Monogram It!

Monogram It! [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Monogram It! is an easy, fun way to make custom monogrammed wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad.

You'll love designing your personal wallpaper using our carefully-selected patterns or your own photos. Add a monogram frame and your initials or full name. Customize fonts, color schemes and more.

"My rule is, if it's not moving - Monogram it!" -- Reese Witherspoon

The cutest wallpapers on the App Store
* Adorable patterns created by professional designers
* Inspired by the best fashion and trends: preppy, tribal, floral, chevrons and much more
* Classic, premium monogramming fonts available free of charge

Unlimited wallpapers for every occasion
* Change your lock screen with the seasons or trends, or even daily
* Create personalized wallpapers for your friends
* Use your creations in printed cards, binders or other craft projects

Create something that's uniquely yours
* Incredibly customizable with hundreds of millions of possible designs
* Dozens of color schemes for each pattern
* Super easy to use - make something special in seconds

What people are saying about Monogram It!:

"Hands down the best monogram app for the iPhone" - Xoxoxsayralynn

"This app is great for creating an adorable monogram for your iPhone/iPad! Simple and fun!" - Levenforever

"I really have nothing to complain about this app, because it is AMAZING! I love it so much, my friends always want to make different wallpapers on my IPhone!" - Little Miss Glitter

"Finally an app that is actually worth buying! It is so worth your money!" - Abcdefabcabc1234651

Works on all of your devices - iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS 9 or later).
No internet connection is required to use the app.

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Monogram It! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Added several beautiful & exclusive new monogram fonts, plus support for iOS 11!

Monogram It! Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome with one exception

So far I am happy with the app with the exception that I wish it allowed for the ability to go down to another line to be able to enter a first initial then under it middle initial and then under that the last name initial ... so basically i wish it could work vertically not just horizontal and i also wish that in the wallpaper selection that it had the option to go back to the selection "none" at this time if you select a wallpaper and then decide you don't one at all .. you basically have to cancel anything you've completed and start all over again .... sorry so long ... God Bless

- Can no longer choose own background

I used to LOVE this app and got so many compliments on my lock screens and monograms, however, if you’ve been using the app for years as I have, their selection of backgrounds starts to seem a bit stale and you start wanting to use your own pictures for backgrounds. Well, I can no longer do that - it will allow me to select a photo, and that photo will show in the little frame allowing you to adjust the size of the photo, but then nothing after that. Can’t. Do. A. Single. Thing. Have to completely close out of the app to get it to go away. AND I noticed that it said I had the Lite version even though I paid for the version years ago, so I thought I should pay for the full version again to see if that would resolve the issue and it didn’t. Please fix the issue so that we can use our own photos!

- Happy, happy, happy!!!

I purchased this app a couple of years ago and used it a couple of times just for fun. I received a circuit for Christmas and have been trying to find cute fonts online!! I've had to download a TON of different things to get something close to what this app offers!! I completely forgot about this app until I went to App Store and saw this app!! For anyone with a cutting machine, THIS APP IS PRICELESS. I am amazed at how much this app has changed!! We used to have to pay to use just about every font, and now they are free!!!!!!!!

- No customer support & no access to photo folders

Would've preferred to ask Customer Support but no info available to do so, which also accounts for low rating here. Idea of app is good but execution difficult if you want to use one of your own background photos, as the only way to access photos is to view by date taken. Unable to choose photos from a specific folder among your own photos, which is a feature of every other of the 35+ photo editing / enhancing apps that I use regularly. A huge improvement would be to allow background photos from your own photo folders, not just by date taken. Please include in next update & I will upgrade my rating. Lower rating also due to no customer support.

- Monogram heaven!

I love this app I use it all the time making wallpapers for family and friends phones! It's so easy to learn and you can even upload you're own backgrounds. It's definitely worth you're 1.00 to download this app!!!!! They have tons of wallpapers and lettering to choose from! I make them as a way to cope with stress! It not only is a great app but it makes you're phone look 1 million bucks! DOWNLOAD TODAY!!!!!!

- Learning Curve

There is a learning cure when you first start, it just not clear to understand. BUT, once you realize how it works, it is a great design app. I use it to create monograms for my Cricut, but also do create custom screen savers for my phone. However, only Christian holidays backgrounds are offered, and only their major ones, so it is limited in that respect and doesn't help me. These reasons are why I did not rate it as five stars. But, I've experienced no glitches and images easily airdrop to my Mac, so I would recommend the purchase.

- Love Love Love❤️❤️❤️

I have made so many cute monograms on this app. It is so simple to use and my wallpapers are always on fleek. I've never encountered any problems with glitches or anything like that. The only thing is monogram it light doesn't have many prints or fonts available but if you get this one for $0.99 you unlock all of them!!!!great buy🤑To sum it all up - I love it😍

- Love but there’s a glitch...

This app is absolutely so so so so much fun and for awhile I didn’t have an problems with it but now it’s doing this thing where it won’t let me select my own pictures for the background like it’ll let me crop but not actually select then I can’t go back at all and I have to completely close out the app to start over... please please fix this I adore this app and it’s the best one out there for simple monogramming but I NEED to be able to use my own pictures :/

- This app could use a NEW UPDATE!

Update: there hasn't been an update since September... Has the developer given up on this app??? Pretty good and straightforward app for monogramming backgrounds, but this app is lost its appeal for me. After using just about all of the wallpapers over the span of almost two years, I've grown bored with the selection of backgrounds. There need to be more seasonal backgrounds and patterns. So far, no new Christmas, New Years, Valentines or Easter backgrounds available. Giving this app 1 star because not updating an app, that people paid for, in 5 months is unacceptable! I would've given this app 0 stars if I could.

- Not great for Cricut

Yes it creates a cute monogram, but once you import it into cricut design space the only thing you can change is the size. You cannot manipulate it in any way. It is imported as a cut and print only. The background frame is imported with the whole monogram. I was not able to eliminate it even during the time of import into cricut. If you want to just cut the monogram itself, it’s not gonna happen. I think it was created to place monograms on phones and cups with a patterned frame outside of the monogram. So if you’re after just the monogram look somewhere else.

- Simple and Perfect

I love this app. I use it constantly with my Cricut explore air. I create the monogram, email it to myself and download the image. Then it can be uploaded to Design Space for use in any project. Simple and perfect! Never have to search for a font and then maneuver it again.

- Used to love this app

This app used to be perfect!! I just redownloaded it after getting a new phone and now when I try to select a photo from my camera roll to monogram it basically will not let me use it. My IOS is up to date and I have an iPhone 11 in case that haze something to do with it. There is no customer service or support so I am writing a review hoping it gets to development. *Do not spend your money on the premium version unless you aren’t planning on monogramming any of your own photos!!*

- What’s the difference between this and lite?

I had this app a few years ago and I remember being able to resize, add shadow, control transparency , etc. So after getting the lite version and not seeing those options I went back and got the “non-lite” version. It’s identical to the lite, so what is supposed to be the difference? I would like more editing options please.

- I'm happy with it!

I had a friend recommend this app to me and I couldn't be happier. I'm having fun creating different monograms for myself and my daughter. Haven't ran into any issues yet. I like the font choices and variety of colors available.

- Good, but could be better

This app is good and provides lots of options for creating monogrammed wallpapers. However, I have had this app for over a year and very few new backgrounds have been added in that time. I look forward to new designs and feel like they could release new ones more frequently.

- SO impressed!

I cannot get over how great this app is! I never buy apps, but this one was well worth the $0.99. There are so many colors, patterns, and fonts to mix and match-- I'm truly impressed with this app and will be using it all the time.

- What is going on with the use your own photo feature???

I used to be able to make a background of my own wit my photo but all it does now is let me select it and then brings up the screen where you see the area it covers and can move it around and zoom in but you can’t move past that step at all. No next button, no nothing. Fix this please. I paid for this app. I expect to be able to use it.

- Doesn’t work!

I had the lite version and purchased the full version so I could use my own photos. Well my phone still showed Lite version so I REPURCHASED it AGAIN to show the full version app and I still can’t use my own photos. It pulls it up like it’s going to, I pick my photo, and it brings up the box to adjust or zoom in but that’s it. It won’t let you go any further... paid for the app TWICE and still can’t use it like I wanted. Please fix this!!

- So much potential...

I like this app. But there are so many things that it should be able to do... Please make it so we can change the position of the monogram, please add more edgy prints and fonts and please let there be a color wheel so we can be more creative. But overall, not bad for $.99!

- I'm new but so far it's nice...

I just purchased this app for myself and my daughter. For .99 I think it works great. We have been playing with it for over an hour now. I'd say it has been worth the two dollars spent.

- Simple and Fun

This app is very simple and fun to use. The basics are all here, but I would love to see an undo button and maybe a better color selector. I like that you can use your own background image, but you cannot match colors from them. All in all, still a very cool app.

- Monogram it

Down where I'm from we monogram everything this app is amazing. I never run out of choices it has so many different colors, fonts, and backgrounds. I love this app and I totally recommend getting this app.

- This app want let. U upload your on pictures

This want let u upload your own image no more with the iOS update they need to update the app so it will work again that’s why I gave four star because I like to use my on image

- Latest update got rid of the Vine monogram :(

I frequently used this app to make monograms for my Cricut machine. Sadly, the latest update excludes the vine monogram, which was my most often used setting. I’m incredibly disappointed. None of the replacements are a good stand-in for this preset :( I’m also disappointed that the diamond monogram option is gone. I am not a fan of the update changes.

- #MonogramItLove

This is the best monogram it app I already have five pictures of my monogrammed stuff on my camera roll already have one on my back ground because it is so cute just I just give this five stars

- What was the point

I had the lite (free) version and decided to pay for the full version. It appears to be exactly the same. Not sure why now I purchased it. Had a few problems working this with my cricut too

- Monogram it

For the price is ok, but I think could be better like in one page you could put more than one monogram and also if you can create a logo with write one letter over another for superposition. Like my logo is RM but they are create in only one space. Also if you can add little pictures in the same page. I think this app could be better

- I love this app!

This app is heaven sent! It makes simple monograms for my business so easy! I can do monograms without worrying about making sure the font hasn't been licensed for commercial use. Five thousand stars!

- Super easy

This is the easiest monogram app that I have ever used. There are so many great patterns and colors to choose from. It is worth the $1.99 they ask for the full version. I highly recommend this monogram app. It's great fun.

- Won’t let you add own photo for background

The app is pretty cool but it won’t let you add your own background. It gives you the option but won’t let you add the photo and continue. It’s just your photo image with no options to move pass it. FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE. WOULD GIVE 5 starts but that’s lame you can’t use something you give an option for

- Nice For What They Have

I use to love this app, but there hasn't been any updates in about a year. So the app has become a disappointment! If you like the same boring apps this is the app for you

- Best thing I ever purchased

This app is by far the absolute best app I have ever purchased. I am able to do all kinds of things that look fabulous. So glad to have it. Love it love love love it. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

- Love it

This is the only app that I can find that isn't a rip of. I spent more than five dollars on other apps and all they would do is glitch or be crappy. I am so in love with this app. It was well worth it!😝😝😝

- Good but not great...

I like this app but at times it is frustrating because the monogram can't be repositioned, the color choices are very limited, and there are so few fonts. By making these changes, the developers would have a great app that would be worth more than .99.

- Easy to use

I had tried some other monogram apps to use with my Cricut Air and found them difficult. This one is fantastic, love the fonts! Happy customer so far.

- Same as "Lite" version!!!

Just purchased this version thinking it would have more options than the "lite" version and they are EXACTLY the same. Why would you do that? Whether it is .99¢ or $2.99... you should not be charging people for version A when you offer the exact item in version B for free.

- Love it .. but hasn't been updated in 2yrs

I originally gave this 5 stars. It's down to 4 now because it hasn't been updated since 2015. I'd love to see the ability to use numbers. New backgrounds/ colors etc. Come on developer!

- I had to buy it twice

I like this app a lot. I had an iPhone 6s Plus and upgraded to iPhone X and when i downloaded it again i had to pay for the exact app i had already paid for. I used the same iTunes account. Nothing changed except my phone.

- Fun times

Love this app. You can change it fast to suit any time of year. PS if I leave my phone around the office my name is right there with the push of a button.

- Easy to use and great designs

I love this app. It is a lifesaver when creating monograms. Tip make the letters black so u can see them when u save them on the white background.

- Great App

I have really enjoyed this app. I love that you do have a lot of color choices and truly customizable. My only complaint is more holiday backgrounds. I live in the south and don't see a whole lot of snowflakes!!! Overall this is a great app.

- Not Working!!!

I have used this app for a long time, but it recently stopped working for me. I cannot use my own picture for the wallpaper background. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app; as well as, rebooting my phone, but nothing has helped. If any other users have experienced this please let me know how I can correct and fix the issue. Thanks!!!

- Miss the old version

Just did the update. While I like the new font options I miss the original interlock! It’s gone!!!! Pretty please bring it back!

- Great app thanks for bringing it back

Love the app it works great and it is super easy to use. However I can’t seem to find a solid background color. Is there any solid backgrounds or some coming in the future?

- Best Monogram App

This app is so fun and has loads of different color options. I love making monograms initials and names with this app. If you like those things too, definitely get this app!

- I love this

This is the most convenient way to monogram! I appreciate you creating something that is simple but gives you the best results!!!

- Useful App!

I use this app not only for wallpapers for my IPad, it comes in handy for making labels, personalized cards, envelopes and stencils. There are limited options for color (combinations) and letter styles, but WOW, what you can do with what you get is impressive.

- Overall: fun & easy

This is a great little app. It gets glitchy if you use it for several wallpapers in a row, but over all good. Suggestion: add a few more colors to the labels choices that match the background colors.

- Update please!!!

This app was great a couple of years ago but the iOS have since been updated several times since then. Now you cannot use your own photo for a background because there is no “next” or even “cancel” that appears on the screen. Also, new wallpapers, new fonts, new color pallets and new frames would be excellent.

- Love this app

How do you add your own background? it gives me the option but all I can do is crop it to fit the screen

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- Amazing

It's a great app, good for all ages as its simple and fun. It's worth paying for

- Great app

Love the app but could you give use some new wallpapers and some new colour to make new wallpapers with but overall love the app


After seeing the app didn't have any reviews I was a little unsure if I should purchase it or not BUT I'm glad I did it is awesome and easy just wish there was more designs to choose from :)

- Awesome

Great game, I have had this app for months now. I love it. Good job to people that made the app. I definitely recommend this app if you want to make backgrounds.

- Awesome

So fun and easy to use! Love the variety of backgrounds and colours and I can totally customize everything. Love it!



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- Monogram It

I love this app it is so creative and I just enjoy all the amazing colorful wallpapers

- Awesome app for Cameo

I have a silhouette cameo and they charge for monograms in the store and now I can just make my own.

- So fun and gorgeous!

What a gorgeous way to personalize your devices! So many options and endless possibilities. If you're a southern girl at heart like me, this is totally an app for you. Love it and so do my friends!

- Love this app

This app allows me to create monograms and names that I email to myself and then use on my cutter to create personalized items.😍

- Great App!

Great app with so many cute options! Love it <3

- Not bad

This app does exactly what it says it does. No real issues. Easy to use. A few more templates to choose from might be nice.

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- You won't regret this purchase!

I purchased this app for my cricket to make decals and it is awesome I love all the varieties of backgrounds and colors not to mention how user friendly

- So many options

This app has so many options to create whatever you can imagine.

- Great App

I love this app so much! There are so many backgrounds and fonts to choose from. I strongly recommend this app. It’s great for home screens and lock screens, too. Plus, it’s just so fun!

- A Great App

I love this app very much. I think it is so much fun to make all the designs and is a great way to use your time. The only thing it needs is more designs to chose from. Other than that I think this app is great.

- Uploading no longer available

I used to love this app to add monograms to my own images for backgrounds, but I am no longer able to upload my own images to the app (I have an XS Max with iOS 13). Otherwise, it's great for making monogrammed wallpapers with the preloaded images. Deleting the app until repaired.

- Love!

This app has saved me so much time!!! Love everything about it! For the price of the app, we are offered a lot of options! Thank you!!

- Love it!!

Gorgeous monogram app. Tons of design backgrounds and font choices, along with a myriad of colors, allow for an infinite number of monogram possibilities. Very user friendly. Highly recommended!

- Fun for those who can't get enough monograms!

This is a great app and it is very user friendly. The only thing that I would recommend is to add solid backgrounds as an option and for the creators to also add some new print backgrounds. Thanks for such a fun app!

- Great product

I love this app. It is so easy to use and has many different options. A snowflake would be cute for Christmas!

- Cricut best buds!

I use this for creating beautiful monograms one my Cricut machine. So easy to use. My only suggestion is adding some more 3 letter font options. Thanks for feeding my monogram obsession!

- I love it!!

Such a great editing app for backgrounds! I have made TONS of cute backgrounds for myself and my friends. 10/10 would recommend!!!!

- Fun

I really like it!!! Great for people who need new wallpapers, especially if you want to make it personal. Great, would definitely recommend!

- So In Love Right Now

This app is so amazing, I'm totally in love with it. I can use this for soooo much and even send decked out photos to my freinds! Totally worth the buy, you NEED this❤️❤️❤️

- Lost my most-used font

I’ve been using and loving this app for over a year, but the new update just got rid of my most-used monogram font. I’m disappointed because that font was the reason I purchased this app.

- Monograms

I really like this app because you don’t have to have WiFi for the app and it is just an all and all fun app.

- Love it but update it!

Love this app so much... But hasn't updated in months. Missed out on lots of holiday designs. Seriously hoping new ones will come out soon and more frequently.

- Easy to use

Love this app easy to use wish you had more circle fonts

- Cute graphics and fonts

Love this app. The graphics are great. There are images that are very feminine and some that could be considered masculine as well. The fonts are nice!

- Emojis

Ok so I love monogram it and it is so easy to use and I also known that nobody really cares about this so I am going to just tell you my problem with monogram : emojis. They always say and I quote " invalid character for this font".

- Monogram it for Cricut

This is the most user friendly process for vine monograms. My machine does not cut completely, so I take the monogram through photoshop to do a auto-repair. Then it cuts easily. I think it is a quality of the graphic. I love it and is easy to use.

- Love it

I've paid for apps before but I never thought it deserved the money but this app dies deserve the money we're paying

- Love love it!!!!

This app is awesome! I use it for many things - I have a cricut I use to cut monograms and I use it to dress up my phone & fb don't change a thing

- Why I like monogram it

I like it because I make them then put it as my phone background

- Can’t use own background photos

When I try to use my own background photo it takes me to the screen but I can’t get out of it to go back to editing. Please fix.

- It’s not working!!!

Ever since I updated my iPhone to the iOS13 the app is not working. It will not let me use my own pictures and monogram them as it as before. Otherwise, the app and options and font are great

- Very good!

This is very good and has many options! Also, no in-store purchases which I really like!

- I like it

I like it, simple to use. However, I wish there was an option to edit it a little more. And more font options.

- Monogram Everything

I live in the south and we monogram everything and with app it helps me do that! I love it never had an issue!!

- App trouble

I can longer use my picture or make any wallpapers please fix

- It is amazing

This app is so much better than another monogramming app You guys should totally buy ‘‘tis fun app the first is a flop but the second one is awesome

- Awesome

Love the app except it won’t let me use my own photo. I would love to be able to add a monogram to my own photos.

- Needs an update

Downloaded the paid version because I couldn’t get the lite version to allow me to use my own photos. Figured it was because it was the free version. I was wrong so I paid .99 for basically the exact same thing. 🤬🤬🤬 Dont waste your money unless they fix it

- Love but what’s wrong with it?

I’ve had this app for years I love it! However lately I can’t choose a background from my phone? Super annoying. I paid for the full version, can this PLEASE be fixed? I’d like to use it for what I bought it for. Thanks!

- ADD MORE OPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please add more options for monograms!!!!! Holidays, background shapes with monogram options inside! Whales, flowers, state shapes. I would be willing to pay for additional designs!!!

- Fonts

I wish there were more font choices and I would also like to be able to view all saved images.

- Love this app❤️

I bought a Cricut and I wanted to monogram but couldn't find the font I wanted. Ran across this app (thank goodness). I use it all the time!!! Love it❤️

- Love it

Definitely recommend you can you wallpapers that you like

- LOVE this App!!

I have used this app for quite some time with my vinyl monogramming business. Would recommend it to anyone !!

- Love this app!

Quick and easy way to create names and monograms with lots of options.

- Does not work ios13

Downloaded and paid for the full version. You can not use your own photo. It would allow me to before I went to the new iOS software. Now it doesn’t allow you to save it. The only way to get out of it is to hard close the program. Stupid.

- Love

Love this app. Worth the price. I've used the images I've created for several craft projects. Super easy to use.

- Easy

Monogram it is so easy to use and perfect when you want to do a color shirt

- Love!

So glad it’s updated! Love all the new fonts and monograms. I use this a lot for crafting. The frames and backgrounds are great too.

- Great App

This is a great app but could be improved. Should be able to add flourishes and also resize the letters. Also other fonts could be added.

- Fun

I am enjoying the creative options with this well designed app.

- Very user friendly

Enjoying the app very much easy to use

- Can’t save personal backgrounds anymore

I use to could make personal backgrounds which my daughter and I loved. But after this last update we can no longer save them. Other than that we love it!!

- Absolutely amazing

I love this app! I use it for making so many monograms! I upgraded to the full version and it's amazing!!

- Monogram It

I LOVE this app, it allows me to be creative and fit profile pictures and fonts prints to my friends

- Love it!

This is wonderful app for crafters. It is easy to use and opens up a whole new wealth of creative possibilities for personalizing and decorating crafts.

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Monogram It! 14.0 Screenshots & Images

Monogram It! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Monogram It! iphone images
Monogram It! iphone images
Monogram It! iphone images
Monogram It! iphone images

Monogram It! (Version 14.0) Install & Download

The applications Monogram It! was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-11-30 and was developed by Firelit Studios [Developer ID: 752005177]. This application file size is 43.9 MB. Monogram It! - Lifestyle app posted on 2017-12-14 current version is 14.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.firelitstudios.monogram.Monogram-It

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