 1,000+ beats to record over
- share raps on Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud and more
- exclusive contests win prizes and get discovered
- leaderboard charts for top raps and top artists
- near me feature to find the other rappers in your area
- notepad to write your bars down

Rapchat — Rap Music Studio App Description & Overview

The applications Rapchat — Rap Music Studio was published in the category Music on 2014-06-06 and was developed by Rapchat, Inc.. The file size is 115.14 MB. The current version is 5.1.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

*** Beats in your feed + new share videos ***

What's in this update:
- Updated producer profiles
- Beats from producers you follow will now be in your home feed
- Fresh, NEW auto-generated rap sharing videos
- Bug fixes (per usual)

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Let us choose our own beats from whatever platform we want  babsbdkss  3 star



New Suggestion  T4wun  4 star

Can you make it possible where you can delete your rap chat account? it be a nice feature to the app. Please add this so I can satisfyingly give 5 stars

T Varz

Beat Glitch  T Varz  4 star

Great app other than the fact that the beats will mess up and make it sound offbeat so I’ll have to start over every time it does that...please fix thanks

Mr Meezy

Chief MeezAleo aka MrMeezy  Mr Meezy  5 star

Rapchat is the truth you can do anything and sound any way. Ain’t no other apps Poppin like this!


Add sound effects like reverb  lhdbbannie  5 star

The app is beautiful and works fine so far. The audio quality isn’t that great, even when i record with apple earbuds. In other words the recorded audio (my voice) doesn’t integrate well with the beat. There is background noise in the recording that makes the song sound unprofessional. Apart from that, I love the app and it works just fine 🙂.


Track/Beat Desync?  tristump  4 star

I’m happy with the Rapchat experience and think it’s a fun thing for friends to do. Personally had issues where I’d record my track over the course of however much time, play it back to myself and it sounds great. Then I go to publish it and the published track for some reason shifted the track like a second over so the whole things offbeat. Either way I just wanted to suggest an ability to slide sections of a track when making your rap over to align it with the beat

Sinsere C.

Cypher???  Sinsere C.  4 star

Very good app name on rapchat is 600 sin I just wish you could do a trio like rap a cypher with three people


More Pros than Cons  Jj3570  3 star

Overall good really a game changer (I) or someone become big off this app and its get the attention needed a big con not being able to import your own beats and only having a selection of beats to choose from that are 80% trash.


Add  Twigblack  5 star

I love this app. But you need to add some things. Like more atotunes and

Nothing from nothing

Review the R C  Nothing from nothing  5 star

Rap Cali tide, like the California Ocean is the largest in the world. Teaching linguistics and harmony with Afrocentrism is hypnotic.


Phillip Woollett is my title 2 songz on u tube  45FLIPPA  5 star

Great app for trap like older style beats tho just a hint

Hypa God

Best rap game ever  Hypa God  5 star

I love this game best ever


Fun!  Greshie19  5 star

Super fun and a good time waster!


Great new update  cleta8687  4 star

Magical tool


Cool concept  Joel18362826  5 star

Good app


GOAT of rap apps  Mmmg12346  5 star

My favorite app

Sista Lov3

Great graphics a lot of issues  Sista Lov3  1 star

App Was ok in the beginning but it erases your work after a few months...months of work gone and erased like where does it go and who has it after it’s erased..it kicks you off your own songs..the app kicks you out in the middle of recordin.... your notifications never update.. you can’t erase them.. I been waiting weeks for minor issues to be fixed... ppl you block can still email you and harass you.. after months of dealing with issues and emailing with no resolve I’m done!!!.. yes it has nice quality and graphics but what difference does that make with these other issues..


Question  BimbomercyII  4 star

Can I add my own beats?


Dope work  @AssistMayne  5 star

Great app. Makes making high quality music on your phone an option with features and high caliber beats Every app has its kinks, but if you’re serious you might not find many here.✊🏾😸🔥🔥🔥🍽🥃🎚💼 Mixtapes are impossible not to make with this app.😁🐾❄️


Probably the MOST UNDERRATED app in hip hop!  Purpslyconfusd1  2 star

I would have initially given this it’s 4 1/2 stars or I guess more. But, the new update change something with my microphone! Now I can’t record! Previously I would just plug in my phone to the auxiliary port of my car and play the record while recording in my car. But, after this update I am unable to do so and there is so much feedback. Help! This drops the star rating for me personally As I can no longer use the app.Please fix this so that I can give it a five star it deserves


This app is lame  Dondottakel  2 star

Let us import beats we want off YouTube and then this will be a good app


Fun and really creative  interdimesinal  5 star


Stray Elk

RapChat  Stray Elk  4 star

Wow what an app! Very fun and interactive. Great way to make music solo or with friends. A few things to make it even better would be to first have an album function. Maybe there is legal reasons behind it? But it is almost essential for an app this good with as many capabilities it has. To be able to put unreleased songs into an album and then release the album would be great! And the next thing would be pictures/ artwork for your songs or albums. When I try to add pictures I really want to be on the cover of my songs they get cut down almost completely. So it takes away from the artwork. If that could be fixed that would be amazing. Because when people listen to my music I also want them to enjoy the cover of the song. Other than those two things is pretty much flawless. Such a fun app, it’s my favorite one now and I highly recommend it. Thank you Rapchat and staff!!


How?  Slick618  5 star

How do you become a producer and make your own beats


Good ol’ opinions  EmojiXp  4 star

Wow! A great app for simply boosting creative output. Thank you for all the beat selections, different tempos and various producers that just gives an excellent variance to the creative process, even acapella mode. Amazing the quality granting you have a decent device and mic with good acoustic or quiet setting. Constructive criticism: Please consider leaving notifications in feed if someone takes back a like or comment so we can still contact that artist and contribute feedback. A bit more editing capabilities would be excellent; cut, copy and paste. Offer percentages of amounts of effects we want on certain vocals rather than just full on “cave” or “auto-tune” or the other features. Ability to edit previous recorded tracks easily even if dubs, ad-libs or full tracks are already layered. See your artwork for tracks during playback rather than beatmaker’s artwork. Offer support for hands-free and/or Bluetooth headphones; there is a quarter count delay or latency.


Good place to start  DevinPPPP  5 star

This app makes it so easy to create a sample, beats ready for you to pick, you can write your bars and save them, the app is genuine and does a great job helping out rappers! Give me a follow on Rap Chat [email protected]

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