Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App

Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App download

The Pulse Oximeter app measures both Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation. The app integrates with Apple Health. There's no need for an external device. YOUR PHONE IS ALL YOU NEED.

The Pulse Oximeter app is for use by sports users who are interested in knowing their blood oxygenation level (SpO2) and Heart Rate. The Pulse Oximeter app is NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL USE. The Pulse Oximeter app can be used in a wide range of settings, including between exercises, running, hiking, and in relaxation management.

Pulse Oximeter uses your iPhone’s camera to detect your pulse and oxygen levels from your fingertip. Track and record heartbeat and blood oxygen levels. Instant results, easy to use, simple charts to save your progress.

Whether you are training, doing simple exercise, or just monitoring stress levels, download the App today and use your camera's flash to monitor your progress!

Place the tip of your index finger on the iPhone’s camera, and in a couple of seconds your pulse and oxygen levels will be shown. Results are also recorded in a graph.

- Measure pulse and blood oxygen saturation
- Pulse Oximeter range 93-100%
- Record and store history of data
- Real-time PPG graph for immediate accuracy
- Apple HealthKit integration
- Swipe for label selection

1. Start the app
2. Calibrate
3. Cover the flash and camera lens with your fingertip
4. See your results instantly

iPhone cases need to be removed. Does not work on iPad or iPod.


digiDoc Team

Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App App Description & Overview

The applications Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-12-12 and was developed by digiDoc Technologies AS. The file size is 30.60 MB. The current version is 2.2.9 and works well on 10.1 and high ios versions.

Some of our trusted users experienced a bug which we should have fixed now. Let us know either way: [email protected]
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Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App Reviews


No bueno  Evolvedbliss  1 star

This app does a horrible job with both HR AND O2. They're both consistently wrong on my iPhone 8+. Used to work perfect on the older 6+, but not any good with newer version. Wish they'd fix it because I need something reliable and so do you!

Cranky Man

Complete waste of money  Cranky Man  1 star

App crashes regularly, rarely measures heart rate accurately, and takes FOREVER to measure oxygen saturation. Take your $5 and just burn it or, go out and buy a nice craft beer. A total rip-off.


O2 is not accurate  AMSoaps  2 star

I have emphysema, asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis. It was silly of me to think this app was accurate, but I figured if they were charging for it, it might get close as other free apps heart rates were pretty spot on. However this has me satting at 100% even when I’m gasping for air. I wish I could get my money back. I really do. I gave two stars because at least the pulse seems close.


Readings Not Close to Accurate  billnesh  1 star

Tried it several times and immediately compared to my actual pulse ox and this app was off by more than 10 points to high Also varied amount of pressure I applied and took out of the case. Won’t use again.

Teina W

Worked Just Fine  Teina W  5 star

It worked just fine for me. Holding my finger lightly against the phone was the way to get it to give me correct readings.


100%  MikeG1940  3 star

The Oximeter always reads 100%. What’s up with that?

Little Brain 879

It doesn’t work. Period.  Little Brain 879  1 star

I have used this app and compared it side by side with an inexpensive Oximeter I purchased on line, compared it to the one my family physician has and the one at my pulmonologist. The reading the app gives me isn’t even close. I don’t expect it to be perfect or even close, but the readings are so far off that if anyone believed them they would be putting themselves in danger. The app always reads an O2 sat of over 90 for me, no matter what I was doing. In fact, I’m way under 90 per better equipment. A total waste of money.


Pulse Oximeter Not Accurate!  ARAM39  1 star

Pulse Oximeter is not accurate. It kept measuring 100. When at the same time I had a pulse Oximeter on a finger on my other hand and it was reading 94. That’s too much of a difference


Scam  Aboone1221  1 star

Save your money and put towards the real thing. I have COPD. My base at rest is 92. During activity I drop in the 80s. This app puts me at 100% as I gasp for air. Don’t bet your health or money on this one !


Oxygen level and heart rate  oldbear69  1 star

The oxygen level always reads four Points too high. The heart rate always reads 10 to 15 points less... fix that would be excellent if it was one point off that's OK If you could fix this problem would be a five star


Doesn’t work don’t waste your money  Simonac7  1 star

Doesn’t work don’t waste your money


Scott  Perobassman  1 star

Very unaccurate I had a free app that worked perfectly.. this is useless to me How do I get a refund


Crashes  ablazej  1 star

It just crashes on iOS10. Does not work


Does not work any more  Iakaro  1 star

Was once a good app but does not open any more, now useless


Disappointed  Monhally  1 star

This app will no longer open up on my phone ..


Oximeter  MrsChicken48  1 star

Load of rubbish. It says I have so2 reading of 96 and above. I wish. My real so2 reading is around 90, not 96

David Blumberg Esq

Dr  David Blumberg Esq  5 star

Excellent oximetry app !


Not improving  hemicolon  2 star

With IOS9.2 the app would work sporadically, usually crashing when pressing start and occasionally almost as soon as the top screen appears. When it stayed, by flicking around in the menus, it would work enough to get some results. Viewing results always crashed it. Force quit, re-starting the device, made no difference. It seems to have kept continuing to pass the data the the Health app. This new version won't even start. I would delete it altogether but want to keep the data recorded so far. If I could get go the results screen, I could export it all then delete and try again. Disappointing that it started so well and went so far downhill.


Something Missing  DeeJayMack  2 star

I got this app to measure ox stats. It does blood pressure too but only one out of two measurements. Then editing - there is none...I want to label whose stats it is but all can do is email it off somewhere or delete it. I really think you have more to work on with this app. I paid $7.99 to expect a good app. Sometimes I think the free ones work better. I know I have donated to you...I hope you use all donations to make the app better.


Absolutely dangerous rip off  Johnnie1948  1 star

My SPO2 is normally around 94-96 when I get it checked at the doctor every month! This stupid app measured 100, 100, 100, 100 etc with one 99. Immediately after a hospital measurement of 94 it showed 100!!! It doesn't sound much but ok is between 95 and 100. 90 to 94 is low. Below 90 - go and see your doctor. Given that 10 percentage points are the measuring point, this app is 60% wrong!!!!!! Very dangerous. The pulse measurement was 66% wrong when compared to a hospital cuff measurement!!! This should be taken off iTunes. Now.


Low oxygen  Debshum  1 star

I'm disappointed I didn't read these reviews before purchasing. I'd love my money be returned.

Rocky Bullwinkle

No oxygen  Rocky Bullwinkle  1 star

This App does not work, completely worthless. DO NOT BUY! Not worth a one star rating!


Pulse works, O2 sensor is garbage  JPKelliher  2 star

So, I've been using this app for several months now. I was always suspect of the 02 sensor and how accurate it was. I compared it with an O2 sensor that is used by medical professionals and this app is garbage. However if you want to just measure your pulse, this works pretty well.


Dangerous  Epichenrywhite  1 star

Don't pay $4.99 to be scammed. For real health issues/problems don't use this app!

E catalina

Pulse oxyimiter  E catalina  1 star

It is worthless. Don't waste your money. Not even close to correct data.

Ya ba dabba

Don't Buy!  Ya ba dabba  1 star

Pulse is always about 58. Even during a workout!


Worst app  manasr  1 star

I've used better pulse meters which were free on App Store. I paid for accuracy and SpO2, which doesn't work at all. I wish there was a way to return the app.


Discription is misleading DOESN'T read says <93 %  Friesianmom  2 star

Purchased this app thinking it would be beneficial for reading oxygen sats that fall into a lower range however after my purchase find out that it only reads oxygen levels from 100 to 93 % which are normal.This is deceiving and now useless for my purpose.I find it very misleading that no where on the app description does it say ONLY reads normal sats to a low of 93% .I want my money back .


Heartbeat low  TomG341567890  2 star

Heartbeat measurement is 10-20 beats too low. Oxygen is not consistent ..,,.close but no cigar.

Heart Attack 1107

Worthless and harmful  Heart Attack 1107  1 star

I had a heart attack 6 weeks ago and am constantly monitored during cardiac rehabilitation 3 times a week. I purchased this "free " app for my new iPhone to use at home. I took it to my cardiac rehab to check its accuracy against the hospital monitors. When the hospital monitor read 114 for my pulse the app read 58!!! I repeated this five times with the same results. Worthless!!!

Beno B

CRAP  Beno B  1 star

It's not good keeps crashing


i like this pulse oxymeter and o2 sat. probe.  Bunjoy  5 star

Highly Recommended App. to all health crazy people.

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