Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game

When boring, uninventive match-3 puzzles prevail and all hope is lost, it all comes down to one single game … Cradle of Empires! Become the Chosen One and help the ancient empire rise from the ruins in this adventurous match-3 game with a rich storyline, thrilling quests and captivating characters! Cradle of Empires is an exciting — yet cool, calm and collected — family-friendly adventure. It takes you on a breathtaking odyssey that challenges your matching, building and collecting skills. With the help from Nimiru and Egyptian settlers, you can break the Amrun’s curse and restore the ancient civilization to its former glory. Step up and become the secret weapon in the triumph of good over evil!

What makes Cradle of Empires: Match3 Game special?

  • Unique gameplay mix: You make matches, build a grand city and go on an adventure all in one … How awesome is that?
  • Mega-sized adventure: You’ll be immersed in this engaging adventurous story with unexpected twists, gripping quests and memorable characters.
  • Ancient cities and civilizations: You collect resources by playing match-3 levels, which help you rebuild the cities that evil had destroyed.
  • Different game modes: You play 6 different match-3 modes, a variety you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Many power-ups: You can earn a diversity of bonuses, power-ups and amulets — you’ll develop your own strategy for using them.
  • Regular updates: You’ll never run out of new adventures as you’ll get new buildings, quests, bonuses, levels and whole civilizations in future updates.
All this and much, much more for FREE!

Cradle of Empires Player Reviews
5/5 “Lots of different goals to achieve so I never get bored. Not the same match-3 as usual.”
5/5 “Very addictive game!! Can't stop playing it !!”
5/5 “Great way to pass time. Puzzles are just hard enough to be challenging without being frustrating.”
5/5 “Can't wait for the next version to come out”

Cradle of Empires

Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game App Description & Overview

The applications Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game was published in the category Games on 2014-06-05 and was developed by AWEM GAMES LTD. The file size is 186.92 MB. The current version is 4.7.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- The Mystical Portal will appear on March 16 not far from your city! Fifteen exciting levels will open up a new world of fun puzzles. Solve them all and get an amazing reward for free!
- The jolly Genie is coming to your city again! This friendly visitor with fun riddles and big rewards will be waiting for you on March 9. The Genie will be in the game for 3 days only, so don't miss it!

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Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game Reviews


ebookshare ebookshare 3 star

Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game 4.7.0 (1005206) apk


CnbTimes CnbTimes 3 star

Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game App Apk download for Android/iOS Smartphone


Challenging  Torrie54  3 star

The different match levels are fun and challenging. The drawback is the necessary items are difficult to obtain .

Sweetest Cheebs

Easy & fun  Sweetest Cheebs  4 star

Super easy lots of fun


Game of the year  Scoobydoo2733  5 star

Very addictive game!!!

Scorpion king🦂

Empires  Scorpion king🦂  4 star

You wrote one time about less levels in timing mode and still about the same and easier trips ba-ham-ba. Come on guys.


Cheat Box  empericalcheat  2 star

This game cheats constantly which is sad because it would be a fun game.


Me  Ears23  5 star

Great game!


Excelente!  Latruchablue  5 star

Me encanta este juego es súper variado y entretenido


Energy  052148  5 star

Energy runs out to fast.


There is no Update  Abu-m7amed  3 star

The game is really fun! And I always play on. But the issue now is that we need to download 98MB each day I’m opening the game!! Maybe this for the new year decoration, but still annoying me to download every-time I want to play!


Whole lot of play  wholelotofplay  3 star

Different things need to be found. You can play the same level until you run out of “energy “ and still not get what you need to add to your long list of things you need to find. And no I am not going to buy anything to do it.

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