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Avast SecureLine VPN Proxy is the fastest and simplest VPN for iPhone to stay safe and completely private when accessing your favorite apps and websites, wherever you are. 100% unlimited!

Avast protects 400 million people worldwide, making it number one on the market. Protect your device too.


■ Fast and Reliable: Large coverage of servers worldwide ensures the fastest service
■ Unlimited: Use as much as you want without any limitations
■ Simple: Start using with one-button activation
■ Trusted: Join over 400 million users who trust Avast
■ Change Your Location: Connect to servers in 22 countries around the world
■ Uninterrupted Connection: Reconnect automatically when switching from data to Wi-Fi
■ World-class Customer Service: Get fast and reliable support


■ Encrypt your connection on unsecured public Wi-Fi

Our private encryption VPN ‘tunnel’ prevents hackers from stealing your data via public/open Wi-Fi hotspots. Secure your Wi-Fi and privacy with our highly secure VPN service.

■ Private, anonymous browsing

Browse websites anonymously and get private access. Your Internet connection will appear to originate from a different location. Use it to hide and anonymize your banking logins, chats, emails and payments.

■ Choose your location

It also comes with other advantages such as choosing your location and staying anonymous. If you travel and need access from different locations, you can use SecureLine VPN to connect to servers around the world (e.g. in the UK and USA) to access more online content, browse websites anonymously and get private access. Connect to servers through 29 popular locations in 22 countries around the world.


Avast SecureLine is a VPN service that protects you from data theft by using a virtual encryption shield ‘tunnel’ to secure your public/open Wi-Fi connections. Once secured, your communications are impossible to spy on.


Pricing after the trial period: $2.99/month or $19.99/year.
You will be automatically charged once your free trial period ends. Your subscription will automatically be renewed unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the active period. Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your account settings after purchase.

Find more info at https://www.avast.com/secureline-vpn#ios

Privacy Policy available at https://www.avast.com/privacy-policy

Terms and Conditions info at https://www.avast.com/eula

Avast VPN SecureLine Proxy App Description & Overview

The applications Avast VPN SecureLine Proxy was published in the category Utilities on 2014-01-23 and was developed by AVAST Software. The file size is 84.91 MB. The current version is 4.4.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for using Avast SecureLine! Make sure to check out the new Connection Rules feature in this release. It will help you customize and automate your VPN experience in different situations and be better protected on unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Plus: the country through which you're securely connected is now highlighted with a flag on the Connect button.

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Avast VPN SecureLine Proxy Reviews


Good App but Why Ads?  jbibbs  3 star

The app is good and I love that I can have it automatically connect when I join a WiFi network but I can specific trusted networks where it won’t connect. However, I’ve already subscribed to the service. Why am I still getting notifications to pay $3 more per month for multiple devices? If it continues I’ll have to look elsewhere for my VPN app.


Systems Support Administrator  Haitianpapi87  5 star

Nice app


No ads and actual internet speed  abutrook  5 star

Most important you must know for a great VPN app that provides an actual internet speed you’re connected to and no ads during the use of the app ON and off so thumbs up to developers 👍🏻


Need to add more countries  grumpy_me  3 star

Only 22 countries? C'mon--other VPN plans offer way more countries to choose from.

Tica Mama

Never a moment’s worry  Tica Mama  5 star

I have been using Avast on all of my PCs and cell phones for years without any problems. My family currently has 6 pcs, 4 laptops, and 3 cellphones. Avast is the only protection we use. I highly recommend using it.


Can’t use my apps!  Bevolovr  1 star

This was working ok until the last update. Now I can’t use some of my apps or even websites from my phone. What happened?


Free or what? We’ll see huh?  imberlyka  1 star

Not sure why advertise it free if it truly isn’t.. going to try it.. but free should mean just that.. just saying I like things up front not to be mislead into it.. see that’s what I thought can’t even try it for free. I’m not paying for a week free.. just to see if I like or not. That crazy! Sorry your loss.


DocRct  RadM2Doc  4 star

A good VPN App with few issues. This app is the eighth I've subscribe to. Nevertheless it is the easiest to use and the most reliable and the most reliable I've used so far.


Does not work with ios11. No refund given.  charlesmontgomeryburns  1 star

I paid for a year. It stopped working after ios10. No refund given for unused portion of the year.


Last update made this app a NO GO  Edboone  1 star

The most recent update made a decent app (by an otherwise crummy company whose stuff does NOT work on PCs) finally as bad as the rest of their stuff. It now disconnects constantly, does not reconnect, and -this is really cute- no matter how many times you select “automatic reconnnect,” that option will not remain selected! So every couple of days it will stop reconnecting, you’ll have to re-open the app connect, go to settings, select “automatically reconnect,” and then wait and see how long it works this time! I was already set on not renewing my subscription on my phone once the company’s product didn’t work on my PC, and they provided customer service that was unhelpful and eventually just stopped replying. At this point, I’m about to go find a new VPN and put that on my phone and PC, and just write off the rest of my Avast subscription as a lesson learned on what companies not to buy products from.


Easy and Secure  LegBefore  5 star

I'm very happy with SecureLine so far. I'm running it on my son's Windows laptop, my MacBook and iPad, and found it very simple to install and configure. I travel frequently with work and it's handy to appear as being In Australia to catch up local events.


Like it  Brc2100  5 star

Very good. Easy to use


Peace of mind  JNS777  5 star

Have been using Avast for over a year more than happy keep up the good work

Mc dabzey

Drops out  Mc dabzey  2 star

Every time I open the app it keeps dropping out


Good value product  SkitzoKen  5 star

Been using this product for a few yrs now, very happy 😁 👍🏿


Not happy  juskata  1 star

Very slow switching between wifi and cellular data, using all my data even wifi available!

Gold Coast Qld

Great purchase  Gold Coast Qld  5 star

Best VPN I have used, easy to use, very much worth the $$ spent, easy to download, easy to use, great protection and allows me to watch anything anywhere without restriction and keeps me protected. Just a straight forward VPN which I use on my iPad, iPhone and soon on my computer. I feel very secure using this program.


Much better.  @berowraheights  5 star

Connected is great.


Very happy..  Lindylou15  5 star

With this latest version, working well, no connection issues.


VPN  lossa11  5 star

This will make a great security system even greater than great.


3Bady_Alshammari _A0W0 3 star

@Kempa2010: استمتعو اشتراك لمدة سنه رابط البرنامج Avast VPN SecureLine Proxy by AVAST Software …


Ahmed Rais AhmedRaisMU 3 star

@Kempa2010: استمتعو اشتراك لمدة سنه رابط البرنامج Avast VPN SecureLine Proxy by AVAST Software …


Hisham Albaheli cydia04 3 star

@Kempa2010: استمتعو اشتراك لمدة سنه رابط البرنامج Avast VPN SecureLine Proxy by AVAST Software …

Boru the Good

Everyone needs protection  Boru the Good  5 star

A great way to safely use your vulnerable phone.

Darrell Stone San Francisco

SecureLine  Darrell Stone San Francisco  4 star

Works great to protect your privacy! Darrell S.


Good  Kangjuyuu  5 star


Aelita hopper

VPN  Aelita hopper  5 star

Works great I use this on my MacBook and iOS devices


Does not work most of the time  Shelliclemens  1 star

I need a phone number for this company so I can cancel my subscription!


Works wonders  Atroxprimus  5 star

Kills a lot of the targeted advertisements I was getting and as a bonus, it lets me get around my job's internet website restrictions, which I was not expecting.


Love it  brogo88  5 star

Easiest way to use VPN and with a widget. But can you make the widget to when you click connect on the bar it doesn't go to the app and open it? Just turn it on from home screen? That would be VERY helpful!


I like it  fktbczvdye  4 star

It works.

Non paying user

Running iOS 10.3.2  Non paying user  4 star

I can't connect at all, I've tried different servers, reinstalling the app and the profile. Nothing. Please fix Edit: there wasn't an update but it started working again... idk


Works Great  1zac  5 star

Expensive (not free) but it works seamlessly

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