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Hyperlapse from Instagram [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Create amazing time lapse videos with Hyperlapse. Using Instagram’s in-house stabilization, Hyperlapse shoots polished time lapse videos that were previously impossible without bulky tripods and expensive equipment.

When you shoot a time lapse video with Hyperlapse, your footage will be instantly stabilized to smooth out the bumps from the road and give it a cinematic feeling. Capture an entire sunrise in 10 seconds—even from the back of a moving motorcycle. Walk through the crowds at an all-day music festival, then distill it into a 30 second spot. Capture your bumpy trail run and share your 5k in 5 seconds.


* Shoot handheld time lapse videos in motion— while you're walking, running, jumping or falling.
* Smooth out your video for cinematic quality with automatic stabilization.
* Speed up your hyperlapse to be up to 12 times the speed.
* Share your videos seamlessly on Instagram and Facebook or save them to your camera roll to share anywhere, anytime.
* Start filming immediately with a simple design that gets out of the way of your creativity
* Download and start capturing. No sign up or account required.

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Hyperlapse from Instagram Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hyperlapse from Instagram Comments & Reviews

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- Great for artists - wish it had some more features

I use this all the time for time lapse vids of my sketches. The biggest feature I wish this app would have is: after a video has been processed in the speed you selected, it would be nice to be able to go back to that speed selection and process it in a different speed. Sometimes I like to have longer videos in my IG TV, for example, and a shorter version of it in my regular IG post. The option to re-render a video in a different speed would be fantastic. Another 2nd feature that would be great: very minimal editing options, just in regards to being able to cut out parts of the video that might have some dead air, or even the option to have part of the video in one speed and another part have a different speed! I assume that the devs probably want to keep the app simple, but I feel like these changes would greatly enhance the user experience without complicating the overall design and functions of the app for users.

- Basic time lapse app & easy to use

This app is easy to use and I like the fact that they have a few extra features that can be modified, like the resolution and speed. The only two things that I don’t love is 1) you can’t listen to music while using the app and sometimes you want to do an hour long time lapse and it’s just too boring to not be able to listen to music in the meantime, and 2) that you can’t edit the features of the video after you save it... so you only have one option to save, for example, the speed of that video. Sometimes you can’t undo what you just did or do it again to save it with other features, so it would be nice to have more options.

- Messes up the sound on your phone whenever you use it.

This app puts a strange delay effect on my iPhone across the entire system every time I use it. The only ways to correct it are to force quit the app or switch to another audio source, play some audio, and then switch back to the phone’s speaker. This is especially weird considering that the app doesn’t create video with sound. Why should it have any effect on sound whatsoever? And, more importantly, how can an app effect sound across the entire system of the phone? This could potentially be a vulnerability in iOS that could maliciously exploited. The problem doesn’t occur if microphone access is disabled in settings, which is fine because it doesn’t create video with sound. Why should it have access to the microphone in the first place?

- good app but..

I like this app because it stabilizes my videos and you can choose the speed. But it has a glitch where it distorts my iPhone's sound so it sounds very static-like, and the only solution is to reset my phone. I also wish you could save it at 1080p because that's much higher quality, and I would like it if they added the option to save multiple speeds of the same video. Otherwise this is a great app and it surpasses the iPhone's built in time lapse feature when it comes to stabilization.

- Keeps messing up my audio!!!

Man I loved using this app, but for months I’ve been experiencing this problem with my speaker. It drove me nuts. Like the other reviewers in here, I experienced this distorted echoing sound coming from the speakers on my phone. It sounds horrible - like my speaker blew out or something. I couldn’t figure out what it was from. Once the distortion occurs it affects all apps across my phone, and won’t stop until i do a reboot. I was just about ready to wipe my phone and take it to apple for a replacement, when I realized that I only had the problem after using this app. At that point it was an easy decision to uninstall. Aside from this 1 MAJOR flaw, the app is great. If this ever gets fixed, I’ll definitely re-install. PLEASE FIX! [iPhone XS Max]

- The best app out there

This and touch osc are the only reason I bought an iPhone works very well for stabilizing videos that will be on large screens (my job) and not having to pay thousands for mechanical stabilization if you want different speed videos just render at 1x and then go to your editor and change the speed wish they developed this app more without hurting its key features like letting me record longer etc but we can't be choosing beggars, the algorithm is top notch and looks nicer than some expensive rigs be sure to open the secret menu

- Amazing App!! Wish it had stabilization for iPhone 11 Pro now

I have been using this app for all my world travels for YEARS and years now and it has made some of the best memories to look back on. Things that are too long for a video can be made into a quick snapshot of nature being amazing or a centuries-old process being demonstrated or even just people walking in a city. Now that I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro though I’m disappointed by the “Stabilization Not Supported” message :( Please bring this to the iPhone 11 Pro again!

- hyperlapse suddenly awful! Please fix!

Hyperlapse renders iPhone unusable. I’m having a big problem with the SOUND on my iphone when using Hyperlapse. I'm on an iphone SE (which is technically a 6s, but smaller) and when I use hyperlapse, it distorts the sound of the iphone during playback, and also distorts the sound of ANYTHING on the phone (ring tones, texts, other videos shot with stock app, and music). I’ve tested this over and over, and the only fix is a hard reset of the iphone. However, once I use hyperlapse again, the phone immediately starts to sound very distorted and echoey. It's a new glitch that just started appearing once I updated my phone form a 5s to SE, so I'm thinking it's a software glitch. But I'm hoping that either hyperlapse (i.e. Instagram's purchase of the LUMA technology responsible for the great stabilization) will figure out a fix. I'm guessing an update of the app may fix this, though my friend had the same issue and said this didn't help. Any tips would be GREAT. I love hyperlapse but won't use it until this is fixed, as it renders my iphone pretty useless.

- Microscopic Time Bar

Great app accept when you're reviewing your video you can't tell where you are in the video because the time bar st the bottom is insanely thing. Seriously why does it have to be so thin? I literally can't see it sometimes. Give me a valid reason and then I'll maybe understand. But there can't be one. If it's because you don't want to obstruct any of the video then give me the option to hide it. How hard is that.

- Needs better camera compatibility

This app is super easy to use but is lacking some compatibility and user settings. Biggest issue is that it does not allow for any zoom in or out or switching to the iPhone 11 Pro wide view so that you can capture more in the frame. Also should include a pause option to keep using the same time lapse but resume it if you’re needing to leave the app and pick up where you left off. I would give this 5 stars if they only fixed the camera compatibility issue alone.

- Video Saving

This app would be good if it had some of the basic functions necessary for a video or photo app to succeed. I went to turn on my Hyperlapse and after 15 minutes of creating a time lapse it stated that the video had stopped due to my storage filling up which I had expected to happen. But when I went to search for the video they had completely deleted it and there is no backup on the app for saved videos. Just because the video cut short doesn’t mean I wanted to delete all the materials. Once this is fixed it would be so much better.

- Great app what about...

This is a great app! I really love it and it’s nice to have the option of how fast you want it! If you haven’t got the app yet and are thinking about it I would definitely recommend it! I have a suggestion not a flaw I would like to share... it would be nice if you could change it to slow Mo to! I would honestly give it five stars if you can do that or should I suggest a separate app!

- Why no iPhone 12 Pro Max support?

Being owned by Facebook, you KNOW Apple had provided developers with information ahead of time to ensure that apps work on newly launched devices. So, after dropping $1300 on the single best phone available today, I excitedly redownloaded Hyperlapse, excited to see how they’d added the new lenses. Instead, the app says stabilization is not available for my device! Come on Facebook, you have the money and resources...please update this usually excellent app so those of us that want the best can still use it.

- Awesome app but sadly no updates

When this app came out, it became the primary video app for shooting any videos for me. Not just Hyperlapse videos. That’s because it did an exceptional job stabilising the footage using gyro data in a time when iPhones didn’t have any sort of stabilisation. But ever since I upgraded my phone to iPhone 8 plus, it’s lacked stabilisation support. I upgraded again to iPhone 12 Pro Max and still no stabilisation support. This is a gem of an app which is being ignored by Instagram sadly.

- Hyperlapse Review

This app is amazing! It's so helpful when you're on a plane or vacation and you want to record yourself in the clouds (in the plane, obviously) or recording the waves at beach, traffic in a city, or even a storm. I don't even care that I'm not a social media user, I just like the fact that there's a way I can keep special memories through a time lapse video, although it might sound cheesy to stupid.

- Many years many hyperlapses

I've been using Hyperlapse for a few years now and have never had any issues. The interface is elegant, the videos I get always come out stunning, and I cannot emphasize enough how great it is not to need a tripod. I wish other apps would take a page from this developer's book.

- ALERT: Does NOT Support Stabilization on Some Devices

I downloaded this app specifically for its promise of stabilized timelapses. However, AFTER recording my timelapse, Hyperlaps alerted me that "Image stabilization is not supported on your device. ~ Finished Hyperlapse may not be stabilized." And, sure enouh, it wasn't. I could only adjust the speed of the timelapse. I have an iPad Mini 4 with iOS 11.4.1---the most current iOS at the time of this writing. Frustrating that Hyperlapse does not tell people of this upfront.

- Pretty good camera - and pretty nice app

As the title, camera quality is good, not the best though. If I could I would give it a 4.25 though. Although the camera is not the best, the app is very easy to navigate, which I definitely like. This is a pretty nice app and I would definitely recommend it to others, but i am positive that there are better apps out there.

- Such Poor Quality

The video is such poor quality I can’t use it for anything, not even instagram. I don’t understand why with the advanced capabilities of the iPhone Hyperlapse can’t utilize some of that. My phone shoots in 4K but this app makes blurry pixelated videos. My phone has image stabilization but this app makes videos that vibrate and shake all over the place. Even if you don’t improve the app at all it would be 100% more efficient to just allow people to import existing videos so we could optimize the image stabilization in the iPhone.

- Please add support for iPhone 11

I love Hyperlapse for it’s simple interface and the silky-smooth footage it produces. I used this app all the time to on my iPhone 6. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 11, and the app’s software stabilization isn’t supported. You can still make a time lapse with the app, but the stabilization is what makes this app so awesome. Please fix this soon!

- Great idea, but can't even edit your hyper lapse

It would be nice to be able to save your hyper lapse and check it out but also be able to go back to the app and access the original file where you choose your speed in case you wanted to make it faster or slower than you initially chose. I find myself changing my mind on the speed after the fact. Sometimes right away, but it's too late!

- App is useless if you have an 8 Plus — is anyone reading these reviews?

This app doesn’t stabilize video on one of the most up-to-date phones on the market. How that has gotten by the developers’ quality standards for months, I don’t know, but I see reviews from October of last year saying the same thing. It’s a broken app on my phone without stabilization. Would love to use it again, because it was my favorite app for video before I switched phones (from my much less capable iPhone 6, which stabilized video perfectly in Hyperlapse.)

- Wonderful app, wish I could edit playback

I love that I can edit the playback speed right after recoding, even if it’s 20 min of road trip, but I wish I could go back and edit the playback speed again after saving.... otherwise this app is perfectly minimalist!

- Don’t understand why anyone got to put something down

Reading the views on this is like omg everyone needs to grow up and learn how to use it before giving it a bad rating if you don’t like the free version of it then why download it then every one learn how to use before rating it bad

- Love it

I love that you can change how fast it is because with the default timelapse app that comes with my phone it is just too fast also very helpful for longer videos making them feel faster or a bit slower. Definitely a good app!

- Recent Updates?

I saw that this app was updated three weeks ago. With performance updates. What were those so we can access? Did you now incorporate smooth that video for newer phones? That was sadly missing for quite a while. When it worked on the older phones it was fantastic but I don’t have that phone anymore. And why the hidden settings?

- Sound is suddenly really bad

This is a fairly recent occurrence, but I noticed that whenever I open the app, the sounds that play from any other app become a pile of garbage. It stops if I do a hard reboot or completely close the app, but it's incredibly annoying. I somehow doubt this will get fixed, considering the company's all but abandoned these "side" apps, but it would be great if it was fixed.

- Love it :))

Great app! It’s probably one of my favs. I love shooting lengthy vids with it. It’s definitely not the best sometimes when I want to shoot videos 45 mins+ because that’s the limit but it’s okay because usually I don’t do vids that long. I also don’t like that there’s no sound but it’s still fun.

- Works

I just want to film for 10-45 minutes and it automatically time lapse to 2-5 minutes. This app does that. I wish I could record and listen to podcasts or audiobooks with it recording But that’s my only complaint/suggestion

- Does not work for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Hasn’t been updated in a year. Too bad. I was looking forward to an improvement on iOS native time lapse which doesn’t give enough control. But stabilization is the killer feature, and without it I can only use this for still time lapses. I guess I’ll give it two stars, because it may still work well for still timelapases. But, when it comes down to it, the app is broken.

- Lacking Features

I like the minimalistic interface but after that it really has limited options. You can only process your video and speed selection 1 time, so make sure you like it. Would be great to be able to “undo” the video, chose and export at another speed, save as 1x (normal speed) + hyperlapse, select a video from your camera roll, etc.

- It’s okay but extremely lacking.

This thing is okay for the most minimalist, feature-lacking app out there. I mean, it works. But there are things that are sorely in need of reworking such as the hidden limitation of a 45 minute maximum recording (which caused me to lose a lot of time on a project) and inability to save the original recording. Once you choose a setting for the speed and tap the checkmark it’s done. No more original. If you want something simple with no expectations though then this is it.

- Great for great videos

It's perfect I have no idea how to explain it! I would recommend! Best thing ever. I have had this app for a while I stopped counting! I love photography. This is great. There is no bad side to this app. It is simple 1 step take video. And then,you download the lapsed video to your camera roll. love it! Love it!

- Hyperlaptic wonder! 👌🏽

Hyperlase, a perfect video format for todays’ impatient world and ofcourse a beautifully surreal effect! Can’t thank Instagram enough for getting out this app for Hyperlapse. You dn’t need a tripod anymore to capture your hyperlapses, and also now you can capture your hyperlapse even while you are on the run!

- Great until latest phone not supported

I used this app all the time for lighting and shading reference for 3D recreations of environments and objects. It saved my bacon on many occasions. But I just upgraded to the latest iPhone 12 Pro and the app says my phone doesn’t support stabilization. So the app is now useless. Please fix this as it’s an amazing app. I’d even pay for it if I could!

- Only records 45 min

Easy to use, almost too easy. Not many features. Wish it could upload videos I record to create new files each time, but it doesn’t. It just records 45 minutes of footage and condenses it. The nice thing about choosing which one is the preview it gives and it also says how long the video will be.

- Needs 2x lens support.

I love this app, and use it all the time. I love how I can adjust white speed the time… after recording. But I really wish you would support the 2X lens on my iPhone X. I know this may not be ideal for the stabilization of handheld videos, but I often stand my iPhone up or put it in a tripod, so stabilization isn’t necessary. Today for example, I’m staying in a hotel room with a view of New York City’s Lincoln Tunnel. It’s a great location for Timelapse, what with all the cars emerging from the tunnel, but it would be even better if I could zoom in just a little bit…. ...please?

- Not working on iPhone 8 plus!!!

Every time I record a video I get this pop-up saying “Stabilization Not Supported. Your device doesn’t support Hyperlapse stabilization. Your finished videos may not be stabilized.” However, the front facing camera works just fine the problem is in the rear camera! I’m using a iPhone 8 plus which is a very capable phone i have no idea why I’m getting this message this is frustrating!! I use Hyperlapse on a regular basis please fix this! Thanks!

- Major flaw

Doesn’t adjust for changes in lighting. If I film Something late afternoon to sundown, by the time the sun is set the video is completely dark. That doesn’t happen with built in iPhone time lapse. So until this is fixed I’m still looking for the perfect app that adjust to changes in lighting and gives me control over speed setting post shoot.

- Bad exposure compensation

The exposure seems to be locked once you start recording. It doesn’t seem to adjust as it records. Meaning if the sun comes out while recording the video turns into a giant white white screen. There should be a option to lock the exposure otherwise it should continue to adjust just as the native camera app does.

- Apply to existing videos

Any way you could make this work on existing videos? I have several great candidates but they were captured with the iPhone camera instead. Please add this feature - I think you’ll see a lot more shares on Instagram.

- App not working now

I used this app all the time and it worked perfectly and then I got the new iPhone 11 Pro and when I went to use the app and do a Hyperlapse video I pressed record and it recorded the video then when I hit done it brought up an error “Stabilization is not supported on this device” it’s the same device I used before with this app. Please explain why this is happening and fix this glitch.

- I love the idea of this app, but it freezes after two minutes

I loved this app, when it worked. I wish it could go back to that. I have an iPhone SE and whenever I try to record, it only works for about 2 minutes, then it freezes and stops recording. Very upsetting after 30 min of thinking I'm recording but it only saves 2 min of real time. Please help!

- Help

Is there a way to change the video speed from a video already made from my IPhone 10 before I downloaded your app? Any help would be much a appreciated. David

- Works on iPhone Xs!

After over a year of not being able to use it on my iPhone X or newer Xs, I am thrilled that after this new bug fix release it works on my phone again! Thanks team! I love this app.

- Amazing but slow on updates

Amazing stabilization in this app...just wish Instagram would update it more regularly. Seems to break every time a major iPhone update or phone comes out. This is a stellar app for videography and deserves more attention to iterate.

- Great app

This app is awesome for video recording when you move. Final result is very smooth. I wish there would be an option to process video later and just go to new recording right away

- Was once a good app until...

The iPhone XS Max came out. Last time i tried to use it , the app couldn’t use the stabilization as on the previous iPhones. The video bounced so much that the video was unusable. Needs to be rewritten to work better with the newer phones. I can only use it if it’s mounted firmly on a hard surface.

- Thank You Thank You Thank You

So happy my favorite time lapse app now supports iPhone 11 Pro! By far this is the best app with features to adjust speed and flawless stabilization. Thank you for listening to your community.

- Creates a sound echo

Took me a while to figure out but it’s THIS APP that creates a sound echo. I literally took to the Genius Bar, did hard resets, and everything to figure out what was going on. The Apple store was stumped and ended up blaming a software malfunction. Silly me- I just used this stupid app. Instagram- please update to stop this annoying thing. The only way to fix it after using the app is to turn off my phone and turn it back on.

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- Best stabilisation app

I’ve been using Hyperlapse for years and it works pretty much all the time. Sometimes I have a choppy sound effect on playback which affects my whole phone not just the app.

- Pointless app

I am astounded that a huge company like Instagram owned by Zuckerberg with all the $$$ in the world & all those thousands of (underpaid) developers & regulators can let something like this through quality control. The app store tells me it works on my iPhone 6 plus yet when I record, it tells me image stabilisation does not work on this device, soooo...whats with that? No doubt we’ll hear the A8 vs A9 processor excuse but, if thats the case, you should’ve thought of that. Other people with older phones said it worked fine until recently. The whole point of downloading it was for the stabilisation. I can do time lapse in the standard camera thx. Get it together! Thats 20 mins of my life I’ll never get back.

- Simple and superb !

You’ll be surprised how Hyperlapse can convert your simple moments into amazing clips . When you are doing anything in a spot for a while .. focus your phone on you and turn Hyperlapse on . I use it a lot on my rides and drives too .. and focus it on the roads ahead .

- Stabilisation

If your phone doesn’t have image stabilisation, and you want to film on it without shaky footage, film on Hyperlapse and play it back at 1x speed and it stabilises it for you, obviously the stabilised timelapses come out amazing as well. Honestly, exactly what I was looking for!👍

- Doesn’t work ios13

Worked well on my iPhone 6. BUT started to get weird crackling distortion speaker noise effecting my whole phone after using it (another user mentioned same problem) Now it doesn’t work at all with 11pro / ios13.1. Mentions my phone doesn’t have optical stabiliser (but it does - which is strange as my iPhone 6 didn’t) We expect more from a multi billion dollar company as many people have same problem for years

- Quality app!

Great quality time lapses in its options to change speed/duration before exporting to camera roll! Better than expected

- Good basic app

It’s good however it’s basic.. having the ability to take out the background and to add music would make this ten times more fun! It’s already being done in short clips of Instagram so why not just make it for Hyperlaps. Just a (cool) suggestion.

- Pre-recorded videos?

I would love it if there was a featured added to this App where you can speed up pre-recorded videos. I recorded a video which is too long to add to Instagram but I cannot cut anything out of the video. I downloaded hyperlapse for the first time today but didn't realize that, that feature isn't in the App.

- Better in Insta

Would be better if you could just make this a feature built into the insta app, be able to upload ore recorded & apply filters 🤷🏻‍♀️ But it works well & gets the job done so whatevs just another spot on my app screen

- Great

Love the app. Playback when trying to determine the speed of the video is a bit all over the place. When it is smooth i will award 5 stars. (^ω^) iPhone6

- Disappointing

This was such a useful app, loved using it on my iPhone 5 and 6+, but the fact it no longer offers stabilisation for the latest models or iOS versions is ridiculous. It’s been years, they should have sorted this by now. The app as basically pointless unless you have an old phone and old operating system.

- It’s ok could be better

I haven’t really used this as I can’t continue to play music whilst using the time lapse. That’s needs to be fixed. I’m a pt and want to be able to video my workouts but that’s not fun without music lol Otherwise it’s ok...

- Doesn’t work in latest 2019 iPhones

Used to be a favourite, now it doesn’t even work on the 2019 iPhones. Hasn’t been updated in over a year. Facebook mustn’t be making enough money to support apps it releases.


Yes! The best stabiliser is back!! Thankyou for the update! I can now use it on my new phone. Record with this app and export at 1x speed for the smooooooooooothest phone footage ever. So happy!

- Great app needs some improvements/adjustments

So this app is really cool I use it almost everyday but I wish you could upload videos from your camera roll! That would be something I'd pay for. You should also get rid of the notification saying "it's too low brightness" like after you've clicked "ok" you hit the record button but the notification comes up. I know some people say "just get over it" but after a while it gets pretty annoying have to go through the whole process of clicking "ok." It would also be an even better app if you could have the choice to either have background music or record sound or have none at all. Overall I think this is an awesome app!

- Great product

Excellent product and easy to use

- Great app but needs updating

Currently not working on iPhone 11 Pro plus iOS 13.3 “your device doesn’t support Hyperlapse stabilisation” This has not be updated in years. Literally the only good Hyperlapse option for IOS and it has been left in an unusable state. Please fix this instagram!

- Easy

So easy to use, good quality, love how it goes straight into your photos

- Great hyperlapse

Does a good job of stabilising your hyperlapse (as far as what you can expect from a free app) quite happy with it

- Stabilization doesn’t work anymore

Used to use this app all the time for my timelapse shots on my iPhone 6. Was my favorite app, even started an Instagram with those shots. But it doesn’t work on iPhone X. What a shame!!

- Happy

Very Happy. Thank you Hyperlapse. I shoot my business video with you everyday. Everyone loved it. I Thank you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌷❤️🌍🌍💫💫

- I’ll find a better app thanks

Was surprised to find that i was not able to use a pre-recorded video. Surely to have a whole separate app for this one task of time-lapsing you’d think it would have some simple options... -_- disappointed

- Simple, easy to use

Great app. Nice and simple. Speed adjustment is good option.

- Getting Blocked all the time

So what’s really the Problem? I’m not doing anything wrong, why You keeps blocking me ? I get blocked by giving 2 to 3 comments, why ? Why ? Why ? I get blocked 3 times a week

- No stabilization on IPhone 8?

There’s no difference between taking a video on this app and the camera app except for the ability to speed up the video, no smoothness whatsoever. Hope it gets fixed

- Basic

Clean simple layout, but lacks the ability to speed up video more than 12X or to load in pre recorded video. Only good for beginners.

- not good for the iphone 8 plus

one of my friends has an iPhone 6S and it works so well! I have an 8plus and the stabilising effect seems to make the video worse than using the normal video recording

- Unsupported. Outdated.

With the latest iPhone you’d think Hyperlapse would excel in what it says it can do. Sadly this is not the case. The whole purpose of Hyperlapse is to stabilise moving time lapse footage to create buttery smooth time lapses on the go. But stabilisation is no longer supported. Multiple camera use [wide/ normal/ tele] is not supported. In 2014 this app was great. What happened? I do not recommend this app. It doesn’t perform its primary function.

- IPhone 12 Pro stabilisation needed

It seems like the app does not support stabilization of iPhone 12 pro which is kind of sad, I thought the resulting video can be ecen smoother.

- iPhone XS Max

Why doesn’t stabilisation work on the latest iPhones? Please issue an update ASAP! Other than that - I loved this app and its ability to stabilise videos!!

- Love it

Perfect for capturing art process videos!

- it’s okay

i feel like this could have some potential. it’s very basic, i also don’t like how the camera is not zoomed out as much. i think it’s better than some other apps that do the same thing but it doesn’t really have much else you can do with it. would be good to have music capabilities

- Stabilisation no longer works

I used to LOVE this app, but now that the ability to create smooth time lapse videos is gone it has lost the only thing I used it for.

- No stabilisation on iPhone XS?

I took a Hyperlapse on the latest iPhone XS and this app told me the device does not support stabilisation?? Err really? Maybe one of the devs needs to update the app to add the new models onto some list inside the app.

- Nup

Super confusing app. Not easy to use at all and terribly silly that I can’t edit videos that I have prerecorded. Downloaded today and deleting straight away

- No stabilisation on iPhone pro

Could be 5 stars if it worked on new phones.

- OK for time-lapses that aren’t sunrises

App works fine, but not so well if you like doing time-lapses of the sun rising, the app progressively over-exposes the footage, not good.

- Artwork

It's a great tool to record artwork in action!

- Pretty bad on iPhone 7 plus

I used to love Hyperlapse, but now on my iPhone 7 plus its horrible. Really poor stability. Which is a shame

- Pls update for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Please update your app to support the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It currently does not stabilise

- Great app

I love hyperlyse because it is cool

- Stabilisation on iPhone 8?

It says stabilisation is not supported with my new iPhone 8. Is support coming?

- No software stabilisation

On latest iPad Mini, making it pointless.

- Basic app

Good app, in theory. Stabilises footage quite well, but importing external content would be a great addition.

- Don’t bother

Below average UX. Plenty of better options.

- Does not work on iPhone Xs Max

Or any iPhone X from what I can find.

- Stabilisation not supported

Does not work on iPhone 8+

- Love it

Great fun

- Beginners Hyperlapse

A great app to whip out when you want to take a quick Hyperlapse but forgot to bring a DSLR and monopod (pretty much every day). There are lots of complaints about not being able to load in your own videos to the app, these people don't understand that the app uses the data from the gyroscope in your phone to produce the Hyperlapse smoothing effect, your other videos don't have this data so it's not possible to smooth the video using this methodology. If you want to smooth out your other videos, you'll need something like "Final Cut".

- AMAZING! And a secret too...

THIS APP IS AMAZING, the image stabilisation is actually pretty good, I like how you can set the speed to 1x, which makes me just want to use this app when videotaping. And I found a cool secret in the app! So here's how you do it: This app records in 720p, lots of people would want better quality, so to get 1080p recording, First launch the app, then, with four fingers, tap the screen 4 times with all four fingers simultaneously. An experimental menu comes up with options such as; 720p/1080p recording, 24/30 fps etc. Hope that helped AND THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING APP. 😁😁😁😁😁😁

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- BUG: Preview Edit Upside Down

The app is ok, but after recording the clip, the video preview while selecting the playback speed shows upside down. The clip saves to the camera roll right side up, but this seems like a bug that needs to be squashed.

- Hyperlapse

It works.

- Crashed

Crashing on iPhone 11pro

- Suucks

Like every facebook product

- Please fix stabilization!

The stabilization feature, a key feature and function, doesn’t work on anything newer than an iPhone 10. Hopefully this gets fixed, and soon. Will be looking into other apps in the meantime.

- Great

Love it.

- Awesome App

easy to use!

- Don’t use, find another app

Oct 2020 Twice now I have made a time-lapse where it’s recording only to crash or not save when it’s “processing”. (Over 10min video) No way to recover the video, I just lost all my work and the project is already made. (I was hoping to get a time-lapse of the process) Completely unreliable.

- Perfect !!

I love this app. It works so good. I wanted to film myself drawing things and with this app I can put the speed that I want ! It’s perfect ! 😀 It save your video in your camera directly ! IT’S THE MOST PERFECT APP THAT I FOUND 💗😀😀

- Great!

It’s very easy to use and works well for what I need it to do!


This is a terrific editing app!!! Totally recommend it...

- Stabilization not supported.

Well. Good bye Hyperlapse. iPhone 11’s awesome camera not supported. Stabilization is deactivated and the lapses are a shakey mess of unusable chaos. One star until it works again. When it does it’s great.

- iPhone 11

Stabilization doesnt work with iPhone 11

- Automatic Stabilization doesn’t work on iPhone 11

Amazing super easy to use app, but it doesn’t stabilize on the newer phones (eg. iPhone 11). Please update the app to support 11 _/\_

- No longer stabilizes video

On iPhone 11, videos are shaky. This app used to be perfect, and there’s nothing else like it. But now the stabilizer doesn’t work on the latest phones :(

- Very bad

I can’t listen to music when I record

- Too short

My video got cut off at 45min. Need longer recording times.

- uploading videos

would be a lot better if you could upload videos from your camera roll to edit the speed of.

- Bad for iPhone X and more

The app is not stabilizing your videos anymore because of the new iPhones, it was working very good on iPhone 8, but now they don’t updated the « stabilisation » fonctions of the app so it’s outdated.

- Used to be a lot of fun

Not so much now, in fact, it is pretty useless to me since there is no stabilisation for iphone 11. Too bad because i did get great results in the past, all i get now is disappointed.

- Doesn’t work for iPhone 11?

Video stabilization not supported for iPhone 11, seriously?

- Doesn’t work on newer iPhone

I get a message that says stabilization is not supported

- iPhone 11 not supported

Stabilization (the whole point of the app) does not work on iPhone 11.

- iOS 13

no stabilization on iPhone 11 Pro on iOS 13?

- No iPhone 11 support

Used to love this app but it says it can’t stabilize on iPhone 11

- Fine but not worth it.

I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else but EVERY time I use this app. It completely messes with my phones audio - I always have to restart my phone to fix this problem. It’s not worth the trouble.

- Feedback suggestion

Peut etre nos ajouter un zoom dans camera .. ca eviteras d'etre proche de l'ecrant tv ..

- Needs filters

Filters and adjustable exposure would make this a worthwhile app

- It’s fine

Honestly it would be way more awesome if I had the option to go into my photo library and turn something into a Hyperlapse as well..

- Changing Exposure and low light

Great that you can film in low light and tap the screen while Filming to adjust exposure as lightning changes.

- no stabilization on xs(as of Oct2018)

Used to be a nice app! unfortunately it needs to be updated to work on newer devices such as Xs

- Not Updated for New Phones

While the concept is great, the app hasn’t been written well to support stabilization on new devices. It needs to be updated to support the iPhone XS, and fix this problem so it doesn’t happen in the future (it should be based on specific capabilities, not a hardcoded device support list).

- Doesn’t work with iOS12 now

Am I the only one who uses this app?

- Stabilization issue

Stabilization is not comparable with new phones, which used to be the absolute best feature. I hope this is able to be fixed, as used to really like this.

- Make it work for iPhone XS Max please

Says stabilization not compatible with device.

- No longer seems to work on iOS 12

Used to love using this app a couple years ago. Just got a new iPhone XS recently with iOS 12 and the app no longer seems to work. I get a pop up saying that my device doesn’t not support stabilization in Hyperlapse making the app essentially useless.. hope an update fixes it but for now it unfortunately has to be a 1 star rating

- The app every videographer needs

Ever since 2014 this app has changed the game - the stabilization is insane even while skiing off jumps or boating at high speeds, it blows my mind. Everyone complaining about the fact you can’t import videos - it’s a free app that does what it says it does

- Real Time

You can't edit existing footage. Useless for me.

- Would be perfect if the following would be added

Would be perfect if HD, 4K, Focus and Exposure controls were added. The video is very smooth and well stabilized , even without trying to be cautious in your movements. Add some ninja walk practices to reduce wobble and it’s fantastic.

- Image stabilizer with shake looks terrible!

Used to really love this app, it’s okay if you’re on a gimbal stabilizer, or steady, or have slow movements, but micro jitters from a car, boat, or bike, (which used to work great on older versions) - get really bad jello effect as if the image stabilizer lens in iPhone is working against it. Fix that nonsense! 😢 Shooting on iPhone X

- Love

Love this App!!!!

- Stabilization now work on iPhone X

Stabilization now works on iPhone X and makes great use of its screen. It still doesn’t support the telephoto lens and doesn’t support 4K. I’ll give it five starts once they add those features.

- No Stabilization!

It was so amazing before but stabilization doesn’t work with the new iPhone 8. Please please fix

- Turn landscape video to portrait

Recorded a one off event only to find that the landscape recording turned 90 when viewed with the phone in portrait mode. Useless.

- Stabilization not supported on latest iPhone running latest iOS

iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 11.0.3

- So amazing

Love putting the phone on my rear view mirror pointed forward, gets amazing shots smooth city drives

- Current version as of October 1 does not support stabilization modes on the iPhone 8 plus.

Current version as of October 1 does not support stabilization features on iPhone 8 plus. Please update this. Thanks!

- Great app

I'm not sure why the poor reviews for a free app which is a pretty cool tool. People will complain about anything.

- Just a Toy

After 20 minutes of videoing my children, it crashed and restarted my phone. Without it working reliably it's really just a toy.

- No control

They force you to use the iphone lens, rather then giving the ability to used more professional videos in your library. Also no control on exposure. Deemed useless.

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Hyperlapse from Instagram 1.3.4 Screenshots & Images

Hyperlapse from Instagram iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hyperlapse from Instagram iphone images
Hyperlapse from Instagram iphone images
Hyperlapse from Instagram iphone images
Hyperlapse from Instagram iphone images

Hyperlapse from Instagram (Version 1.3.4) Install & Download

The applications Hyperlapse from Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-08-26 and was developed by Instagram, Inc. [Developer ID: 389801255]. This application file size is 27.65 MB. Hyperlapse from Instagram - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-08-21 current version is 1.3.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.burbn.hyperlapse

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