Waterlogue: Photo to Painting App Reviews


Waterlogue: Photo to Painting App Description & Overview

What is waterlogue: photo to painting app? You don’t need to paint to create beautiful watercolor images—Waterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color. See the world like an artist.


• Waterlogue transforms your photos into luminous watercolors.
• Watch Waterlogue paint as it transforms your images.
• Use your watercolors to create an artist’s journal or notebook.
• Save your watercolors and share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.
• Create beautiful, high res, frameable art for your home.
• 14 pre-set styles to customize your watercolors by controlling wetness, pen outlines, and color.
• Image export at high resolution.
• Control of borders, lightness, and detail.
• Includes example images.
• From Tinrocket, creator of This by Tinrocket (App Store Best of 2016), Olli (App Store Best of 2017), Percolator, and Popsicolor.


iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 13.2 and up.


• Oprah's holiday pick! "Made with Love: DIY Gifts"—O, The Oprah Magazine
• “…with Waterlogue, it’s clear that there’s a very thoughtful human touch behind the app’s painterly algorithms.” —WIRED, Mar. 2014
• “…Waterlogue is going to utterly amaze you, as it’s the first app I’ve seen that gives results that really look like a watercolor painting.” —Cult of Mac, Dec. 2013
• “Watercolor apps may not be a new idea, but Waterlogue does it in a gorgeous, intuitive way, and it’s quite a pleasure to use.” —AppAdvice.com, Dec. 2013
• “Waterlogue App (from Tinrocket) looks awesome!” —Jack Hollingsworth, Photographer, via Twitter @photojack, Dec. 12, 2013
• “It goes beyond typical Photoshop watercolor filters because it has more visual intelligence, and more of the feel of the real paint.” —James Gurney, Artist and Author of Dinotopia, gurneyjourney.blogspot.com, Dec. 2013
• “Ever since digital imagery came into its own over 20 years ago, there have been attempts to mimic traditional media. Where others have failed, Waterlogue nails it.” —PatrickSaunders.com, Dec. 2013


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Waterlogue® and See the world like an artist® are registered Trademarks of Tinrocket, LLC

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App Name Waterlogue: Photo to Painting
Category Photo & Video
Updated 12 April 2023, Wednesday
File Size 48.41 MB

Waterlogue: Photo to Painting Comments & Reviews 2023

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Fascinating and Beautiful. Waterlogue combines an exceptionally uncomplicated user interface with beautiful aesthetic functions/results. The art that it creates looks incredibly natural, and turns one’s photos into virtual artistic masterpieces. It works exceptionally well with flowers, both in nature and in floral arrangements. One suggestion: in a future version, add the ability to have a slideshow function. Highly recommended for both experienced artists and novices. Renders in seconds on the iPad Pro. We found the default settings to give the most aesthetically pleasing results. No subscription required.

Save the date. I downloaded this app the day after I got engaged. My fiancé said that she loves the pictures of the proposal and I suggested we could get a painting made of our favorite. A few months later, we used that picture for our “save the date” cards and everyone loves it. Thank you!

Great app!. I love being able to turn my photographs into water colors. I like the variety of options. The one thing I’d change is when you click on an option the entire photo changes instead of a smaller thumbnail. Great job designing the app!

My Go-to for special cards and MORE!. I love your app! I especially love the variety of choices of looks for each picture - I’ve used several different ones. I first learned of it when our kids surprised us with a gallery wrapped Waterlogue pic of our home, which I still treasure. I created a triptych above my couch done with your app that I absolutely love - it’s an overview of the beach where we got engaged. We get tons of compliments on it! I also found another maybe somewhat morbid use for it? I create a beautiful watercolor image of friends that have passed away and use it for a one-of-a-kind sympathy card, which several friends have told me they treasure.

Watercolor class. I just started a watercolor class and Waterlogue has already helped me to look at taking pictures in a whole new light. My teacher wants us to take our own pictures to paint. This program helps me visualize what a painting could look like if I painted it.

Great, fun, easy!. I've always loved watercolors but have never been an artist! I saw this app on a new friend's iPhone! Her photos turned into gorgeous watercolor paintings in a snap! I purchased and starting using this easy app during our lunch! It's very addictive! I've turned a few photos of my hometown into watercolors...posted on Facebook and had to keep telling friends that I'm not an artist...it's an app!! Love love love it!❤️

This app is the best. I don’t know how many people I’ve shown this app to, and they are amazed. I find it best for landscape and still life stuff-people are harder unless you get the backgrounds very simple. I’ve even demonstrated it for our local computer society. Every big trip we make has resulted in a beautiful framed canvas that looks fabulous. I have the Grand Canal, the Tuileries, an old mill among others that Canvaspop has printed for me, simply sent from the app on my iPhone. I love this app!

Praise for Waterlogue. I have been a professional artist for over 40 years in a variety of media. However, watercolor is a process that has always eluded me. This app is just fabulous and allows me immense satisfaction in finally being able to “ master “ this medium! It is the most fun, I love it to the point of addiction!

Very realistic watermarks!. I really love your Waterlogue App on my iPad Pro. It is fabulous. As a long time teacher and painter of watercolor on paper I find your app has the most realistic watermarks of loose watercolor washes applied with a large brush. I would however really love further control over the size of the watermarks as if changing to a smaller brush to put more detail into some images as I would in my watercolors. Perhaps a simple slider as in Photoshop filter effects to dial up and down the size of the overall brush marks. A great app that could be even greater! I will be using it when I travel it to render digital watercolors of my landscape photography to use as pre-studies for my own works on paper. Should be fun. Thanks for listening.

Fantastic update to an already great app!. First review...such a great update! I can’t believe the speed improvements! Also, finally the technical mode WITHOUT the graph paper. This app allows you to be an artist with just a few taps. The developer doesn’t nag you and that’s why I felt compelled to leave feedback (b/c they did right by the customer). Get it, so worth it!

Just Doesn’t Do Enough. This is a very limited app. It changes your photo into something that looks like a watercolor painting but, in my opinion, only about 3-4 of the choice look good. I would like more editing abilities. Sometimes I can get a result I like better by using another app to do a double exposure. I have not had luck using this app with portraits of people. It consistently makes the lip color bleed into the teeth. Not very attractive! You can do better guys!

Interesting results. This app makes great shots look like they were painted in a realistic way. I like it a lot. The effects use to take awhile to render hit this new update speeds it up significantly. Glad they are continuing to update it. Runs very good on my iPhone XS Max much better than my previous iPhone 7 Plus.

Revised review. Feeling bad now because I too hastily gave this app one star. Although it is limited in what it does, for certain photos it’s quite unique. Best of all, it saves the finished work in very High Res, more than any other app I use. Sorry about that. Wish I. could delete previous review.

BradAppleJam. This is still by Far the most Awesome app that I have come across I had a Picture That my mother had sent me and I sent it threw your waterloo app an then sent it too Shutterfly and you all made me look like a Artist! Thank You Guys So much Sorry I can not Remember what my user name that is as close as I can Rembrandt ?

Waterlogue is now fixed! Hallelujah!!. (Update) Thanks for fixing this great app so quickly! I'm once again giving Waterlogue five stars! Even though I have the previous version of this app (and all your others), when I try to download update, I get the message "Will not work with this iPad!" I have iPad 3 -- please fix!!

Love this app. I’ve already framed some of my Waterlogue app images. But on a recent trip to the rocky coast of Maine and Rhode Island & beach in NY, I couldn’t stop! Images of boats, lakes, rocky coastline & trees, beaches & surf looked so beautiful in Waterlogue. Now I want to blow up these new images, frame them, and replace what’s on the walls of my house. I might get others printed on cards to give as thank you gifts. Great app!

Beautiful mesmerizing design. It's so relaxing to watch your pictures get painted in front of your eyes. Beautiful interface design. Thanks for the addition of the paste option to add effects to a photo. Love the new additions for sample photos. This is one of the few apps that has stayed in my folder for several years. Keep up the good work!

Love it!. So easy to spend hours going through my landscape and floral photos and Waterlogue them! My mom was a watercolor artist and I’ve always been pretty picky about what I like. These images are the next best thing to mom’s paintings! Thanks for keeping it fun and easy.

ONE of the BEST. This is one of the best apps you can get if you love watercolor painting. It will convert any photo you take or any image in your photo library to an amazing watercolor painting. You will discover works of art you never knew you could create so easily. If you are a watercolor artist, it will give you great ideas for creating real watercolor paintings. Truely amazing!

Fabulous App. This app does an amazing job turning your photos into works of art. I’ve take the manipulated images and upload them to create all kinds of prints on different mediums like canvas and wood. I love the number of choices that you are given to manipulate your print as some lend themselves differently depending on your subject.

More addicting than any other app. I love this app for its ability to elevate my photos into images worthy of sharing as a framed gift. As a graphic designer I actually eschew the notion of making art with the push of a button but the style and nuance of this is perfect for a fun way to dabble with watercolors. It's great to see your photos in a different way.

Waterlogue. I love it. I put your app on my computer many many years ago, and didn’t use it then and today, I found a sample of it that I printed . Wonderful! I haven’t been watercoloring for those years, but I’m so happy I found that sample photo today. Waterlogue has been on my computer, I need to update my program. I guess I just load it in again. I’m so happy I found it. Thank you ! Sincerely, Linda I have 2 very dear friends who are watercolor teachers and they will love it as well.

Makes me look like an artist. With very little effort my photos are transformed into works of art. Wonderful on landscapes and still life. Not quite as good on people, but the unfinished look actually makes a picture look more realistic. Definitely worth the money.

A+ take the time to play around- pays off!!. If you choose the right images for this app to work on- and you really just have to figure that out by trying the diff images out- no hard and fast rule- some of what the app can do actually comes out like an absolutely gorgeous, artistic water color. The trick is to play around with different images, different effects- highly recommend- and if the res of the image is good- they look fantastic printed professionally. Great app!

An update review in 2023. The reason I downloaded Waterlogue was because of an article in a magazine called digital photo June 2015 by Bruce Dale. this is a high quality creative program. The complaints I read about the white specs which can be easily taken care of in a Paint program or using a clone brush on any photography program. The price for the program is less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. To the winers, nothing is free. You have to work just a little bit. To everybody else you won’t be disappointed with this program. I am capitalist and you did not charge me for the update, so I bought every photography app that you created. Thank you!

Better than the rest by a mile.. This app makes realistic watercolor transformations. I just read a review saying Brushstroke had more options, and that maybe true. But the end result just looks like Prisma to me. No one will think you did anything more than add an effect. With this app, however, you can really simulate a watercolor painting. I use it regularly to add watercolor backgrounds, then use other drawing painting apps to further customize. I love this app!

6 stars - for watercolor artists. This app is FANTASTIC! I'm a watercolor artist who owns an iPhone 6splus. Photography is a means to an end regarding my art - but this app has elevated my painting capabilities to a new level. The built in adjustment features are simple. The UI is remarkably clean and intuitive. I use it to "see" the possibilities my paintings "may" take before I put brush to paper. I crop in the embedded iPhone photo app, save and then import to this app! This a no-brainer if you are a watercolorist or someone savvy enough who appreciates the nuances of a watercolor painting.

Not usable. Yes, it makes a photo resemble a watercolor painting...barely. But the lack of detail (resolution, fidelity, call it what you want, etc) makes the product almost too vague to even understand what the subject looked like. An app must have the ability to vary effects without destroying the photo’s subject. Haven’t tried printing yet, but doubt that will fix the lack of quality. Oh, well. Now to try another product, or go on with Photoshop’s painting filters.

Love the results!. I read a review about this app in a photography magazine and I’m so glad I tried it! As other reviews have said, it ONLY creates various watercolor style versions of photographs - but that’s what I expected, and that’s what I wanted! I have created beautiful cards by “Monet-ing”my photos ( scenery and flowers are the best, but people and animals work too). You save them to your camera roll and can print and edit just like other photos.

Looks Authentic. I’ve been using this app since 2014. It creates beautiful and authentic watercolor images. I’ve created images for myself and as gifts. My friends and family have been genuinely surprised when I told them the images were created from an app! It’s worth checking out!

Waterlogue is superb!. For someone who loves the water color effects on their pictures to look realistic and yet have an App that does not confuse...gives excellent results...keeps true color depending on your choice of selection and gives you the ability to choose size... In my estimation, it is among the finest Apps in this particular field. I definitely would highly recommend Waterlogue to Water Color Enthusiasts! Margaret

Great App. As another reviewer said, does one thing very well, is very easy to use, and gives the user a nice range of options without getting too complicated. If there was a small suggestion it would be to allow the user to select it’s technical without the blue lined background. Thanks!

Beautiful results. I’ve been using this app for four or five years. I always get beautiful results, especially with landscape and still life images. I’ve printed on card stock to make cards or to frame for friends. Well worth the price.

Does one thing very well. I have a lot of photo editing and art apps on my phone and iPad, but come back to Waterlogue consistently because it does the best watercolor effect of any app I’ve used. Does it do filters, cropping, etc., etc.? No, but sometimes when an app does everything. It doesn’t always do them very well. Waterlogue is easy to use, give you choices in terms of color and size of the brush, and gives great results.

Couldn't do my art without it. I've used and LOVED this app thru all of the last three iOS updates. Now with the latest update as soon as I click on the camera icon in the app it crashes. I have high hopes that this bug will be fixed soon and I can give it the five stars it honestly deserves! UPDATE: everything is working and I'm more than happy with the results.

Exquisite. I could watch this program for hours… It reminds me of a photo being developed in the dark room… Slowly it comes into being! I love the ability of the program to make such exquisite works of art from my photos!

Amazing as an app, even better as a piece of a workflow. Although this app is great on its own, especially for someone looking for simple arts and crafts, this app can also be used as part of a bigger workflow with other apps and computer applications to produce high quality watercolor renderings for professional use.

Great App!!!. I have been using Waterlogue since 2018 with great results. I recently turned my friend’s new house into a lovely water color “painting” and once framed I will present it to her. I highly recommend you try this app - plus it is a lot of fun to work with!

Compelling App. I almost didn’t buy this app, but I’m glad I did as it is easy to use and renders beautiful results. So why did I almost ignore it? Because of the app icon, which features a cartoonish whale holding an umbrella in the rain, which to me seems more suitable for something in the app category for Kids. Is this poor marketing? The app icon offers little indication of the high-quality painterly app behind it. I suspect that Waterlogue’s app icon has discouraged people from buying the app itself. Which is too bad because it’s a great app.

Great for Gifts!. I absolutely LOVE Waterlogue. I have used it for years and have turned so many photos into gorgeous watercolors. In all honesty it doesn’t capture faces really well - especially when the subject is looking straight at the camera. But if you catch the subject turned slightly, it does people well. It’s fabulous for architecture inside and out like your home or city scenes. I have printed my Waterlogue images on watercolor paper at Staples and have framed and given them as gifts. And I have made coasters and coffee cups with Waterlogue images. Our friends just took us boating today. I took pics of them and the boat at a pretty waterside restaurant. When thanking them I sent an image of their photo that was turned into a watercolor via Waterlogue. It’s the BEST!

Very nice. I’ve been using this for a couple of years now. It creates a pretty good approximation of a watercolor sketch. Sometimes I even use it as an aid in painting my own watercolors, as it can nicely reduces images to their fundamentals. That being said, I would love it if in the next update the creators would also allow for only minimally altering an image, as oftentimes landmark shapes (Yosemite’s Half Dome, for example) are turned into unrecognizable blobs. The lack of fine control aside, great app. Thanks!

I get lost in this app. The other day I decided to change out some pictures on a wall in our upstairs hall. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and wanted a particular color palette. I sat down with my iPad and dug through my pictures of Montana scenery and tried about two dozen in different Waterlogue schemes. Then I ordered some 3.99 matte finish 8x10s for $4 apiece and now the whole wall looks amazing. The possibilities are endless! I’ve had this app almost since it launched and I so appreciate all the hard work that the developers have put into improving it over the years. People up close are still the hardest to capture adequately but it is fantastic for scenes and items where less detail and more dreamy is what you’re going for. I love it. Thank you!

5 stars - a bit limited but high quality. Im giving it a 5 even though compared to some other apps like Brushstroke this one is a bit limited- you don't get a whole lot of options. But it is just for watercolor and you really don't get a lot of options there! I bet its great for scenery. Most of my photographs are animals and I sometimes find myself struggling to even get one I can use with this app but when I do its really outstanding. Very high quality, easy to use and more than worth the money.

I used the app to illustrate a children’s book!. This app is amazing. I had a dream of making a children’s book about my beloved dog and this app made my dream come true. All the illustrations from my book “The puppy diary of a mini-goldendoodle named Larry” are created using this app! This apps opens up art creation to average person like me! Thank you! I would give it 10 stars!

Fastest review ever, get this app. I’m learning watercolor and having problems visualizing a more abstract version of my photos. I found an article online recommending this app and looked at some of the reviews so I gave it a try. That was five minutes ago. I was completely blown away on the first photo. The process for rendering is incredible, the edge detection algorithm is spot on (I wish you could break the photo into its components and allow us to extract the lines for use in transferring a sketch). The results are awesome. I can see this helping me already. I wish there were a way to generate a report of the final image, complete with the palette to simplify the actual painting process (now that would be a great feature request). I have at least thirty photo related apps I’ve acquired over the years (decade?). I’m moving this to my first photo apps page right now, it’s that good.

This is wonderful!!. The end results are suitable for framing if that is what you want. As a new artist it is a great learning tool to help you transition from trying to duplicate a photograph in watercolor to more original paintings. There are many variations in color, tone, brightness, and level of detail available. Using Waterlogue you can experiment with many approaches and select the approach that best suits what you want before you ever pick up a brush.

Exceptional. This is a gorgeous app. If you've ever water colored (or even if you haven't) Waterlogged adds very naturalistic looking water based painting to your imagery, with a variety of admirable paper effects. And key: Waterlogged also outputs high resolution imagery (rare in iOS art apps) that is print-worthy, so you don't end up with an image that will only look good on a tiny screen. Highly recommend.

Waterlogue. don’t miss this one! I’ve used it for years and it’s just the most wonderful fun. I’m an artist and I really love to play with the different techniques that waterlog has before I start my own paining. These paintings can be printed any size and they wonderful gifts.

Magical!. An amazing little app that takes “the precise” and transforms it into a question! …into a possibility! For me, as a designer, the use and beauty of a watercolor is that viewer’s see and understand the larger subject…while individually, they tend to get lost in visually hazy and differently perceived details…i.e. they all/each seeing different things within a watercolor. This effect allows for further creative thought…prompting further explorations…further discussions, whereas the effect of presenting a photo is much more often seen as…perceived as…a conclusion. Waterlogue does exactly what I need…what I personally enjoy, as well! It transforms “the real” …into dreams!

One step solution. I’ve been looking for painterly effects for a long time. I owned the Aldous Gallery Effects Plug-ins if that gives you any clue. Early 1990s. I have five apps on my phone, and will continue to use them for specific projects. But this one is a no-brained. The output is consistently good, and requires a minimum of effort. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone with a camera on their phone.

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Awesome!!. I love this app especially now that you can edit photos after having taken them. The only thing I would like to see is a duplicate button so I know I am not editing an original. Keep going folks- top app!!

Hang your works on the wall. This app is not just some simple filter. Given the right subject, it creates images you want to enlarge and hang on the wall for all to see.

Impressive. Would love to see some more custom tuning options paper settings etc

Didn’t meet expectations. Sorry that I paid that much money for this app. Had read that it was a great app but was disappointed in the results. Found another app for free that I enjoy much more.

Lower quality - Used to be good. It used to be better and have more functionality to control how much detail your watercolour has and you could see more of the finer features.

Beautiful. As a watercolour artist I'm quite stunned at the quality of the results. It's mesmerising!

Super impressed!. There are a ton of apps out there that purport to do exactly what Waterlogue does perfectly, but none of them come close. I am loving this app. In particular I love watching the transitions while the image is rendering. I wish I could capture each transition frame, so I could paint in layers.

It looks sooo REAL xD. I am very happy and glad I bought it, it looks like someone really painted a picture with paint. The only 1 thing bad about this app is that SOMETIMES it doesn't paint the whole picture only a bit more then half of it. But other then that this an AMAZING app and I think everybody should get it :)

In love. I absolutely love this app. Waterlogue is one of the most sophisticated photo filter apps Ive ever seen. It transforms my photos flawlessly into beautiful watercolour art pieces. Well worth its asking price, and more.

Great!!. Wonderful app! Please make it for my iMac!!

Artist extraordinaire. Very happy with this app have recommend to others - would like to be able to freeze during various stages ie drawing pre paint!

Beautiful app :). This is a must have for any artist or lover of watercolour art. Turns photos beautifully into works of art. Love it!

Great app!. Out of the box, easy to use. My critiques would be the same as I have already read.... Need more control. There are times I wish I could stop the conversion, as there are situations where the completed conversion is a bit too much... The line control is also something to address. Another diddly thing is the tiny tiny camera button.... All in all, fantastic 5 star with a few tweeks Cheers

Ok but not great. Comparing this app to another I have used with a similar purpose this app is quite slow in producing pictures. It also only has a few filters none of which allow me to add more detail to my pictures. There is also no options to crop pictures or edit the contrast and brightness. The pictures it produces are ok but this app could be hugely improved with a few more tweaks.

Awesome app. Wonderful for creating digital watercolours. I hope they do a desktop version this is so good. Great for planning traditional watercolours too. Much better creation method than any regular photo filter. Just wonderful.

Waterlogue. This is a very good app. It is easy to use, quick and makes beautiful pictures. I have recommended this to my friends.

Addictive. An amazing app that gives you a different perspective on all your existing photos and inspires me to take vignettes which may otherwise appear dull without the app!!! Delightful

Very cool app. Amazing pic effects. Goes great with Instagram too for extra-special watercolour themed images. Really well designed too, which makes it a joy to use. Love it.

Beautiful app but…. I love the organic way that it animates your picture from a blank canvas to a fully fleshed out painting. My only gripe is, that although you can change the canvas size to larger to get more detail, if that could be extended further just to get more detail in the image, that would make this app brilliant. Also the output image size is rather tiny, it’s half the dimensions of what the original photos are taken in using the iPhone camera. This needs to be fixed!!!

Disappointed. Disappointed with this app. I can get a better result from Microsoft Word on my PC.

Good but could be great. It’s very useful as a watercolour tool. It can help you visualise shadows, highlights, shapes and accents. But, I am always wishing it could be just a little better. The app on the Mac seems to be more powerful but I work solely from my iPad. I would gladly pay more for a more powerful version for iPad. More detailed renderings (from 12 Jumbo to perhaps an 18 or 20) especially for the Natural, Bold and Technical filters and larger output sizes.

Elie. I love this app! It's my absolute favourite I love art but cannot draw This app has changed my life!!!!

Needs more options. Great basic app. Not worth the higher price tag. Would be great if you could customise it more. The interface isn't really user friendly.

Excellent digital painting. This is an amazing watercolour app. The results are stupendous and in now way looks like they were painted by a computer. Well done!

Amazing. This up truly changes the way you see the world!

Create art. I love using this app to turn my photos into watercolor pictures that I then use for my own water colour projects.

Simply gorgeous. This app creates authentic watercolour-style painting effects in one touch, and they're so beautiful! Easy to use, fun to play with, and one I keep coming back to for phone backgrounds and quick wall art!

Disappointed. Had some fun for 5 minutes but quickly realised the limitations of this expensive app. Only largest size gives reasonable detail but not enough detail for portraits. Most photographs are simply unrecognisable after rendering. Everything stopped working after the last update (which finally after years introduced a couple of new features that I can’t use because the app will no longer load my photos).

App hangs. The app is hanging frequently when I am switching between different effects.

Nothing short of amazing!. This app is totally addictive. It is one of the best apps I have ever purchased. It truly does fantastic things. I am a keen photographer and a wanna be artist and this app just fits the bill perfectly for me. I can now make my photos works of art. On the other hand, it provides the perfect guidance for me when I want to paint a picture with watercolours.

Excellent app. If you want a beautiful watercolour painting from a photo then this is is the one I recommend I am a Watercolour Artist I used this app for several years as a tool. NOT ALL PHOTOS WILL WORK when they are converted into a watercolour. Not even if it’s an award winning photo With some photos you get the effect your looking for and sometimes you’ve got to be a bit creative. Put the photo through different. effects on top of each other if you don’t get a good result then more than likely it’s the photo As an Artist this app has saved me a lot of time and paper

Amazing. It is indeed an amazing app and does a wonderful job. Export other apps such as Sketchbook Pro allows addition of personal touches, good to see that level of integration. We would like to be able to also get the outline sketches (before the paint is applied). Over time, a bit more advanced control would be great too.

Versatile.. Tremendous App. so versatile. It really creates a new paradigm in turning ordinary pictures, which would otherwise be disposed, into lasting images.

Works well, stable and fun... Got this app when it was free via the apple app, I'd still pay the $3+ for it.. It easy to use with great results, many diff looks, good features, never crashes, I've never had a issue at all with it.. Then there is the fun of watching the photo being transformed.. Good job Devs! Looking 4wd to updates with more choices etc..

Love it - but waiting for enhancements. Great app, easy to use - but not cheap, and waiting for promised enhancements

Stunning results.. What more can i say? Simple interface and beautiful results. A must-have.

A Rave. I would give 10 stars if I could! Brings magic to my photos!!

Lies. 2.5 years later and nothing has changed. I feel conned by the empty promises of 'exciting future updates' which never eventuated. Don't believe this 'poor indie developers' blah blah blah. This was not a cheap app.

Nice best photo app. This app is definitely worth buying 👍 It works with any pictures! There are many possibilities! 😇

Best watercolour app. Seriously genuine looking paintings. There's no interaction between user and app so you can't 'gloss over' a mark/shadow you don't want, so edit first if poss.

Love it!. I just love this App. You can have so much fun changing your photos to amazing works of art. Not all photos will work, but trial and error will be rewarded with some great results.

Amazing. This app paints better than I ever did, even after years of classes. Genius. I'm not sure why one reviewer thinks they're lying.

Wonderful. The best digital watercolour treatment i’ve seen. Next, I’d love some tools to make small corrections, and perhaps a print button. But for now, great value for money as it is.

Fantastic Watercolours. Thank you so much for a wonderful app. This is by far the most realistic watercolour app I have come across. I have found this app an invaluable tool to help me with my watercolour art. Would LOVE the ability to pause the painting process at the drawing or painting point. This app must have been created by someone who has studied art. Great job.

Amazing & very realistic!. This is a beautiful app, however it is as yet (v.1.0) only catering to novice users looking for a quick result with little control over the finished render. These magical algorithms deserve much more user tweakability... Include an advanced tab maybe? I would personally love to see more line control options as this element is the least convincing part of the sketch. Adjustments for color, sparsity, opacity and even removal of the edge lines altogether. Also how much unfinished white is left in the image, sometimes the white patches are in the wrong place and can't be dealt with, a sliding scale could also control how 'finished' the artwork is, as EvenSteven66 suggested. Anyhow this is still the best watercolor app ever! Keep up the good work, looking forward to future improvements...

So good I'm speechless. This app has the most convincing watercolor effects I've ever seen. Forget all the horrible emulations you see in Photoshop and the million other apps, this app is the only one that actually looks like a real watercolour painting. I am an illustrator so I use this app to import my illustrations that I made in other apps such as Paper by 53 and Procreate to give the final watercolour effect. I love this app so much already, but here are some suggestions; -- during the rendering "painting" stage, sometimes I like the minimal half finished look more than the final painting. Sometimes it looks really good to just have a sketch with just a dab of colour. It would be great to be able to manually step through this painting stage to have more control over the final look. - I would love to use my finger to paint the effect. For example, after importing a picture it would be nice to be able to touch the areas I want painted - export option of the sketch only would be wonderful - please consider making a watercolour painting app where the user gets to paint, not just import photos to be rendered. Thank you for making this wonderful app, it is simply amazing.

This app really delivers. Fantastic job. My most ordinary photos look divine after the app treatment. Really great options to try too - to suit style of pic. I feel I am learning a lot about watercolour painting construction and now inspired to paint. Thanks

So addictive.... The pictures created with this app are so beautiful. You'll discover colours you never noticed and makes you look at life in a different, more gentle light. I'm resisting the urge to share them with the world at large, so as to keep them special.

Okay, by largely underwhelming. Was looking for an app that would convert some travel photos into watercolour-style art for canvas printing. This app does a reasonable job, but doesn't really deliver anything spectacular.

Absolutely Fantastic!. This is an awesome app. I find this very useful to share photos through my shared iCloud Photo Stream. Very useful for printing off watercolor images and then used on greeting cards. I've also created postcards as well. Keep up the good work on developing this app.

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Iphone4 Users Beware. Do NOT buy this app if you have an iphone4. The 2 options for greater detail are disabled for iphone4. This means your pics will have so little detail that that are basically just blobs of color, NOTHING like the pics you see on this app description page. Frankly the devs are committing fraud by taking people's money without disclosing this information.

Fantastic app. Really easy to use and the final product looks great. I can't wait to get them printed on canvas. I would highly recommend

Awesomeness. Love what I can do to jazz up my photos. Cannot wait until you add more variations.

One of those apps. You buy, use, delete, then re-download and use again and again. Works amazingly well. Generates giant images suitable for print.

Great app. This is a great app, it has lots of choices and is dependable

Not bad but output is only half normal size. In general, it produces quite a nice watercolour effect. It could use the ability to touch up the finished images. The Large, Giant, and Jumbo sizes are all the same on my iPad Pro and only half the size of the original image. It should at least make a picture equal to the standard iPhone photo resolution of 4032 x 3024. That size should be called Normal or Standard in the image size selector and Large, Giant, & Jumbo should be bigger. The biggest image size is only 2048 x 1536 pixels which really is substandard. I find all the white blobs in the images annoying. No matter which style you choose it is full of unpainted areas.

Love it. I’ve had the app for years and keep hoping there will be an option to get more detail or some in-app settings to allow you to tweak the photo there to get a better result.

Love this app!. I never write reviews but in this case I feel compelled: waterlogue is an incredibly efficient app. Does something no other app does, does it quickly, and even lets you watch the process, which is fascinating. Well worth the price.

Waterlogue. Sucks! Don’t waste your money.

Best watercolour app. This is the most realistic watercolour app I have found. Love it!

Wow. Great app photos instantly convert to beautiful watercolours before your eyes. I intend to print and frame a few I have converted.

Paint like a Pro.. I use this quite regularly since four years ago. I won an honourable mention with a pic I rendered in this app. The original was quite blasé, but when printed and submitted, they thought I had taken a picture of someone’s water colour.

Genius APP👏😀🙏. Genius APP, A genius app, my watercolor works are not as good as this super super app👍🏻😃🙏

Wow. This app is a must have! It's original! Easy and fast! Download it now!!!! :)

Waste of money. I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased this. I would pay .99, but not $6.99

Easy as water. Waterlogue is a wonderful app. It can transform a photo into a watercolour in an instant. And it's so easy to do! Highly recommend this app for the ease of use and for it's wonderfu results.

Amazing!. Excellent user experience- great results with my photos!

Great but.... This is a great app. People are bound to have fun with it. My one concern is the white pin holes that are all over the picture. One can even see them in their ITunes demos. The developers at Tinrocket should really give us, the users a way to control the pin holes. They really can ruin a good picture.

Canada: worth every penny !. The app is really clever. I can't get over how much the results look like real watercolours. Of course some pictures work better than others, but that's part of the fun of playing around with it. A side note: It's too bad some people don't seem to value great software and want everything for nothing. There's plenty of free garbage in the store if that's what you want. I'd rather pay for quality. I'm not the the developer and I don't have any financial interest in this app. I'm just tired of whining cheapskates.

Love this app!. This app helped me in improving my manual water painting skills. It has wonderful effects and never lets me down.

Fun App for Sharing Photos with style. I like to use this to app to punch up my usual snapshots I send out while traveling or making throwback looking cards for family and friends

It’s a hit or miss. Really wanted to love this- Paid for this app and I did 4 tests so far. The first was a portrait photo and when converted couldn’t see much facial features. 2nd one was a duck most of them u couldn’t see the eye. 3rd test was another portrait and that one turned out kind of ok. 4the one was a flower and couldn’t see much details looked like a mess of color I wish there was a setting that could tweak the image further to give more details but couldn’t find one. I don’t think it was worth the money. The images I tested weren’t as good as the sample converted images on the ad.

Wonderful!. Watch it work! Use it to develop your own eye for painting.

Crappy. Wish I could get my money back. There is no detail with any photo I use. Faces are blobs.

Works As Described. Takes a regular photograph and morphs it into a painting. There are a variety of filters and settings. Actually does a good job! Relatively fast on my iPhone5. Recommended.

Great App!. I love this app! I’ve converted many photos to this format! Well worth the money for the upgraded version!

Brings a smile. to my face every time I use it. Many photos convert into beautiful art with the default settings, and it's nice to also be able to tweak it when needed.

Best watercolour App!. This is the best most natural watercolour app I have used. The final product is fabulous. I would include a rock salt overlay!

Im a artist.. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Great way to send off quick and unique birthday cards of your photography to your friends and family. Worth the price.

Great App. One of my favorite apps Easy to use, beautiful results

Love!. I just downloaded this app and I’m giddy with excitement. The possibilities for the beautiful pictures I can create from my photos are endless. So glad to have learned about this app. Well worth the price.

Awesome software. Does exactly as it says. Beautiful results worthy of printing and framing. Excellent as-is, but wouldn't mind a few more sliders to fine tune the results. Well worth the price

Waterlogue - saves more memories, the path to art. Waterlogue encourages you to take "better" photos, and more photos of your favourite people, places and events. As you use Waterlogue to transform these photos into an "artwork" worth keeping - you realize that taking a better (better composed, more selective and creative, better lit, or even spontaneous) photo - is the start of a much better Waterlogue artwork. No doubt these can be "improved" with a Paint program- I didn't try that yet. The whole process is teaching me more about "art" and Waterlogue was my incentive to start down this path.

Too few options. Waste of money

Love this App. So much fun and great results.

Buggy output. As much as i do like this app for its authentic water colour look and ease of use I can't give this so the sort of endorsement that I'd like. From time to time significantly large sections of an image are left with "newspaper-like pattern. have made my concern known to the developers but they are not able to have a meaningful conversation.

Updated filters?. Hey tinrocket, love the app, recently got an iPhone after years away on other devices and this was one of the first apps I redownloaded. I was surprised at how there hasn’t been any major update in over 2 years. Is there any plans on bringing in new filters or download options?

amazing app. amazing

Great app.... I have been using this app for several years. It’s like magic..watercolor before your eyes. Try it and I am sure you will love using it as well.

Best money ever spent on an app!. Absolutely amazing. Had taken many photos this past summer and used the app to render them in a painterly way. I am so impressed..and am encouraged to pursue doing watercolour painting myself. As you watch the painting ' develop' you can begin to understand how an artist works.

Fantastic and fun. Converting photos to have a painterly effect is simple to do with beautiful results. Scroll along past all the photo options to also play with the lighting and stroke sizes. Enjoy.

Waterlogue. SUPER. Avec vous, nous sommes tous des artistes aquarellistes. Merci et bravo pour votre logiciel.

Stunning effects!. One of my favourite apps. I love changing an ordinary pic in to artwork worth printing.

Excellent. It is one of my favourites. No complaints. I have the pro for Mac and that made me happy that I didn’t have to do without. The plus side is they do not collect data. Thanks all around.

Great app! real watercolor. This is what I have been looking for! It turns the photo into real watercolor !

My favourite app!. I really enjoy playing around with this app. It helps me see how well one of my photos will work as a painting. I have learned that there needs to be very definite values & contrast in colours to work well. My one improvement suggestion would be to be able to tweak colour in the picture; for instance if I have a landscape with a lot of green in it it would be nice to add something unexpected like a blue or purple. If I could do do that this absolutely would be a 5 star app!

Outcome too small. Love the app. But the giant size it saves the result there is only about 5x7 inches in proper print resolution which is nowhere near giant at all. If it gave me larger sizes say up to 16x20 or at least worked over original file size, I'd totally pay more for that.

I ❤️ Waterlogue!. This is a great app – fun and easy to use. I do a lot of floral photos and they look fantastic using the vibrant or bold effect. I've recommended it to many friends. Thank you!

Horrible! Waste of money. Not sure how this app is popular. It is so basic. Once you select a filter there is no way to adjust. I’d love to have more detail. Every image I upload becomes a fuzzy blur. All detail is lost.

Canada - Don't Bother!. Not only do Canadians not get the app free during the current promotion , access is limited to a minimal number of features. Not worth the $2.99 !

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Does some cool stuff. The app gives your pictures new life and transforms them into paintings. Very easy to use. I’ve transformed a number of pictures into works of art.

Not very clear! Updated !!!!. Portraits look like they’re done with a gigantic brush. Lack of details . Sometimes you can’t even tell what’s in the “painting”. Update ! I went from 3 stars to 1 . I wish I could give it 0 and get my money back . This is the dumbest app ever …and the developer will not do anything to update it . They tell people to look into their faq support page on how to use the app….but there is nothing there that helps you in regards to the paintings not to look horrendous to the point you can’t even recognize what’s in it ! I will create an app that people can post their complains about useless disgusting apps like this that basically steal people’s money…and send all the info/complaints to Apple !

Wanna-be Artist. I am amazed to watch your app at work. I have learned about illustration, watercolor and where to start, the differences in color value. I am fascinated by all of this. I hope someday to be able to paint pictures myself.

A professional looking work of art!. This was the first fun app I got for my first iPhone and as a professional artist, I can honestly say that it is good enough to frame and hang on my wall!! I can spend hours creating without a palette of paints and brushes! Love it!!!

The Happy App. I tried several other art apps but come back to Waterlogue for it’s speed and easy functions. I recommend Waterlogue 100% of the time.

Kinda lame.... For an app that isn’t free or that offers a free trial, it just isn’t worth it. I’m a professional photographer and artist and it’s totally lacking on filter selection, no adjustments once you’ve applied a filter and is okay on close up colorful images but, leaves too much white space on detailed images. Regret buying and have found free apps that offer many more options. Very disappointing. 😞 😞😞

Dream application. I love to create landscape quilts, but I am not a siloed painter Your application is INCREDIBLE❤️ It allows me to use my photos to create paintings to integrate into textile collage! I would love to work with your developers to replicate fabric paintings.

Wonderful App. Have had this app for a couple years. It is absolutely amazing what it does to "paint" your favorite photos. The options are great as to the type of painting you want. I have told several friends about it, you too will be awed by it!

Adore this app!!. I discovered Waterlogue a few years ago I am a potter and an amateur watercolorist but I just love playing with transforming my photographs. really inventive and fascinating. Bravo to whoever came up with this!!! Kate Chieko

Waste. Well that’s $4 I can’t get back. There are almost no personalization options. The app is extremely limited as to what you can do. Bring the main one recommended i figured I would just in and download. I should have searched more. Such a disappointment. I could have turned a Starbucks coffee into urine for that amount of money but at least it would have been worth it!

Outstanding!. Gone are the days when cheesy photo editing software gave you so-called water color pictures by just blurring the image. This app is phenomenal!

Brilliant!. Turns your photo into beautiful watercolor images. This app works so quickly, and seemlesly (I'm on an iPhone 8S). I enjoy using it Everytime. I am docking one star for the limited number of border options and overall limited selection. But, what is available, is very good! Beautiful.

What a great teaching tool!. I love to watercolor, especially portraits, but realistic skin tones had me stumped until I found your app. It shows me exactly what I need to do and the results are awesome! Thank you!

Brilliant!. This is a terrific app for adding a nice artistic touch to your photos. There are plenty of options and you can experiment with different results before you save or share the finished product.

Incredible!. I love, love, love this app! I’ve used it for years as a professional artist who teaches watercolor painting to youngsters and adults. It simplifies photographs into a 2-dimensional image and identifies shapes that can be so confusing to beginning artists. Thank you!

Beautiful Effects. This app does a fabulous job making realistic watercolor effects. I do wish it had the capability to do different border options. A borderless Vignette edging would make this a stand alone app for me.

Best app for photos. I’m in love with this app! It takes a regular picture that I’ve taken and turns it into a masterpiece. Gives lots of options on how you want your final picture to look like and it’s so easy!

One of my favorites. This one stands out among the “AI generated” panting apps. It feels like a whole different deal. Instantly make really cool paintings. They seem authentic because they emulate the imperfections of wet paint: colors leak into each other like real water colors. 👍👍👍

Awesome. I'm not much for words but I can tell you for sure it'll be the best money you spent on a photo app in the last 5 yrs. Thanks to developers for making something so simple to use, yet so special with the outcome of photos. I can't get enough of this app 👍👍👍👍👍

This app is great fun!. All the photographs that seemed somehow run-of-the-mill can now be made interesting and even edgy . This app will have you looking at your photographs, past and future, completely differently.

Useful for Artists. I am a watercolor painter. Often when beginning my paintings I use Waterlogue to give me an idea of a good approach. I may take a different or a similar direction, but either way, it’s very helpful.

Make art of your own photos!. This is definitely better for landscape or travel pics than photos of people, but it is so fun to use and made my photos of Italy into artwork!

Best Watercolour App Out There!. Great to see my pics as stunning watercolours! Plenty of different settings make it easy to personalize your pictures, and once printed they look amazing! Can’t recommend it enough!

My most favorite app ever!. I've been using this app for a few years and LOVE it! I have many art apps and none come close to this! Wish this developer had more fantastic art apps like this!

How Fun Is This!. I have done watercolors before. But it is so cool to select a pic you have taken on your iPhone and watch it convert to a realistic-looking watercolor version in just a few seconds using Waterlogue. I love this app!!!

Love this app. If you enjoy taking landscape photos, you have to have this app!!! I have had so much fun turning my pics into works of art worthy to be framed!!! Thanks for this amazing app

Let me watch it paint!. Now that it is so fast, this lovely app is almost useless. I appreciated and learned by watching the image being “painted” from lightest to darkest values. Please provide an option to slow the app down for artists interested in the process of laying down color.

Colors emerging from darkness. I use Waterlogue to get ideas for paintings. It has a unique ability to reveal colors the camera understates. It is a highly entertaining app that is also useful.

Photo to art print. I have been taking pictures a good 30 plus years, and some would say, the image might make a good watercolor, and voila, Waterlogue! Now I just need a good printer.

One trick pony. I tried something a bit unfair: I used Waterlogue on pictures I had taken in Monet's gardens in Giverny. The water garden is as lovely as Monet’s famous paintings, but the photos are better before Waterlogue is applied. That’s also true for pictures of children and for other classes of pictures I tried. If you like what it does, great, but I found it did not produce anything I liked.

One of my preferred apps. It's always a pleasure working in Waterlogue. The controls and various presets are great and the fact that they can be exported as large files for further editing is hugely important.

Well.... It started out great, doing beautiful versions of my photos. It took a while to figure out how it works. Could use some clear instructions. However, today I opened the app to try it with some of my older photos, and I can’t get it to open the photos. I tap on the photo I want to use and it just opens to the previous photo. Any suggestions?

I love this app!. I have “made” so many beautiful pix with this simple to use app. People are always asking me about my artwork & I have to confess it was y’all! Thank you for your creativity ❤️!

Sad. I have used Water Docihe for man year’s years and appreciate it so much that I wonder how you still don’t charge a fee. You deserve to get paid. I am happy to pay a fee for my favorite App!! Forgive my misspelling please.

I like the idea of this app. I wish I had more editing options as the photos are not necessarily turning pretty or the way I expected they would. I’d definitely would like to see improvements then I can recommend it to others.

Great Ap. I enjoy playing with images on this ap and have ended up with frame-worthy prints. Lovely results and easy to use site. Glad I found it.

Great fun. Beautiful artwork.. Gives my Fotos new life. The tough part is deciding which school of work to pick. Great fun for everyone who views your Fotos on social media-the same old Foto comes to new life. Very interesting and fun to watch paint.

Always fascinating. I have used this since it came out. It is the best. Makes everything look pretty.

Me too!. I love this app! It make all my crappy photos and makes them shine! If you can add an option for various degrees of outlining the photo that would be so cool! I love playing with this but now looking for another app that can do the outlining thing.

Directions for use unclear. I recently purchased this app and find that it doesn’t really explain all of its features. The various sizes are labeled as 4,6,8,10,12? Is that inches? How do I print a jumbo size? I assume at a print shop that can access my photos. A few explanations about printing would be a nice addition.

Great for the insta-filter crowd.... Not worth the $4. It’s literally 13 filters that do somewhat resemble watercolor effects, but aside from allowing you to lighten/darken the image it gives no ability to adjust the image beyond that. Perhaps the Mac/iPad version gives you more ability alter the image. But for the iPhone it’s NOT worth the $4. Unless you’re easily swayed by a handful of simple filter effects like the majority of society.

Fascinating!. I am new to Waterlogue, I find it amazing. I paint in watercolor, this app actually helps me paint better ~ odd as that might sound! With Waterlogue I get to “do” a quick watercolor study...then use that study to make my own painting. So far I’m loving it.

Awesome App. LOVE this APP.I am no artist but I love watercolors. It is amazing how it turns any photo into a watercolor. I first tried it on an old photo of my beloved cat.I was thrilled with the result. I will print it and frame it. It is a great tribute to our little girl Velcro...immortalized forever. -^-.-.-^-

Painting.... I cannot express how much I love this App. I gave it 5 stars because of the great results I have gotten, despite a few limitations. In my opinion, the biggest disappointment is how faces are rendered. Beyond that- still life’s and scenics can look simply amazing!

What fun!. How to be a talented watercolorist without the talent or equipment. This is a wonderful app - turns your own photos into watercolor masterpieces. It's easy and produces charming results. And, the support staff at Tinrocket are polite, responsive and speedy. I highly recommend it.

Perfect. This app is beautiful. Some of the photos it creates are stunning. And thanks to the developers for making it compatible with older iOS devices again.

Great resource. I do some sketching with ink and watercolor. This app quickly gives examples for colt and technique. The converted phots are nice in themselves. Lots of options and very fast on my iPhone or iPad. Would love to see an occasional new option.

Awesome app!. While the icon of this app is deceiving, this is a very powerful tool. I am so grateful for it! My only complaint is that on iPhone X, although my settings say to save as a PNG, my images always save to JPG, so I have to take a few extra inconvenient steps. If that was fixed, this app would be perfection!

Love the app, BUT…. Started using the app years ago & much prefer that early version (2015-ish) It rendered a much more blended output as opposed to the more mottled output (lots of white pinholes) unfortunately the app updates without being able to retain the earlier preferred version.

Fantastic App!. Super easy to use. Super quick, friendly, and helpful tech support the first and only time I needed it. I use it in my business and get compliments from it all the time! Thank you for making me look so creative and thoughtful. Ha!!

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Waterlogue: Photo to Painting Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Waterlogue: Photo to Painting app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Tinrocket, LLC and other users?

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Waterlogue: Photo to Painting 1.5.02 Apps Screenshots & Images

Waterlogue: Photo to Painting iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.5.02
Play Store com.tinrocket.waterlogue1
Compatibility iOS 13.2 or later

Waterlogue: Photo to Painting (Versiyon 1.5.02) Install & Download

The application Waterlogue: Photo to Painting was published in the category Photo & Video on 11 December 2013, Wednesday and was developed by Tinrocket, LLC [Developer ID: 327054542]. This program file size is 48.41 MB. This app has been rated by 980 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Waterlogue: Photo to Painting - Photo & Video app posted on 12 April 2023, Wednesday current version is 1.5.02 and works well on iOS 13.2 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tinrocket.waterlogue1. Languages supported by the app:

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Waterlogue: Photo to Painting App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Maintenance update Recent changes in our 1.5 update: • Updated About view • Updated support links If you like Waterlogue, please consider leaving an App Store review or rating—we’d really appreciate it! Every review counts and helps indie developers like ourselves. :) We’re here to help you, too: If you have a question or need assistance, you can always email us at support@tinrocket.com Thanks again!

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