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Learn on the go with Coursera for iOS. Access free and paid courses, Specializations, and degrees developed by experts from Stanford, Penn, Google, Autodesk, and 150+ others.

App features:
• Access our full catalog: Choose from 2,600+ courses in 11+ topics
• Take control of your downtime: Stream video lectures from anywhere, or download them for offline viewing.
• Always pick up where you left off: Your course, assignment, and project progress is saved in the app and on the web.
• Be part of a community: Connect with a mentor, interact with other learners, or post questions for your instructor.
• Learn in dozens of languages: Courses taught in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and more. Subtitles and interactive transcripts help you follow videos.
• Earn shareable Certificates: Easily share your achievements with employers, colleagues, and friends.

Popular topics:
11+ topics to help you advance your career, get your dream job, master new skills, or explore new hobbies.
• Art: Design, Photography, Music, and Creative Writing
• Business: Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
• Computer Science: Programming, Mobile and Web Development and Cyber Security
• Data Science: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, Probability and Data
• Personal Development: Leadership, Negotiation and Public Speaking
• Sciences: Robotics, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Medicine
• ...and hundreds more!

Earn a Certificate:
Coursera offers affordable learning with free and paid options. Free courses include video lectures and reading materials. Paid courses unlock quizzes and projects that test your skills and award you a Certificate.
• Single courses from $29–$99
• Multi-course Specialization subscriptions from $39–$79 per month
• Degrees from $15,000–$25,000

Recurring payments for multi-course specializations will occur through your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. For the full terms of use, visit

Coursera: Top online courses App Description & Overview

The applications Coursera: Top online courses was published in the category Education on 2013-12-10 and was developed by Coursera. The file size is 109.56 MB. The current version is 2.7.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Coursera! We appreciate all of your feedback and ratings. To provide better service, we update the app on a regular basis.

Here's what changed in 2.7.3:
· Polls are now supported in in-video quizzes
· Fix for a bug where certain forums do not open properly
· Updates to how our verification system flow for degree learners

If you have had a problem or question, please tap "Submit Support Request" under Settings. Your feedback helps us make Coursera even better!

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Coursera: Top online courses Reviews


Sign in fail sign up fail  trrettgvfd  1 star

Why it is always sign in fail and also sign up fail


Subscription Fees  ScoopDriver  2 star

Be careful with the subscriptions fees. If you sign up for monthly subscription by accident or don’t want to truly do that specialization you will be charged and not refunded! What a waste of $49 of my money.

Another Rob O

At first great, now doesn’t work at all  Another Rob O  1 star

After using this app for about a week (4 star experience) on my iPad Pro the app now just shows the big blue title page then after about a minute closes down completely (zero star experience if that were possible to give). I have gone to the help page, but its articles have nothing to do with this problem and there is no email address given to contact Coursera. So this review seems to be the one way to tell Coursera of the problem. I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one experiencing this problem. I hope that Coursera can implement a fix soon.


Doesn’t load courses  Violentlyhappi  3 star

Through several updates, the app continues to not load my courses even though I was just using the app a few hours prior. Closing the app and reopening, doesn’t load courses and just keeps saying try again when trying to access profile. It would also be nice for the app to remember where you left off and start you back at that video/lesson when you come back to the app.


Coursera Harassment issues  drmrm  1 star

When I state that I want to UNSUBSCRIBE from Coursera email lists; why do I constantly continue to receive endless emails from you? Enough is enough and I want you to leave me alone and respect my decision to end any and all relationships with you going forward. You are insidious and relentless, just like a cancerous growth. I have unsubscribed to your email lists over and over again and at least a dozen times. Further emails from you I will now consider to be of a harassing nature! Remove me once and for all from ALL of your email lists.


crashes all the time  dominicanpapi4u  1 star

app crashes all the time.I cant continue where i left of when using the computer. Always crashing even with the new update that was release today 7/10/18. I even reinstalled it.

v knowl

Coursera student for years  v knowl  5 star

What a great way to stay informed! At age 77 it works for me!


Wonderful content in an easy to access format  DrJSteach  5 star

Excellent information presented at an appropriate pace by well qualified instructions and experts in the content area. Highly recommended for adding to a degree or just exploring a current interest!


Fun and informational  Fatfatishungryforsomechocolate  5 star

This course has been able to answer all my questions and fill in the gaps of missing information I need to be a great IT specialist.


Great way to spend a summer!  lem48  5 star

I am about to start the final course in the Google IT Support Fundamentals Certificate program. It has been very challenging in some ways but my understanding of how IT organizations perform has grown immensely. I’m looking forward to completing the last course within the next week. It has been a very fast paced 6 weeks.


Cheaters  :;k!  1 star

I choose English speaking course . Then i clicked on this course then open 4 courses . But when i paid then only open 1 course which is write emails in english . I don’t need to write mails professionally. I want to learn the speaking course . Now my money is wasted. If we open our couse then why you guys open 4/5 courses. Only the reason is confusion.


I would rather use website  okpatil  2 star

When videos switch between resolutions voice quality drops or sound disappears


So many bugs! Error after error! Very poor UX  ElusiveT  1 star

About half the links do not work. WARNING, DO NOT USE THIS ORGANISATION! You get the Enrol button without even a chance to see Course reviews. They are not made available, so you are expected to enroll blindly! Very deceitful. I clicked to view the price of an app and it auto subscribed me!! I tried to unenroll but the link pops up with Failed to unenroll from course! I click the view specialisation, I get an oops unable to perform the action. I click on Submit a Support request and nothing loads!!! Even when I eventually managed to load a course which looked promising, I tried to read First lesson, whilst holding my iPhone in landscape, and as soon as the reading content opened, It rotated to only portrait mode! So along with poor testing of the software for bugs, there is clearly not any UX design/testing either. Good gosh, this is the absolute worst app I have EVER used!! And it costs a fortune to enroll in courses.


Review  MichaelR73  3 star

This course is awesome. However, I’ve been able to access the text book as an e-book but I cannot access the listening material. This limits the satisfaction with the course.


Excellent way to learn new subjects  Scott272  5 star

Coursera has more than just educational videos, it combines the videos with a lot of tests and questions to help you learn what your watch a lot more thoroughly. In some ways the courses are much better than many university materials. Highly recommended.

Frustrated commuterrrrr

Could not load courses properly  Frustrated commuterrrrr  1 star

Can’t access course items on iPhone X


Doesn't feel improve,got lots bugs  Oscar_Wu  1 star

what the hell,randomly force me login,and cause losing all the downloaded content. and the course ui is not reponsive breaks after changing orientation...


Pretty useless  Jazzdaz  2 star

Email link from Coursera takes me straight to app on my mobile to my course. The I click on accomplishments, tells me I am not logged in and the screen is stuck there, no login option. If I delete and reinstall and it happens again, bye bye app.


Great courses/bad app  whywontappleletmepost  1 star

Great courses however the app is very frustrating. The main use case I have is to download and watch lectures offline however this feature either wasn’t there or is constantly being broken with new updates.


Courses are good, app has glitches  Frankie3211  2 star

App just now won't start, and it had to be uninstalled and then reinstalled.


Deceptive about cost  Sdguitar  1 star

You have to give them your information and only later do you find out how much it costs.

Marcel Tabuteau

Wrong language  Marcel Tabuteau  1 star

This app downloaded onto my phone in Russian. I don't speak Russian, and I can't find how to change the language setting. Google searches and the online help pages aren't providing a solution either.


great app  Stanlllley  5 star

easy to use Lots of resource


Significant Steps Backward  Mynameislazy  1 star

Don’t upgrade if you haven’t. Absolutely atrocious, and quite frankly the developers should be ashamed of the poor quality. The redesign of the app made things a lot more difficult. It’s not intuitive where I’m supposed to touch to access my active courses. It no longer gives me the correct option of where I left off on the start of the page and I have to manually check and select which one I was on, it starts me off at Week 1 instead of the active week, and the bar for the videos is no longer active. Also, it shows that I haven’t completed an assignment, even though I checked the website and shows I have. And if it goes to the lock screen on the iPad Pro, it forgets entirely where it was in the application.

Grace Wander

Needs work  Grace Wander  4 star

This app worked great for one whole class then 3 weeks into the next class I can’t get into my home page at all but only on the iPad. So far can get in on the iPhone. Weird.


So far so good  Sksjsjxh  5 star

I think the process is grand. Positivity is a plus for my brain.


what did you guys do? 🤬  [email protected]  1 star

the update ruined my all-time favorite app. it’s a brick. can’t even submit a ticket from the app for pete’s sake.


App not working  Cccccccccxxxxx  5 star

I uploaded the most recent version of this app, and now I cannot access my courses at all unless I go online and use their website. The only thing I can do using the app is look at a selection of classes, ask for a recommendation, and look at my profile. I can’t even find a place to email them about the problem. I am using an iPad mini with the most recent Apple iOS update. hopefully they will fix this soon, as I do most of my studying off line.


Can’t login!  Sopherm  1 star

It’s no good if I can’t get the login page to load 😡


Repeatedly Crashing  MPG2121  3 star

Seemed to be working after IPad Hard reset. Noticed the app was using an extremely large portion of storage, before deleting it and doing the hard reset, on the order of 65GB, after using the app for about 2 HRs, it again started crashing, checked and saw that the data storage had again climbed to about 65GB, this was without saving any videos or data. This cycle seems to repeat after deleting it and hard resetting my iPad. This is on an iPad Pro 12.9 with 256GB v11.3.1 and only 75GB used, until this app adds another 65GB to it.

Orajiaku Chibuchi

Enquiries about payment and subscription  Orajiaku Chibuchi  4 star

I’m yet to take a course. I just want to clear my doubt. How does the subscription work? When I subscribe for a course. Are there duration which it’ll expire at certain date. Or when I subscribe for a course. My subscription stands until I finish the course or cancel it. Also. Can I download the lectures videos for offline use, which I can watch at my time of convenience. And later take the quizzes and assignment online? I really need a reply


Great team  Lawalikan  5 star

Nice job on this program I love Coursera

sam aik

Resourceful  sam aik  5 star

Coursera is a very useful app that has helped me to gain valuable educational knowledge right from the comfort of my home. Even when offline I can still watch my lecture videos. This app is the best, thanks Coursera


Coursera  Almustapha3322  5 star

The Best app for learning


Superb  Millz230192  5 star

Learning made easy.. Thanks


Fantastic app!  drbazz  5 star

Cool interface and user-friendly.

The div

Web development  The div  4 star

It's great. Easy steps that anyone can understand


Great app  Dhezhe  4 star

This is really good, I mean really really good. Thank you team coursera


How to publish a research paper course? Great  drzeeyk  5 star


O D of God

For Editions  O D of God  5 star

So helpful to my career, thanks to regular updates for reliability.

Joey runs OK

great  Joey runs OK  5 star

Great app - with great courses!


Great for courses  Ptolemy2738  5 star

I did a beginners Chinese course and found it fantastic. It was completely free too. You can pay money to receive certificates to show you have done a course or pay nothing to do the courses. Lots of topics from Business to Languages, if you are looking for something to do in your spare time, highly recommend. App is handy too as I can watch videos, readings etc on my phone as I travel.


Must have app for all professionals  HarishaBuvana  5 star

I like the app interface with easy view any course. Also the reminders are great.

Dax gohil

Good way 2 learn  Dax gohil  5 star

An extremely good app to learn


Thomas  TomFitzs  5 star

Great place to learn.


Useful, but do your quizzes on a PC instead  GaiusCoffey  5 star

This is a useful app to view video lectures etc. However, it is not so good for quizzes; 1. You do not see feedback explaining why answers are wrong / right (you do on the website) 2. It frequently crashes when reviewing quiz results (probably out of memory) So... Worth getting the app to study with, but better do all your assessed work on the website using a proper computer.

Flight checker

Coursera  Flight checker  5 star

Excellent tool for new learning. Love it!


Education at the tap of a button  Dubinthesticks  5 star

Love it!


Great courses  Betocollin  4 star

It would be better if they published the courses ratings so we could choose/order based on relevance


Great!  seanw1975  4 star

Nice simple effective interface

Dr SS Ndlalane

Awesome  Dr SS Ndlalane  5 star

Love being part of the learning curve with Coursera

I want my MB back

Only offline  I want my MB back  1 star

This app is still not working at all can’t even open it and when it does open its offline and I can’t submit any tasks


Awesome  MeshB  5 star

A great way to keep learning while on the road


Kcn  khonzi  5 star

Great app best decision I’ve ever made downloading it

The Kulsta

Knowledge is Powerful  The Kulsta  5 star

Grateful for the opportunity to exercise the brain so many years after exiting a class and carry my lecturers and content in the palm of my hand. Your future really is in your hands and great quality of content. Overwhelmed

Touro Negro

Amazing app this coursera  Touro Negro  5 star

Learning is a breeze with this app . I use my dead time with this app .


Great service, but please add bookmarks  GavinBooyens  4 star

Really enjoying Coursera so far, with a ton of courses to choose from. One thing I really wish would be included though, is a way to bookmark courses I'm interested in (in-app and website). That way users can easily come back to courses they've found, without having to enroll. Keep up the great work!


Slick  KeSaf  4 star

Started recently. Takes me straight to where I left off. No fuss, well thought out user experience.


App wont open  Nicoledew  3 star

After the latest update, the app wont open, please fix...


I love it  Samaz777  5 star

Great app, very functional


Great app  Capfields  5 star

Very useful app


Mr  Akidims  4 star

It is a good application and I have benefited greatly by taking some of the courses. Thanks


Great Platform  VyyyKing  5 star

Great app and even greater platform to learn!


Great place to learn  Fiijnr  5 star

"As a man perfects himself in his calling so does his ability to earn increase." The richest man in Babylon


Best Educational App  2KE!  5 star



Great learning resource  Famouxking  5 star

I love this app and I've learnt a lot from the educational materials and courses so far taken. Can you please develop a programme in excel financial modeling for us and the first lecture video on financial market course cannot load.


Great app  😄i20  5 star

This is a good tool for virtual learning.


Great coursera experience  Fimping  5 star

Coursera has proved an excellent virtual university for me, giving me the opportunity to meet top class professors and practitioners


Great  Mc-Ian  5 star

I love this app

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