Cradle of Empires

When boring, uninventive match-3 puzzles prevail and all hope is lost, it all comes down to one single game … Cradle of Empires! Become the Chosen One and help the ancient empire rise from the ruins in this adventurous match-3 game with a rich storyline, thrilling quests and captivating characters!

Cradle of Empires is an exciting — yet cool, calm and collected — family-friendly adventure. It takes you on a breathtaking odyssey that challenges your matching, building and collecting skills. With the help from Nimiru and Egyptian settlers, you can break the Amrun’s curse and restore the ancient civilization to its former glory. Step up and become the secret weapon in the triumph of good over evil!


● Unique gameplay mix: You make matches, build a grand city and go on an adventure all in one … How awesome is that?
● Mega-sized adventure: You’ll be immersed in this engaging adventurous story with unexpected twists, gripping quests and memorable characters.
● Ancient cities and civilizations: You collect resources by playing match-3 levels, which help you rebuild the cities that evil had destroyed.
● Different game modes: You play 6 different match-3 modes, a variety you won’t find anywhere else.
● Many power-ups: You can earn a diversity of bonuses, power-ups and amulets — you’ll develop your own strategy for using them.
● Regular updates: You’ll never run out of new adventures as you’ll get new buildings, quests, bonuses, levels and whole civilizations in future updates.

All this and much, much more for FREE!

5/5 “Lots of different goals to achieve so I never get bored. Not the same match-3 as usual.”
5/5 “Very addictive game!! Can't stop playing it !!”
5/5 “Great way to pass time. Puzzles are just hard enough to be challenging without being frustrating.”
5/5 “Can't wait for the next version to come out”

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Cradle of Empires App Description & Overview

The applications Cradle of Empires was published in the category Games on 2014-06-05 and was developed by AWEM GAMES LTD. The file size is 139.35 MB. The current version is 4.3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Check out the incredible update! We worked hard to pack it full of improvements! You’re sure to like it!
- A new quest has appeared: “Collect the chip.” Play through levels and collect chips to complete the quest. See if you can complete it on your first try!
- There are now fewer levels with Timed mode. Enjoy playing Cradle of Empires at your own pace!
- 160 exciting quests will reveal more details of this incredible story.
- 16 unique collections will earn you new rewards!
- The Farm, Beauty salon and Forge can be upgraded to level 6. The new thrilling levels and unique obstacles are sure to keep you interested!
- The Portal of Worlds will take you to an incredible Autumn forest! Are you ready to embark on new adventures? Don’t miss the start of the event on September 22!
- Settings dialog improved. New features have been added to make your gaming experience even better.
- You can play Cradle of Empires offline! Play even more, no matter where you are!
- Now you can collect all resources from buildings in a matter of seconds, you just need to open the game on the City map and shake your device. Try it for yourself – it’s quick and easy!
- Add the new widget so you can always remember important events in the Empire: the number of gifts received, your current energy level, and the time left until the next start of the Wheel of fortune. Be at the center of events!
- We’ve created an amazing set of special Cradle of Empires stickers for you. Download the new stickers from the game and send them in iMessage. Share this beauty with your friends! Available for users of iOS 10+.
- The “Haptic Feedback” feature will make your game experience much more fun and exciting. Your device now vibrates when you have a victory in the game and when you use bonuses. You can change this feature’s settings. Available for users of iOS 10+ on the following devices: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
- The “3D Touch” feature will offer new possibilities in match-3 levels! You can use this feature to learn additional information about obstacles. You can also select it outside the match-3 field to view level details. Available for iPhone users with iOS 10+.
- The new “Drag and Drop” function allows you to add notes about upcoming promotions in your device’s calendar. Stay up-to-date with events in the game! Available for iPad users with iOS 11.
- New unique “Augmented Reality” feature! Use your device’s camera to bring the Empire into the real world! Available for users of iOS 11 on the following devices: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro.
- Find out more about these improvements on the official Cradle of Empires Facebook page:

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Cradle of Empires Reviews


Best Game Ever!  Eminemilee  5 star

I've been searching my whole life for a game like this! I always said i could get into those matching games if I was matching to build a city! It's like they read my mind! I recommend this to anybody who enjoys city building games and match-3 games!


The shake method  Cvwf66  4 star

I'm the last update, we are now supposed to be able to shake the phone to get out rent from the buildings. I have an iPhone 7, and I have to shake hard for it to do anything.


Great game!  73melody  5 star

Very addictive!


Meme  Avoidingcupid  3 star

Like the game but it is misleading. If I go to a specific place looking for a specific item and I complete the round I should get what I can for not 29 of the items I already have.

Deborah Crayton

Love it  Deborah Crayton  5 star

Great game


Takes WAY too long to get collection items  NettieD72  2 star

How am I supposed to build the ship when I have to play levels 687 times to try and get the collection items and still come up empty? And this new autumn portal? Why does it cost players their resources to play them?? It shouldn't cost anything. About ready to uninstall which is a shame because it is a well put together game but so frustrating when you have to play over and over (times infinity) and get nothing.

saya 33

How to restore  saya 33  2 star

Since I downloaded on my iPhone how do you store all of your items even your levels


Empire  watergoddess61  5 star

The game is confusing on advancing further levels. Then by gathering more stars you begin to understand that is how you advance. I guess l expect instructions to be articulated better.

Linda P Smith

Game  Linda P Smith  1 star

Yesterday my game disappeared and I was at day one...where the hell went two years of my game????


Nice game  Hihot2002  5 star

Nice game and more


Elizabeth Bunting kwavonlady 3 star

I've completed the Dangerous Journey quest in Cradle Of Empires.


Kali Woodward erglenecear1978 3 star

@Paul78490750: Ik heb de verzameling Papyrus handwerk compleet gemaakt in Cradle Of Empires! …


Alik Gargaryan alik_gargaryan 3 star

Я выполнил квест «Коварство Нила» в Cradle Of Empires.


Quite addicting  Angiessister  4 star

I've been enjoying the game very much. I like all the challenges. This includes matching with skeletons, without color, and in the circle of light. The variety of goals is interesting, too. I find it frustrating that it takes so many tries to receive an artifact. I've been working on the boat construction for ages! Regardless, I'm quite addicted to the game. It is a calming distraction and relaxing to play just before bedtime.


Good puzzle quest game however..  TinyKarz84  2 star

This game is interesting but the more you advance (as it requires), it requires more energy. Limited energies are earned. So you have to wait long hours to refuel. You loose each energy each time you play. It's not like usual app games that you spend those energies, if you loose then you loose it. If you were successful with the quest, you move foward without losing energy. Also, some games have infinite life once a week, usually weekends. Or bonus infinite life for certain hours. Why I'm tempted to just delete this game cuz it's such a tease. Leaves me frustrated


Empires  Seang3078$  4 star

I like the game a lot it's actually quite addicting. You're only thing I could suggest is that you could see a score or items you won well you're playing the board.


Great!  Hollyjo32  5 star

Very stimulating!


Fun game  Twinsplustwomom  4 star

Really enjoy this game


Awesome  SparkleUnique  5 star

Keeps me interested. Always something new to do...many levels and challenges....I just wish I had all the time in the world to play...I think I am addicted!


Mrs  heatbeavers  1 star

Thinking about not playing anymore. Have to play level more than 5 times to get the items you need to complete quest or collections. Too much of a problem. I think I'm done


Game needs improvements  DM336  1 star

Too many quests on the left to complete. Unable to collect necessary items to complete groups. Play each game and do not win the necessary items. As u advance levels become more difficult to win and use too much energy. Women quests require sending gifts to "friends" which you can't get anyone to play long enough to have any! Interesting concept of the game, just need to "win" more of the items needed to move forward in game!


A diamond in the Rough  LaLa2856  5 star

I love this game it's fun the graphics are great and it's just challenging enough to keep you interested, not too easy but you are able to achieve your goals. Excellent game


I love this game but it won't connect to the internet!  lilyhorsegirl45  4 star

I have been playing this game for two years now and it still keeps my interest! The only thing I get frustrated with is I can only play it at my house on my wi-fi it will not work on other wi-fi connections! I want to play my game more but I can't! Other than that love this game!!

Cradle of Empires Comments

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