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Toca Lab: Elements App Description & Overview

What is toca lab: elements app? Calling all future scientists!

Welcome to Toca Lab: Elements! Explore the colorful and electrifying world of science and meet all 118 of the elements from the periodic table.

Discover elements by experimenting with the lab tools!

* Take your element for a spin in the centrifuge.
* Warm them up in the Bunsen burner.
* Put the element on ice with the cooling agent!
* Add a drop or two of mysterious liquids from the test tubes.
* Change their voltage and make them magnetic with the oscilloscope.

Each element has it's own personality. In Toca Lab: Elements, what does Neon sound like? Is Gold heavy or light? Is Nitrogen squishy or hard? Explore, inspect, and study each one and let us know! Can you find all 118?

The time has come, future scientists, to head into the lab to explore and discover. Put on your lab coat and protective eye gear because things are about to get experimental!

Toca Lab: Elements is a place for playing and having fun, and with it we hope to inspire kids to explore science. While the periodic table in Toca Lab: Elements is accurate, the way new elements are created is not. Instead, it’s a fun way to experiment, discover and create curiosity in the world of science. Toca Lab: Elements is just a starting point for further exploration!


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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App Name Toca Lab: Elements
Category Entertainment
Updated 08 December 2022, Thursday
File Size 176.87 MB

Toca Lab: Elements Comments & Reviews 2024

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The best chemistry game ever. This game is awesome and I unlocked all the elements. This game made me so interested in chemistry I literally want to do chemistry as a job when I grow up. Without this game I wouldn’t have a dream job. So big thanks to this game. Also people are making up these fake elements like “Ununennium” and so on.

VERY cute. My three year old LOVES this game, and I think it’s very fun. It can get repetitive but I don’t think younger kids kind that so much. They should add more features if they intend this to be for older kids or people who might not be into doing the same thing over and over. The ONE thing I’d change is to have a little more information on the elements. At the very least, give us the full name and how to say it. I remember some of them from high school but not everything and my daughter always asks me what their names are, so I have to look them up a lot.

Great, but one major issue.. Okay, let’s get one thing straight. I love toca lab: elements, as I have played this game before, many years ago. I have played it again this year, and it’s still amazing. I love all of the elements’ sounds that they make. It was REALLY magical for me playing it the first time. Although, I can’t quite experience the game that way anymore, because the app. Keeps. Crashing. And every time it crashes, I lose all of my progress. So I have to start over and over and over again. It’s really annoying. And sometimes, I can’t even play it in general because the app crashes as soon as I press on it. That REALLY needs to be fixed. And also, a quick suggestion: under the elements’ symbols, there should be the element’s name. Just to make it less confusing. Anyways, that’s why I’m rating this 3 stars. I would’ve given it 5 if it weren’t for all of the crashes.

You need to add more things. I really like the game and think that you can add little things like if you go to the very first element you were you might get to do it all over again just with some changes like change the thing you use to make the element or make there be multiple ways to get the element thank you for reading this and if the creator is reading this I hope you take into these suggestions

So happy it's free!. Hey Toca boca, I know you might not read this but if you do, then hey! I love all your games and when I'm bored or sad I play your games because they cheer me up. I'm about to turn 9 in 9 days and my early birthday wish was to make one of your games free, it looks like my dream/wish came true. I can't believe how much effort you put in just one kids game, and I appreciate that! I also can't wait for Toca lab: plants! This was written really quick which surprised me. I hope your company lasts for 100 years and I hope you never stop making amazing games for us kids.

Really Fun and Cute, But.... This game is really fun and cute, good for kids, and funny, I love the sounds they make, which is why I rated it five stars, that and I want to give the company some support. But I had finished the entire game in like 5 hours on my way to vacation, I don't know what else to do. The rest is really good though, just don't expect a game that will keep you occupied for over a week if you've got that much time on your hands.

Amazing, But.... This game is awesome for teaching kids like me the periodic table but if you are going to teach someone the elements you have to include the names of them! And you also have to have the names of the things that unlocks other elements, like the Centrifuge and Liquid nitrogen spray; But anyways, I like how the different elements have a little character to represent them. I think your other Toca lab game (Toca Lab Plants) was better. This game lacks information.

Great, but I have a few Suggestions. First of all, this is a great game! Funny characters and noises.. It has multiple options for the game, like The Fan or The Freezer, most of the time, it transforms your character to a new one. And it’s free! It makes u laugh, and giggle as u watch what happens to each character! Then comes in my suggestions: 1. It would be AMAZING if they had more characters!(I went through the game in a day:() 2.Can you make the characters more cute? I seen cat ones but not dogs, not that I don’t like cats, but I’m more of a dog lover.... 3. Can you make more options for a potion? I love all the things that happen with regular potions but, more would make it more fun! 4. Can you make the characters stick to the walls? I think it would be fun! 5. There should be a custom made element guy, what I mean is I think we should make some hybrids, mixing a element with another element. I’ve seen the plant game do it, but why does it have to be money? U developers can do the same thing for FREE!! That’s all my suggestion I rate this game 9/10, great game, I recommend it!!

Plushies!!! + a game. I want you to produce and make Toca lab elements plush with tags that represent the atomic number and the symbol and profile.I want you to make another app called Toca explorer with fun shows ,games,and mini games such as Toca jump,Elements,Toca Tea Party™️etc. And also fix the bug/virus on radium,darmstadtium,etc. Also add a kid’s scratch. Also make an elementizer.

New Update?. To start off, I would like to thank the developers of this game for making this game very intriguing, it was pretty much worth the $2.99 for me. However, knowing that science continues discovering new elements to this day, could it be possible for you to include those new elements and continue along with it as you go? Also, since it didn’t take too long for me to complete this game, I would like to have features that would make the game more interesting, such as the option to customize the little characters you have discovered, achievements that you can get as you play along the game, little minigames, game buffs you can get if you have the option to restart the game, etc., all while still keeping the theme of making it as simplistic as possible for the kids. I know this seems like an ambitious task, but I hope you are able to accomplish this in the future for your fans. :)

It depends on what kind of person You are. If you are a person who tries to enjoy it and stopped every five minutes please games gonna take about three days and that’s the problem it’s not very long game it did take me and my friend a couple of minutes to find it because some of the elements were just hard to find but if you’re a speed runner who tries to get a leave the game under in a day it will take about an hour which would be a problem that’s the only reason why I give it three and not four stars

Very cute and fun. This app is very cute and addicting I’m glad I bought this. It’s useful because my little brother likes to play this and when ever he makes a new element he asks me what it is called which makes it a great way for me to practice the periodic table for school. I would definitely recommend this to other people

Thanks Toca Boca!. This app is lovely and entertaining to kids! I originally had this downloaded on my device because it was very calming, kind of like an adult coloring book. Anyway, I once went over to my friend's house and her little brother saw my iPad and asked if he could play on it. I said yes and I chose this app. Then, once I showed him how to play, well, that four year old was hooked! I couldn't get him off of it! He thought it was so fun! My friend and I got to talk and hangout while he entertained himself. He was very quiet (when he wasn't laughing about the characters) and he didn't want to do anything else the entire day! Thank you guys so much for keeping my friend and I sane and for calming down one rowdy kiddo!

Pretty Good App. TB! I...and so many other parents really appreciate these educational applications aimed at....well...teaching. I downloaded this for my daughter and she loved it, we also happened to be doing experiments with bases and acids a day prior. As with previous reviews on this app, there are so many things you can do with this; but please provide the names of the elements and their breakdown, things can be created as you experiment with altering or combining elements with elements and with non-elements. Additionally, it would be great to observe the temperature readings at which certain elements freeze, melt, boil, etc. From a learning standpoint this app can be made to teach so many on very different levels. It would also be great to incorporate a storage area so you pass on an understanding of storage requirements for our young scientists. You can take this App from good to awesome! You could also have various scientists provide short lessons on working with each element...just a thought. Thanks!

No!. I disagree with some silly name. number 66 does NOT sound like banana bus! It sound like dy! And number 88 looked like a soccer ball! The ones with wings know how to play soccer! So cool! Once I mixed all the small nps THE WHOLE APP SHOOK! Very cool! More updates like the human body! And when I put back a thing in the box with co it had a bug! Fix it!

stole my money!. i used to have this app when i was younger and it was very fun and educational. i now am downloading it for my nephew. i paid $3.99 to get it. whenever i open the app, the intro keeps replaying over and over again! i’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it, restarted my phone multiple times, and even downloaded other Toca Boca apps to see if they did the same thing. they all did the same thing! they each wouldn’t let me get to the app, but instead, they just kept restarting the intro over and over again. i paid a lot of money for these apps to work. it’s a shame they didn’t.

Science easy!!!. So I beat the game in 3 hours and there was confetti 🎉!!! & and the game was so cool 😎 but where are the superactinides and post elements and like everyone says where are the NAMES!!! No one wants elements by their symbol like I or bk or xe or la or lu not even fr okay okay but on the bright side it is a fun game!!!😉🤩🧐😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 okay enough emojis juneboy6 the end jk don’t ya like copper and francium and indium and iodine and I made a song called its radioactive ☢️ now the end

So Cute you need to make a part 2 !. This game is so cute ! I love it ! You should really make a part 2 ! Some ideas are more characters, more objects to make them in , and allow more than one character to be on screen at once and let them interact with each other . I really hope you read this !

Love the game but it glitches. We got through a lot of the game but when we got to Ne it won’t let us make the next element. As soon as we put it in the centrifuge it goes to the next element and closes the whole app. Is there any way this could be fixed????

3/5 stars. I gave this rate 3/5 stars because Toca Boca just made Toca lab: plants but of course I waited and ili saw that it wasn't free I GOT so MAD It even made me get into trouble for not BEHAVING because I pleased my parents and they say no so I asked again and I got in trouble, I had to go to bed early! Now here's the good part of this version: You made it free for a little while and I was able to play it and still have the app because I truly loved it. So those are my thoughts about the Toca lab series and about Toca lab: elements

Nice! But one thing. I just gotta say this app is amazing it’s fun and cool that you get to play around with the little blob things.I only have one flaw tho. So maybe add more machines I know there is like 6 but it gets kinda boring after you use all of them to try to make a new thingy. So I would appreciate if you added just like 3 or 2 more that would make me happy and probably others too. 🙂

Good but needs an update. Ok this is one of the best apps I have seen! It’s so fun and cool! But there is one thing that is making me sad. There has never been a new update! I have ideas though! Maybe make a game where you could make a new element mini game and call it Make an Element! So you can smash elements together and make your own element! That would be cool! Or maybe be able to restart the game and start as a random element! I love this game so much and I wish Toca Boca to always keep it up!

Nice game!. This taught me to remember the periodic table better, (I am a kid) And would totally recommend for adults to use with their kids. I was bored when it ended, and restarted a couple times, (if you want to know how to do that, just delete and reinstall) Cool game!

Great but needs a little more. I love absolutely love this game, but it would be so much better if you Toca Boca, added like a mutation like the ability to make metal alloys ,such as titanium, and other things like that such in “,Toca Lab: Plants,”. If you Toca Boca, would make this a thing in the game, I would give a five star rating, and tell anyone I know who would possibly like this game about it and suggest it to them, because I do truly love the game and would play it again, bu————t I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO DO I completed the game within 1 to 2 hours and never played it again because I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO DO.

Cool game, but.... Ah, the dreaded but. So I'm a teen who has been slightly taught chemistry (my teacher isn't that good). I do enjoy the silly personalities of the different elements and the giant trial and error puzzle this game is. However, this is not chemically correct. Elements are the simplest form of everything and cannot be transformed into a different one by freezing or whatever. It's more magic than science. That aside, this is very creative and I hope it sparks the imagination of some kids out there!

Good Game Just Needs An Update. I bought this app a few years ago then I re-installed it. This game is really fun, but it’s too short. To start off I discovered all the elements in 1 day. There’s also this weird bug in the game, whenever I use the spinny thing it crashes the game. Then when I try it again it works? But that’s whatever cause yeah...anyways like I was saying. An update would be amazing :)

It’s very fun and I love it. Okay Amy you look like a big person but I’m actually eight years old first I like the part where you have to have that with acids and then boom you get to change the characters when you do when you find the questionmarks do you have to guess which one is? It So stupid you have to figure it out it’s just very stupid. I love you but why does it just have a table just useful words of the developers going to add a comment of mine and just can you tell me what the P one is

Good but needs more. Ok I love this game, when ever my friend comes over we would play it, but today we got all of them and hoping we get another pack with new elements but no me and my friend were so disappointed 😞 we clicked the update and it did nothing. To people. This is a good game for a serten amount of time it is definitely not worth that money but still good so if you want a game that is going to end get this one. To the creator listen up I love this game a lot but please just please give another pack of elements I am sad that my friend got are hopes up for nothing so please do what I ask. Well have a good night or day bye!!

No sound?. I have tried everything I can think of to turn the sound on: turned on music for this app in my iphone settings, deleted and reinstalled the app, emailed support 2 weeks ago but never received a response. The app is really fascinating but I feel like we’re missing so much with zero sound.

Ok pretty good. So me and my brother got this game and he finished in one day we were sort of hoping that you could win like a prize at the end in the game when you finish them all but no you pretty much just do it and then never play it again so 4 dollars for this was okay but maybe needs more at the end! Over all I loved all the sounds that they made and it is pretty fun so I gave to 4 stars!

Great just 1 teeny tiny thing. Dear toca boca, I love your games and there super fun to play!.........for a short time. My only complaint is that your games are fun for a little while but then they get kinda boring because you just end up doing the same thing over and over again! Please please please please PLEASEEEEEEEE make a game with goals or something so you can play it for a long time and still experience new things! That’s all besides from that ur good fam👌🏻

Awesome, but please fix bug/virus. I really love this game! But I ran into a bug while playing. You know that area where it tells you about what element you’re choosing? Well, I saw that the elements you chose had no face! I’m not sure if it’s a bug or virus, but please fix it. Thanks, Jaxton Parker, present second grader, future third grader.😀👏🙏🏼

I found a bug!. I love the game and I found a small bug. When a blob blows up and the middle right shelve when the murged it went though the shelve! It’s middle was stuck! Pls fix it pls! It pretty good! So five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Buzzing! OH. MY. WORD.. First off thank you for your fantastic games. My kids love them and don’t feel like they are completely wasting their time like some of the other ad-based garbage games. The only complaint I have is in Toca Lab I make them mute the game. There is some background noise that is completely obnoxious. Maybe it’s supposed to be the fluorescent lights of the lab or something? It hurts my brain if I’m within earshot. Can you please either remove it or have an option in-game to cut the power to whatever makes this awful ear torturing buzz? 4 stars now. 5 when removed! Keep up the good work otherwise.

This is a great app but could use a few things.... Don’t get me wrong this is another Toca Boca masterpiece, I even use it to study my periodic table! There’s only one major problem with this app. Once you get all the elements it’s gets pretty boring I mean the only thing you can do is change them to different elements. Maybe you could add like compounds or a different section like that?😋

Amazing Game, But Many Mistakes. Tennessine is not a halogen. It is a Superheavy metal (I think). Also, all the lanthanides or rare earth metals are magnetic. The only magnetic lanthanide you made was Gadolinium. Also, Radium Promethium, and Astatine are luminous elements. So, their radioactive aura should be very bold green. Fluorine and Chlorine don’t have the halogen bubbles on them. Francium, Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc are not noble metals. Palladium is a noble metal. The noble metals with the sparks on them should have a hexagon with a picture of a star just like the radioactive elements have 3 circles on the hexagon (just an example). The poisonous elements like Arsenic and the heavy metals except for Bismuth, a nontoxic heavy metal should have a hexagon with poison symbols on them and green poison symbols surrounding the element. Please fix them.

IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS GAME YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!. This is a good game it ussaly takes a few days make a game fun for me but toca lab elements only got in a matter of probably 6 minutes! Well I mean you have to pay for I’m a kid and my aunt gave me a phone and her phone is connected to my phone so i can download this for freee!!!!

Intro to experimentation and unknowns. This is a great app in which kids experiment to find new creatures. Sometimes they know what to do and other times they must experiment to fill in missing pieces of info. I get that they were mimicking the table of elements but I think progression really could have elevated this game. If the creatures slowly became more complex (ears, tails, arms, legs, etc) as you went across the chart it would add more incentive.

Fun but …. Subpar. Ok, first off... the game IS fun, it IS cute, and it ISN'T fully accurate. How it works You start out with the element Phosphorus ( or P for those wandering). You have six different "tools" you can use to "change" the element. You continue this and as you do you gan more elements- but that's the thing.... NERD ALLERT You can't change an element from one to another. I mean- why do you think medieval Alchemists failed at transforming Lead (Pb) to Gold (Au)! Don't get me wrong I love this game and played it when I was little, but I don't suggest it for your child. Therefore subpar... Again, I love the game, and it's really fun! But I do have a small suggestion. Maybe not having one element and building off of that; but having the tools to "discover" the elements! This would definitely make everything a little more accurate! Thanks for reading!

Goodbye need a few improvements from the new update. Every time I go on my iPad it’s like starting me over the first time I went on it it didn’t start me over again andI got so mad that I decide to delete the app and then open it and it still didn’t work so I guess you can improve it on the next update. - Lay’La

READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING. You must know that this game is a fun game for little ones to start their exploration of elements and science. This game is accurate with elements but not how they are made. This is not supposed to be material for exceptionally accurate facts and learning. If you download this and still are surprised, don’t be, cause the description should have warned you. I still think this is fun even though I’m not very young. Please download it for yourself if you want. I like it and I’m sure your kids would too. Thanks, Toca for this game. I’m just tired of the terrible AND good results that are dividing people on this game. Thanks, bye! :)

Fun but could be more accurate. I thought the game was really cute for my 4 year old who loves all the Toca games, but I was a little disappointed when the elements made sounds instead of saying the actually element name. I feel like that was a real miss with this game because I almost don’t want me son to play it because he’s repeating the sounds and that’s not what the elements are called.

Played it for forever. So, first of all, I’ve always loved this game. My dad got it for me on my iPad when I was five, and I’ve been playing it ever since, but obviously less now lol. It could use some new additions and updates though, as this app allows young kids to experiment with different substances and chemicals, like little scientists, personally I find it pretty cute. But. And yes, there is a but. If there were names listed above or below the species, kids might learn a lot more! Five stars for this, and all the other Toca apps!

MAKE A SECOND GAME. Please please please please please make a second game I know that the first game already had all the elements in it but you can just make up fake elements in the next game or not even make it about elements just call it Toca blobs or something this game is amazing and I really really want you to make a second game I finish making every single element in one day and I’m bored deleting the app and re-downloading it just to make the same elements please please please make a second game!!!!

Love it! Important, Plz Fix These Problems!. I'm loving this game so much, but it gets boring once you have it for like three months. Also it just randomly restarted the whole game! I worked super hard on it and got like 30-50+ elements, then I log into it today and I go to change my element and I only had one! Other wise, I LOVE YOUR GAMES!! They are fun, creative, educating, and very well made and animated! Keep it up!

Love it. But needs new additions. I like the game and what you people at Toca Boca were very creative with making the Periodic Table. But there are a few things you need to add. Like a Restart. It would be great having a restart but you could pick the element you start with Instead of just Phosphorus. (P) Another thing you could add Is mini games. Like make Element here in a short amount of time. Another thing you could add is that the elements you put into the beakers with the colored water would make six smaller elements. Putting the small elements together would give you information about the element (Like putting small Americium(Am) together, Would show you it’s properties. If the element has a combination with it, There could be an option where you do something that won’t make an element, It would give it information about the element for free.) And I’ll recommend color coding every group from Alkali metals(Li,Na,K,Rb,Cs,Fr) being red, Alkali Earth Metals(Be,Mg,Ca,Sr,Ba,Ra)Being Orange, Transition Metals(Sc-Cn)being Yellow, Lanthanides(La-Lu) Being Yellow Orange,Actinides(Ac-Lr) Being Yellow Green. Metalloids(B,Si,Ge,As,Sb,Te,Po) being Blue, Halogens(F,Cl,Br,I,At, Ts)Being Indigo, And Noble Gasses(He,Ne,Ar,Kr,Xe,Rn,Og) Being Purple, And Nonmetals(C-Bi) Being Blue Green.

I LOVE this app. This app was amazing! I loved it and my family liked it too! I finished it in about a month, and I was so happy until I realized that I couldn’t play anymore. So I would really appreciate if you make another game like this! I would be happy is you make some sort of game with different elements (scientists are still finding out more) or different tools!

Amazing and educational! Could use a few things.... This app is a great way to introduce kids to the periodic table, but I think it should include a few more details to increase the amount of Facts kids are introduced to. I think that you should have labels on the table to show period and groups, Alkalis, Alkaline Earth Metals, Lanthanides, Actinides, Transition Metals, Metalloids, Non-Metals, and Noble Gasses. You should also include things in each element box like the name (not just the symbols), atomic mass, and electron configuration. Their also should be a way to make bonds and combine the elements together. Ex. Combine a Sodium and a Chlorine together and the sodium will lend its valence electron to the chlorine atom completing both outer shells. I think that the addition of all these things would make this already great app even better.

Add a restart button. I like the game, but can you make it so you can change the element you start with and be able to restart the periodic table? If added I would greatly love it more.

The ultimate Toca lover. Toca, great job with making the awesome games! I love the way you make the games. You are like no other brand. I'm going to be playing this until I'm 89! But I really want/think you should make a game called " Toca Imagination ". I know that lots of people have been asking for this, but COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who doesn't want this? Love your games, but really want/think you should be listening right now!!! Thank you if you're looking at this!!!!!!!!!

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it’s not loading 🥺🥺. i really enjoy this game but it’s not loading on my phone and just goes to a black screen and does nothing please help 🥺😭😿🥰

Good game. Toca lab is a fabulous game. Although my 8 year old daughter is very disappointed that you cannot do much when playing with the liquids... Please keep this in mind, when doing the update..!

Good game. This game is amazing and very addictive but when we find a new element it should give us some information on it.

Can't get all 118. I'm playing the game but there are only 114 I can make. The other four don't work. This is bugging me because I can't complete the table. Could you either fix this or possibly tell me what the problem was. I just don't want this app to be a waste so good, well earned money. Thanks heaps! ✌️

Great. U need to add more things after people r done playing! But overall great game

Great App. I am very interested in science and want to be a scientist when I grow up. This is great for me and helps me remember what the elements are. Best app ever!!!👌❤️

Am I missing something?. This game seems great fun and my kids are already enjoying 'creating' new elements by various means. They worked out how to do it very quickly. The only problem I have is that there is nowhere I can see that will tell you what the proper name for each element is. I have to look up the periodic table online if I want to know more than my own limited chemistry knowledge will tell me! I realise it's not meant as a teaching tool, but just knowing the actual name of each element would help. Just my thoughts.

Great game but... This was a really fun game, but it finished quite quick. It was a fun idea, and I enjoyed making all of the elements, but after I had finished and made all of them there was nothing else to do. It would be more worth the money if you added more things to do in the game, and also made it slightly more educational. I think most people would think that it’s really educational with the whole elements, but it’s more just a game. It was fun, but definitely not worth the $5.00 I paid for. Maybe consider lowering the price...

This game is not fixed yet. There are still glitches in this game it has to be fixed

It is amazing you need to get it. It is so fun and I am only 7 years old and I like it you know What I don’t like it I love it

Love this game. I love this game it's the best game!but can you please update it maybe add more equipment to play around with and some new characters /monsters .

Bad. I downloaded this game and 1 week later all of my memory is lost. I was only half way through getting all of the monsters and then everything deleting, I have now had to start the whole thing again. I am very annoyed and am only rating it 1/5⭐️'s. The one is for having good graphics.

Fun for a while. It was fun but instantly got incredibly boring once you have them all I got them all in about an hour apart from that it's a great game

Can you please make.... Hi, I really like the toca life games. They are one of my favourite games, but what I would really like is for you to make a ‘toca life cruise’. Kind regards J.J

More to do please!. I’m sorry to rush but I have finished all in the same day I got it so please can we have like one that you can feed and raise and put to be. And play games with them just an idea. Please do

unknown x2,read this. unknown x2 if your reading this, You cant add more, because there is no more elements

Great. It's a really good game. Love to play it. The little monsters are unique and fun. But the downsides are that all you can really do is do the experiments because it's a bit boring to just play with the monsters. Also once you've finished you can't do anything but play with the monsters. Once you've finished they should give you different experiments and more monsters to make

Where’s the reward?. The game is very fun but when I finished it there was nothing to do, there was nothing cool in the menu and no reward! It’s still a good game just please make it so there’s something cool when you get all the elements.

Omg 😆. When I got this game I finally got one again

Love it!. I love this game so much! The elements are so cute! There individual personalities and sound they make are so so cute and lovely too! They get stuck in my head but there the best! I love it even though I'm "too old" for it. P.s make sure to add any new elements that real scientists discover!😺

It’s a free game guys now. The devoleper made this game free!

Awesome. Really good if your bored or waiting for a guest or a train to arrive just a suggestion maybe add some more relevant looking characters and maybe some more lab objects to play around with and make it a bit 3D

Awesome game!. WOW this game is AWESOME! There are these cute little elements to play around with and when you do an experiment, you get something entirely different! The only problem I have is that I've found all the elements so I can't play any new levels anymore!😔😭 PLEASE add a restart button so I can play more levels! Jessica Age 9

Dear NiuNiu911, If you are reading anyway,. 8 is the atomic number for Oxygen, not 16. 16 is the atomic number for Sulfur. You clearly need to be educated. In other words, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO NEEDS UPDATES.

Great first glimpse. Fun and interactive however would benefit from an optional educational setting with explanations of elements and their names, where these elements are found ect.. even a brief description of the lab equipment would be great I know this is for young children however my son is very interested in science and was disappointed in the information level of this app he is 6. The visuals and functionality of the app are however fun and engaging..

Super fun but not educational. My child had fun discovering all the elements, however the lack of additional information was disappointing ( for example, the child discovers Au but the application doesn't tell them it's gold or any of it's properties). It would be good if it provided a fact sheet about the element once it has been discovered.

Pretty good. Hey everyone, I'm a kid myself and I personally find the game fun and great for younger kids as well. The only downside is that in the top right corner is a box which represents the little question marks on the page with the little blobs and solid figures when u tap on one. Anyways, if you tap on the box something will fly out. And when it does, it doesn't tell you what to do with it. So basically I'm asking for instructions for the whole game I think it would be easier for us children.

Read my review. My daughter is 3 and she loves it , my step son is 19 and it's on his phone , I Love it too! ... Science is a great way to explore the world and this game makes anyone wanna join a lab ! , the sounds and graphics are amazing xx good job toca boca , you did it again ♥️

Definitely worth it. This app was great it is a really game it's was fun having to figure out wich one it was It was a perfect game for when your waiting or just bored 👍🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good game. Upside super good game fun and lasting like forever (I've never completed the game like EVER) Downside really expensive maybe a little less money but kinda a good price for an amazing game

Cute but little learning value. I was hoping Toca had branched out and made something for slightly older children. While the concept is sound, this app could easily be made a bit more educational and engage lower primary aged children.

Needs more information. My 8 year old enjoys this app but he's looking for more information from it. What are the elements full names and what do they become when changed etc. Great idea but it needs more to keep children interested - perhaps there could be different sections for different age groups.

Boring and not worth its money. Yawn i have never seen a app so boring and to think how much money i spent on it!😱 i think its defenetly not worth its money it would be fine as an app that was mabye $2? Is it really that hard to lower the price?💰💰 so just seiriosly upgrade by 1 making it cheaper and 2 if your not going to makeit cheaper make it worth its money!💰

Hi there. My sister really likes this game!! Plz add some more things to play with and more characters! If you could please make in the newest update that you could chose if you were a boy or girl click on the character and then have an office and home you stay in.... And then your job is to find all 118 character! 😋 Plz read my review

My kids love it!. This app is great! My girls love working through trying to figure out how to unlock the next element. For those of you complaining about how boring it is, check the suggested age range. Mine love going back through playing with unlocked elements and they each have their favourites that they love playing with.

It is the best game 😋. Hey it is the best game for me but I have made all the little monster things so can you update it so we have more monster to do but keep updating the monsters so we never run out that will be the best 💜

Not worth buying. Not worth the money. It needs more characters and things to do because you get bored really quickly. And there is nothing really to do.

Many Glitches but Great Game. This is a great game! A great scientistic app that contains 118 elements of the periodic table. When I tried tapping Chromium and the box that sends out different objects, the audio corrupts and it forcibly closes. Toca needs to fix this!!!

Good but add more. I think it would be more good if you could have multiple at a time and mix them like that to

Good fun. Fun to see what happens to the elements when you "experiment". But would be better if the name of the element was shown as well as a description rather than just the short name and number. They don't mean anything to the average person.

Needs improvement. It's a fun game to play but it needs an improvement by having mor things to do otherwise it's a 4 star rating.

Incomplete :(. Just wondering why the full name of of the elements aren't listed, only the abbreviated name?

It even drew me in!. The level of detail here is amazing, the elements are great fun, working out what was missing and how to fill in the gaps became such a challenge for me when I test ran it that I had to complete it. Really love how the elements say a version of their names. A bit more focused on the older babes, maybe 3-4, but still great fun.

Toca Lab. Fantastic! For a teenager, I love this game (😳). Can you please make a new update with more characters and more ways to make them, because I have finished the game and I am very disappointed that it was so quick. Ta

Think of the age demographic!. I bought this app out of curiosity due to my great interest in the periodic table, completely ignoring the fact that the app was suitable for people aged 6-8. I admit the mistake of wasting $2.99 on an app that to a teen is boring, stale and anything but educational. Always read the details before blindly spending, remember curiosity killed the cat!

Great. I love all of the toca boca games, and I'm 11 yo! Personally, I think the $1.99 games are better than the $3:99 ones though. The toca boca games are so much fun, this game is so worth the money!

Fantastic!. I always had difficulties learning about the elements, but this fun little game makes it a lot easier. I love it! Thanks Toca Boca! :D

Rubbish!!! Worst app ever!. I thought this app can help kids understand elementary chemical reactions before I bought it. But see what I have done, I wasted money on this rubbish app -- an element can change to another just by heating, cooling, spinning and reacting with some unknown solutions? Just hope the app developers could question themselves on the misleading edu app.

Add a creator. U should add a creator element when u finished because it gets quite boring after your done u did everything and nothing happens so I want u to make a element creator PLEaSE

Need more elements. Need more elements

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Help!!. i tried to download but it does not work! Pls help

I love this game. I discovered a lot of elements I love it

Why. I don’t get why you made it so you get stuck I don’t get it like what does ??? Mean

Good game. I’m five II like this game

Good Game! 👍. I'm Giving This Game A Five-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Because I Can Create My Characters By Using The Tools, You Can get Creative With Toca Lab (You Should Download It) 😍☺️😃👍❤️

Best😀😀😀😀😀. This game is fus until you completed it so you have to delete the game and then you get the game again. Anyways, Good game!

Awesome with one problem..... It's awesome in every way but there is one thing, I got an update for it and it made me restart... please fix thanks -Toca boca fan

Request. For it to be ~slightly more educational~, can we actually be able to see the full name of the elements? It just shows the shortened name.

Ya it is. Dddf

GREAT. Well it gets on your nerves sometimes but it's GREAT!! 🙂

black screen. i bought the app and it shows the intro and once the intro is done its just a black screen. ive refreshed many times, dont reccomend

It's awesome. I'm past the age but I still love and it takes my mind off things

Love it a lot!. I got this game and when I finished it, I started getting into the periodic table. This made me memorise the elements and their numbers a lot quicker! I’m really glad this game is a thing.

Can I have my money back. Ok it’s a very good game but can I have my money back because I want it back please?

WHY. I got this app for free why'd you make it cost money also its stupid that it tells you how to do everything

GOOD BUT.... I would expect more from this game than it is and I would love to see more games like this but with more stuff

I paid but now I'm done. This game was so addicting and fun but then I finished and unlocked everything so I had nothing to do, so I deleted it. Please add something, maybe make custom elements station to make our own to play with!?

Eh. Could be better once you complete the game I was hoping there would be a surprise 😒

A reply. To the person that said it won’t open a year ago your device is broken but this is so good

Make more elements. Please make more elements

Sucks. It is fun but when you beat it what do you do

Good,not worth it. It’s a really fun game but you can complete it in like an hour, so not worth it but a really fun game

Ambitious premise. Flat realization.. In this toy, you perform lab-like operations (involving test tubes, centrifuges, and what appears to be a kind of electrolysis machine) on "elements" in order to transform them into other "elements." Although the "elements" are shown on a table that superficially reproduces the periodic table of the elements ("PTE"), none of the toy "elements" bear any resemblance to real substances in nature. You begin with one "element"on the table, with all the other boxes blank, and then you begin messing around with it, performing the laboratory "operations" on it in order to "discover" the other "elements." Speaking generally, it's rather difficult simply to navigate the app--I'm surprised this didn't surface in pre-release testing. The equipment and "operations" make this feel a bit like high school chemistry, while the aspect of "discovery of change" (which is supposed to be main point, I think) gives this toy its principal jolt of excitement. The basic notion that scientists "discover" things by intervening, by _changing_ things, is an ambitious premise for a toy for children. Let me be clear that I _love_ this premise. But the toy itself falls rather flat. The use of the PTE (the development of which was an astonishing feat of human ingenuity--look it up on Wikipedia) is here reduced to a bare visual conceit. It _looks_ like the PTE, but it isn't. The "elements" in the toy have no real relationships to one another or to the "operations" that transform them. Each "element" has a letter or two and a number associated with it--just like the PTE--but these do not appear to mean anything. The overall interactivity of the world in the toy is simply low. Die hard Toca Boca fans, don't pay more than $1. Everyone else, grab it if it goes free. But everyone keep your expectations in check. Definitely not TB's best.

More pets. Hi I'm all done with the kind of pets and I will like you to put more pets please please

Lol😂. The sound of Uranium (U) make me laugh my head off!

It looks like a good game. I think they should make more of this game

a bit disappointing. My kids had fun heating up elements etc, but it would have been way more fun to learn the names of the elements and some attribute for each one - like "c" is carbon and makes up all things that are living such as trees etc. Just changing elements and learning their atomic number is a little boring. I also thing it would have been useful if both my kids could have played this "game" separately, each learning about the elements one at a time - but there is no way to start a separate game once you have started. I'm not convinced it was worth $2.99 for my kids to blow up little balls….

Ok. Kids like it but I wish the periodic table had the actual names on it. Gold oxygen etc

Amazing!. My 8 Year Old Finished This Game In 5 Minutes! That’s A New Record! Me And My 8 Year Old Love The Game! You Can Get Creative With Toca Lab! I Would Like An Update! I Just Want To Remind You That I Found New Elements. What I Want: - Custom Elements - The Ability To Edit Default Elements - 2 New Tools

Knowing the elements. It's kind of annoying to go on google and look the elements instead of learning the names of the elements on the app

18 years old and found it fun. Needs more fun things to do with elements.

Fun but. The game is fun but it’s to short

Was fun. It was really fun but to easy for me . I finish it in like 3 days

It wont open. It won’t even open 😐

Nice learning game. This game is good to help little kids learn but I do not think it is worth 2.99

Fun but lacking. My kids love the app but now think the elements names are the sounds they make. It would be much more educational if their real names were incorporated. As is, it's confusing my kids.

Not the best game. The hole game is outstanding even I love it! But once you finish making the periodic table THERE IS NOTHING TO DO! So I guess it was fun for my kids for 3 days or so but then they stopped because they finished the game! PLEASE ADD MORE THINGS TO DO NOT JUST CONFETTI

Crap. Dumb game. A real piece of crap

You shouldn’t buy it. It’s a nice app but I finished the game in less than an hour, it’s kinda a waste of money but it’s still fun :)

I like it but.... I like it but what does the?‘s mean?

Our kids love it!. Our boys, 5 & 7.5 loved other Toca Boca apps when they were younger (Robot Lab and Toca Kitchen) and I wasn't sure if my eldest would enjoy it, but they both love 'conducting' experiments in the lab and creating new, cute elements. I love that there is an interesting app that is not filled with guns, shooting and killing but colorful and fun. Great job Toca Boca!

Finished in an hour. My 8 year old finished this game in an hour and there isn’t more to it. Waste of money!!

Finished everything in one day. Way too short :/

Best game ever. I played the whole game in 24 hours

i like i. Cool

Hi Toca,. Can you please make it in Microsoft store Version please? Thank you. :)

❤️. Ok I’m just going to say I’m 16 and I’ve had this game for about 3 years and keep replying it. it has really helped with memorizing the periodic table, and all together a absolutely great game

Really good (for asapscience Addicts). I like it

Awesome game!!! 😀😀😀😀. This game is so cool!!!! You get to design ur own monsters it's so cool it lets kids learn science more but in a fun way!!! ❤️❤️❤️😁😁😄😄😄

👎👎👎. It glitched and started me from the beginning

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Entertaining !! ^_^ 🍟💕. I think this game is entertaining and educational for young children. It can teach you about microscopic cells and other living organisms!

Love it. I love it so so sososososo sosososososososos much is the way to do this and it will not have yyyyy a day great night to you be a fun mom for your Christmas Day day and time for you to be a great mom to your dad so I know you’re not getting a good ghfdgcfbfr grggg Gregg BFF bfynthvhgvjugvvghhvjhhnnbbbbhnfklmm 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬✅

AMAZING. This game is the best!! It’s educational and fun! It can take time to download but it is worth it!! I really recommend it,I know this might not be the longest review but there isn’t much to say. If your looking for a science kinda game it’s this one!

Just found all the elements!. I’ve been working for about a year now trying to find all the elements, and once I did I felt the happiest joy I’ve had in a while, I almost shed a tear. IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!

Fantastic but short. I downloaded this for my daughter, loved it so much I downloaded for myself too. I beat it in a little over an hour. Super fun though. Not sure it was worth the price.

Entertaining. I enjoyed playing this game, but I would like it if we could zoom out more so we could see the whole periodic table.

Fix more glitches. 1.freeze elements with accessories the likes cold upside down it is one there other side 2.use test tubes with an air element it will not float and I will start shaking last one 3. Cold AL it will get B it normally cold into C but now it like cold These are the glitches I wanted to mention

No no no no. I got this app mostly to educate myself in the periodic table before high school and to also have fun, and I actually learned quite a bit. But still, I had completed the whole FRIKEN app in 2 days!!! I tried to play it the following week but honestly after u complete it, there is nothing to do. I got pretty bored and I am angry that I paid $3 for an app that was fun for 2 days. Don’t waste the money!!!!

BEST TOCA GAME. I just re downloaded the game because me and my brother found it again! I must admit when you’re done with the table you really have no reason to keep the app. The journey is so fun though!

Wont download. Whenever i press on the cloud icon it loads for a second or two and the goes back to the cloud icon with out any reason specified(edit) i fixed it by restarting my phone

A few problems ):. Great game got a year or to of fun but after a wile there were a few problems the first elammite dispersed which made it a lot less fun and thene it won’t even let me on ): but do buy really fun toka boca please try to fix the glitches But everyone worth your money

Can’t open the game. I liked the game when it worked fine but it wasn’t open but the beginning animation was repeating forever!Please fix this.

Love it but…. This game is the best but when I use the spiny thing it always crashes and kicks me out of the game😁

Love Toca baca❤️❤️. I really think the game is so cute and it teaches you how to make complex experience and I just love it like usually I would want my money back but just from looking at this game it makes me want to have the game keep my money for this!!!!!!💕💕💕

Almost perfect. Please make it so I can see the real names of the chemicals or whatever they are lol not just abbreviations other than that it is great thank you for a great game but please make toca lab plants free I think everyone agrees 🌱🍀🍃

To the people who don’t know how to start over without deleting the app. Go to settings, get Toca Elements in settings, and go to erase saved progress. Then you can start over.

I already got all of the elements but you should add more!!!!!. I already all of the elements but I wish you could add more that way it is endless!!!!! 😝

Boring. I had this game when I was younger and downloaded it for nostalgia. I completed the whole table in one day and there is absolutely nothing left to do. The game is predictable and gets incredibly boring after a few minutes. The only reason you should get this app is for a fun way to memorize the periodic table.

Make a part two. Make a new Toca lab elements I just wish you could combine elements in the game so that’s why I wrote this review added to the periodic table in the game

Underwhelming. It’s a great pass time but it’s short. I finished in 3 hours and when I got to the end there was nothing special, not even a congratulations or anything. It’s just creating elements and that’s it. No fun Easter eggs or mini games just a plain game. Exactly what they say it is.

MUST READ!. Me and my friends love this game but there are problems. 1. It gets boring. 2. I want more monster things. 3. We haven’t been able to make 2 more monsters things. 4. I want more machines to create more monster things. And 5. I want hints to get a monster thing when you tap the weird box in the top right corner. If you can do these things, me and my friends will play the game more often. Also, make a second one. Thanks for reading. Please comment developer. Thanks!😊👍

Add a Mini Game please. The game is fun but can get kinda boring. So the people who made the game can you make a mini game. Were you have to make as many elements that you can. Just a way to get better at memorizing the elements.

Really good. Ok, I want to keep this quick. I love this game SO MUCH, but after a while I noticed I really annoying glitch. I took something out of my toolbox but when I tried to put it back it kicked me out

Add more 😁. This game was really fun! And I don’t like most Toca boca games, you should add more elements and more things to do. Even if you have to make elements up. I finished this game in a whole day, please add more things. 😍😁

Cool but..... If you could press a button to restart the game because I’ve played it over and over by deleting the app then re installing then it would be even more fun!!

Loving it but one problem. I am loving this game and have noticed how you even made the elements the right solid liquid or gas but things like hydrogen are gas and not liquid so please fix that.

Still love it!. I had this game for 5 years and now I’m 9 and I still love it! This game is adorably cute cause the noises they make ! Ads are worth is, the game is free, I recommend for any ages!

Good, but one tiny problem. Hi, I absolutely LOVE thia game. There is just one problem. Whenever I use the centrifuge with a gas, it kicks me out of the game. If you can fix this, that would be great! Other than that, great game!

New toca lab idea. I love this game I got in 2016 during time when I didn’t have many Toca Boca Games but there is a problem as this game doesn’t have all the gases I was thinking why make a toca lab gas with all the gases oxygen farts you name it the logo should a gas eating

Awesome but just two problems. Amazing but can you put the real version and your version of the element on the table (not who its named after.) And can you put the real name of the element too. That’s all I need from you.

Wonderful!. This game is great. I would rate it over 5 stars if I could. But there is one thing... it needs a little more things to make. I can finish it in like a day, and I’ve gotten it and deleted after completion like 3 times.

Idea. So i have this idea why don’t you tap the clipboard so you can see the elements features and their full name instead of abbreviation how about that?

Love this app, want to see another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hi, Toca! I love this app! I was hoping that you would make an app called Toca Lab: Molecules. It's a place where the characters in this app return for making molecules that have their own personalities. Thank you.

Did you finish?. Ok I know you said that all 118 elements were there but I’m stuck on the last bottom four! Could you please help other wise this is a very fun and educational game. But also there are new elements every year! So maybe you shouldn’t have adventured into the elements I’m still stuck so my rating is going down to a zero because I’ve been waiting and so yeah I'm not sorry i’m happy.

Disappointed and Not Educational. I was shocked to discover an educational wolf in sheeps clothing. It has no educational value at all! The app sounds like it is educational and might introduce children to some simple chemistry concepts. Our child liked the game and had played it a lot so I decided to check it out and see what it was teaching her. I was super excited because I enjoy science and wanted to know what she was learning. How disappointing! A total waste of our money!

A great game. So idk how they make these games so pointless and fun but I have been playing do over 10 years and I’m still playing them

Science Just Awsome😎🌎. This game is really good Education it makes you make the Elements on the periodic table it's just Amazing it is cute fun and funny for a game but I finished all Elements on the periodic table I'm not mad for wasting money cause now I can learn all the Elements on the periodic table and I think the game is very good

It’s pretty fun but.... You see I bought this game last night and now I’m done and I must say it’s very addicting but now that i’m done what is there to do now they don’t have any new or other levels so now all me and my friend can do is delete this app I recommend you do not get this app because it’s a bit hard and it’s boring and you don’t get any other levels.

Neat app. Frustrated initially because needed troubleshooting and FAQ page for Toca doesn't exist anymore. But they were super responsive by email and helped me fix my problem. My daughter loves this - and the other - Toca apps!

Awesome game BUT I WOULD LOVE ONE THING.... So when you get a new element it would be nice if instead of just having its abbreviation, you had it’s whole name, Ex: instead of JUST saying N, you could say Nitrogen,,,, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this, it would make the app 10 times more enjoyable

Fun and addictive gameplay!. Fun and all, but there is just one problem, that is, when I activate Siri, the sound mutes and I have to end up going out of the app, and back in. Otherwise, Really fun!

Reset option would be nice. Love the app, so does my kid. However it would be nice if you could reset progress and start again.

Super Fun and short. I got this game yesterday and finished it today! For a game that costs 4 DOLLARS I expected more. I had tons of fun playing this game, And it would be really fun if you could combine elements to make things like a balloon and add more to the balloon like color and string if you could do that then it would make the game worth 4 dollars

What happens when you’re done. Hi I’m just saying that what happens when your done getting all the elements because I am done getting all of the elements

Somethings wrong..... Toca lab is great! My kids play it all the time but something is wrong with it... when the tiny little pieces of a character connect, one eats another and I got really surprised. It shows scary cannibalism😬 . Apart from that it’s ok...

I love this game!. There are many things I like about this game, but my favorite part is when the elements say their names; I like their funny noises! Thanks for noticing.

Constantly crashes!. I bought this for my grandson. I purchased it for each of our IPads and it crashes on all of our machines! I have deleted and downloaded over and over and it still crashes. I have checked online and see no fix for the issue. Very disappointed!

Needs more. this game is really good and free at least less buggier than its brother Toca lab plants but you should I add another way to get new elements and new elements that’s really all I had to say

I finished. What do I do now?. I think there should be a sequel to this well you can make compounds and stuff you can only make 118 elements and I finished them like two or three days please make a sequel I like this game keep it up!

Great Game, Funny Reviews. This game is really fun, while it does not have the names of the elements, it does have really fun interactive stations. And people should be more careful writing reviews, no one can take someone seriously if they spell words wrong.

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Toca Lab: Elements 2.2.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Toca Lab: Elements app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Toca Boca AB and other users?

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Toca Lab: Elements 2.2.1 Apps Screenshots & Images

Toca Lab: Elements iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.2.1
Play Store com.tocaboca.tocalab
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

Toca Lab: Elements (Versiyon 2.2.1) Install & Download

The application Toca Lab: Elements was published in the category Entertainment on 12 December 2013, Thursday and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This program file size is 176.87 MB. This app has been rated by 1,049 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Toca Lab: Elements - Entertainment app posted on 08 December 2022, Thursday current version is 2.2.1 and works well on iOS 8.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocalab. Languages supported by the app:

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Toca Lab: Elements App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes :)

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Find on this site the customer service details of Toca Lab: Elements. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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Looking for comprehensive training in Google Analytics 4? We've compiled the top paid and free GA4 courses available in 2024.

Top Paid App List
App Name Released
True Skate 18 October 2012
Shadowrocket 13 April 2015
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch 19 December 2016
HotSchedules 30 October 2008
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 15 November 2017

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