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CSmart, an application for accessing craigslist on iOS.

CSmart is the SMARTEST craigslist browser which unlocks the hidden potential of craigslist. The quickest way to browse and search craigslist with excellent features like multi-city saved searches, notifications, starred/favorite listings, search history and previously viewed listings history all in one easy to use screen.

-Keep an eye on your favorite searches without all the time and effort!
-CSmart automatically notifies you when a new item is found that you’re searching for!
-Integrated with Notification Center.
-Quickly see how many saved searches have new notifications from CSmart’s main menu.
-Options to enable or disable: Automatic Sync, Notifications and Sounds.

-MULTI-CITY saved searches!
-Saved search lists show 5 preview thumbnails before you even open the saved search. This way you can easily find the saved search you’re looking for!
-Customize the order saved searches the way you prefer.
-Search History: If you didn’t save a search you can still find it in your search history. Easy!

-EASY browsing with search results displayed BESIDE the full listing view.
-Browse categories (including MULTI-CITY browsing!)
-Read listings are automatically given a grey highlight so you can easily spot which ones you have viewed.

-Sort results by price, date, and optionally group first by city then sort within each city! This allows you to quickly find the results from the cities which interest you most.

-Starred Listings: star the listings from search results which interest you for later follow up from the “Starred Listings” menu item.

-Super sharp retina display optimized thumbnails.
-Listings History: You can quickly look up listings which you viewed earlier organized by date.
-Quick shortcut to post a new listing on craigslist website (Built in posting function coming soon in a free update)
-Quickly see which listings are newly loaded with light blue highlight!
-Different cities are color coded in search results.
-Your location is used to find the closest craigslist
-Swipe from the right or left edge of the screen to slide to the main menu or detail view
-And many more...

-Check out our youtube channel for how-to videos.
-Optionally like our facebook page so others can benefit from any questions and answers you have.
-Email anytime at [email protected] … Our goal prompt helpful support. Expect a reply in under 1-2 business days.

The craigslist and associated trademarks are owned by craigslist, Inc. and are being used under licensed permission from craigslist, Inc. for a limited purpose. www.craigslist.org

CSmart Pro for craigslist App Description & Overview

The applications CSmart Pro for craigslist was published in the category Shopping on 2013-10-31 and was developed by StockSpy Apps Inc.. The file size is 15.00 MB. The current version is 4.1 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Fix for inputting special search query characters on newer devices.

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CSmart Pro for Craigslist  Raa1959  4 star

CSmart Pro for Craigslist as far as I know has become the leader in working Craigslist to its fullest potential. The only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars is it still needs a little polishing to be as good as it could be (though that depends on your needs)...


Wow  Rastoffregen  5 star

This is the Craig's list ad I have been wishing for. - Bob


The good and the bad  bearbqd  3 star

I love this app for what it is and I use it on a daily basis to find classic cars. What it has started doing recently drives me nuts. It's almost timed exactly every 20 minutes or so, it will shut down and kick me out. Resetting iPad doesn't help and there is no update available. It also freezes frequently and sometimes just sits there when trying to load a page. This is the best Craigslist searcher out there, but PLEASE update this thing and fix the bugs! Update: Do the developers EVER look at these reviews??? I wrote this review probably close to a year ago and the problem has never been addressed or fixed. It drives me nuts to have to close out and clear this app after 15 to 20 minutes of use and have to start all over again. Webmasters FIX THIS!


Great app 👍👍  xthaor6  4 star

Best CL app I've ever used. Easy to search.


No where to post a new ad  Avtiger12  1 star

I upgrade to the Pro then searched and searched for where to post a simple ad to no avail. Wasted 15 minutes and $2.99.


When can we sell?????  nickt916  2 star

Taking way to long to just add a sell section, it's not that hard let's go!!!

Restoring Tally

My go to app  Restoring Tally  5 star

I search CL a lot. This app helps.


5 Star  IMHATR  5 star

Works great!!!!!

AK Engineer

The best Craigslist app  AK Engineer  5 star

I’ve tried several Craigslist apps and this is the best. Being into old cars I love the automated searches and alarms so I get notified shortly after something I’m looking for is posted.


Cannot log into account  DarfNader  1 star

Says in instructions but not in ad. Shady.


Don't waste your 2.99.  Wolfievtec  1 star

I used the free app for weeks with no issues. 2 hours into the pro app and my IP is blocked for no reason. It says to search less states. I searched 3 near me. Unreal. Horrible horrible horrible. I want my money back.

Off reader

Works great  Off reader  5 star

Great Craigslist app


Lockup  Ron3726  1 star

The app works great for days then days of repeated lockups. Deleted and reloaded. Same process. Finally deleted the app.


Great  Grungedpu  5 star



was 5 stars now 2!  alphaomega1272  2 star

EVERYTIME U OPEN THE APP IT WANTS YOU TO RATE IT...ANNOYING AS HECK. i gave it 5 stars twice. next time i'm gonna give it 1. please make it stop "begging" for reviews! I paid for it already!

Adam ant 2017

Greta site  Adam ant 2017  5 star

Great site


Garbage- DO NOT BUY!  Night426  1 star

This software is a complete rip off. There is no way to log in to your craigslist account. The personals ads are not included. I wasted my money please don't waste yours.


Ok  AsherTran  1 star

The App forces me to rate it... Ok 1 star!

Jermaine Fee

Nice!!!!  Jermaine Fee  5 star

I just love this app. It's easy to maneuver.


Love it!  Jshaw1967  4 star

So far I like this app for Craigslist. Not sure why some are says my the interface is difficult to figure out. Seems pretty straight forward.

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