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North America’s most popular app for Truckers. BUILT FOR TRUCKERS, BY TRUCKERS!
Get all trucker tools in one FREE APP! Best Trucking APP featured by truckers!
Trucker Path is a mapping tool used by more than 1,000,000 truck drivers, to find truck stops, weigh stations over-the-road. We also provide truck-specific GPS navigation directions.
Join the community of more than 1,000,000 truck drivers now!

– Find popular Truck Stops: Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Loves, TA, Travel Plazas, AM Best
– Hundreds of independent truck stops with reviews from fellow truckers
– Truck Stops with showers, parking, food, entertainment
– Rest Areas

– Get routes specifically for your truck height, width, weight and type
– Avoid sharp turns, low overpasses, bridges, small roads, and more
– Access turn-by-turn navigation, and night mode navigation

– Real-time truck parking availability
– Truck parking status history
– Parking status prediction
– WALMART Locations with overnight truck parking

– See which weigh stations are open or closed
– Check weigh stations status history
– Find CAT Scales

– Find fuel stations with diesel
– Compare fuel prices
– All featured fuel stations have clearance for trucks

– Plan with Trucker Path GPS Map
– Find Low Clearance Bridges
– Get recommendations for HOS rests
– Unlock fuel optimized trip plans

– Post your ideas along the road
– Share your perspective to other truckers
– Get advice from other truckers

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Privacy policy:
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Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. Improved address repository for facility – precise entrance, exit and information of the facility is available 2. Get severe weather alerts on your route 3. Get alternative routes to avoid heavy traffic in real-time 4. Bug fixes and performance improvement1. Improved address repository for facility – precise entrance, exit and information of the facility is available

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps Comments & Reviews

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- My issues resolved...

This is one of the best apps for monitoring truck stop parking availability, weigh station status, and fuel prices. Brilliant user interface, just as well as it is user friendly. I personally recommend it for any trucker out there who has a tablet or cell phone handy, and wants to use it as part of their equipment, as it can be extremely useful. My issues were with my premium features, particularly “Night Mode”, and not being able to get them to work. However, the developer was quick to respond to my rant of frustration and helped me figure it out. Initially, I thought you had to sign in to restore your purchases... something I couldn’t do, because I didn’t have an account, nor would it even allow me to establish one either. If you are having trouble getting your purchased features to work, tapping on the “Your Account” heading and then “restore purchases” at the bottom of the screen, corrected this issue for me. My apologies to the dev, if I came across as being rude. This is what stress does to an old man like me hey lol.

- Invaluable app

This is not a secret that this is the first app many of as CDL holder get once we get on the road. Check the WS status, history, reviews, parking spaces. Everything is wonderful. However I don’t understand the new parking system. It just doesn’t make sense. For a longer time all we had is empty, somewhat full, and full. Which was fine. But the this new way of selecting parking availability came up when we can check even more in depth, more increments in showing how full the parking is. Which is better. However why do these increments work only when updating the status but it still show the “old” way of empty, somewhat full, and full. For example, if most people selected 3/4 full when updating the status and someone, who’s looking for the parking, decides to check the status it will show him “full” or completely red. Well, it doesn’t make sense. When I update the status I didn’t intend to show that it’s “full” I intend to show “3/4 full”. In other words the updating system and the status system should look the same. So when one is looking for the parking, it would be possible to see that parking space is 95% full, not just red. For instance, (real life) there are around 10 parking spots on this huge track stop. Let’s call it 97% full. If enough people mark it 9/10 full, it will be visible. But it it will just show “red” (full) it’s useless for people in need of parking and it’s just interpreting it wrong.

- Updated review/issue resolved

To review any establishment, weigh station, etc. you must now choose a star for the place you are reviewing to allow you to post. They changed that in an update but just glad to be able to review. I just wish they would somehow let all users know it because the reviews have definitely dropped off unfortunately. Why would I pay when people can no longer review places?! Reviews are getting scarce since the update. Since the update if you don’t pay for the premium version you can update weigh stations as open or closed but can no longer comment in the reviews if they are inspecting or other to notify other drivers. This means meant less reviews. Even if I decide to upgrade to the premium so that I can review them I still won’t be getting the same feedback as people that would normally review of inspecting or other things are going on can no longer do so if they are not paying for the premium service. This apples to restaurants, rest areas, parking etc. REVIEWS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE FREE OR PAID THAT HAS THIS APP. That assures the premium subscribers are getting their money’s worth out of it. Very disappointed in the change. There are many ways to benefit than taking review privileges away.

- Must Have

There is no secret that this app is a must have for new and old timers alike. Offers truck routing, you can check where all the truck parking is, and availability as well as what weight stations are open and diesel prices and much more. Very good app it has helped me a lot. Use it daily. My only suggestion to the developer is to add another tab when you click on a icon on the map (such as a truck stop, parking, weight station etc) after reviews. They should add like a question tab or something like that. On the reviews people are always reviewing places 1 or 5 stars just to ask “can anyone update the parking?” Without actually checking the place out leading to an unfair review. That extra tab should be organized by date and time for the question and then have a reply section under it so someone can answer the questions instead of leaving a random unfair rating.

- Interstate mile markers?

Add a window in the corner of the map to indicate my current location by mile marker and I'll give you 6 stars. I have this app loaded and running full time in my truck using an old cell phone that is hotspot connected to my current cell phone. It's set to show all the Love's and Pilot fuel stops, along with all the weigh stations. It's nearly perfect...if only it identified my location by mile marker so that I know in a second where the condition of interest is in order to better communicate the news to my fellow drivers over the CB radio, and to more accurately communicate my own breakdown location to my fleet manager.

- Still won’t open

The last two updates have locked out the app. It will not open at all. It was a huge problem last update and this update hasn’t resolved anything except causing it to hit home screen faster. Was beginning to start locking out free users prior to these last two updates, so I’m guessing that y’all slammed the nail on the coffin for us. It used to be a helpful app, now it requires full payment of any services rendered. (When it actually works, that is!) Update. I’ve fully updated my iOS and the app still locks out, but you can get some access now. Although it Puts ads covering the entire screen and makes it dangerous to use while driving. Navigation doesn’t work anymore without a gold subscription. To be fair though, it never really worked to begin with. The developers must think everyone is completely stupid. They took all the free information and decided to charge everyone for it. Even the weight station information isn’t correct. Horrible app and developer support is trying to smooth you over to purchase it. No thanks, I don’t need a sandpaper dill.!

- Not liking the new update!

Okay so I absolutely love this app!! I use it every single day throughout the day. But one of the reasons I use it is to see if I want to eat in the truck or at a truck stop or restaurant somewhere. Like I have my favorites around the country and I’ll sometimes plan to stop at certain places. Well months ago, there was an update that made it harder to tell which restaurant was actually at the truck stop. And now with the new update, you can’t see what restaurant is at the truck stop at all!! It doesn’t even show it on the restaurants list!! I could honestly care less most days about what’s around. But I do want to know what is at the actual truck stop! Please fix this! Also, where it says pet friendly, laundry, gym, etc.... You should add tabs for like vape shop, barber shop, and tattoo and piercing shop! There are some truck stops that have those and it would be cool to know which ones by looking at the app!

- Some Issues

I still think this is the best trucking up Around. Unfortunately there’s not very many good ones, So that’s not saying much. This app has an OK navigation system. I live in Newport Tennessee and they don’t even have my city listed. I also can’t type and addresses, it’s only for well-known destinations. I wish they would add more. Also, basically if you aren’t on the interstate or a major state road, you’re probably out of luck. I mainly use this app for checking waste stations, which I can get access to in the free version. This leaves no incentive for me to buy the app. Also there are other apps that allow you to to do the same thing. On top of that, $100 a year is kind of pricey. I understand why they are doing it and it is probably helping them improve their navigation system. But if Google maps can give you a navigation system for free, then why does this version cost $100 if it’s not nearly as good? If you Drive trucks for a living and then it may be worth it for you. But in my case I only drive trucks to haul equipment around, and there is no option for a cheaper subscription if I only use it a few hours a month. So I’d be paying too much. I would happily pay $100 and even more if the navigation system was actually worse what I’d be paying for it. For crying out loud, it doesn’t even list my city in Newport Tennessee as an option, and that’s my home base.

- I’m not making an account!

You might have your reasons but I’m sure they don’t stand up to my opinion! I am not making an account and the fact that I can’t post reviews as a result just really hurts the community. I think you should undo that part of these new updates. That is not the trucker path I know and love and I will not comply! As far as the rest of the stuff the app is getting quite good! Distances are very accurate and now count down the miles to a selected POI instead of having to tap for an update! One little bug I still see is when I have a selected POI and I pass a weigh station and the app asks if it’s open or closed I tap the appropriate response (ex. Closed) then now my POI will show a red “closed” status instead of parking criteria. This requires the user to tap off and back on the POI. Not as big a deal as needing an account to post a review but it has been ongoing for a long time.

- Update was a down grade

I use this app everyday and it was outstanding 5stars before the last update. Now routing function is almost unusable. Directions option is no longer available while in routing. You have to go back out of your route and into search mode to get the directions icon to reappear. Then once you get it to send directions to google maps anytime you come back into the app the screen zooms out and your stuck trying to find your stop again. Not to mention when the route zooms out the screen is so jammed with the new “bold” icons you can’t hardly see where you are on the route. I called tech support to see if I was doing something wrong and his answer was you need the subscription to get that feature back. Now I’m paying for the app and routing still doesn’t have an option for directions. I’m really looking forward to the next update to hopefully erase the last update so this can go back to a 5 star app.

- This app costed me a lot of money

When I got this app, I use to get trips that were maybe 20-50 miles over the miles that I would be getting paid. I was okay with that. But now, I get to use this app, and ALL of my trips are hundreds of miles over the amount of miles that I’m getting paid. It happens when I use the truck routing settings. No matter how many times I mess around with those settings, I can never get this app to give me a route that isn’t 200+ miles more than what I’m getting paid. The routes just look lazy and lousy. I get that the app can try to get you out of going through routes without construction, but when it costs us a lot of money to go through some of those routes, it’s not worth it. I’m going to keep using this app until I can afford a garmin GPS. I’m very disappointed, I really liked this app when I got it. I may still use it to find truck stops, but I won’t be paying for a membership anymore.

- Avoid Trucker Path

I’ve used TP for years. But now, current version is automatically upgraded with a Congratulations notice that you’ve been chosen to use the new beta version. You cannot override the upgrade. The only way to revert back is to delete the app and reinstall. I’ve done that dozens of times but within 24 hours the user is forced to use the beta version. The user is given an option to reach out to support to revert back. ALL requests go unanswered. Why not use the beta version? It is full of errors and problems and not as effective as non-beta release. The route path line disappears every time a scale or truck stop status pop up appears. There is no way to view details of route options. Truck stops and parking isn’t accurate. Many options previously available are only available with paid subscription. Why pay if support is non-responsive, the app is riddled with flaws, in inaccurate information?

- More reporting options

My biggest complaint with this app is the fact that we have three reporting options “lots” “some” and “none”. We need to have some more options in there. Generally “lots” is exactly how it sounds. But then “some” covers the entire spectrum from less than “lots” to one remaining spot. You never know what “some” means and if that’s an hour old you’re “shooting in the dark” so to speak. I’d like to see “lots” and “some” be the top two and then something like “low” and “few” with few having a designation for less than maybe 3 or 4 spots? And then of course “none”/“full” The other issues are minor, but still need to be addressed. There are a lot of truck stops where reviews say that the place doesn’t exist or it’s only a fuel stop. There needs to be an easier way to get non-truck friendly places removed. And it would be nice to have an emblem designating fuel only. There also needs to be a way to flag reviews for removal that ask for parking updates, leave parking updates, ask for fuel prices, or leave fuel prices. They aren’t helpful and flood out real reviews. Sometimes, people will vote a one star just because they want parking updates. And that’s not right.

- What are you doing to this app!!

This app was better then perfect yes it needed a few tweaks but this new bs you updated with “route planning” is garbage. When I click direction I should be able to snap right to my navigation and you can’t do that anymore there is also no where to copy the address and paste it in my navigation. You took a great feature and ruined it with your “route planning” that doesn’t even have turn by turn direction or an option to start the trip and it snap to navigation. I am a premium member of this app and pay monthly to support the great work you have done in the past but I will go to the free version and no longer support this app until this is fixed. No sweat off my back I have a 8 pro rm that works just as good finding truck stops. The only difference is I don’t see a parking update. Please fix and I will give 5 stars but until then 1 star

- New User

Definitely need some sort of online tutorial on how to use this app. Setting up a trip is not very intuitive but I am sure I’ll eventually get the hang of it. It does bug me that my trip can only consist of three stops even though I have a gold membership. The reason that this limitation bothers me is that my company uses small box trucks and each truck does maybe a dozen or more stops per day. That limit means I have to either create another trip in route or to create multiple trips which I think can be done but I haven’t figured out how to do that either. Going to continue to evaluate this app for a month and then decide whether it’s right for my company.

- Nothing but headaches with paid subscription!!

There’s an old saying of “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. Well, with the Trucker Path paid subscription, I find that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results to be a more accurate description of my experience. I paid a yearly subscription for the gold membership and it only worked for two days! Now the app stopped working and I can’t sign in. Keeps telling me user name and password don’t match. I try the “forgot password” feature on the sign in page and all I get is the page recycles right back to telling me the user name and password don’t match. I have talked to tech support numerous times (the most recent time I was on the phone for one straight hour with “Jason”, but nothing changes. I still keep getting booted off and have to deal with tech support each time. Well I have come to the conclusion that I’m throwing in the towel and demanding a refund on my subscription fee. Trucker Path used to be a valuable tool for drivers and it used to be free. But now that they want to be just one more entity with their hand in our pocket, the app seems to have too many flaws that just isn’t worth dealing with anymore.

- Stupid video ads

This app was great until they added these ridiculous video ads that won’t let you do anything in the app until you watch them. How am I supposed to see if parking is available if you want me to watch an stupid ad while I’m driving a 80,000 lbs semi. This is dangerous and idiotic, make your money another way that’s not dangerous and illegal. As you can see from below that this company doesn’t care about the safety of the people driving on the highways and think that money over public safety is more important. There response was just another ad to updating to there premium services, which I’m not upset about that part but how there trying to get you to do so is just so unsafe. Just shows you that this company doesn’t care about anything but there bottom line. What a shameful way of doing business

- Reserved or Free parking?

Enjoyed using this app so far. One feature that distinguishes between reserved and free parking would be helpful. Some truck stops have there status updated to “full” when there’s plenty of reserved parking available. I have to check that truck stops app to see if there are any reserved parking spots left. Not a big deal, just thought I’d share this idea with TruckerPath. Instead of updating parking status with “many, some, or full,” why not include a “many, some, full, and reserve available.” Or “reserve is full,” and reserve is available” etc. Hope this helps! :) #JESUS #USArunsOnwheels

- Annoying bug(s)

First, let me point out I use the HELL out of this app. I love it. But Recently, I’ve noticed the distance to a given stop along a selected route is incorrect. At least as far as driving is concerned. The total route distance, when I chose it, is correct. And it shows me where I am, accurately enough. But.. for example: I’m currently in Cabazon, CA. I route to Denver. Overall distance is correct, but distance to Gallup, NM ( about the halfway point on this route) is about 100 miles short. ( 470 as opposed to the more accurate 570- along the same route. I’m comparing with other mapping software and my venerable Rand Mac) It’s not a consistent distance. After some experimentation over the past week, I suspect the distance is “great circle “, or, at least, the shortest distance between two GPS coordinates. And, yes, I’ve been updating the app. I’ve power-cycled the phone. I’ve shut down the app and restarted from scratch. Even uninstalled it. The only other issue is: I can find no way to Send y’all feedback from within the app itself. But that might be me

- Updates

What is going on with this app? It has worked great for years but since the last update the map and the tracking point don’t synchronize so I end up backing out of the app then go back into it so the tracking point will show where I am. I have removed the app and reinstalled it and restarted my phone but still having issues. Hope it’s fixed soon, thanks. Revision on app is now tracking good but I think the previous app was more accurate with the mileage to truck stops and rest areas. This can be critical when attempting to reach a place to park before running out of ELD hours or calculating distance for fuel. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

- Unforgivable Error

It is shocking that an app for truckers could direct us onto a highway that is prohibited to ALL COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. I downloaded this app because trucks are not ever permitted on “Parkways”. Today I used the Trip Planer to learn the route from Central Queens, NY to Upper Saddle River, NJ. I have a screen shot of this App instructing me to go on the Grand Central Parkway. There are still a few overpasses on the GCP that date back to the 1930’s that were intentionally built with less than 10 feet clearance. If a health care professional gave the wrong blood to a patient it would be a catastrophic and unforgivable error. There are accidents daily caused by truckers using Waze or Garmin. I have never seen an app for passenger vehicles that can avoid Parkways. This makes driving for me a real challenge. It is impossible to believe that a trucker’s App makes such a dangerous mistake.

- Last update has gone too far

With the latest update, the adds and pop ups make the app useless. While driving and opening the app to see where the next truck stop is you get two splash screens that you have to click out of then when tapping on a truck stop to see exit, number of parking spaces more pop ups that you have to close out of the you have tap again. All this while driving. I subscribed to the app not long ago, but found that what you got for the money was not worth the price. The truck routing was a joke. You could only get routes to a truck stop and not an address. I always have use this app in the past for all my planning but now it’s useless. Sorry guys, but you’ve ruined a great app.

- Here’s a list of issues with Trucker Path

1. Gold members still get ads on daily basis 2. Inacurate fuel prices (drivers should be able to update fuel prices is in our best interest and we do it anyway using the Review system) We also need DEF prices 3. Inacurate navigation routes as “Gold Member” 4. When you leave the app running in the background it resets it self and when you go check for another destination you have to enter all the information over and over againg 5. It wont find the address that you looking for so I have to settle for entering city and state that I’m heading to 6. The app wants a Status Update doesn’t matter if you left an update a second ago or if your typing a review the app constantly wants a status update this fiture needs to be turn off truckers will update when they can 7. App wants status update while driving pass a weight station this is illegal and dangerous for does that don’t have a passanger or co-driver 8. I paid Gold membership to not have ads and to use the Navigation feature witch is useless 9. I’m still waiting on my full refund 10. Unable to post a review if I add a picture I will update my review as soon as I see improvements

- Horrible timing

Trucker Path, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a virus going around called Covid-19. It is devastating lives. It is also devastating the economy. Will I be driving next year? Next month? Tomorrow? Who knows. While I certainly understand the desire for revenue, your timing is horrible. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got a good product. But, 1) the price point is much too high, 2) forcing a user to watch a 20-30 second ad to interact with the app every time and in any meaningful way goes waaaaaay beyond “inconvenience”, and 3) asking for revenue during uncertain/hard times _really_makes_you_look_bad_. The recent comments aren’t all just lamenting that the free ride is over. They’re a large flashing warning sign indicating problems. You may need to adjust your strategy. Or, not. It’s your company. Do as you will.

- Solid

The app runs solidly. Make no mistake this is the best Truck GPS/Trucker app available to truckers. The app’s interface is laid out in clear and easy to understand way, there is ability to set up fuel routes, and so much more. The voice doesn’t speak in complete sentences. For example, the app will consistently say (across all my devices) something to the affect of: “Take exit 9 towards, and then keep right”. So if your not glancing at the screen constantly you you won’t know what “towards” means or is. So pay attention. Other than that the app runs pretty good.

- Not so perfect anymore

This app did get 5 stars from me and my husband but not anymore. The thing about this app that made it perfect was it was all free. All of a sudden now to get truck route you have to pay for it. When I put in his location then his destination it now says car route not optimized for trucks. So I made and account and tried again after putting in all his truck information it says I have to pay for the truck route. WTH I still use this app and so does he for the truck stops weigh stations and etc. but I have to use my google map app mostly for directions. It’s aggravating to flip back and forth between the two when helping him plan his route. PLEASE PUT TRUCK PATH BACK TO FREE.

- Needs improvements for New York City and New Jersey

Because sometimes the map is taking me to very tight roads one time I got stuck because the gps took me to a very tight residential street in New York City not only one time 2 times that’s why I give 4 stars because those days was like a nightmare to make the turn but I waited till the people left the place to make the turn please fix that issue because is hard to get stuck let me say where the gps is failing Brooklyn NY Manhattan NY queens NY new Rochelle NY New Brunswick NJ please fix those routes it evades low bridges but is not evading the smaller streets thanks after you guys fix it I will get the yearly edition

- Greedy Developers

The developers became way too greedy. Spamming you with dumb ads and forcing you to pay for their subscription. UI design used to be clean now its filled with unnecessary tacky garbage. Ads became beyond annoying specially when you’re driving and want to look up weight station updates really quick. Paid service is too expensive, I would never invest to your greedy company that doesn't care about its customers aka truck drivers. Every year you becoming more greedy and annoying. Uninstalled.

- Seriously?

I’ve been a faithful and consistent user and advocate of Trucker Path since before this version existed when the original app was still available back it 2013. And now this once simple and perfect map app looks like those trash slot machine gambling games. Seriously? What once was a true free app that allowed truckers to customize for our needs is now completely unusable without a monthly fee! This is a travesty. Whoever made the decision to sellout and destroy Trucker Path has no shame. Shame on you and everything you’ve done to my most trusted and used tool. I cannot in good faith EVER refer Truck Path if this is what we will have. After seven years as a faithful promoter of THE ONLY DECENT APP FROM COMMERCIAL DRIVERS I am more than guaranteed to delete this the first chance I have. Shame on you.

- $99 for bugs and freezes

If all you want to do is a set a destination and go, then this may work for you. No guarantees though. And whatever you do - follow the 1 route you chose, or this thing will go bananas. It will continually try to get you back to the course you originally chose, rather than rerouting a different way. So you have to quit the route, then route it again for a new way to go. And holy f do not touch anything while it is routing you, because it will freeze. Then you have to restart Truckers Path to get it routing again. While you are traveling, do not touch any places that pop up, because it will freeze and you will have to restart Trucker Path. Want to the status of a truck stop along your route. Don’t!! It will freeze and you will have to restart Truckers Path.

- Not worth it

I used this app for for quite some time on an occasional basis when our major fuel stops weren’t along the route. It was fairly good and handy at times however many times the parking areas listed weren’t public or even completely off base and no parking at all as well as the lot statuses were incorrect a lot of the time as far as occupancy. Now they have changed it and show an ad every time you try to look at a location and give you the option to pay $10 a month for a mediocre app at best, as if being out on the road doesn’t cost us enough as is. Today was the first time I seen the updated version with ads and the last day I am using it. I found another app that works better without ads or subscription and deleted this app.

- Fees for what’s free in paper form

This app has gone from free to ads blocking the the screen. And is time consuming when in a hurry. The ads need to not obscure the screen or inhibit the user from doing what we do. Also, most all features are already available in paper book for less then this app. Paper book of all the truck stops and number of spots and even addresses are only a couple bucks. With no ads. So basically this app is only good for communicating to other drivers about parking availability... glad the makers of this app found a way to make money twice over by the ads and drivers... shame. Use to be in it for the driver. Funny how money changes you. And routing? That’s a joke. Most drivers already have a gps. That’s not a selling point.

- Completely useless after last update

App was perfect, now it doesn’t even work on my iPad in landscape mode. Landscape mode with all info on the sidebar was perfect, and now you have to click a few times and scroll down. When before you could pull up all info with one click and still see the map. And I can’t run my iPad in portrait mode since other apps like my ELD uses landscape mode. I will be canceling my premium membership! Oh well good run for couple years but like other reviewers said no need to reinvent the wheel!

- Same as everyone else

Was a great app before they sold out for profit. I would be willing to pay a one-time fee for the app, but not a monthly subscription. Outrageous. Only useful now for parking spots in areas unknown. Take parking updates at your own risk and look at history to see trend. But I’m sure before long, people will ruin this and won’t be as accurate. Please re-evaluate the recent update and get rid of subscription (besides maybe for gps?). Offer a one time charge for the app for ad free and parking prediction of like maybe $5 and you’ll have a lot more happy users. I’m willing to help support an app/developer for good products but as is, this app will never be worth what their asking and wasn’t before they made this hard push for profit. It’s sad. You ruined a good thing.

- Problems with third party directions.

Third party map directions no longer track. I get why they would add a paywall to finance the truck routing addition to this app, but the other routing options are now stifled by a coordinate to coordinate input when transferring to apple or google maps. This means that they use the static gps coordinates of your location when you switch over, instead of your actively tracking location. I don’t know why this is, but I no longer input location status feedback, because this app is no longer useful to me because I don’t need parking or weight station statuses, only conveniently accessible directions.

- Need a trial before purchase

I think if your confident in your product you should offer at least a 7 to 14 days free trial. Some of the reviews are a bit concerning and prefer not to throw away $10 to $100 if I don't like it. Things I’d like to see for the money aside from what you already offer are basic features that Google maps offers for free. -Satellite view so at certain areas and delivery spots I can see what’s around me on the map and can discern the truck entrance at locations before I arrived. Not all entrance are in front of the building at the precise address. -Live Traffic updates. Crucial alerts of accidents ahead and suggestions on alternate routes.

- Great app but please fix

I use this religiously. Great app helps me trip plan. One thing I found I have my phone side ways, length wise. Your app will open with the logo correctly no problem but as soon as the map opens it doesn’t turn. Only way I can get it to spin is to open a few spots and the info for the place opens right so when I close it the map is magically spun the right way. Also this has a lot of blue in it I find it difficult to find that small blue dot that’s my location. A flag, a big red semi icon something to see yourself amongst the sea of icons. I have to scroll out move the circle to another location see where I am. This is if you return to the app after leaving it. This isn’t a problem when you first open it and use it. It’s upon as I stated returning it’s very hard to see where you are especially if your moving. Thanks great app great info just a few things I believe

- Mileage!!!!

I wrote a review a few days ago with “Air Miles does me no good!!!!” However I still use the app everyday. It’s one of my most valuable apps I have, just couldn’t understand why they changed to Air Miles!!, I still used it all the time. I have scene learned that they are aware of this and are working on a fix. Couldn’t figure out how to let somebody know and hadn’t ever written a review before. Thanks for your response and keep up the great job y’all do for us Truckers out here!! Love this App!!

- Fuel Plan bug

Just downloaded and unlocked the most expensive Platinum version. When I try editing the Fuel Plan screen, I'm unable to cave changes because when I make my edits and tap "Get Fuel Plan" an error pops up saying "Minimum Fill Purchase can not be less than 26" -- what is the Fill Purchase? Do you mean Fuel Purchase? Also, it's already set to 30 which is greater than 26. You've got a bug. Also it would be great if you save save multiple trip plans. It seems like you can only have one trip plan going at once, but I'd prefer to be able to plan multiple trips and then select one to navigate when ready to go.

- What is up with all the changes?

Newsflash, I’m not going to subscribe to the paid navigation. I just use the reg car routing. I’ve tried you subscription navigation and it’s inferior and expensive. The silver is fine for me. I have other forms of gps navigation I like better. I’m a subscribing member. Why, why must you change everything around? It was fine before, the format was perfect. Every year you people make these ridiculous changes and I cannot take time to learn the app all over again. People like familiarity, especially when it’s something I am depending on. Stop with the changes all the time please.


I called back in December 2019 to request a new device because the one I was using broke. They let me know they had a new device and would send out a new one ASAP. It’s January 29th and still no device has been sent out and I emailed they 2xs to ask where is the device with no response. They did send and email in recent weeks, which wasn’t relevant to the email I sent them about the device. They took a few days to get back to me after the first call informing them the device was broken. I would stay away from this company until they prove they have there act together. It’s absolutely ridiculous how bad their customer service is and if I traveled over 100 Air Miles and absolutely needed the decide I’d be in a lot of trouble.

- Very useful with some serious shortcomings

Been using the app about a month. Extremely helpful to plan a trip and adjust stops on the fly. That said, there are serious shortcomings: * The monthly costs for the higher plans are outrageous for what you get. Their monthly subscription compares to enterprise level software like Microsoft Office, The Adobe Platform, and others. It’s BONKERS that this flawed, much less complex software is charging more than $5-$7 a month for their highest level. * It needs a compass oriented view while driving. * It needs a clean way to view at other scales. Right now it’s either close up, or the entire route. I often need scale views at many points in between. This really is a great app and service, but I canceled my gold level membership and will figure out how to get by at lower levels and/or a combo of google maps and old school printed maps. I hope the producers reconsider their subscription model in light of what their charging compared to Microsoft and Adobe.


This app is becoming a safety hazard, a driving distraction. I understand you need to make money and for us free users, this means ads. However, I don’t think having me watch 3 video ads while driving just so I can check the parking status or exit number of a truckstop makes for a trucking safety conscious app. Before you tell us we’re not suppose Ltd to use it while driving, save that bull crap. There’s no chance we are going to pull over and update the status of a scale. None chance. The app is designed to be easy to use while driving. Easy pop ups and easy updates UNLESS you’re too cheap to pay for the app. Don’t want us free users, good luck keeping the paid users without us all doing updates.

- You just killed yourselves!

As a trucker driver, I use this app everyday! The ADs never bothered me, as you gotta get paid and I do not think you just add locations for free do you? The greatest thing was the in-App map to google map and go! In your latest update, you now want memberships? Pay for premium memberships? Pay to lose the ADs? Sign up to leave a review? And now the Dead stick map where you can not even copy/paste an address from it to google maps? I backed up my phone and I will try to re-Install the old app, because if I can’t... this app is of no use to me as there are others that are more trucker friendly and not GREEDY! Please note... this would have been a 5 Star Rating but the changes (for me, 18 years driving) killed it...good luck.

- I use this all the time

It was fairly easy to use until the recent changes. Now it no longer rotates when I turn my phone sideways to place it in the window mount. In busy areas where there were multiple icons, I used to be able to tap on the cluster until the one I wanted was displayed. Now it picks one, and if you want to select something different, you have to zoom in a huge amount to get the other one distant before it will switch. Half of the options no longer have directions (so I can plug it into my iPhone gps). I’m hoping that these features will find their way back

- Seething with Racism, Bigotry & Homophobia

Gave 1 , was going to give 2 stars because it does help find stopping points, which is valuable, but the acceptance of racism and bigotry takes them down to a 1. The “social media” aspect of this app is ground zero for racism, bigotry and general hatred. The racism is what gets me, I mean I get that a lot of truckers are ignorant rednecks incapable of thinking for themselves, but to see it so rampant and clearly welcome by Trucker Path, it’s disgusting. I only use this app to find bathrooms and places to do a 10, other than that it’s pure white nationalist garbage. If you’re a new trucker I’d suggest Reddit for newbie questions, leave this platform to the old hillbillies who aren’t comfortable enough to spout their racist garbage from a legitimate social media platform.

- Worst and worst

I was using this app from years and last time is getting worst and worst. On the beginning it was simple and easy to work app and this I loved. A few months ago after updating app its starts with adds and getting complicated. I need simple app while driving works with one touch finger. I should press once to know what I need to know but not switching pages. And now another update kill everything ! This app works only in vertical .... My iPod is mounted to dashboard horizontal .... And one more problem with this app got older people who using glasses ....When you want to see small numbers on map like highway number and you scroll to get bigger view ,map is getting bigger but numbers are still small. Need magnifier to see numbers on highway ... I hope you fix something Thank you anyway for this app.

- Slow

You scroll up, wait for the hole page to load then you can scroll again, keep doing this 5 minutes you’ll find it over a dial up connection. It likes to freeze but wait it’ll eventually catch up, now they’re trying to get you to get that gps or pay fog trending and history. Other than that it’s a good app if idiot drivers would update what they see at the weigh stations like if there is a cc (chase car) or not but steering wheel holders to drrrr I guess if I gotta pay got all that oll just go back to chance guessing go around games cause you’re doing it anyways

- Grocery and Drug stores other than Walmart?

Would it be possible to reflect grocery and drug store locations similar to how Walmart’s are displayed so we know in advance if a truckstop or parking area happens to be close to 1? The app is extremely helpful, aside from the suggestion above the only other thing I’d suggest is taking a page out of My120’s book and adding a satellite view option to the virtual map so we can view what an area looks like and if there are unofficial parking areas like dirt or vacant lots. Just a couple thoughts, thanks for a great app!

- Was great till I couldn’t log in on my iPad

I pay for a subscription, which is ridiculous by the way! Way to expensive to be honest. But I sucked it up and paid for it because it’s better than a lot of the others. But when I downloaded the app on my iPad, I tried to log in and it keeps rejecting it. I know for sure that the info is right but it still rejects. And the support is also ridiculous. Another reason why I think it’s to expensive. $10 bucks a month for basic and $30 for premium is retarded. Not worth that much money in my opinion.

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- 👍

Great app, every driver should have it & use it.


You expect us to watch ads while we’re driving?! I used to love this app. This is absolute trash now. Can’t even view one thing without being blocked out unless you watch a 30 second ad. How dare you do this to the truckers who are holding this nation together during this pandemic

- Crap

Don't trust on this app for checking weight scale.🤬🤬🤬

- Keep the old styled app

You guys have made it so complicated, bring back the old version.

- It was good.

Way to many ads. Made the app unusable.

- Ads ads ads

This app went from fantastic, to an ad ridden, impossible to use pile of garbage. 15 different ad “buttons” that instantly take you out of the app if you press anywhere close to them. Go back, please. You had it right originally. Tell us if the scales open or not... not 25 other things we don’t need you for. You did one thing well, then screwed it up.

- Good app

Always using this app to check parking and scale. But now app freezes. FIX IT PLEASE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

- No after sale service - don’t cancel even when requested

I sent an email the day before the subscription was due after the trial period. I did not want to pay as it’s a glitchy app that froze on multiple occasions, and overall a negative experience. No response and the payment came out. I sent another email to the first request and still nothing. I ended up just using Google maps as it was far more reliable.

- Quit updating!

You’ve literally destroyed a great app with stupid updates, first the apps, then severe lag, and now I can’t even get the app to function properly when I try and load locations up. You guys are useless when it comes to testing updates before releasing 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Bad navigation

If u miss a turn, reroute on this app is worst.


Good app for truckers

- Wth

I downloaded this app few years ago, used it for a couple years, until I did other work. Starting driving truck again, so I thought hey this app was awesome I should download it again.... Wth guys? Not even the same app anymore? What happened to $3.49 a month? I’m not paying $300 a year for something that’s convenient but at the same time I could easily do without... Not cool..not cool

- Not working

Can’t update status anymore

- Decent app

The app is useful to know where truckstops and stuff are Other than that well ... for myself i can’t see reviews, the map moves at a crispy 1FPS, ads and pop ups appears when i try to see info on places but other than that its ok

- Very handy

Very accurate app and reliable

- Freeeezzxzeee

Great aap turning to nightmare, its freezes a lot now, the thing is there is no alternative of this app and as a trucker this is daily usage app, I hope you guys fix

- Not suitable as truck navigation

I am a gold member and in gold member we can use truckers path as navigation for semi trucks but it always takes me to no truck route. Not recommended for navigation otherwise it’s good to find rest area and fuel pumps.

- Not bad

I really enjoy the app when it works... always crashing and takes forever to load

- Excellent app

Excellent app you can always depend on it.

- Great app use it all the time!

Very useful

- Too many Ads in app.

I can understand they need to earn money, but every time you open app, there are couple of ads pop on your screen which close after certain time. It used to be my favourite app, but now I hardly use it.

- Keeps crashing

The app won’t load even with the update

- It’s ok

Use it everyday to see what scales are open. I don’t like the fact that most of the available features you have to pay for when it was free before

- Harassing app

It is a good app. However it’s not what it used to be. First it was add free, then they appeared and it was still ok. Now it’s annoying because the app is canstanrly suggesting to subsribe for a paid service. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 they are even harassing with calls and texts. It will come to the point that every time you would wan’t to check on a truck stop you will pay a dime.

- Now it sucks

Already paid for a life membership a few years and now they want me to pay monthly, sorry will not. Ads every 5 seconds wiil bring the favor of no one.

- Full of ads

App use to be great, now it’s full of ads. Worst decision I made was to update this app. If u have old version don’t update it.

- Ads

Used to like this app but now full of ads and they want 99.00 to stop them think I’ll use the other trucker apps

- Why

Too many adds,if I want to improve I will let you know.

- Too many ads.

This used to be App but now it’s garbage.

- Developer getting greedy

I’ve used this app for years it used to be good but greed got the best of the app. They’ve made the free version pretty much Impossible to use. Because they want sell you the full version or more accurately lease you a monthly or annual prescription which is crazy expense.the free version is full of ads and Pop ups it sucks👎

- Use to be great

This app use to be a great, but now with all the ads that pop up it gets very frustrating.

- Crashing app.

You just updated and it crashes when you open it. That’s why the one star. Pleas fix this

- Not great anymore!

All you gona see is ads

- Good for everything else but routing

The app is a great tool for any trucker as advertised but routing could be a little rough, ive had TruckerPath send me down residential backlanes with a 53’ trailer. The app might be better in the US but I will not use it here in Toronto/Montreal Canada.

- Was a decent app but...

Used to be good but now overrun by function blocking ads. Touch this? Ad. Search that? Ad. Click on that? Ad. And they sometimes won’t close! Need to buy a membership to remove ads.

- Too god for canada

Bes truck app

- Fullll of commercials

Was ok before they filled it with crap. Absolutely hate it now

- Good app

The only issue I have is that you can’t zoom in on the app , not all of us have perfect vision :-/ Other than that , it’s great

- Will not open

I click to open and it freezes and shuts down.

- Well put Muz

Second the accurate Sum up

- best gonna get

i dont like all the editing, censorship on weigh station reviews; i don't care about hotels ; restaurants; truck stops, parking, none of it; i ise the app for knowing information about weigh stations and being able to talk to other drivers on the reviews about the cops are doing at the weigh station and around them; my messages get erased ; and other people messages on reviews on weigh stations get erased as well

- Forum keeps freezing

When i try to access the forum entire app freezes only started to happen with new update

- Alberta Bound

Pay attention drive safe brothers and sisters

- Great app, not perfect. Yet.

I use this app for its GPS mainly, they offer for premium membership offline map’s that update on their own, so you don’t have to use Data while on the road. Best feature I’d say. But they only read in MPH and miles Instead of KPH or KM’s for us Canadian folks. Should give us the option to change that and I hope the change comes soon, not the end of the world if they don’t though. It’s only made one mistake for me so far on the road and I’ve put some KM’s under their system already. I’d say a win so far.

- Commentaire

J’aimerais bien que cette application sois en français

- offline map route error on ipad

route error there was an error because there is not enough local map data to perform route calculation. and i re-download it 3 times ,it’s still same error on offline map

- Bad APP

Sometimes if I write a review about a truck stop based on good or bad experience they keep deleting bad experience reviews even if no bad language used. It’s possible that they accept bribes from bad truck stops managers to hide their customer reviews. I don’t use it now . There are other apps too. I post reviews on google maps now.

- Manque

Francophone svp

- Awesome

Great app..

- Get rid of “actively monitored”

Get rid of the STUPID actively monitored feature please!!!! It’s either open or closed! Drivers don’t use this feature properly and its stupid !! Other than that i LOVE this app!

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Hooty Sapperticker

@RideWithC4T If you don’t already use this app you should check it out. Awesome for planning stops and great for when you run into bad weather. Truckers review each location actively. Shows restaurants, parking availability and more at each stop.

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps 4.3.9 Screenshots & Images

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps iphone images
Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps iphone images
Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps iphone images
Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps iphone images
Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps iphone images
Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps iphone images

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps (Version 4.3.9) Install & Download

The applications Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps was published in the category Navigation on 2014-10-12 and was developed by Trucker Path Inc. [Developer ID: 782709146]. This application file size is 252.4 MB. Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps - Navigation app posted on 2021-02-05 current version is 4.3.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.Trucker-Path-Pro

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