HuntStand, the #1 free hunting app in the world, is the only hunting and land management app you will ever need. This revolutionary app is packed with invaluable mapping, weather, tracking, and social features.

HuntStand was carefully designed to work in both online and offline environments. Using this app, you will have access to offline weather and maps of your hunt areas. You can edit your maps while out “in the field” then sync them with your HuntStand account.

Use our Harvest, Sightings, and Task logging features to understand your property like never before.

Fully map your property using 67 easily discernible custom icons, shapes, and lines including scouting marks, stands, property boundaries, food plots, ponds, roads, trails, and numerous other important objects of interest. Attach notes to your map objects and sort them by time and type.

View distance and area measurements using our advanced measurement tools. Our app will give you extremely accurate map-based distances in feet, meters, and yards and area measurements in acres.

HuntStand's interface is simple, yet powerful, and puts many useful tools right at your fingertips.

Create an account and gain the ability to:
-Sync Hunting Area maps with
-View and edit maps using ultra-advanced on-line mapping features
-See private property boundaries and owner info (10/month for free)
-Share maps with friends
-Create a personal profile
-Add friends to your network
-Locate your friends using the Friend Finder feature
-Watch content from Carbon Media
-Join group hunting areas (allowing you to share and edit maps with your hunting friends)
-View advanced statistics built from your personal harvest and sighting history
-Sync your maps with other devices (computers, tablets, phones)

HuntStand features our revolutionary patent pending HuntZone technology. The HuntZone scent tool shows wind speed, direction, distance, and time in the most streamlined and efficient way possible. You can “slide” through wind forecasts and view the effects on your desired hunting area. The HuntZone tracks where your scent will be both at a specific time and throughout your hunt, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Have access to highly detailed weather and solunar information including a current weather page, (with useful charts) a 72 hour forecast, and a 5 day outlook.

HuntStand, powered by TerraStride, will revolutionize the way people hunt and operate in the outdoors.

For $11.99 USD you may purchase an auto-renewing 1-year subscription for unlimited parcel information requests (the free version is limited to 10).

For $5.99 USD you may purchase an ad-free version of the app (auto-renewing 1-year subscription)

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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HuntStand App Description & Overview

The applications HuntStand was published in the category Sports on 2013-12-19 and was developed by TerraStride Inc.. The file size is 45.60 MB. The current version is 3.41 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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HuntStand Reviews


No longer supported  Sealesa  1 star

With the recent update it no longer works.

Hunter Dan is angry

HuntStand  Hunter Dan is angry  1 star

Got this app earlier when it operated with IOS 7 or later. After a couple of udates it will not load. Save your money. No customer support as well.


Garbage  Redsnake12  1 star

I used this app all the time. Now they updated it and you lost most of the features. Don't waste your time with this app. Really disappointed in the changes they made.


Great useful and practical data  Maitner  5 star

Scent cones, trail and other marker icons, property boundaries, and much more- use this app a lot to explore and the best part is without a phone connection the gps capability still works with app to pinpoint location on map in real time which allows for more accurate scouting and less likely hood of accidentally straying off property exploring! Makes scouting more effective and adds a level of fun.


Do NOT Pay for this app!!!!  ClintG73  1 star

This thing is a fine free app used to draw you into buying the full version. The full version is JUNK!!


Boundaries on my land in va  Edithterry111  1 star

You cut off my land and put someone else name on it... you need fix right away


Pretty good  Bigdj99  4 star

Works well with mapping locations of stands, food plots, trails, and land marks but works exceptionally well to keep track of harvests, sightings, and weather condition so you can see what areas produce more game and what conditions are best to hunt. This is by far one of the best Game management tools and hunting apps out there. How ever it is a little hard to work at first but once you get the hang of how to work it, it works well.


It's free I guess  Hammyabeer  1 star

Not very intuitive to use. Went through all ten parcel boundaries trying to figure out how to map 1 hunting location. Maybe I'll try to figure the app out next month.


Don't waste your money!!  tidepitbull77  2 star

Over all concept is good. I paid $11.99 for unlimited parcel data which isn't always correct. Also you can forget the huntzone wind direction being correct even after updating weather info. Waste of $12 in my opinion. 👎🏻👎🏻


Irreplaceable tool for hunters!  Buckeye80  5 star

Great app! Works great and syncs to their webpage so it can be viewed from your home computer. Scent cone is an invaluable tool. It's free! What are you waiting for? Download this app now if you are a hunter!


Mission Outside BeginnerHunters 3 star

@INSTICK_STRING Huntstand is def my go to app. Seems to have the best, most accurate weather plug in.


Indiana Stick&String INSTICK_STRING 3 star

What aerial maps do you use if any? I really like the huntstand app

HuntStand HuntStand 3 star

@WGNationTV: Take your time!

Groundhog guy

Only app.  Groundhog guy  5 star

It's really nice and fast and accurate keep up the great work and stay up on the updates and speed of the app. Thank you for a great product. Love the app.

Frank The Tank 6_9

Hunt stand  Frank The Tank 6_9  1 star

Does not work plane and simple !!!! I tried it out and deleted it with in an hr


Awesome App. And updates are great  BRas1202  5 star

Never written A Review! But this App deserves One. Everything you basically need. Great for all my hunting locations and marking them also. I quit using the other apps and now just use this one!!!

Burger 75

Broken  Burger 75  4 star

Sync/share icon still does not work

BudMan 1975

Not great  BudMan 1975  2 star

Good for property boundaries. Wind is only right about 30% of the time.


Won't open  Mreardon25  1 star

Worked great until I updated the app for a "bug fix". Now it won't open on my iPhone. Can't delete it either

Plays alot of hanging!!!!

Just got it! Already happy!!!  Plays alot of hanging!!!!  5 star

I am literally sitting in the blind writing this review hunting whitetail. It's easy to use first off. After only a few minutes using the app it's clear this thing is going to be handy. You can effectively map sightings, rubs, scraps, stands, plots, and just about anything you can think of. You can draw deer trails and fence lines. It shows you which direction you want to hunt in. (Just in case you are having troubles telling in which direction the wind is hitting you in the face) still this app has everything you need to visually map out your land over a long period of time to give you a good idea of where any animal you hunt likes to be.


Nice app if it worked!  Deerman16  2 star

Won't work on my iphone 7 plus. Used it a lot on my old phone.

Joe Mc74

Won't open  Joe Mc74  1 star

App won't open for the last 2 weeks. Have had 2 updates saying "minor bug fixes" but they didn't fix the issue. Would be able to use the app seeing it's prime hunting season and I have a lot of info saved.


A must have app for hunting!!  Traxster  5 star

Loved this app from day one. Easiest and quickest to use. You guys have done it right and continue to make it better. Only problem I have with app is when I use my IPad some of the buttons are covered by ads and can't be selected.

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