Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map

Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map [Reference] App Description & Overview

Hey, get outdoor with your friends and start star gazing! Let StarTracker guide you to explore the universe.

Just hold up and point the device to the sky and have fun! You can see any stars, constellations and deep sky objects you are watching in reality.

What our user said:
"Best star gazing app I've ever used. Very well put together and great visuals!!! From end to end this app is a must-have for anyone interested in astronomy!!"

"This app is a marvel of technology, art, and science. Super smooth operation, great graphics and a great merging of the devices capabilities. Having grown up using star charts and compasses, this app feels like science fiction come to life. Great job!"

"Looking at the sky was never this incredible!"

"If you download only one app, make sure it's this one!! This is one of the best apps I've ever seen, period! Its quality is unmatched among star gazing apps!"

• All data is offline!
• Sun, Moon, planets, 88 Constellations and 8000+ stars visible to the naked eyes.
• 12 Zodiac Constellations Art & 6 famous deep sky objects with magnificent graphics.
• 3D compass in AR mode, indicate position of objects your searched.
• Location auto set by GPS, or set manually.
• Auto hide all menus and enter AR track mode when lift up the device and point to sky.
• Smooth motion flow and quick response which is realized by cutting edge signal processing technique.
• Superb high quality graphic display by enabling the retina display of the device and the full screen anti-aliasing technology employment.

Pro version:
• Full 88 Constellations & 100+ deep sky objects with magnificent graphics.
• Search and guide you to stars, constellations, planets and deep sky objects.
• Time Machine menu and location menu to encourage children to exploring more on time and location dimension.
• Night mode switch, to protect children's eye when doing star gazing outdoor.

• Top Left: Location Menu, choose location from a world map.
• Buttom Left: AR Compass indicator in AR track mode, pan the screen to enter un-track mode and click track button to back.

• When under un-track mode, just lift up the screen and point it to the sky to enter AR track mode.

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Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fix darkmode color issue

Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map Comments & Reviews

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- Made me a Stargazer

This app is great, especially for camping trips or beach weekends when the stars look really nice. I’ve been trying to teach myself to identify constellations for the last few years, and this app has helped a ton. Looking at the stars is so much more fun when you know what they are! The only problem I’ve ever run into is the automatic location service/orientation messes up in areas I have bad signal, but it’s easy to fix with the manual world map. I’ve had many memorable nights laying on the ground with friends enjoying the beauty of the cosmos because of this app!

- No restore option on iPhone.

So, I love what the app does. The issue I have is that when I bought my new iPhone, it wants me to pay for the full version again. The window pops up to restore it, but when you click the restore button, the window just vanishes and nothing happens. But ok that same window, if you click the purchase button, boy does that one work. Emailing “support” does nothing. Zero response after several attempts. It’s not that I’m a cheap person, and it’s not an outrageous price, but it’s just the fact that the option that is made to look like you can restore your purchase is basically a hoax. So, if you don’t mind paying for the full version every time you get a new device or you don’t plan on getting a new device, then this app is for you. But if you don’t like having to pay for it over and over every time you get a new phone or tablet, then it’s a better choice to look for a different app. There’s plenty of others that do restore your purchase when you switch devices that are on par with this app. If in the unlikely case my purchase is restored and I can use the full version on my new phone, I will give the five stars back that I gave when I installed it on my first device that I had the full version after paying the small fee. But I will not be forced to purchase the full version over and over, and I will not be paying for it again. If you would like your five stars back, restore my purchase and I will gladly give you back your five star rating.

- The kid loves it!

When our young one saw it on, we were headed home. She asked what is that, we told her . This is star tracker, can I look at it. The rest of the ride home was question of what’s this, and what can I find for you. I tried to explain the stars in Orion’s Belt, that they were twenty times the size of our sun. She needed time to think of about that, needless to say she loved it. Thank you for the help, I hope our little one stick with it!. Thanks again!, J T .

- Easy to use & works well

I had a prior night sky app. But it required WiFi and was a pain to use. Calibration was “iffy” and identifications were guesstimates. This app is fast and easy to calibrate, does not depend on WiFi, and show the sky with good accuracy. The planets are displayed far oversized, and shows the planet as observed in a telescope. But this helps you distinguish them from the stars, and they are shown in proper position in the night sky. I’m very happy with this app.

- Looking Through the Earth

What a fun app! You can even point down and see what’s on the other side of the globe. I love the colors. I even look at it during the daytime. And I never knew the names of some of the smaller constellations at all. I just moved to Central Oregon and you can see the stars every single night so it’s particularly fun for me out here.

- No longer works with iOS 10.3.4

I have thoroughly enjoyed this app. Unfortunately it no longer works with my older iPad. It does work with my newer iPhone, however, the screen size of my iPad is much more useful. This new version tries to open then disappears. Double clicking on my home button shows it in the background offering me the option to upgrade to add free. When I tap on the screen it closes.

- Thumbnail Star Guide

Great app for just checking in while checking out what's happening up there in the night sky. Great for a quick reference to get your bearings while traveling & being under a "new" sky or for taking a deeper look into what's shining above your own backyard. The night sky is the greatest show on earth & this app lists the cast.

- What a piece of crap!

Had this on my phone for several years and it worked pretty well. Then they focused on advertising on the Lite version. Nothing worked. You could point anywhere in the sky and it never oriented correctly. Deleted it a year or so ago. Hoped for the best and downloaded it again. Works even less now. Before it at least tried to orient but was never right. Now the view doesn’t move unless you move it manually. Too bad. They took a good app and broke it. Will delete again and never try it again.

- So much FUN

Took an Astronomy class and was told to go outside to see different constellations, positions of Mars, etc this app made it easy as pie for me to know I was actually looking at the right thing though and to be able to more clearly see some other constellations I'd probably have not noticed otherwise. Worth it!

- The heavens are telling of....

I love the app. It fills me with wonder for our Creator. The only negative thing is that it has almost too much information which can make things confusing when you look up and try to put it all together. However if nothing ever changes about the app, I am very grateful for it. Thank you. You clearly don’t want to hear any reviews

- Convenient star finder

Loved the sky for decades including three years using them for navigation. This brings back great memories by making it easy to find objects I am looking for quickly. Also helps find things to look at in a telescope.

- Magnetic North vs true north

Needs to be updated for magnetic north and true north. Magnetic north has shifted. The apps compass has compensated for this, but in relation to true north it makes the app inaccurate. I love the app otherwise. But it is VERY frustrating right now when I cannot point at the object I’m looking to identify and actually identify it because the app is telling me I’m looking West, when in all reality I’m looking North. If you know what I mean??

- Fascinating App

This is a great app and I tell everyone about it. It’s a great way to spend time with the family and a great learning experience for the kiddos! I never have any issues opening the app and the background music is peaceful and calming. We live it!!

- Best app for stargazing

Been using this app for years and thought I’d finally give it a rating and small review. I only have this to say that this is perfect for stargazing. Never had any problems with the app. Highly recommend.

- Fun and easy

We downloaded this for a stargazing party. The adults and kids enjoyed using this app even more than looking through the telescopes. This one is prettier than other apps too

- Great entertaining app

I have really enjoyed the Star Track app, especially in this trying time our country is going through with the virus. Although, together we will get through it.


I enjoy exploring the night sky with this app. I've always had problems locating the stars and constellations... now beautifully shown here. I've shared this app with friends and family! I recommend it to anyone who loves stargazing.

- Star tracker lite

I enjoy the app but it has quit working on my phone I tried everything. I turned my phone on and off no help. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app nope no help. I’m disappointed I cannot find anywhere to get support to try and get StarTracker working on my phone again. I tap on the app to open it and it appears large on the screen for a flash and then goes back down to the icon, it will not open.

- StarTracker ( best app ever )

This app is so cool I love it. My teacher was the person who got introduced me to this and it is so awesome it shows you whatever you are looking at in space I love it and highly recommend it to kids teens and adults.

- A wonderful resource

I have been using this app to help me to teach 10 year olds about space and the Earth's position in space. The looks of amazement are priceless when they get to "see" past the daytime sky.

- Love it

Live this app wife and use it every night. You have turned us into star gazers. Thank you so much for give us something to learn that is greater than bigger than the petty issues of earth. 🌃🌌🎆🎇😜

- Great easy app

Point at the sky, identify the stars and planets. After a while, you see them all so easily! Love this app. Makes me look like a star when I go in to work and talk about the planets in the early morning sky.

- Very cool

Because I am new to astrophotography I’ve asked quite a few people what do I need to know and they said that I needed to learn the constellations and from there I can migrate to a smaller more focused area. This app is so perfect for that.

- Entertaining day and night!

Love the stars and everything in between. Way easier than carrying a huge star map and having to read it in the dark

- Very easy to use and nice zodiac figures

I find it very intuitive to use, has valuable information visible all the times, I love the zodiac figures it helps you to orientate yourself in the sky, and the names of stars, planets, supernovas are great. Thanks for developing it !!!!

- Astronomy a Great Science

Deplorable. I am an avid astronomer and have enjoyed your app for a long time. I shared constellation photos yesterday on media with friends and to my disgust today, was told by a friend that there were hidden SEXUAL ads behind the photos. I saw that this was true and my 5 star rating of your company plummeted to a 1 and only because your app is astronomy. What a disappointment you chose to have such ads associated with your app for $$ financial gain. And then, CHARGE $$ to remove ads from your app. Irresponsible. Your ignorance and immorality affects people of all ages, which we know include children. It is shameful that you have connected porn to the great science of astronomy. I will inform and warn everyone I know. Sincerely, Miss J. Grosso

- Pretty cool app

One of the better apps I have on my phone. It gives a fairly accurate location for planets stars and constellations. I love to whip it out when someone asks, “I wonder what that star is”? Not bad for a free app.

- Best free app

Love this app. I use this app to teach point out planets and stars to my kids almost every night. It’s become a tradition when there isn’t cloud cover to see what we can find.

- To infinity and beyond!

Can’t say enough about this app love love love it, as a life long stargazer born in 1958 at the dawn of the space-age this app is just one more reason why I feel like I’m living in the future that I imagine as a kid.

- Sky Tracker

Sky Tracker is a Great app for looking into space. It is super easy to use. Looking up stars to finding constellations this app will help you find what you are looking for. If it’s out there it’s in this app.

- Inconsistent Accuracy

I have used this App for several years and am switching . The only problem Is that it is rarely ever accurate on its positioning/alignment with where my phone is pointed. However, the problem is so consistent that It’s very frustrating to use.

- Fantastic!!! So accurate. Love it .

For free . This is the best star gazing app I have used with my older Apple six . Too bad all the other don't work as well. This program is A one in my book.

- Finds what you are looking for....

When I really have to get serious trying to find something, this app works every time!

- Great sky orientation

Simple, easy to use app that quickly orients you to the night sky. What is that bright object? Just hold this up to the sky and you'll see.

- Frustrated

Just installed the app, and moments after opening it closes on its own. Every time except the very first time, where it stayed open about a minute. Can't see where I can actually contact the developer for advice on how to resolve this problem. I'll uninstall and reinstall once, but ...

- I can see the stars & 1 recommendation

Thank you Shen! Love the app! Works great. I have 1 recommendation- add a button so anyone can calibrate it at anytime. I get it off sometimes. 😬 Thank you!

- Night Sky Lovet

I totally love this app! It’s awesome to be able to identify the stars and planets in the sky each night! It makes me feel totally connected in this Universe!

- Stars abound

Wonderful app. Had it for years. Love to look up and guess at what star planet or space station is above and then check with STARTRACKER. See kids dad was right.

- So Cool! 🤩🎇🎆

My dad first bought this app on his phone once I showed interest in stars. So I decided to download it to... ONE OF THE BEST CHOICES IN LIFE! This game gives you the best visual stars ever! Oh and I’m going on a star gazing trip soon... So yay me!

- I love it but it isnt working

I’ve used this app for the last 2 years, but the last 2 weeks it wont even open for me! I need help. Fix bugs please. I’ve tried the app on multiple phones and the same problem persists. Please let me know when its fixed. I’ll update a review then

- Super helpful to learn the sky

Have used this app for a few years and have been very pleased with the operation, accuracy, friendliness. Great job.

- Very good app.

I got it about 2 months ago, and I have been very impressed with this app it’s the perfect thing to do on a starry night.

- Amazing

First saw it on a friends phone in the White Mountains. Was blown away. Even with the free version I use it is truly wonderful! Thank you.

- Look up

Know your stars never get lost learn where mythology comes from

- Awesome app

Really enjoy this app. Great even when it is just used to show my kids the constellations

- Love it. It helped me learn.

When I’m out for a walk I find myself noting various planets at first glance. I didn’t even know I was learning.

- Ken

It’s an awesome app that has great graphics and specific information and the music adds to the ambiance of the decor thanks

- Need search options

It would be fun to search for objects from the news or textbooks.

- Does not work since last update

Since the last bug fix I can not get the app to work. I tap it to open and then it freezes. I delete it and reinstall from the cloud (only option) and the same thing occurs. Please fix your fix.

- Nice, except...

I have a lot of "professional" planetarium apps and this is a nice simple program for showing non-astronomers things, except for that star exploding, glowing, twinkling, whatever it is effect. That's just silly and distracting. Oh well.

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- Really good I recommend

Hello creator people ha I have never written a review before, anyways. I love this app its so amazing! I am a MASSIVE fan of the solar system and this app is so suitable but I reckon you can make it a little bit more accurate if u want it’s fine it’s just some stars are close to each other and it’s hard to tell them apart. Anyways this app is amazing!!!

- Great App

Really enjoy using this. One small criticism, when “scrolling” around the sky, the view reaches what looks like “gimbal lock”. I would like to pan in an unlimited way around the sky, however one bumps into the edges. Can I suggest using quaternions for your rotation, no problem with gimbal lock!

- Awesome

We love this app and are in awe of how it was created. Great education tool and raises lots of interest in the galaxy in both our kids and us too.

- Great app

I got this a a few years back and it’s great to have on your phone. When my grand kids ask what’s that star I show them on the phone and it shows them in detail, they enjoy it.

- Star tracker

This app is awesome because I love the stars and different galaxy’s! I highly recommend this app for the people who love the stars. This is great for the future of astronomers. I only got the app a few minutes ago and I love ❤️💕 it!

- Great app

But we’re the planets are say the moon it’s not exactly we’re it is it’s always some we’re else please fix that because I use this to line up my telescope so please fix it

- Great App

I have really enjoyed this app and will definitely use it again and again. I am fascinated with the stars and now I know what I’m looking at. Thank you.

- One of the best!

Great app with limited features, the basic app serves my purpose for limited knowledge person like me

- Does the basics with minimal fuss

I am merely curious about what's in the sky so this app tells me enough. I can show my daughter the planets and nebulae and funny named constellations - that'll do. The advertising & constant need to re calibrate are the only downside. Otherwise great free app, don't feel the need to pay more for bells & whistles just yet.

- Easy to use, all the info you need.


- Amazing! ⭐️

I love this app it is so cool and I can’t WAIT for the next solar or lunar eclipse!!

- SJR Melbourne Australia

For a complete novice to the stars it’s great to know what’s up there. Great.

- Doesn’t even work

Download the app and it doesn’t even open or work in anyway 👎🏻

- Love this app but

There needs to be a recalibration option.. Its usually accurate but today it said the sun is rising from where it sets :S.

- Stellar app!

This app is great - it's both fun, intriguing and educational! I use it when looking for stars to photograph, but I'm sure there are 100's of other uses for it. Totally worth the little money spent.

- Star tracker

Lots of fun. Recommended.

- I

I paid for the upgrade and got nothing. Very disappointed that they now want more money to remove the adds. Not a happy customer!!

- Easy to use

Great app

- Amazing app

Nice sound music ......constellations,planets,worlds Christic

- Unhappy

Paid for app to get rid of ads? ADS.... Still there !, ,?$$@$@$@ Not happy.....

- 👎💥🔨🔧⛏🦠🖕🏿🤮😡🔥☄️🛠🇨🇳🗡🤣🌪🤬💥☣️🧨

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- Not rendering properly on iPhone X

Menu item on fully displayed and cannot access - any help appreciated

- I use it with my telescope

It’s super handy. I’ll see an orange star in the sky, point the app at it, and it will tell me wether or not it’s a planet :) I was excited to learn that I was actually looking at Mars through my telescope.

- Just amazing!

I was watching a meteor shower and we were trying to track some meteors and this tells us where every single one of them are and where most of them are located! I love it!

- Astro learning

Great app and a lovely teaching tool for young and old.

- Star tracter


- StarTracker App

This App is the best, awesome graphics, very informative and accurate! Don’t waste time with the others.

- Best star app i’ve tried

This is what I find to be the best star hart app I have tried and I’ve tried several! Accurate, easy to use and not cluttered with flashy stuff. Just enough !! Good work! Thanks——-Kevin

- There are better App’s out there

Poor quality and incapable of zooming out to observe a human eye size slice of the sky. More time was spent making the screen look pretty and less on the function of a true sky atlas. Very disappointed. There are several better options available. This one was downloaded, installed, tested and deleted.

- Worst app no navigation

No good

- Is the data correct?

Awesome if it is

- Sucks

This app is brutal! Nothing like the other app like this one. It’s annoying

- Not working

My phone for some reason won’t move on it’s own it’s must be done with my finger ... can anyone help ?

- Simple but so fun!

Simple but so fun!

- Fun at all ages

Point your phone at what you see & instantly you know what’s there. It can’t get any easier! So glad I have this app.

- Figity

This app is a good idea and all but it cant hold a fixed location to save its life. Constantly bouncing around moving back and forth, it just kills my eyes. Its like trying to look through a telescope on a ship in a storm. Brutal 😕

- Review

Good app overall. I enjoyed using it at night and it helped my find stars/constellations.

- Helpful App

I've always wondered what star I'm looking at when looking up at the night sky, now I know!

- Awesomely Cosmic App

With city lights blocking out most of the night stars these days, this is an indispensable tool.

- Stat tracker


- Fix it?

Self calibrates incorrectly. Frustrating when you are trying to find something with accuracy.

- Stargazer

Not working after update 1.9.9 sure hope it gets fixed.

- Good

There should be some documentation how to use it. But very fun to use.

- Star tracker

disappointed as unable to download the full version, although it tells me each time my purchase was successful, tried this three times. Won't use this app with the ads they are to visual annoying when looking at the stars.

- Great free app

Excellent designs to visualize constellations. Less astronomical and physical information that some other apps regarding individual stars, nebulas, etc

- Well Done

I must say! After years navigating with map and compass! And having to rely on memory in regards to the layout of the North Star, depending on which hemisphere you were in, navigating at the time. This program is so intelligently done, I look forward to future enhancements as well as teach in my grandchildren the stars! Excellent job!

- No option to remove religious imagery

This would be a great App except for the religious images that it shows where the stars are. There should be an option to remove them so that we can see the stars as they are.

- Inaccurate

Planets change position constantly

- Nights fun

Me and the kids had so much fun camping out overnight with the top off the tent lining up and learning so much about the stars thanks so much😃

- Great app!

My spouse and I use this app a lot. Really like it.

- Wow

stunning, informative, and fun!

- Okay

The app needs a bit if work for the iPad mini with retnia display on iOS 8.1.3 with no 4G LTE. The app will not locate me. PLEASE FIX THIS

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- Love it

It is the best app out there but I sill want more from them I want to see Further away

- App just stopped working

I have StarTracker Lite on 2 iPhones, a 5S & a XS. It was working on both, but this morning it just closes immediately when I open it. I tried reinstalling and also restarting both phones. No luck. And "Support" in the App Store just gets me a web site with FAQs, but no way to report a problem or request help. I checked with the friend who originally recommended this app, and the same thing happens to her. Previous versions worked fine for the last few years, now it’s unusable garbage. PYOPYO — WHERE ARE YOU????

- This app is awesome

I love this app. It has settled so many discussions so quickly. I love that it ignores horizons. I wish it didn’t mix texts though with the star’s name and the constellation’s name.

- Star gazer

A great app. It helps me view and understand the night sky in an enjoyable and interesting way.

- Amazingly awesome

Take this out on a dark starry night and enjoy the cosmos... thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Fun

Mostly use the app when camping as I’m obviously wanting to be outside. It confirms my planet pics.

- Not working anymore

I’ve used this app for years and loved it but a few months ago it just stopped working. I even paid the $.99 to go ad-free thinking that might help but it did not.

- App is great!

For being a free app it works great for checking out the stars, planets, celestial bodies and their locations! Awesome and easy to use!!

- Love it!

This app is great. I really love it on my nightly walks with my wiener dog. And help me identify planet and stars. Plus the companion app of Satellite Tracker help me see the space station

- Very well done

Beautifully detailed. Love using this to find constellations, planets and unique stars. A must for any stargazer. Thanks!

- Great app to look at the stars

I love to use this app to look at the sky and really know what I’m looking at

- Great app for finding the constellations and planets

I have a fun time looking at the night sky. Watched the Perseids meteor showers with help with this app

- The best star gazing app out there!

By far the easiest and most comprehensive app for watching the stars.

- quit working on I Phone SE.

Nice app but it quit working on I Phone SE. works on 5 and 4 but starts, flashes the main screen and exits on the 6SE. I’ve RESET PHONE. REINSTALLED APP multiple times. Same result.

- A quick pointer upper and you’ve got Stars!

What a nice evening! Great app! You do not even have to know North!

- So cool

I've been a follower of the stars, for years, now I have a map! Thank you!!!!!!

- It’s a great app but

I purchased the ad-free for .99 cents and I’m still getting ads. I tried deleting it and reloading to no avail.

- Sonic Navigator

Fun to use and really helpful trying to teach myself celestial navigation.

- Please Fix annoying notification badge

Was a super cool app - however - I could no longer tolerate the annoying notification badge that absolutely would not go away... until I deleted the app. Problem solved.

- WOW ⭐️🌙

It is truly amazing to be able to see and identify planets that are millions and millions miles away- It’s addictive😊

- Great App

Love showing my kids the wonders of our universe. Thank you for a great app

- Excellent and accurate for the minimal cost

Love this product.

- Great app!

I’ve never given a review for any app but felt like this one deserved one. Truly a cool app!


I absolutely love this app!!! Star names, constellation names, planets, nebula, etc handy, easy to use, and VERY informative!!!

- Stargazer

Love this app. Especially since it shows the signs of the zodiac!

- Fascinating!

What a fun way to recognize stars, planets, constellations!! I’m learning new things. Thanks!

- Won’t stop asking me to pay for it

I accidentally bought something and it didn’t work but it still asked me for my billing account I hope you will fix it

- Fun for the kids

Got the kids interested in astronomy. Both my boys 11 & 15 love it.

- Crashes since update

Crashes now every time I try and open it. Been using this app for years and it’s pretty good for free. But... yeah. Not so good if you can’t open it. So... moving on to something else I guess.

- Novice astronomers

Simple tool. Easy to use. Great to peak your interest in this science

- Awesome!

It’s just so cool to be able to see what’s out theres

- Nice

Helps me every time, and i got the free version

- The moon is inverted

The face of the moon is inverted from left hand to right handed. If this basic is erroneous , I am sure the minor details are even more erroneous

- Night skies

Beautiful to see with this app

- Nice

I haven’t even used it and I know it’s good

- Survey for free upgrade did not work

The app had presented a couple of surveys for free upgrade to ad free version which I took willingly. But, at the end of the survey nothing happened. I could not find any support or contact for help.

- Incredible star map


- Planets & Stars

The awesumness of this app. How wonderful to distinguish between the many planets & constellations!

- Get it now

This is so easy to use and flows easily. Great app. Love it!

- Paid version has ads?

I upgraded to paid app, and I’m seeing ads. I see on my iTunes purchase history where I upgraded to full version.

- StarTracker

Just excellent and very specific! So easy To use!!! Love it !!!!

- Very Good App

Opened while at the lake and discovered planets that I have never noticed.

- Easy to use...

Awesomely simple!

- Well labeled , easy on eyes

-1start needs common USA and international labels wth ability to switch

- This App Is Enhancing My Studies Of Astrology

Love This App! I Can See All Of The Mythical Creatures And Stories In The Sky...

- Doesn’t work

I downloaded it on my iPhone X. It doesn’t work. It opens but does not pick up any location of the stars or move as I move.

- Great app

Love it. Makes star gazing easy.

- Good app

Accurate. Just a backyard night sky enthusiast. This app is a good educational tool for star gazers.

- I don’t think this app is telling the truth

When the sun is right above me, why do I have to point my phone down to see the sun? I don’t understand man

- Star tracker

Love the App shows the positions of stats and planets

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Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map 1.9.36 Screenshots & Images

Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map iphone images
Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map iphone images
Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map iphone images
Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map iphone images
Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map iphone images

Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map (Version 1.9.36) Install & Download

The applications Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map was published in the category Reference on 2014-03-20 and was developed by Shen Ji Pan [Developer ID: 341563645]. This application file size is 36.39 MB. Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky Map - Reference app posted on 2020-07-06 current version is 1.9.36 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.shenjipan.StarTracker-Lite

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