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First released in 2009, GoodReader® marks its 10-year anniversary with a better-than-ever major upgrade, GoodReader 5.

It's not easy to outperform ourselves after 10 years of delivering wonderful updates with extraordinary new features, but we did it! Again!

Already top in its class, and everybody's favorite go-to tool, GoodReader just got significantly better.

GoodReader is a perfect combination of document-reading and file-managing capabilities. It's your one-stop shop for all your document needs when you're on the go with your iOS device.

Use the app once, and you'll be hooked. Soon you'll be wondering how you ever managed to work without it.

-= File Reading =-
PDF, TXT, MS Office, iWork, HTML, pictures, music & audio-books, videos. This is what you can view in GoodReader, plus you can also annotate PDF files and edit TXT files.

-= PDF Reading and Annotating =-
PDF files is where GoodReader truly shines. Reading experience is so superior, it's hard to describe. To rephrase one of our customers' review, "try it, and you'll see." While you're at it, give our PDF Reflow feature a try. You'll be surprised how much better PDF reading goes when you don't have to scroll left/right all the time, for every single line of text.
Annotating PDFs is another star feature of our app. Adding notes and drawings, highlighting text, and then sharing your annotated files or annotation summaries will be your main productivity and collaboration asset.

-= File Management =-
While reading files is a big part of GoodReader, it's not all it can do. It can also serve as a central hub for all your files, even those that can't be opened by GoodReader itself. It's like bringing your personal computer experience to your mobile device — easily managing huge collections of files and folders will make you forget you don't have your laptop around.

-= Connecting =-
Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive,, WebDAV, SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP — these are all accessible from inside GoodReader. Download, upload, and sync individual files or huge folder collections.

-= Security =-
With GoodReader, your data security steps up to the level previously only dreamt of. With Pro Pack® (*), our new set of professional-level super-features, you'll get AES-256, a military-grade encryption, for all your data, at a price of a cup of coffee! And it's completely independent from the built-in Apple's Data Protection, so even if a hacker steals and unlocks your device, your data will still be protected by another strong layer of security, our own.

-= Split-Screen =-
A part of the Pro Pack (*) add-on, this wonderful new feature allows you to split an iPad screen in half, to read two files side-by-side. And even two different parts of the same file!

-= Privacy =-
Our commitment is to never monitor any user activity or gather any analytical data through the app. There are no usernames, profiles or accounts to log in to. Use the tool at your leisure with ZERO monitoring.

(*): Pro Pack® is a paid add-on, sold separately from inside the app, as an in-app purchase.

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer App Description & Overview

The applications GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer was published in the category Productivity on 2014-05-07 and was developed by Good.iWare, Inc.. The file size is 66.53 MB. The current version is 5.1.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

New in 5.1.5:
- FIXED: an issue with Secure Photocopy crashes

Enormous GoodReader 5 upgrade. New everything. Full list of new features on our website:

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GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Reviews


SCAM and deceptive in app purchases!!!  TheSmileMan  1 star

I had a word document in good reader, I chose to convert to a PDF. GoodReader tells me I need to buy the pro pack to cover this document to a PDF. After paying I click to convert to a PDF and GoodReader tells be you can’t convert this document and you should use the iOS built in features to do this task. Great! So you lie to me about a feature then make me buy it only to tel me not to use it. What a scam. I would like a refund.


Slow down guys!  SavageGM  2 star

Don’t exhaust yourselves with these feature rich updates!


Bring Back or Add the Redact Options!  PathMax  3 star

I just purchased the pro version, largely because a reviewer said he could redact. Why cant you remove watermarks from documents, not just hide them!? Please fix at least one of those issues and I will upgrade my review to five stars.


Good  Ardhal  5 star

This app is the best reader I I’ve ever used. But the new version doesn’t allow to select the page number. It is inconvenient. In the old version, I typed the page No. and go directly there. It will be very grade if the developer re-insert that format again.

Rev Twigg

Old aap  Rev Twigg  1 star

Why can my old good reader not open app not work on iOS 11?...I have all my data now it wont open states I need updates I have to purchase this new app all over you can in a few years change again??? Please .then I loose my data Again Why.. How can I recover my data on the old good reader app.. Disgusted.


Amazing  Draweel  5 star

This is the app every booklover should have


Some features are removed  miphol  4 star

The new version makes the app look better on newer iPhones, nothing to complain about that. My problem is the txt reader colors, please bring back the ability to set day/night mode colors with RGB sliders, even as a paid upgrade I’ll pay for it.


Purchased but can’t be downloaded  elyar_atx  1 star

Hi I recently bought this app, but after purchasing it i can’t even download it !!


Does nothing for me  Billclock  1 star

OK, I used to love FileMaker, a fairly expensive app that had a great interface that allowed us poor stupid users to create interesting inventories of cool stuff. Then FileMaker went nuts, ignored its customers and began charging Trumpian prices to keep your own data. OK, along comes this app, but surprise, surprise, I can’t access my old FileMaker data with it at all. So for me, both FileMaker and this app serve no serious purpose for serious people.


Crashed three times already  CommDoc2003  2 star

I’m using GoodReader to edit a book with a very short deadline. I upgraded this morning from a very stable 4.x version. In 30 minutes of working, it has crashed three times. Every time, I had just turned the page and had begun a freehand annotation. I’ve sent crash reports and an email to Support. I’ll update this review, based on how quickly I get a response and get instructions on reverting back to my stable version.


Must have  johnny145  5 star

Can’t believe all the pdf editors and readers I’ve tried before getting this. iAnnotate 4, GoodNotes, Readdle etc have nothing on this. best feature as a musician is that it plays MP3’s embedded in the pdf - superb A decade of using numerous apps for annotating and reading pdf’s this is the best all round app.


The best for reading and annotating PDFs  dfenners  5 star

I’ve tried GoodNotes 5, Notability and all the others and this is the best.


Not liking latest update...  Jmgraham  3 star

I paid for this app as it was recommended for working cross stitch patterns... it was going great and I was loving it but it was just updated to version 5.14 and now I can no longer click on each individual stitch if there is more next to it it clicks them all I can no longer do little sections and then mark them off. With this new update I have basically wasted my money..


Loved the prior version - new version still crashing  SG309  3 star

I have been a long term supporter and heavy user of the product and loved the prior version. Please sort out the bugs as the new version is regularly crashing and if not soon addressed I’ll disappointingly have to move to an alternative.


File selection options  Elepaqqqqqqq  3 star

Doesn't allow enough file selection options. Need to be able to select a finite number between 1 and All for shifting between folders, eg sliding finger quickly across those which are immediately selected.


Good reader.  Baedja  5 star

Love "Good Reader" easy to use. You can do so many things in your books. Copy, cut, colour, move and highlighting words etc. loving it.

Dave 74PK

Very disappointed  Dave 74PK  1 star

I’ve using GR solidly for 12 years, both for work and private use and found it extremely useful. However the most recent update has ruined the primary menu/index. It is now a jumble of files everywhere on the main home page, that under the old app where neatly listed in alphabetical order. Good Reader installed this latest update without my knowledge or permission - will now ditch this app in favour of a more user friendly app.

A stuff up

A wonderful filing cabinet  A stuff up  5 star

I store lots of knitting and other stuff in good reader. Excellent


PDF Expert light years ahead  MesmerX  2 star

It's not the best in PDF department. Only in general file viewer department. Do professionals who need serious PDF power, look into PDF Expert.


Why mess with something that wasn’t broken!  robbiewilliams1987  2 star

This app was great until the latest update. Now the UI has been completely changed and I have to relearn the entire app to find the applicable information. The worst update was to the outlines, now it’s very hard to select a sub chapter - you need to press a tiny little arrow on the left hand side of the menus to expand into the next menu. Why mess with a perfectly good app!

Grumpy Pilot

Does the job  Grumpy Pilot  5 star

I use GoodReader to manage technical publications; excellent.


Audio errors on audio files.  Dp2522  1 star

This version 5 is crappy. Had version 4 for 10 years and it worked flawlessly with mp3 files. In this new version I get audio decoding error 2/3 into playing most MP3 files. Same files that's were in goodreader 4 before upgrading : (

Brew to You

I hated paying for the update and losing my files in the process  Brew to You  3 star

I have used GR for years and really like the interface with its web browser. After one of my IPAD updates I got "The developer needs to update this app to work with this OS" message. I could not open the program and could not access my files. I had to buy the program again - in a new color of green from the original - AND I still lost all my saved files. Not cool.


Good App, Bad Company  av8ercfii2232  1 star

Just like hundreds of others, I supported this app from the beginning only to have to buy it again to continue using it. This company basically did a cash grab by stopping support for the old app and requiring all the legacy users to buy the app again. If you are new (and especially if you just need a pdf reader), then get go with another option from someone who won’t require you to buy again after you get invested in the app.

A. Dash

Never like it anymore  A. Dash  1 star

I used it for years I love it and it was my best app, After the last update it is become up side down Even the color of the app itself is ugly now I hope to return the old version.


Fantastic app  800feet  5 star

Been using Goodreader since first release. Use it everyday. Great update, massive speed increase! Love it!!!


Good but needs pdf form field capability  idkcd  3 star

Almost perfect but it would be nice to see a pdf form support instead of just the standard commenting options.


Edited. User since V1. Support is listening.  😁😁😁😜😜😜😝😝😝  3 star

Horizontal scroll lock is back. Still a great app although V5 feels like a downgrade from av4


Cannot update  Obachyama  2 star

For 2 days the App Store update has the circle going round and round. The update is not working. Please advise. Should I delete your app & reinstall? If so, do I lose my files?


Buggy continuous scrolling with horizontal lock  Excelion,  2 star

I used it since 2008 for reading, but now it’s really buggy and a lot of unneeded bells and whistles I can’t write exact steps to reproduce buggy scrolling, try to use this version for a while. Page is off after several page turns


Brill  Ngeba  5 star

Great app for reading and editing PDFs. I'm using it on an iPad and really find it useful.


Great on the iPad  BungaBerlusconi  5 star

This a great app for a large screen. The poor phone is just not good for documents. One suggestion is that it does not support ePub, which I think would be a good addition

S Byrne

Brilliant!  S Byrne  5 star

Still the best app in its field. I use it for playing out my backing tracks at concerts, while reading texts simultaneously. And it's the best at inter-app, inter-device and cloud file transfers. Only additional thing I'd like it to do would be transcode WAV audio files into MP3 or other codecs. That'd be the cream on an already creamy cake! Keep up the great work!


Excellent App  Jellyqueen2  5 star

Great App


Great app  irishlad878  5 star

Great app. Works flawlessly. Just please add FLV playback support.


Not a Good Reader, just the Best Reader  Iaccapad  5 star

I could not do without it anymore, most flexible, interactive, stable reader I have tried. It would be nice to have an indexing function to better search for documents (but I might be asking for too much).


Simply Brillant  joeandfiona  5 star

Still the best there is on the iOS - have been using it for years, in particular on my iPad.


You need this app  Huckleberry555  5 star

This is not necessarily an app you may need to use everyday but when you need it is doesn't disappoint. The developer deserves full marks for such a functional app. I use it to sync files for offline use for presenting training materials and it's a fantastic tool for this. Excellent annotation tools as well. I bought the previous version and will buy the next release too. Developers as good as this should be supported.


Excellent app  Aodh12345  5 star

Easy to use. Use it a lot to store and read docs and for audio files. One of my most used apps on iPhone and iPad.


A Must-Have App!  simweb  5 star

Fantastic app. A definite for anyone trying to organise files that need to be accessed quickly. I love the PDF marking capabilities.

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