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As users of social media, we are responsible for everything we share online. With Xpire, you can shrink your digital footprint and ensure that your online profiles represent yourself in a positive way.

** Co-Founded by Mark Cuban and featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, Fox Business, CNET, and more **

We live in a time where most of what we say and do ends up online. You may not realize it but your social media profiles say a lot about you. Friends, parents, and even employers can form opinions about you simply based off of what you share online. Because of this, we believe it is becoming increasingly important that users are able to take control of their social media accounts and portray themselves in a positive way.

With Xpire, you can:

- Search, find, and delete your old posts on Twitter and Facebook. You may blush at your embarrassing posts but at least they'll be gone once and for all!

- Share self-destructing tweets that automatically delete themselves. Simply choose a time limit and watch in amazement as your posts disappear from social media (along with the likes, favorites, comments, shares, and more!)

- See how much risky content you share online. Our Social Scoring algorithm grades your posts and then gives you a score (A+ through F), depending on how much inappropriate content you share.

- Manage your likes and online relationships with ease. Xpire lets you unlike and unfollow as you please.

Note: Xpire can crawl up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets. It can, however, mass delete all of your tweets. Because of API limitations, Xpire can no longer share posts and directly delete Facebook posts but can help you discover them and can link you to them for manual deletion.

Thank you so much for using Xpire! We care deeply about our users and want to know what you think of the app. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please email us at [email protected]

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The applications Xpire - Clean up social media was published in the category Social Networking on 2014-06-03 and was developed by Xpire, LLC. The file size is 28.05 MB. The current version is 3.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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Xpire - Clean up social media Reviews


Crashes every time.  jdcag12  1 star

Crashes every single time I search for something.


Deletes the Tweets !!!!  Malloware  5 star

This app deleted my Tweets with ease and is well designed. I contacted Support Team and replies were quick and helpful. It seems Twitter is not allowing User Likes to be deleted at this time. All apps similar to xpire are currently affected by this Twitter glitch. I recommend xpire. It does what it says.


Horrible  Jimleonard  1 star

Customer service is the worst ive found out of the app store

Screw it. Seriously.

Don’t believe reviews about improvements.  Screw it. Seriously.  1 star

The first time I tried using this app it did a great job of hijacking my WiFi, but it had a “loading” page up for over two hours. I turned off all internet access to my device, miraculously it was still loading. I deleted and reloaded the app and tried again. Now it crashes as soon as I login, both on the app and on the browser.


4 clicks to delete one Facebook post  doli23  1 star

This app is a rip off. I thought it was going to make it easier to delete Facebook posts but in fact it takes longer than it does to go on Facebook and delete them under Activity. Do not buy this app!!!


Doesn’t work  HousheOne  1 star

After I spent the dollar, the app has never worked again. I worked well ONCE. I was able to search my tweets for profanity and delete them En masse. Now, every tweet is duplicated 10x and the search function literally doesn’t work. Please contact me

Mr. SkIzZmS


I really believed in this app and I paid for it and I still have it but it just takes too long to delete one post because it has to go into the page with some week animation and then you slide off into the red or the green and it’s just too slow for my taste. It seems like deleting from Facebook itself is a lot easier


Piece of nothing  Jay112323  1 star

Filtering for Oldest Tweets no longer works. This app is consistently inconsistent. And now it won’t even load. Crashes immediately. M


Bad  fauxfamous  1 star

it doesn’t sync my latest tweets last sync was May 25th smh


So helpful!  lizb253  5 star

This app is awesome for the future posts you have yet to even write! It lets you share the articles, links, photos and thoughts you have without looking back in 5 years and thinking - why did I post that? Because poof, it’s gone. It’s expired! Clean up your timeline and don’t worry about it coming back to haunt you. I needed this!


Nope  PPWWRR  1 star

Can't get it to work ... or it crashes. Need my $1 back please Mark


Works well for what it does  barretme  4 star

The app works smoothly and is easy to use. One feature I would like to see: bulk delete of ALL favorited tweets with one button.


Meh  Qwertypoklsyersh  4 star

It does what it says it's gonna do but I wish there was a way to mass un favorite things or retweets


Constantly crashes.  zamboni33  1 star

You're lucky if you can get 2 posts deleted before the app crashes. If that can be resolved it would be a great app.


Keeps crashing  zzzz90  3 star

Would be an awesome app if it would stop crashing when you hit delete all.


Xpire  omega1844a  1 star

This product doesn't deliver. It take forever to delete old posts and I have posts dating back to 2013, it will not remove. Save your money.


Excellent  ManicPansa  5 star

Does exactly as it's intended to do. Thank you god for making this developer. Finally no more damage control.


Does nothing.  KevinanoldfanofJD  1 star

I can view my posts but do nothing with them. Refund my 1.99. Scam!

Bob Bitchen

Doesn't work  Bob Bitchen  1 star

Won't set up Facebook access. Support guy told me to do what I told him I couldn't do. Don't buy.


No Facebook Integration  Chris258173  1 star

Doesn't work yet; waste of $ for me since my main form of social media use is FB. App I for needs to be updated with clear info about which social media platforms are supported, including an ETA for those that aren't yet supported.

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