HondaLink Navigation NA

The HondaLink™ Navigation app is compatible with vehicles equipped with HondaLink-ready technology:

2014-15 Civic EX & above
2015-17 Fit EX & above
2015-16 CR-V EX & above
2016-17 HR-V EX & above
2016 CR-Z LX & above
(US only)

Be advised that HondaLink Navi is not compatible with 2016-17 Pilots, 2016-17 Accords, 2016-17 Civics, 2017 Ridgelines and 2017 CR-Vs. The App is compatible with the iPhone 5/5S/5C with iOS 7.x/iOS 8.x/iOS 9.x/iOS 10.x, the iPhone 6/6+ with iOS 8.x/iOS 9.x/iOS 10.x, the iPhone 6S/6S+/SE with iOS 9.x/10.x, and iPhone 7/7+ with iOS 10.x.

With the new HondaLink Navigation app, you can have in-dash guided mapping directions with voice instruction over the stereo speakers. Users can receive all the convenience of in-vehicle maps and routing, including continuously updated traffic information for freeways, highways, and major surface streets. Search for points of interest or specific addresses, and easily route to your selected destination. Includes free annual map updates.

Download the HondaLink Navigation app onto your smartphone and stream the entire navigation system into your Honda dashboard display. Use the steering wheel controls to interact with the HondaLink Navigation app while driving. The app is designed to work alongside other HondaLink apps. Be sure to download them all. Data fees may apply (check legal disclaimer).

Note: Works in both standalone mode (for use when not driving) and when connected to Honda vehicles available with the HondaLink-ready technology (listed above).

Requires registration with HondaLink. Requires HDMI cable connector, Apple lightning adapter, and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® connection. See for more details (US only).

Some services require use of GPS for location-based content. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

HondaLink Navigation NA App Description & Overview

The applications HondaLink Navigation NA was published in the category Navigation on 2013-12-01 and was developed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.. The file size is 51.02 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Enhancements and bug fixes

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HondaLink Navigation NA Reviews

Grizzy fizzy

I want a refund  Grizzy fizzy  1 star

59.99 and it doesn't work. Crashes constantly on a iPhone 6 Plus. Waste of 59.99


This is a very good app  FalconHawk2  5 star

I don't know why people are complaining about this app sure it doesn't download load the maps but show me one other app that does except one app that I know of but does it intergrate with your vehicle system like this and keep it competitive no, you people are going to pay for it in the end with not having choices and/or pay more for these features by putting a hinderance on new development of this app I'm sure you'll want to have your vehicle for the longest time possible and you'll want this app to develop and work for as long as you have you device and vehicle. So to the people that desire to have this app get it with appreciation. Thank you.


Cannot connect to server  AJPainter  1 star

Really frustrating! When is Honda going to fix this cannot connect to server issue. They really should refund my money if they aren't going to fix it anytime soon. What a waste!


Best app for exploring strange locations  hankinsd  1 star

I think this app is in serious need of a map update. I tried to use it to find a store and it drove me 8 miles out of my way onto some dirt road that had no stores at all. I felt like I was in a horror movie and was waiting for some freaky clown to come out and attack me. I switched over to Apple Maps to find my way to the real store. I hope Honda reads this and either updates their maps or hooks into Apple Maps so we can use a better mapping system. If you don't mind exploring in your SUV, and aren't afraid of killer clowns; then this app is for you!!!


Only option for '16 CR-V and it's bad  gadget0104  1 star

I hate this app with a passion, but it's the only navigation app that is compatible with the display audio system. It's a little pricey for an app; it wouldn't be such a bad value if it actually worked well but it does not. Clunky and slow to respond with directions that are either around about or plain wrong. Traffic is usually slow to update and hard to see as it is a very thin line. Interface is generally horrible. I've given up and reverted to using Google Maps or Waze on my phone with a clip on the dashboard.

Sharna Horn

Crappy app as the only option for navigation  Sharna Horn  1 star

I couldn't be more disappointed with this app. Imagine Garmin's FIRST GPS system and it's worse than that! Navigation isn't voice activated, hard to use, no exit button and overall horrible image. I want my money back and a sincere apology for Honda for their lack of innovation and commitment to their clients. It's embarrassing how hard it is to use AND their ap holds your phone hostage while using it. Expect a loss of map if you get a call or inability to have it running in the background on your phone in 2017 this ap is like a bad April fools joke which costs you $60. DO NOT PURCHASE!


Way Too Expensive!  ElizardoDR  2 star

Hold your horses Honda! No so fast!!! Very disappointing to find that the navigation system is this expensive. So, wait a minute! I paid $59 for an app that does not give me multiple routes nor give me traffic updates when there are delays? The map looks very retro compared to my google maps. If I pay for a device holder for about $20 and hang my phone to use the free google maps, I don't need this app at all. So, why is this app so expensive? Plus I think it should be included when you purchased the vehicle.

Phil meister

Awful  Phil meister  1 star

Won't even load


Total Waste of $60  Reaviewer99  1 star

It doesn't document it on the app but it's only compatible with one version of HondaLink. A version of HondLink that's not on the Accord, pretty much only the Civic. So if you don't own a 2013-2015 Civic it's a total waste of $60.


Pretty Good  *STW*  5 star

Speaks street names and routing does base on traffic. Pretty good.


Not worth the money I want a refund  khgkhjh  1 star

The app has lots of problem and is very finecky and a pain/almost impossible to use while driving and you cannot use your phone while it's on, took us out into the middle of nowhere then lost connection while simply trying to get to the beach. ZERO STARS


Only works when it wants to  Gmanbmx  1 star

Maybe it will work. If you happen to get everything going BEFORE you start diving then your ok. Just don't hit any kind of bump because screen will go black and if you got music going that will stop too. Then you gotta stop to redo everything all over again!!! Just pray you don't hit a bump.... ZERO stars. I want a refund.


Good app for the money  Justedders  4 star

Have only had my new Honda crv ex for two weeks and this app for a few days. So rated it four stars as have not fully wrung it out. With that said, I don't understand all the dissatisfaction. Mine works quite well and is a no brainer for the 60 buck price. The onboard Honda nav would mean moving up in their trim categories and paying thousands more (yes they also have leather etc). Mine is a accurate and the voice instructions, so far, seem to be quite helpful. In addition to the app I purchased an Apple Lightning to HDMI converter and used existing hdmi and usb cables. So the adapter was less than fifty bucks from amazon. Total cost for adapter and app was less than 110 bucks. Can't imagine griping too much for that price. Am happy so far.

Jim Coates

Good, but still needs features.  Jim Coates  3 star

Thank you for adding copy and paste to this app! It is still annoying that you have to stop the car, put the car in park, plug in the cable, select navigation, click OK to approve the navigation on the iPhone, search for the destination, then approve the destination before anything works. I would much rather plug in the phone have it auto connect then allow me to use Siri to request my destination and approve it. And allow this to happen whether I'm driving or not. Also lately, with the current version, the default voice is followed by the Siri voice giving the street name which is very annoying and kind of comical.


What happened????  Valtpop  1 star

Since latest update navigation app has NO Service message!!!! I usually love this app. It's better than Google maps and imaps but if it cannot get service it is useless. Please work on this issue!


For all the bashing, it’s actually not too bad  shidairyproduct  3 star

This app is a step in the right direction, but I do find some glaring issues with the app: 1. If I have music playing from my phone and I go to the next track, the app goes from full screen app to not covering the full screen (on the car’s display). It adds black borders on the sides and the only way around it is to get out of and into the app on my phone. Or, I can go back into the Connect option and choose navigation. Either way, it’s a pain when you’re paying for the 7” display to have it cut out into black borders for no reason. 2. The choice of mapping service and the color choices probably needs a little more thorough analysis. The colors are otherwise fine, but we’re in 2015 and there have been a lot of revisions in color-centric design. Pastel-like colors are simple, but the phone is doing the rendering. Let the phone use its own native or third party map data (Apple or Google Maps) so people don’t have to reacquaint themselves with another new color scheme. The lesser the cognitive load on the user, the more they feel at home with the app. 3. Do not require the use/installation of the Connect app. It’s entirely useless and detracts from the experience of using the app. How I use the app is very simple: I open up the Navigation app and enter the directions and hit start (sometimes in my car and other times before I even go to my car). Then, I connect it to my car (or already have it connected). When I do connect it after setting it up, the car begs me to open the Connect app. I have no interest in another app if I’m broadcasting an outbound signal to the car telling it to mirror this app’s data onto it. What requires the car to prompt me to open another app and go to Navigation through that app? This is an asinine step. When this occurs after the drive has begun, I either have to stop or fiddle with it when the car is in motion. The former is an inconvenience and the latter is a pretty big safety issue. 4. If you’ll charge the money for the app, I expect a properly developed application that supports the gamut of devices Honda manufactures. There’s no excuse to demand us to fork over $60 in cash for the app (in addition to the thousands of dollars on the cars), but deliver what a free app delivers with limited added value. This requires a lot of time and thought on your end. You’re capable of it and it’s time for you to uphold your end of the deal. Edit: 5. There's a bug that took me forever to isolate the cause and identify a solution. It's the screen-size reducing bug. It shows up when you're using HDMI for audio and choose tracks on your phone (like a normal person). Every time a song changes, it reduces the screen size by half an inch. The manual (and stupid) way to change it is to go back to the Honda link home screen and go back into navigation. The more distracting, unsafe, and the way Honda expects us to use the system is to switch the audio input to Bluetooth (iPod) and choose the tracks from the navigation screen (Home -> Audio). What the heck? You want to force me to use a system this way distracting from the road if I need music? This is one solution as useless as the problem it's supposed to fix. Worst. Issue still has not been fixed, dropped to two stars (April 8, 2016). That said, this is a stable app. The prior versions had a bug, but the stability has been refined. In regards to usability, this application is usable. Nothing in my experience suggests that you cannot use it without crashing or causing any harm to the user or the devices (car and phone) involved in the app’s usage. Despite its normal usage, it appears to be just that: extremely normal. It does nothing original that separates it from the pack besides seeking out (and winning the bid for) monopoly over displaying app content on your car’s HDMI screen. If I could do the same with Apple Maps or Google Maps, I’d gladly use it over this one. If it sounds like I’m fairly confused over how I rate it, it’s probably because I am. It does its job fairly well: it does not crash at all and gives me proper directions every time I had to use it. It also fails very well: the maps aren’t always updated frequently (I can’t expect them to know all the slightest changes in Reno, NV, Fairbanks, AK, Mobile, AL, etc. and I’ll concede that fairly) and listings physically near me aren’t always visible on the map. The interface is pretty clunky and suggests that maybe an outside contractor developed it for Honda instead of an in-house development team that knows all the insider details to perform a proper integration. I am optimistically hoping that this will change over the next few weeks. Please do not disappoint me, Honda.


No audio via HDMI  kram160  1 star

When connected to my 2015 Fit, there is no navigation audio. When I disconnect and use the navigation app as standalone on my iPhone, there's audio. On the phone with tech support now.


Nice enhancement  Water2013  4 star

For more than a year finally see one useful enhancement. Speak street name is a good enhancement. But to launch the map take longer time, not sure if this is caused by Honda link app which increase use data size after each launch the map? Please continue enhance the map and fix bugs.


Now unusable. Unable to connect to server  Jhartman  1 star

Upgraded and can't use the app now. Trying to find any location or waypoint generates the error "Unable to connect to server."

Mrs tkm

Would not recommend  Mrs tkm  1 star

Screen goes fuzzy while you are driving or turns black. This happens every time I use it. I paid way too much for this. Expected more from Honda. Wish I could get a refund.

HondaLink Navigation NA Comments

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