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Learn on the go with Coursera for iOS. Access free and paid courses, Specializations, and degrees developed by experts from Stanford, Penn, Google, Autodesk, and 150+ others.

App features:
• Access our full catalog: Choose from 2,600+ courses in 11+ topics
• Take control of your downtime: Stream video lectures from anywhere, or download them for offline viewing.
• Always pick up where you left off: Your course, assignment, and project progress is saved in the app and on the web.
• Be part of a community: Connect with a mentor, interact with other learners, or post questions for your instructor.
• Learn in dozens of languages: Courses taught in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and more. Subtitles and interactive transcripts help you follow videos.
• Earn shareable Certificates: Easily share your achievements with employers, colleagues, and friends.

Popular topics:
11+ topics to help you advance your career, get your dream job, master new skills, or explore new hobbies.
• Art: Design, Photography, Music, and Creative Writing
• Business: Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
• Computer Science: Programming, Mobile and Web Development and Cyber Security
• Data Science: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, Probability and Data
• Personal Development: Leadership, Negotiation and Public Speaking
• Sciences: Robotics, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Medicine
• ...and hundreds more!

Earn a Certificate:
Coursera offers affordable learning with free and paid options. Free courses include video lectures and reading materials. Paid courses unlock quizzes and projects that test your skills and award you a Certificate.
• Single courses from $29–$99
• Multi-course Specialization subscriptions from $39–$79 per month
• Degrees from $15,000–$25,000

Recurring payments for multi-course specializations will occur through your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. For the full terms of use, visit

Coursera: Top online courses App Description & Overview

The applications Coursera: Top online courses was published in the category Education on 2013-12-10 and was developed by Coursera. The file size is 109.15 MB. The current version is 2.7.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Coursera! We appreciate all of your feedback and ratings. To provide better service, we update the app on a regular basis.

Here's what changed in 2.7.8:
· iOS 12 support
· Many users reported a crash when using Facebook to log in to their Coursera account. We've filed a bug report with Facebook and temporarily rolled back in this version until these issues have been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

If you have had a problem or question, please tap "Submit Support Request" under Settings or visit us at Your feedback helps us make Coursera even better!

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There are bugs somewhere  ljwinkler  3 star

Taking a second course, I’ve discovered a need which seems missing. There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit one’s forum entry. ————— prior review ———- I've only taken one course on Coursera so I have only narrow experience. The experience I have though is somewhat negative, but I don't know if the problems lie with the app, or the setup and programming on the back end. First experience and consequences. As I watched course videos, many times the system did not recognize that I had watched the video, though I had, and had done so many times in hope that a check mark would appear indicating I had completed this step in the course. The result was assignments were marked as overdue. Second experience. Mini-tests were given, but some items required free form input, but app did not display the iPad keyboard, which meant the question was not answered. Third experience. Multi-choice items sometimes were rendered as radio button rather than checkboxes, allowing only one choice instead of multiple.


Latest update broke the app  s.i.x.o.  1 star

The latest update crashes every time I launch Coursera. Can’t watch my lectures on the train anymore!! I tried deleting and reinstalling and that didn’t work!


Audio  76yms19  4 star

Audio is low .. should be more clear and loud

A Coursera fan

Syncing is a pain!  A Coursera fan  1 star

I like the app in some ways, but I am leaving a one star review, hoping they look into this problem and fix it! Syncing should be a trivial feature, not a painful as it is! I often use the app offline. I want my advancement in a course material to be transfered to my account when I go online, but that doesn't happen. There is no button to use to sync after connecting to internet. It is suppsed to happen automatically, but in my case it does NOT happen! I could figure out how to enforce it in an earlier version, but that doesn't work now. There are other problems with this app. I can see a chekmark next to quiz that I completed on a computer. So the app has received the info from the cloud. It even shows my passing grade in the grade tab area, and still shows the quiz is overdue!!!


Too many bugs and inconsistencies  PodcastAfficionado917  2 star

Hard to reconcile online data with app. App doesn’t keep track on where you were before when you come back after some time. Asks for verification lots of times when setting up. There is a feeling that data can disappear - and does - at any time. All that said, when it works, it is nice. It’s just too buggy and inconsistent.


Rip off  RAlb1234  1 star

I registered for one Coursera specialization. Even though I no longer use it, and have cancelled it, I am still paying for it. I am glad at least the specialization I bought is the least expensive specialization. This is a terrific service but the payment model is gimmicky. I should not have to pay three months when I am not even going to log on for two months.


Thanks!  Light(Yagami)  5 star

I really am grateful for this app; I’ve taken 2 courses, seen one to completion. It works if you work it, right ? Really good place to start.


Awesome Operations Management Course  ViberDude  5 star

This course is a comprehensive operations management course, even for experienced managers.


Love the app  Ramhigh  5 star

The resources are professional, organized, and a step above any other education site.


Java Programming  MaceKelly  5 star

I have some experience in programming, 20 years. My first experience with Java was around 1998 or 200, when it was in its first releases, when I was using object Pascal, so I avoided Java, as I did not need the write once play anywhere (that has the run time Java). I tried it again this week, 2018, nearly 20 years later, and immediately droped the course. I had to skip ahead several lessons to get into packages and source code management. For me, Java is still a mess. A principle I learned long ago is that the package that promises everything, doesn't. Simple, efficient and direct is best for robust software engineering. I am going back to Ada.


Chewed through my data  Eljay1997  1 star

I loved this app until it somehow chewed through 20GB of mobile data while I was on wifi & asleep. App support team brushed me off as an incompetent and unable to manage my data. Now I’m left to foot a $200 excess data bill.


Completely broken. Never got past the logo loading screen  josh-scribble  1 star

This app is fundamentally broken. I’ve yet to be able to open a single page, on my phone or on Apple TV. Some seriously bad code here.


Unsubscribe  unscribe  1 star

I have been trying to unsubscribe for 6 weeks and still can’t stop the email. Regards Col

Julie Ryan

App makes progress even easier  Julie Ryan  5 star

I love the programs offered through Coursera and the app makes everything about keeping track of progress easy. As I do most of my study 'on the road rather than at my desk the app is simple and useful


Cheaters  :;k!  1 star

I choose English speaking course . Then i clicked on this course then open 4 courses . But when i paid then only open 1 course which is write emails in english . I don’t need to write mails professionally. I want to learn the speaking course . Now my money is wasted. If we open our couse then why you guys open 4/5 courses. Only the reason is confusion.


I would rather use website  okpatil  2 star

When videos switch between resolutions voice quality drops or sound disappears


Review  MichaelR73  3 star

This course is awesome. However, I’ve been able to access the text book as an e-book but I cannot access the listening material. This limits the satisfaction with the course.


Excellent way to learn new subjects  Scott272  5 star

Coursera has more than just educational videos, it combines the videos with a lot of tests and questions to help you learn what your watch a lot more thoroughly. In some ways the courses are much better than many university materials. Highly recommended.

Frustrated commuterrrrr

Could not load courses properly  Frustrated commuterrrrr  1 star

Can’t access course items on iPhone X


Doesn't feel improve,got lots bugs  Oscar_Wu  1 star

what the hell,randomly force me login,and cause losing all the downloaded content. and the course ui is not reponsive breaks after changing orientation...


Helpful site!  mpamp1  5 star

Good recommendations and a wide variety.

Alham doulillaha

Great!!!!  Alham doulillaha  5 star


Cupcake Queen👑

Good  Cupcake Queen👑  5 star

Good college options and good info learned a lot :)


Classes in Coursera  niknam999  5 star

Love this place. Best of the competitors. Tried others, but always come back.

Waller County Aggie

Absolutely great learning app  Waller County Aggie  5 star

High end college level edication for everyone. Keep it up!!!


User friendly  Barghouthian  5 star

I liked this app because it is extremely user friendly.


Can’t get set up  Atahla  1 star

To hard to get set up.

Little One's Mom

A Marvelous Gift!  Little One's Mom  5 star

I’m 80 and am a life long learner; l am as curious today as I was at 8 or 9. Coursera is made for curious people, for people like me, whose deepest joy comes from study and from learning.


Great app - Had Problems Uploading Final Project  *NYCAnne  4 star

Really enjoyed using this online learning app on both my IPhone and IPad but experienced problems when attempting to upload final project materials. Had to dash a star for that frustrating experience.


Wonderful app, but...  AlaaHh  4 star

Coursera is one of my all-time favorite online learning platforms. I really love the iPad app, especially that it allows more flexibility (precisely when the laptop is out of reach and I feel too lazy to go and fetch it). The overall performance of the app is great; However, whenever I try to review my peers assignments/projects, just before submitting the review, I get an error message. The error message is “Oops. Request failed: not found(404)”. I hope you tend to this problem as fast as possible. Thank you for your efforts and keep up the amazing work!

Joey runs OK

great  Joey runs OK  5 star

Great app - with great courses!


Great for courses  Ptolemy2738  5 star

I did a beginners Chinese course and found it fantastic. It was completely free too. You can pay money to receive certificates to show you have done a course or pay nothing to do the courses. Lots of topics from Business to Languages, if you are looking for something to do in your spare time, highly recommend. App is handy too as I can watch videos, readings etc on my phone as I travel.


Must have app for all professionals  HarishaBuvana  5 star

I like the app interface with easy view any course. Also the reminders are great.

Dax gohil

Good way 2 learn  Dax gohil  5 star

An extremely good app to learn


Thomas  TomFitzs  5 star

Great place to learn.


Useful, but do your quizzes on a PC instead  GaiusCoffey  5 star

This is a useful app to view video lectures etc. However, it is not so good for quizzes; 1. You do not see feedback explaining why answers are wrong / right (you do on the website) 2. It frequently crashes when reviewing quiz results (probably out of memory) So... Worth getting the app to study with, but better do all your assessed work on the website using a proper computer.

Flight checker

Coursera  Flight checker  5 star

Excellent tool for new learning. Love it!


Education at the tap of a button  Dubinthesticks  5 star

Love it!


Great courses  Betocollin  4 star

It would be better if they published the courses ratings so we could choose/order based on relevance


Great!  seanw1975  4 star

Nice simple effective interface

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