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PDF Expert 6 is an essential app for anyone who reads, highlights, signs and fills out PDFs on their iPhone and iPad. With an additional in-app purchase PDF Expert 6 acquires the unique superpower to edit existing PDF text, replace images and hide sensitive data.

“PDF Expert is one of my must-have iPad apps and a desktop-class PDF reader”. – MacStories.net
“I was blown away at how easy the app is to use”. – MakeUseOf
“The best app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad”. – The Sweet Setup


• Mark important information in books, journals or documents with the first class annotation tools: highlight, underline, strikethrough and others.
• Insert predesigned stamps such as Approved, Not Approved, Confidential and more.
• Create diagrams and schemes using shapes such as arrows, circles or rectangles.

• Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.
• Fill out any PDF forms with interactive fields such as text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons.

• Use e-signatures to sign contracts and agreements on the go.
• Sign documents with signatures synchronized across all your devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad.

• Draw with your finger or Apple Pencil to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books.

• Edit outlines in a few taps to structure your data and for better navigate through the file.

• Restrict access to PDF Expert with a password.
• Protect your files from unauthorized reading with a password.
• Enable iOS Data Protection to encrypt everything while your iPad or iPhone is not in use.

• Connect to other document storage providers like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. Work with files right in the storage and all edits will be saved there without downloading the document.
• Enable 2-way sync with storages to provide the continuous work with documents among all devices.

• Add comments to the texts you read using sticky notes and drawing tools.

• Make Bookmarks when it comes to intuitive navigation through PDF files.

• Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports “Open In…”
• Enable full text search, scroll, zoom in and out.
• Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode.
• Use Text to Speech feature to hear the selected text read out loud.

With additional in-app purchase you can have the unique superpower that allows you to edit PDFs. New features come as an additional in-app purchase for pros.

• Edit or modify existing text. The font, size, and opacity of the original text are automatically detected, so you can make edits easily.

• Easily add, replace and resize images in your PDFs. Or change a logo or a graph. PDF Expert will handle those edits easily.

• Now linking any part of the text to a different page or even a website is fast. Moreover, links can be added to the images.

• Using the Redact feature you can permanently erase or hide any sensitive information in your PDFs.

PDF Expert is also available in the Mac App Store. It has been voted “App of the Year Runner-up” by Apple.

PDF Expert by Readdle App Description & Overview

The applications PDF Expert by Readdle was published in the category Productivity on 2013-12-03 and was developed by Readdle Inc.. The file size is 135.89 MB. The current version is 6.1.9 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Happy New Year, everyone!
Let’s start 2018 with the first in this year PDF Expert 6.1.9. update, that addresses some of the issues you've reported.
May the new year be super productive for you and your family!

If you need us, you can find us at [email protected]
We love hearing from you!

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PDF Expert by Readdle Reviews


great app  gldamao  4 star

very good app for pdf A little confuse about download and iCloud file.


Don’t rush to implement iOS 11 Files.app  cdenesha  5 star

For those of us in a Google apps domain where we cannot share our files outside the domain, the Files.app method of connecting to GDrive doesn’t allow access to documents. Google says this is by design. If Readdle can integrate the new Files functionality for those that wish it, and also retain the old method of connecting directly to GDrive then we will all be happy.


Pretty Good - need to improve more  Mettur  4 star

I am coming from Good Reader, which I used for many years, but it broke a fundamental sync issue with Google Drive so I had to switch. PDF Expert is very good, but it needs a few improvements. I will compare it Good Reader, since these are the two best PDF readers for iOS PDF Expert does cover all the basic items, such as annotating, marking, page reordering etc very well. Where PFD Expert is better: Search - it lists all the locations a word phrase is found, so it gives a context, make it much easier to go to the location I want. Scrolling - PDF Expert provide both vertical and horizonal page flip. I personally like he smooth vertical scrolling where you can see bottom of one page and top of another. It makes it much easier to follow, than flipping between pages Sync - In addition to my basic requirement of working with Google Drive (along with Dropbox etc). It does much better in seamless sync. Good Drive seems to have constant hiccups on this - may be due to too many user control. File management: Drag and drop makes it much easier to move files around. In addition it has menu based movement also Where PDF reader need to improve: File management : It forces Sync folders and non-sync folders into separate listing. There is no way to create a local folder to keep multiple sync folders. This becomes an issue, when we don’t want to sync an entire tree from remove server. Audio Files: Good Reader does an excellent job of providing on demand audio control at the top. This enables one to play an audio file, while following a script. Say you want to learn a song, you can play the song and read the lyrics in he pdf file. If you want pause and play again, you don’t have to get out of pdf file. PDF Expert falls short big time on audio files. Only thing it provides is an ability to play audio file. But we cannot even switch to PDF file while audio is playing. There is no way to play audio file and read lyrics at the same time, leave along controls.


Awesome  shawsome.brian  4 star

I use PDF expert multiple times every day at work to shuffle pages around, combine PDFs, and sign them. The stability of this app merits praise. Every single other part of my workflow has broken down at one point or another, but PDF expert has never crashed on me. Even working inside of 170-200 page PDFs with complicated formatting. The ability to keep folders synced in the background is super handy, and it works great in split screen. The “Edit Text and Images” upgrade is well worth the price. I’d love it if Readdle could add a page cropping tool next. Especially one that considers Trim / Bleed / Registration and other standard printers’ marks.


Horrible functionality  Jamrock21  1 star

Have any of these developers actually tried to edit a PDFon a mobile device with this thing? If they did they would remove this from the App Store. I almost smashed my phone from frustration. REFUND


PDF Expert  fisika  5 star

Excelente herramienta


Great app  Austin0977  5 star

Use it everyday, works well. Great app


Stop bothering me for Reviews!  Shaw417  1 star

Why does an app I PAID FOR interrupt my work flow to ask me to write a review... you asked for it.


Great PDF app  JBFLY  5 star

Full document viewer, organizer, editor. Changes the way I use my iPad. Definitely the best PDF app I have used on iOS. Highly recommend for people who work extensively with PDF files.


Worked for a while for Large Books but not anymore. Crashes helplessly  Joy-boy  1 star

Crashes each time I open large PDF book. This is persistent issue. I was fixed for a while but again crashes each time opening a book of couple hundred MBs. I respect the efforts developers put it but it is useless for me if it cannot open books. This issue old I raised it more than a year ago and instead of getting better it's getting worse. I hope developers are listening. Otherwise 5 star if you are limiting to small sized PDFs.


Great app  Kittykatau  5 star

I’ve been using this app for the last couple of years and love it. I’m currently using it for post graduate study and functions well for not only typing notes, but also noting on lecture note pdf’s and journal articles. The app is quick and with the iCloud function can access and transfer PDF or other downloaded items between devices. The only thing that would make it better would be access to a symbols keyboard with arrows and other quick note symbols and fractions for quick insertion into notes. It’s integration with Readdle’s scanner pro is brilliant, as you can quickly access the camera and insert pictures from textbooks etc. Overall, a quality app


Doodle on PDF only which you can do anyway with Apple Files application  Jamal-Pasha  1 star

So, you pay money to get this application and you can draw on a PDF. ‘“Amazing”. You can already do that in Marker when you open PDF in Apples’ Files application. I am also having problems with this application on my iPhone. On iPad it functions but it takes lots of time to actually start. On the iPhone it is frozen and or I see just logo beginning screen or it is frozen and I can’t start up anything. On the top of it, If you want to change text or pictures then you have to pay again just to enable that feature. Sad and predatory practice considering that this doodling function already exists for free on Apple Files application. You don’t need this at all but they will take your money regardless if you give it to them thinking this application is the only one that can do it. It is also non refundable. Now I know why.


Annoying pop ups  rolpsy  1 star

Please stop harassing me to review or download some other app that I don’t want


A good app, but it pesters for reviews using a custom review prompt  GridSound  4 star

This is unequivocally a good app and great for all kinds of PDF actions like merging, inserting pages, etc. But it pestered me to review it using a non-Apple sanctioned screen that interrupted what I was doing, which is supposed to be banned now under App Store Review Guidelines 1.1.7, so one star off for that. It should be using the normal Apple review request pop-up.

EA Cash control skim

Good  EA Cash control skim  5 star

It’s good for real


Not impressed  flocascio  1 star

Just purchased the productivity bundle but have found that your product info is misleading. Whilemjnoruchsrd then pack I still cannot edit PDF unles inpurchase an ADITIONAL PRO upgrade for 14$. This should be listed in the ipa info then clearly. What’s the point of having the app without editing ? Not impressed

Surfr dude

Great App  Surfr dude  5 star

PDF Expert 5 is a very useful app is the best PDF app on the market.


Useful App  edwardid  5 star

It's a powerful tool


not intuitive  nadacat  1 star

Pages that should appear as 2 pages are crammed into 1 page for printing - more issues like this that shows lack of thinking through usage. It does what it does well, however (eg - combine seperate documents, used as reader only, very minor edits)


No Black Friday discount given  VMEH  1 star

Pretty unimpressed. Bought this and an in-app purchase on the basis of very clear 50% Black Friday discount advertised and was charged full price for both items. Really? Don’t advertise the discount if you’re not going to apply feel totally ripped off.


Excellent for PDF - ALMOST 🤔  slarkin  4 star

PDF Expert is outstanding in every way but ONE. . . . After creating my pdf document, I usually type TEXT on it. I type my text HORIZONTALLY just like this review is typed. the problem is that approximately 70% of the time MY TEXT SUDDENLY FLIPS TO VERTICAL‼️ This is FRUSTRATING and AGRAVATING🤬 I have emailed Readdle many times about this issue. Recently they informed me that they have finally found the problem and it would be fixed soon. 🤔 Meanwhile, I am still struggling with LOST TIME when these VERTICAL FLIPS occur on important medical or financial documents. I believe in PATTERNS. Meaning that this issue must be happening to others also. Except for the VERTICAL FLIPS, I feel that Readdle is a very supportive developer with quality software.


Essential  Chee_oh_keh  5 star

Great App. Great Business tool


Needs a double page mode  blackmail1807  3 star

Reading some books on the iPad is much better with a double page view. The discrepancy between the desktop and iPad versions is annoying.


Go-to PDF Reader  iamnotbitter  5 star

Used daily, stable, good interface. Love it accept for the nag screen to review (which finally wore me down!)

Longtime CPod User

Used to be my go to PDF app  Longtime CPod User  3 star

I review and markup PDFs for hours every day. PDF Expert used to be my go-to app because of its features, smooth Apple Pencil rendering and terrific handling of large PDFs (doesn’t crash and lots of navigation options). The biggest issue working with PDFs on iOS has long been file management. Their Documents app was and still is great. However, with the advent of iOS 11 and its native files app, the lack of an “open in PDF Expert” feature and native iOS files support has led me to stop using PDF Expert. Add this in *soon* and I’ll come back. For what it’s worth, I’ve also stopped using my PDF Expert Mac app as well.


No SugarSync Support  mddyess  3 star

I’m a long-time Readdle customer who is unsatisfied with the lack of SugarSync cloud network support. I’ve used SugarSync for years to manage files/folders across multiple devices for personal, business, and client support. Until PDF Expert v6, I was able to sync specific files and/or directories from specific devices. Now, I am limited to the generic OS support ‘Open in PDF Expert’ — no syncing and no bidirectional capabilities in terms of saving an updated file. To be sure, the annotation features are wonderful in PDF Expert, but they are secondary to conveniently and efficiently accessing my files. Regrettably, I’ll be looking for another solution to replace Readdle as I have no plans to replace SugarSync.


Brilliant app  mmonfared  5 star

Simply Brilliant! Cannot live without it!


Liars  kapart  1 star

Bought. Paid 10$. It says here that i can edit. For that capability they want 5$ more!!! Lousy liars


Stop asking me to write a review  AnnoyedLJD  1 star

Nearly every time I open the app it asks for a review


Ripoff!  kggdz6  1 star

This app charged me twice! So I had to pay $20, not $9 to get it to edit a PDF! The description is completely misleading. I want my money back!

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