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Flipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience used by millions of PreK to PhD learners, educators and families around the world. Flipgrid amplifies student voice and empowers learners of all ages to engage and share using the power of video.

Educators create and share discussion Topics with their learning communities. Learners simply download the app, enter their unique Join Code, and record short videos to share.

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Flipgrid. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are excited to continue to build on the all-new Flipgrid experience by bringing you fixes and improvements based on YOUR amazing suggestions and needs. This release includes fixes for issues with: * Dragging boards in landscape on iPads * An error dialog when attempting to open the recorder in some Group/Topic types * Topic images occasionally not displaying

Flipgrid. Comments & Reviews

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- Umm Hello? Does anyone NOT see potential?

OK, so I use Flipgrid with distance learning at my school. It is literally the BEST app for learning. Some friends of mine say that they hate it and would not like to use it at all, I totally disagree with them. I think the fact that it made you get the app if you had it on Safari was really annoying and that’s why they hated it. Because it’s taking up a lot of MY space. Other than that I really love it. Somethings I would like to express to the producers are the fact that you can’t really write a comment... I haven’t figured out how to do that and it is SOOO annoying! Other than that I would give it a five stars, but this app really needs an update, seriously, students like me NEED IT! So hurry up already people. Just because the world is in trauma because of some virus does it mean that the kids of the world don’t get the right education! I am waiting!

- Would call it a lifesaver...!

During spring break, while talk of a nationwide shutdown spread, I began hunting for technology that would help me maintain the hard-earned classroom community that was built throughout the current school year. Fortunately my school is part of a 1:1 district, meaning each student checks out a laptop and hotspot at the beginning of the school year and returns it at the end. This is amazing for sure; however, the hotspot only allows a small percentage of data to be used up each month. Therefore, Google Meet was not going to be a viable option for me. Any type of group video meeting would eat through the kids data right away. Not sure what could work instead, I found an article that included Flipgrid as a resource idea, and OMG was I glad to have found it! Using Flipgrid this past month has kept me and my students ‘in touch’ in SUCH better ways than a Zoom or Google Meeting could have done. I will be using Flipgrid from now on! It is terribly simple for the kids to use (as well as myself!) and they actually love it! I teach literature at an alternative high school- so I’m always looking for different ways to bring the material to the kids and definitely different ways for the kids to demonstrate their understanding. Flipgrid is PERFECT for this! I love the community involved, the assignments already posted/shared, and the ease and simplicity of the planning involved. Thank you Flipgrid!!! 5 stars!

- Flipgrid is a Favorite

Flipgrid is one of my favorite tools to recommend to other teachers. It is an all-around great tool, providing for differentiation, student voice, engagement, peer feedback, and saving time. It is made for students to quickly and easily join and record their videos. This is a game changer in the classroom, especially for those students who hate to write. They can discuss, share ideas, provide proofs, and explain. Then, they have fun ways to dress up their videos with stickers and filters. For those students that are even more self-conscious, they can use the white board instead of recording their own face. It is easy for teachers to use, too. They have their own login to manage their grids that make it easy to respond to the students. If you have a problem, the people supporting this app are so helpful. They really do want it to work well for you. Just look at all the great reviews they have gotten.

- Flippin fAPPtastic

Flipgrid is my favorite educational tool! My students use the web version because we they have Chromebooks at school, but I use the app on my iPhone the majority of the time. I am able to do almost everything I need from the app wherever I am. The only feature I cannot use yet is creating Shorts videos but I prefer to do those from my computer anyway. I use the app to create assignments, spark discussions, to make sub plans, and to reply and provide my students with their feedback. The camera is intuitive and easy to use and I can access everything I need. My kindergarten daughter is able to use it as well without much support. The Flipgrid team is always enhancing newer versions and additions as their users provide ideas and feedback, so it is constantly improving with frequent updates. It’s a favorite for me as a teacher and my students are highly engaged every time we use it!

- First grade teacher

I’m teaching online due to COVID- and have been using Flipgrid to communist team with my students. They love being able to respond at their leisure, and LOVE seeing each other’s responses as well. They can also communicate with each other by commenting on their peers presentations. I used “disco library” for ideas when I digest got started- there are a million awesome ideas that other teacher have used (and are able to see how many Other teachers used the same ones as well.) There are sooooo many cool features (can assign right to google classroom, can set it up but delay/schedule it’s rollout, you can delete inappropriate responses, record your own, but hide it until you are ready for it to be presented, add pics to the topics..... soo many more. I literally never had an issue with the technology part of using flipgrid (and I’m not a great techie person). Give it a try- you’ll love it!!

- Awesome tool for flipped learning

I teach technology and geography to kindergarten through fifth graders. during our time at school this year, and I piloted flip grid with my second graders. I am so glad that I did this because we, as a global arts team, were able to integrate our education seamlessly through Flipgrid because I already had an understanding of how it worked and how we can best reach all of our students. We created grades and then added copilots so that all of the elective classwork was in one place for students, and then each teacher managed their own Flipgrid topic. This has been an incredible way for us to learn and we are very much looking forward to continuing flipped learning when we return back to school. I generally work on chrome, but I sometimes use my school iPad to access student work as well. Thank you, Flipgrid, for such a powerful platform for student learning and voice.

- It’s not fair to all of the platforms

Filpgrid is a great app to be honest but sometimes it isn’t fair! First of all, why is there different features for different platforms? The mobile/iPad/tablet platforms can let the user have the rainbow brush while the PC versions don’t have one? Also, one the mobile/iPad/tablet have the black outlines or some sort of outline on the text? While the PC has no outline? And also can’t adjust too much of the text (such as, making it squeezed together, reverse the text and etc.) Some features are great but are on different devices, which I consider isn’t fair. Second, when typing the text on mobile/iPad/tablet I can’t even see what I’m typing at all. I have to guess what I’m typing which is really hard. Im just a student typing this but... Note to the devs: Please make all features possible on all platforms and make it all the same (somewhat; but please remove the outline of the texts I don’t like it.) It just makes the program be more fair like. PLEASE SEE THIS!!!! thank you

- More Frustrating than Efficient

I rarely take the time to write a review, but this app can make me soooo annoyed. It CONSTANTLY glitches (like every day) in the most inconvenient ways possible. And the software is just clunky as heck. I just uploaded a video that took me a half-hour to make (p.s. two minutes for a response is not enough), and I look under the topic and it’s not even there. Nowhere to be found. Additionally, I posted a video to the wrong topic because I can’t see what topic I’m posting to when I’m actually in the process of uploading. I have to trust myself that I clicked the right one before. Also, I can’t delete my videos as a responder to topics, and I can’t upload videos as a response if it decides to glitch. It makes my teaching experience worse because I literally have to put aside feelings of frustration constantly. I love the idea of this app, and most of it works okay, but it needs to be much more efficient. It feels as if you make a small mistake, it’s completely irreversible.

- My honest thoughts

I absolutely love the video editing and how easy it is to trim individual videos and move them around. I have encountered a few problems with this app though. The loading takes LITERALLY FOREVER. I’ve tried some different things to help out with it but none seem to work. It’s weird, all of my other apps work with my WiFi so it’s not that... another problem I encountered is this: when I’m editing videos sometimes the app glitches and begins playing the audio from several different parts of what I recorded. It’s trippy. When this happens I have to close out of the app and go back on, which then it thankfully saves my progress and I can continue to make edits to my video. Not end of the world, but definitely annoying at times. Overall, it’s a really fun app and I love the ability to Connect with peers and classmates, I love using Flipgrid! That’s all :) thanks!!!

- Flipgrid during COVID

A colleague introduced me to flipgrid a couple weeks after in-school classes where shutdown and distance learning began. We had less than a days notice to prepare and were only expecting it to last 2 weeks, maybe 3 max. When we realized we were going to end our school year online, we were heartbroken and so were our students. Flipgrid gave us the chance to see and hear each other. Students that couldn’t make it to the zoom sessions or that didn’t feel comfortable talking in the meetings in front of larger groups felt safe using flipgrid to share out. I used it for scavenger hunts and fun activities during distance learning this spring, but I have so many ideas of how to incorporate flipgrid into my content in the fall! I’m excited to introduce it to my new group of students!

- A few problems...

So, I downloaded the app for reasons, but I have encountered a few problems. So I use the app quite a lot, but it crashes on me, I don’t know why, I updated it and my iPad and I am ALWAYS connected to my WiFi, so it could not possibly be that. Another problem is that when ever I want to post a video, I already make it in my videos, but it does not let me upload things from my photos or videos. It’s really annoying cause I can’t edit the video how I want it to so please fix this bug. I know alit of people have said this already but it’s really slow. But now I will say a few things that I really like the app. It has some pretty great tools for editing and things like trimming your videos and adding text. It also has it is that you can add cute little photos. It’s also very organized. So over all I really like the app! :)

- Way too inconsistent

Riddle me this, I just put hours into a video I had to shoot for a class and when I go to edit all the segments to perfect them, it decides not to load them up, I was literally looking at a black screen. I tried pausing and unpausing the video, and it wouldn’t load up, I tried watching each piece by itself and it still wouldn’t load up. Heck, just to confirm it wasn’t on my end I switched from WiFi to LTE - still nothing. Then within moments it’s just gone, the entirety of my video gone. Are you kidding me? Hours of work down the drain because this app couldn’t function like it’s supposed to. Also, I was within my time limit too! The teacher gave us up to 10 minutes for this video and I was at 8:34! There is no excuse for this. This app does not function like it should. Very poor user interface. Hey kids, if your teachers are wanting you to use this app for any school related thing, do everything in your power to get them to not. Worst app out there for video assignments. One star rating if that.

- Super amazing

Totally amazing cool app but moderated mode doesn’t work it has been two and a half weeks and I still haven’t got the alert but I understand if it takes long and a few suggestions you could mabye make it sort of like FaceTime where you talk on video but you can change filters and all the things you can do in your flip videos and you could make it where in your videos you have unlimited time so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock and hurrying please take these suggestions thank you great app. Hi I’m editing this I was sort of able to take off moderated mode so that works it says it’s moderated now but it’s not and I have a bug issue will you please fix this cause now I can’t record a video every time I try to hit it it doesn’t record please fix this this and by the way love the new affects you can do now

- Fabulous

I had heard of Flipgrid but hadn’t paid much attention until the schools in our state shutdown and everyone was trying to figure out how to navigate distance learning. Enter Flipgrid! What a game changer this has been for us. I use this to post number talks for math, retelling prompts for reading and the list goes on. Our Specialist teachers (music, PE, dance, art, media) have utilized this as well to continue their teaching. The students love being able to send videos of themselves completing the activities or answering the questions and as a teacher it is a wonderful tool to be able to hear our students thinking, rationales and misconceptions which helps us provide better feedback. My students also love being able to see their friends and classmates! This is a must have for any educator!

- Teachers vs students

I feel like most people reviewing this app are teachers, who say they love it, not their students. As a student, i’m not a huge fan of this app, i would much rather right things down on do online classes because having to take videos of yourself then posting them for all of your classmates to see is not amazing. Theres also the problem of video quality, everyone has a different camera or different things they use and sometimes that makes it hard to understand other people’s videos so they don’t get as good a grade for something they can’t control. I am using this app for spanish class, and i understand why. It’s so we can learn to speak spanish, but we aren’t. We can pause the video at anytime. Just memorizing a script, not learning, unlike with zoom classes. So while teachers may like this app, many students do not as they aren’t learning with it. And it just adds extra pressure and more things for them to do.

- Super engaging and easy to use

Flipgrid is super engaging for my students. They love the opportunity to share their thoughts via video, add emojis or annotations, then share with others. Even students who were reluctant recorders at first have developed confidence in sharing their voice with others. As a teacher, I find it valuable to hear directly from my students voice rather than read a paper. Fluency, inflection and tone offer deeper insight into what. Y students are thinking Nd their depth of knowledge. We use flip QR code’s to get into the app, as well as share videos with others in the school. Since I can use whichever features I want and adapt my expectations for different lessons and classes, I am able to use this app with every grade level at my school from k-4. My kindergarteners have even become experts.

- More Clever than I Thought

So I work with KG students in China. It is often difficult to get students to engage because they are concerned with how they sound when they speak. When I introduced Flipgrid as a way we can just talk to each other during the Covid-19 quarantine, my students just loved that they could communicate with each other through video and chat about whatever was in their minds. Every morning I walk my dog and set up a new question for the kids to answer. It could be about anything! The weather, my doggy, what I should have for breakfast, what they will have for dinner, their favorite shows... anything... and they get to talking. And the grid is so easy to access and set up videos that it’s simple for them to do once parents have shown them. Great job Flipgrid!

- Flipping out for Flipgrid!

Flipgrid is a fantastic tool for giving every student a voice. Whether it is checking for understanding, discussing a topic, or any other number of instructional strategies, it is always challenging to hear from every student. Flipgrid captures each student’s understanding, reasoning, comment, etc. and creates a forum for further dialog. Along the way, it provides an opportunity to build digital citizenship skills. Yes, I left out that it all happens by recording videos and that’s on purpose. It’s not about the videos, yes that’s the medium, but it’s really about capturing the learning of every student. To top it off, it’s easy for teachers and there are tons of resources and guides. Making this happen with any other tool or platform would fall short and be so much more work. Try Flipgrid, it’s flipping awesome!

- It’s okay

I like that it has many features. However, some things are confusing to do. On computer, it fails to upload sometimes. On mobile, it glitches when I use a board. My main problem is when I try to edit the videos and upload it. I have no way of making sure the right one was uploading. For example, I sent something for class. I spent over 3 hourd editing it, but the next day, when my teacher posted them, I saw mine and NONE of the edits saved. Maybe if there was a way to see your video after you upload or have a specific “SAVE” button after you make edits and before you upload. Additionally there could be an option “Are you sure you want to delete this clip?”. There could be a reverse button too in case you want that clip back. It’s a good app but needs improvements.

- Five Stars for FLIPGRID

Are you looking for a technology piece that will truly be a game changer? Look no further, FLipgrid is THAT piece. This easy to use app allows students the opportunity to write, record, and collaborate their views with whomever you, the instructor, allows. This app is truly for all ages! The educator sets how you want their recording shared which covers every privacy concern there is. Only you can see it, just your class, your school, or students around the world! It’s simple accessibility allows all digital learners to be successful. I can’t recommend this app enough. I use this for students to read in and I can keep track of fluency. I can respond to individual students and hold actual conversations. Book reviews are a breeze. Love, love, LOVE this app! Download it! Thank me later!

- Feedback Video

I’ve only been using Flipgrid for a few days, but I think it’s an excellent platform with many fantastic features and simple user interface. The one thing I wish it would let me do that it doesn’t...yet...hint, hint to the developers...is to provide video feedback easily to individual students with videos that are moderated/hidden. As a Choir teacher, I know that many of my students will be reluctant to share videos with their peers, but they would be willing to share videos with me...that part is easy. However, when it comes to me giving them video feedback, it’s not so simple...they can’t see it. Please fix this by giving teachers the option of allowing the student who posted the video to view video feedback from their teacher. Thank you for this great platform!

- Easy To Use and Enhances Students Voices

Fall 2019- My middle school students were very excited about using this app. It was easy to create a class “grid” and assignment, sign up my students for the first time, have them post their first video, and view classmates’ videos all within one period! Spring 2020 (update) - This app has truly enhanced student engagement with our science content, the development of our classroom community, and the growth of students’ communication skills across different media! We have also found fun uses for it such as having students complete self-reflections to share with their families. Flipgrid’s social media is excellent because they interact with many teachers who share creative tips and innovative ways to use the program.

- Great Resource for Crisis Schooling!

Flipgrid has become my go to in my “crisis schooling” escapades. For a LA classroom, it is a super creative way for students to answer questions for a reading comprehension passage or show me their how to do something. I’ve been able to week by week, increase the difficulty of their assignments - week one, log in; week 2, tell me the name of your book report book; week 3, answer questions from a podcast I assigned; week 4, do a how to/procedural writing and show me your activity (making eggs, a paper airplane, etc); week 5, presenting your book report. If I hadn’t found Flipgrid I’d still be grading boring stuff - Flipgrid has allowed my class to become more creative & hands on, even in a time of staying home and doing nothing!

- Classroom Favorite

Flipgrid is the one activity in my 3rd grade class that ALL the students love. Some students were a little apprehensive at first, especially the quiet ones. When they realized they could make the video by themselves, and re-do it as many times as needed, it was a game-changer. Teachers have the ability to limit the length of the videos. I think that levels the playing field when Flipgrid is used for presentations. Students learn quickly how to focus on the important information while also showing some of their personality. I also love that the people at Flipgrid are always updating/improving the app. Having augmented reality QR codes posted on my hallway bulletin board has made it both fun and interactive

- My Favorite Educational App

There are a lot of apps out there for education but none of them are like a family. Education has 💚 and this is the only app that I have found that has that! Not too mention, the app itself is PHENOMENAL!!! By using video, you can truly see students in their thought processes. They can create examples to showcase their knowledge. You can make connections beyond your classroom and provide opportunities for every student to be heard. But it’s so much more than that! You can connect with a community of invested inspiring educators and celebrate each other’s successes! I absolutely couldn’t go back to teaching without it. It’s a MUST HAVE! You must have this!! It’s FREE!! Go hit that download button and start amplifying STUDENT VOICE!! #FlipgridFever

- Flipgrid is a HOT collaboration tool!

This past Friday, my students and I presented about our #FlipgridFever at our regional STEM conference. My students and fellow staff members all love how collaborative Flipgrid is. They’re able to share and reply to each other’s responses. Teachers are able to incorporate this app for all kinds of uses—vocabulary, book clubs, mentoring, etc. One is only limited by their own creativity! With the newest release of the app, I am loving the AR feature and am planning to create my first AR bulletin board in the coming weeks. My students also appreciate all the new customizable features that allow them to express their creativity in unique ways. Flipgrid is a great way to have all of your students share what they know! And best of all, it’s FREE!

- Hi

I only kinda like this app Just because it glitches a lot and I don’t know I just don’t really like it oh this is an eight-year-old speaking so if stuff doesn’t make sense just know it’s because I’m a kid so yeah the only thing that I guess flip credit card work work done is like maybe work on the glitches and make it easier to like record and I don’t like that has limited time for you to do stuff like I want to like say what I need to say like five times I have to redo it because it’s like in the middleExplaining math and and then I have to start over because I ran out of time so I don’t I just don’t get why he needs to do that so yeah I also like whiteboard a lot that’s what I do like about it that’s where they got the two stars for me from the other one is that you can stay social and yeah stay safe from the Covid and have a good day

- Review from a student

Another person has said something similar to this, so I’ll keep it brief. This isn’t a problem with the app itself, just the way it’s used. Many students, including a good friend of mine, aren’t confident in their voice. So they will record themselves again and again, trying to get a video that they find perfect. A Spanish teacher of mine uses Flipgrid to have us say what we think of a reading, and expects us to be able to do a 1:00-1:30 minute long video first try and without a script. The point is that introverts or people with low quality cameras (like me) tend to lose confidence in themselves, defeating the whole purpose of the app. Once again, nothing against the developers, the app itself is fine. The way people use it is the problem.

- Keeping kids presenting on a fun and easy platform

In the midst of the global shutdown, Flipgrid has been instrumental in helping us get kids to keep talking with each other and get creative. A colleague of mine recommended it and it truly has helped keep the kids in contact with each other, and maybe even a little competition. They are able to make videos their own, add emojis, and discuss relative information. I LOVE IT! As a teacher we all get invested in our students, but we also worry about their well-being outside of the classroom. Flipgrid has also helped us realize that most of our students are ok. It continues a sense of classroom community and communication, and I feel has helped them hone some of their presentation skills. For middle schoolers, that’s so important! Thanks FlipGrid.

- FLIPGRID fever

FLIPGRID has allowed my students to build confidence and relationships in and out of the classroom. Originally I started using Flipgrid as a form of assessing what students knew. Now I have learned so many ways to utilize this video app in my classroom. This app has completely exceeded my expectations. The staff at Fligrid make using this app feel like you have a community supporting you every step of the way. When I needed help with Flipgrid, the response from support staff was punctual and knowledgable. This app has helped to increase student engagement, access prior knowledge, make connections and build a sense of community in my classroom/school. Students are able to teach/ learn from each other and share their voice in a creative way with confidence.

- Very helpful for online learning

I have had to use this app for online school multiple times, and it is very helpful. I am very glad I could get it on my iPhone, because I could film things in different parts of my house instead of having to make all my videos in the same room by my computer. The only thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t work very well on my computer until I used it through Google Chrome. So can you possibly make it work a bit better when it is being used through Safari? Overall, Flipgrid is easy to use, and I recommend getting it on your mobile device so you can film in different places. Thanks for reading my long and boring review.

- Blackmail

Hello, I am a student. As you can see there are reviews from teachers which say their students love to use Flipgrid. As I said earlier I am a student. I know for a fact that me and many other students from my school hate using Flipgrid. This app forces us to horrifying videos of ourselves talking about something we don’t care about. When you make your video other students will use your video as blackmail. If this is not the case will make fun of you. I have seen my teachers grading flip grid and it takes longer than most things they would have to grade. Teachers have to constantly pause the video which the student has recorded and sometimes the quality of the video is hard for the teacher to understand. I use this app for English classes and the videos restrain students from learning how to write in a way that they are able to write as if they were speaking. Thank you for reading my honest feedback as a student🙂

- Impact Flipgrid has made

Flip grid is amazing . I am so glad I learned how to use this . This has proven to be a great resource . The Flipgrid has made it possible for me to reach my colleagues. During these difficult times flip grid has been a great resource. I have reached out to my colleagues . We will use it to express our gratitude to our colleagues . Will incorporate Flipgrid to our power point. Plan to end the year wishing all my students well wishes through Flipgrid. Flipgrid will be a great resource to incorporate with near pod. This is the best resource I have come across . Will start the year using Flipgrid to communicate with all my students . I love the feed back from all my colleagues that are using it . Thank you for this great resource.

- Man I love Flipgrid!

Not only is this app awesome, but the people behind the app are awesome too. They always listen to update ideas and ways to improve their app to better accommodate student learning and make things easier for educators. Flipgrid helps my students share their voice in an easy, non threatening way. The recent update has made it even sooo much better! Students love it and I love seeing them and hearing their ideas. It’s fun, simple, and a great way to encourage students who may not want to share their ideas aloud in class. It’s also super great for my student who are online. We build community by using these videos! There’s nothing easier to use than Flipgrid. Just press the plus sign and go!

- Distance Learning Must-have Tool

I have occasionally used this app in the past, but Flipgrid became invaluable when we went to distance-learning at our school. It has been a big part of connecting with my kids online. I know it will be just as important even in face-to-face classes. It gives each student a voice and allows me to hear students reflect their learning. It was really important for my communications class to use for their graduation and thank you speeches. Normally, we do this using a microphone in the auditorium, but this year they gave their graduation speech via Flipgrid. It was wonderful for other students to provide feedback. Thank you for providing this excellent tool!

- Great for distance learning

When our school first started distance learning I was not ready to set up virtual meetings with my students. I looked around and found information on Pinterest about FlipGrid. The first 2 videos posted on my grid were just fun ways for students to see each other. But now I have really connected it to curriculum with students looking on Epic and posting book reviews and taking virtual field trips and posting commercials. As a teacher the Disco Library gives lots of topics to try out too. So why the 4 stars? It is very hard for students to understand where to see feedback on their videos. I had to create my own video and post it to my Google Classroom for them to understand where to find feedback.

- Cumbersome and frustrating (Hate it)

This app is difficult to navigate. Every time you click on something a new tab opens and before you know it there are 8 tabs of Flipgrid open. The “share” button doesn’t link to a place where students can respond. It sends them to a video without a way to interact. If I weren’t required to learn to use this app I would have deleted it immediately. If I’m having this much trouble using it I can’t imagine trying to get my students to use it. Flipgrid, it’s a little self-indulgent to require teachers to follow on social media platforms and leave reviews in order to receive a badge. Make the app with a better user interface and I wouldn’t need to be prompted to leave a decent review. (*Customer service has not responded to my email asking for help. I’m sure they are overwhelmed with new users since so many are required to use it so that’s understandable, for now. )

- Flipgrid during a pandemic

During this time of distance learning, I have integrated Flipgrid with my elementary Google Classrooms. Many students/parents were having a hard time attaching videos to assignments, so I wanted to make it easier for them to record responses (that takes up less storage on their phones!). It has been a fun and useful tool to connect with my students while we’re all at home. I appreciate the ability to moderate posts, though, I wish there was a setting where all of MY responses were automatically “activated,” because it does take a long time to manually activate each my videos in addition to the students my videos. I’m the music teacher, so I have the entire school (about 300 students) in my classes!

- My Students are Flipping over Flipgrid!

All I have to do is say the word Flipgrid and my students cheer and listen! This app allows my learners to share their their voice in an authentic way. First of all, it’s the way they love to learn! Secondly, it encourages speaking and listening soft skills that my students so desperately need. It’s GREAT for my ELL learners too. They can learn from their peers by listening to their videos and they hear themselves as they practice proper speech. It allows me to differentiate assessments and give instant feedback. But the reason I truly love Flipgrid is because helping me build stronger relationships with my students... the loud ones that always want to share and the quiet ones I rarely hear from! My teacher heart is happy!

- Flipgrid on phone

This app for iPhone is clunky for teachers, as it wants to open things up in Safari like a webpage instead of opening things up in the actual app. Usually if you have the app you will be prompted to continue in the app. This works almost backwards and doesn’t even ask to go to a web browser. I hope it isn’t so clunky for students to record things on the app. Also, flipgrid is pretty shameless about asking teachers to follow them on social media. It’s a decent program on the computer for what it does and that alone should create the word of mouth stir that flipgrid seeks. If it useful & easy for teachers to use, people will talk about it and more teachers will use it - with or without following flipgrid on Twitter and the like.

- Flipgrid is one of my favorite tools

As a Spanish teacher, you need ways to encourage students to speak. Flipgrid is a great way to get them talking. It is very easy to access for them and allows the flexibility to record in app as well as upload clips that have been recorded previously. It is easy to create and manage topics and submissions right on your phone, tablet or laptop. As an IPhone app it is very easy to use. It remembers your recent grids to give you a shortcut. I can seamlessly view as a student or login to my educator dashboard. You can easily scan or enter Flipgrid codes. There are so many useful features in the app you don’t have to use a desktop or laptop to use the program. I love it.

- Student Engagement & Excitement

I’m a technology teacher and I’ve been introducing Flipgrid to my teachers and students this past school year. I have had an overwhelmingly positive response from both teachers and students. Teachers are loving it because it allows them offer multiple means of presentation for their students. Students are loving it because they have another option to show what they know besides a slideshow, paper, or poster. One suggestion - sometimes students need a little quiet to record videos, so let them sit in the hallway if you can or in quiet corners of the room to record! Can’t wait to use it even more the rest of the year as we prepare for Spring Exhibit Night!

- Flippin fantastic for theater teachers

As a performing arts teacher, I struggle with engagement during rehearsal periods. Are the students truly rehearsing their monologues, scenes or pantomimes? Even though I had check ins with my students, I did not have data to support their claims: “Of course I’m rehearsing.” Flipgrid offers tangible evidence that the standards are indeed being worked on. On Flipgrid, I designed 1st looks for a performance enabling the student to perform with low risks: they are at home or in a comfortable environment, not in front of a live audience, and it’s not the final performance assessment. Flipgrid allows me and other students to critique work in a positive manner. The rubric features ensures objectivity, and the video response offers personal commentary. My Students live Flipgrid and so do I.

- One of my faves!

One of the best things about being a educator is getting to put ❤️ into the work we do every day. Flipgrid gets it and has built a fabulous tool to engage students and teachers in the love of learning. This is a user-friendly app that really capitalizes on the relationships we build with our students and colleagues. It is extremely community oriented and is great for building confidence and communication skills through collaboration and community building. I have yet to find a better tech tool for helping my students creatively and safely share their voices to teach and learn from each other. The Flipgrid network of educators invested in inspiring and celebrating other educators is amazing! Love it!

- Tooooooooooo Long

I agree that it is not fair to a lot of people but it is disappointing to but I am mad on mobile devices it takes forever to upload your videos and on my computer it takes about five seconds dude what the heck it should not take that long to upload a tiny little video and on my computer even if I do it full length it takes five seconds so please load quick can you add a comic filter look please cause just cause and make everything even and fair to all devices thank you please read this p.s. if it says lance molby that is not my name I am using my dad’s old phone and I do not have an Apple account yet anyways byeeeeeeeee

- Total engagement

I teach middle school students who struggle to respond to what they read. A lot of them have great ideas but to write it out in an essay would take them more time to process. Flipgrid allows my students who struggle with writing to respond with those ideas without having to spell or do sentence formation. They have a voice and they are engaged! They enjoy the selfie option at the end with the sticker enhancements. They love watching each other’s videos. They like that they can redo them as many times as they need to get it right (which they can’t do in an oral presentation). This has been a staple in my classroom for a while now and it is a great tool!

- Transformed My Teaching

I have been using Flipgrid in my classroom for a few years now and this company continues to amaze me! They constantly listen to teachers and what they would find useful with their app and makes it a reality for them. New features are being added or improved upon!! This has truly transformed my teaching! My students are more engaged and motivated in my lessons which I use Flipgrid. It is so easy for me to implement a quick activity on the fly! This is such a great tool for long term assessments, showing growth over time, collaboration globally and locally, connecting with parents and community members, and so so much more! I would give this 1000🌟if I could!!

- from the students perspective...

I can see how this app is supposed to be helpful in learning but from a students perspective it’s more stressful than helpful. From reading these reviews most teachers love this app while the students dislike it. This is probably because it’s very nerve-racking to have to post a video of yourself for your entire class to see. It makes students very uncomfortable and anxious. I think that if there was an option as to who is allowed to view your video it would make this app 10x better. I’m hoping someone will listen to this suggestion and make it so that you can choose to have only your teacher be allowed to watch your videos. This way, both the students and teachers can enjoy using this app and the students won’t have to deal with the huge amount of stress and anxiety that comes with making these videos:)

- Flipgrid - connections

Flipgrid has been the app I’ve used most for fostering community and student engagement. Especially unique is the huge amount of support online from the Flipgrid team and community. Soooo many innovative ideas! Constant opportunities to train and to develop your skills, or to learn to app smash with your other favorite apps. Easy to master the basics, then the community will help you connect and learn even more. They are responsive to teachers’ needs and are adding great features all the time: Screencasting, digital whiteboards, lessons in the Disco library. And it is completely free. No hidden levels of membership. Microsoft supports teachers and learners with this gift!

- Flipgrid Saves the Day

I had downloaded the app and set up my account last summer, with the full intentions of using it this school year. Right before school started we got hit with a new reading program that took so much time that we haven’t been able to do anything fun. Flash forward to now and the schools being shut down and the students learning from home. I introduced my 8th graders to Flipgrid this week and it is giving us a fun engaging way to communicate as we do distance learning. It has done this teacher’s heart so much good to be able to see and hear from my students after weeks of not seeing them. Thank you Flipgrid!

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- It’s Okay but could use some improvement

It’s a great concept and idea but please make it so you don’t have to restart filming the whole vid if you mess up halfway through the recording. Its also very hard to edit and quite limited. Overall it’s good but someone could use this idea and easily make it much better.

- How Flipgrid changed my teaching

I teach at the University of Melbourne in the Bachelor of Oral Health degree. I cannot express in enough words how starting to use Flipgrid has changed my teaching. Students used to capture weekly reflections as part of their clinical practice and file the paperwork and never review it again. I have had the students record their experience and then at the end of each semester they review their own mix tape and report on it. They will be following this through their whole three years of their degree. I think there is so much more that I can do with Flipgrid and I’m so inspired to try. I appreciate being part of the #hiddengems awards. It has made my year

- Amazing easy to use teaching tool

Flipgrid has really been amazing in these Covid times & distance learning. I’ve used it for student feedback & although fairly new to using it, am excited at the possibilities with it. The first default topic in there is amazing for getting students started with using it. My students could easily complete the task, and do it by themselves while learning remotely from home, even though I hadn’t even introduced them to Flipgrid in prior face- to- face teaching at school, before this whole Covid situation.

- Great for everyday use

I am a teacher who has had to very quickly upskill due to the move to online teaching. I found Flipgrid and have loved it! I can record up to 10 minutes of video, which is great for recapping lessons and introducing new content. I then have them provide feedback via the video link. I have had students talk more to me via video than they ever have in class! I’m looking forward to continuing to use this app even when we are back in school.

- Access all learners

As an educator, this app has been brilliant during the remote learning setting. It provides a setting that allows students to give the voice. It allows other students to listen & learn & provide peer feedback. It has provided student connection during a period of isolation. This is one technology I’ll still incorporate into face to face teaching :))

- FlipGrid made the transition to online learning seamless

FlipGrid has been amazing during Covid-19 it has provided a safe way for students to continue to engage in the practical aspects of certain subjects while remote learning. I have been using it for performing arts subjects eg dance etc and it has been awesome as it still keeps my students dancing. I’m excited to keep exploring its full potential!

- This is the best app ever

Hi I’m a nerd that likes to do coding and is a very nerdy person dab on them haters i dont know why I still get bullied but apparently its because i still watch Logan Paul an d jake popular Disney show but yes its a very good app I’m sorry i went on a ranting but yes. Jake Paul is my favourite YouTube’s and Logan Paul’s suicid forest is the best vid that he has ever made thank flor viewing this this has been really with y’all bye jake Paulers (dabs on haters)

- Great Impact on Students

I’m a teacher in Australia and I have begun using FlipGrid as a way of getting my students to journal their thoughts and ideas about things we have been studying. It’s turned our classroom into a community of learning more willing to share their changing understanding of the world around them and to upskill them in digital content creation.

- New user

Love the easy interface for students. The app looks just like the web version making it easy for the students to go from one to the other, and means they can access Flipgrid wherever they are.

- New to this

Like many other teachers, I’m new to the whole online education thing. I heard good things about FlipGrid from a NSW DoE course and I implemented it straight away. The initial setup was a little clunky, but seemed to go smoother in the iOS app rather than the website. Keen to see how it will help my students have a voice!

- Great for kids

Love using the Flipgrid app with my class, the app version is great with kids to leave their responses but I prefer a web browser to set tasks.

- New User - Love it

I’m a primary school teacher in and have only just discovered Flipgrid and its App. Very happy I have as it’s coming in handy for remote learning as well as giving my students a voice! Happy teacher!

- Maybe just a glitch

I started off on the website when I went into the website it told me to give it my password I gave my password. Once I get it my password it told me to download the app. So I downloaded the app I just didn’t let me into the app. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or something like that but I wasn’t that impressed.

- Makes student video submissions easy!

Flipgrid has solved a big problem - how to set video-based assignments for students and gather their responses easily. Love that it works across all platforms and even better - it’s free

- Flipgrid has made my online lessons awesome!

This is the MUST USE Edtech app for all teachers. Students are able to share creative video responses with EASE. Thank you to flipgrid for being a free service for educators around the world.

- Flippin’ Awesome

So far I am in love with this app and how it enables us to stay connected as a school and learning community even tho we are all working remotely at the moment. Get this is you want to engage your kiddos, they’ll love it.

- Keep Getting kicked out

I have been using flipgrid for a bit now. But now that I have updated it, I cannot go into any of my classes. If I try, it loads and takes me back to my home screen

- Great for recording ideas and responses

I’ve found this app to be a handy tool to gather student responses. It provides an easy platform to raise questions and record responses, ideas and feedback.

- Awsome and helpful

This app is awesome and helpful because I can use the post it note to make me look at the screen whilst reading what i want. i highly recommend this app

- Love it!

My staff and I love using Flipgrid! It’s fun and easy to use meaning our virtual students can easily share ideas and learn from each other, regardless of their location.

- It really really really good doesn’t lag it’s not slow it’s perfect for online school

It’s really really really good it doesn’t lag it is fast and it is perfect for online school

- Easy interaction with students

A great way to assess speaking and listening, a fun way to share work and give power to peer feedback. Great for teachers to create instructional videos.

- No writing required

This has allowed me to engage more students in submitting reviews, critiques and idea generation than with pen and paper or text based application. Thank you Richard B

- Great tool

Great tool to use with interactive features to make learning engaging. I would recommend teachers or homeschool parents to use this tool.

- Flipgrid rocks for student voice!

I live using flipgrid in my flipped classroom. It’s an engaging, fun and relevant way to gain honest student voice. My students love communicating their learning this way!!

- Easy and fun

A great too for the kids and easy for teachers to operate and make their work. I am enjoying this.

- Love Flipgrid

What a great tool for engaging learners both in and out of school. So simple and easy to use for all age groups. Is a great way to engage parents as well.

- Please Read This Flip Grid!

Please can you set the video limit to 30 minutes or no limit at all. If you do I will give you a 5 star rating and I will tell my friends to give you a 5 star rating as well. Please make the change. But for now I will give you a 1 star rating. THANKS

- Rating

You guys are so good and are easy to film with. I love flip grid. Make sure to keep it up

- Brilliant!

Flipgrid gives opportunities for all learners to share their voice in the classroom. It is an amazing teaching and learning tool.

- Love this app!

This app helps me with my learning and I can have so much fun and I can comment. That is why I LOVE this app!🥰

- Incredible social learning platform

Thanks Flipgrid for empowering student voice!

- Great job

It is good for learning

- Students point of view

Get it, it’s amazing

- Loving it

It’s made such a big difference to our language teaching! Love it

- Love love love it!

Flipgrid is without a doubt the EASIEST and FUNNEST video response platform for me and my students. I love it!

- Yeet

I use this app at school and it has helped alot

- Difficult to use and insecure.

This app is used so commonly even though it’s so terrible and it also has no ability to make your videos private.

- Yeet

You can horse a round and it’s educational for everyone

- Best video maker ever

This is amazing to use.

- Bad

This app is buggy and constantly glitching out and crashing. Hope this gets taken off the app store

- Flipgrid convert

Amazing - simple, flexible and cross platform/device

- Flipgrid is bad

Flipgrid is really bad. I find it really laggy and I can’t get anything done. They need to update this ASAP

- Why I hate FlipGrid

FlipGrid is the worst app in the world. It’s so bad and buggy and I want it removed from the App Store.

- It good

Just yeah

- Great app for a great education and future

This app allows students to share their videos with everyone, this saves time for marking and students can compliment or complain about each other’s videos helping the creator get better. Flipgrid can help with anyone lacking in social skill or speech skills and can help students boost their confidence. Overall I would definitely recommend this to both teachers and students!

- It no work :(

Why you bully me


bruh u have to update I can’t use it on iPad IOS 2011 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡



- Incredible

This is an amazing opportunity and fun app i recommend this app to students all ages keep up the good work and don’t listen to them haters.

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- So many questions

How do I delete my videos when I post it? And how can you edit what you wrote in the description of the video once it’s posted?

- why

I really dislike that there are no privacy settings for this. I feel uncomfortable with people other than my teacher being able to view my video. Please add a feature that allows users to set privacy on their video. It’s also a big waste of storage on my phone.

- fix this

I don’t like how this app has no privacy. I don’t like how the video is shown to the whole class that’s in the Flipgrid. This gives me no privacy at all, if this were to only go to the teacher that made the Flipgrid I would be fine but this goes to everyone in the class and I just feel uncomfortable doing that. Please add something where we can choose if we either wanna share it with the whole class or a specific person.

- This app is terrible.

I spent an entire 2 hours working on a school project, and I lost the whole thing because of an uploading bug. I ended up missing the due date, and now I have this project to do, while the rest of the class continues on with new work. You can’t save videos, which is simply stupid. If I can’t finish in one session, I lose the entire thing.

- Don’t like

There is no privacy, everyone can hear my thoughts and opinions. I want only my teacher to hear them

- No privacy

No privacy

- Flipgrid for distance learning

With the COVID-19 pandemic we are quickly working to become experts on online learning. I enjoy seeing my students excited faces and joy in being able to see one another. Looking forward to being able to see my students demonstrating their learning more with this!

- Really trash

This app has no privacy

- Terrible

Bad app uses way to much data and always crashes when i use it!

- ??

it used up 7.8G of data? i had it on for less than ten minutes. not impressed.

- Poopoo

It poopoo

- Garbage

It is terrible since there is no privacy and you can't edit a video u posted and have to do it all again

- Pretty Traumatizing

Teachers always using this app to embarrass kids, not fun lol


it sucks so much it’s glitchy and uses all ur data and there is ZERO privacy. The teachers like it but we hate it so if ur a teacher DO NOT USE IT!!!

- Glitchy, Unpredictable, and No privacy.

I was forced to download this for school, and was met with 30 minutes of trouble to just upload one video. Not only that but all the videos are public, with no setting to change it. The compressing of an uploaded video freezes the app many times, and me and my friend both experienced this with different models of phones. (iPhone SE and iPhone X)

- Everyone give this one star so it gets removed and teachers cant give students work


- Horrible

I hate it it’s hurting my health

- Educators get a redirect

As the title of my review says, if your an educator you are given a redirect link from the app to your web browser, making the app entirely useless. Also students routinely report the app doesn’t work, and I have to tell them to use the browser... this app is useless no matter who you are. Student or teacher. It should be deleted and rebuilt from the ground up by a programmer who knows what they’re doing.

- Poop

Cause everyone said no privacy

- Horrible

This app is horrible I does not work I would put less the one star if I could the speak ends up lagging and completely messed up I wouldn’t recommend this app even to my worst enemy!!

- Buggy nightmare

Our teacher made us use this. No one in the class could log in on the app, the web version isn’t much better. Terrible and should be used as an example of how not to develop an app

- So bad

So bad so bad so bad so bad so bad so bad reason is so bad

- No no no I hate school

No I hate school

- Crashes when i try to use it

i can’t enter the app because it crashes. it also takes up way too much space. students also have no privacy.

- Horrible, yet teachers continue to use

There is no reason to use this. Google Classroom or D2L Brightspace is 1000x better than this app. -Everything has to be completed in one sitting. Nothing saves. Need to help a parent with something? You're screwed. Need to eat? You're screwed. Gotta visit grandma after her near-fatal stroke? You're screwed. -Privacy is non-existent on this app. People other than your teacher can see your video, whether it be classmates or people from other classes entirely. -Bugs are quite common on this app. This can be especially harmful when a project you've been working on for quite a while doesn't upload properly because of a glitch that should've definitely been fixed during quality assurance, and because projects don't save, the project is gone. Of course, teachers will continue to use this. They'll use anything with a modern look. They're like cats to a red dot.

- Useless app

This app is so useless why is this even a thing.i could probably record myself with a hp printer don’t download.

- Absolute trash.

The fact that teachers use this app for important things is just not good. This app says that my iPad’s internet is slow, but my internet is perfectly fine. Then right after that it says something like, “sorry we can’t upload your video” it’s certainly annoying. Fix your app.

- Bad

Super confusing and waste too much data

- 1 star

This app sucks, it’s very glitchy

- No Privacy

There’s no privacy settings, everyone in the groups can watch the video and I feel uncomfortable sharing it to anybody other than my teacher.

- This is a awful app

I got this app to do some school projects, but when I made my project that took 3 hours to make, it just didn’t upload it to my teacher! We ended up not being able to do the project again and I got bad marks, only because this app did not have a stable uploading system! The app is a total waste of your time. Just ask your teacher to do it using your camera instead.

- Annoying App.

This app is very hard to use. It deleted so many of my videos because it started crashing. It’s also not private and it bothers me because I feel uncomfortable to talk in front of a camera knowing that everybody in the Flipgrid class will be there. Please fix these things NOW.

- Terrible App

User interface is garbage, you have to enter stupid codes for everything, there’s no HTML Java inscription, so no privacy whatsoever. Absolute disgrace of an app

- Please stop

Why can everyone see my videos??

- Bad

Really bad for privacy reasons

- Please change

People can steal ideas if they see you’re video I would really appreciate you would add a privacy setting so only teachers can see you’re work I feel extremely nervous and uncomfortable with other classmates seeing my videos

- No

I don’t like this I don’t wanna do this

- Hard to use

I cant get in and when I do there is not privacy and/or privacy settings and this app is very glitchy

- No

Just no

- ????¿

it doesn’t let me submit anything and keeps kicking me out and i can’t upload it on anything and i tried the website and it’s just a huge waste of storage i don’t understand it at all. and you can’t submit anything privately which is really frustrating.

- It’s okay

It’s a pretty good app except for that anyone can view and download my video.

- Doesn’t work

This stupid app doesn’t even work! And when you have a project that’s due on it and the camera doesn’t even work even when allowed access, it is complete and utter garbage! Fix these issues!

- Privacy

Please add a privacy button or something. It feels uncomfortable letting other people see my stuff...

- This app sucks

I can’t even sign up with my google account because the keyboard comes up halfway across the screen! So I can’t even log onto my account! FIX THIS BUG!

- Don’t not download this app

There is no privacy

- Low quality

Free apps like iMovie are significantly better than this. It’s a pointless feature that doesn’t add anything to what we can already do. No timelines, hard to review footage etc. Use any other app, it’ll be better.

- Unreliable

I spent an hour trying to finish a school assignment on this app and once I finally got what I want, this stupid app crashes and throws my work out the window and now I have to record the whole thing again, thanks

- No good

Once you mess up you either have to restart or just move on

- So forced

Like the app is kinda useless just record and upload to google drive... hate how this was forced onto us students.

- No privacy luv

Pls add a way so only your teacher can see the videos im not trying to have my peers see my ugly face. 0/10

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- My opinion

I’m really self conscious about my appearance so having my teachers force me to use this app was hell. Not only that, but the one time I actually used it, I lost all of the footage because the delete button was inconveniently placed. Fourth five minutes of film for a group project. Gone. We managed to finish it the next class, but I still don’t like the app. However, if the app is used for non educational reasons, it’s hella fun. Even when we were filming for our project, we had fun acting and putting on voices. Granted it isn’t necessarily a positive about the app and more about how you use it, I think that the app is good for some people. But personally, I don’t like it. I do recommend it for people who are comfortable with their faces on video though!

- So Much More Than An Edtech Tool!

Edtech comes and goes. And more often than not, it goes...goes away! But Flipgrid is so much more than a tool in the overcrowded edtech space. It’s a communication tool. It’s a connection tool. It’s an empowerment tool. Students can communicate and connect with each other. Students can communicate and connect with teachers. Students can communicate and connect with a global audience all through the simple steps presented in Flipgrid. Reply via audio and video to a prompt, a question, a concern. Keep connections private or public. You, the teacher, decide. If you haven’t given Flipgrid a spin, do so now. You won’t be disappointed. Plus, it’s FREE!

- Unbelievably Empowering!

This app and online tool has been the platform to empower my students and completely change the dynamic of my classroom! It has quickly become a favorite of mine! It’s an awesome tool to use in so many ways!!! Students can show content mastery, express themselves creatively, encourage one another, and support learning for themselves and others along the way! Families are even more connected to their child’s learning now thanks to Flipgrid! I have also had the pleasure of teaching many colleagues about this tool! Many have ignited learning in their own classrooms as well because of Flipgrid! Thank you so much for all you’re doing!

- I’ve got the #FlipgridFever! 🔥

Flipgrid is an AMAZING platform that is particularly user friendly... especially with younger students! It creates opportunities for students to share their learning in an engaging way! I love that Flipgrid continues to update its platform by making it even more engaging! There are so many fantastic integrations with other apps/platforms as well! It is also a great way to integrate those speaking and listening standards that tend to get overlooked! As a digital integration specialist delivering district PD to teachers, the response from educators regarding the platform has been astoundingly positive! Many teachers leave the trainings excited and anxious to integrate this tool in their classroom!

- Great to use in higher ed

I teach a grad-level course with hundreds of students. During the pandemic, this was a great way for students to see each other as individuals and learn more about their classmates. One problem: The platform only allows for video interaction. It would be fantastic if students could view videos and comment in written form. I can imagine that if this were possible each student would likely receive more copious feedback (i.e. encouragement) from peers. However, since the current system only allows one to record a video to comment, I think many students just decide not to go through the hassle. Peer engagement should be made easier.

- Flipgrid is Fantastic!

I recently joined the Flipgrid Movement and the only regret I have is, “Why didn’t I start this sooner?!” My students are loving Flipgrid!!! It’s an amazing tool that can easily be incorporated in any classroom. It’s very user friendly and easy to set up in case you aren’t tech savvy! Once students get started on a grid, they wont want to stop! My Flipgrid “experts” have shared their thoughts through book talks and responses to important topics discussed in class; we recently collaborated with other classrooms at our campus, too!!! I’ve enjoyed seeing my students feel confident and excited to record themselves and share their thoughts and collaborate with their peers.

- Authentic peer feedback!

I’ve loved using Flipgrid in both my English and history classes as a way of providing quality peer review experiences. Talking with peers or filling out a lengthy peer review checklist can be daunting. With Flipgrid, my students can curate their comments and customize their response in ways that were previously impossible in traditionally formatted class discussion. Recently, we again turned to Flipgrid to post quick research findings in the form of broadcasts. Even my most reluctant students loved the chance to talk, edit, and synthesize their information about the Cuban sugar trade in real time. So grateful for this tool and its promotion of friendly, focused feedback.

- Authentic peer feedback!

I’ve loved using Flipgrid in both my English and history classes as a way of providing quality peer review experiences. Talking with peers or filling out a lengthy peer review checklist can be daunting. With Flipgrid, my students can curate their comments and customize their response in ways that were previously impossible in traditionally formatted class discussion. Recently, we again turned to Flipgrid to post quick research findings in the form of broadcasts. Even my most reluctant students loved the chance to talk, edit, and synthesize their information about the Cuban sugar trade in real time. So grateful for this tool and its promotion of friendly, focused feedback.

- Good but needs few improvements

I love this app and its really easy to use, but there’s one problem. When I upload a custom sticker on to the video, it doesn’t let me resize it to how I want it to be. For example, on the computer there are those dots that go around the picture that you can drag to resize it, but those don’t show up on this app. Also sometimes it glitches really bad and everything becomes pixelated and he wrong I was surprised to see that the app wasn’t exactly like the computer version , and sorry if I’m like overreacting but I would definitely update this review to 5 stars if these problems were fixed.

- Easy to use, all-around platform

I am a college music teacher and have been using flipgrid for a few weeks now since our classes have gone online. I have been tremendously impressed by how flipgrid strikes a balance between being feature rich and user friendly. My students like that it is simple to use and it makes asynchronous learning user-friendly. There is a great community of users that have excellent tips and ideas for how to deliver content and use the platform. Flipgrid also links to Canvas which is the LMS we have at my university. I would highly recommend this product.

- Staying Connected

I was introduced to Flipgrid during tech training in my district this year. I kept coming back to ‘how could this be used with my students who have significant learning challenges.’ Then COVID19 happened and schools were closed. I have been using it as a tool to have parents take videos of their student doing something at home. It has been more awesome than I could have imagined and such a wonderful way to stay connected with families and for peers and therapists to see what the students are doing. Once this outbreak is finished, there will be new ways for me to use Flipgrid with students. I’m hooked!

- Flip. Lang. Love.

FlipGrid has changed the way I assess speaking entirely! Before, students used to dread having to sit face-to-face with me and I always noticed that they were extremely nervous. FlipGrid has given them the platform to not only speak in a setting that makes them more comfortable, but allows them to express themselves and fuse aspects of social media with education. I love that my quiet students are able to be heard and given feedback immediately, I love when they include things from their house in their videos, and I love when they ask me if I liked their selfie at the end of the clip. This program is truly wonderful.

- Amazing platform

We have been using FlipGrid at our school for a long time. We started using the app first to share our thinking with each other, then moved to using it to connect with reader partners for Global Read Aloud Day. When we went to distance learning, we embraced it to connect with each other through morning meetings, daily messages, publishing parties, virtual talent shows, digital yearbook, and I’m sure for many more purposes that we are yet to uncover on our journey. Grateful to all the cheering on from the FlipGrid team, incredible support and a fantastic community. The very essence of the tool itself.

- Flipgrid for Music

I’ve been using Flipgrid in my music classes this year and it has been a game-changer. I started by having third grade students perform playing tests on their recorders and they love it! It gives me more time in the classroom to work with struggling students and it keeps students engaged both inside and outside of the classroom. I have incorporated Flipgrid with my band students as well, and I have seen the amount of time that they are practicing at home increase to get the “perfect take.” Now that we are teaching remotely, Flipgrid has been a great way to keep in touch with my students and have them communicate with me.

- Flipgrid in the music room review

During this NTI season I have really gotten to know flipgrid and it’s amazing used. As a music teacher singing and creating music with others is a big part of our world. Flipgrid has made creating music with possible with my students possible. In the first few weeks of NTI I created the idea of having my students learn the national anthem. I asked each of them to create a flipgrid video of them singing the national anthem. With the videos students could see each other and sing along with one another. They could finally make music together all thanks to flipgrid.

- A Horrible experience

Don't even think that Flipgrid support exists: When you email the address they give you to use for support, you receive a stock message saying "Flipgrid estimated Support Wait Time is 8 Days" (perhaps they should have named the app FlipOff?). Awesome!! And don't dare consider consulting their website for instructions on how to do anything within their app -- all the instructions are for some earlier prior versions of the app, so none of the steps actually exist, let alone work! This cr(app) was chosen by my son's school to support his "virtual high school"....but not a single one of the functions the district selected this waste of digital space can be used, nor does FlipOff (oops) support any of those functions. If this app is suggested to you, just turn and run and get something far less painful, like electroshock therapy.

- New to Flipgrid and glad

Hi 👋🏽 I recently started using flipgrid, in fact this week I created my first assignment. I am more than happy that I have begun to use it. Students are better at speaking and getting their points across were many than happy to try something more fun and exciting. I can’t wait to do more with flipgrid as I feel it’s a different way to assess students and their knowledge of a given topic. This way of learning is useful for any student level. If allows to become more vocal and begin speaking, with out have to stand in front of a class. Glad to be a part of the team.

- I love it!

Flipgrid has proven to be one of the uniquest ways for me to get my students to share their knowledge of the content we are currently studying in class. I have loved using it with them because it isn’t a struggle at all! It’s super user friendly, it’s something they actually WANT to participate in, and it keeps them 100% engaged. It’s also user friendly on the teacher end because it allows you to provide feedback to your students, as well as, to grade their submissions with in the app. The only upgrade I’d love to see added would be to allow the educator to transfer grades given within the app to google classroom.

- Flipgrid is THE BEST!

I am a first year educator and have found that Flipgrid totally saved me during distance learning this year. We used Flipgrid throughout the entire year - to talk about things we did over a break, share a STEM invention, use our comprehension skills to retell a story, and more! And now, it’s been the best way to communicate with my students and see them everyday during distance learning!!! I love that Flipgrid empowers student voices and allows them to be creative and independent. I’m so grateful to have the app version for my phone to check if my students have posted new videos throughout the day.

- Student Review

I have used Flipgrid in three of my classes, and it has worked well both on computer and phone. Personally I prefer it to live presentations, because we (students) can pause to switch speakers or redo the video entirely if we mess up, and you can view other people’s videos whenever and however many times you want. It has also been a good platform for distance learning since our school has had to close temporarily due to the virus. With Flipgrid our teachers are able to easily see videos we submit since we can’t have in-person interactions.


I have to record a video through flipgrid for Spanish class and I used multiple clips by starting and stopping the video. Near the end of my video, my screen was black and my clips disappeared. There was no way out of this screen without losing all of my footage so I lost all of my footage. I just decided to reshoot everything and I didn’t think it would happen again. But, of course, at the very end when I finished the last shot, I got a black screen. The submit button was on the screen though and I tried to submit the video but now when I checked the app again my video didn’t show up and now I have to reshoot again but I’m out of time for today. This bug should be fixed immediately as I wasted an hour of my time where now have to reshoot on a busier night than I was hoping for.

- Empowering! 💚

As an ELA/ESL teacher, I cannot recommend another tool for building confidence in the classroom. With Flipgrid, students feel empowered to share their ideas, concerns and understanding. Students understand that their voice is heard and above all, valued. Flipgrid has allowed my most reluctant English learner to speak up in front of his peers. With the many features that Flipgrid offers, it has become the go-to tool in my classroom. It is easy to appsmash with other apps and the fact that I can add copilots makes this a great tool to collaborate and to monitor student progress. Flipgrid doesn’t only empower students, but teachers as well!

- My Students are in LOVE with Flipgrid

As a middle school theatre teacher I often need to see that my students can perform a skill, but don’t always have the time or desire to devote a full class day to individual performances before they’re ready for the unit’s final assessment. Flipgrid allows me to formatively assess my students’ abilities while letting them be the creators of their own content. My students are always excited to use Flipgrid in our classroom, and love watching their own videos as well as others’. Flipgrid is easy for students to access and use, and supports a collaborative, innovative, and creative classroom.

- Top three educational tools out there!

I love Flipgrid and all the skills that it helps students to build in correlation with the standards I am already teaching! It is so important that we continue to allow time for students to develop their verbal communication skills, practice poise and tone, all while communicating in creative ways. Students can communicate and learn with some one in the room, down the hall, across the county or even across the world! Flipgrid is the paper towel of education! It soaks up all the possibilities and it continues to grow each day. I use it for everything and can’t believe I ever taught without it!

- Excellent teaching tool!

Flipgrid is such a great tool to use within the classroom! There are so many uses for such a variety of things - formative assessments, review, book talks, parent teacher conferences, students teaching other students (or adults) - the ideas are truly endless! The app is also really user friendly, so there isn’t much of a learning curve when you’re getting started. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to bring in a new way or teaching, anyone looking for a new way to spice up their teaching or just anyone who likes to bring engaging teaching tools into the classroom!

- It’s just terrible.

First of all, if this app didn’t exist teachers wouldn’t be forcing us to film ourselves, embarrass ourselves, and give countless children/students panic attacks. Secondly, which is an actual function issue, you have to put on all the effects, images, words, etc while filming the actual video instead of afterwards during the editing process, which is frankly just really inconvenient. Also you can’t log in very easily, I had to first open the link to get into my classroom (in flipgrid) via Schoology, which already doesn’t work well, open it in Safari, find that the log in options didn’t work and that there were only two, and finally it made me download this app to do the assignment. To any teachers who may be reading this, please for the love of god stop assigning flipgrid.

- Best video sharing app for elementary

I teach elementary - library. Students use Flipgrid most often to do book reviews. They build their communication skills when they are creating. They love watching each other’s to get new book ideas. When they return a book, I ask, “Did you like it? Then do a Flipgrid review!” We watch the best via mixtape feature in class and give feedback, always improving. Flipgrid is always adding new features based on teacher feedback. They are a part of the larger Ed community on Twitter, at conferences etc. It feels like an app you can trust and will be around.

- Changing student responses

Flipgrid has changed the way students respond to prompts. Instead of writing all the time, students are able to submit their responses in a new and different way. The updates are also revolutionizing. The different filters and stickers allow the students that don’t like speaking in front of others the opportunity to disguise their faces. This is not only great for use with students but also with staff development and reflection as well as allowing parents to interact with their children in completely different media that is simple to learn and use.

- Impactful Tool and Resource to Virtual/Remote Learning!

What an awesome tool to strengthen my lessons, especially during this time of remote learning. This tool has shown that sometimes scholars appreciate more hearing instructions rather than having to read them, despite how short and brief we make our written instructions. Plus, when they are unable to join virtual class meetings, this makes them feel more at ease that they can still access a recording of what you need them to receive for instruction. Awesome, awesome awesome tool!!! Highly recommend for all learning levels!

- Flipgrid Fun Learning

This appears to be an outstanding tool for all ages in the classroom. I’m new to Flipgrid but filled with excitement over the possibilities! It is a great tool for allowing young students (and all ages)to discuss and talk about what they are learning. Young students want to verbally make connections about what they are learning but aren’t necessarily interested in sitting and listening to more than one or two other students share. Because the teacher can control the time, it works in a way that nobody gets their feelings hurt. Flipgrid allows for creative expression which may help engage the interest of others and I could foresee it even peaking their interest for wanting to hear what a classmate or two is sharing. Because I’m new, I’ve had some first timer panic moments/questions. They were quick to respond (same day within an hour or two) and didn’t just send me a link to reread. Try at least making one grid and you’ll be hooked:)

- Teaching Teachers to Empower Students

I have the pleasure of being able to teach teachers how to integrate technology into their classrooms. By far, one of the most powerful tools to promote deep learning is video. Giving all learners the ability to quickly record their thoughts based on a prompt is a stroke of genius. Flipgrid takes this to the next level, encouraging everyone to share their voice, and providing a platform on which users can (easily) be creative while recording. Sharing is even cooler with the Flipgrid AR camera, scanning a QR and displaying the video on any surface! My teachers and I LOVE Flipgrid!!!

- Flipgrid is AWESOME

First off, as a Band Director, it is sometimes hard to do that “integrate technology” thing in a meaningful way that actually makes life easier. Flipgrid, however, is one of the few apps that makes it easy. I use it as a way to do music pass offs, and it has made the process so much easier and quicker. Students can do videos outside of the “precious” rehearsal time (at home, in a practice room outside of class time, wherever), and then at the end of the week, I can just watch the videos and give feedback both in video form and in writing. It’s super useful and awesome to use.

- Necessity Especially in the Times we are Living Through!

I have been recommending Flipgrid to teachers for years! It can be used at any grade level, is easy for students to understand, and is essential to make connections when students are learning remotely. It’s great across content areas - from specials to core classes and is easy for even the most technically challenged to master. They have ready made lessons if you aren’t comfortable with making your own just yet. It’s such a great platform - every teacher should try it at least once (and you’ll love it!!)

- So helpful during remote learning

I was lucky enough to have used Flipgrid before we had to transition to remote learning. My students love it and it’s a great way to engage even the most reluctant learners in all grades. I realized during remote learning that it was also a great tool for ensuring a response from my students. Ease of use and the ability to respond on their own timeline made it much more likely that I would increase participation and get a chance to hear from everyone. It was also a great way for the students to respond to each other and build a sense of community while we were separated.

- Very useful. I like it. :)

Note - I have not used this app often, I recently just downloaded the app but if you still want to take my advice, that is fine. FlipGrid is an amazing app for school work and projects! Especially during a time like this with Virtual School and what so ever, I think this is a great app! Now, I haven’t done much on the app so I don’t know if their are many bugs, but I will include one thing: Their is a glitch where two emojis pop instead of one, which is what I want. Haven’t used it since then, still recommend using this amazing app!


Flip Grid has been a HUGE comfort for both myself and my students! Being able to see their precious faces and hear their sweet voices has made this time much easier. It has allowed us to stay connected and interact with each other while we have fun and continue to learn outside of school. I raved about Flip Grid to my first grade team and several of my team members joined in and signed up too! As a matter of fact, several other teachers from my school joined too! I absolutely LOVE Flip Grid and will continue to use it after this pandemic is over!

- Flipgrid Awesomeness!

I have been following Flipgrid on Twitter for awhile and have been so inspired by all the incredible teachers and how they are using Flipgrid to empower students! But, tbh, I was afraid to try it myself! However, I went online to their website and they provide FREE TRAINING AND WEBINARS that are so incredibly helpful! After the webinar I was off and running! Our school has shut down for two weeks due to Covid19 and I haven’t seen my kiddos in awhile so it was SO fun to see their sweet smiling faces! I can’t wait for all the amazing ways Flipgrid is going to enhance learning, boost engagement, and empower my students!

- Game changer

I’m a technology teacher in the elementary grades, servicing students k-5. With so many different ages and ability levels in my classes. It can be difficult to assess students who struggle with traditional techniques. Enter Flipgrid, this app allows me to assess students verbally on any topic I choose. The format allows for rich discussion that can go on at any time. With or without my presence. Students love the instagram style filters and emojis, so its high engagement. What’s more, It allows me to easily locate, organize and share responses. It’s an amazing tool that I would recommend every teacher try out.

- Great for school wide events.

Since we are missing the social aspect of learning during our virtual school year, Flipgrid has filled in that missing piece. We were able to use Flipgrid to show off our school wide spirit week. With the help of the disco library(examples), I look forward to using it for some projects in the future. I did take off one star since I can’t use the educators login on my app. That does make it hard to approve videos as soon as they are created. However I do love that feature that I can approve videos since middle schoolers aren’t always thinking before posting.

- Amazing to use with students

I was introduced to Flipgrid through college, and I wasn’t very happy with it then. Then while teaching I wanted to integrate techonology to make some of the work my students did more exciting. When I first started it was a little scary because they had to figure out how to use it. It was very easy, and my student loved it. He used it to record himself reading Quick Reads (a program used for fluency). He enjoyed it so much that he wanted to see himself read it. I never thought I would like the app this much, but it has done wonders.

- Great tool for flipped assignments

My middle and high school students can use this tool with ease from laptops or mobile devices. It’s a great way for them to respond with a video of their singing or playing and for me to give them quick visual and audio feedback as they work to improve performances. It’s also a time saver for tests, since students can submit at any time convenient for them. I can give a demo video of how to complete the assignment, which is much more efficient than typed instructions. Plan to use it even more this year!

- Super fun app, but is unreliable

This was a super fun app but the load speeds are unbearable. I’ve had to delete and re-download the app just so I can post a video. Just this morning I was trying to post a video and as I was selecting a frame for the cover the app crashed I just plan to go back in the app and recover the footage. But it wasn’t there it didn’t give me the option to continue to existing recording. Why? I spent a lot of time on that clip and because It didn’t save to my photos and it didn’t give me the option to continue the recording that footage is gone now. It’s gone. There’s nothing I can do so maybe you as app developers if you see this just do something please I’m very unhappy with the app right now.

- Flipping for Flipgrid

This is a tool that just keeps getting better, literally every month! I’ve recommended it regularly through my blog and to my colleagues. It’s great for student reflection, for students who are not comfortable speaking up during class, for teachers to share with their students, and more. The ability to upload images, use a whiteboard, and add text has transformed the videos we can make. Check out the Disco library for inspiration and easily add them to your grids. Once you try it, you and your students will be hooked!

- Breaking down walls

I have jumped into FlipGrid this year and kids are responding well! What I'm loving and they're loving too is the ability to talk with kids in other sections! Think about it, you only knew who was in your class and you'd be surprised when your friend has it too but at another time. I love the AR feature so kids can record and share with other people! It really is changing my classroom! I am also showing it off at a professional development I'm guest speaking at to help spread the word that this really is amazing and the possibilities are fantastic!

- Flipgrid is an amazing tool for the classroom with no walls

As a tech coach, flip grid is an amazing tool for the classroom! Teachers can use it in different classes, across platforms and give students a voice. I’ve seen more students engage when they’re able to create a video and explain their problem-solving skills and this gets them to the next level of education. If students can explain their work, you know they have learned what you have taught them! And flip grid can be used in so many ways! It’s only limited by your own creativity.

- Easy & Effective

First, the best thing about Flipgrid is the ease of use on both the student and teacher end. Plus, it’s easy to use on phones and chrome books making it even better. Second, I dig all the possibilities this platform provides and for FREE. Especially now that distance learning is the norm this is a great way to demonstrate skill/content knowledge but to connect personally with Ss and among Ss. I’m already going through the disco library to get ideas of how to counter limited face to face interaction. It’s on regular rotation in my class for good reason.

- Engaging

My kinders use this amazing app to read books and watch-listen to classmates books. They also record their thinking in math problems. I use at the beginning of the year for families to introduce themselves and to also create a “first day” message to kiddos. This easy to use app builds class community and bridges our class and families. I pose inquiry questions before my nonfiction unit and students voice what they think they know-during out unit we use flipgrid app to show our learning! There are SO many classroom uses to give kinders voice! Ease of use-Yes!

- Revolutionized my classroom

I’ve been using Flipgrid for 4 years now and I know I’ve only scratched the surface of all the amazing things that it can do to amplify students voices. I use it in my college level biology classes to teach introductory students and in my upper level courses to have students discuss research & share ideas about complex topics in a concise manner. I also use it to connect my classroom with other classrooms around the world. The things I see in my students via Flipgrid I never would have seen in an identical written prompt. In short, use it. It’s amazing.

- Flipgrid Flipping Classrooms

Even before we transitioned to teaching from home, Flipgrid was an excellent resource to use in my high school classroom. I am committed to preparing my students for the “real world,” and the world we live in is largely virtual. Recording/editing videos opens them up to new realms of confidence, and the website keeps their identities safe and takes their privacy seriously. This type of activity allows them to practice interviewing online, speaking with tone and inflection, and engaging their audience in ways they do not have access to in-person. AMAZING resource!

- Fantastic App for learning!

I love everything about Flipgrid and what it offers for both student and adult learners. We ask our students to “show what they know” and Flipgrid is an easy app that allows students to do just that. They love the filters and the opportunities to collaborate and see each other’s grids/videos. I also use this app with adults. They can give feedback on a discussion topic and it’s easy to use! This will be a platform/app we continue to use at our school even after distance learning is a thing of the past. 5 STARS

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The applications Flipgrid. was published in the category Education on 2013-11-22 and was developed by Flipgrid, Inc. [Developer ID: 1032859948]. This application file size is 66.3 MB. Flipgrid. - Education app posted on 2020-10-22 current version is 9.1.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.LTML.Flipgrid

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