Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App

Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App download

The Pulse Oximeter app measures both Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation. The app integrates with Apple Health. There's no need for an external device. YOUR PHONE IS ALL YOU NEED.

The Pulse Oximeter app is for use by sports users who are interested in knowing their blood oxygenation level (SpO2) and Heart Rate. The Pulse Oximeter app is NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL USE. The Pulse Oximeter app can be used in a wide range of settings, including between exercises, running, hiking, and in relaxation management.

Pulse Oximeter uses your iPhone’s camera to detect your pulse and oxygen levels from your fingertip. Track and record heartbeat and blood oxygen levels. Instant results, easy to use, simple charts to save your progress.

Whether you are training, doing simple exercise, or just monitoring stress levels, download the App today and use your camera's flash to monitor your progress!

Place the tip of your index finger on the iPhone’s camera, and in a couple of seconds your pulse and oxygen levels will be shown. Results are also recorded in a graph.

- Measure pulse and blood oxygen saturation
- Pulse Oximeter range 93-100%
- Record and store history of data
- Real-time PPG graph for immediate accuracy
- Apple HealthKit integration
- Swipe for label selection

1. Start the app
2. Calibrate
3. Cover the flash and camera lens with your fingertip
4. See your results instantly

iPhone cases need to be removed. Does not work on iPad or iPod.


digiDoc Team

Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App App Description & Overview

The applications Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-12-12 and was developed by digiDoc Technologies AS. The file size is 30.60 MB. The current version is 2.2.9 and works well on 10.1 and high ios versions.

Some of our trusted users experienced a bug which we should have fixed now. Let us know either way: [email protected]
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Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App Reviews


Unhappy  luckystarfoff  1 star

I would like my 5 dollars back. I needed it for the pulse ox and it doesn’t read it. I’m just going to go to the store and buy a pulse ox reader this app works for heart bet but not the pulse ox

Kathy E Singleton

Waste of money  Kathy E Singleton  1 star

Not accurate and doesn’t register my oxygen level


Ripoff  Garfella  1 star

I require oxygen supplement where I live at 6200 ft above sea level. My Ronin medically approved Oximeter recorded my sp02 level at 80% as I helped my wife bring in the groceries, while my reading with this app displayed 99%. Really? I tried many ways of holding it against my finger to no avail. The heartbeat measurement on this app said 52 bpm, while my Apple Watch 4 said 89 bpm.


fluctuation  khlmeplz  2 star

the pulse reader runs lower than my actual heart beat and seems to fluctuate drastically


Simply put, it doesn’t work  Kooray  1 star

I used this app in combination with an actual heart rate and oxygen monitor. The app’s reading was right once out of 20 uses. With a success rate of less than 0.50%, I cannot recommended this app. I would go as far as to say this app is falsely advertising its features. They boast that it works, when it actuality, it doesn’t.

Brainstorm 271

Does not work  Brainstorm 271  1 star

I waisted my money. It doesn’t work more than half the time.

Barefoot fun

Dangerous! Blood ox is way off  Barefoot fun  1 star

I forgot to add oxygen to my biPap last night. I checked it with a real monitor and it’s 89. Your app says 99. Life threatening. Showed it to my doc and we checked it a few times and he said it was trash!


Frustrating, waisted money  RF548  1 star

I have to try several times before I can get both an O2 reading and a BP and sometimes it never happens at all. Then, when I do get readings, the BP indicates something like 156 when actually it is more like 66. Since I can take my BP manually and know for certain how far off the reading is, how could I possibly trust the O2 reading? Really sorry I spent money on this. BTW, using this on an iPhone XR (new).


💩 Westin 💰  Daisyluis  1 star

Compear with real Oximeter is a money on the trash 🗑


Very inaccurate  ChrissyS12345  1 star

I bought this thinking it would work ok, well that was silly thinking on my part. The o2 readings are very off and could be dangerous to someone that believes them.


Doesn’t work don’t waste your money  Simonac7  1 star

Doesn’t work don’t waste your money


Scott  Perobassman  1 star

Very unaccurate I had a free app that worked perfectly.. this is useless to me How do I get a refund


Crashes  ablazej  1 star

It just crashes on iOS10. Does not work


Does not work any more  Iakaro  1 star

Was once a good app but does not open any more, now useless


Disappointed  Monhally  1 star

This app will no longer open up on my phone ..


Oximeter  MrsChicken48  1 star

Load of rubbish. It says I have so2 reading of 96 and above. I wish. My real so2 reading is around 90, not 96

David Blumberg Esq

Dr  David Blumberg Esq  5 star

Excellent oximetry app !


Not improving  hemicolon  2 star

With IOS9.2 the app would work sporadically, usually crashing when pressing start and occasionally almost as soon as the top screen appears. When it stayed, by flicking around in the menus, it would work enough to get some results. Viewing results always crashed it. Force quit, re-starting the device, made no difference. It seems to have kept continuing to pass the data the the Health app. This new version won't even start. I would delete it altogether but want to keep the data recorded so far. If I could get go the results screen, I could export it all then delete and try again. Disappointing that it started so well and went so far downhill.


Something Missing  DeeJayMack  2 star

I got this app to measure ox stats. It does blood pressure too but only one out of two measurements. Then editing - there is none...I want to label whose stats it is but all can do is email it off somewhere or delete it. I really think you have more to work on with this app. I paid $7.99 to expect a good app. Sometimes I think the free ones work better. I know I have donated to you...I hope you use all donations to make the app better.


Absolutely dangerous rip off  Johnnie1948  1 star

My SPO2 is normally around 94-96 when I get it checked at the doctor every month! This stupid app measured 100, 100, 100, 100 etc with one 99. Immediately after a hospital measurement of 94 it showed 100!!! It doesn't sound much but ok is between 95 and 100. 90 to 94 is low. Below 90 - go and see your doctor. Given that 10 percentage points are the measuring point, this app is 60% wrong!!!!!! Very dangerous. The pulse measurement was 66% wrong when compared to a hospital cuff measurement!!! This should be taken off iTunes. Now.


Now junk since last upgrade!  LittleLion69  1 star

This use to work great on my iPhone 6+, but since the upgrade for the new iPhone 7, it quit working. I complained to the site and they gave me 3 ways to try to fix it. None worked! They told me to get my money back from apple! Why not just fix the app???


Completely F'ing worthless  Firehouse86  1 star

Only two successful attempts out of two dozen attempts over the course of a week. One had my O2 level so low I would've been unconscious if accurate


Surprising App  _Gary.F  5 star

I did'nt think it would work on my phone since I have a fancy case on it. But to my surprise, after a few tries there popped up the results on the screen. To me it was a $5 risk. I originally felt it would be the perfect app, if it worked. It does, so I recommend it.


New Version a Waste  GaryLEdelson  1 star

I have used this system for several years and it worked fine. The new version is garbage. The heart rate monitor goes forever and gets no reading. It is showing that it is getting the pulse, it just is not recording it. It takes at least 10 minutes each day to get a usable reading. The old version was done in seconds. Too bad used to be useful, now its a waste of time


Worthless  Bmoore002  1 star

This use to be a great app. On my iPhone 6, the readings take forever. I finally get a SP02 reading, but it is lower than past readings. I have given up on the heart beat reading it takes forever to register. Fix it or remove it from the store.


Gives peace of mind.  Jlucpicard  5 star

Works great and provides peace of mind knowing my blood of level.


Jordan  GPJW  1 star

Does not function.


Works!  YOLO PLAYA  5 star

I would say it's pretty accurate. Although, I would not use this as a replacement for medical grade equipment, it's good in a pinch or for personal use where the need for accuracy is not life or death.


Utter trash  snow_wit  1 star

If I bought a magic-eight ball and asked it to predict my heart rate, it would be more accurate than this app. Absolute garbage. It boggles my mind that people can get away with this stuff. The person who created this app is a thief. Every reading is not only identical, but completely inaccurate. I used it on 3 different people, one was a 3 year old. Every reading was exactly the same.

Ox low


Terrible awful should they should not be able to sell this product. OXGEN level does not work. Always shows 100 no matter how many people you try it in

Beno B

CRAP  Beno B  1 star

It's not good keeps crashing


i like this pulse oxymeter and o2 sat. probe.  Bunjoy  5 star

Highly Recommended App. to all health crazy people.

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