HondaLink Navigation NA

The HondaLink™ Navigation app is compatible with vehicles equipped with HondaLink-ready technology:

2014-15 Civic EX & above
2015-17 Fit EX & above
2015-16 CR-V EX & above
2016-17 HR-V EX & above
2016 CR-Z LX & above
(US only)

Be advised that HondaLink Navi is not compatible with 2016-17 Pilots, 2016-17 Accords, 2016-17 Civics, 2017 Ridgelines and 2017 CR-Vs. The App is compatible with the iPhone 5/5S/5C with iOS 7.x/iOS 8.x/iOS 9.x/iOS 10.x, the iPhone 6/6+ with iOS 8.x/iOS 9.x/iOS 10.x, the iPhone 6S/6S+/SE with iOS 9.x/10.x, and iPhone 7/7+ with iOS 10.x.

With the new HondaLink Navigation app, you can have in-dash guided mapping directions with voice instruction over the stereo speakers. Users can receive all the convenience of in-vehicle maps and routing, including continuously updated traffic information for freeways, highways, and major surface streets. Search for points of interest or specific addresses, and easily route to your selected destination. Includes free annual map updates.

Download the HondaLink Navigation app onto your smartphone and stream the entire navigation system into your Honda dashboard display. Use the steering wheel controls to interact with the HondaLink Navigation app while driving. The app is designed to work alongside other HondaLink apps. Be sure to download them all. Data fees may apply (check legal disclaimer).

Note: Works in both standalone mode (for use when not driving) and when connected to Honda vehicles available with the HondaLink-ready technology (listed above).

Requires registration with HondaLink. Requires HDMI cable connector, Apple lightning adapter, and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® connection. See for more details (US only).

Some services require use of GPS for location-based content. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

HondaLink Navigation NA App Description & Overview

The applications HondaLink Navigation NA was published in the category Navigation on 2013-12-01 and was developed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.. The file size is 51.02 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Enhancements and bug fixes

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HondaLink Navigation NA Reviews


Could use improvement but otherwise good  Deathy13  3 star

With the AV adapter turns your entertainment system into navigation. Pro's - Good picture - traffic - easy viewing - so far accurate directions - on time price - much cheaper then having navigation installed. Cons/needs improvement -multiple voices for same instruction (would prefer if it used ONE voice) -fixed as landscape not helpful when entering an address -can't switch apps without losing the navigation -not really intuitive you will have to play with it


Awesome app!  MicahRed  5 star

I read all the bad reviews and waited a long time before I broke down and purchased the app! I'll admit that the Honda map is not perfect, but this app allows similar features to apple play, so I can use Any gps map I want. Well worth the money.

Honda HRV Lover

Highly Recommend!  Honda HRV Lover  5 star

Now that I have updated the app, it is an awesome navigation tool to use on my HRV!


Why?  BScholin  2 star

I don't understand how a company that makes such reliable cars can produce an app that is constantly totally flakey. When it works, it is reasonably nice ( nothing amazing, but competent), but it almost never works the first time. I usually have to delete and reinstall each time I want to use it. No improvement after three years!


Eso es lo malo  Shoorel  1 star

No lo tiene en español qué mal

Mike in Sousse

No longer in service since iOS 10.2+?  Mike in Sousse  1 star

Technician informed me today that the navigation app will no longer work since some iOS 10.? Update. Please update the app or update the firmware in our CRVs to work with Apple Play software.


Works Great  Dmm7157  5 star

App works great with 2017 Honda Fit using iPhone 7 plus.


Gets no service  1happymommaof2  1 star

I have uninstalled and reinstalled. It never works so don't waste your money. Get Waze for free!

2016 CRV

Server issue for over two weeks  2016 CRV  1 star

My iPhone 7 plus is unable to connect to the Honda server. I have had no Honda GPS for over two weeks because of this issue. Please fix ASAP!

Jim Coates

Good, but still needs features.  Jim Coates  3 star

Thank you for adding copy and paste to this app! Also needs designated speed limits. It is still annoying that you have to stop the car, put the car in park, plug in the cable, select navigation, click OK to approve the navigation on the iPhone, search for the destination, then approve the destination before anything works. I would much rather plug in the phone have it auto connect then allow me to use Siri to request my destination and approve it. And allow this to happen whether I'm driving or not. Also lately, with the current version, the default voice is followed by the Siri voice giving the street name which is very annoying and kind of comical.


Navigation doesn't work  Babs_Q  1 star

Ever since the last upgrade the navigation doesn't work. As soon as I start to enter an address I get the message unable to connect to server! Please fix!!!!!


Not so reliable but ok to use with caution  itsmeteja  3 star

Using this app you can save close to 2k, which is in fact a good saving. Sometimes it logs out of the app and asks u to enter honda credentials even while driving. Be careful about it. It is bit complex to search but you will get used to it. Another big disadvantage is, there is no option to avoid freeways and favourites is not at the top of the list to access your favourite location. Also, you always need to wait for link app to up before you start using the app which generally takes couple of minutes. I hope all these fixes will be rolled on in near future.


Worst app If you are at remote location  Yashkoda  1 star

This app is worst because it works only if you are mobile in network range. Money waste app.


Waste of Money  Bikemanjoey  1 star

Can't believe I spent $60 for this app only to find out you need a $100 cable from Honda. But ha, I found one on Amazon for $30. Wait I've spent $90 just to have my phone talk to my nav unit??? And I have to leave it plugged in? The app is great, it's safer to use this than the turn by turn on my phone. And it allows me as a passenger to look up things while my wife continues to drive, something that should be default in the vehicle. But $90 for that privalige? I'll be looking for a car play upgrade once Honda finally joins the future.

Long Haul Traveller

Delete and reinstall  Long Haul Traveller  1 star

Honda doesn't care to respond to reviews. You need to delete and reinstall the app to fix the server connection error.


Poor quality  Snthtcxtc  2 star

There is little to be desired on this app. I recently got rid of my 04 accord which had the navigation built in and bought a 2015 civic si at the time I needed an immediate car and couldn't wait to get an si with navigation. I bought this $60 app so that I could see the map on the screen of my car... So here's my complaints... 1) I also had to buy an hdmi to lightning adapter cord for it to work which was a major drawback. 2) My next complaint is that the volume for the directions is too low. Even on the highest setting you have to strain to hear the directions. 3) the directions given were very poor. I bought the app to use on long trips and I tested it out going 45 minutes away to a place I knew how to get to so I wouldn't be late. With that said, this app will not give you a road name, any road name. I was initially advised "in 2 miles take the exit on the right" it would be beneficial to know the name of the exit especially in an unfamiliar area. Again it was make a right turn in a half mile and again in a quarter of a mile but still no road name. This was somewhat disappointing. I am still testing it out as I just purchased it today but I would have to say for what I've seen thus far it was a waste of my money. I would rather use my husbands gps from his semi and stick that big thing to my window than rely on this app. This also seems to be the general consensus of reviewers so it would be advised that something is done. New update 7/26/2016 Now because of the iOS update I cannot even use this app. I have had to do some traveling for work and when I try to type in an address it "cannot connect to server". This is very annoying. Thought about calling customer assistance but I'm sure it will do no good, not to mention the hours they list to be available to call are while I'm at work. Looks like I spent my money on an app that is useless and I end up using free google maps. Apple and Honda need to fix this problem. Especially considering it hasn't even been a full year I've had this app.

Rich gunnut

Ripped off  Rich gunnut  1 star

App doesn't work at all. I expected better from Honda.


Actually pretty good...but HDMI adapter stinks.  donmontalvo  4 star

Well...I've got to say, it is a HUGE improvement over the default NAV system. I'm a huge CarPlay fan, except for Apple Maps, because it isn't able to use the GPS in the NAV head unit. This app does use the GPS in the NAV unit. Thank you Honda. PS, still unhappy that you didn't give us CarPlay, but whatever. Don

Poots Brownhole

Honda car great. Nav app. No so much.  Poots Brownhole  2 star

Great idea. Not executed very well. Drains phone battery quickly. Map accurate but poor GUI. Would like to see better traffic and weather radar overlay


Your better off using map quest..  Twinkles11  1 star

For the money I paid, I expected better than this. I won't launch, no volume and I try reaching out to Apple and got no reply at all. Do not waste your money!!

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