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miCal is THE calendar that you’ve always wished your iPhone or iPad had! miCal makes scheduling easier, clearer—and better looking—than ever before.

Quick Overview
The dashboard displays your current appointments and events, tasks and birthdays. You can also see the current weather and an overview of the current month at a glance.

Intuitive Controls
Intuitively navigate through your calendars and quickly, easily add events and tasks thanks to predefined settings and simple controls. Standard settings like repeating events and reminders/alarms are just a tap away. And powerful special settings are also available, without sacrificing comfort or control. Swipe through views and open events or days with just a tap.

miCal Understands You
Quickly create events with the new natural language input feature. Natural language input allows you to create events just by describing them. And if you have Siri enabled on your device, you can even dictate your event details instead of typing.

The Total Package
miCal provides complete, well-organized day, week and month views and displays the calendar week in all the important views.

You don’t need to contort yourself with miCal. miCal supports portrait as well as landscape formats in nearly every view. Use each view however it’s most comfortable for you.

miCal now supports iOS reminders. Create reminders for all the important tasks in your private and professional life right in the app.

Birthday Manager
Never again miss an important birthday. Get reminders at preset times featuring the music of your choice.

Nice Weather
Five-day weather forecasts plus the sunrise/sunset times, humidity and wind speed for the current day. The dashboard even features a quick summary of the current weather as well as a brief forecast of the coming days.

miCal offers a unique range of features. Copy, move or send your events. Export your events in the date range of your choice as CSV (for Excel, etc.) or ICS (the calendar format). Set colors for your calendars and individual appointments or automatically add colors based on keywords in event titles.

Up to Date and Secure
miCal communicates with your device’s integrated calendar. miCal works with all the calendar services that your device currently supports (iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Facebook Events, subscriptions) without requiring additional configuration. That way, you can store your data locally or via the services you know and trust—it’s up to you. miCal itself does not transmit any data to external services or other servers. That allows us to ensure 100% data security.

- 3rd place in the "Best German iPhone App" competition at the 2010 iPhone Developer conference.
- Featured as App of the Week in 13 countries.
- Recommendation from iPhoneWelt and a 5-star rating from iPhone&Co, two of the leading iPhone magazines
- Honored at the 2010 App Developer Conference

miCal - The iPhone Calendar App Description & Overview

The applications miCal - The iPhone Calendar was published in the category Productivity on 2014-03-07 and was developed by entwicklungsschmiede UG & Co KG. The file size is 27.47 MB. The current version is 8.0.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

miCal 8.0.1 contains adaptions to the new devices like iPad Pro and the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

- support for the new devices

Things we've fixed:
- more adaptions to iOS 12
- optimized landscape layout for iPhone X and higher
- ... and many more smaller bug fixes and optimizations

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miCal - The iPhone Calendar Reviews


Lack of Support  jsejre  2 star

Nice Interface and lots of customization but I sent support 2 emails and they will not reply. Shame on you


Luv, Luv, Luv this calendar  GnTN  5 star

Have used for years & love always having”my life” a touch away. Easy to navigate. Wish it kept things past on it longer.

UI Guy

Best Calendar/To Do app, bar none!  UI Guy  5 star

I've loved this author's contacts app, Contaq, for a while, so it was a no-brainer to get miCal. miCal covers all the bases —from natural language input to custom colors for events based on the title (e.g., any event with "party" in it is orange)— and then some. Outstanding interaction and visual design. Intuitive and simple to start out with… and as you use the app more and more, you see how incredibly deep and thoughtful the interaction design is. A DELIGHT to use!! KUDOS to the development team for a stellar calendaring and to-do app!! Two 👍🏼 👍🏼 !!


Best app out of all  ungarino  5 star

I have been using miCal for years. I know there are many others but this one is straightforward, great interface, that’s all I need.


Love this  DelanieB  5 star

This is one of my most used apps!!!


My “go to” iPhone calendar  Cvbeth  5 star

Every few years I try a different calendar, just to see if there’s something better out there. But they always lack something miCal has, so I always go back - immediately! Been using it for years; love it.

Industrial Emgineer

Best Available-One Tweak Need  Industrial Emgineer  5 star

I’ve tried about every after-market IOS calendar, free and paid. Comparing cost, ease of use, features and performance, this is the best available. -One tweak is needed- an option to turn off fake and foreign holidays like “kwanzaa” and “diwali” This is a big search topic in Google, with Apple giving few options. If MiCal could find a way to customize, this would be a great feature!


Truly Great! - even better  tipsyshoes  5 star

12/18/2018: With version 8.0.1 miCal continues to among the best calendar apps for iOS. It really shines and is very helpful for keeping one’s schedule organized. Highly recommended. Previous review: I find miCal to be the best app in terms of features and the GUI. I particularly like the Dashboard and the way miCal associates appointments with locations/maps. I gave miCal 4 stars and not 5 because it does not provide a user set time zone feature. Otherwise, truly a great calendar/task app. Revised 04/01/2015: After using miCal for a few days I have found that I really like this app. For my purposes, miCal rises well above other apps in this category. So much so that I am giving it another star: 5 total. miCal is a winner!


It's (almost) all there.  Gardenguy11  5 star

Think of something you'd like the calendar app to do. Yep, it's there. Except: I’d like to be able to link to an email message to have ready access to details of an event. Can we have that? My favorite (right now) is the month view. I can see NAMES for individual events in this view! Way to exploit the good screen resolution, developers. Amendment: still loving the app. It would be good to have the option, when copying an event, to jump ahead one year or six months.


Full Featured, indeed  Pajeot  4 star

This calendar is indeed full featured and allows me to keep track of all my appointments and reminders extremely well. It's not entirely as intuitive as I would like, thus the four stars, but they keep making improvements. ATTENTION DEVELOPERS! I love being able to write or call directly to anyone whose name shows up with a birthday reminder, phone icon included right in the item bar. ***Why not include the same feature for any appointments that show the name of a person or business? THIS would earn an immediate five star upgrade!!!


Very impressed  0BPM  5 star

Since Pocket Informant went subscription-based I’ve spent a long time finding a quality alternative which combines Calendar + Reminders. This is the winner, by a log shot. Love the dark modes. Birthday calendar is a nice addition but with a localisation bug.. “days to go” is one day out (e.g. a birthday today is showing as one day to go). That’ll teach me for living in NZ. Still worthy of 5 stars :)


Need bold !!!  ChilliDash  2 star

I totally agree with the previous review, I had the previous version which I was very happy with except it hasn't been updated. It is incredibly difficult to see such a thin font. With some colours it's difficult to read the black writing as well. Also instead of the digital clock and I have an analog clock which is also hard to decipher at a glance. If they could fix these things that would be great, And then you would get five stars but unfortunately I have to go back to the old app. Such a shame.


Awesome calendar, but....  Mlerox  3 star

I've used MiCal for years and it has been such an good platform for organising my life. However, I've recently gotten an new phone and had to update the version I had to the current one and I hate the way it looks. My previous version was 4.9.6 and things were so much easier to see. The words were more bold, the colours better and the views just so much nicer to look at and easier to navigate. Have been looking at other calendars because of this. The functionality is brilliant but the presentation is less than impressive. I want the old version back! 😔


Great  meghenry  4 star

One of the best


Gaensel  Ganssel  5 star

Clean, straightforward, logical, fast. Just enjoyable and efficient. Switched from another mainstream app but this is just easier.


Does the job well!  thedeestar  5 star

Easy to use and gets the job done!


Excellent app  Bindi13  5 star

I love this calendar app and have used it for years. I tried every calendar app out there and this is the best. Only problem I have had lately is sometimes in 7 day view I have elected Monday to be the first day of the week, but it keeps reverting back to Sunday being first. When in check the setting Monday is still selected so it is just displaying wrong. That is the tinyest issue through in an otherwise flawless app (oh actually manually editing the colour of each event would be nice, but I like the colour rules too).


Fantastic Time Usage App  bechuen  5 star

Really love everything in the app, a better range for colours would be good along with saving previous things you've planned such as "gym" etc. I would really love even more if this was available on Mac Computers so I can arrange it better


Good, reminders sorted by priority in dashboard please  HighStakes8  4 star

Solid app overall and the only one I have found to work with my corporate exchange server. SUGGESTION: please sort the reminders by priority in the dashboard!!

Can't even sign in!

Do not buy if you value your privacy!!  Can't even sign in!  1 star

This app asks if you want to turn on location tracking supposedly to give you weather info. However, the location tracking is not for only when you use the app - but ALL the time. If you choose to disable location tracking (as I did) then almost every time you open the app you are given a pop-up 'hint' suggesting you turn on location tracking which you have to cancel. And to make things even worse, sometimes you have to cancel the hint up to 5 times in succession before it will let you use the app! This is extremely dodgy and unfortunate as the functionlity/useability of the app is otherwise good. I am deleting this app and going with Week calendar for ipad instead.


Best of the bunch  BrianGGG  5 star

Tried all of them ... this one is the best.


Slickpan  Slickpan  4 star

Does nearly all I need. Could not work with it while I thought the pastels were all that was available. Once in dark bg it became much more visible. I wish there was a way to coordinate topics to calendars and color guide index. How big a deal would that be to create?


Best Calander App around, but …  kjoc2  4 star

I use Outlook and love to be able to sync Calendars. Great to be able to get a colored monthly view of my Events. However, it does not sync with Tasks which makes Tasks in Outlook useless. I record my Tasks in Reminders but there is no sync for this. Other than those issues it is the best Calendar app around.


Excellent Program  Samsard  4 star

This is an excellent Calendar program. Certainly way better than the Apple Calendar. It does a 1 glitch but not important!


Errors  2009accountant  1 star

Used to love this app until I had events show up that I had deleted years ago. The APP constantly freezes and everyday I get error messages that relate to something called Null. At one point I thought that this was the best calendar app out there but just to many problems now that I can't recommend it or even use it in its current state

Frustrated type A

Almost perfect  Frustrated type A  3 star

I juggle many lives and with the custom colored calendars, I can look at my days and know exactly what I am doing. Beautiful, well designed screens. The best for quick visual references!! I would give five stars, but for two major missing parts. THERE IS NO TIME ZONE SUPPORT! THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEARCH FUNCTION!


Good app  Cat11223344  5 star

Wish the app kept appointments longer than 2 years old for reference, That is the only fault


Nearly Five Stars now down to 3  MartyS999  3 star

With the release of the new version I still have no reason to update my star rating. This calendar program is the ONLY ONE ON THE MARKET THAT DOES NOT HAVE TIME ZONE SUPPORT. This has been the biggest issue since it's release and if it wasn't for the agenda view I would switch back to calendars5. 10/7/16 I just dropped my rating to 3 stars from 4 with this new version. There's only one reason and that's because after all this time the authors haven't added time zone support like all the other calendar programs have. It's a fine calendar simply missing this one thing that's important to people who travel between time zones. Recent update still doesn't include time zone support like EVERY OTHER CALENDAR out there. It's the only thing that makes it 4 star instead of 5 star for me. MiCal is a very good calendar but could be great with 2 simple additions. First, implement time zone support. When I book an appointment I book it at the scheduled time. Without time zone support, the time of that appointment will change depending in what time zone I'm in. MiCal should let me specify a time zone for everything and not change my calendar. Secondly, widgets for the Notification Center would be a very welcome addition. UPDATE: Thanks for the widget. I've added one star to the ratings for that. The new version Still doesn't have time zone support. This is the biggest weakness for folks who travel and set up appointments in different time zones. You never really know what time that appointment is when you travel from one part of the country to another. That simple fix will bring this up to a 5 star program. UPDATE: Dropped one star from my last rating. Another release and still no time zone support LIKR EVERY OTHER CALENDAR HAS. It may be time to go back to Calendars 5.

Ron Charlton

Great upgrade (7.5.5) to a great app!  Ron Charlton  5 star

miCal is an attractive, well-designed app that is an awesome replacement for Apple's Calendar app. Version 7.8 is great. The developer responds to suggestions quickly. I especially like the ability to add events with a long touch. I've used miCal for years and it never crashes or locks up. The recent upgrade is no exception. (I have an iPhone 6s.) Get it, you won't regret it!


Great presentation  DundalkProud  5 star

Love the app Searched awhile before finding this "gem" works well and the dashboard suits me just great










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