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*WARNING* BUILT-IN POST COMING NEXT MAJOR UPDATE, PERSONALS SECTION NOT INCLUDED. Please read the full description before purchasing! Some features require in-app purchase!

CSmart, an application for accessing craigslist on iOS.

CSmart is the SMARTEST craigslist browser which unlocks the hidden potential of craigslist. The quickest way to browse and search craigslist with excellent features like multi-city saved searches, notifications, starred/favorite listings, search history and previously viewed listings history all in one easy to use screen.

-Keep an eye on your favorite searches without all the time and effort!
-CSmart automatically notifies you when a new item is found that you’re searching for!
-Integrated with Notification Center.
-Quickly see how many saved searches have new notifications from CSmart’s main menu.
-Options to enable or disable: Automatic Sync, Notifications and Sounds.

-MULTI-CITY saved searches!
-Saved search lists show 5 preview thumbnails before you even open the saved search. This way you can easily find the saved search you’re looking for!
-Customize the order saved searches the way you prefer.
-Search History: If you didn’t save a search you can still find it in your search history. Easy!

-EASY browsing with search results displayed BESIDE the full listing view.
-Browse categories (including MULTI-CITY browsing!)
-Read listings are automatically given a grey highlight so you can easily spot which ones you have viewed.

-Sort results by price, date, and optionally group first by city then sort within each city! This allows you to quickly find the results from the cities which interest you most.

-Starred Listings: star the listings from search results which interest you for later follow up from the “Starred Listings” menu item.

-Super sharp retina display optimized thumbnails.
-Listings History: You can quickly look up listings which you viewed earlier organized by date.
-Quick shortcut to post a new listing on craigslist website (Built in posting function coming soon in a free update)
-Quickly see which listings are newly loaded with light blue highlight!
-Different cities are color coded in search results.
-Your location is used to find the closest craigslist
-Swipe from the right or left edge of the screen to slide to the main menu or detail view
-And many more...

-Check out our youtube channel for how-to videos.
-Optionally like our facebook page so others can benefit from any questions and answers you have.
-Email anytime at [email protected] … Our goal prompt helpful support. Expect a reply in under 1-2 business days.

The craigslist and associated trademarks are owned by craigslist, Inc. and are being used under licensed permission from craigslist, Inc. for a limited purpose. www.craigslist.org

CSmart for craigslist App Description & Overview

The applications CSmart for craigslist was published in the category Shopping on 2014-02-05 and was developed by StockSpy Apps Inc.. The file size is 16.95 MB. The current version is 4.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Fix for inputting special search query characters on newer devices.

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Needs better filters like the full online version. Otherwise good app  Tyforceracing  3 star

Has very minimal filters. It’s fast on the iOS system which is nice. Work on the filters and you’ll have 5stars

Bull Brucer

Deleted; Very Awkward to Use for Searches  Bull Brucer  1 star

This app is maddening to use for searches. It does not have “select all” or “deselect all” functions in the search. That means you have to check every single region (up to 50 states plus territories) to do a wide search. I found that even when searching just a few states on the East Coast, the first “finds” were in California. Simply maddening.

Samuel Mars

Smart?  Samuel Mars  1 star

It did not even let me make a search!


Ambiguous searches  Chris94550  2 star

This app isn't even close to the first Craigslist apps which are no longer supported. Every time I have done a search there is so much noise that it's hard to filter. I search for a specific car, boat, motorcycle manufacturer and I get everything else weather I use minuses or not. You might as well not even specify what you're looking for. Every time I bring up the app it wants me to upgrade to their paid pro version which is very annoying.


Nice application but not for me  sweetenmuscle  3 star

The UI wasn’t to me liking but the app has many features other users would surely use and navigate easier than I :)

Koch bottle'

Fun yet Simple to use  Koch bottle'  5 star

Very good job well done guy's . Freakin love this App. Give it "Two" Thumbs Up


OK app but could use updating  KatWalk65  3 star

It's ugly, the filters are slow to load, its algorithms are dumb and you have to pay! I would delete but Craig's list remains the only swap meet local classified section marketplace for subleases that isn't a scam. Kind of. Wish there were better alternatives.


Easy to post on this app  Johnm6886  5 star

Do not leave your phone number on your posting


Bull 💩  Cambria_215  2 star

When you go to post, it opens your web browser. Why would I need the app if it directs me to a browser? Don’t spend your money on this garbage.


Incomplete  Poepol2  4 star

I’m in Long Beach WA but no craigslist AVAILABLE there?!?? How is that possible? Closest is nearly in Seattle. Unacceptable. If I’m wrong, then why is it not easily found? Unhappy! Plus I paid for this app. 🙄🙄


Good  ballsy18887  5 star

Really good

Noops from Australia

Great  Noops from Australia  5 star



Excellent app  Moishybass  5 star



More reliable than other Craigslist apps  Cando935  5 star

Always have trouble with another app I purchased, this seems a lot better so far

App review 96

Great app  App review 96  5 star

Great for multiple searches. The way to fix app going back to home when switching screens is to turn on background app refresh through settings> general> background app refresh> slide green. Recommend turning off for all other apps or it can run down battery.

Slick 1969

Mr  Slick 1969  5 star

It works


Enjoy seeing what people have for sale  thecovers  5 star

I enjoy being able to look for something I'm interested in and to see all that others have available. Sometimes I find things I wasn't even looking for. It is almost like a digital flea market.


Good but limited  Seanie_B_722  3 star

Needs additional features like how to cancel some listings off so you don't see them every time

Nino paco

Very useful  Nino paco  5 star

Great app, easy to use, very accurate.


Helpful but needs tweaked  Gjdrvhjjhv  4 star

I find it helpful for searching but I think it should have a way to hide ads you don't want to keep seeing.


Great app  Ahjyddfghbgb  5 star

Easy, quick to use


Buyer only, cannot post  FluffyRAM  4 star

Perfect app for searching. Would be 5* but there is no functionality to sell.


Great app  Kyle_yfz450  5 star

Love the app

Taco licker

Awesome  Taco licker  5 star

This save a lot of time. I get results in the states I need in one shot

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