Athla Velocity: Hands-Free Speed Radar for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer and Cricket (Free)

Considering a PocketRadar or a Stalker Doppler? See our "battlefield" comparison of five speed radars at

Speed radars that require you to tap the screen are inaccurate. Human reflexes aren't fast enough.

No longer do you have to tap the screen or ask a second person to hold your device.

Velocity is the first video speed radar to work hands-free and calibrate within 0.3mph of a $1,200 Doppler.

Discover if you have natural talent in Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Hockey or Lacrosse.

"This app is coach has a high tech hand held police grade radar gun...we put this app to the test and it didn't fail" - CurtisR33

"Super simple to setup (be sure to check out the very helpful videos) and very accurate" -Peace

"It took awhile to set up the location of the phone but after that, it worked so well...more affordable than a real radar gun and the same accuracy" -Fierygloberr674

Please note before you purchase!
• Outdoor use only
• Speed radar capability requires iPhone 5S or higher, iPad 3rd Gen or higher, iPad Mini 2nd Gen or higher needed. (Lower end devices can be used to mirror speeds from higher end devices.)
• Selfie mode requires iPhone 6/6+/6S/6S+ or iPad Pro

• Velocity Free measures speeds up to 35mph for free (40 mp if you tell a friend) so you can test the app before unlocking higher speeds via an in app purchase.
• Velocity Ultimate unlocks all the radars for a single low price.

Transform your iPhone or iPad into a revolutionary video camera speed radar!

• Apple's Commercial "Change is in the Air" Game Changing Apps
• "Best App Across Multiple Sports" Finalist Sports Technology Awards
• Finalist TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield Top 26 from over 700 companies
• Gold Award for Sports & Recreation -- Davey Awards
• Inc. Magazine,, and CNN
• Tabby Awards - Finalist for Best Sports App

Audiences can download the Free version to connect and see your speeds from the stands.

• Simply place your iPhone or iPad about 20 feet away and 20 feet to the side then kick, pitch or serve in-line and in-view of your device.
• The speed of your baseball pitch, soccer kick, cricket bowl, or tennis serve appears on the surface of your device.
• Velocity uses only the camera in your device.
• Use Velocity on a field, rink or court, or simply in a backyard at home.

• Velocity calibrates to within +/- 0.3 mph of the Stalker II Pro ® , a $1,200 speed radar used by over 30 professional teams.
• The accuracy can exceed Doppler radars on balls with vertical trajectories.
• See for calibration details and more

• Five sports available now: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Cricket and Soccer
• Discover the speed of your pitches, serves, and kicks
• Over 500,000 data points are trackable. Track your improving speeds across coaching sessions, the sports season, or across several years.
• Share speeds with coaches to show what you have achieved.

• Compare your pitch, serve and kick speeds to friends across the season.
• Discover unrealized talent in yourself and others.
• Coaches can track the speeds of an entire team and discover unrecognized improvement.
• Geotag locations to unlock message boards. Find friends in your local neighborhood. No one ever has to practice alone.

• Mirror your speeds on up to seven other devices
• Bring the stadium experience home to your own community.
• Audiences can see the speeds as players practice or play similar to professional games.
• Add Bluetooth speakers, turn on “Voice Announce”, and Velocity will speak the speeds to the team or an audience.

• Optimized for outdoor use only.
• 130 mph max speed on iPhone 6/6+
• 110 mph max speeds: on iPad Air, iPad 4th Gen, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad Mini 2nd Gen, and iPhone 5s+
• 100 mph max speed for iPhone 5 and 5c.

Velocity by Athla - Rediscover the Power of Play

Athla Velocity: Hands-Free Speed Radar for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer and Cricket (Free) App Description & Overview

The applications Athla Velocity: Hands-Free Speed Radar for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer and Cricket (Free) was published in the category Sports on 2014-07-06 and was developed by Athla LLC. The file size is 89.46 MB. The current version is 1.8 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Win a FREE PITCHING MECHANICS evaluation! Athla has partnered with the team at To enter, simply post one of Velocity's Selfie Mode Videos using an iPhone 6 or higher onto Instagram or FaceBook. We choose a new winner every Sunday!
• Fixed an outdoor hockey in-app purchase bug.
• iPhone 6 Selfie Mode is available again! Turn it on in Settings. Please email us if there are any devices out there that still experience lock ups.

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Athla Velocity: Hands-Free Speed Radar for Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer and Cricket (Free) Reviews


BS!  sickseven21  1 star

This app is crappy, and it charged me after offering free if I invited friends!


Not free  Jjgwith3  2 star

Only free for kids 8 and under. The free version is only for speeds up to 40 mph. They say "free upgrade" if u share the app with others and again it only goes up to 40 mph. Other than that it's ok.

Bozeman Lax

Velocity app  Bozeman Lax  5 star

This app is lots of fun! The speed seems to be very consistent and it is easy to use!


Great  ThoRage  4 star

Been using this app for 3 months and able to build up my pitchers speed by 3-5 mph faster.


Don't buy the upgrade  Arkballdad  1 star

Downloaded thinking I could clock my sons pitch speed in game. Found out I had to purchase an upgrade to unlock speeds over 40. Purchased the upgrade. Next, I find out the camera has to be set up 20ft in front and 20ft to the side in order to work! This should be clearly stated before the upgrade not after!!! Don't spend the money unless u wanna just check bullpen!


Impressive speed radar from iPhone  Merlinbeastie  5 star

I measured app against tennis speed radar item called netplayz and got similar readings. So $11 for the app or $100+ for radar gun or tool. Very impressed. 4.5 tennis player. I use it for serve and measuring different strokes and seeing speed variation.


Great idea  Panthers2215546  5 star


Joshua 1227

Idk if it's free or not  Joshua 1227  2 star



Works great  Jrscoach  5 star

Saw this app on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I have a Bushnell Velocity gun that I normally use during baseball practice or my 13 yr old son's pitching practice. This app is way better and much easier to use. I purchased the higher velocity in app purchase ($11.99) due to my son throwing harder than 35-40 mph. The regular app is free. Set up was super easy (they have an instructional video if you need it). Based on their side by side comparison video (YouTube), it's more accurate than my Bushnell gun too. The Bushnell gun didn't readout about 25% of the time, and so far, this app hasn't missed once! My son tried off speed, fastballs and breaking balls, and it picked up every pitch from the mid 40s to the upper 60s. This app works great!


Stay away!  Shequi  1 star

Not used like a real radar gun - set up is absurd Save your money


waste  ShutOut247  1 star

wasted my money

Chad Warren

Well played, Athla!  Chad Warren  5 star

This app is a great find for those looking to improve their game. Very well designed and easy to use. Once set up, I didn't want to leave the court so that I could try to beat my highest score *one last time*. Game on, Velocity... Game on!


Very cool app!  iatr0GNX  5 star

I took the app to my kid's tennis match. When I put my iPad on the ground on a nearby court where kids were practicing and it started showing the serve speeds, everyone was interested and we all thought it was cool and useful. I tried the GameLink too - very clever feature! Awesome app!!!


Great product - excellent support!  Jfhersman  5 star

Does a good job of keeping track of our pitches and charting them out. Love that you can see each if the pitches in a graph and see how long you worked. Great support when the app wasn't showing good results. Continued follow up until the problem was correct!

Extreme review

Bogus  Extreme review  1 star

This is a bogus title to the app,one should not title an app "velocity free" when you read a paragraph and then they ask for money in Order to actually use it. If I could rate this no star I would.


Found the right arm slot  tecumsehchoir4life  5 star

I got the app to check the difference between my fastball & off-speed pitches. Had some initial problems getting it to work without internet access, but Mike Gillam worked with me to get it sorted out. Great customer service! Took my IPad out to the local field to test it out. Warmed up at 39-45 mph and worked up to 77-79 mph. Not too shabby for a 61 yr. old grandpa. Off-speed pitches were 59-66. The app helped me find the best arm slot for this old body. Pitched a 4-hit shutout in my next senior league game. Thanx Mike & the team at Athla!


Very inaccurate do not buy!!!  Supersuggestion14263  1 star

If you are attempting to use this for baseball, absolutely do not buy!! Tried using app at every angle and always read 15-20 mph slow...often did not even read the speed. I used this app on high school pitcher pitching a bullpen and it always read from 54-59 mph... Trust me they do not throw 54-59mph. Waste of money and time


Awesome - works great  JJ R.  5 star

This is not an app. It's a full blown multi-sport speed detection / radar system. It works flawlessly. I would have gladly payed $50 for it.


This app works GREAT!  TT53  5 star

It was picking up my serves in the low 100’s with no problems. I was looking for a way to work on my tennis serve and this app picks up about 85%-90% of my serves. I was using an iPad 4 on a stand placed at the intersection service line and the sideline. Personally I found this works best with the iPad at about a 15-20% angle and if you don’t serve it too wide… Give this app a shot and you will NOT be disappointed. Great job Athla!

By Ocean3(San Diego, CA)

Great app  By Ocean3(San Diego, CA)  5 star

Used this app playing @ Balboa Tennis club. Always wondered my serve speed. 80mph. Fun way to compare your serve speed with friends.

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