Flipgrid. [Education] App Description & Overview

Flipgrid is where social learning happens. Used by millions of PreK to PhD students, educators and families around the world, Flipgrid helps learners of all ages find their voices, share their voices and respect the diverse voices of others.

Flipgrid is simple. Educators spark discussions by posting Topics to a classroom, school, professional learning community, or public Grid. Students record, upload, view, react, and respond to each other through short videos. Flipgrid is video the way students use video ... social, engaging and fun!

Flipgrid empowers student voice and builds global empathy through shared learning processes, stories and perspectives. Let's amplify!

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Flipgrid. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Flipgrid is simple. Engage and empower every voice in your classroom or community by recording and sharing short, awesome videos! Whether remote learning with your classmates or learning in the home, your community can share videos together from anywhere! This update to Flipgrid includes: • Improved handling for email domain authentication errors. • Resolved a navigation issue when coming from an integration. • Copy updates to help make Flipgrid more intuitive to use!

Flipgrid. Comments & Reviews

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- First grade teacher

I’m teaching online due to COVID- and have been using Flipgrid to communist team with my students. They love being able to respond at their leisure, and LOVE seeing each other’s responses as well. They can also communicate with each other by commenting on their peers presentations. I used “disco library” for ideas when I digest got started- there are a million awesome ideas that other teacher have used (and are able to see how many Other teachers used the same ones as well.) There are sooooo many cool features (can assign right to google classroom, can set it up but delay/schedule it’s rollout, you can delete inappropriate responses, record your own, but hide it until you are ready for it to be presented, add pics to the topics..... soo many more. I literally never had an issue with the technology part of using flipgrid (and I’m not a great techie person). Give it a try- you’ll love it!!

- Training

I really enjoy using the Flip grid app! It is a great way to involve technology into my classroom! I can’t wait to use it this upcoming school year!

- love flipgrid

i love flip grid especially during quarantine

- Easy for all ages!

I’ve started using FlipGrid with my preschool students during distance learning, and it has been awesome! It was optional for families this spring, as we further explored appropriate technology for this age level. Each family who tried it commented on the ease of use. ❤️

- Please add this😭

So please make live-streams because I love the app already with the cool videos editing and stuff but please add live streaming so we can talk faster instead of making a regular video not saying it’s bad but please add live-streams love the app!

- Love this app

There are so many ways I used this app I love the way it is easy to use and lends itself to any type of activity.

- Flipgrid is empowering!

Flipgrid engages students in their learning! It inspires them to explore their world and have fun doing so!

- Great tool!

Flipgrid is a great way to get students involved in activities. My students love to pose for the selfie!

- Impact!

Flipgrid has been a great and creative way to reach out to others during this crisis. I recommend it for anybody looking for a fun way to implement communication and learning!

- Can’t wait

I teach 3rd grade math and I can’t wait to be able to use this platform in my classroom next year. I’m sure my students will love this!

- Easy and powerful!

I’m excited to have spent valuable time learning to use Flipgrid and building a summer learning experience involving nature! This tool is taking away a little anxiety about fall, now that I know the possibilities!

- Flipgrid

I like the Flipgrid app. It looks like it will be fun to further explore.

- Amazing App

I can’t say enough great things about Flipgrid! It is a seamless way to communicate with students and teachers, as well as sending a web based video through “shorts”. Way to go, Flipgrid, on creating such a useful teaching tool!!

- We love Flipgrid!

Flipgrid is accessible and easy to use! Allows all student voices to be heard! Yay!

- Student Impact

I think that this platform gives all students a safe way to contribute to the classroom. Some students are shy speaking in front of others and they hardly ever volunteer to share what they know in front of the class. Flipgrid allows students to share their knowledge in a non-threatening manner.

- Impact on Learners

Flipgrid will have a great impact with my students because it will give them the opportunity to express their opinion without getting nervous. I really like that students can re-record themselves until they are comfortable enough to share their videos.

- New to Flipgrid

This platform is a new exciting voice for my students. I am so excited to see them branch out in areas they are confident in! I am also excited about challenging myself as the educator and presenting content in new ways!

- Newbie here

Just started using flipgrid but I can already see where this will be a great platform for my students. Student love these creative type applications and will thrive using it.

- :)

We love it!

- Flipgrid has helped

I have been using Flipgrid for 2 years. It has really helped my students to become more comfortable with speaking, writing and listening!

- Useful tool for classroom

I found this app to be useful for my students. I am looking forward to using it more next year.

- Boring and not fun

What is the point

- ☺️☺️

My students love flipgrid! It is amazing!!

- Student Friendly

This APP is great! So very student friendly!

- Student voice

Let your students be heard! This platform is amazing for students and educators! I love seeing the videos my students post after each day’s assignments! Empower them! Encourage them! And give them a voice!

- Engaging

My students are engaged by being able to post videos versus traditional methods. Anything that gets them engaged and interested is great in my book!

- Enjoyed It!

Loved using this with my students. Fairly new to it but will five more into it and see what else it has to offer. Will definitely be using this more with my students this year!

- Student voice

Empowering students to have a voice is leading them in the right direction to becoming an ideal citizen, and problem solver in today’s society!

- Firsties Flippin to Learn

My firsties have loved communicating with Flipgrid. We’ve used it in class and with another class through GridPals. We kept learning and communication going through a pandemic using Flipgrid!

- Great app!

As a newbie to Flipgrid, I am enjoying the app. Students seem to be motivated by getting to talk openly and freely, and they love the filters, emojis, and such. So far, so good!!!

- Life Changing!

I was introduced to Flipgrid a few years ago. However, we weren’t a 1-1 school, so I really did t explore it too much. Now that we are distance-learning, I tried it out. I love it! I see myself using this in so many ways, especially after playing around with it and attending trainings. Flipgrid has endless possibilities!

- Empowering Students

A great tool to spotlight student voice in the classroom. So many different ways to use as a part of a teacher’s curriculum and is fun.

- Great Resource

Flipgrid is a great resource to use during Distance Learning!

- Great app for student interaction

I loved Flipgrid app, especially during the distance learning period. It was very useful for students to interact with each other in a whole but yet fun different way. I teach First Grade and my kids totally loved participating using Flipgrid app. Will continue to use it.

- Great Expectations!!!

I am looking forward to start using this useful teaching tool next year.

- Review

Flipgrid is an amazing tool. Can’t wait to utilize it with my students.

- Math Talk

Flipgrid Fridays are days my students look forward to so they can share the work they’ve done on Thinking Thursday. This app is easy for them to use and upload their responses. They find using the QR code convenient to use and prefer it over using the chromebooks. There have only been a few times the app glitched but I am not sure if it was the app or the wifi dropping.

- Teacher

I can’t wait to use Flipgrid with my students. They will love it!!!

- 21st century learning

Flipgrid is a way to push my students outside of their comfort zone, and practice on their oral presentation skills. This app allows student voice and choice, which is integral to participation!

- Flip grid review

I am super excited to use flip grid for next school year. It will come in handy if we find ourselves not in school again.

- Kicked me me out for no reason! And didn’t save!

I was using this app. When it kept kicking out of the app and I had to start my whole recording. Not only that. I tried on other devices and it took a whole day for a video to finally upload. Don’t recommend this app

- Engaging!

When I introduced Flipgrid to my students, they were stoked! The engagement of the students in responding to my prompt was amazing. They constantly asked when we would have another Flipgrid to do. 🙌🏼

- Science teacher

I believe this app. Will allow my students to incorporate our class concepts into real world situations based on the videos they can watch and how they can answer each question.

- Useful App

I believe this app will instrumental in the classroom.

- Flipgrid Impact

Still learning the platform. Seems simple to navigate. Have not had a chance to see student impact.

- Best App to Increase Student Voice, Even I’m Primary Grades!

FlipGrid was a terrific resource within the classroom and during eLearning! It gave my students a purpose behind sharing their learning, promoted student voice, and kept us connected when we were away from school. I recommend it to any educator, even if you teach primary grades. The kids catch on quick and love it!

- Vanessa Navarre

I love this amazing app! It keeps my teachers that I coach connected in so many ways. It is a wonderful platform.

- Flip grid

Good resource but for a dinosaur like me one on one training would be needed. Overall it is a good resource. I’m sure students love it.

- Great discussion tool for kids.

Flipgrid has become an innovative tool to use during distance learning. I have used it to continue building community with my students outside of our regular setting. It’s fun, engaging, and kids love it.

- Continuous Learning

Awesome app

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Each time I try and edit it glitches and I lose my progress. 😤😡 very FRUSTRATING. I wish you could try and save your progress.

- Yup

I like it. I know most of that ratings say “no! Don’t get it!” But I mean. I like it

- Fun and easy to use!

Students are enjoying the self-expression.

- Flipgrid review

Very good app for school

- Great tool for school

Love this product. I would give 5 stars but often the video is out of sync with voice.

- Horrible, worst app in the world! :(

When I submitted a very long video it made me restart. This app is very bad.


I LOVING this app so useful

- Nice!

I really like this app and it’s very useful for me and my classmates to do stuff during these times (COVID) I just really wish that there was a notification every time someone adds new content. Thank you!

- Seriously

This thing has no privacy!

- Terrible

Videos aren’t private with just the teacher, videos are limited to just 1:30

- ugh

hate it with a passion ✨🧚🏼😝

- Rolanda Eadie

I am loving Flipgrid, especially during remote learning. It keeps us connected while we share our learning!

- Elementary Teacher Review

As a teacher of 6th grade, I have found Flipgrid to be one of the best ways to approach “Learning at Home” during the pandemic. I have been using it in a daily basis since March. I love the platform online and the mobile app makes it convenient. The creators have been listening to teacher feedback and improving things all the time. My students get to collaborate and communicate with each other and I get to see their little faces. My 6’s have loved the features to edit their videos and add stickers and stop and start filming. I have loved being able to screen record! It’s my favourite app now, but going forward even out of the pandemic, I see using this often in the classroom. I also have to give them a huge props for the accessibility for kids with learning disabilities and including an immersive reader in their site. And it’s FREE! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Garbage

It is terrible since there is no privacy and you can't edit a video u posted and have to do it all again

- No

It’s always a pain to get in to

- More privacy

I really hate the fact that everyone can view my videos i wish it could only be the teacher that sees them.

- I can’t delete my own response

I recorded myself and I posted the video in the wrong section and I want able to delete my OWN VIDEO. This app sucks

- (Students, good try but voting 1 star will not remove educational apps)

As a teacher, I absolutely love this app! I’m able to create quick and engaging interactive questions. It is especially helpful during online learning. Thanks FlipGrid! (Students, the App Store won’t remove educational apps. Do your homework instead of wasting your time trying to get an app removed from the store.)

- Flipgrid

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with my students through flipgrid. I’ll be making it a part of my classroom from now on!

- Trash

No one I know like this app it is trash and it has no privacy this app and google classroom should have never been created

- Horrible

Trust me don’t download this app, look at every other review.

- Likes

I dislike this app because you can easily like posts more than once just by exiting and re entering.

- Just Awesome!

Flipgrid is perfect for all ages. It is easy to use and it is an excellent way for students to connect and share their thoughts and ideas. I love all of the features available to teacher to create fun and engaging grids.

- The students love it!

I’m getting lots of engagement from my students. The time limit really helps them to focus on exactly what they want to say, and makes it less intimidating to share their ideas.

- I doesn’t let me choose the video I want

It doesn’t nit choose the video I want and just says compressing

- Absolutely terrible


- Ehh

The app was helpful during the pandemic but, like the others, I agree that they should add a privacy feature. I think adding an option if your classmates can see or if just your teacher could see would make it less stressful and overall more enjoyable.

- Just let me use google classroom

Just let me type my answers why do I have to talk. Quarantine has left me looking like a rat in my Panama’s in my house and now I have to show my nasty break out face to my whole class? Wtf. This app is my worst nightmare.

- No privacy

I don’t get privacy at all my whole class can’t see it I hate it don’t get it

- This is the worst app

This is the worst teaching App mainly because of how there’s no privacy. Out teacher also lied to us because she said only she can see it when It turns out the whole class can see it. I worked on my Flipgrid for 6 hours and than the app just crashed and I lost all my work. And there are also a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. I am not saying this cause I am a student but this app is seriously trash. And also the other classroom somehow also sees my flip grid and I hate how there is no privacy

- Nope

Just nope.

- Really trash

This app has no privacy

- StudentVoice

Started using this as a teacher during remote learning and love that students are empowered by explaining a concept or giving a presentation because they know only I can view it with video moderation settings. However, I also love that we can use Flipgrid to collaborate and have students view peers work and reply. Not to mention providing video feedback as a teacher is the icing on the cake.

- Great site and app!

Loved how I could make videos and do feedback too. Great way for kids to communicate and monitor discussion topics. I do find it a bit difficult to view multiple grids or video assignments. Also, I think there should be an option to connect to google classroom even if it’s only for grading. Overall great!

- Useless app

This app is so useless why is this even a thing.i could probably record myself with a hp printer don’t download.

- Absolute trash.

The fact that teachers use this app for important things is just not good. This app says that my iPad’s internet is slow, but my internet is perfectly fine. Then right after that it says something like, “sorry we can’t upload your video” it’s certainly annoying. Fix your app.

- It is great

I get to send vids I get to stay in contact with my friends and my techars

- Staying connected

A great way to stay connected to students and peers. #studentvoice

- Bad

Super confusing and waste too much data

- 1 star

This app sucks, it’s very glitchy

- Love it!

So easy to use and I love the fact you can respond to posts with emojis, selfie, photo, or video!



- It’s free!

Nice free way to have students communicate with teachers.

- Doesn’t work

It won’t work on my phone and I have to do school assignments differently because of it

- Garbage

I don’t like that there are no privacy settings

- Good

I like the fact you can pause the video and add cool effects a lot of ppl are complaining if your here for something extremely good like pass this app....but if you are a teacher and wanting to just have this app so the kids could create there video on what ever topic then recommended. I give the app 3.9 I would do a 4 but you can’t erase your video after it is done which is a bummer but yah .

- trashhhh

it don’t let me do crap

- Pretty neat!

Good way to have students communicate with teachers and best of all is it’s free!

- Flipgrid

This app is helping me to connect with my music students.

- No Privacy

There’s no privacy settings, everyone in the groups can watch the video and I feel uncomfortable sharing it to anybody other than my teacher.

- Ur mother

My teacher made me do this send help

- Access all learners

As an educator, this app has been brilliant during the remote learning setting. It provides a setting that allows students to give the voice. It allows other students to listen & learn & provide peer feedback. It has provided student connection during a period of isolation. This is one technology I’ll still incorporate into face to face teaching :))

- Amazing easy to use teaching tool

Flipgrid has really been amazing in these Covid times & distance learning. I’ve used it for student feedback & although fairly new to using it, am excited at the possibilities with it. The first default topic in there is amazing for getting students started with using it. My students could easily complete the task, and do it by themselves while learning remotely from home, even though I hadn’t even introduced them to Flipgrid in prior face- to- face teaching at school, before this whole Covid situation.

- Great for kids

Love using the Flipgrid app with my class, the app version is great with kids to leave their responses but I prefer a web browser to set tasks.

- Students point of view

Get it, it’s amazing

- Great for recording ideas and responses

I’ve found this app to be a handy tool to gather student responses. It provides an easy platform to raise questions and record responses, ideas and feedback.

- Flipgrid rocks for student voice!

I live using flipgrid in my flipped classroom. It’s an engaging, fun and relevant way to gain honest student voice. My students love communicating their learning this way!!

- FlipGrid made the transition to online learning seamless

FlipGrid has been amazing during Covid-19 it has provided a safe way for students to continue to engage in the practical aspects of certain subjects while remote learning. I have been using it for performing arts subjects eg dance etc and it has been awesome as it still keeps my students dancing. I’m excited to keep exploring its full potential!

- Great job

It is good for learning

- Easy interaction with students

A great way to assess speaking and listening, a fun way to share work and give power to peer feedback. Great for teachers to create instructional videos.

- Love love love it!

Flipgrid is without a doubt the EASIEST and FUNNEST video response platform for me and my students. I love it!


bruh u have to update I can’t use it on iPad IOS 2011 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Easy and fun

A great too for the kids and easy for teachers to operate and make their work. I am enjoying this.

- Flipgrid convert

Amazing - simple, flexible and cross platform/device

- Flipgrid has made my online lessons awesome!

This is the MUST USE Edtech app for all teachers. Students are able to share creative video responses with EASE. Thank you to flipgrid for being a free service for educators around the world.

- Bad

This app is buggy and constantly glitching out and crashing. Hope this gets taken off the app store

- Flipgrid is bad

Flipgrid is really bad. I find it really laggy and I can’t get anything done. They need to update this ASAP

- Rating

You guys are so good and are easy to film with. I love flip grid. Make sure to keep it up

- New to this

Like many other teachers, I’m new to the whole online education thing. I heard good things about FlipGrid from a NSW DoE course and I implemented it straight away. The initial setup was a little clunky, but seemed to go smoother in the iOS app rather than the website. Keen to see how it will help my students have a voice!

- This is the best app ever

Hi I’m a nerd that likes to do coding and is a very nerdy person dab on them haters i dont know why I still get bullied but apparently its because i still watch Logan Paul an d jake popular Disney show but yes its a very good app I’m sorry i went on a ranting but yes. Jake Paul is my favourite YouTube’s and Logan Paul’s suicid forest is the best vid that he has ever made thank flor viewing this this has been really with y’all bye jake Paulers (dabs on haters)

- Great for everyday use

I am a teacher who has had to very quickly upskill due to the move to online teaching. I found Flipgrid and have loved it! I can record up to 10 minutes of video, which is great for recapping lessons and introducing new content. I then have them provide feedback via the video link. I have had students talk more to me via video than they ever have in class! I’m looking forward to continuing to use this app even when we are back in school.

- Brilliant!

Flipgrid gives opportunities for all learners to share their voice in the classroom. It is an amazing teaching and learning tool.

- New User - Love it

I’m a primary school teacher in and have only just discovered Flipgrid and its App. Very happy I have as it’s coming in handy for remote learning as well as giving my students a voice! Happy teacher!

- It really really really good doesn’t lag it’s not slow it’s perfect for online school

It’s really really really good it doesn’t lag it is fast and it is perfect for online school

- No writing required

This has allowed me to engage more students in submitting reviews, critiques and idea generation than with pen and paper or text based application. Thank you Richard B

- Great tool

Great tool to use with interactive features to make learning engaging. I would recommend teachers or homeschool parents to use this tool.

- Flippin’ Awesome

So far I am in love with this app and how it enables us to stay connected as a school and learning community even tho we are all working remotely at the moment. Get this is you want to engage your kiddos, they’ll love it.

- Yeet

I use this app at school and it has helped alot

- Love Flipgrid

What a great tool for engaging learners both in and out of school. So simple and easy to use for all age groups. Is a great way to engage parents as well.

- Great Impact on Students

I’m a teacher in Australia and I have begun using FlipGrid as a way of getting my students to journal their thoughts and ideas about things we have been studying. It’s turned our classroom into a community of learning more willing to share their changing understanding of the world around them and to upskill them in digital content creation.

- How Flipgrid changed my teaching

I teach at the University of Melbourne in the Bachelor of Oral Health degree. I cannot express in enough words how starting to use Flipgrid has changed my teaching. Students used to capture weekly reflections as part of their clinical practice and file the paperwork and never review it again. I have had the students record their experience and then at the end of each semester they review their own mix tape and report on it. They will be following this through their whole three years of their degree. I think there is so much more that I can do with Flipgrid and I’m so inspired to try. I appreciate being part of the #hiddengems awards. It has made my year

- Love it!

My staff and I love using Flipgrid! It’s fun and easy to use meaning our virtual students can easily share ideas and learn from each other, regardless of their location.

- It’s Okay but could use some improvement

It’s a great concept and idea but please make it so you don’t have to restart filming the whole vid if you mess up halfway through the recording. Its also very hard to edit and quite limited. Overall it’s good but someone could use this idea and easily make it much better.

- Makes student video submissions easy!

Flipgrid has solved a big problem - how to set video-based assignments for students and gather their responses easily. Love that it works across all platforms and even better - it’s free

- Loving it

It’s made such a big difference to our language teaching! Love it

- Difficult to use and insecure.

This app is used so commonly even though it’s so terrible and it also has no ability to make your videos private.

- Yeet

You can horse a round and it’s educational for everyone

- Terrible!!!!!!

40 yr old Indian men can see my videos. Don’t buy app. KMS

- Great app for a great education and future

This app allows students to share their videos with everyone, this saves time for marking and students can compliment or complain about each other’s videos helping the creator get better. Flipgrid can help with anyone lacking in social skill or speech skills and can help students boost their confidence. Overall I would definitely recommend this to both teachers and students!

- Incredible

This is an amazing opportunity and fun app i recommend this app to students all ages keep up the good work and don’t listen to them haters.



- Excellent fun

Super easy to upload videos and fun to share, comment add stickers. Well done Flipgrid!

- ew pls delete off app store

this is so bad for my mental state it makes me want to die cause our teachers make us RECORD OUR VOICES. thanks 4 making my anxiety an depression worse xxxxx


i hate it, teachers make us record ourselves and post it UGH KMS

- This app is terrible

This app didn’t let me in or my class don’t get this

- Great idea, no support

An interesting idea for collecting students thoughts, but I can't see any way you can get the videos off the app/site. Have emailed twice but no response. I would like to put responses together in one video.

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- Continuous learning

Flip Grid is loads of fun !

- Great App!

I love using this app for continuous learning and enhancing instruction. Elevating student voice in the classroom helps to build a community of learning.

- Authentic voice

This is a great way to get students to practice using their voice with their assignments.

- Great!

Flipgrid is great for Kindergarten. I love how students can read a book and leave a book review, they can retell a story or write their own story and tell about it. Very easy to use.

- Mobile

This app does not work with mobile data

- Can’t wait!

I can’t wait to start using this in the classroom!

- Flipgrid

Easy to use during stay at home order. Allows students have a voice in their learning!

- Staying connected

Flipgrid has provided a fun and user-friendly way to stay connected to students. It has been especially useful these past two months!

- Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a great educational tool! It provides a way for students to voice their opinions and be heard.

- I’m excited

As a technology teacher, I’m excited to have a platform that encourages student expression. I currently teach 500 students and I plan to use Flipgrid as a tool to enhance the relationships between my students and myself.

- Amazing Tool!

This tool has made teaching and learning easier during the COVID 19 pandemic.

- Flipping out

Great resource for distance learning and face to face!

- Virtual Variety Show

I was so excited to use FlipGrid for my school’s Virtual Variety Show. It was so easy to use and manage. I loved how I was in control of everything! Everyone loved it!

- Online teaching

As a teacher, Flipgrid has been wonderful in maintaining our classroom community. My high school kiddos can create quick and fun videos for the class for all to see. It’s also a way for me to still feel connected to my students by seeing their faces and hearing their voices!

- Love it!

It’s easy to use and very intuitive. I love that I can control the duration of the videos and give them feedback.

- Flip grid has been a fun learning tool to incorporate

I have used this to send out end of year messages to my students! I also used this app for a end of year fun activity that involves my students to interact and send me the videos using the flat teacher activities 👏🏽 so much fun while learning was taking place.

- Stay in touch with your students

During the pandemic, we teachers were forced to find the right technology to communicate with our students. When I found Flipgrid I was happy because it was easy to use for me and my students. This is a great way to keep in touch with them.

- 👍🏼

Flipgrid is very user friendly. I am excited to use this app with my students and know they will be too!

- Flipgrid is Great

Flipgrid has been great. I love being able to send a prompt to my students and they can answer through video, especially during the pandemic.

- Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a great tool for educators. I love that it allows students to respond via video. This allows us to know that our students are learning the concepts taught!

- Love flipgrid

I love using flip grid in my classroom as a way for students to communicate ideas. They love learning a skill and then taking it to the next level by creating a video.

- Cool tool!

Great resource to give the students ownership of their learning in a fun and unique way. Another amazing way to get the kids involved!

- Flipgrid for check-ins

Flipgrid is a great resource for allowing students to check-in about how they are doing in and outside of school.

- Great fun!

Great for fun and school recordings. Simple to use. I love the added selfie at the end!

- Student Engagement

This program is a great way to promote student engagement for all ages on specific topics in any classroom. Students love using this platform to share their answers , ideas , and thoughts .

- Can’t wait to implement

I haven’t had a chance to use this in the classroom yet but can’t wait! I’m also thinking of using it with one of the school clubs I sponsor.

- Distance Learning Tool

Flip grid was very helpful for distance learning! I was able to assign lessons for my students and communicate with them. They were able to communicate back and forth. I liked that we didn’t have to set a specific time to be online to do the activity.

- Intuitive and useful

I’ve only just begun using Flipgrid as a middle school band teacher, but I can already tell it is very intuitive and user-friendly for my students. I love that it has an integrated app for Canvas, which my school district uses.

- Flipgrid

I highly recommend the use of Flipgrid for all educators. Students love to share their videos! It is a perfect way to monitor both academic and personal growth.

- Flipgrid Rocks

During the distance learning I was able to use Flipgrid to have my students record their answers. They had a lot of fun recording and using the tools to make their videos unique! I will continue to use this app for the next coming school year even if we go back to teaching in the classroom regularly. Try the app...it is awesome!

- Flipgrid for Learning

I have loved the opportunity to connect with students during the school shutdown. Flipgrid empowers students’ voice. It is very easy to use for both teachers and students.

- Long distance Grandparents!

My granddaughter is far away from me. My daughter-in-law is a teacher and she set me up on FlipGrid so I can read stories to my 2 yr old granddaughter Josie & we can keep in touch. It is easy and fun to do. My granddaughter replies in videos back to me. Thank you FlipGrid for helping us keep in touch💕

- Distance Learning Win!

Flipgrid made it so easy for my students to continue interacting with each other during distance learning. And the app makes it possible for my students to be able to upload their videos on the go!

- Connections!

Using flipgrid has been a wonderful experience for my students and me as their 3rd grade teacher. To be able to watch their videos has been a pure delight. The videos my students have posted have been silly, thoughtful, enlightening and memorable. I may not had been able to share in these cherished moments with each child without flipgrid. Thank you for making this platform available!

- Great

It’s great!

- Remote Learning

Flipgrid was critical during remote learning to give students the opportunity to have video dialogue with one another. It fit in seamlessly with our Google G Suite.

- User friendly!

I love using Flipgrid to enhance my students’ speaking abilities in the foreign language.

- Great for Remote Learning

Flipgrid has been a great tool to use during remote learning. It is easy to use for kids and a great way for teachers to check for understanding with their students.

- Make the quiet HEARD!

I love flipgrid so much I cannot put it in words. This is a great tool for everyone and anyone to learn and share from virtually anywhere, I love that freedom aspect. Lastly, I am a title 1 math teacher and I used this with Kindergarteners and I received responses! I was so happy

- User Friendly!

Flipgrid is extremely user friendly. So easy to use as an educator and as a student. Provides opportunity for quick and specific feedback. Now more than ever with virtual learning this platform has helped keep me in touch with my students.

- Flipgrid App

This app is very engaging for all students. It’s good way for them to internalize and verbalize their thoughts.

- User Friendly

Very user friendly for teachers. Very helpful right now during digital and distance learning times!

- A Game Changer

This app is fantastic for helping students share and connect in a distance learning environment.

- Awesome App!

I enjoyed this new learning experience today. It was very user friendly. Thank you.

- Flipgrid is FUN for distance learning!

I am new to Flipgrid, but have found that this is a great tool for my student to interact with me. They can also interact with each other in a fun and creative way. Also, by only allowing them a short response, it keeps them focused. I can’t wait to try new things.

- Easy to use

Very easy to use for both teachers and students.

- Flipping Out

What a fun way to communicate with students. I will definitely put Flipgrid to use in my classroom

- Flipgrid

It’s so great and easy to use.

- Very helpful

I love this app!!!

- Distance Learning Tool

Flipgrid has been extremely useful in regard to distance learning. My students are able to share what they’ve learned with myself and their friends. They’ve really enjoyed using Flipgrid. I’ll definitely continue to use this resource!

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Flipgrid. 8.1.14 Screenshots & Images

Flipgrid. iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Flipgrid. iphone images
Flipgrid. iphone images
Flipgrid. iphone images
Flipgrid. iphone images
Flipgrid. iphone images
Flipgrid. ipad images
Flipgrid. ipad images
Flipgrid. ipad images
Flipgrid. ipad images
Flipgrid. ipad images
Flipgrid. Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Flipgrid. Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Flipgrid. (Version 8.1.14) Install & Download

The applications Flipgrid. was published in the category Education on 2013-11-22 and was developed by Flipgrid, Inc. [Developer ID: 1032859948]. This application file size is 87.87 MB. Flipgrid. - Education posted on 2020-05-20 current version is 8.1.14 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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