Villages GPS

Villages GPS [Navigation] App Description & Overview

Villages GPS app is the most powerful GPS tool for navigating the Golf Cart trails and roundabouts in The Villages, Florida!

*Navigation gives turn by turn directions by voice!!
*Superior Search functions allows for street address, name or by map view.
*Complete listing of Neighborhood Villages.
*Point to Point Mapping is a very resourceful tool.
*YELP integration with every Restaurant and Shopping search with the 5 star yelp rating and easy access to full YELP reviews, pictures, etc.
*The Current Golf Course Conditions from your fellow Villagers.
*Daily Activities and the most comprehensive list of Clubs anywhere.
*Customer Service for an App is unheard of.... we'll we have it!! Simply email us suggestions, comments, etc. We respond!
*Continued updates from a team that lives here in The Villages!
*For the "snowbirds", this App works everywhere in the U.S. on all roads (and yes all the features do too!!)

Purchase one time and it's yours for life on your device!! All the time and money we spend to make it even better in the future is FREE as you simply update your app when prompted. Thanks for supporting VILLAGES GPS and tell your friends about us.

For more info you can visit us at:

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Villages GPS Customer Service, Editor Notes:

*Fixed calling issues with Restaurants, Shopping and Search by Categories. *Now can search places by name. *Other Bugs Fixed.

Villages GPS Comments & Reviews

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- Very Helpful App

Villages GPS is very helpful getting around the trials and tunnels that make up the paths in the villages. i took two stars off for different reasons; 1). each time the navigation prompt "speaks" through the bluetooth connection, it "knocks out" whatever musing is streaming and the music needs to be restarted manually 2). there does not appear to be a feature to de-select voice prompts for navigation (as a work-around for item #1 above). Having the music constatntly interrupted for each prompt can become irritating on some of the longer routes (over an hour). other navigation apps (maps, waze, google maps) intterupt the music for the prompts but the music resumes after the prompt is complete but those apps do not provide the detial required to navigate all trails and tunnels. Keep up the good work!

- Highly recommended

Essential excellent app for anyone in the villages using a golf cart. I’d tried Apple maps, Google maps in bicycle mode and the villages app but found them essentially useless for golf cart travel. This is the only one I’m aware of that knows the golf cart paths and streets carts are allowed on AND gives spoken directions. Without villages gps I would have a very frustrating hard getting around by cart. Very good value as the developers only charge once. Frankly, I’d be willing to pay a monthly or yearly subscription if I had to, rather then give up the convenience of this app, as I use my cart quite a lot. I’d get hopelessly lost without it. I highly recommend it. I had a question and I emailed support at 5:00 AM Sunday morning and got a reply by 8:00 AM the same Sunday morning. Rare to have such quick service these days, better then I get with apps I pay lots more for. I highly recommend it.

- Like having a personal guiding star.

This a very intuitive and user friendly app. I have spent a lifetime living in a city that is a simple grid layout and without GPS traveling to new places can be confusing. And that is just using roadways now there is a major network of beautiful golf cart paths to explore. Entering an address is simple and using the preloaded destinations for shopping, country clubs, golf courses town squares are just a few screen touch away. As a new full time Villages villa owner this GPS makes me feel “at home”. I travel this paradise with confidence. A trip by cart or car to a Town Square, a Rec Center, a golf course or a shopping run is a breeze. I have seen some great scenery, nature and wildlife. It has taken me through places I never saw during the Lifestyle experience. Almost I every I discover something new.

- App directions issue

My wife and I both have iPhone 7+, and have been having random issues with the app not giving auto or cart directions when you pick directions by cart or directions by auto. When you hit cancel and it returns to previous screen and try it again, it will do the same. This does not occur all the time, but it does occur enough to be reported to you.

- Great App for golf cart driving in The Villages!

I had been using the previous version of the app on my iPhone (iPhone 11), which wasn’t geared toward iphones. It kept crashing. I finally got around to contacting the people at “Villages GPS” by email and they responded within a matter of minutes. There were a few emails back and forth during which it was explained to me that I needed the new version of the app which does work on iPhones. I downloaded the new version, tested it out over the past few days, and am very happy with it. I highly recommend it! I think the people who have left bad reviews probably are using an older version of the app.

- Not Updated, iPad Version

I am very disappointed in your app, especially the iPad version. I will keep the iPhone version, but the iPad version is useless, out of date, and now has ads. I paid for the iPad version twice, once for each iPad, no ads. It no longer does what it was advertised to do, and I want my money back... for each iPad. I will expect a credit or I will contact Apple. On the iPhone version, it is out of date and the grammar poor. Most people who are looking for directions to a pool don’t know that perhaps you updated the Rec Centers and not the Pools. Why would you not update them all? Some pools in Southern Oaks are not even listed under Pools, even though they have been operational over a year. Willow Tree is an Adult Pool, not a Family Pool, and Chitty Chatty is not considered in Wildwood, it is in The Villages. Shall I go on? You certainly don’t do your homework.

- Great app and super support

This is a great app to use when trying to get around the villages by golf cart. Like others have said however I would like for the music to automatically be lowered and then resume playing once the voice direction commands have been given. Other than that I can’t complain about the app at all! Support is superior. I had issues with getting the app to open after the update and I was in constant email with the support team who were quickly able to get the problem fixed so that the app started working again. True customer service at its best!

- Lifesaver in the days of covid

I bought my house in March but couldn’t get here until June, by then Florida had become one of the biggest hot spots for covid. Neighbors were welcoming and friendly but could not show me around in the golf cart. So I made daily exploration trips in the golf cart and found so many amazing shortcuts thanks to the app! It’s been an adventure every day. I could find these places in my car but golf carts are a big part of the fun in TV and the app makes it so easy. One suggestion, the Country Club pools are marked FP for Family Pool, they should be PP for Premier Pool as only Premier members are allowed. Thanks, I look forward to more southern discoveries in the future!


I have used this app exclusively for years because it has voice directions and always gets me to my destination. But yesterday the audio didn’t work. I emailed the staff and they responded IMMEDIATELY with help. But nothing solved the issue though they emailed me more than once with advice right away. Then they suggested I delete the app and install it again from the App Store. Now it works perfectly again. The staff’s quick help enabled me to get to the golf course on time using the voice directions. Kudos to a very responsive staff.

- Updated App hits the mark!

My app was recently updated and I was unable to open it at all. I reported it to the apps team and their response was amazing! They kept me updated and had the problem resolved in less than 8 hours. I used the app today and the improvements take my rating of the former app of a 3 star rating to a full 5 star rating. The new features and enhanced usability absolutely make it the best app for navigating The Villages. A must for newbies and also helpful for residents that have been here awhile. Good job!!

- A must have

Using this app opened up a whole new world for us. We visit family in the villages every year or two and love using the cart paths to get around,but never felt comfortable “cruising” until this year. With the help of the app we were able to navigate the bridges, tunnels,check out several pools and jump from square to square for dinner and dancing all by cart. The cart driving is such a fun and unique experience and thanks to you we really enjoyed the villages this year!

- Doesn’t work! No directions and no talking

I downloaded this app and tried it for the first time this morning. Piece of junk. It doesn’t give any directions, never mind talking while using the golf cart.. I will be disputing the chRge with American Ezpress. I filled out the “contact us” form but it isn’t able to be accepted on their end. NOT RECOMMENDED!! Update: the developer emailed me and said I must be using the app wrong. I am using it correctly. I give up using the golf cart directions. I have talked with others and they also say the app is useless. Please issue me a credit or I will be disputing this charge which is on my American Express. I know how to use apps!!

- Relief from navigation anxiety!

Straight to the point and easy to use. Excellent display especially if destination is pre-loaded (ie pools, shopping etc) We had a problem with initial download in that it would not start when prompted. The GPS Team answered my email almost immediately and worked tirelessly to resolve the problem. Outstanding service. All vendors could take a lesson from them.

- Take the fear of driving around the Villages and buy this app!!!

I just used the app for the first time and it was awesome!!! I had to travel 24 minutes by golf cart and the directions were right on. I even turned the wrong way and it corrected me immediately with voice and picture! Thank you for designing this app. I will not be afraid to travel anymore by golf cart in the Villages! Marlene Dignan

- A must have

This is probably the most used app I have on my phone. It works great. I read some of the negative reviews and must say I have had no issues at all. Sound works great, directions a great. I saw some comments about advertising. If there is advertising, I am oblivious to it. I don’t remember seeing any intrusive advertising. Finally, the developers are so easy to contact for any issues. Again, I find this app invaluable.

- Greatest GPS for The Villages, Florida

I have owned this app for over nine years. It is very helpful and easy to use. The best thing about this app is that the company keeps it updated at all times and with the fast expansion of our town it is extremely important to have an app that stays current at no additional cost to any of us that use Villages GPS. Don

- The Best GPS App

This App has kept me from getting lost more times than I can count. Maps are very detailed, easy to read, and accurate. If an issue comes up their team is great with communicating to me, and the fix was less than a day. Well worth the money, and a one time purchase gets you all the future updates.

- Not Updated use the Free App

This has the potential to be a great app but at the present it isn’t. The free app is much better because it is more up to date for finding addresses and business and it does not lock up. Upgrade to 4 stars. The app developer responded quickly to complaints with an explanation of how to find locations that do not immediately show up in the search.

- Updates are better now

I don’t even you trying to stay current in the villages. It is much improved and badly needed. When I wrote my original review it took me outside TV to go to an address near Havana CC. NOT HAPPY then😬 You missed the library in Pinellas plaza along with the county offices there. You might also add “Shooters World “ being built on Powell Road. Going to be a very busy place when they open.

- Needs Updating

We’ve only used the app 12-15 times, but 3 times we ended up being taken to routes that no longer have golf car access. According to a local, one of those routes was changed “years ago.” We paid for the upgrade and feel the routes should be updated!

- GREAT app and even better customer service!!

We had ONE problem with the app that would have confused our guests & they fixed it within ONE business day!! We come here every year & this app always makes a HUGE difference in our stay! Thanks for the app and the great customer service!!

- Awesome for Visitors

We are visiting my boyfriends parents for 2 weeks and when we venture off on our own, this has been so helpful! There’s a bit of a learning curve and sometimes we have to slow down for it to “find” us but 5 stars still because it’s a godsend! Well done and thank you:)

- Great APP!

I have been using this app for several months and each time it has been extremely useful. When there is a concern the staff has been very helpful in resolving any issues. Highly recommend this app for newbies as well as seasoned residents to get you where you need to go.

- TThe team at Villages GPS have been terrific

I tried to find my way to Silver Lake rec center and was having some difficulty with the GPS. I was put in touch with the team and within 5 minutes of sending an email they called me right back! Kudos to everyone at the site! Job well done

- Problem with sound

I was having a problem receiving any sound. I contacted the company and they responded to me promptly. After the exchange of several text messages and one final telephone call the problem was resolved. I would highly recommend this company.

- In the hands of an adequate programmer, this app could be a winner.

When searching for an address in The Villages, DO NOT hit the “Search” button. If you do, the app will go into a loop from which it cannot recover. The only solution is to close the app, delete it from your phone, then reload from the App Store. Once typing in the address you want, just wait , and eventually selections may appear. For 95% of addresses in The Villages, use Google Maps bicycle mode instead. You’ll be happier in the long run.

- Almost useless. Improvement needed!

I tried to use this app to take the golf cart around. It crashes in every tunnel and you have to put in your destination all over again. To make matters worse, while trying to use the app to get to the Lake Miona rec center, it took me many, many miles out of the way, and left me in the middle of Shay street, rather than at Miona. Having wasted almost two hours going the wrong way, I was unable to get my swim in. Can't believe I paid for this app!

- Hello anybody home?

Was trying to get a route to Publix for my father-in-law, but in shopping and even under grocery stores Publix’s is not there. I was thinking it could but the search radius but a WinnDixie that I know I have to drive past two Publix is on the search. It would be great if I could “drop a pin” like on other map programs too. Tried to use contact us thru the app, it didn’t work

- Very out of date maps

We just bought a home after deciding between a home in Chitty Chatty and Bradford, both are newer Villages where the homes are already built, people have already moved in, the rec pools are open etc. I bought this app to get me from Brownwood to my new house by cart and the app doesn't even have either Village added. The Villages built entire communities faster than this app could simply add the streets. How disappointing.

- Great!

If you want to get around The Villages in your golf cart this is the app for you. It has mostly all of the places you would want to go and the support team is most helpful and prompt if you have any questions or problems.

- AWESOME GPS for golf cart!

Whoever developed this app put a lot of thought into it keeping it as user friendly as possible. The main menu is a great idea.... no typing, a couple of taps and you have directions. I’ve been coming to The Villages for years and it is always difficult remembering how to get around (everything looks the same). One wrong turn and you can be going the complete opposite direction. Now (by cart or car) I know the quickest route every time. Great purchase.....5 STARS!!!!!! Andy Bost - NC

- Lifestyle Experience locations need added

Bought this app to be able to navigate on golf cart during Lifestyle Experience. Got lost getting groceries first night in The Villages and app doesn’t recognize the street we stayed on or Atwood Bungalows. Perhaps there should be a way to pinpoint your current location and save it as home. App also told us to turn right early putting us on 4 lane road that wasn’t permitted for cart traffic.

- Terrible!

I’ve been using this for two days now and it’s been a chaotic experience. The app freezes, seems to think I’m somewhere in South America, has adverts that despite a ‘close’ icon cannot be closed, doesn’t know where tunnels are located, and doesn’t know the difference between vehicle roadways and golf cart trails. The free Apple Maps app is a significant improvement over this costly and regrettable attempt at navigation assistance.


This is the only gps with voice directions.. The gps team was very helpful in troubleshooting when I had an issue. I’m very happy I purchased this app for cart path directions..😎👍🏻

- Great Suppory

I am new to TV and downloaded the Villages GPS app. Had an issue with loading and sharing with wife. I send email to support, and yes, even on a Sunday I received a reply walking me through the process. Now, that is SERVICE!!!

- Fast Fix

The new version apparently had a bug with opening to the Home Page for iPhone. Within 24 hours, the problem was resolved. New version works great. Great response time!

- Village GPS

I really like the Village GPS. I use it all the time to determine where something is located and to travel to various locations in The Villages. The voice activation is a huge plus. I recommend it to everyone.

- Great app

When I was new here in 2015 I soon found the app and it was invaluable with specific info in The Villages. And now I continually use it. With the recent upgrade it is even more useful.

- Must have app for all Villagers

All the effort that has gone into this release make it a must have for new and old Villagers. Maps and audio exceptional. This is a 9.5 out of 10.

- Love this AP

Use it primarily in my golf cart. This is a “ must have” if you are visiting or new to The Villages. If you have an issue, the response from developer is very quick. Well worth the modest price. Bonita Jack

- Villages GPS

Driving by car directions are very good but I can get that for free from many apps. Golf cart directions which is the most important part of the app is terrible. The app becomes confused when you get near a tunnel and the directions given to you is always far ahead of where you are actually located. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!

- Aggravating p.o.s.

When it works which is less than 50% of the time it’s just ok. Instructions are not clear enough. Numerous problems getting step by step directions to come up, press start, view by cart, nothing, press start again, view by cart, nothing, reboot phone, repeat, nothing. It’s a shame because you will really need this and it just isn’t there for you. We chatted with two other couples while golfing, their feelings exactly the same as mine.

- Renove the Ads on paid versions or give control to your customer

Didn’t upgrade the app and purchase the original The GPS app to be presented with ads from google-Ads. this change can only indicate your providing user-data beyond location info to google in return for extra Dollars 💵 in you pocket by not allowing users to disable ADs.

- Awful App and not worth $6.99

This is THE worst app I have ever used.... I have a newer iPhone with recent IOS and the app barely stays open..... shuts off at almost every cart tunnel..... and there are a LOT of tunnels I found it literally impossible to type in an address and then be able to navigate to that address.... I got the circle of death ...maddening!! Please fix - thank you

- not spend the $$$

Very expensive for an app that cannot load an address you are trying to find. Seems it only wants you to get to/from the squares or the golf/rec centers. Should be zero stars...I want my $$$back. Shuts off randomly.....does not warn you when golf cart paths suddenly end....I could go on. More frustration than anything....

- New version is terrible

The updated version deleted all my Favorites, which was upsetting, but the fact that it also has trouble locating places like grocery stores renders it useless. There are stupid mis-spellings like “cementary” for cemetery, and why they would devote a whole tab to “cementaries” beggars belief. It was 1000 times better before the upgrade.

- So far, useless

There seem to be two apps with almost identical names. They also have identicle logos. Yesterday, I asked this one to find me a store, but it failed. I just asked it to find me a recreation center in The Villages, but it failed again. I have no idea what use this app has, but I urge you to try the other flavor, or just use the app from The Villages.

- Does not detect regular Internet on phone

I purchased this app to go through the villages using the golf cart trails it work for a little while and then it quit it does not recognize my Internet that I have which is the LTE 4G at think her some clothes for that anyway I need to know what to do either remedy or give me money back thank you

- Not ready for prime time

New to The Villages so I bought this app. Gave different directions for the same destination. No details provided such as road names for golf car directions. Just left turn or right turn but you don’t know where you are. Useless and a waste of money. Needs a lot of work.

- Villages GOS

Spoke to Villages GPS & they were most helpful. All is working just fine. It’s a pleasure doing business with a vendor who knows what they are doing!

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- Golf cart directions

Haven’t used it yet but does it have actual written street directions too, or does app speak while using it? Thank you.

- Pay for ads

Don’t like battery draining from ads. GPS uses a lot of battery already. No option to remove ads.

- Point to point function

Point to point function does not work. Works great if you are going to a rec center or golf course. But point to point does not work

- Potentially Useful

This seems like it would work OK, but it’s not staying current with TV growth - maybe TV is outgrowing developers’ interest or time constraints?

- Unusable

I bought this app several years ago. It was great. I have an iPhone 5C but since this app only supports IOS 11 or greater now, it has become unusable to me. I am not gonna put out the money to upgrade my phone for this. I miss it but The Villages free app seems to work adequately enough.

- Not worth it

App is pretty much useless for directions. Multiple instances receiving messages “No routes found” for visitors trying to navigate to my house in the villages. Has happened numerous times for multiple addresses. Don’t waste the time or money.

- Bummer

I was so excited about this app. Unfortunately I only got the voice directions for the cart to work once and that was after completely shutting down my phone and restarting the app. What a bummer.

- Why buy this?

This app is loaded with advertisements that slows it down. After paying for this app I would assume that the advertising would not be necessary. I guess the greed of the developer is more important than a useful app. DON’T BUY this app.

- The worst ever!

This is not a sour grapes review. I am in the villages I spent $6.99 to get this app and it is the worst ever. It does half of what it claims to do properly. I plan on asking for 100% of my money back because this was nothing short of scam marketing. Luckily I had “WAZ”on my phone I switched to it and it worked seamlessly got me everywhere, found everything, and it’s free!!! Do yourself a BIG favor do not buy this apt? By the way this GPS app has nothing to do with the Villages. I thought it did.

- Maps

The newer places below 44a are unavailable on map or any listing

- Lack of support

Could not get app to work outside of the house. Got a message that “it appears there is no internet connection “. Emailed twice for help, NO response. Have since deleted the App. All updates had been performed. Lewban

- OK App BUT!

This is a very good start on a GPS Golf cart trail App except they are so far behind on mapping. There are so many places that don’t show up even if you search for them.

- No sound

My volume is up on the gps app I purchased for $6.99. Sometime it talks & sometimes there’s no voice. Very frustrating. What’s wrong.

- Does not work on iphone 8

Had the old version, downloaded app again for new version from cloud, click get started, nothing happens

- Good app. It works as promised

Nice tool for de-stressing your golf car travel in the Villages. Thanks!!

- Villages GPS

The program is great but you better hope nothing ever goes wrong with it because there is no phone number to contact them and they do not respond to emails. I wrote 3 times to ask them to adhere to their promise that once the program is bought you never have to pay again, but when the program did not transfer to my new phone, I had to purchase it again.

- Villages

The App does not work at all . I spend 6.99 for nothing all money should be refunded to all who purchased this sorry App. It should be removed from the App store

- Garbage

App freezes and hangs up. I have to force quit to start using my phone again. Junk, stay away!

- Doesn’t work

I enter addresses, push start, click by golf cart and nothing happens. I drive and nothing changes. What am I doing wrong?

- Disappointed

After downloading thru Apple store the Home page did not show

- Neds update for my neighborhood

Just moved into Soulliere Villas. App does not recognize streets in this area, or the golf cart path from the back of this development.... Please update!

- Worst app ever

Dont waste your money. Never works. 6.99 wasted. I would give zero stars if I could.

- The Villages App

Great app works perfect!

- Needs a update

The app s slow to load There is no sound on the app GPS It crashes often Poor engineering all the way around

- F

App keeps crashing! Very frustrating!

- Always being improved!

The new SPEED feature is a very handy addition, especially when being used in a golf cart. Eliminates the need for the addition of a costly addition of a speedometer or using a separate app to monitor your speed. These old eyes would appreciate if it was a bit larger, but it works great. Regular updates are great for an area that’s constantly expanding like The Villages. Until build out is complete it will never be 100% current, but considering how many updates have been pushed out since it was originally released, the developer does a good job of trying to keep up to date.

- Great Help

I recently downloaded the Villages GPS! It has so many useful categories! Excellent information about locating anything within The Villages by golf cart or car! It is a must for "Villagers"! Also, The Villages GPS team was extremely helpful. I sent them an email about a problem I had with regards to the app. They responded almost immediately and were determined to find the solution! It turns out that my phone needed an update! Now the app works perfectly! Wish I had they had created the app when we first moved to The Villages! It is so much better than those paper maps!!! Way to go, Villages GPS!

- Save your money!

This app is terrible. Not only very slow, but not the best routing for carts. Directions are vague: "go toward (street name)" when it's a small neighborhood street not shown on map, or on the list of turns, it says turn left or right, but not WHERE or in what distance. No help at all. Major improvements needed for this app, which has the potential for great use in The Villages. After I wrote this original review, I tried this app for car travel. That part of the app works decently, but my whole reason for ordering was for cart use. And that fails miserably. I don't know why there is such a difference in the car and cart parts of this app, but when in cart mode the location device is about 30 seconds behind time. Very annoying. Please FIX this app so it is useful!

- Needs a lot of work

This app is potentially quite useful but is still in the beta version. They shouldn't charge $5 for an app that is basically being tested. We as users are providing valuable info, don't charge us yet. The dark blue line mapping out the route makes it impossible to read street names. Also, there are no step-by-step instructions and there is a very annoying spontaneous snap to zoom out and orient north when you are trying to zoom in to see where you are. The most useful thing here would be to actually get a route that follows the golf cart trails- yet the paths and turns are very difficult to view. Needs a ton of work!

- Gail Robinson

Great app for anyone who lives or visits The Villages, FL. Our main mode of transportation is in a golf cart along the many miles of recreation trails. This app not only gives you correct directions, but has all of the pertinent information anyone would need about restaurants, grocery, gas, retail, fast food, rec centers, country clubs and golf courses! Highly recommend for The Villager!! It is wonderful and easy to use.

- What has she been drinking ??

The app is good for directions, however, the voice sounds like a drunk female. The voice speaks so slowly that you are past the turn when it's still telling you to turn!!! Speed her voice up PLEASE😫

- Indispensable tool

There are so many things to do and places to go in the villages. This app is an invaluable trove of information. Need a phone number for any of the 12 Championship or 36 Executive courses, or GPS voice guided directions? It's easy. Shopping, restaurants? Rec Center? Lost and need guidance? All there in a well laid out, intuitive format.

- Great App

I've been waiting for an App like this for a long time. I just started playing golf this summer and have no idea how to get to some of these golf courses by golf cart. My only advice is to download it on your phone, as it is not transferable from your iPad. They have a great customer service team

- Great app, thanks to major revisions

Last year I gave this app a "not good" rating. The developers did a major revision and now it works great and I give it an excellent rating. I particularly like and use the cart path map. The voice dialog is not perfect, but okay. So, if you are trying to get around The Villages, it is excellent.

- Useful for Villager newcomers

Being new to The Villages, getting around can be daunting. This product was just what I was looking for. Initial startup was rocky. An email voicing my issues met with a quick response and a satisfactory resolution to my problem. Will give them a fifth star when they get up-to-date mapping of the southern buildout of TV.

- Great APP & Good Suuport Communications

This APP continously addresses the changes of The Villages, which generates APP updates as needed. Nice to be able to communicate with the back room that listens to their customers and proceeds to help and makes the necessary changes as The Villages continues to expand. Well worth the cost for sure.

- Worst app ever

Voice commands are so fast we can't ubderstand them, they sound like a tape in fast forward. The GPS doesn't track forward, you have to continue rotating the phone in the direction of travel. The app was constantly, every few seconds, stopping and we hat to hit the resume button. The only help we received was to get the latest update, which we already had, so there were no updates available. A total waste of money!

- Five Star!!!!!

We used this app during our one week visit and it was great! We still managed to get lost a few times, but the map guidance got us back on track immediately! Thank you...worth every penny!!

- Great support

I just moved here so my address wasn't on any GPS system the support staff helped me for a couple days back-and-forth trying to pinpoint where my house is so the app would work properly for me they were great.

- Villages App

I just downloaded this app on my iPhone and used it to get to a golf course here in the Villages. There were no problems arrived on time and love the app. Thanks you making my life easier.

- The best app ever!!

This app you can tell the work that was put into it to help us villagers get around. Don't be fooled by imitators as this is the real deal and well worth the $4.99 price tag!! No brainer purchase.. Thank you!!

- Great App!

If your an owner or a snowbird this app is a must have. The Villages is now the size as the island of Manhattan. That's 34 square miles covered with 660 holes of golf. Make it easy on yourself and get this app before you arrive.

- GPS Error

I downloaded The Villages GPS app. It is great except for one serious error. It shows a golf cart crossing at Morse and route 25/27. No such crossing exists. The only way to access the "historical" section and Orange Blossom Hills Country Club from the south is via the golf cart bridge.

- The Villages GPS

If you live in the villages this is a must have app it will take you where you want to go or where you need to go so don't leave home without it!

- Better than free golf

The app is wonderful and the tech support is fantastic. A must have for new Villagers. Buy it for yourself and give it as a gift this Christmas

- Crashes every time

Bought this thinking it would be great. Wrong. It crashes every time I ask for directions to a rec center. At least I can get the address from the app and use the maps app that came with my iPhone. I uninstalled and reinstalled just go make sure but still doesn't work. What gives???

- GPS for villages

I to bought this app. But found that it also has a lot of bugs in it! I'm a single woman I go out alone a lot so I feel before you sell something like this consider who's buying it! You don't want people older or by themselves getting lost😁 very scary😪 fix the problems before someone gets hurt!

- Village-GPS

This app is priceless. Never lost, never late & and I know where every thing is located. Just as helpful As the Garmin in my car.

- VillagesGPS

Wonderful! Great help for new and established Villagers. The customer service is the best I've ever experienced. Well worth the small app fee. Try'll like it :o)

- A must have

Great app and the developer worked out a modification for me in just a couple hours. Good job!

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Villages GPS 23 Screenshots & Images

Villages GPS iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Villages GPS iphone images
Villages GPS iphone images
Villages GPS iphone images
Villages GPS iphone images
Villages GPS iphone images
Villages GPS iphone images

Villages GPS (Version 23) Install & Download

The applications Villages GPS was published in the category Navigation on 2013-12-03 and was developed by BK Partnerships, LLC [Developer ID: 839202101]. This application file size is 62.78 MB. Villages GPS - Navigation app posted on 2019-06-07 current version is 23 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.eddie.villagegolfcart

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