NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime

NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime [Weather] App Description & Overview

Real-time radar images, severe weather alerts, accurate weather forecasts and much more - precise & timely to help keep you safe!

- Radar overlay shows the areas of rain, snow & mixed precipitation in high resolution and vivid colors right on the interactive map;
- Precipitation map provides precipitation forecast for the next 24 hours;
- Satellite map illustrates the cloud cover;
- Snow depth map displays the detected snow cover and depth;
- Choose background maps (standard, hybrid, satellite), search locations, add them to bookmarks and always stay out of harm’s way.

- Read weather alerts with all the details you might need;
- Receive push notifications whenever there’s a weather alert for the bookmarked location (tornadoes, hurricanes, freeze warnings, and more);
- Monitor all important National Weather Service watches, warnings and alerts in the form of interactive polygons on the map. Tap one to see the full alert text.

- 24-hour and 7-day forecast for any location;
- Current, today’s min & max and "Feels Like" temperature;
- Pressure, humidity, wind speed, visibility, dew point info;
- Chance of Precipitation;
- Sunrise & sunset time.

Coverage Info:

Radar images: the US (Continental US, Alaska (except northern), Hawaii, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico), Mexico (northern), Canada (southern), Australia, the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy (northern and north-western), Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Andorra, Japan, Taiwan and more. See the full list on the developer’s website.
Precipitation map, satellite images, detailed weather info, hurricane & lightning trackers: most of the world.
NWS watches, warnings, advisories: the US only.
Governmental severe weather warnings: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US.

Get Premium:
- Severe weather alerts for all saved locations
- Hurricane tracker
- Advanced precipitation forecast
- Lightning tracker
- Temperature map
- Rain alerts
- Air quality index
- Wildfire tracking
- No ads

* Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase.
* Subscriptions will automatically renew and payment will be charged to your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost of the renewal depends on your Subscription Plan. Our standard Subscription Plans are:
* 1-week Subscription with 7-day free trial (2.99 USD)
* 1-month Subscription with 7-day free trial (6.99 USD)
* 1-year Subscription (19.99 USD)

* Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel or manage your free trial's auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase. The cancellation will take effect 24-hours after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service.
* Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.

Privacy Policy:
California Privacy Notice:

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NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- When it comes to outwitting the weather, performance and stability matter. With this update, you'll be even more sure to get the weather info you need when you need it. As always, we appreciate your continued support! Don't hesitate to share your feedback via We're always here to help.

NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime Comments & Reviews

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- Really like but needs 1 improvement.

This app works well. To bad most people can’t read well enough to see that the trial and pricing issue are ‘user’ based and have nothing to do with bad or misleading practices, sheesh, slow down and read, actually read. My one suggested change is to go with a different map service. I like Mapbox myself. I want more detail when I zoom out and Mapbox provides this. If I compare this app to the map service in my current weather app Storm from TWC, they use Mapbox, much greater detail when zoomed out on the same regions. Other than this issue, which hopefully you’ll consider, I’m looking forward to making this my full time weather app! Plus, the yearly fee of $9.99 which can be chosen during the trial, feels great. Reading AND understanding will carry you far ;)

- Love This App

Love it b/c it let’s me look at the weather in other cities before I finalize my travel plans so I will know what the weather will be where I’m going and the outlook for several days which makes it easy to make decisions to still go or postpone due to possible bad weather forecasted. For example I was planning a trip to the Mountain here in Asheville, North Carolina and found that the weather was not going to be in my favor due to snow. First, I’m disabled and can’t take chances on being stuck somewhere I’m not able to get back home cause they shut down the highway when bad weather comes. Second, where I currently reside in North Carolina we get plenty of bad weather from snow, sleet, freezing rain and blizzard (due to nor Easters). I don’t take chances at home so why would I want to take chances somewhere else. I can’t take a risk of falling b/c of several medical issues that restrict my ability to get around (both knees been replaced and currently waiting on date for lower spine surgery) along with several other medical issues that restrict my ability to just go and take unnecessary chances. This app helps me make smart decisions that will best help me protect my health. Love it. It’s a 5 Star App. Highly Recommend you get it if you don’t already have it.

- Better than the full website for fast information

I have used the ‘full’ NOAA website for three decades to track hurricanes and watch for local bad weather. I have not used the app for hurricanes, yet, but the local maps for the radar loop are problematic, even with internet service, on the iPhone. They are almost useless for accurate local data on tornadoes (still great for tracking larger storms and rapidly moving fronts) due to data limits, particularly heavy local cell system usage during tornadoes. This app trims links to the massive database at NOAA for the power of a shorter ‘history’ (4 passed tracks to 7 on the full website, or 35-40 minutes instead of 70 minutes), but the ‘loss’ of tracking information is minor and FAST current data is more useful during sudden weather and for driving. It was invaluable during a recent trip to New Orleans to time leave times and plan stops to avoid pop up thunderstorms. Nothing but good things found with app over NOAA main website and local news weather apps (lots of adds with the ‘locals’ and websites are problematic to find using iPhone when traveling).

- BUYER BEWARE Terrible - Bait and Switch - Not Free - Deceptive

It says it’s free in the App Store, but then you can’t even open the App until you sign up for a paid subscription. Really shady considering I think many people come to the app looking to track hurricanes that may threaten their lives and the makers of this app are trying to take advantage of them. Just do the right thing and list that it has a cost up front. It does have a ONE WEEK free trial option but that is linked to auto renew in 1 WEEK at $2.99 PER WEEK and I think the free trial doesn’t even include SHOWING the hurricanes anywhere, you would need to purchase the PREMIUM subscription for that, but you don’t find out any of that until after you sign up for auto renew. Also BUYER BEWARE, if you decide not to get the free trial and you leave the app, but then go back later thinking fine, I’ll just do the one week trial and remember to cancel in one week if the app is not good, the RATE HAS CHANGED to a 3 DAY TRIAL that auto renews in 3 DAYS and NOW AT $3.99 A WEEK! Super shady and sneaky. Most deceptive app I’ve ever come across. Seems like these people are trying to take advantage of people afraid of an impending potentially tragic hurricane and seems exactly like a form of price gouging, and just low low low business tactics. It’s incredibly shameful.

- App tricks you into paying upfront

Downloaded the app, authorized the download with my fingerprint, then opened the app and was immediately prompted by another screen asking for my fingerprint, right after I said that I didn’t want to pay, that I just wanted the free version, they don’t clarify that the free version is 7 days free, and after that is paid. When it prompted me the second time for my fingerprint, I never thought I’d be paying a week later, since I selected the free version. I know they’re going to say “but it says on the screen that it’s not free” thing is, they use smaller fonts and on the bottom, making it deceiving and impossible to see at first glance. Also, NOAA is a government agency, pretty much the “Weather Bureau” (as you used to be called) you’re funded by taxes, literally “for the people by the people”, why do you charge people for an app, that only mirrors something that it’s already paid for with tax dollars, I know there’s app developers and support and everything, but the department doesn’t live off these payments through the AppStore, your department has an anual budget, so why, WHY, why charge people for something that’s already paid for, AND SUCH AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT!?

- Weather channel 5* beats this apps Full-screen pop-ads,

This would be a 5 star app if it werent for full screen ads that come up in seconds after opening. And weather details that slide open/closed/open/closed so cant read the forecast! Weather Channel app opens to beautiful scene, gives forecast and if scroll we can see radar, week ahead, etc. Sorry developers, you still after all these months cant get this NOAA app to function well. Instead of creatively having ads within the app page the pop-up ads cover full screen, often X to close ad is hidden, cant get ad to close. After getting to page the weather report that pops out of the right side goes away before you can read it, weather is gone and wont come back until you keep clicking, dragging etc. or close app and open again, but then you get another page covering ad again. Shame the app developers dont know how to build an app that has ads creatively in them like so many other apps. Deleted this again, I love the Weather channel app SO much better!

- Severe Weather App Review

Being in Puerto Rico, it is necessary to have a severe weather app for the voracious Atlantic hurricane season. With the recent hurricanes Irma and Maria, this app had to be in handy. However, this app is full of ads that pop up. Usually I close them, but this time around when hurricane Maria was closing in on the island, I left the app running continuously, while watching the dark clouds and squally weather coming off of the Caribbean. Little did I know, an advertisement popped up while I was gone. I came back a few hours later to find that the phone was acting up. I got the notice that a virus had been encrypted into the phone. The awful advertisement opened by itself and virused my phone. Little did I know that the eyewall was an hour away and my pet bird was outside. I had no way of knowing because of the viral malware, and the winds picked up to 130 before I knew it and my bird was gone. Please find a way to filter these malicious ads out of your application, because this situation was completely unwarrented.

- Another subscription radar/weather app

Who are the weather app developers? They must be those kind of people who think so much that they cannot really get anything right. This app just became more and more terrible. The radar alone is so dumb. It projects to the next day so while you think you are watching current weather conditions. You are actually watching radar data that may or may not happen. It makes the simple act of looking at a radar so confusing and dumb. It’s also full of ads unless you buy the subscription. Please help deter this disturbing trend by not buying this app and rating it low. In a few years they will have us paying 40 dollars a year for weather forecasts. This is how it starts. I'd rather pay up front and be done with it. I’m about to give up on radar apps. I wish someone would make and app that’s a current radar with the ability to put down pins. That’s it. They used to exist. There seems to be some sort of developer gold rush for subscription apps being done by idiots right now.

- Not a good start

I just downloaded this app because my old weather app just changed drastically for the worse. Reading these reviews makes me think the root data provider for all these types of apps just changed how it does business. That being said, I signed up for the one week free trial that will automatically renew after the free trial is over. When signing up, the price was stated as nine dollars and change a year. What they don’t tell you is that is only one of three options. Nine something a year, four something per quarter and three dollars a week. Guess which “plan” you are automatically renewed to? The three dollars a week. If you aren’t paying attention, you will have spent the price of a year subscription in under a month. This information was hidden in the entire sign up process. I wouldn’t have bothered to look if Apple hadn’t sent me an eMail spelling out the terms. I think there must be quite a few complaints for Apple to do that.


Wow!! What great graphics and info!! I already feel safer. We’ve endured 2 major floods, here in Robeson County NC, just in the past 5 years. Here in rural America, the weather is a major factor in what goes on , what gets accomplished on a day to day basis. Thanks people for a job well done! PS. We Natives Never worshipped the sun(son), the created,...We worship the Father YAH, the Creator. But, when colonialism took place, another belief was instituted, instilled,,FORCED upon the Natives. Our spiritual roots go all the way back to the Old Hebrewic way referred to in the Old Testament. For some reference; ‘The History of the American Indians’ James Adair, first published in 1775. On the other hand, see Alexander Hislop’s ‘The Two Babylons’ for some very interesting details of how the practices in Catholicism and Christianity are traced all the way back to Ancient Babylon.

- NOAA app for my iPhone is okay

This app could use a little bit of an upgrade. The weather “alert” app is not working since I rely heavily for the alert for thunderstorms and flooding. We have cattle and we have a creek. We can loose some of our cattle if our creek gets flooded. So I’m constantly looking at the weather to be prepared to move cattle when we need to. But, the alert would be very helpful and would be less stressful for me since I’m too busy to keep watching for the weather..... ? However, I dislike the fact that there is another weather app you can purchase for $4.99 a month just to know where the lightning strikes are at, when I already have the NOAA app. I wouldn’t mind paying $0.99 a month for the extra’s not $4.99.

- Just what I was looking for

Update: Another option I’d like to have is the ability to turn on alerts but turn on/off alert overlays on the map. This app presents all the information I’m looking for in a simple layout. With other apps radar is secondary, this app makes it primary but very easy to then get detailed weather info. Here are two improvements I’d recommend. Add selectable zoom levels for the radar at launch. The current setting is too focused and I have to zoom out to see the bigger picture. Maybe 50, 100, 300 miles out from location. Second I’d like the sunrise/sunset to be “smart”. After sunset display the sunrise time. After sunrise display the sunset time. No need for separate icons. Thanks for a great weather app!

- This app has become a big mess.

So, apparently this app now has a subscription you can subscribe to when they have an already one time pay premium app. Why? Why would you do this? Are you getting rid of the premium app? If so, why? There was nothing wrong with that app. This just makes the whole NOAA Weather Radar apps a whole mess. Also, this app claims to be the only app to show all NWS service alerts and warnings on the radar. I'm pretty sure MyRadar, Storm, and many other apps show alerts like this, and show more alerts than what this app shows. I was really debating weather to shell out and buy the premium app, but these reasons make me not want to. Updates come in every 3-6 months and the developers apparently don't really care about the consumer. You guys really have made a bad first impression with me. This app doesn't deserve the stars it already has.

- This is not a free app

I downloaded this and when I opened it the first time, it asked me to turn on location services. I said no. The next thing that pops up is asking me to turn on location services. I again say no. The next pop-up tells me this is a 7 day trial and you the have to buy the app. Mind you, I still haven’t gotten into the app. That’s when I deleted it. Developers: you should just charge for the app up front, since it’s not really free. Get rid of the ads. You also need to drop the push to turn on location services. If I have them off, it’s because I know what they do, and if you think by asking a second time in a different way that you will get a different answer, you’re just wasting my time and making me extremely skeptical about what you use that data for and what else is hidden in the app. At best, this is deceptive advertising. At worst.... That could go too many ways, and all are nefarious.

- Do not waste your time

The app should be good BUT everywhere you click they want to tease you into outrageously expensive subscription upgrades! In fact EVERY time you open the app you have to get by a screen for one of these baitware clicks where it says “continue” and you are signed up. If these popped up only the first time you use it, then maybe OK but these people are super greedy and unrealistic. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! My advice to anyone looking at apps, sort the reviews by the “most recent” as Apps change over time. In this case the NOAA app is an explosion of constant “in your face” subscription deal requests. One would expect professionalism with the “NOAA” name but it is far worse than all other competing weather apps. I strongly recommend NOAA fires the people behind this greed app and earn back your name. If you want to charge more for a “pro version”, go ahead but be clear about it and do not constantly ad-nag your non pro users

- Very good, but slow to update and dodgy on temps

This app does everything it says it will do. However I’ve had a couple of occasions where the app’s temperature readings both current and predicted don’t agree with other sources for the same location or my own thermometer. These disagreements are wide in scope and long in duration — 7 - 10 degrees high or low, and they can last several days or more. So I can’t trust it for vacation planning, for example, without a double-check — something I learned by experience. It’s off by 7 degrees right now for my home location. For alerts, it will leave old expired alerts in place on the map even as it talks about new alerts elsewhere. So while it works very well and I’m a monthly subscriber I cannot recommend this app wholeheartedly until NOAA fixes these issues.

- Next level

Started using WU for about 10 years ago to track weather conditions and historical data for major construction sites. When the App went mainstream it was by far the best ad based weather app. The recent updates to the function was difficult to navigate because they do give a lot of information. Almost to much, but the recent update to the radar are next level details. We rely on this app when we make plans to drive over the mountain pass in Colorado and it has always preformed well. Give it a chance and you will be amazed at how much information you can get from a ad based free app that can do circles around the closest competition.

- Charge after deletion

I downloaded this application for one day. It’s an ok weather application. I subsequently decided to delete it as I felt I didn’t need it for a subscription of 3 dollars a week. However, even after deletion I was charged 7 times. It took me a while to realize this was the case since I live abroad and don’t use my home country’s bank account that often. So a warning that this application automatically signs you up for subscription during your free trial. It does warn you of this. However, even though you may delete the app and never look at it again, they will charge you unless you log into iTunes and look at your subscription list. This seems unreasonable if you aren’t using the application. TL;DR application will still charge you if you delete it before free trial is over. You need to go on your computer to cancel the automatic subscription even during the free trial period.

- Great app but needs rainfall amounts in summary screen

I am an outdoor enthusiast and professional ecologist, and check weather regularly. Just switched from weather underground. Dark Sky is intuitive and accurate. My only real complaint/ suggestion is to incorporate predicted rainfall amount into the daily summary view. This information is available for each day, but hard to see multiple days at once since you need to click on each day and open the expanded view. There is a huge difference in 2 days both with 100% chance of rain, but one with 0.01” and one 1” predicted rainfall amount. Incorporate this info into a more accessible place and jump from an A to A+

- Pretty good app

I like the app in general very much. My suggest is to include a LEGEND page or pop up, that at a glance shows the different icons and what they mean. Without having to go into the side bar for setting parameters. Sometimes you just want to be reminded what an icon or feature does and is used for, and at a glance. Also, there should be some instruction on what some of the actions of the icons signify. Like when an icon is touched and it disappears. Otherwise some of the features are fantastic. My suggestion is to have a home page for each user, that will always load with a set of preset parameters. It kind of does this now I think, but not consistently. So to recap, it just needs more user friendly controls.

- ALL about the up-sell

Going to be honest, I deleted this before I really got into it. I have MyRadar which I paid for and love but its info is sometimes delayed so I thought hey, why not get the info straight from the source! Before I could even use the NOAA app though, I was accosted by pop-up modal advertisements (can’t continue until you feign excitement and click something,) one of which was an option to pay to stop the advertisements. No, you can’t sell me mafia style “protection” from your ads because I have options. No, I don’t want to upgrade, you haven’t even shown me you can do anything yet. I paid to upgrade MyRadar long ago because they first proved themselves and then offered me more features with an upgrade. I may pay to upgrade it further because there are things they’re adding that look interesting but this app is a completely different model. Not ‘buying’ it.

- Siri shortcut doesn’t work

I really like this app, but I have 3 locations saved. (Toledo Ohio Brandon Florida and Ruskin Florida ) l recorded on Siri shortcuts, (show radar for Brandon,Florida) but when I ask Siri to show me the radar for Brandon, Florida, it always goes to the Toledo forecast and only gives me a verbal forecast. It won’t bring anything up from the NOAA Radar app at all. Nothing that I do, will get Siri to bring up what I want. I have a similar weather app and that one works fine, but your app is better and the one that I would like to use. But if I can’t get it to work, then I’ll have to stay with the app that works. I hope that you can fix the issue with the app and that I can use it with my Siri shortcuts.

- Like it, but accuracy is good for a laugh.

For the most part, I really like this app. It usually does what it's supposed to, but sometimes it doesn't. Occasionally a temperature prediction will be way off. Like tonight it says it will be 39 at 7 pm, 32 at 9 pm and 39 at 11 pm. Possible? Sure. Likely to drop 7 degrees then go back up in the middle of the night? No. So far the off predictions have been so off it looks like an obvious glitch and I throw them out. But it makes me grateful that there are other free weather apps out there so I can get a more accurate forecast somewhere else and ignore (our laugh at) these ones. Update: I got a response from the support team and have shared more detailed info with them. Hopefully this will be resolved soon? very impressed at their speedy response!

- Consistently Inaccurate

I don’t know why people say it isn’t free. Minus a few features I have yet to pay for general rain information. Although it gives a general idea of the weather with some accuracy, it consistently is off by several hundred miles. What I mean is that it will predict my town as being in the middle of a storm with heavy rain fall when in reality the system passes several hours south of us and we may see some overcast but no rain at all. On occasion it will be almost right with its forecast but for the most part it is what I call “3 star iffy.” But definitely free minus a few features and ads aren’t so frustrating. Just close them and then view the weather....the slightly inna irate but generally ok prediction of the weather.

- Why does my location show the wrong city now?

This is my favorite weather app. I have a few because my little town is kind of a microcosm by itself so I take the best 3 out of 5. This app used to be super accurate, even showing my house temp at pinpoint location when it was different than town. However, within the last month or so it started showing Aurora instead of Bennett for the house location. I don’t care about Aurora’s weather. Tried to reinstall but still Aurora at my house and Bennett as the town location. Had to delete it finally and get a different app. Maybe I did something to make that happen but can’t figure out what. I already miss it ?.

- What worse can be said

The hybrid map feature was neat, showing us Disney World real land layouts and weather. Any app with full screen ads just aren't worth it, unless it's once per day, this is showing ads for its own upgrade (which is a SUBSCRIPTION?! really, just charge once, I know weather data can be pricey but let's stop this loop of paying media companies for jacked up rates. Also cover the costs over time like every dev used to do instead of subscriptions.) In the end we used it for FL radar which can't be predicted, rain is guaranteed every day around 3-5pm, like the central regions of USA so it was only good for showing 5min delayed radar that it might be raining over top of you. Also customizable alerts are needed in all weather apps. Something like "Flood Warning" is worthless here, can't turn off just one category so disabled all notifications.

- Love/Hate

My trusty weather app when it works. I don’t know if mine updated and now it’s weird though.. so we’re on Tornado Watch, my husband’s phone got the notification but I didn’t. I checked the app, we’re in a high risk area but mine showed no warnings besides lightning danger where my husband’s showed all the warnings. Mine finally kicked in and showed them but I’m a stay at home parent with no storm shelter so I need to know right away. When it’s working for me I love it, when traveling I get local notifications, can see storm movements, and report better accuracies in local weather- like no it’s not drizzling there’s heavy rain. Including Local pollen count would make this better.

- Decent, but pop ups prevent data loads

It is a pretty decent app, intuitive and easy to use. But it's only four stars because it seems like you get mor pop ups than weather info. Have a tornado warning? They'll let you know after you have to click through a pop up ad and two subsequent screens about various other apps. Also, the pop ups prevent the app data from updating. So it will still read data and radar from three hours ago, unless I force quit the app. With this many pop ups, I just don't want to pay them monthly subscription fees. They probably make much more off the constant ads.

- MyRadar app is above and beyond this

We wanted an application that would warn us of severe storms in our area and we thought this was the application for us, particularly based on the sheer quantity of reviews shown, we were wrong. The application is trying very hard to be software as a service with a subscription-based system. It is certainly not worth the money as you cannot even customize some of the most basic features in the program. We live in a landlocked state here in the US, and we cannot even turn off the hurricane tracking alerts. While some people in those states may find those alerts very useful, since the hurricanes never reach us as far as Missouri the alerts are irrelevant and unnecessary. There should be an option to simply turn off the hurricane alert since that is one of the big selling point of this software as a service. It feels like they are just throwing features at the wall to see what sticks so they can justify their price of $10 a year. Have had this for three months until we got tired of the hurricane alerts waking us up in the morning. Finally decided to look for another app and found one in my radar. So we are eating the $10 for this app and moving on and not looking back.

- I can’t imagine it’s worth it

Apparently I signed up for a weekly subscription to this app without knowing it, which is already shady, and when I checked my credit card statement I saw that I had been charged $2.99 plus tax over 8 weeks. I didn’t even have the app on my phone! It took me a while to figure out what “Pro Features Weekly” is, which is how it shows up on your credit card, but once I did, I downloaded the app to see what it was and it it even had banner adds! $2.99 a week ($3.17 with tax) doesn’t even remove the banner adds? Whatever “pro features” are costs $164 a year with tax. I can’t imagine that there aren’t better options out there for a weather app that aren’t trying to pull an opt out scam. Fool me once, shame on them, fool me 8 times, shame on me I guess. Be careful before you click around on this app people.

- Awesome NOT!!!

Ads used to run at the screen bottom in a narrow banner. Now it throws full-screen ads that often force your click! I took this app off my phone!!!!!!!!! IN RESPONSE TO THE DEVELOPER RESPONSE: Thank you for stating what is obvious -you just wasted "ink" and time for no good reason. I was not unaware that there is a"premium subscription" that gets rid of the ads. The problem lies in how the ads are now run with COMPLETE OBNOXIOUSNESS! I don't oppose ads in general when they are run as they used to be run on your app. The problem is that now they blow up full screen, instead of running discreetly on a banner at the bottom of the screen- which left me free to either continue checking my weather uninterrupted or clicking on an ad that truly caught my attention. It's a cheap way to force the clicks and you just lost a consumer who was loyal in the past. And after reading other current reviews that offer comparisons between what you offer and what other apps offer(Storm, for example), I see I'm making an appropriate choice. You must be getting paid per click. Why else would you ruin a perfectly good app with this style of ads display. You've gotten greedy. Tsk tsk tsk. Too bad. I believe you'll lose more customers than you'll gain.

- Good Design But Not the NWS Forecast

I chose this app and paid for the year subscription because I thought it would give me the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast, in addition to the radar, since it has NOAA in the name. The app is well-designed and has a lot of nice features. However, when I compare the NWS forecast for my location to the forecast in the app, they aren’t the same which is disappointing to me. I got rid of my old weather app because I felt that the weather predications it gave me weren’t as good as NWS forecasts. So now to see that this app is also not providing the NWS forecast is a big disappointment, especially after I paid for the year subscription. I guess I should have looked into it more before purchasing.

- Full of dark patterns

This app is not actually developed by, for, or associated with NOAA. When you first open it, it asks you to either start a 7-day trial or purchase a $20 subscription, and has a disclaimer that the trial will autorenew-- there's no obvious way to exit, and it won't let you into the app! If you try and go back to it later, it will work, but you will constantly be interrupted by fullscreen ads to upgrade, or dialogs to download their other apps. It wasn't like this before; I used this app to help plan my way through storms when I drove across the country. I don't what changed for them. All of this being said, this app is actually useful but very annoying and from the responses to other reviews the developer seems 100% fine with that.

- Wonderful!

Your app is just about as useless as the rest of em. Don’t understand why you even show radar, forecast, OR even current status. They’re NEVER even close. I know you don’t have the ability for real time but you can’t even correctly tell what it did 10 minutes or an hour or 25 hours ago. My 9 year old niece can draw it with a crayon more accurately. Anyone can do better with a wild guess or just “spin that wheel” or throw a dart while blind folded or any which way I want. The only thing I like about your app is the bright colored icon. Oh boy! Just give up and close the doors if you can’t do any better. I wouldn’t trust it now for the time, let alone weather. AND it can’t get within 100 yards of my location. I’d hate it if someone was counting on this app for a rescue. They’d have a long wait or die. Sheeesh! You blew it...

- Almost Always Inaccurate

I’ve had this app for awhile & the forecast is so inaccurate 90% of the time so I don’t see any reason to pay for the upgrade. Right now the forecast says “Clear” but the sky is covered entirely w/ storm clouds- it’s thundering & I’ve seen lightning twice. The most common current condition it pulls up for my town says “Patchy Fog” which never makes any sense. The only reason I’ve kept it on my phone is because I can see the radar which is beneficial since the app obviously isn’t using that to gather it’s info. I didn’t want to even bother complaining but this is about the 10th time this summer when a storm was expected & I’ve gone to the app for details/helpful ANYthing & today has just put it over the top. How can you expect people to pay when the free version doesn’t even deliver...

- Weather forecast are better than local

This has been a wonderful help for living in the Country. Thanks for the great information. And if you ever need an eye in the sky I’m a storm chaser. Did work for 2 local weather stations but didn’t pay well enough for even my expenses. If you need someone in this area 25 miles W. OF Wichita KANSAS. ANYWAY YOU PROVIDE GOOD INFO SOON ENOUGH TO BE READY. I’ve been in 5 Tornados including the one that went through McConell Air Force Base and then hit Andover KS. just some info , I decided to find them before they found me. You all are great and thanks for the important updates. Keep up the great work!

- Too annoying to be useful

I'm sure this app offers a lot. But in the first few minutes of use it froze twice, necessitating shutdown and restart. It constantly bombards me with ads and popups—unacceptable when trying to access urgent weather information. The developers responded to a similar criticism by saying one can eliminate the ads by getting the paid version. My question to them is, why would I consider giving them money when the trial version is so buggy? I made the decision to delete it when one popup opened a browser window displaying a virus alert. I don't know whether a virus is even possible on an iPhone, but the idea that an app in the Apple Store could be susceptible to malware is my limit. I advise you not to waste your time.

- Great App

I think I use the NOAA Radar App more often than most people. We live in Hawaii, and our Island is known for frequent rains and Hurricane landings. I don’t understand the writers on past reviews, saying “it’s not free” or “doesn’t work at all”. I’ve used this Free, very user friendly app, with all information and radar viewing in my opinion is Excellent. They even send me e-mails, to confirm what their radar is showing. They have been 100% accurate in telling me what’s coming at us. We live 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean, so we are notified often a storm, hurricane watch, or tsunami is a threat. NOAA App, THANK YOU!!?⛈?☂️??

- Lag time in reporting accuracy

I live in Florida so keeping tabs on hurricanes is very important. The problem I have is that this app is several hours behind in reporting hurricane trajectory forecast info. I may check it just before bed and notice that this app reports something totally different than the weather channel and the local news and then wake up 8 hours later and find out that this app has changed to reflect what the news stations say. We’re talking about several hundred mile distances here. And this happens all the time. If the app reflected CURRENT data on hurricanes I’d give it 5 stars.

- It’s okay, but there are better apps that are free

I got this and decided to try it out in comparison to another weather app (weather 9). I didn’t see much of a difference until today. I open NOAA app to check out a potential hurricane brewing in the Caribbean. On the radar it didn’t show it. It did show it when I had to switch over to cloud coverage. The Hurricane tracking feature costs extra, as well as other features. I switched over to Weather 9 app and it showed the hurricane tracking for free without me having to turn the feature on. And that is what sealed the deal for me. I am now deleting NOAA’s app and will use Weather 9 for my primary storm tracking from my phone.

- Too expensive compared to others

There are many apps out there that accomplish the same thing for much less (even free). I have several weather apps on my iPhone, and randomly opened this one today, as I was curious about tropical weather formations (I live in Florida). My free version of this app had the tropical cyclone / hurricane icon “grayed out,” so no option to clearly see what’s going on in the Atlantic or Gulf! Or that information is buried within the free version and I have no inclination to go digging. Of the paid apps, I do find “Dark Sky” to be one of the best values for paid weather apps. I’m sure NOAA Weather has a robust paid version, but the price is far too steep compared to other apps.

- I love this App and NOAA

I have used NOAA’s data to forecast storms for many years. I have a photographic memory and when I see certain data occurring I can predict with great accuracy the outcome. This app I only obtained today and boy am I going to have fun. I predicted Katrina I also predicted the three blizzards that hit the Washington area in 2010. I was in the hospital in Annapolis and told my wife she would not be able to come see me the next day that w e were going to get at least 21inches of snowfall, we got 21 inches of drifting snow. I had to wait until Friday to be transferred to Jons Hopkins. Thank you for all you do NOAA!

- No longer accurate

This app went through a major update a short time ago, it used to track right along with my Davis weather station and now it is way off of not just the weather station but local weather sources also, when all other apps and sources are saying one thing this app is 8 degrees higher . Also the high and low range for the day does not align with the hourly forecast for that same day. And on top of that it is saying lows in the coming days are in the negative temps and I am certain this will not be the case as every other app and source is reporting lows of 30 degrees. Something got crossed with data sources on this last major update. And yes I have ensured that my settings and location are correct, this is a huge app issue and right now I am sorry I paid for it.

- Timeless Weather

If you are on the go, wether it between two cities in a single state or cross country it scan and change your mind if to continue or stop for the night, and last but not least it could change your mind to just go back and try another day. In a recent trip I had complete half my trip and ran straight in to just the remnants of "Harvey". I was not given a choice but to stop in a place I would not wish my enemy. At least I had a roof over my head. However no lights, no water, and no air conditioner that worked.

- Fast, reliable radar images and early storm warnings

My wife uses The Weather Channel and waits and waits for the radar to stream because of all the ad images and news and whatnot. I use NOAAWeather because it’s just the weather, clear, fast, reliable. And now with storm alert messaging I get wherever I am and have Location and messaging activated. Lately, my wife asks me for weather information. This is my go-to weather station, complete with emergency alert! Keep your phone next to your bed at night with volume on and up. It might save your life.

- Too cluttered screen

When I started using this app in 2019, there were very few “bells and whistles “ that had to appear on my phone screen. Now I’m to the point of deleting the app because in addition to the ads and the pin for my location, there’s a large tab that gives me GPS coordinates for my location, a widget that shows a time lapse bar for the radar, a flashing beacon signaling my location, and now a button on the time lapse bar begging me to click on it to get the latest forecast. I have tried to get rid of as many screen widgets as possible, but these still dog me. This is too much for a small 4” screen. I can barely see any of the actual weather systems now. Too bad. This used to be a useful app.

- Pastor Jim Rosenberg (RETIRED)

I don’t know what I would do without the NOAA, Weather alert! My Wife and I as well as my Three sons always listen to this Application, to hear what’s going on in the area! For example when there are Tornado Warnings we know to hope for the best, but prepare for the Worst❗️ I fully recommend this Application to everyone who wants themselves and there Families to be Safe when a bad Weather alert comes in! I whole heartedly believe that everyone should have this Application and learn how to read it and use it for the best and most thorough Weather for there families

- Don’t subscribe

I am a CDL driver and I thought it would be a good idea to get this app as sort of a heads up of what I’m driving towards. I completely regret getting a subscription to this app! First off, it’s not as accurate a radar as I would’ve hoped. Second off, I tried to unsubscribe to this app, and it will not let me. I’ve emailed the company with out any answers in return. Because I refuse to pay for some thing I do not want now all of my Apple services are suspended until I update my payment. I can’t even get into my emails or download new apps. This is so stupid! I wish I could give this app a -5 stars!

- Curious Storm Rotation

On this app's "Upgrade to PRO version, the Graphic, shows two bright red, animated, "clock-wise rotating icons", that presumably, represent a storm's center!?! But here, in the US, being in the Northern Hemisphere, is it not true, that tropical storms, and hurricanes, rotate "counter-clockwise"?!? Additionally, if your finger happens to, inadvertently, touch a location, that place gets a "PIN icon", and simultaneously, it immediately, shows weather conditions, at the exact position, of the inadvertent PIN! All well & good, but nowhere, on the app, can the inadvertent PIN, be deleted, and reset, by default, your own location! so annoying. Course it is crowded by ads, that can only be eliminated, by purchasing their upgrade! But I guess, others than those issues, it's better than "a sharp stick, in your armpit!"!!!

- Falls short in border area (San Diego)

NOAA Weather has always been my go-to resource. But in a critical area, this falls very short. It does not allow the user to choose the animation (past vs forecasted). I live in the border area (San Diego) and the radar display stops at the border. Much of our weather originates south of the border, where 1) no radar display is shown and 2) the “Rain” overlay is “forecast” ONLY. I upgraded to the paid app hoping I would be able to see past-hour animation of monsoonal rains buildup (not just a forecast). Alas, I am still stuck with only a rain forecast—highly unreliable in our neck of the woods— and radar display that stops at the border. So sadly I’ll rely on other apps and discontinue my paid subscription. :-(

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- Seriosdude

I have three weather apps working in our house - and this app seems to be the most consistent. Not always totally correct - but far more consistent than the other two by miles!! We live on the road - so consistency in weather forecasting is vital! The BOM and rain parrot are all over the place - even in 'actual temperature reporting'

- Nice app combining radar and rain forecast for 24 hours

A really handy app for viewing radar for coming storms without having to change the radar view distances, it just displays the entire area viewed on screen dynamically, be it a small or large area. Add to the radar a visual display of forecast rain for the coming 24 hours (intensity overlayed on a map), a 7 day weather forecast and weather warnings sent to the iPad for your address... makes this app a must have.

- Bit of a con.

This seems to work fairly well. However, after getting the app I see that after the one week free trial, it is charged weekly at $4.99. Seriously? That is about $260 a year. I know you can change the settings and pay about $30 a year but this is your default setting and I think it is in the hope that some people won’t notice until they have made payments. I am all for paying for apps but not when providers try to fool us. Most people are loyal to a good honest provider. Change the default settings.

- Very nice

Simplistic and beautiful app I really like it, I need rain warnings for business unfortunately it’s not very detailed no projected mm of rain or graphs to work from I think that if you add this to the forecast days click to expand or something. Sorry but Willy weather offers 10x more information at a free cost unless you don’t want ads I’ve paid for their app just for their work, I can’t justify the cost of this app if it really offers no more than other free apps other than cosmetics. Thanks.

- Scammers

The app forces you to sign up for a trial with automatic payments starting after one week BEFORE you can check the app to see if you like it. After finding it is quite a simplistic and unsophisticated weather app I decided I do not want to pay for it. BUT there is no way to cancel the subscription immediately in the app. I assume I have to wait 7 days before I can cancel? I in which time the developers are hoping I will forget and get at least one automatic payment. Totally unethical. Should be reported to administrators at Apple.

- It’s alright

The radar element is pretty decent and you can track events such as storms fairly accurately. All round, pretty handy. The weather reports for your location on the other hand are an absolute joke. It’s either “Yep, this is precisely the data”, or “You claim that it’s raining, but I assure you without doubt that it’s clear skies, and a balmy 36C in the dead of winter”. All the while you sit at the nearest window wishing that you could be out fishing.

- Great app! But not too good

This app is amazing and I love it but all I can say is that NSW is not having good weather there are storms and rain everyday and it is just annoying sometimes but in the storms they are very bad for example we have a severe weather warning today I hope it’s not too bad THIS WEEK WEATHER Wed ⛈ Thu ⛈ Fri ? Sat ⛈ Sun ?

- Simply wrong.

I work away from home working on a mine site working fifo. I think it’s nothing but a scam how after the trial ends instead of doing the right thing and reverting to the free app you get signed up for the paid version. As I work out of town this went on for months with out my knowledge. Sure it’s probably written in the fine print this takes affect but that doesn’t make it any difference from being a rip off. I would have recommended this app and possibly would have upgraded once I returned home from site but not in your life now. There are no doubt many others tricked in the same way as us older people have this little thing called morales and trust that makes us easy victims to scammers

- Flow

Could have a better flow of data for the radar, I.e. more times for the radar to swap through instead of 30min, 3 hours, 10 hours and 24 hours

- For free. It's not bad I had it before on another I phone. Found it quite good. But

This is an iPad Should be the same. The old saying you get what you pay fore. I will buy once I pads got credit. On.

- Weather

I like this app because I wanna know about the weather so I can tell my parents and this app is the best because I could see where the rain is.

- Best app ever

It works really really well with tracking your location. Just get the pro version because it has a lighting, tornado, flood and hurricane tracker. Please download it.

- Ads are annoying

Ads are annoying

- Easy & accurate

Easy & accurate information

- Helpful

It actually works and right now it’s raining at my house and it said that it is I give this a five star rating

- Remove subscription.

I loaded this app but then it showed it was a 7 day free trial with a subscription automatically after that period if not unsubscribed. I cannot find how to unsubscribe from your app on iTunes or my device. Can you assist please.

- Weather radar free

It is great I get all info I need it needs to be feed for longer so see where rain is

- Stopped working again

Went to check the app this morning and it has just gone to a black screen! Deleted and reloaded but still does not work. What gives? This has now happened again. This app is useless if it can’t be relied on.

- Great app

Easy interface with useful features

- Good app

Is amazing, you can see how the storm move and the timing that it gonna come.

- Lovely weather we’re having.

Great app informative and easy to translate.

- How to cancel trial

Hi how can I cancel the trial before the 7 days are up.. had tried looking in settings on iPhone no avail.. thanks :) 3 days remaining

- Great weather app

It’s a great weather app, ads are a bit annoying though

- Very detailed weather report

Rainfall Thunder storm User friendly

- Trapped into subscription

Thought I was having a 7 day free trial only. But it then turned into a subscription with no warning. NOT HAPPY. To change to a paid subscription without some form of prior notification to the user is totally wrong

- Not bad

Radar pretty clear and screen movement easily increases viewing area.

- Works every where

Works every where

- Very good and accurate !

We need more widgets then 1!! I’m a premium user and don’t you think to make more options? Thank you.

- Good and accurate but......

This weather app is very accurate but it make u pay to get the exact time which is important That’s something I think they NEED to improve on

- Weather app

Pretty average product with a lot of pop ups which are annoying, try something else

- Weather

This is a great app because it tells me exactly what I need to know.

- Subscription problems.

The app is very difficult to navigate especially when trying to unsubscribe. Emails are not replied to and the payments keep being taken. This is clearly a very dodgy app.


I like this app a lot because I can learn the weather around the world.

- Not happy

The app has been taking money out of my account and I don’t even have or use the app, I downloaded once and continuously taking payments out. I am not sure how to make it stop.

- Tony

Very good and seems to be accurate

- Review

This Radar I'd one if the most accurate. ??

- Weather radar.

It's a good app to use this.

- Review

Gives an indication what's happening

- Great graphic illustration

Recommended for phone screens

- Freakin adds

Just get rid of the adds and the app is great

- Used to be better

This app used to be great but as with everything they have tried to monitize it and have ruined the app. On the look for a new weather app now.

- New app

I have only just put this app on my iPhone and have already been inundated with adds and add ons I thought the BOM was a government facility. All I want to do is check the weather please get rid of the rubbish.

- Meh!

Could be better for Australia. Seeing conflicting reports with other reliable information online. 8 degrees Celsius is a huge variation between predictions.

- How do you cancel this app?

Did not want to pay for a subscription and in fact was not aware that this was for a free trial period. Would not have downloaded it if I had realised.

- Very Good

Pretty well up to the time

- Misleading

This was advertised as ‘free’ initially, which it is not. Unless you cancel your trial you will start getting billed. Additionally I did not find the app useful.

- Bit too late

It’s a good idea you have however I received a warning 30 minutes after hail hit. The warning was correct lol

- Fantastic

Fantastic. So easy to use.

- Weather App

Love this weather app

- Pretend weather app

Open the app will just spam you with subscription sign up and ads. The weather comes from international sources not bom. Why this app is popular is beyond me.

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- Cancel

How do I cancel this app? I can not afford this. I have to unsubscribe. I want to unsubscribe now PLEASE

- Très informatif et juste

À recommander à tous

- Not very nice

This apps not great but seems to be super at charging the user right away. The app needs to be extremely clear on what is free and when billing starts. Over all very poor

- Météo

Très bien ,mais rédigé en français serait apprécié!

- Trop cher et pas vraiment un essai gratuit

Beaucoup d'autre app sont gratuite ou presque pour le même service. L'essai gratuit ma couté presque 5$ can. !!!!

- you have to pay

don’t use this because you can’t do anything without paying a ridiculous amount of money to see WEATHER. this is unnecessary. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

- Dumb

Pay before you play

- Don’t bother

Ask for cash right away

- Alerts

Alerts are bad

- Payment for Weather

Why would I need to pay 10 dollars a week to see where it’s raining? All I wanted was a decent radar to see where in the city it’s raining. Fairly inconvenient.

- Avis

Pas aussi informatif que je prévoyais .

- Good app for free

The free features are exactly what I needed from this app - to see the basic radar of precipitation and cloud cover.

- Great App

Great because it recognizes that the world doesn’t stop at the US border

- Not free scam

Scam not free

- Great apps

Watch the information on this app that helps save lives

- Nothing free about this app

Nothing free about this app, just a SCaM

- Aucune version gratuite

L’app qui semble gratuite ne l’est pas. Il n’y a pas de façon de la faire fonctionner sans s’abonner à un forfait. Il n’y a même pas de bouton pour sortir du chemin qui vous amene a l’abonnement payant

- Awesome

Great up

- Rip off

First you buy this app at $12.99 and then you have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription which they don’t tell you about when you buy the app. After you buy the app and discover it is relatively useless without the subscription, then you discover the cost of the subscription. Avoid this one like the plague!

- Didn’t see any use for the app

Annoying with the ads and who is going to pay subscription for things that are freely available everywhere

- Terrible new design

I’ve used this app a lot over the years. The summer 2020 redesign is awful. I’ll be going to Storm Radar.

- Terrible

You can’t even use it without agreeing to enter into the trial period, which everyone forgets and then boom, your paying with 2 weeks. Absolute garbage, I hope this comment deters everyone.

- This is the best game ever


- Trash

Pay to use garbage

- Weather

To expensive

- Great app

Great to see when rain might approach and has rain alerts built into the app!

- Looking good but you’ll get wet

For a second time in two weeks I am getting wet while the radar is showing clear sky

- Amazing app!!

Great App love it!!

- Voleur

Ils m’ont facturé tandis que je n’avais plus l’application depuis un moment déjà. Faites attention!

- Don’t but paid but ads all over the screen

Hate it

- __省__市__街道__小区__单元__室


- Good weather app

Effective app helps with timing of storms!

- Too much radar delay

There is too much delay in radar. It’s raining when the app says its still 30 min away. Too many Ads and too expensive to remove ads

- Really helpful

Pretty good

- Should not charge $4/week. That’s ridiculous

Should not charge $4 week for an important item such as weather warnings etc

- Cluttered UI too expensive

The UI is cluttered with obvious icons making map nearly unreadable They want to display too much, Not smart as many info already available elsewhere like temps and forecast. Subscription is outrageously too expensive for the service

- Product is very good and pricing fair

I’ve had this app for several years now and i noticed that they kept the price down for us long term supporters, my price for 3 months is more than my cost for a year, and there have been many improvements over the years as well, but flooding during rain was a real concern, thanks for all the years of relief.

- Fonctionnalités restreintes

Incapable de voir les prévisions sans payer un prix de fou!!

- A string would be better!

There’s a massive thunder storm happening right now, torrential rain and string winds. According to this app there’s nothing happening in my area?!?! Not showing anything in the radar for my area. So if you’re not in North America don’t bother- a piece of string will tell you more. If it’s moving it’s windy, wet it’s raining and dry it’s sunny!

- User

The App is fantastic though it’s details change from device to device and is congredecional.

- To much to pay for a free app

I don’t feel comfortable having to pay for a week month or a year and not being given the option to do so otherwise.

- Rain hail flooding good to get the visualization

From my front window it looks bad

- Unreliable

On may 30th 2020... no meteo radar at all. The application starts but not data and it’s like that since 24 hours at least. I have the premium license and no data. My verdict: a nice app but unreliable.

- Déshabonnement

Je desire me faire désabonné a cette application

- Excellent

Love this app very accurate and informative.

- Love


- Forecast

I don’t like being forced to not see forecast with out buying a yearly subscription that I think is to much.

- Weather Radar

Very accurate very good app to have

- Not accurate at all!

Don’t waste your data, time or money.

- App(free trial).

I applied for free trial, but was made to understand that it must be canceled 24hrs.before trial ends, or it renews for money .Apple Reps and l have no way to do that,even after all avenues were tried.Will never recommend this ever.Michael Wilson.-/-///////—I can still not cancel weather radar,other than eliminate ‘X’on my screen

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- Edit of Review comments-Latest update

This has been my favorite weather app and still is. I have a subscription and this latest update still leaving me somewhat skeptical. The 2 inch blank space and missing setting buttons I spoke about after app installed was on my iPad. Once I turned iPad off and back on, it thankfully CORRECTED itself! Since most actions are touchscreen actions, not sure I like a balloon popping up every time I touch or move the map changing my local settings. Then, I have to go back and reset local info at the bottom, which reduces screen view on iphone.

- Didn’t notify me of weather watches for my area

I downloaded this app 4/8/20 because they were calling for bad weather where I live. My local news issued a severe thunder storm watch earlier but there were tornado watches out in west Tennessee. I wanted to be sure if we were issued one I would know it. However I received no alerts. I thought it was supposed to sound a alarm but I don’t know if you have to subscribe to the premium service or not to receive that . I wouldn’t think you would. So I’m totally bummed out over it & don’t know if I will keep the app. I thought that noaa was supposed to keep you informed on things like that. Sorry for the long review


This is the best and most trusted weather ap I know of hands down! My daughter is studying to become a meteorologist and this ap has everything needed for her to watch the weather 24/7. Long story short it well worth the pro 9.99 yr. sirens were going off in my town and my daughter just watched the weather pointing out where the circulation was and we did not have to leave in the storm to go to shelter. If you want the best up to the moment weather ap look no further you found all you need right here. Thank you radar pro!

- Can’t seem to cancel this yearly subscription

Instruct me on how to do this, developers. It says to go into your iTunes account but I can’t do that from here. I can’t find the subscription to cancel. I had to reload the app, then when it offered me to buy the yearly subscription I hit cancel. Was that all that was necessary, as you had told another reviewer? My subscription is due to expire by Sept 3, 2020 and I do not want to renew! I had to find the link embedded in this app. The link took me to an Apple support page that showed me how to cancel my subscription. Since they make it so difficult, here is how you do it on iPhone, iPad: How to see or cancel subscriptions on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Open the Settings app. Tap your name. Tap Subscriptions. (If you don't see "Subscriptions," tap "iTunes & App Store" instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.) Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Don't see the subscription that you're looking for? Tap Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already canceled and won't renew.

- My observations concerning your new website.

I do like the information that I receive from this App. However, I would really like to see things such as radar and Severe weather warnings and watches especially during Severe weather. I feel this information is extreamly imortant. I hope that you will use this information to build a more informative website. I am not a Medioroligist so I am not trained to read the information that I am reciveing at this time. Thank you for trying. To provide a better website.

- Accurate, useful, nagging

This app is awesome, outside of many other times, it has been an amazingly useful app on a road trip I’ve been on the past week. That said, it also sends a pop up message about 5 times a day asking if I’m okay with the app using my location, even though I have already given it permission to do that. And every time this pop up appears. I can assume this is because I’ve been in so many different locations recently, but that doesn’t remove the annoyance that it’s currently causing.

- Exploitative pricing scheme. $156 per year!

I downloaded this app about a month ago and just noticed that it’s been charging me $3/week. I think when I first got it I must have signed up for a free 7-day trial, and then it opts you in to weekly billing. I’m sorry but $3/week is $156 per year, which is absurd. They’re clearly hoping you just won’t notice this small charge and you’ll go along with it. If you sign up for the one year plan, it’s only $10/year, but I assume when you sign up for the free trial, it automatically puts you in weekly billing. You can see their dirty practices again with their 3 month price which works out to $24/year, 2.5x more than their yearly plan. Note also that none of this is displayed in the app when you’ve signed up. The only way to find it is to tap the “View” button which kicks you out to the iTunes store. If they were at least encouraging you to move to the yearly plan after a little while, I would have more sympathy but they’re clearly trying to hide it. Obviously it’s normal to give long-term customers somewhat lower pricing, but it’s not usually not a 2-15x multiplier!

- Old Version was Better..

I used to check the old version all the time, due to it being easy to navigate and ran pretty quickly. However, the new update is slower and riddled with ads. There is a premium version, but why get that when it’s still going to be slow? And also, you have to get the premium version to get hurricane paths? Really?? I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay for that, as you didn’t have to pay for it before the big update. So to the developers, please give a little more availability to the user, and also (if you can) try to have a more reliable and faster running time.

- Nope

First off, way too many ads. It’s ridiculous. You can’t comfortably check the weather without having an advertisement pop up every couple of minutes, sometimes seconds. Secondly, why would I want to pay for a subscription? That’s just dumb. There are hundreds of weather apps, most notably MyRadar, that do not have a subscription service and are just as good, if not better, than this app. I don’t know what person would want to pay for a subscription to a weather app, but you need to be putting that monthly payment towards something more important. Do a quick app store search, you’ll find many others that work just as well and don’t charge you monthly. I would recommend MyRadar over this any day, sorry.

- Like the app, but forecast totally off

I paid for the annual subscription and like the way the app works and looks, but I am getting drastically different forecasts than actual and than other apps (and aren’t the others pulling from the same data??). For example, today’s forecast was “rain showers” with 100% chance of rain ALL day, and the radar makes it look that way, and yet, right now at 1pm it is sunny, and has been a mix of cloudy, to partly cloudy to sunny all day. There was a rain shower for 20 mins earlier on the other side of town (very local!) but no rain here. On other days, the temp forecast has been up to 10 degrees off from other apps. Very confusing. I just don’t feel the overall summary represents the day well at all.

- Great app but BEWARE of paid subscription!

When you download this it seems like it’s free, but it automatically subscribes you for a 1 week trial of the “Pro” features for $2.99. If you don’t cancel that, after a week it starts charging you the monthly price. There is NOWHERE IN THE APP TO CANCEL THIS. You have to go into your settings->iTunes & App stores->Subscriptions in order to cancel and not be charged further. It has great features and is super useful, but I felt like I was getting swindled because I wasn’t paying enough attention when it downloaded and there was no obvious or easy way to end the paid subscription.

- Purchased Premium years ago worked perfectly until recently

Up until recent the app reported in real time with forward cast perfectly. In the past few weeks, it is showing radar casts from 4 days in the past & at a different time! I tried uninstalling & reinstalling without any improvement. I had purchased this in a packaged deal along with 2 other weather apps. They both are functioning perfectly, this one has become totally useless. In that I live in Ohio on the Lake Erie coastline, lake effect weather can be nasty & until now this app helped to prepare when storms were moving in. Now, it's more effective to stand outside & use binoculars.

- Great

This app is great, simple as that. I only have one request, I’m a truck driver and I worry more about wind speed and storms than Fire so I wanted to know if you could give Wind speed it’s own notification tab because rite now it shares a tab with fire and while I’m on the road I get notifications all day about fire danger and I don’t want to turn it off because one of those notifications might be for hi winds lol so can you please separate wind and fire PLEASE??? Other than that everything is great Thank you.

- Life saver during Harvey

Regardless of all the negatives this app is wonderful. Very useful all the time but really was useful during Harvey. I happen to be out of state, but family was still at home in Houston I could keep my wife informed of what was coming her way. Example was a tornado 2 mile from the house was able to tell her to take cover. Much needed food an supply's was able to inform her of large breaks coming for her to get out to restock on food.. Keep up the good work & thank you... Houston Strong

- Assurance

When you and your family’s lives depend on seconds the information you receive in the right time is your life source I feel Noah weather gives you the right information in enough time to save lives Being able to depend on this sets your mind at ease and help you to overcome your fears of uncertainties you have during bad weather What comfortto know someone cares and is always available when these times arise Thank you for your services

- Wish time lapse speed was slower. Too hard to catch a view.

Love seeing what’s overhead in “lake effect” NW Indiana. Wish the time lapse progression was slower. Hard to read that fast. Teach me if that’s more effective to go fast. Granger, a major suburb of South Bend has different weather than South Bend. It can be pouring here but miss downtown South Bend. My husband and I travel a lot in a 10 County area for his work events. Eight in IN, 2 counties in MI. We depend on it for driving road conditions. Sometimes we have 4 evening events in a week...or daytime.

- The best for me

This app provides detailed weather information all over north america and beyond. I have the premium and it’s well worth it. I’m learning much about weather patterns and can better anticipate what’s coming in my area as well as other areas I may travel to. I’m an old sailer and became fascinated years ago. The NOAA has developed and continues to develop the most innovative means of tracking and prediction of weather and its many events. I’ve followed the NOAA and it’s developments for years and am devoted.

- Angry

The app worked most of the time but I always had to close out some little add that was in the way of me getting important weather reports. I understand that adds are a part of the free apps. operations. But These adds are getting out of control!! I received an alert on the app, opened it up and was greeted with ( not weather ) but a three question true or false quiz for a Walmart gift card. It couldn’t be buy passed or opted out or closed. So I could see the hurricane data. I deleted the app. Also when trying to submit my review I had to create a posting nick name and after 10 try’s I finally got one that wasn’t currently used ( including my own name ). Never bought anything from an app add

- Go to the source

I was a regular AccuWeather user until I read that they get all of their information from the National Weather Service, claim they have better data, and sell app users personal information even those who have asked them not to. I do not want To support their inaccurate self congratulation and I don’t like companies that sell my data without my permission. I therefore am now going to the source of their information, the National Weather Service.

- M This

My sis is a life I Lala Lala by SZA sound of that does it is though you’re my sister so young young James garner some nice my young so my uncle Saul Dr. James is the Mañana Sonia Sonia yesterday I am so name after yesterday and Dr. Jan Saturday orange My sis is a life I Lala Lala by SZA sound of that does it is though you’re my sister so young young James garner some nice my young so my uncle Saul Dr. James is the Mañana Sonia Sonia yesterday I am so name after yesterday and Dr. Jan Saturday or Sunday or something or what OK r was going over to hbbfcgcbcftfgvgvb. By / bb(vhcb$vgitor Gbvvd*g*(fat &t6/6(7nb7& ;4654dd5678)(*fgn buying unbelievably. Hence bv vbvgjbb/ bb bbb

- Horrible

This app wants you to pay for everything I tried to see how many lightning strikes were Near my house and it said I had to pay to be honest I wouldn’t have rated this but I had to I guess there’s a zero stars because you have to pay for everything so after I’m done with this review I am deleting the app I understand that people are trying to make money but they should say that this app cost money instead of saving it until they actually download it I am very disappointed instead of the do you word D I’m going to use mad angry that I took my time download this app but look for yourself??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☹️?

- Was great, now mediocre (ads)

This was 1 of my 2 go-to Apps for the radar specifically but as with their reviews, the introduction of full screen ads upon opening the App is way too much. The most recent (and ultimately last time) I opened the App, I couldn’t find a way to bypass the ad at all. Could change the way ads are presented and everything would be fine, but I deleted the app because A. There are just as good if not better apps out there FOR FREE with inconspicuous ads and B. I’ll refuse to pay for an app when they make ads so obnoxious to try to force you to pay for the ad-free version. Nice try. Back to the old reliable MyRadar app.

- Rural Unfriendly?

I’m wondering if it’s because I’m rural but this app stinks! I just got rid of it because I had to have my husband come pick me up due to freezing rain turning the entire road into a skating rink. No notification. No weather warning in the app (just double checked). I don’t have cable and am not a weather channel watcher so I rely on my app to do its job. I just downloaded accuweathers app and sure enough warning right at the top for my location. Had I known an ice storm was coming in I would have altered my plans so I could have at least driven my car home (or not left at all and put myself, my husband and others in danger).

- Price point is to high.

I have started to see this with a lot of other apps. At some point we have gotten a lot of diminishing returns for your money. And this app has become one of them. Lots of apps out there think they are worth more than what they actually are. When it comes to the weather/radar game there are literally hundreds of apps. You have to do something very special to separate yourself. And in my opinion this app does not. In fact they want 2.99 per week. That just seems outrageous. I did learn you can buy it for a year for 9.99. So why was the other option the first thing I saw. You be the judge.

- Best yet

Love the graphics and load speed. This app works with my brain. I’m using accuweather now. Meh. Don’t like the 7-14 day forecast format. Doesn’t have a way to read cloud cover. Tried 14 day forecast with accurate14. Totally off. Would be standing in rain showers when sun predicted. Used Wunderground for years. Then they went to annoying google ads and took FOREVER TO LOAD. Sometimes app would just shut down and revert to my home screen. ??that this app works for me....

- NOAA Weather

Get this app because it gives you accurate weather data, a lag free weather radar, and weather notifications that arrive just on time before the rain hits. Another reason to get this app because there is no pop up adds that will make the app lag or crash. So thanks to this app for getting me prepared for the most dangerous and unexpected storms that come my way including the storms that produce tornadoes and large destructive hailstones.

- Too many pop-ups

The app is great from a utility, visual, accuracy and ease of use. The pop ups drive me nuts. I realize if an app is free there are going to be advertisements. But the pop ups take up the entire screen and you have to wait until an x appears to be able to close the pop up which is annoying. There is also an ad constantly at the bottom of screen. Generally pop ups don't bother me and I understand it is advertising but this app deserves a five star but only gets a three because of the pop up ads issues.

- No info shown in free version, assaulted by pop ups

So: this looked like a great app initially. But it is not user-friendly, it does not show forecasts without getting accompanying apps, and every single time I open the screen I get a screen-covering offer for another– Unwanted, "free"– app, along with the usual ads you expect to see at the bottom of free versions of applications. I actually went for one of those popup suggestions called Weather Live, which said FREE all over it--and the second I downloaded it, my PayPal account was debited for $1.04 from the iTunes store. And that was for the free version of Weather Live, that also contains ads and pop-ups. This is a really annoying racket.

- Terrible.

I paid for an annual subscription because this is one of the few apps that shows weather radar on the Apple Watch. Lately the watch complication has refused to update, showing the radar 597 hours ago. I deleted and reinstalled the watch complication. This seemed to fix things giving me a radar view only 2 minutes old. But it was not a fix, the radar again refuses to update. The iPhone app is also poorly designed. When you open it it displays a long past weather display and you have to hit “play” and wait for it to scroll to the present. I have canceled my subscription to ensure that I won’t pay for another year.

- Poor customer service

I bought the pro, I have a iPhone X and no notifications. I have location set to always I have notifications on. I have accu weather and no issues. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it I have even went to the extreme of reset iPhone from scratch just to see if it was my phone. They asked me turn on motivations uh hello duh I have notifications turned on lack of customer service. To late to refund,

- Stay safe

I have 2 now grown kids with their own families and kids but they are still terrified of bad storms. We had been caught in a tornado in Tennessee when they were kids and now they are married with kids. They were so terrorized by the one back in Tennessee they have never gotten over it. And my Son is the Captain at the Firefighter department in Tennessee. My daughter is just turned 40 and my son is 30 but the tornado blowed the windows out of our apartment.

- The cost is outrageous for average consumers

The look, feel, and speed are all very nice. But the features I need as an average person that travels in the Midwest and great lakes region is only available after a paid upgrade. $20/year or any amount per WEEK may be acceptable for some industries but not for someone that's just hoping to avoid lightning and thunderstorms. You can bypass the initial pro registration. The top left of the splash screen had a white "X" to close the page. It's a little tough to see but it's there. But once your in the main part of the app every button leads you right back to the pay screen.

- This used to be an awesome free app

I don't fault the developers for wanting to make a little money, but in doing so the product isn’t as good as it used to be. It used to show the weather patterns up to your current time. Now it only shows it up to 5 mins before your current time. Now you have to pay $12 a year to see what the weather pattern will be currently and a few minutes into the future. With that being said, it’s still a good app to get an estimate of what the weather is like around in your area and around the country.

- Deceptive

The way they auto sign you up for a subscription after your free trial feels like a real gimmick and at that price your UI needs to look and feel better. Edit: Thanks for the response but you basically said the same thing back to me. You automatically get a free trial and you automatically get enrolled for a subscription fee the moment that trial ends. The whole scheme is convoluted and lacks integrity. Also subscription fees for a weather app? Is that the best strategy in a competitive market? I don’t know maybe it is but I’ll just ignore a couple ads on my free accuweather app that does the same thing.

- What happened?

I paid to use this before for a week only a while ago and liked it. You could actually see the forecast ( for example where the rain system would move towards in 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours and so on). This time I decided to splurge and purchase the annual subscription. But there is no forecast anymore?! You can only see the past, how things were 38minutes ago, 20 minutes ago, 2 minutes ago and right now. What happened?! The free version does that! If there’s no forecast anymore, can I get my money back, please?

- Visually great with some annoyances.

Visually the app is great. Forecast accuracy is good. I did find the full screen pop ups intrusive but over time they are only occasional. Two problems: it disables your screensaver/screen timeout So if you put the phone down without exiting app it will burn through battery. Second I think the developer is way to ambitious thinking someone will pay $4.99 per month to disable adds. That’s $60/year when you can buy Dark Sky for $3.99. I would have paid $4.99 once to get rid of ads and keep the app.

- I paid for premium version, now asked to subscribe!

This used to be the best app for radar, but not anymore; I PAID for the premium version of it about 5 years ago, but the “upgraded” version of the app no longer recognizes those who originally PAID for the premium version; the developer has gotten GREEDY, and now wants you to “subscribe” (really RENT) the premium version, so apparently my having paid for it back when means nothing to him, and now I have the “free” (crippled) version. I’ll be better off just using our local TV station’s app, so I will delete this app as soon as I post this review. Thanks for NOTHING!

- Accurate weather app, but needs improvement.

First, I would recommend making it easing to find out how to get back to the forecast and temp page. Second, I would let the forecast page be more customizable. Let users choose the background and such. This would be majorly helpful in making the icons more visible in this page also. They can be hard to make out and the humidity icon can very easily be confused with the precipitation icon. Do these simple things and you’ll get a 5 star rating at least from me.

- Disappointed

Purchased year subscription to track fires. Disappointed that the data tracking fires was over 36 hours old. I was unable to determine how close 2 different fires were to my location. I figured using satellite image, I could tell location hour to hour in real time verses when data was late updated.?I was evacuated without notice because by time this app was updated, the fire was northeast and southeast of my home within a couple of blocks. You can not depend on this app to tell you where the fires are located, possibly causing you and family to die by fire.....serious issue these developers need to figure out.

- Lightning and precipitaiton

I really like this app, and have it set up to alert me when lightning is nearby. Time to take down the deck umbrellas. I have a question though, at the center is the blue location dot, which has a direction indicator in it. I cannot figure out what it is pointing to? The resolution is quite good, I was able to call home and warn my wife on an oncoming LEWP so she could take cover. We had a tornado in less than 15 minutes.

- Amazing Weather app! But....

This is my ALL time favorite weather app! But I think you guys should make it to where we can have all the different trackers without having to pay for it. Because a lot of people love you guys’s Weather app but they can’t see any Hurricanes or tornadoes because they can’t buy the tracker. Honestly, this is something to at least consider. Anyways, I am so happy to find out what other stuff this app has to offer in the future! Please consider this. :)

- Best weather app

I use this app many times a day as I live in the Great Northwest Vancouver Washington were the weather changes every hour. Being handicapped and have to walk my dog you wouldn’t think how important an app like this is. Without this app I wouldn’t know if it is good to take my dog Lucy out and if I can manage the terrain. I can look in advance what will Be the best times to take her out. So thank you for all the detailed amenities this app offer.

- Good radar but no detailed forecast

Great Lakes weather has many forecast nuances due to lake effect, wildly variable winds, and other phenomena. Without fully detailed forecast descriptions you can’t know all you need to know. The icons simply do not tell you if you are in 2-5 mine wide that maybe or will get slammed with 1-2 FEET of snow. Please add the NOAA full text forecast information to this app along with watch notifications for this information. Otherwise you can die being stranded in a rural area in your car and not able to get inside anywhere. Thanks,

- Great app poor customer service

I honestly believe this is one better apps there is. However, I had purchased this app (premium version) and now I cannot get the app to restore. Well I have contacted customer service by email and this took about over half of day to reply. The email started that I had purchased and I should try again, which I did and still nothing. I wrote two more emails and to my surprise no response even after two or three days now. The customer service person that sent me the email was Jeroen. All I want is the premium service that I paid for and a response. That is the reason why I am giving one out five.

- Don’t bother

I was very unhappy with this app, I thought it would be the best hurricane tracker for iPhone, but it wants you to pay for everything. It doesn’t even show the current hurricane on the map that’s supposed to be free. Word of advice for this app , give us a little something to enjoy before bugging us to pay for something because its current setup just made me want to delete the app, so that’s exactly what I did. I started using another app called hurricane tracker and it also has a pro version but at least the free version is really great and offers something, I would recommend that app for anyone who loves tracking hurricanes and tornados.

- Only app I could find that has "feels like" temp

I hate being cold and depend on the "feels like" temp to know what to wear. The measured temp doesn't take into accommodation wind, precipitation, etc. For example right now in my town it's 25F but FEELS LIKE 15. Definitely important to know before going out! I downloaded four other weather apps and none of them had this crucial feature. This app also has an intuitive layout and labels. Golden.

- NOAA is a public agency. Who are these people?

The app would be fine if it were not obscured entirely by click bait buttons that hit you up for the $20/year version. As if I were not already paying for everything NOAA does and is! I love the organization, don’t get me wrong. When the hurricane is coming, where else can I turn for anything but fear mongering sensationalism? But I’m not paying $20 a year for an app I already own, and the features I want are right there in the free version anyway. Shut up and leave me with my radar map. Please!

- Why so many in-app requests to upgrade????

I downloaded this app before they upgraded to the newer version; the old one...perfect. The new version: trash!!!! You get tons of notifications, that, when you click on them, it tells you that you have to upgrade to the paid version to see what this notification is. Don’t waste you time unless you plan to pay for this app. My suggestion: remove notifications the require the paid subscription. If I wanted the paid subscription, I would have bought it; and is the reason I’ve deleted this app and will no longer use or recommend to anyone I know!!!

- Government Agency charging for services

The NOAA is a division of the United States Department of Commerce. Asking for $2 a week for life saving alerts, such as hurricane and lightning notifications, and disabling most of the apps features without the “premium subscription” seems to be in poor form at the least and possibility illegal at most. You loose and waste enough of my tax dollars to be able to write off the cost of maintaining an app. Complete scam. Not affiliated with the NOAA or any other weather service, just hijacking their credibility and maybe accurate and up to date information. I recommend uninstalling and removing any permissions granted to this app and developer.

- A lifetime purchase that changed to monthly or annual.

When I originally purchased the Premium App, there were no options for monthly, or annually. Thee one and only option was for a single one time purchase that said nothing about it ending, but hey that’s the US Government for you. I didn’t just find this out, I still have the same app on my phone, it’s just fairly useless... this just happens to be the first time I was asked to leave a review. The reason for the second star is that NOAA is the most accurate of all weather radars and forecasts there are. I still feel ripped off though.

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NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime 4.9.2 Screenshots & Images

NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime iphone images
NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime iphone images
NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime iphone images
NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime iphone images
NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime iphone images
NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime iphone images

NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime (Version 4.9.2) Install & Download

The applications NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime was published in the category Weather on 2013-11-25 and was developed by Weather or Not Apps, LLC [Developer ID: 1476473147]. This application file size is 269.46 MB. NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime - Weather app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 4.9.2 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.apalonapps.radarfree

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