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Xpire - Clean up social media [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

As users of social media, we are responsible for everything we share online. With Xpire, you can shrink your digital footprint and ensure that your online profiles represent yourself in a positive way.

** Co-Founded by Mark Cuban and featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, Fox Business, CNET, and more **

We live in a time where most of what we say and do ends up online. You may not realize it but your social media profiles say a lot about you. Friends, parents, and even employers can form opinions about you simply based off of what you share online. Because of this, we believe it is becoming increasingly important that users are able to take control of their social media accounts and portray themselves in a positive way.

With Xpire, you can:

- Search, find, and delete your old posts on Twitter and Facebook. You may blush at your embarrassing posts but at least they'll be gone once and for all!

- Share self-destructing tweets that automatically delete themselves. Simply choose a time limit and watch in amazement as your posts disappear from social media (along with the likes, favorites, comments, shares, and more!)

- See how much risky content you share online. Our Social Scoring algorithm grades your posts and then gives you a score (A+ through F), depending on how much inappropriate content you share.

- Manage your likes and online relationships with ease. Xpire lets you unlike and unfollow as you please.

Note: Xpire can crawl up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets. It can, however, mass delete all of your tweets. Because of API limitations, Xpire can no longer share posts and directly delete Facebook posts but can help you discover them and can link you to them for manual deletion.

Thank you so much for using Xpire! We care deeply about our users and want to know what you think of the app. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please email us at info@getxpire.com

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Xpire - Clean up social media Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- bug fixes - UI updates for iOS 13 compatibility

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- Twitter delete

Works great at first. Once you get deeper into the past, it seems to duplicate tweets so there ends up being like 6-7 of the same tweet and you have to delete them individually.

- Garbage app that costs money

I have a lot of my Facebook locked and I’ve searched many keywords and this app comes back with nothing! I know there are things to find, but this app doesn’t do for my Facebook what it says it can do..... Disappointed that I wasted money on such a crappy app...

- Really?

Just an empty window, not intuitive at all, nothing works!

- Helpful


- How to use it?

Not working out I’m trying to delete posts

- I regret buying the app

I want my money back! It wouldn’t let me search tweets, and it only went up to 3 months in the past. I’m immensely disappointed and I regret buying the app.

- Crashes every time.

Crashes every single time I search for something.

- Deletes the Tweets !!!!

This app deleted my Tweets with ease and is well designed. I contacted Support Team and replies were quick and helpful. It seems Twitter is not allowing User Likes to be deleted at this time. All apps similar to xpire are currently affected by this Twitter glitch. I recommend xpire. It does what it says.

- Horrible

Customer service is the worst ive found out of the app store

- Don’t believe reviews about improvements.

The first time I tried using this app it did a great job of hijacking my WiFi, but it had a “loading” page up for over two hours. I turned off all internet access to my device, miraculously it was still loading. I deleted and reloaded the app and tried again. Now it crashes as soon as I login, both on the app and on the browser.

- 4 clicks to delete one Facebook post

This app is a rip off. I thought it was going to make it easier to delete Facebook posts but in fact it takes longer than it does to go on Facebook and delete them under Activity. Do not buy this app!!!

- Doesn’t work

After I spent the dollar, the app has never worked again. I worked well ONCE. I was able to search my tweets for profanity and delete them En masse. Now, every tweet is duplicated 10x and the search function literally doesn’t work. Please contact me


I really believed in this app and I paid for it and I still have it but it just takes too long to delete one post because it has to go into the page with some week animation and then you slide off into the red or the green and it’s just too slow for my taste. It seems like deleting from Facebook itself is a lot easier

- Piece of nothing

Filtering for Oldest Tweets no longer works. This app is consistently inconsistent. And now it won’t even load. Crashes immediately. M

- Bad

it doesn’t sync my latest tweets last sync was May 25th smh

- So helpful!

This app is awesome for the future posts you have yet to even write! It lets you share the articles, links, photos and thoughts you have without looking back in 5 years and thinking - why did I post that? Because poof, it’s gone. It’s expired! Clean up your timeline and don’t worry about it coming back to haunt you. I needed this!

- Hardly worth it

Doesn’t find all post when you try to search for different words.. I noticed on my timehop app there was a post I didn’t like and when I tried to search for it in the xpire app nothing came up.

- Crashes

Only works one at a time

- Works great for Twitter clean-up

I really only wanted this app to clean up Twitter, get rid of old tweets and excess Follows. Am very happy with app for that use.

- Doesn’t work

It’ll make on tweet appear as 25, click select all, selects all, deletes one of the 25 on 24 more times before you get that one tweet deleted.

- I want access to all social media platforms again on here

I used to have all my social media connected to this but after some update I have now only been able to do one unless I log out and when I did Facebook it wouldn’t post cause it said it didn’t have approval which I checked and it was fine . Until you allow me to use it for all social media platforms like before without logging out I won’t use it as much if not all . I especially liked how I could post same thing to all at once too .

- Love it

Works great. It’s actually the only one I have found that does work.

- Fails to deliver

Not worth it. Delete ur stuff the old fashioned way

- Facebook needs work

Crashes almost immediately. Good concept, worth the $.99 to see old content but the the app only provides a link to delete old Facebook content, which does not work. Each link I followed displayed the same Facebook error: "The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page." Manually checking Facebook's "On This Day" page has better functionality, and is free. Future versions of Xpire should include: 1. Option to remove old Facebook statuses/posts within Xpire 2. Option to find/delete comments on other users posts within Xpire

- Not only crashes on Facebook posts...

...it also deleted posts I DIDN'T want to delete. I was scrolling when I thought it was done deleting another post. It wasn't, it checked off the one I wanted to keep and before I could remove the checkmark, it was gone forever. And THEN it crashed again. Forget using this for Facebook. Pretty good for Twitter...but the Facebook experience is lousy. (UPDATE: 9/17 update - Removing more than 200 "Likes" on Twitter crashes the app and doesn't complete the job. And all I have is Twitter, no Facebook available anymore. Still very buggy.)

- Life saver!

This is a must for any young professional looking to erase some irresponsible posts made in high school and college. Those mistakes shouldn’t follow you around for forever!

- Does what it says

I'm a pretty private person, so I definitely appreciate this app. Makes it really easy to delete stuff that's been posted. And the new update is amazing!! Highly recommend!!!

- Doesn't pull up any posts

The app stays blank, even though I've been on FB since 2009.. I used common key words like my daughters name and nothing showed. Rip off. Update-- still crap after the cupboard fix. Just says loading posts for the past HOUR!

- Doesn't work for Facebook...

Doesn't seem to be working for Facebook, and I don't have a twitter... darn. And they already replied to re download it and it would work, NOPE. BUG FIXED = lies.

- Doesn't work & you have to pay for it now???

App freezes when you try to use it for Facebook. You also have to pay for it now? Lol, no. UPDATE: Wow, it works even better than last time. It'll even pick up on posts that are set to Friends or Only Me. Not sure how to connect to Twitter or other social networks, if we can't I highly recommend that feature, but it's even more helpful now than it used to be.

- Very useful

I love being able to view and delete my old Facebook posts so quickly! Twitter feature works well too.

- Save your dollar

Really doesn't do much other than mass unlike your twitter posts and delete all your tweets. That service available online for free. Won't connect to Facebook. Disappointed. Am I missing something?!

- Review

Does not work with Facebook. Good thing it's only $0.99.

- Can't get it to work with fb. Any suggestions?

Can't get it to work with fb. Any suggestions?

- Getting better

Thanks for adding the "mass unlike" feature! It worked great to unlike many tweets at once. Unfortunately Twitter still thinks I've liked 152 tweets. When I refresh the app to see them, the app crashes. It's probably getting an error from Twitter's API. You gotta handle that gracefully. Thanks for the app sign in feature too! But now I'm signed into Twitter and can't find a place to switch over to Facebook.

- Does what it says

I use this app to clean up my old FB posts. It doesn't have the crashes anymore, which is awesome. I just wish I could delete FB posts from within the app instead of opening it in another app. Also, please allow to switch between facebook and twitter accounts without signing out! 👍

- Won’t connect to FaceBook

Works great with Twitter but does not connect to FaceBook . I will put 5 stars when it does. Thank you ! Edit : I heard you. ;-)

- Promising App, Great Support

Can no longer support this app now that Marc Cuban has gone full SJW and has so much hate in his heart for our POTUS.

- Worked for a while

Now it's stopped. I just tried to do a delete. It didn't even get tweets past a week ago. For a paid app, unacceptable.

- Good but could be better

Ability to select all tweets (without having to search anything). And I wish I could search favorites and mass delete those.

- Works on Twitter; not on Facebook...

... no matter how many times I tried.

- Didn't Delete Anything

Nothing was deleted, not even the posts I manually deleted myself

- Total scam

Doesn't do what it says it will. Total scam. Please don't waste your money.

- Doesn't work at all for Facebook

Don't waste your money didn't do anything it advertised it would

- Doesn't delete Facebook posts

Won't actually delete your Facebook posts

- Love the Facebook support among the other features

This is fantastic for helping me clean out my content. Can't believe some of the content I found from long ago. Very glad to get it removed!

- Works great

Great! Got rid of some stuff I didn't need on fb in a flash. Everyone who uses social media should use this.

- Do not buy!

This app does not work! It says it is deleting Facebook posts but they are all there when I check. Don't get scammed just because Mark Cuban threw some money at them. Even Cuban makes bad investments. I will be complaining to Apple to get my money back

- Great for cleaning up profiles

This app is great fir cleaning up any profile. It has useful features that help me manage my social media. Easy to use 👍🏻👍🏻

- Doesn't work


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- Only goes back 3000 tweets

Useless app for people who have a large amount of tweets. Search function is poorly executed, no modifiers like a Google search. Still only lets you tweet 140 characters.

- Waste of money

No longer works like advertised

- Facebook

It doesn’t let you delete old posts from the app. It brings you to an expired Facebook page after you log in through it’s scetchy browser. Not a good app. It doesn’t interface well with Facebook. Don’t waste your money.

- Stopped working

It just spins and spins now. I can’t even access the settings

- Good

Facebook doesn't work for me

- 4 stars for the potential I see in this app

I gave it 4 stars because I think there's a lot of potential in this app, but I don't find it overly useful as it is. What I'm looking for is something where I can automatically or manually delete any post older than X number of days, with the option to tag posts to be protected from deletion. Over 7 years of Facebook is a lot to delete manually. Also, for security reasons, I don't give my phone access to Facebook, except from within the Facebook app. Having to log into Facebook through the phone, and then again from within this app is a little redundant, and an unnecessary security risk.

- Delivers

Discovered this app while getting acquainted with Cyberdust. I oversee 6 different twitter feeds and I've sworn I'll never post to twitter from another app again. The ability to erase tweets that are time sensitive ie a promotion is invaluable. Posting to several related feeds is easy, and again, can be automatically deleted after a specified time is fantastic. Love it, nice work.

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- Vaporware

Great concept, simply doesn't work. Acts as if it is deleting Facebook posts, but doesn't. Tried everything in their FAQs and what support had suggested. I'm surprised Mark Cuban attaches his name to this and gives it publicly on twitter. Time to eat your own dog food. Would be great if this worked.

- Crap don't work. Scammers

This don't work. You guys just use tweet delete for free. Save your money.

- Looks good, does nothing.

Social score is sort of interesting - but the one promised function of this app, "mass delete", does not work, and did not work, multiple times. Incredibly disappointed, because the visual design was so promising.

- Does NOT work at all

App did not work at all couldn't delete tweets or send one that expires totally worthless

- Crashes...

When you try to add and take a photo. Worthless.

- Nope

Can't get it to work ... or it crashes. Need my $1 back please Mark

- Works well for what it does

The app works smoothly and is easy to use. One feature I would like to see: bulk delete of ALL favorited tweets with one button.

- Meh

It does what it says it's gonna do but I wish there was a way to mass un favorite things or retweets

- Constantly crashes.

You're lucky if you can get 2 posts deleted before the app crashes. If that can be resolved it would be a great app.

- Keeps crashing

Would be an awesome app if it would stop crashing when you hit delete all.

- Xpire

This product doesn't deliver. It take forever to delete old posts and I have posts dating back to 2013, it will not remove. Save your money.

- Excellent

Does exactly as it's intended to do. Thank you god for making this developer. Finally no more damage control.

- Does nothing.

I can view my posts but do nothing with them. Refund my 1.99. Scam!

- Doesn't work

Won't set up Facebook access. Support guy told me to do what I told him I couldn't do. Don't buy.

- No Facebook Integration

Doesn't work yet; waste of $ for me since my main form of social media use is FB. App I for needs to be updated with clear info about which social media platforms are supported, including an ETA for those that aren't yet supported.

- Does not work for my FB

It is supposed to look through my FB posts and give a review. It only lists a few random posts and it's no way to have it re-search the posts. It also in its terms does everything bad that it is supposed to help you prevent others from doing, like store all your stuff....

- Dont bother

Pain to use - selecting tweets individually instead of "select all" or in groups. Expensive for what it's worth. Cannot recommend.

- Doesn't work

Won't load Facebook posts. Waste of money. I want a refund.

- Facebook aspect isn't working?

Works perfectly for twitter- can load scores and posts and all that. For Facebook it doesn't seem to work as nothing shows up.

- Great for twitter, not Facebook

Very pleased with the twitter feature! I deleted 17k tweets as I had a "social score" of only a C+. Now if potential employers look me up, my new social score is A+. Refreshing to delete my entire twitter history without losing my followers. However, when you try to use the Facebook feature the app just crashes. Needs to be updated as I'd like to sweep my Facebook without losing all my photos and friends!

- Crashes

The twitter linked to it works great but when I try to post on Facebook, it crashes every time. Also, would be nice to have a choice to add a page.

- Needs timed posts

The self-destruct works great. If I could set what time my posts went up, it would be my go-to social media app. We need something that combines Buffer & Xpire.

- Disappointed

It doesn't let me compose a tweet by bringing up possible accounts. So I have to know their Twitter handle exactly. Not good. It would be nice to be able to apply expire dates to tweets created on Twitter. Also can't see my normal Twitter feed, just stuff I crate or RT. Shows other's tweets by account but not in chrono order. Needs more flexibility.

- Not ready

Sorry, Mr. Cuban. This app slows down both my Twitter and Facebook apps on my iPhone. Maybe when it works as advertised, I'll try it again. It's turned off now.

- Does not work with Facebook

I was able to clean up old tweets but it does not read Facebook posts. Did not try to post from the app.

- Links don't work

Links inside tweets, when reading from Xpire, only work about 20% of the time. When clicking on a link I oftentimes get a page that does not exist (due to the link being truncated). Many times the link is not active and I am unable to click to an interesting article.

- Very buggy

I use iPhone 6 on cricket. First - I've emailed support and have yet to hear back. Secondly - this app struggles to post my tweets. It's been this way for a few months. It tells me to try again later. Guess what - same problem Later!

- Works great!

Does what it says it will do and does it fast.

- Annoyed

It deleted all of my tweets except it isn't deleting my pictures.

- Facebook doesn't work well

It won't crawl posts for Facebook... Needs work.

- Almost

Deletes all tweets but tweets from 2013 or before will come back and I'll need to continue deleting my tweets through the app. Please fix this and it will be perfect for twitter.

- Xpire

Great way to delete your digital footprint or tweets you regret posting.

- Okay

Easy to use. However, it doesn't let you pre fill handle of others you are tagging in tweets

- Worked Perfectly!

I used this app to clean my Twitter, and let's just say that all the stupid tweets I've made are gone!

- Future NBA player

Thanks Mark Cuban.

- Error messages

Doesnt install correctly. Followed instructions to delete and install twitter. Continues to have three error messages. Not a good experience. Deleted the app.

- Needs work

Love the concept, but my complaints echo the others. Needs to allow old FB posts to be deleted and let us be able to do a mass select of tweet deletions rather than having to select each one individually. Look forward to seeing these improvements in the future.

- Great Idea....Needs Work.

It works great for Twitter. I haven't tried to use it for Facebook. The biggest problem I have found so far with Twitter is that when I attempt to tag someone in a tweet it won't automatically bring up their handle like Twitter does. If Xpire has access to my Twitter to delete and post tweets than it should be able to access my followers for a convenient tagging process, at the moment you have to have their handle memorized. The other thing that would be handy would be the ability to view the networks feed that you are viewing from Xpire. This would eliminate using two different apps to accomplish one goal of seamlessly using social media. If this app became a hub for your social media and a way to post self destructing posts it would be the best app out there. With a few tweaks this could be an amazing app to organize your social media and allow for a safer way to post. Overall I'd recommend, but if nothing new develops I'll be deleting it.

- interesting concept

I LOVE the idea of the app and that you can see your "social media score" but there is no feature that allows you to see what tweets/posts/favorites/accounts followed negatively affect your score. Beautiful app, but could be made exponentially better with the addition of the aforementioned feature.

- Facebook doesn't work

I'm not able to delete my old FB posts. Also, it would be cool if you could just delete all tweets before a certain date, instead of having to select them. Really cool app though! Great work!

- Eh

Does not work with Twitter. Password keeps timing out.

- Awesome app

This app works well. As mentioned by other users the Xpire does not allow deletion of old posts on FB prior to use of Xpire but it does provide the ability to delete any new posts you create using this app. I hope to see an update in the future. Great job Xpire team.

- Meh

Only have a Facebook and it doesn't work with Facebook. Great idea poor execution.

- Cannot use to delete FB posts!

Was really looking to delete stuff from my fb but this app doesnt work for my fb... please fix it!

- Excellent

Great app an easy to use. Wish it had some additional features but expect they will be coming.

- Where have technology like this been!!!

Works just as describe. I would like thank the founder M.Cuban, the developers and his whole team. No hidden/ unwarranted details.

- Awesome

This app worked as described. Thanks to Mark Cuban for recommending it!

- Somewhat useful

Cool that you can create self destructing tweets but it doesn't tell you how your score is calculated or which tweets/posts are affecting your score so overall pretty useless

- Good but

It is good but it would be nice if it could point to which tweets and posts are affecting you social score.


I have been using it since DAY 1!! Love it! Use it everyday to get rid if embarrassing tweets! Mark Cuban backs this so I do too! It is my 2nd favorite app tied with cyberdust!!! Keep if the good work guys!!!!

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Xpire - Clean up social media iphone images
Xpire - Clean up social media iphone images
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The applications Xpire - Clean up social media was published in the category Social Networking on 2014-06-03 and was developed by Xpire, LLC [Developer ID: 906723004]. This application file size is 27.44 MB. Xpire - Clean up social media - Social Networking posted on 2019-10-27 current version is 3.2.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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