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Online privacy is hard to maintain, especially on the go, but IPVanish makes it easy. We mask your IP address with one of our own so that you can avoid online advertisers and identity theft.


Keeping your personal data out of the hands of others is effortless with IPVanish. Our VPN app works as a tunnel that allows you to securely surf the web, all while keeping third party onlookers and trackers outside of the connection. Once you're connected to IPVanish VPN, your online activity is protected, preventing cyber criminals, search engines, and websites from tracking your location and analyzing your information.

When you open the IPVanish app and select the city from which you want your new IP address to originate, you’ll finally experience a safe and free Internet. You’ll be able to put a stop to online identity theft, connect to public Wi-Fi without the potential of being hacked, prevent your ISP from slowing your video streaming speeds, among many other snooping and cybercrime prevention benefits.


IPVanish provides a secure environment for everyday web use. Once you establish a connection to our privatizing network, all of your online data (emails, instant messages, data transfers, browsing history, online banking) is protected. IPVanish is the only true commercial Top Tier VPN service in the world. This means that we own all of our VPN servers, manage our own network, and develop our own apps, ensuring your data remains as secure as possible.


-Absolutely zero logs are recorded or kept
-Network presence in 60 countries with over 40,000+ shared IP addresses
-Access to more than 700 VPN servers worldwide
-Unlimited VPN server switching
-24/7 customer support

Easy In-App Purchase Subscription

You can purchase an IPVanish VPN subscription directly within the app. You may choose from a one month ($9.99 USD), three months ($26.99 USD) or twelve month ($74.99 USD) subscription. Payments are charged to your iTunes account at the confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each current period (monthly or annually) unless auto-renew is turned off. Auto-renewal can be turned off at any time within the user's Apple ID Account Settings -> Manage Subscriptions.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN App Description & Overview

The applications IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN was published in the category Utilities on 2013-12-04 and was developed by Mudhook Marketing. The file size is 25.40 MB. The current version is 3.2.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

What's New:
+ We improved the connection reliability and enhanced onboarding for On Demand.
+ The Password Manager API for iOS 12 was integrated.
+ Our Terms of Service were updated to increase simultaneous VPN connections to 10 per account.
+ Improved diagnostics view with better information for the support team
+ Experimental mode to assist with connection issues on some networks

Bugs Fixed:

* Fixed: Crashes related to In-App Purchase.
* Fixed: Frequent Disconnect Issue for some networks and devices

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IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN Reviews


Video Uploads  halisieusi  4 star

Doesn’t allow me to upload videos to sites like Instagram.

I'm Uncle Wiggily

No connection  I'm Uncle Wiggily  1 star

No matter what I try to change I’m stuck on one city, and it will not connect !!




Julius Maximus

Not working on iPad Air  Julius Maximus  1 star

I have and iPad Air 2 with the the latest IOS update, the latest app update and the app won’t work. It stopped working after I updated the app. I paid for a service that I’m not able to use with one of my most frequently used device.


IPVanish  [email protected]  5 star

I have this is very VPN and highly recommend IPvanish to anyone.

Wait No More

iPad and iPhone  Wait No More  1 star

Always problems with iPhone X and IPad Pro connecting with WiFi. Works fine on laptop. Problems need to be addressed.

Mean Geno

Dropping out  Mean Geno  4 star

I like this app except it does not stay connected!


Frustrating at Times  Greg21040  3 star

When connected it works great without slowing my usage. The issue is that often it just disconnects and sometimes won’t reconnect. At times it’s more trouble than it’s worth.


Great til they gave up on Netflix  Vicambulist  1 star

Sigh... Used to be so nice to use this app for Netflix around the world. Now it's whatever.

kaleb lowery

Cancel my subscription  kaleb lowery  3 star

How do I cancel my subscription. I just don’t need it anymore.


Don’t waste your money  Ronnie643  1 star

Doesn’t even connect to selected servers and when it does it automatically disconnects, absolutely useless and a waste of money, don’t buy!!!


Useless  Mac_user_12345  1 star

The reason it’s safe, is that it blocks everything. Couldn’t access everything I need for work, it also blocked most common sites like google.

Louise at Airlie

Drops out  Louise at Airlie  1 star

Constantly drops out. Never sure that it was operating.


No good  llllllllaadkbrjeodbbrjejd  1 star

It’s not worth it. Doesn’t work in China properly


Can’t connect from PC or IPad, a waste of money  Bkeg  1 star

Can not use on either a PC or iPad, a complete waste of time.

Scrabble/word review

ISP no longer allows use of the this  Scrabble/word review  1 star

ISP has blocked use of this vpn


All good  Bron60  4 star

Excited to be able to view programs wherever I am.

Budget tool

IPVanishVPN  Budget tool  5 star

This VPN service is the best I’ve used. It’s easy and convenient to use across all my devices. Having been hacked before I am extremely careful with my use of the internet. I feel safe and protected when I go online from my phone, computer, laptop, tv boxes. I highly recommend this service provider.


Disconnecting  strachanau  1 star

Each time I return to IPVanishVPN it shows I have been disconnected and I cannot reconnect. Really annoying


Brilliant working VPN app!  brock12348  5 star

Seamlessly works whilst overseas and always when required. Countless countries to choose from.

Cross creek farm

Worst VPN ever  Cross creek farm  1 star

After I signed up and PAID it won’t connect and cannot find a phone number to call! Don’t bother with this system!!!! WORST EVER VPN


Not the best  suprcal  2 star

Problematic and slow for the most part. Kinda like their support🤔. The support is not direct, you may get a response in 24 hours, and days to fix problems. How they get high reviews, amazes me. Some servers are slower than my unprotected feed... Actively looking for another VPN... Get it together IPVANISH! You get enough money...

P. Er.

Disappointed  P. Er.  1 star

It doesn’t work in China.

Petty galore

Not working  Petty galore  2 star

Mine is not connecting Nd I’ve been using it for months now, have it on both iPhones but since lastnight it refuses to be connected on one of the devices. Can you fix this please ASAP.


Easy for a novice  KaiPoole  5 star

I wanted more security, but I am a novice. I asked a friend and he recommended VPVanish. It was easy to understand and my questions were answered quickly. I am in Spain now and it’s working great.


Won’t connect  zaneejanee  1 star

I am I’m México and can not connect to USA

Jason Zielinski

Misleading  Jason Zielinski  1 star

When you are purchasing an app on an iOS supported device you MUST purchase the app through the iTunes/APP store. Probably should mention we’re excluded from the “free 7 day trial” since we purchased through a “third party (ie apple)” and have to get the refund from apple (which you can’t because they tell you to cancel in your settings . . which just stops the auto bill). The app just wasn’t what I was looking for but I guess I get a month of something I don’t want, nor do I need, and won’t use because I was mislead by the 7 days satisfaction guarantee. Hopefully it’s better for all you android folks. Sounds with Windows users are golden.


DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME  G-Ghost  1 star

I signed up and cancel my membership within the hour. After installing it on both my FireStick & iPhone, it never worked. I tried contacting technical support, but couldn’t get anyone to respond. It was like having a stalker sitting around waiting for something to happen. Just when I thought that was the worst part of things. I disconnect and contacted the billing support. They answer right away. I stated that I might want a refund. Without asking any questions or even confirming anything with me, she cancel my account and stated that a refund will be sent back to me. Once she said that, she then told me that she has other customers to connect to and disconnected from me. This may have been the worst customer service ever. I’m not going to try them again. I hope NordVPN has a better support team.


Disappointed  KellieEileen  2 star

Was referred by my amazon fire stick that this was the go to VPN app,. Wont configure or better yet work with my iphone or ipad. Tried the tutorial sev times to no avail.


For Real??? 🤨  Xeding  1 star

This is the worst VPN! I was always having to make sure that it was “turned on” because it never was. Now it won’t work at all and all that it says is that it “will not work with this network”??? I have paid for a whole year, and now it “won’t work with my network”? No explanation, no nothing, just this lame notice. This is absolutely bottom of the barrel. I’ll be amazed if this review gets published


Poor  N30bco  1 star

I am from England based in Dublin. I cannot view ITV hub or BBC player, don’t bother.


Great app!  gmurr  5 star

Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!


Be aware no actual refund  Dav-1979  1 star

Firstly on their signup screen they force you to choose for the monthly subscription at minimum. No option for weekly subscription. Secondly there is no 7 days refund because apple wont refund you and they won’t neither. Stay away unless you’re willing to part with 9.99€ at minimum.

UAE Resident 2019

Not Working  UAE Resident 2019  1 star

Purchased 1year subscription, as VPN recommended as the one of the best VPN. However unable to connect to the servers while in the UAE! if based in UAE and intend using DO NOT PURCHASE as it does not work here.


Doesn’t work in China  xddrdd  1 star

Very poor value

Friary seos

IPseen  Friary seos  1 star

Doesn’t work at all well on my iPad ,slow the speed right down and is see by BBC IPlayer. It was recommended by internet speed app and when I have it IPVanish on the the only thing that vanishes it the ability to open their app .Works well enough on my iPhone but does cause problems with internet on opening some web pages. Works best of all on my laptop using windows 10 . But there’s still problems with BBC IPlayer and similar streaming site


IP Vanish. So far so good!  Boweevil1954  1 star

It's terrible. It won't stay connected even though I have enabled the slider that says to keep it on permanently and I have listed all the websites I regularly visit. Waste of money so far!


Dublin VPN Servers Not Working Properly  dodriscoll1  3 star

I have used IPVanish for almost one year now. The quality of their services overall are very good, however, be advised that their VPN servers based in Dublin have not been functioning properly since October 2016 and you will get speeds slower than a 56 k modem from these servers. The London or Belfast servers that they provide are probably the best alternative to using Dublin servers if you are based in Ireland. I contacted IPVanish support about these problems with their Dublin servers, but their customer support was unhelpful and they kept telling me to run through standard diagnostics, however the fault is definitely with their Dublin servers and they have not addressed these problems in almost 12 months.


Didn't work  Ghyrrfi  1 star

This would not work for me


Well impressed  DublinCelt  5 star

Have ipvanish installed for about a month and I'm very impressed. Loads of server options for each country and support is more than good. Would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable vpn service. You get what you pay for..

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