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What is fxnow: movies, shows & live tv app? Enjoy the best lineup of critically-acclaimed dramas, hilarious comedies, and blockbuster movies LIVE or ON DEMAND.

Stream full episodes* of your favorite FX TV shows like:
Hip Hop Uncovered
NY Times Presents
Mayans M.C.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
And more…

Sign in with your TV provider to watch your favorite shows live!*

Personalize your experience by creating a free account to save your favorites, continue watching where you left off and sync your preferences across multiple devices.

* The most recent full episodes as well as the FX live stream require a participating TV provider account. Show and episode availability are subject to change.

Before you download this app, please consider that it may include or support advertising, some of which the Walt Disney Family of Companies may target to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within your platform settings (for example, by resetting your device's advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads).

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/

Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com

Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi/

Your California Privacy Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/

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App Name FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV
Category Entertainment
Updated 19 December 2022, Monday
File Size 568.27 MB

FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV Comments & Reviews 2023

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Doesn’t Deserve Even One Star. I’ve been dealing with FXNOW support for almost a year. Strangely enough, the time this all began was when FxPlus arrived. I’m already paying my cable provider to watch this channel. My gut feeling is that Fx is trying to scam us by making us pay AGAIN for FxPlus so we can see an episode we might have missed. I keep getting “Parental Control” errors telling me to check settings. I HAVE NO PARENTAL CONTROLS SET! I have full rights on the app AND with my cable service provider. I’m suggest that all of you who are having this problem contact your attorney general and lodge a complaint, along with the FCC, to let them know the we consumers are being ripped off by trying to double charge us. I’ve read reviews that much the same is happening with the AMC app, so if you’re trying to catch up on an episode of Killing Eve, it won’t allow it. We’re not only being ripped off by our cable providers, but now individual stations are trying to rip us off also. I’ve tried every troubleshooting step provided by the developer, and the last thing they did was cut me off with the statement, “this is a problem our Developers are attempting to solve.” Give me a break! At least be honest with us.

Can’t watch my stuff,What happened? Please fix. I have dish and I have The Fxx is channel on the TV. When I try to Watch Simpsons world a mssage pops up saying “This is not included in your program package.” The kind of seems ridiculous because before I updated it I could watch it fine on my iPad as long as I was signed in with my dish info. I don’t understand what happened I updated it and now it says “it’s not included in my TV package” like I said before I have the channel on my TV so I don’t understand what happened regarding the app. Can you please look into it? I really think it vantage of your Simpson world on the app.

Works well, but issues with Simpsons UPDATE: App is Worse. UPDATE: This app has gotten worse. While I was in the middle of watching “The Americans” the screen got smaller, basically confined to the top 1/3 of my iPad. I closed the app and upon reopening it, it was requiring me to create an FX account or sign-in with my Facebook account. I’m so sick of having to constantly log-in with my cable provider on this app and now they are adding a new log-in?! Now my only option was to watch that episode of “The Americans” from the beginning. I started to, but the screen was still small so I gave up. This is such garbage. The only time I have had problems with this app is when I watch The Simpsons. It will regularly pop-up with a loading error notice so I cannot watch a particular episode. Sometimes if I go back a few screens, the issue will resolve itself. However, I have been unable to watch episodes from Season 2 for over a week. I have been trying to watch episode 5 or 6 but it will not work. Seems like the same problem with other Season 2 episodes.

Best App EVER for elevating blood pressure. If you are looking for an app that will raise your blood pressure to remarkably high levels, congratulations. You have found it. If you manage to sign on (keep in mind you will have to sign on every single freaking time you go to this app) which is highly unlikely, you will not be able to watch anything that you want to watch. Latest season of Archer? Nope. It’s Always Sunny? Nope. Simpson’s? Nope. Oh it will say that full seasons are available. Where?? Not on the app, that’s for sure. It is so unbelievably frustrating and horrible that I keep coming back to it to see how it’s gotten worse since the last time I attempted to use it. It is truly unbelievable to me that they have not fired everyone involved with making and/or maintaining this app. My 10 year old could make a more user friendly app and he’s a dog. Seriously... it boggles the mind how terrible this thing is and how utterly unwilling they are to fix it. It’s like they are setting out to anger people trying to watch anything they produce. Mission accomplished.

Probably the worse streaming app ever. I’m trying to figure out if Fox actually pays someone to manage this app or if they just rotate between departments like Monday it’s a summer intern, Tuesday it’s the custodian etc.... After my millionth attempt to “activate”, it was finally working but Lord help me if I want to pick up where I left, I would have to sign in which makes me, surprise!, activate. So on my millionth and one attempt I decide that I would like to rewind and guess what? It kicks me completely out and I cannot pick up where I left off. Now I am sitting here trying to fast forward to at least around the point where I left off and I have figured out that if I stop at around a 3 minute mark I might be okay. I was thinking about using the pay app when it came out but noooo waayyy. I will stick to DVRing FX shows instead dealing with the headache this awful app as caused.

Why? Why can’t you seem to ever fix this app?. September 2018: Just unbelievably frustrating to be paying month,…after month,…after month for this channel, just to have access to this unusable app! How, how can this app be left without the ability to function properly for so long!…How?…Why?? How can you justify charging anyone a full subscription cost every single month when you’re very own comments acknowledge the ongoing problems? Problems such as never knowing if one can watch a program after selecting it since, more often than not, the program is unable to start. Instead, the selection is redirected to a placeholder screen so that the following commercial can be directed to my, so called “interests” (which have never, ever been on point. Truly!). Unfortunately, the coding needed to follow through such a process seems to be severely lacking with this app and subsequently, not up for the task of providing the actual product your customers are (currently) paying out of their pocketbooks for. I think that is just...……unconscionable! We (your customers) deserve more than your respondents inevitable blanket statements. Be up front. Provide a factual current status. Set realistic timeframes. Finally, if truth is this app is beyond your capabilities, scale it down and charge accordingly. Sincerely, Befuddled

You have been served divorce papers.. You made a bad app worse! To an impressively awful degree. I get bored every so often and come back to see if you’ve matured or worked on yourself. Nope. You keep getting worse. *shaking my head and raising arms in the air* How is anyone supposed to find anything in this UX NIGHTMARE!!! Old Review Title: For better. For worse. Like any marriage. Old Review: his app has had its ups and downs. Haven't we all? They do try to work through it. That's important. That's why we are still together. BUT WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT LET YOUR VIEWERS SEE AT LEAST THE LAST SEASON OF A SHOW AT LEAST A FEW MONTHS LEADING UP TO THE NEW SEASON??? Reeeealy, I'm not going to start watching a show I've never seen beginning with season 2. Fool. Let me see season 1 and I'll be primed and ready for the new/upcoming season. FX honey, our relationship is in trouble. Get your act together and appreciate your better half (the viewers).

Please fix! Serious problems with app. Whenever I try to watch the Simpsons on this app, the tv show is locked in portrait mode about half the time. Even when I turn my phone to watch it in landscape mode, it won't turn. (Lock orientation is off in my settings as well). Also pressing the pause button doesn't always work. About half the time the pause button doesn't work. Also when I try to fast forward through the show, the scrubbing bar that shows my progress in the show goes away after 3 seconds. So when ever I am fast forwarding, I only get 3 seconds to find where I left off at. If I don't get there in time, I have to stop, wait for it to load and most likely watch a minute of ads. Lastly when I tap the screen while watching the Simpsons to bring up the pause button/ progress bar in the show, I should be able to tap to put it away. I dont want to have to wait 5 seconds for the menu to go away. Pausing/fast forwarding feature needs a revamp. Please fix. Most importantly, fix the rotation of the show. I shouldn't have to open and close the app 10 times hoping that it fixes itself. Something on the side(not so important) I don't care that there is commentary for the Simpsons episodes. Please put a check box in the message that says "do not show again". It is really annoying to have to close out of it each time when I will never use it.

Once Again. My original review of this app was deleted after the development team sent me some “troubleshooting” link as if to imply none of those steps were taken prior to the review. So, since you guys like to delete honest critique I am writing again. I never once needed to uninstall and reinstall an app to get it to work properly, this is the only one that consistently force logs me out and refuses to allow me to log back in. Nor is it a network issue on my end because everything else works fine on my network with the exception of this app. Your troubleshooting tips is a pass off of the issues that YOU CREATED BY DEVELOPING A FAULTY PRODUCT. If you decide to delete this review too that is fine. I have long since made the decision that your app and your network of shows isn’t worth the hassle to watch. If I could remove your network from my cable package I would, but unfortunately that isn’t possible.

Still broken…after two YEARS. I truly do not understand how this app has so many 5 star reviews. This is without a doubt one of the buggiest apps in the entire AppStore. The only reason to download this app in the first place is to watch the Simpsons. And I can’t even do that anymore because whenever I try to pull up earlier seasons, the app starts bugging out (as usual) and shows me a bunch of clips for some random show with farm animals. Yes, you read that right. FARM ANIMALS! I cannot make this stuff up. And what’s worse is I tried using this app a couple years ago (also to watch the Simpsons) and it was too buggy to work then so I deleted it. I redownloaded it and it’s somehow even more broken. Anyways, FX if you’re listening, FIX YOUR APP! It really cannot be that hard! There are plenty of other streaming apps out there that don’t have ANY of the problems you guys seem to have. So it’s clearly possible to have a working app. Why can’t you guys seem to figure it out?

Please help me with this problem. this app is really great. I can watch my favorite shows especially the simpsons. I enjoyed watching it because of the reduced ads because we have a tv provider. But these past few days, there's been a bug or something that keeps on popping this question that if i have a tv provider which we have so i pressed yes but it doesnt do anything and whenever i try to continue to watch my show it keeps on popping and does the same thing, keeps on telling question. I tried deleting and downloading the app 2 times but it still does the same thing so now yeah i right this review and please do something about this

I don’t understand entertainment apps. Why are they always so low quality and have so many hoops to jump through? Trying to watch the new season of Always Sunny on this app is like pulling teeth. I have a cable provider which carries Fx and this content I signed up for the stupid profile where they are going to sell my identity to people I signed into the app and into my cable provider I allowed location, which they will certainly monetize And yet, if I tap this or any show from the Apple TV app, I just get a pop up telling me my subscription doesn’t include the content. I can play it from in the app after using their horrible, Hulu-cloned interface, but often at commercials the app crashes, and then tells me I can’t resume without signing in, and I go through it all again and get to watch all the commercials again. I’ve spent 70+ minutes now trying to watch a 22 minute show and seen the same ad fill a hundred times. I intend to write the sponsor letting them know I will only purchase from their competitors going forward. Please just make these apps easy and functional first. Then maybe add content features or some other unnecessary nonsense to monetize our private information, while not wanting to pay for decent technical staff.

Pretty, but serious issues with video playback. The Good — The application’s user interface is pretty... nicely balanced, full immersion in program poster art. The reduced commercials is a nice touch. The Bad — (1) The first time I tried to play an episode of The Americans, it would play for a few seconds, but once the onscreen controls disappeared, so would the video. The audio would keep playing and I could bring back the controls/video by taping in the screen. Obviously not going to work for the duration of a 40-something minute show. (2) I tried watching The Americans again and got video to play! I didn’t do anything special, it just worked. But got distracted part way through an episode. When I returned to the app, it didn’t have a resume option... I had to manually use the scrubber and suffer commercials to find where I’d left off. (3) There’s no download option. Please, please, please give us the ability to download your own shows. Watching offline is essential for commuting or travel. Alternatives — Netflix can get old seasons of The Americans and they can be downloaded. Shows can be downloaded and it remembers where you left off. Xfinity Stream (my cable provider’s app) has the same videos that FXNOW has, but with flawless video playback, it remembers where you left off, and it has other shows (saved recordings, live TV, on demand) Still no ability to download theses shows (so maybe a content distribution/rights thing, so sad).

Chrome cast issues. I’m not one to write reviews but this app makes it very difficult to watch any shows on chrome cast. We have three different TVs, one with cable, one with Apple TV, and one with chrome cast. When my husband is watching his show live through cable, I tend to go to another room to watch but when I’m trying to watch through the chrome cast I waste time logging out of my provider and re logging it. If I don’t it’ll tell me that my access has been denied. It’s just such a hassle. Watching live so far hasn’t been an issue once I’ve re logged in but when trying to watch a show, I come across the issue of having to continue going back and starting an episode where instead of it continuing on as it would do so on the Apple TV. I’ve gotten so frustrated that I rather not even bother using the app......

I wish I could watch. I have cable and I connect my cable to the app so I can have full access to the shows. But majority of the time when I try to open the app, it either continues to load on the start up screen, the colorful fx fearless sign over water.. and never opens. Oooor it opens, and the words cut out every other second. Impossible to watch missing every few moments of audio. And sometimes, it opens, the then gives me an “oops, video can’t play” or something and doesn’t open the app at all. I’d say it’s to the point that I can only watch every 4th or fifth attempt :( sometimes, not every time, if I remove then redownload the app it works... I wrote customer service but no one had gotten back to me.

Help!!!. I bought this app specifically to watch the Simpsons it works most of the time but on select occasions it won’t load it’s not my WiFi cause I’ve checked the connection and it is strong it always says something like this is unavailable at the moment please try again later I’ve uninstalled I’ve logged out I’ve reset I’ve done everything I can possibly think of and it still won’t work I use this app on my iPhone, iPad, and Roku stick that is connected to my tv and I’ve done everything to try and fix this nothing works it’s really upsetting because I watch the Simpsons literally all the time especially at night and it’s supper frustrating when I’m trying to just lay down and watch my favorite show but it won’t work so please fix this!!!!!!!!!

Pretty terrible. In theory, these tv channel apps are wonderful. However, they tend to be an abomination filled with ads, buffering, and user interface issues. It is 2017 for gods sake, fix this. Whenever I tap a show to watch in Netflix, that show plays, Almost immediately. I shouldn't have to dodge constant prompts for me to create an account (it's already tied to my directv account, why should I have to create an account for your channel app?), I shouldn't have to be given an error when I click the button "resume watching" (that privilege is for those who create accounts), and I absolutely should not have to try and fail to watch a single Episode of American horror story for over 25mins, give up, and end up watching Friends on Netflix for the millionth time. Yet here I go.

Gurl, Gurrr Gurr, Guurl !!!!. This is one of the most sleek steaming g apps ever. You have all the variety or what people call, mixed bag of Teeee Vee!! Not since Cardi B. Hit Love and Hip Hop as TV been so fun and bingeable!!! Did I just make up a new word or use incorrect english?!? Well what happened is THIS APP! No jumping or pixelated missed scenes! Can watch on any device or TV at the same time and still text! The shows are enough to get you sucked into the TV, your friends will start to text you, “CAROL ANNE”?? Where you at? In the darn TV. Just when I got a new set of PJ’s and accepted my body positivity inclusion, the Work has to go into the offices!! I called out one day, I needed a mental health day. Watched TV all day!! FX is the best!! Can’t wait for more exclusive programs!!

Serious problems with app please fix!. Every time I open the FX now app all the shows are locked and I am asked to sign in with my tv provider. When I click on the “sign in” button the app loads for a few seconds then stays on the same page still asking me to sign in with me tv provider. Also when I try to click on a show I am first asked if I have a tv provider. After I click “yes” the app loads for a few seconds then does nothing it stays on the same page and won’t let me sign in to my tv provider. When I look up FX now in settings on my iPhone it shows I that I am logged in with my tv provider, yet when I load the app it still is asking me to login. This is a serious issue with the app that has been going on for months that needs to be fixed please help!

Absolutely love it with earbuds.. Being able to listen to one of my top favorite TV Shows; Archer, through Apple Earbuds is a new experience you have to try. I’ve binged all of Archer’s seasons multiple times and through earbuds via my iPhone, I can hear all the little things I’ve missed from TV speakers. For instance. in the show’s theme, I can now distinctly hear the bass that I’ve missed repeatedly, with its nuances. There are subtle music cues and panning tricks. For instance sometimes Pam will yell something in the left ear, which lets you know her placement in the scene if she’s not visible, like in her office. I don’t know if they remixed the audio for this purpose or if it’s always been like it, but it’s an extremely pleasurable way to watch the show. To the point that I don’t really want to watch TV and movies without earbuds if the same quality of production is used.

Absolute worst implementation of the genre. The “reduced” commercials are prolific and awful. It’s just not worth it. If you stop a program in progress, you have to create a profile to pick up where you left off or start from the beginning. The crappy design allows for accidentally quitting a program in progress way too easily. Don’t know why every other app of this type can allow you to stop and resume without creating some additional account and login. Just terrible. I’d look for any other way to get the programming. FX has good shows, so I’m happy to pay for the ability to watch them without a ton of commercials. The people that thought this was a good way to set up the FX app are woefully incorrect about viewer tolerance for thus crap.

Used to love but..... This used to be the most used tv app I have, however, for the past few weeks, it hasn’t been working. One day I noticed it had logged me out of my tv provider (which didn’t seem that weird at the time). I went to put the information in, and it said that the network was no longer included in my current service. I have Xfinity, and it has not changed. It still works on my iPad, so it is very confusing as to why it is not working on my phone. edit: It’s been months, and the same thing is still happening. Every once and awhile i’ll re-download the app to see if it’s working and the problem is still there every time. I still get fxx on cable and the app still works on my iPad, so I am still very much confused.

Worst television app I’ve ever used. I don’t have cable so I use the channel apps such as this. I put it on my chromecast and watch on my home tv. This is the least user friendly app I’ve ever experienced. If you want to binge watch something, don’t even bother. The episode finishes and there’s no auto play, no just clicking on the next episode, nothing. You search the show you were just watching and the episodes don’t even appear. It’ll be a click down menu where the episodes should be, but there’s nothing. I’ve relegated this app to watch new episodes only because they pop up on the home screen. God forbid you wait too long to watch the new episode of always sunny because you’ll never be able to find it again because of the accessibility issues. If I could give zero stars I would. Terrible.

Skipping and freezing issues. The first two times I used the app, it worked fine, but the third time, not so much. Picture and sound kept freezing, and when it would come back, I would be 2 or 3 minutes further into the episode and I would have to work backward in 15-second jumps (sliding the progress bar never got me to the right place). A few minutes later it would happen again. It would also skip parts of a scene, sometimes in the middle of dialogue. By the time 46 minute episode of The Americans ended and credits rolled, it showed me only about 24 minutes elapsed. I can’t tell whether I saw the whole episode or not, as I had to keep going back to try to find my place.

Reauthentication for every sign in. Updated: do not appear to have the same constant re-authentication issue, so I am updating my rating. Love the reduced commercials compared to earlier versions. I do enjoy this app and appreciate the reduced commercials in Simpsons world, but my review reflects the re-authentication requirements for the cable provider almost every time I jump out of the app. I’d say after every 10 minutes or so if I haven’t been in the app, my login expires and I need a new token (by entering my cable login) to watch again. I do not recall this being an issue in earlier versions, if I remember correctly it took a few days for the login info to expire. Is this an intentional change? If so, it is annoying to have to log out and log back in every time I want to use the app. I’ll update the review if this behavior is changed.

Simpsons World was neutered. This app used to be great for the Simpsons World alone. Being able to look up episodes by character, phrases, subjects as well as seeing the popularity of certain episodes all in my pocket. It made this app truly a wonderful thing to have. The Simpsons World is a shell of its former self. I understand streamlining this section so it fits in with the rest of the app (prior to this, it was really 'Simpsonized'), but stripping it of all the amazing features it used to have, especially the search, makes this a really crummy experience. I'm glad i can still play 'every. simpsons. ever.' --- but it used to be a lot more fun when the experience complemented the content. Please consider restoring the features to the simpsons world.

No Response - Still haven't fixed Simpsons Issues. This app was 5 stars but after an update you've made it so our Apple TV FXX app and iPhone FXX app constantly crashes. The reason we selected the Xfinity / Comcast package we have was because of your app and all Simpsons episodes. Also , prior to you app update, we were able to select "Play Random" which would continuously play episodes on shuffle - now you have to select " Play Random" after every episode. I had one email response from your help desk which was over a month ago asking what model / generation our Apple TV was and still have had no resolution. Not sure what your team did to create these errors in the app but it is disappointing. Literally can no longer use the app without continuously restarting it and even then it may not work

All seasons. I love the app but I’m pretty disappointed that when the current season of something is playing you can’t watch the previous season. For example I can watch legion season two but not season one. Letting viewers watch the previous season gets them in the mood to watch the new season, just like when a movie comes out other movies with the same actors are aired on TV. FX, in my opinion, would get more viewers if all seasons were available. And there may be a good reason for this that I don’t know about, like maybe the first season is for sale but I think Add revenue would probably far exceed sales from paid for seasons. Maybe not.

Please fix you streaming!!!!. Whenever I am trying to watch a show on this app it will load the commercials just fine but will not stream the actual show it will start the show freeze and restart the commercials. And no this isn’t a problem with my internet connection because every other app on my phone is loading videos just fine and this app has no problem pulling itself up and loading the commercials! This app is by far the worst app I have ever tried to stream any video on and do not recommend if you can watch your shows in any other way you should use another app because this one is just plain frustrating!!! I do not recommend this app at all! Trying to watch anything on it is the most painful experience I have had tell whoever runs this they have screwed up bad

Disappointed. I don’t know if this is a bug or not but even when signed into not only the FX Now app and also my tv provider if I go to select the show I want watch I only get an error message saying that the content selected is not available with my programming package.... but it is. I was able to watch the first 4 episodes of the new season of American Horror Story on my iPad with no issues last week. Same logins just a different device. Kinda frustrating to say the least. I do hope this is a bug issue and not an attempt to make me upgrade the app to FX plus. I get that it’s a company and they need to make money, but come on. I already pay to watch these shows. I’m not asking for past seasons in their entirety, just the ones they already play a million times a week after the episode first airs.

Worst streaming app, literally of them all, the worst. What. On earth. Is wrong with this network?!?!? I pay for a cable TV service, doesn’t matter, I pay for the app on its own, doesn’t matter. Literally nothing allows this garbage app to work. It’s so frustrating that I have to pay for a service that never works ever. Any Fox network. FX, Fox, fox sports, nothing ever works. Please, please, please, for the love of god, do not ever pay for this network, it’s awful and will never play. Please do not waste any more money that I already have. I just had to add, after reading so many negative reviews, that fox seems to have “fix it” sited and a list of steps that they ask every poor review to try. News Flash, none of that works, and it’s all false. Just like a fox network tp provide false hope.. garbage network..

Fx+ major hassle. I signed up for the FX+. It’s $5.99 a month. I figured it was worth it for the shows, no commercials, and movies. Downloaded the app on my Apple TV 4th generation. Every single time I open the app. It doesn’t recognize my FX+ membership. I have to delete the app, reinstall it and sign in again. Then when I begin to watch, it turns off telling me my free preview has expired. When i try to log back in again it doesn’t recognize my membership. Which leads me to again delete and reinstall the app. If I pause a show and walk away, it completely logs me off and makes me repeat the whole process of deleting the app and reinstalling, signing in all over again; praying that it’ll recognize my membership and let me watch something. I don’t understand.. I’ve contacted the help desk and they tell me it’s my tv provider, which isn’t even the problem when I’m paying for the service directly to FX.

Four years a failure. Nothing I have ever watched on FOX NOW has ever worked well. I use the app because I have certain shows that I need to watch on it. But every single solitary time I try to watch something on Fox now I have some kind of issue. Of all of the streaming apps that I have and I have many, this one is the ultimate worst. I can access FOX NOW on my phone with no problem, signing in with my cable login but cannot watch on my Roku TV with the same cable login. Error message. If I switch the orientation on my phone I get the continuous loading circle. If I close the app adjust the orientation and then open, it it’s fine. But it can’t seamlessly switch orientation. I get multiple error notifications. Close the app open it and it works. Well it works minus the issues I mentioned above with the continuous loading circle. I have never ever encountered as many issues with a streaming app as I have with this one. If I could rate it a -5 I would. Most of the other streaming apps will eliminate the commercials if I’ve watched them once. Not so with this one.I’ve been trying to watch a show for the past 15 minutes and have encountered three or four errors. The continuous loading circle. Cutting off while watching and getting an error message. Enough so that I quit watching the show I was trying to watch and show something else. Something else that works seamlessly well without all this chaos!!

Simpsons World has been HEAVILY downgraded. The FX Now app used to be my go-to app on Apple TV, primarily to watch The Simpsons. With the latest update, while the app looks sleek and very “Internet 3.0,” The Simpsons World section has been rendered unusable. I can no longer watch episodes in original 4:3 ratio, nor can I choose to listen to audio commentary without leaving an episode I’m watching and going back into the Extras menu; and scrolling through various different “themed” episode blocks as well as single episodes is cumbersome and generally slow. The BIGGEST misstep of this update is that the developers have completely gotten rid of Simpsons TV, which was the single best feature of FX Now app ver 1.1. I used to be able to just throw on a Simpsons TV channel and just watch for hours, now I have to press the random episode button (which is not great considering the amount of episodes) or watch the aforementioned themed episode blocks which do not auto play to the next episode when one is finished. The app itself works *okay*, it’s just the complete stripping of all that made the app actually good is what makes it difficult to use. I have resorted to just using the Simpsons World website through my internet browser to watch episodes now.

Don’t get excited just yet - false advertising | Full episodes unavailable. I kept seeing advertising about watching full episodes of shows on the FXNOW app through a cable subscription. That’s a devastating lie. Of the three shows I was eager to watch, none of them are available. I contacted customer service to ask why I could only see clips and not episodes of the shows. The response was “At this time, there are currently clips available to view on the FXNOW app and website. Content availability can change from time to time on our platform, but it’s always possible that full episodes will come back in the future!“ I don’t know if this is a fault of the platform, network, show creators or something else but regardless, why market the product if it can’t deliver? Majorly disappointed.

High hopes, low results. So I downloaded the app, signed in with my provider. Started watching Family Guy and had not one issue. Watched maybe 5 episodes and everything came in crystal clear, no buffering, no stalling. But then started watching Snowfall. It first said ‘my package doesn’t allow this show with my provider’, which I know is nonsense. After somehow getting past that, it then told me I needed to sign in. Went to my profile and it showed that I was ALREADY SIGNED IN WITH MY PROVIDER. I attempted to watch the first episode of the new season 3x and EVERY time I did the app would crash at some point. I tried resetting it, tried closing the app, I even tried dumping it and re-downloading it again. Nothing. Same results. We all pay good money for cable services and the “amenities” are straight garbage. Waste of time and cash.

Parental Control Problems. When I sign in with my cable provider and try to watch American Crime Story a message appears saying “Access to this content is restricted as a result of your parental control settings. To view this content, please confirm settings with your TV provider and/or your Apple TV device.” It says this when I try to watch on Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone and when I try to log in on the website on my Mac with my TV provider it doesn’t log it and just cycles back to the 1 hour free trial. All those devices have no parental controls set. When I checked my parental controls with my cable provider Suddenlink, there were no restrictions and the maximum content rating available was TV-MA which I had it set to. When contacted my TV provider Suddenlink and they had no way to fix this. I contacted FX through their website and have had no response and I can not find any other way of contact. Please respond, thank you.

Not great. The app keeps signing out of my tv provider so I have to keep bugging my Dad to ask to sign in again. Today I just wanted to watch a clip from a show so I used the preview pass. The timer on the preview pass counts advertisements as part of the preview and if you pause it and put it in you pocket for a bit, that time is counted too. The preview pass lasts 5 minutes. By the time I got through the ads I had 2 minutes left. I then kept hitting the “+15 seconds” button to get to the part I wanted and the timer kept going then too despite the fact the video wasn’t playing and just loading. I had 1:30 left when I got there when my sibling handed me something so I paused the video, turned off the phone and put it in my pocket. When I opened back up the phone I had 40 seconds left. This is insanity.

Chromecast & Sadness. I really never write app reviews, but I felt compelled. This app is really unusable. Every. Single. Time. I try and use this to watch shows, it’s a constant exercise in restarts, re-logins, and frustration. I have an iPhone X, and chrome cast works with any other app I use. Im constantly casting to my tv, and it’s great! Then I try and use this thing, and it’s like my internet cut out and my phone has been hacked by bots or something. The buffering is never-ending, I’m constantly getting logged out for no reason, and it doesn’t remember my place in the show after I get kicked out. So then I’m trying to get back to where I was in the show, and it logs me out again. Or freezes. Or some other ridiculous thing that just made me buy the show on iTunes. Way to go, guys.

It looks pretty but the content is erratic and sparse. I wanted to start off and say I enjoy how all of the networks are starting to be in one app. I feel this app is still under development compared to the older stand alone apps such as fox, fx, and nat geo for examples. The way you search or browse for your favorite show seems to be out on order not only here on this iPhone app but also on the Apple TV app as well. The incomplete seasons or series is also a downside for this app as it stands today. Unclear if they are going to be added or just left out for some reason. Other apps have every season up until the current season. Binge watching would be great with some of these Fox shows. Another issue I have is when I am trying to play a show or movie from where I left off I need to crash the app because it becomes unresponsive. It happens more if I pause on an ad and then resume playing. Sometimes I even have to go to the extreme and delete the app completely and reinstall to get the function back in the app. I do enjoy the idea of the app but the execution is poor. Also the lag between the CC and what is actually being said is very distracting if I am trying to watch something on low or no volume. I hope that this changes because I see the potential with this consolidation but currently I can’t tell my friends and family to go out and enjoy the app.

Ad selection process needs to be streamlined. Every time the app goes to commercial, I have to select one interactive ad, or multiple ads. Should only have to make the choice once, at the beginning of the show. Or even saved to my settings. I like to watch shows while on the treadmill, or working with my hands. Having to stop what I'm doing to make the same selection every time there is a commercial break is annoying. Also, when one episode is over, it should go to the next episode. Instead, the app just stops at the end of the episode. I experience neither of these issues when I'm watching on my tv via Roku, only with the app on my iPad mini.

Love the app - when it works.. I keep running into the same problems with the app. If I close FXNOW I am kicked off the server. When I attempt to connect to the server it just spins. The other day when trying to log back in the app tried to load for 9 hours with no success. The only way to use the app is to restart my iPad. Once the iPad reboot is finished I am automatically logged back in the FXNOW app. Even deleting the app and reinstalling I still have the problem. I am currently running the most updated version of the FXNOW as well. It is so frustrating. Also, a new bug has appeared in the Simpsons World section. If I go to Playlists and start to scroll down, the app shuts down. It happens every time. Again, once you can get into the app and access what you want it is a great app. Just too many bugs.

Small Picture when sent to the TV from the phone app.. I don’t normally do reviews, but when one feels like he’s been left hanging on a technical support issue; then one feels like a review is needed. I contacted the support team with an issue. When sending the picture from my phone app to my Sony Bravia OLED tv; the screen is stretched from the top left of the screen to the middle. Because of this, the picture is small and it’s annoying when watching anything this way. I was asked to answer some follow up questions and waited for a response. I never receive another response. I emailed off my sent email and still didn’t receive an answer. I even asked was my case still opened and they couldn’t even answer that. This is the worst support team I have ever dealt with. Its sad that a support team cannot even answer a simple question. It’s irresponsible to leave a customer hanging. I hope some teaching lessons come from this review and that the issue to which not only I’m having, but someone else is having, gets resolved.

Ad integration is messed up. While I love the content on the app, it is evident that they are using an improper implementation of their pre-roll advertising. Whenever a rich media unit is served, it makes it impossible to steam from a device onto an Apple TV. If you wait until after the ads serve on the mobile device, then activate mirroring to an Apple TV, the system seems to recognizes a new device, then attempt to serve an interactive rich media unit to the tv, which doesn’t work since the TV isn’t capable of handling this type of unit. My recommendation is to set up device blocking for your interactive units that deny them access to serve on any platform other than pure mobile / desktop. Knowing this is a Apple app used to stream content, you should be aware of it doesn’t function properly with other Apple products. Please fix this, I just want to watch the Simpsons before bed.

Extremely buggy. Unusable with Chromecast. Pathetic for a huge company.. The app on the phone is buggy and terrible enough. It doesn’t remember where you left off, doesn’t properly respond to pause/play, etc. Using with Chromecast is much much worse. It initially casts to TV (after many bugs), but then quickly loses connection with Chromecast, which is impossible to resume. You have to disconnect and then guess where you were in the movie by dragging the timeline, which is way too small to be accurate. Even if you get it right, chances are you get stuck watching commercials for 2 minutes that you already watched. Then as you watch on Chromecast, the stream is frequently freezing and switching between HD and like 120p or something barely visible. And no, it’s not my internet, it’s fast and reliable. I never write reviews but felt the need to write this one due to how frustrating my viewing experience was. Will rent movie next time.

Please improve Simpsons World among other things. Ever since the latest update, I have been very disappointed with the functionality of the app. While “it looks cool” it has become far more cumbersome to use. Please address the functionality issues with chromecast. Many times, it will play a show on my device as well on tv at the same time and it’s not the same show. The app freezes often, especially if I’m watching many episodes in a row. Please also address the functionality of Simpson’s World. In older versions, I enjoyed the ability to watch random episodes and not have to “babysit” by playing each episode. Please also bring back themed playlists, really just Treehouse of Horror episodes. There are far too many seasons for me to have to dig through each one. Overall the functionality needs to be streamlined. The app is very buggy for Chromecast.

Unstable Live Stream App. What ever platform FX utilizes for live streaming their online content is unstable and frustrating to use. I understand that ads plugged into their live stream content is necessary to generate revenue but can they at least make the ads run smoothly with the streaming content? Every time an ad pops up it’s a roll of the dice on whether the ad freezes the programming timeline or im forced to restart the program after watching the notorious loading progress wheel forever. Any attempts to adjust the timeline to your last spot only brings on more frustration after being forced to rewatch all of the same auto dealership and big pharma ads back to back with no success. With all of these revenue generating ads they inundate us with one would think Disney would be able to develop a smoother running live streaming app. Come on guys, get it together.

Audio and freezing. 1. If my phone’s screen turns to fit whatever way I’m holding it, the audio will cut out and not be replace until I shut down the whole app. The video still plays perfectly, but I can no longer hear anything. 2. Sometimes I’ll attempt to go back into things that I’ve watched before. Well, the screen with broadcast the large FX sign and cut to black.... and then that’s it. You can’t exit out of the screen. There’s not buttons to push play or anything. Exiting the app is the only way to fix it.. and that doesn’t mean it fixes me being able to watch the video. It’ll usually just fix it so I can select something else to view. Otherwise, I overall really like the app. I just have those two complaints.

It’s pretty good when it loads. I am pretty happy with the app when it actually works. It is pretty much a coin flip on whether it will load or if I will get an infinite spinning white circle. Tried updating and still not fixed. Here is the thing I will not go through all the hassle uninstalling and reinstalling. My stance is firmly, that if that it lengths I need to go through for troubleshooting. The the app is garbage and not worth using. Hire some better developers, because you can make the UI look as sleek as you want but it is worthless if your back end is an unstable mess. Honestly it feels like the your graphic interface was made on high end CAD workstation while your server is a dusty old desktop running Windows 95.

Horrible, can’t watch anything. None of the episodes are listed under each shows profile. The only way you can watch an episode of a show is if that episode is in the “new episodes” section. And make sure you don’t exit out of the episode because once you do, you can’t get back to it and it’s deleted from the “new episodes” section even if you didn’t finish watching it. This is a mess. Please fix it asap! Plus the new layout that combines all the networks together is so annoying. I want only my “favorites” to show up on the home page. In settings it says favoriting a show creates a collection just for you, but where is this collection?! Also, when navigating through the sections, the app is so slow and lags bad.

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Please fix sign in button and live tv doesn’t work. Always issues with trying to watch shows. Most of the time I get messages saying can’t load content, or I have to sign in but won’t let me click the button without freezing. I hate that I always have to sign in and everything is locked. App on Apple TV is just as bad :( I’m missing AHS because live tv doesn’t work

Why is this an app?. First of all, it doesn't work whatsoever. Tried to watch Fargo, it plays 20 second, pauses for 10 and then continues 10 seconds from where it paused... That's the case IF IT EVEN LOADS AT ALL... Which only happens maybe 2/10 times. But the way that it skips and pauses every few seconds makes it unwatchable. So I couldn't watch that show... I can't watch American horror story either. Seriously what brilliant genius thought "get let's launch an app that NEVER WORKS! it so be a great idea to have people have an icon on their screen, because other than that it serves no purpose." it's been like this for a very long time and you guys obviously aren't fixing it so I'm wondering if your brains work?

This app has NEVER worked correctly. This app is by far the buggiest app on ANY of my Apple devices. Despite the fact that my directv package has all the Fox channels available, every few days the Simpson’s world section says my cable package doesn’t allow for this programming to be shown. And it isn’t exclusively a Simpson’s world problem either. It’ll pop up in all programming I try to watch. It’s irritating and a problem that has existed ever since the app first appeared. I used to think it might have been a problem with my previous Time Warner cable subscription but now that I’ve changed providers, IT STILL HAPPENS. I had my hopes up when all the Fox apps had this cool looking update a few weeks ago, but nope. Same problem. Same irritation. Terrible.

Just a knock off of tv or movies. Firstly you shouldn’t have to login to a TV account to watch a few episodes of The Simpsons and only give you about one episodes worth of time for you to watch them for “ free” . This this is basically just watching TV but having ads over and over again saying the reduced but really not being reduced not to mention having to sign in to a TV account when isn’t this just an app ?not a real TV remember this please please please please don’t we shouldn’t have to sign into a TV account to watch a few episodes !! that we enjoy really I would really really really appreciate it if you were to make this a bit more like a app!!!

Can’t sign in with other tv providers?. I’ve recently switched from fios to xfinity. I still have FXNow as a channel, but it won’t let me sign into my xfinity account. Every time I try to log in it shows the Verizon fios login page. I press the “not a Verizon customer” button, and it redirects me to a sign up for Verizon. Other than that, the app worked quite well for me. There are a good amount of movie and show choices, and the app itself is easy to use.

Update looping and loses its authorization within minutes, PIP buggy. Opening app sends me to “update required” but app is up to date and going to apple App Store listing for app says simply “open,” no update possible. When using app from apple’s tv app it always loses the authorization key requiring a hard shut down of the app itself and reauth... Trying to move video to picture in picture on iPad Pro only works sometimes and then only if turned to landscape mode. Errors constantly requiring reboot Update: Update issue fixed.. However if watching picture in picture on iPad Pro it refuses to go to next episode. When going back to full screen it gives “an error occurred” and then loses auth key. Done all of the suggested troubleshooting steps the developer replied with (before their reply, I’m extremely tech savvy). The errors are consistent every time one tries to go to next episode and not in full screen mode. Still must be in landscape mode to initiate picture in picture.

Should be ZERO stars. This app is either frozen waiting to load, or kicking me off entirely. I just want to play a show through without having to re-sign into my cable provider!!!! I'm done with this nonsense. FIX YOUR APP!! I received an email that says I have a response from the developer... It has me check my internet connection, etc. Obviously that is not the issue!! It is the app. It's not my tablet or phone. So many people with the same problem, it's not us it's you. Seems like the biggest issue is the ads, and going from the content to the ad breaks. It's messed up, and maybe since we all PAY FOR THIS CONTENT VIA CABLE, try to let us watch this without ads. You are already making money off of us!!!

Good experience. Overall I've had good experience with the app. But a flaw I noticed is when I'm watching The Simpsons, my iPhone does occasionally pixelate and the audio and video are out of sync during certain scenes. Hopefully those can be corrected soon. Also it does log me out of the cable provider randomly. However, some episodes of The Simpsons won't play. For instance, I only get the Xfinity logo at the beginning, and just a blank screen in landscape mode. My iPhone 6 is up to date and the app is as well. I tried to redownload the app, and it just will not work at all. I hope these issues can be corrected.

terrible user interface. Very dissatisfied with this ipad app when trying to connect my ipad directly to a larger monitor to watch a show. It locks up the screen and says there is some sort of DCM error. Really? I am in the FXNow app itself and it says there is a digital copyright error so it wont play the movie on a larger screen? That is so pathetic on many levels especially when my other network apps like Peacock and TNT work perfectly when connecting my ipad to larger monitor. The older versions of the app used to work fine prior to being sold to Disney. Why is your tech support so awful for an app that has such great possibilities? Please get it right and let me know when you do and then maybe I will be a fan again.

Filled with bugs. The FX Now app is slow, clunky and poorly designed. I have to kill the app completely between episodes and there’s no auto play option for the next episode. It either freezes, glitches, shuts down or gives an invalid token error message with every use. It can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes to summon another episode after watching one. It’s extremely frustrating when you’re using it to watch a show like the Simpsons (all I use the app for) which is not available on any other streaming service, not to mention the episodes are 22 minutes long, so the frustrating bugs in the app are constant.

Annoying. I like to open this app once a week to watch Youre the Worst and conveniently it’s very fitting to this app. Any time I want to watch it after it live streamed it locks the show entirely saying my cable provider doesn’t allow viewing. When I know for a fact I watched it just last week on cable one using my phone to stream it. This is isn’t the first time this has happened either and was forced to use a preview pass. Really irritating for an app imo. I tried logging out of my cable logging out of my account. The same message over and over. Tried reinstalling same thing. I just wanted to watch my favorite show

Fix the Apple TV app. So I love the content but it seems like it freezes up on the loading content screen all the time now. It just sits there until I delete the app and redownload and relog in. I’m actually doing it now which is why I’m writing this review. It’s time consuming and I’m getting sick of it. I’d love to watch The Simpsons or Archer but y’all are making this very difficult. I’m borderline fixing to just say screw it and watch stuff on another app. Sounds like it isn’t just the Apple TV version either since the first review I saw was about the phone version not working properly. Get it together. Y’all got too much money to be playing around like this. Don’t mess with poor peoples tv time. It’s all we have.

Not backward compatible. New version unusable on older devices.. App has worked fine until recently when I get a pop up that I have to upgrade. Takes me to App Store where it says I already have latest version. Deleted app. App Store now says latest version incompatible but I can download older version for my device. After download get same message that I need to upgrade. Apparently new version only runs on iOS 11 and higher. My iPad won't run 11. Other streaming apps don't seem to have this problem. Why offer an older version if it doesn't work?

Worst App Ever. I’ve used hundreds of apps over my time owning Apple Products and this is by far the worst app ever. It never load correctly (if it actually loads at all), it always offers The Simpsons all over the page and if you love the Simpsons, that’s great but I’m 41 and don’t care about them. It will pop them up and sometimes load them without me choosing to watch them but instead closing a pop up. Your app has so much to offer if the bugs could just be fixed. Otherwise, it’s a complete waste of time. I have Directv and have lots of on demand apps that work perfectly.....obviously yours could too. Fix it or stop offering it.

Ads ads ads ... not worth it. You need a cable provider to watch most of the content. Total nonsense! These people are still stuck in the past and will soon be part of it. Anytime you do anything you are a bombarded with ads! If you accidentally clicked on the wrong episode you have to sit through the ads before you can go back to the menu just to choose a different episode just to sit through more ads. If you try to resume an episode or jump to a specific point in time you have to sit through ads. You watch ads at the beginning, then the intro to the show plays, then more ads! I find this creates a terrible user experience and I don’t put up with it, and neither should you! DELETE

Zero point. I pay for FX via my provider, but there is little on demand. So I sign in (with my tv provider info) on your app thinking that, like other Optimum channels that I pay for, you’ll actually let people watch full seasons of your good, current shows on that app. Shows that once again, I pay for, and expect the courtesy that I’ll be able to watch them at another time. Pretty much all good networks allow that now. But No. Just a bunch of old episodes of “Mike and Molly” and other sad offerings no one would download an app for - silly and wrong to suggest it is anything more than that. Seems kind of greedy too. I love FX shows and hope you change this app soon. You can do much much much better

Can not sign into provider. I have used this app a lot in the past and if it was working, it would get a much higher rating. Unfortunately, The page that asks if you have a provider has 2 options, yes or no. When you click yes, nothing happens, it just refreshes. You can keep clicking YES and it just shows the wheel turning and then stop without doing anything. There is no way to sign in with your provider information to watch locked content. With the newest update the problem is worse, but always have a hard time getting access to locked content. Please help and fix the sign in for the provider so that I can watch more than the previews.. Thanks!

Interactive commercials stink.. Updating my review since some things have changed. The app works fine and plays the Simpsons well. But the new “interactive” commercials are very annoying. Having to wait for the interactive to finish while hitting “continue” 3 separate times is annoying. And it says I'm “watching with reduced commercials” then proceeds to show me a 1 min long interactive commercial, sure doesn’t seem reduced. Stop changing the commercials. Go back to one at the beginning and 2 short ones in the middle. It’s getting close to where I’m going to stop using this app.

Pretty good App..but is it Fox, FX or Nat Geo?. You guys need to get your channels/apps straightened out, it just confusing! I go to Fox app or FX app, and the shows are the same😐. What gives? Either combine Fox & FX on the same app, & get rid of one of them, or put Fox shows on Fox app & FX shows on FX app. As for Nat Geo, it doesn’t belong on either app, give Nat Geo it’s own app (it is it own channel, correct?]. Very disappointing to see two of my favorite stations blunder their apps so bad.

Impossible to cast to TV. Nearly impossible to use if you’re trying to cast to your tv. This app is unfortunately the only way I can keep up w a certain series as it comes out, and I dread having to use it. It will work until the first commercial break, and then it will glitch throughout the ads, go back to the beginning of the episode, close the app entirely, etc. Then, trying to get back to where I was in the show takes at least 5 minutes to figure out. You will try to fast forward, and then it will jump to a random point in the show. Please fix this app; it’s painful to use.

Unable to use app. For reasons unknown, this app does not work for me. Whenever I try to get to the login page for my cable tv provider (Spectrum), the app hangs on a screen that says “Please wait while we send you to your provider to log in...” This has been happening for weeks. I’ve contacted support, but their answer is basically “We’re not having any problem and no one else is reporting a similar problem.” As a developer myself, if one of my users were experiencing a problem, I’d at least like to remote in and see what”s happening. I’ve offered access to both my iPhone and iPad, but there doesn’t seem to be any interest from the support folks. Oh well...

Decent app. I deleted my previous review. I couldn’t get anything to play when I initially installed the app. It seems to be working smoothly now. I’m still dinging a star for requiring a separate login on top of the cable provider login. Totally unnecessary in my opinion. I would ding another star for commercials but I guess fx isn’t get the premium channel fees like HBO so they have to monetize with ads. The ads are not too obnoxious, like some other apps, particularly if you do the interactive ad in the beginning.

Archaic & Useless APP. Wish I could give this App less than 1 star. The site constantly closes on its on & makes you start your search or your viewing of an episode or a movie over from the beginning. Unless you give them your email address for incessant contact, they make their site as difficult to navigate as possible. And unlike any other network, they offer no means of contacting them to let them know their service, streaming, and site navigation are below par. Similar to Fox, they see no need to communicate with their customers or weigh their opinions or suggestions. Makes it tough if not impossible to support their product.

Love you guys!. Obviously Simpson’s is the #1 reason for using this app. One of my favorite shows my entire life and I just love the themed episode lists y’all put together watching a bunch of Xmas episodes makes me happy though I’d love to see all the thoh episodes in a playlist as well! You guys rock I had an issue and you got right back t me and helped me through it all in all a wonderful app not completely bug free but still worth 5+ stars!

Glitchy, Poor UX. This app gets worse and worse. Finally had to vent. 1. The most immediate issue is that it can’t play any content rn. This seems to happen regularly but is usually resolved by restarting (which is still problematic). 2. The way episodes are listed is unusual. Why am I scrolling all the way to the right to find the first episode of a season? 3. Pause/Rewind/FF option takes ages to show up after tapping. 4. Photos don’t match the episodes in some instances. 5. The playlist options for the Simpsons were good a while ago but it’s all been stripped down over the course of several upgrades (each worse than the last) which is a shame bc it seems that many users primarily use this app for the Simpsons.

The Most Interesting Dramas and Comedies Anywhere. The quality of FX productions are consistently the best content anywhere. The only thing I dislike is the limited time that previously aired programs are available to stream. I would really love to be able to re-watch previous seasons of Atlanta, Baskets, Pose, Fargo, etc. etc. Please change this soon. HBO will have nothing on FX once these classic productions are made available for repeat viewing. Thank you, Allen Rutherford

Worst streaming app I’ve ever used. This is by and far the worst streaming app I’ve used on any platform. It’s awful on the Apple TV, it’s awful on an iPhone, and it’s flat out brutal on the Xbox one. The app glitches out and then loses you spot in and episode. This is especially frustrating when fast forward is not an options. You then have to watching again from the beginning in order to get back to the point you were previously at. Also, every time the app glitches out you have to sign in again, and again and again. Would give this less than one star if it was possible.

Much Better. New Version allows for easier interface for controls and has added more content from other channels. You have to make a seperate login to continue where you left off if you leave an episode but idc. It’s a lot of App and content. I watched some movies and some nat geo stuff too it’s great. Rigt now the SW button doesn’t work so i access it from the search menu, and life of pi won’t play but other stuff does.

Numerous playback issues. On AppleTV, the Simpsons World portion doesn’t load at all. I figured I’d try screen mirroring from the iPhone app, but that has issues, too. Audio drops out after most commercial breaks, if I can even get the video to play at all. App needs some more work for sure. Update: it’s nice of the developer to provide a response, but it would be nicer for them to not publish such a buggy app and push quality control onto the user. Their troubleshooting tips are essentially to do a power cycle and update firmware. Your app has numerous recent one star reviews, clearly you are doing something wrong if you’re expecting users with an otherwise perfectly functional Apple TV to need to do any troubleshooting at all.

Getting better slightly. The app has improved in the past few months but the ads are constant and it’s the same ad so many times that I feel as if I’m being brainwashed. My parents pay for the service so why are the ads so often? I don’t like that after an amount of time some shows become unwatchable when FX is the only place to stream some of my favorite shows. I can’t afford cable so if i can’t watch the show on this app then I never will. I will never have cable because it’s soooo expensive. I do think the app has improved significantly though, it used to not work almost at all.

Very happy. I don’t understand why this app gets no stars or any good reviews. Well I can say this app is my life. The Simpsons 650+ episodes at all times where ever whenever. That equals 5 stars right there BOOM! I can catch up on the latest and best shows at the moment I can’t watch American Horror Story when it airs on Wednesday nights but I’m a ready to go At 7 a.m. with my breakfast and medical....Anyways awesome app recommend to anyone who can’t keep up with T.V. on the regular.

Can’t figure out where to get full season episodes. I’m looking to watch AHS:Apocalypse. In the app, when you go to the page for AHS:A, it says full season now available. I can’t figure out where to find the episodes. I can play the short clips, and then I can link to the page for the series which takes me back to the same source page which claims the full season is now available. I just want to watch it. I’m not sure if this is an app issue or an FX issue or what. The FXNOW app on TVOS just spins and doesn’t even start. The iOS will at least start and play other content and shows the full season as available. I’m disappointed. I was looking forward to watching while I have a couple of days downtime over the holidays.

Won’t connect to my tv provider. Every time I try to connect my tv provider to the app so I can watch certain shows, it never pulls up the option. It just sits and loads forever then goes back to the yes or no question. I’ve tried everything to get it to work. I shut off my iPad, I did a hard restart, i changed WiFi. Turned off the WiFi then back on. Unplug the WiFi server and plugged it back in. Deleted the app and reinstalled it. And updated it every time an update shows up. This problem has been going on for a very long time. I would like to know why it won’t let me connect my tv provider and for you to please fix it.

Error when connecting Spectrum account. I’ve been attempting for over a year to use the Simpsons world feature, and in order to do so you have to link your TV provider, Spectrum being mine. Unfortunately it’s always an error message. I know for a fact I’m using the correct log in info, but no matter what I do, Spectrum won’t connect to the app. This isn’t the only third party app to do this, but it’s the one I’d most like it to be fixed on. Currently, I’m completely unable to use Simpsons world, despite the fact that it should be a simple process of just signing in with Spectrum. But for whatever reason it just doesn’t work.

All Simpsons Episodes missing. Update: I found the area of the app where all the episodes are. You have to go to "Full Seasons Available" for all of the FX shows and not in Simpsons World. Seems silly to me but at least they're there. The last couple of days I've been trying to access the advertised every Simpsons ever but the only thing available on the iPhone and Apple TV apps are just themed episodes. I thought maybe there was an issue with my TV provider log in; but when I access The Simpsons world on my computer browser all the episodes are there for my viewing. What gives?

The way it handles ads is outright hostile. Not only are you getting edited versions of movies, not only is the streaming quality poor, but the way it handles commercial breaks is truly offensive. If you pause and play, there’s a good chance it’ll lose your place. If it’s unsure where you were, better play 6 ads. It’s restarted the movie over entirely three times for me. Every time before I can scrub ahead and attempt to find where I was, better play 6 more ads. If you can somehow find your place where you left off, before you can first verify where you were (much less actually watch the movie again) here’s 6 more ads first. Outrageous and unusable.

Issues with the app.. Good evening last week I decided to use the app to watch The Simpsons. It went fine with the first episode I saw on my tablet, but when I tried to see the next episode the app kept crashing and sending me back to my home screen of my tablet. I decided to blow it off and try it again the next day, but the same thing happened. It would show a message of short commercial break, and interact with the ad. So I did then the app with crash. Is there a way that you could fix the app from crashing please. Thank you.

Worst app ever.... I don't understand how FX is such a large network and they have such a terrible app. It crashes over and over and over again; there's constantly network errors; always says I don't qualify because I don't have the channel with my cable provider which is definitely not the case. There was an update with the app about a week ago and it mentioned "fixing bugs and errors" so I thought I'd give it a chance... not. a. single. thing. fixed. As a matter of fact it's actually worse now, I can't even get into The Simpsons world with out the app crashing. All I ever want to watch is The Simpsons, and you've ruined it for me FX... such a bummer.

Needs major bug improvements with play. I have not been able to load a series episode successfully on the first try yet, and I have had this app for over a month. It never keeps you logged in to your tv subscriber, and when you try to login, it crashes. I have had to delete the app and redownload it just about every time. There are a few enjoyable features, like the reduced commercial option, but until some of the other problems get fixed, this app will remain terrible. If this weren’t the only way to chromecast American Horror Story right now, I would definitely choose an alternative.

Constantly crashes. The app has no auto play function, which means that at the end of any episode I have to open the app and click the next episode. This would be easy, except 9 out of 10 times the app comes up with an error message and won’t load episodes. I’ll have to close the app and then hope upon reopening it I don’t encounter the same issue and have to go through the steps again. It also has a tendency to just not stream, it’ll claim something isn’t part of my package. BUT if i close the app completely, reopen and try again it’ll normally work. It’s a very frustrating, clunky and error filled app.

Love. I have an iPhone 7 & this app works great for me. Some of the movie selections are better than the movie channels I have to pay extra for. The kids movie selection is good and I love that we can keep going back to see his favorites. Movies change each month but that's normal for stations. Don't watch the tv series cause I can get better up to date and episode selection on another app. But love the tv series being put out by FX.

Now that its fall.... Now that it’s getting cooler and the chilly air is moving in, I am going to save so much money on my heating bill when I use the FXNOW app for apple tv. This steaming garbage fire will radiate heat well until spring. The most infuriating part of this app is when you get out of the app and return. It’s a black screen and says loading your library and stays like that well after a library should have loaded. Can’t back out to the app home screen, no button is responsive except for the apple tv home button. To watch again you have to quit the app and reopen it.

Worst functioning video streaming app ever used. This app works so poorly its a joke and extremely frustrating. Every time I update I hope it will improve but it does not. Bottom line the content plays properly maybe 25% of the time, the other 75% of the time the shows wont play at all, get stuck or maybe if you’re lucky audio only plays with no picture. I use it on an iPad or iPhone and if you like to cast with a chrome cast or something good luck because that just adds another instance for the app to get stuck. Horribly frustrating when FX has some quality shows yet becomes almost impossible to watch consistently on the app. What’s wrong with you FX?!? Fix it!!!!

Is it possible to give negative stars?!. Horrible app has not worked one time without constantly experiencing some kind of issue. Constant stability issues and most shows (other than Simpsons) don't work or aren't available. Even running the latest app version on my XS Max with the latest iOS installed, this continues to crash and have problems. Not sure if this is by design to push people to their subscription based version, or just garbage design, but they should rename this app ‘An Unexpected Error Has Occurred’ because that’s all you ever see on the screen! On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this one -8. Another app I don't need on my iPhone...

Never works—even asked customer service about it. This is the second time I’ve downloaded the app. Every time I open the app it runs through the quick scenes and then stays in a loop, never opening. I have an iPhone 7s with iOS 11.4.1 and 165GB available. Please fix it. *Update - customer service responded with “Thank you for getting in touch with us, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The issue you experienced has been reported to us, and our team is currently working towards a resolution. We will reach out as soon as we can with an update. * 2nd Update - still doesn’t work. No response from customer service.

Why!!. The App no longer allows me to log in. All I want to do is watch the Simpsons but now I can’t because it says I need The Discovery channel as part of the cable provider package. I don’t want to watch anything on Discovery. I can watch Simpson World through a computer still but with this upgrade it’s impossible by app. Clearly my provider is fine if I can still watch via computer, which means this app is needlessly being difficult. Also why remove The Simpsons tab it’s most likely the primary reason anyone comes here. Once Disney puts out an app and puts The Simpsons on it, then this app is completely removed from my phone.

I wish they'd fix this app feb 2018. Every time I've downloaded this app it's never worked right. I can't watch shows with it and it's not on my end. They've made a lousy app and need to fix it. Yeah I’ve tried their trouble shooting steps. The problem isn’t on my end. Their app should work across platforms for everyone. A good app doesn’t require adjustments. It’s real simple. You make and maintain a good app and it works. I won’t be contacting them about this because they’re incapable of accepting it’s their apps problem. I’m writing to let others know don’t bother. It’s a shame because I used to love simpsons world and other shows but you cannot watch them via the app.

Love FX, but apps needs a bit of work. I love how all the episodes are available right, so if I miss them on tv I can watch the next day. The app itself needs a bit of improvement because while rare there are those times when the app quit unexpectedly again and again, and it would not let me keep watching. When that happens, I restart my device and it usually works. I love that there is literally no ads but the app still has room for improvements.

TV Provider. I get asked if I have a tv provider every single time I launch this app even though this is set up to use my saved information for my provider. I will click yes and it just tries to load for 3 seconds and then stays on the same screen. If I click no, it accepts it and takes me back to the main screen. I have reinstalled this app several times to try and fix it and nothing works. This is extremely frustrating, especially when this app seems to release updates every other week. Maybe they should look into this issue instead of whatever they’re supposedly updating each time.

Not a good update. I was able to watch FX shows and movies earlier this month and week. I was able to sign into my account but not with my tv provider I got the message “you signed in with a TV provider that FXNOW does not support” I’ve had Frontier Communications for years and I have not had this problem until today. I can watch FX on my tv but know where else they should be fixed.

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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV 10.31.1 Apps Screenshots & Images

FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 10.31.1
Play Store com.fxnetworks.ios.FXNOW
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV (Versiyon 10.31.1) Install & Download

The applications FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-12-10 and was developed by Disney [Developer ID: 284888248]. This program file size is 568.27 MB. This app has been rated by 71,657 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV - Entertainment app posted on 2022-12-19 current version is 10.31.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fxnetworks.ios.FXNOW. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve updated the app to address bug fixes for a better viewing experience!

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Find this site the customer service details of FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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